Mayans M.C. (2018) s03e02 Episode Script

The Orneriness of Kings

1 You got to be fucking kidding me.
Went by Pop's again this morning.
He get out of bed today? Pop? You open the shop today? Mr.
Galindo, so sorry to hear about your mother.
What did she say to you? Did she blame me? Did she do this to to punish me? Mexico wants their rebel back.
Does Potter know about this? Who do you think signed off on it? They'll kill her the minute - she touches Mexican soil.
- I know.
Hey, Hope, I'm Ezekiel.
- I'm Angel.
- Coco, Hope.
We'll keep you safe.
Poor kid was fucked before the water broke.
What the hell you been spending your money on, bro? It's them pills.
Kings aren't coming here? Refuse to.
Want neutral ground.
We're not here to divide the club any further, carnal.
We're here to repair.
Since you fucked up the gun trade.
And now you've cut the pipeline down by 70%.
Fuck you! You motherfuckers think that you can survive without our pipeline? Without fucking Santo Padre? Let me see you fucking try it.
Pop? I know you wanted me to wait outside, but I wanted to see where you grew up.
He hasn't been feeling well lately.
Oh, you don't have to do that.
It's okay.
At breakfast, you seemed mm ¿Distraído? - Distracted? - Yes.
See? You agree.
It's just that, last night my prez may have fuck Um messed something up real bad.
You can curse in front of me, EZ.
I'm not a saint.
You're doing a pretty good impression of one right now.
Uh, I have a meeting at the clubhouse.
I got just enough time to drop you off.
It's okay.
I'll stay.
Pick me up after.
Stay? Mm-hmm.
Um My dad he doesn't really like strangers.
Or actually anyone.
I'm sure he's very sweet.
He's not.
I'm not afraid.
He can't be worse than my Tío Alberto.
How was your little breakfast date? How was your little threesome? Oh, wouldn't you like to know? No.
I definitely wouldn't.
You stop by Pop's again? Yeah, I left Gaby there.
She wanted to help Pop out.
Oh, he was cool with that? Wasn't up yet.
You know he's gonna shoot her, right? Nah, I hid the gun.
All of 'em? Damn.
This shit with the Kings It's a move against me, period.
They want me out.
Line I drew last night, cutting off the pipeline from the rest of the MC Repercussions fall on everyone in this room.
So now's the time to speak up.
- I was thinking that - Yo, fuck the other Kings.
This whole play, everything we did for Galindo, what we sacrificed, has been to line their pockets.
These motherfuckers been getting fat off our broken backs, and now that shit is harder here, they want to fucking try and strong-arm us, man? Over the pinche gun trade and the VM? Fuck these motherfuckers.
That's what I say.
You were gonna say something.
Okay, then.
"Fuck 'em" is the call.
- Where you going, dawg? - Nowhere.
Come on, dawg.
What do you mean? Just got to cut out for a bit.
Help out my kid with something.
You okay, brother? Yeah, why? 'Cause you look like shit.
Just a cold or something.
No big deal.
I got one of those neti pots.
You put it in like this, add a little solution, flush that shit right out.
Thanks, Creeps.
Let you know if I got to borrow that.
We're not using a 9 round here.
This is a single needle.
So you take your time, because it's delicate.
You be gentle.
Want to step outside for a sec? No.
Why? It's hot.
It's about the play with the Kings.
What about it? You really think this is the right move? Fuck yeah.
They disrespected Bishop, they disrespected us.
It just seems shortsighted.
There's got to be a smarter play here.
Like what? You should have said it in there.
Listen, bro, this ain't a fucking church.
You speak up if you got something to say.
You fucking cut me off.
Then you fucking should have said it again.
All right, you got a patch now.
That means something in there.
Stop acting like a bitch-ass prospect.
What the fuck? Which one of my idiot sons is responsible for you? - What is that? - It's mole.
I want you out of my house.
He also told me you haven't been eating.
But I don't blame you.
That stuff will kill you.
Look, the mole's only going to take a few hours.
I can make you something else for breakfast.
After you've given yourself a shower.
Liaison said two agents and no masks.
The liaison doesn't have to come out here.
We do.
Verify if you like.
Then show us yours.
Then get us all on record.
This is not protocol.
