Mayans M.C. (2018) s03e03 Episode Script

Overreaching Don't Pay

1 (motorcycle engine rumbling) ♪ (heavy breathing) (breath trembling) Man, this ain't even a quarter of what we used to move.
EZ: Hey, don't worry.
It's like going through a DUI checkpoint.
You promise? (sighs) I promise.
- Shit.
- (engine revving) Oh, we got a runner.
We got a runner! - Shit! - (tires squealing) We want you to double the heroin for the next few months.
Make up for the profit loss.
And fuck you.
You motherfuckers think that you can survive without our pipeline? Shit.
Let me see you fucking try it.
We give Arizona what it needs to keep our brothers inside safe.
Ice Canche out.
Take away his power.
Take his crown.
That works for us.
PABLO: Adelita Hey.
Well, why did Miguel reach out to you? Said you might need some help.
Help? Can you have Paco drive her home? - And she'll pick up her car tomor - No.
I've invited your sister to stay with us.
- For how long? - Long as she wants.
You-you said you had a fucking shit-ton.
We had to send some shit up to Meth Mountain, man, for the heroin that got fucked up.
This isn't gonna end well for you, brother.
(screaming) You don't belong here, friend.
HOPE: Coco? (yells) (music playing faintly in Spanish) (water dripping) There you are.
You a good boy? Yeah? Then come take care of your mama.
(whispers): Come on.
Hey, hey.
Never never be like your mama.
Promise me, Coco.
Promise me.
Always be a good boy.
(Celia moans softly) (moans) There you go, Coco.
(Celia moans softly) HOPE: Here you go, Coco.
Here you go.
Wh-What did you do? I made it all better.
(takes slow, deep breath) ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ("Morning in America" by Durand Jones plays) (humming along to music) The teachers rise in Richmond ♪ As they sleep in San Antone ♪ While the harbor lights on Baltimore ♪ Guide nurses headed home ♪ (grunting rhythmically) And the jails of Maricopa ♪ Say a man is but his wrong ♪ (dog barking in distance) It's morning in America ♪ But I can't see the dawn.
♪ (sighs) (motorcycle engines rumbling) (bluesy rock music playing) Angel and I bring it all over.
Everyone else is waiting on this side.
How much are we thinking? 200 keys.
That's a lot to be on the hook for if this thing goes south.
(chuckles) It won't.
And that's how much we need to keep Tucson flush while we ice out Ramos and Canche and give Bishop the throne.
Gilly watches the road.
Truck's behind Vicki's.
We load it all there.
We should load it in the orchard.
Use the trees for cover, in case BP shows up.
No, that's just gonna slow us down.
BP's got no business - out that far.
- BISHOP: Kid's right.
We'll be fine.
Let's have Vicki and the girls clear out.
Less eyes, the better.
What the fuck is all this? Says it's the only way to get the water spots out.
(short laugh) Hey.
You never called me back last night.
I'm sorry, I crashed early.
That's cool.
Well, if you're up for something tonight, my friend's band is playing.
Should be fun, you know? Something different.
Get out of the house, you know? Well, uh, you should come if you're around.
Yeah, I don't know.
Probably caught up in this or something.
Yeah, sure.
EZ: We load the truck.
Steve drives through the checkpoint.
We're golden.
When do we move? I hear shit's already getting dicey for our brothers locked up.
Well, they'll just have to hold on.
It's a big ask of Alvarez.
Gonna take a few days to coordinate.
EZ and I, we'll go up, we'll go see him this morning.
Lay it all out.
Hey, it's a solid plan.
And it should work.
As long as no one fucks up.
What the fuck, Steve?! Sorry, Hank.
We're fucked.
(buzzer sounds) (indistinct chatter) Appreciate you coming to see me.
How you holding up? Not great.
What did the public defender say? Looking at ten years.
You're lucky it's your first offense.
You would be looking at double otherwise.
Lucky? Should've played the fucking Powerball.
Do you want me to put the last week's cut on your book? Give it to my mom.
She's got the kids.
And do me a favor, Vic.
Tell her Tell her she can't bring them.
She says that they keep asking about me, but, um (crying): I don't want I don't want them seeing me like this.
Alicia, you have other options.
You could tell them who actually is behind this shit.
Are you fucking crazy? Do you think that they will be loyal to you? Do you think they give a shit about you? About us? They didn't even care about my nephew.
Riz wasn't gone a day, and they were back taking what was his.
What's mine.
You took this job because of your family.
If you really care about them you only got one choice here, Alicia.
IZZY: Well, well, stop the world.
So this is where outlaws come to die, huh? Fucking suburbs.
Hey, you know what they say, primo.
Tie for a noose, mortgage for a casket.
Oh, please, don't listen to him.
He loves it out here.
Give me some love.
We don't got to hit the floor every time we hear a bang, huh? So how are you? We miss you.
Where's Tessa? School, seventh grade.
(dogs barking in distance) Yeah, time really flies, huh? So stop being a stranger, okay? We love you.
I'll see you soon, okay? Don't be late.
See you soon.
Uh, we got an ask.
I wanted to talk to you, too, primo.
Can we have a minute? BISHOP: Kid's good.
He can stay.
Hey, do me a favor, go keep Luis company.
He gets lonely.
What? How much you bench? I heard things got tense the other night with the other Kings.
I heard things were said.
That's why I'm here.
Need to bring some product over.
A lot of it.
200 keys.
You're making the right choice, primo.
I know it's hard, but sometimes you got to put your ego aside.
Canche and Ramos, they're smart.
That's why I made them Kings.
Doing what they say, doubling up It's the right call for the club.
Yeah, right.
We need it today.
Should probably be 250 keys.
That's short fucking notice.
I'm just trying to do what's best for the club.
I'll see what kind of escort I can scrounge up with such short lead time.
When I get the details, I'll send you a message.
- See you soon, man.
- Yeah.
Hey, primo.
I know what this week is.
I'm sorry, huh? Even if I didn't, can tell by the look in your eyes.
I didn't even realize.
We good? BISHOP: You and your brother are going over today.
Today? Fuck 'em all.
It's going down tonight.
(laughs) Can you go upside down? - CRISTÓBAL: Yeah! - ERIN (chuckling): Whoa! Whoa! You're like a sack of potatoes.
- (Cristóbal laughs) - Ready? One (gasps) - Uh-oh.
- (Cristóbal babbles) ERIN (whispering): Guess what? Guess what? Guess what? (gasps) (Cristóbal chuckles) The medical examiner called again.
Left another message for you to call him back.
- Hmm.
- (Erin laughing) - You're good with him.
- (Erin whooshing) (Erin chuckles) - ERIN: You're doing so - What's your plan for the day? Have to go south.
They let you over the border? I chopper to Yuma, cross there.
A helicopter.
Must really pay to be a Oh, wait.
What is it you do again? - It'll come to me.
- Erin.
What's it say on LinkedIn? Erin, no one thinks you're funny.
It says I'm a very busy man who's late.
(gasps) We should take him to Foster Freeze today.
Hmm? - Like when we were little.
- Foster Freeze? Oh, it's nothing.
(chuckles): Nothing? It was just the most important relic of our childhood.
That was the only good memory Diana allowed us in her campaign of emotional terrorism.
- (Cristóbal babbling) - What do you think, Chris? You want to get some ice cream? No, that's-that's We don't let him eat dairy.
Nos vemos, mi amor.
I got to go.
(Cristóbal babbling) Geez.
Get a room, you two.
You guys have fun.
(Cristóbal babbling) No.
There's no security to take us.
They'll all be with Miguel.
And we always need to keep a detail at the house.
Okay, it's just that the people in this town There's an anger here.
They blame us for the Agra Park, for the for the shutdown.
Come here.
(high-pitched): Please? Please, can we have some more? (dog barking in distance) ♪ ♪ Fuck.
(door opens, closes) (grunting, coughing) What the fuck?! You sleep well, sweetheart? Stay the fuck away from me.
(chuckles) I see you, brother.
Huh? Thinking you're free, bending over to other men's bylaws.
Getting mouth-fucked by rules and regulations.
It's a mirage.
This This is motherfucking freedom.
- You the leader of this fucking freak show? - (woman laughing) No, I ain't the leader of no man.
Ain't no man the leader of me.
That talk'll get your bones scattered across the desert.
I just want to get the fuck out of here.
You forgetting something? You know who the fuck I am, huh? You think you can put your fucking hands on me? I do know who you are.
You're Little Bo-Peep.
Lost her sheep.
(sputtering hiss) Don't you know, friend? A shepherd ain't nothing but a murderer to the lamb.
Hmm? (breathing shakily) (Coco grunts) (gunshot) You fucking touch me again I'm gonna kill all you motherfuckers.