We don't have to do this.
We could pull the plug.
I think we're beyond the bounds of protocol.
She is gonna be in a hole in the desert before sunset.
If we don't do this, they'll just send someone else who will.
I'm so sorry.
Give me a minute.
Was wondering if I could talk to you.
I was thinking about prison.
Then I started thinking about our brothers in Arizona.
The pipeline.
You fucking going somewhere with this? Then I started thinking about what it takes to be a King.
Will you please eat? - Mrs.
Galindo? - Cristóbal.
Galindo? - Yes? - Sorry, Mrs.
Galindo, but can you please take a look at the video monitor? There's a woman here for you.
Oh, fuck me.
What is this? I told you to double up on the Whoopsie Doodles.
Man, nobody's gonna buy this gluten-free shit.
I like them better.
Aw, fuck.
Hey, go inside.
Go, go, go, go, go.
The fuck you do to my car? Your car? You sold it to me, fool.
Call that chartreuse.
Shit's dope, right? We got to talk.
Man, I don't want any fucking trouble, Coco.
Sorry we stepped on the H, man, but your boy EZ made his point clear.
Got a homie with his nose on sideways right now, man.
- Shit's all fucked up.
- I-I need some more Oxy.
- Coc', I just hooked you up.
- I know, I know, I know, but but this fucking pain, that-that shit's on another level.
Right, right, pain, huh? Hey, I'm a little strapped for cash, but - but I got this right here.
- Ah, come on, man.
This shit is cool, but I'm tapped out, homie.
That's it.
I ain't got none.
H H-How the fuck you tapped? You-you you-you said you had a fucking shit-ton.
We had to send some shit up to Meth Mountain, man, for the heroin that got fucked up.
We had to do something to make them crazy motherfuckers happy.
Yeah, like I said, man, I'm sorry, man.
We fucked up.
My bad, you know? Who the fuck's holding up in Meth Mountain? Skinny little white kid.
Calls himself Butterfly.
- Whoa! - Sorry.
Um, uh, I just had a-a bunch of calls to make.
No worries.
Hey, do you want coffee? Oh, I'm all good.
It's a real shithole you got here.
Yeah, are you still in, uh, - Spring Valley? - Uh, no.
I was living with this guy for a bit, but Turned out to be a real asshole.
Want to go see Mommy? Come here.
Yeah, I got a place in National City now.
Just been doing my own thing.
Yeah, I'm glad you found us, 'cause last time I saw you, we were in the old house.
Yeah, Mike gave me this new address.
- I hate when you call him that.
- Oh, sorry.
You do remember we were both born in Fresno, right? Yeah.
One of us surely hasn't forgotten.
Well, why did Miguel reach out to you? Said you might need some help.
"Help"? What does that mean? I don't know.
I think he thought, um I don't know.
I could lend a hand.
And how exactly would you do that? I'm not totally incapable, Emily.
No, no, of course you're not.
You are fully capable of disappearing for months on end with God knows who and then magically, you know, showing back up at the worst possible time with no fucking idea of the obligation and pressures the rest of us have to deal with - every single - I'm sorry.
Oh, God, you are totally freaking me out right now.
You sound so much like Mom.
- No, I don't.
- Oh, my God.
You even dress like her.
- Okay, this is nothing like - It makes sense, because it was always you two, and then it was me and Dad, so Em, I'm sorry.
I I'm kind of a dick.
I I was just fucking with you.
No, no, no, I - It's cool.
- I shouldn't I just I do always disappear because I hate this fucking town.
- I never loved it like you do.
- I know, but it's where we grew up.
So all our memories are here.
Mm-hmm, yeah, that's the problem.
Speaking of, uh, which, did you Do you ever see him? Who? Golden boy.
Pride of Santo Padre.
- EZ? No.
- Hmm.
Yo, what the fuck? Why'd Bish call us back? We need to table again.
Yo, what the fuck is this? Sit down.
Look, it ain't a secret.
That H is feed every prison.
From Tucson to Phoenix.
We didn't come by that territory easy.
Stepped on some big fucking toes - to get it.
- We didn't have the same numbers as the blacks or Storm 88.
You pull that H away from us now, we're gonna have a lot of brothers inside ending up fucking dead.