I'll see you soon, Little Bo-Peep.
(Florence laughing) (continues laughing) FLORENCE: Bo-Peep (car door closes) Fuck! Oh, fuck! ANGEL: So, you're Bishop's boy now, huh? Uh Nah, I just had an idea.
A fucking great idea.
Making Bishop the only King will be a game changer for Santo Padre.
Makes us the center of the universe.
But this plan Listen, bro, a-a club ain't really nothing but a sewing circle.
- (chuckles softly) - A bunch of jealous-ass bitches.
This fails, our brothers will be gunning for you.
Swing big, miss big.
I've never been afraid to swing.
Fucking bring it.
I figured you'd say that.
(telenovela playing on TV) Sup, Beatriz? (door closes) Fucking Catalina.
Always up to no good.
(motorcycle approaching) (engine turns off) GILLY: Where the fuck have you been? We got shit going on tonight now, and you pull another disappearing act? You got a minute? You look like fucking shit.
I-I know, and I I know I been fucking up lately, right, you know? But-but I It's them pills, dawg.
We're tired of covering for you with Bishop.
I know.
And I-I I just got carried away, right? But-but But it's the fucking It's the pain.
It's the fucking pain, Gilly.
But I'm back.
It's-it's me, dawg.
I'm here.
And what's the fucking difference this time? Fucking broke a promise.
All right.
All right.
You gonna lay off that shit? Yeah.
I am.
- (motorcycles approaching) - You gonna lay off them tacos? Fuck no.
(laughs) (engines turn off) Long way from Charming.
Courtesy visit.
You hear about Packer? Well, cancer's a bitch.
I'm running Berdoo while he's in chemo.
Desperate times.
Appreciate the courteous visit, but, uh MONTEZ: The way things have landed The guns, fucking us with the Irish We thought it was important to let you know in person.
- Ah.
- HAPPY: Just so there's no misunderstanding, you even think about riding through Berdoo or any SOA turf, we want a call.
We've always given you the heads-up.
We want a call.
I don't remember getting a call asking for permission for you two to roll up right now.
Next time, I'll send Running Deer here a smoke signal.
Now, why don't you and Smallpox ride on and fuck off.
MONTEZ: We're here out of whatever respect we have left to let you know that actions have consequences.
What actions would those be? Couple dozen dead Mexicans.
And Jax Teller's last wishes disrespected.
- Who's Jax Teller? - BISHOP: Nothing to do with us.
Who gives a fuck? - This come from Chibs? - Wouldn't be here if it didn't.
(engines start) You think it had something to do with the Reaper out in the desert? (Bishop grunts) Happy don't know what fucking day it is.
But Montez He's always been a crafty little fuck.
We got more pressing things to worry about.
Hank and I were talking.
The kid.
This, uh, "one King" plan.
Are you sure we should rest so much on someone so raw? I mean Look, he's the only one around me who sees the big fucking picture.
Sees the future.
You got a problem with it, get your fucking head out of the past.
Home, home on the range ♪ Where the deer and the antelope play ♪ Where seldom is heard ♪ (music stops) Can't be.
I think it might be.
EZ? Angel? Alvarez sent you? Juan Denver.
Did he just say his name was fucking Juan Denver? Yeah, I think he did.
ANGEL: Where exactly are we going? JUAN: "Take me home, country roads.
" Dude, are we getting kidnapped? "Baby, you look good to me tonight.
" What did he just say? What the fuck you just say? Must be the "sunshine on my shoulders.
" (laughs) "On the wings of a dream.
" "Thank God I'm a country boy.
" (chuckles) What the fuck is happening right now? What the hell is all this? Shipping manifest.
Santo Padre Agra Park.
This was all supposed to go over the border before the shutdown.
(grunting) ♪ (Juan pants) Fucking Juan Denver.
"Some days are diamonds.
" - Morning, gruñón.
- Hmm.
Or good afternoon.
- (coffee pouring) - You sleep like a teenager.
What the hell are you making now? Tamales.
Banana leaves? Makes them soggy.
It keeps them moist.
(sighs) Nursing? Yeah, sorry.
Figured this would be a quiet place to study.
My nephews and nieces are great, but they're a lot.
I'm aware how annoying younger people can be.
(chuckles softly) EZ tell you that he was supposed to be a doctor? Really? Almost two years of premed.
Well, he is very smart.
It's not always about being smart.
It's about maybe, uh, having the capacity for (sighs) We had a dog when EZ was young.
She was a yappy little thing that the boys loved, and so did my wife.
But she'd get out all the time.
And one day, EZ and Angel found her in the street, dead.
Angel fell apart, but EZ, he picked her up.
He brought her home.
Angel couldn't stop crying, but EZ just held her, all covered with blood and staring at her.
He-he never shed a tear.
Even when he was little, he was strong.
(quiet chatter) ERIN: Hmm.
(chuckles) (sighs) So? Hmm? When's the last time you got laid? - Erin.
- What? Do you want my child to need therapy? You named him Cristóbal.
Therapy's already a pretty good bet.
You are such a dick.
That's a family name.
(chuckles): Some traditions should die.
- Don't avoid the subject.
- I'm not, I'm not I'm not discussing this with you.
Miguel kisses you like Pop-pop used to kiss Grandma.
That's that's not true.
- You know his mother goes - His mother should be the last thing on his mind when he's kissing his fine, tight, Pilates-assed wife.
Firstly, that's the nicest thing you've ever said to me, but secondly, we're not discussing this.
Okay, let's go.
- (Erin chuckles) - (Cristóbal grunts) - I get up.
- Yeah, come on.
(grunts): Okay, here we go.
Okay, let's go.
Let's go.
You ready? You ready? Come on.
Come on.
Here we go.
It's a valid question.
Look at me.
We are not having this conversation.
(door closes) Weeks? Months? Jesus, you're obsessed.
No, I'm concerned.
You're concerned? You haven't been here 24 hours, but suddenly you're an expert on my relationship.
No, I'm an expert on you.
And you used to be such a force.
Now you're someone's wife.
Someone who I worry isn't going through the same dry spell you are.
- Trust - (both gasp) What the fuck? No, no, no, no.
Erin, Erin.
Erin, don't - Stop.
- Hey! - There you go, Your fucking Highness.
- What the fuck's your problem? My problem is this bitch and her fucking family destroying this town, putting us all out of work.
You call my sister a bitch again, I will knock your fat ass out.
- Fucking methhead.
- What the fuck did you say? WOMAN: Honey, get back in the car.
EMILY: Oh, my God.
(grunts) Yeah.
Get out of here! Yeah, you better run, you fat, little-dicked walrus! (tires screeching) ERIN: Ha-ha! Run.
(Emily sighs) (panting) I'm sorry, Em.
I did not believe you about the town.
I didn't realize it was this bad.
(laughing) "Little-dicked walrus"? (both laughing) - (Cristóbal passes gas) - Oh, my God.
- (babbles) - ERIN: Jesus.
- (giggles) - (Emily laughs) That's why we don't let him eat dairy.
- (laughs) - (Erin groans) (dog barking in distance) (vehicle approaching) You got to be fucking kidding me.
(dog barking in distance) (truck doors close) Do you want to tell me what the hell is going on here? Evening, Vicki.
What the hell is this? We'r e gonna need the girls to take the night off.
The girls are not your property, - and this property is not your property.
- (Bishop groans) We got a fucking issue here, Vicki? ♪ No.
No issue.
♪ ANGEL: Jesus Christ.
Never realized there's no fucking air down here.
EZ: Stop talking.
You're sucking up all the oxygen.
- (cart thuds) - (Angel grunts) Fuck! (panting) It's fucked.
We're gonna have to carry them from here.
- (chuckles): You're fucking kidding, right? - (EZ groans) (crickets chirping) ♪ (dog barking in distance) (grunts) (sighs) - (groaning) - (knocks) (door creaks) - What's up? - ANGEL: Yo.
Someone else needs to get the fuck down here and bring this shit up.
We need some air.
(Angel pants) You got to work on your cardio, bro.
(exhales sharply) Load's here.
How are we looking? (coyote howling) All clear.
(grunting and groaning) (grunts) HANK: Look.
(EZ grunts) (exhales) You just saved a bunch of your brothers' lives.
You may have just saved this charter.
All hands on deck, Coco.
Right, right, Bish.
(coyote howls) (grunting) Fuck.
What's up? GILLY: BP headed our way, about a mile and a half out.
Are you fucking serious? We got about two minutes.
Get this shit back in the tunnel.
Everything out of the truck, now.
You gonna fucking help or what? (panting) - Hey, what the fuck you doing? - EZ: BP.