You address this with the other Kings? I did.
With Canche, soon as you guys left.
He knows what's at stake.
Practically got on my hands and knees - and fucking begged.
- Why the fuck would you do some shit like that? Because I fucking had to! I hear you.
I do.
But our hands are fucking tied.
We give in to Canche and Ramos, and Santo Padre's dead.
I got to protect my charter.
Even at the cost of your brothers' lives? You can do both.
We brought you here because we're not shutting down the pipeline.
We're gonna keep the H flowing to Arizona.
- That's backing down! We're gonna look like - You need to step out Shut the fuck up! I'm not finished! We give Arizona what it needs to keep our brothers inside safe.
But not through Canche.
We set up Tucson as the new Arizona conduit.
Ice Canche out.
Take away his power.
Take away his crown.
We still have a volume problem.
Look what happened with Alicia.
We can't move any real weight right now.
We can.
A bigger run.
Instead of constantly risking our asses out there on these ten-to 12-key runs, let's figure out a way to do a load 20 times bigger.
Product goes to Tucson.
They protect the surplus.
Dole out to the Arizona charters.
Canche has no leverage.
He has to come to them with his hands out.
Or on his hands and fucking knees.
We dethrone Canche.
We dethrone Ramos.
That leaves us with one king.
That works for us.
But Alvarez put those crowns on Canche and Ramos's heads.
What's he gonna say about this? Alvarez ain't a Mayan.
All right.
Right now? But I'm-I'm not on car today.
My kid.
I got nobody to watch Okay.
As soon as I can.
What's up? No idea.
Wanted us all to meet him here.
Hope this doesn't take long.
Had to leave my kid alone.
My father's box is in the car.
Will you get it for me? Paco.
Thank you for joining us.
Of course, sir.
Whatever you need.
Whatever I need.
What I need is my mother to be here.
What my mother needed was help.
You tried, Mr.
You did everything you could.
But, you see, I put you in charge of getting her there.
To the help.
You let her take the car that she took Mr.
Galindo, sir, I had no idea she knew how to drive.
I did everything - Miguel.
- I trusted you! - No, no, no.
- Fuck.
Fuck! Get this piece of shit fixed.
I'll make sure the product is available.
Thank you, brother.
Guess you ain't a prospect no more.
Hope you're ready to pull this off.
Oh, you're a lightweight.
Thank you for coming today.
I've been waiting to meet my nephew.
Luckily for you guys, he got my looks.
Miguel, can I speak with you quickly? Inside.
So why didn't you tell me you called Erin? Miguel, I haven't been able to get her to leave and now she's drunk.
Can you have Paco drive her home? - And she'll pick up her car tomor - No.
I've invited your sister to stay with us.
Uh for how long? Long as she wants.
Without talking to me? Look, Maria's gone.
We need the help.
Okay, but we can hire someone.
That's You said yourself it's important we surround ourselves with real family.
I'm going to bed.
I don't need a fucking babysitter.
I hope you feel better tomorrow, viejo.
Sorry I got hung up.
Did you get my messages? I did.
Was he like that all day? He's a good man.
But he's lonely.
I'll come back tomorrow.
Oh, you don't got to do that.
You jealous? Worried I may like your father more than you? I'll start worrying when you buy him a muñeca quitapena.
You said it right.
You're such a good student.
Just need the right teacher.
Go home.
Sorry, Pop.
I'm looking for somebody named Butterfly.
Do you know where he is? Yo, uh are you? You Butterfly? Yeah, what can I do for you, friend? Homie down in Dogwood said you had some Oxy.
We should talk.
Yeah, I'm holding for the community.
What did you need? I got 40s, 80s.
Dollar per milligram, cash.
Or I can trade if you got good essentials.
What generation? I-I don't know, but it-it's the new one.
I'll trade a 40 for it.
One fucking pill? I mean, this shit's worth like 500 bucks.
Not to me it ain't.
All right, two 40s.
That's straight.
This way.
This isn't gonna end well for you, brother.
I ain't your fucking brother.
All of it.
Now you're at a crossroads.
There's still time.
Shut the fuck up.
I'm taking that back, too, motherfucker.
Come on! Shit.
Come on.
Fuck! Ah, fuck! No! No! No! You don't belong here, friend.
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