Everything's got to go back! Shit.
- Let's go.
Grab it, grab it.
- (grunting) About 30 fucking seconds.
Buy us some fucking time.
Prospect! Head them off with the truck.
Do do what now? Fucking go! Fuck.
(grunts, sighs) What the fuck, Steve? (engine revs) (engine revving) (tires squealing) You can do this.
- Hands where we can see 'em.
Now! - (guns clicking) No hablar Inglés.
No hablar Inglés.
Turn around.
Prospect bought us about another minute.
- That everything? - Yeah.
(grunts) - Coming down! - No! Cover the hatch! - They can't catch us down here.
Go! - All right.
Go! Go! Hank, this way.
(tires squealing) (groans softly) (garbled radio transmission) Hey, you okay? Huh? Yeah.
All right, come on.
(garbled radio transmission) (quietly): Fuck.
Let it lie.
It's my fault.
It'll still be your fault tomorrow.
Just got off the phone with Lobo.
Says they already green-lit our dudes.
ANGEL: Fuck.
GILLY: They refuse to bitch up.
Gonna face it in the yard.
What went wrong? What the fuck did I miss? You good? Yeah.
Taza and Creeper got all the H back.
They're gonna sit on it at Beatriz's.
Don't know how long that'll be tenable.
We're exposed now.
What we tried to pull today Lying to Alvarez? Only a matter of time before it gets back to him and the other Kings.
("Leaving On A Jet Plane" by My Morning Jacket plays) All my bags are packed, I'm ready to go ♪ I'm standin' here outside your door ♪ I hate to wake you up ♪ To say goodbye ♪ But the dawn is breakin', it's early morn ♪ The taxi's waitin', he's blowin' his horn ♪ Already I'm so lonesome I could die ♪ So kiss me and smile for me ♪ Tell me that you'll wait for me ♪ Hold me like you'll never let me go ♪ 'Cause I'm leavin' on a jet plane ♪ Don't know when I'll be back again ♪ Oh, babe, I hate to go ♪ There's so many times I let you down ♪ So many times I've played around ♪ I tell you now, they don't mean a thing ♪ Every place I go, I'll think of you ♪ Every song I'll sing, I'll sing for you ♪ When I come back ♪ I'll bring your wedding ring ♪ (door opens) So kiss me and smile for me ♪ Tell me that you'll wait for me ♪ Hold me like you'll never let me go ♪ 'Cause I'm leavin' ♪ I don't want to.
On a jet plane ♪ Don't know when I'll be back again ♪ Me, neither.
I hate to go ♪ Now the time has come to leave you ♪ One more time let me kiss you ♪ Then close your eyes ♪ I'll be on my way ♪ Dream about the days to come ♪ (fading): When I won't have to leave alone ♪ (Coco exhales) About the times ♪ I won't have to say.
♪ - (footsteps approaching) - (door opens) (camera clicking) You're a good girl, Hope.
(sighs) My best girl.
(door opens, closes) (coyote howls in distance) (crickets chirping) (dog barking in distance) (sighs) (door closes) Jesus.
Will you just come inside already? Am I in trouble? Just get in here before the neighbors call the cops.
(sniffs) Come on.
(Bishop sniffs) That flashing's coming loose.
Yeah, it was like that when you left.
(quietly): Come on.
- (door closes) - (soft music playing) - (distant siren wailing) - (footsteps approaching) Hey, Pop.
She's peeing.
(dog barking in distance) - Hey.
- Hey.
You're back.
The leftovers are in the fridge.
(laughs) I'll miss you, too.
What are those? - Tamales.
- Wrapped in leaves? What is wrong with you two, huh? (woman singing operatic music) (engine turns off) (dog barking in distance) (crickets chirping) Thanks for today.
I think actually you might be growing on him.
(Gabriela laughs softly) It's nice what you're doing for him.
I miss my mom and my brother, so it's nice for me, too.
He's a good man.
What? - (chuckles): What? - (laughs softly) Um I should go in.
My uncle won't sleep until I do.
Good night, Gaby.
Buenas noches, Ezekiel.
(sighs) EZ? Yeah.
Good night.
Good night.
(engine starts) (distant siren wailing) (refrigerator door opens, closes) (sniffs) NAILS: Mm.
Hey, um, we should talk.
- (Nails gasps) - ADELITA: Maybe you should put some clothes on first.
(Nails gasps)
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