Mayans M.C. (2018) s03e04 Episode Script

Our Gang's Dark Oath

1 Angel and I bring it all over, everyone else is waiting on this side.
- How much are we thinking? - 200 keys.
That's a lot to be on the hook for if this thing goes south.
It won't.
- You know who the fuck I am? Huh? - I do know who you are.
You're Little Bo-Peep.
I just want to get the fuck out of here.
- You and Palo? - You don't know him.
He's not gonna let this go.
What happens if he comes back? Maybe I should just tell the Scotsman about our little arrangement.
- I'll come down to you.
- That won't be necessary.
Something tells me I'll be seeing you soon.
Need to bring some product over.
You're making the right choice, primo.
Canche and Ramos they're smart.
That's why I made them Kings.
You and your brother are going over today.
It's going down tonight.
If this fails, our brothers will be gunning for you.
Bishop, BP headed our way.
About a mile and a half out.
- We should talk.
- Maybe you should put some clothes on first.
You got to say something.
Fucking anything.
I didn't think I was gonna see you again.
Where's the baby? Luisa, where's our baby? Dead.
It's like fucking clockwork.
- It's got to stop.
- I know, I know.
Morning, Kat.
How much longer are you gonna keep her hostage, Obispo? - She has a family.
- Kat.
She's a real ray of sunshine.
Yeah, and you're a real asshole.
I guess you got a type.
Izzy called.
She said she saw you.
She said you looked like shit.
You still talk to her? Thought you moved on from us undesirables.
Izzy was never one of you.
Neither were you.
Somehow Marcus still held onto her.
They, uh, they had a different path.
Uh, Tessa's in, uh, seventh grade now.
Means Aidan would've been in fifth.
Why do you choose to punish yourself? All of it.
Showing up like this, every year, like clockwork.
It's just you and me, we're not those people anymore.
I'm-I'm not gonna be there Friday.
Can't keep doing this to ourselves.
It's not about us.
Who cares about us? - It's about Aidan.
- It's about the past.
Am I so terrible, that I'm finally trying to choose the future? Yeah.
You fucking are.
Are you busy? Like my brother ♪ Southern California could've been ♪ Good to me ♪ I shouldn' t be wastin' all of my time ♪ Hey.
Let me get that for you.
I got it, thanks.
In this rock and roll band ♪ Where the fuck is Steve? He should be doing that.
He's on a run.
It's fine.
Thinking about getting you on the machine later.
Thinking you're ready.
Yeah, okay.
You good? No.
I'm a fucking asshole who knew better but I still let it happen.
I'm fine.
I'm good.
Well, if, you know, you, like, want to talk and stuff, I'm Thank you, Hank.
You're always so sweet.
Now I ain't no one's ♪ Blue-eyed son ♪ Just a handful of trouble ♪ Where's your brother? Uh, Pop had an emergency.
Angel's helping him out.
Fucking Reyes brothers.
Always a goddamn excuse.
We're in a bad fucking spot.
Somebody talked to BP, and I want to fucking know who.
Had to be Alicia.
First offense, isn't part of this world.
It makes sense she'd flip.
She's smarter than that.
Scared people make stupid decisions.
- She wouldn't risk her family - Taza's right.
She's the weak link.
What about Vicki? - Come on.
- She's been holding a grudge since we found the tunnel.
Has only gotten worse with Riz gone.
She's got the most to gain if we get fucked.
Go see Alicia.
Find out for sure.
And get it done today.
We got 250 keys of heroin sitting on the south side.
Alvarez is gonna be onto us, which means the Kings are gonna know our play.
Yeah, and our brothers locked up are fucking sitting ducks.
Window's closing fast.
But on the ride over I figured that shit out.
We learned the future's overrated.
So let's look to the past.
Bridge Over the River Kwai.
- Bish, come on.
- It's a big risk with a low success rate.
The Kwai move has always been a suicide mission.
Now, with the added BP and government drones, we'd have a few minutes to execute the whole thing.
- It's impossible.
- The tunnel and checkpoint play are blown.
Anyone got a better idea, speak the fuck up.
Then it's decided.
You and Creeper go prep the south side.
Gilly, you get shit together here on the north.
Could use an extra set of hands with the rig.
You mind if I bring Coco along? Okay.
Get it done.
Why so jumpy? Maybe 'cause I got a phone call from a fucking ghost.
What the fuck happened? Where's Tommy? You tell me.
Was it the Mayans? You tell me.
You think I had something to do with that shit? He was my cousin.
Yet no blowback.
No war with Santo Padre.
I couldn't tell Charming he was with you guys.
They just think he disappeared.
Out bad somewhere.
My poor tía believes that, too.
Prays that every time the phone rings it's gonna be him.
From what I saw, it ain't ever gonna be him.
Fuck! You should have stuck to the fucking plan! You weren't supposed to hit them like that.
You should have known there'd be payback.
I don't let the death of family go unavenged.
It ain't that simple.
The Sons and Mayans, we got history.
One wrong move can start a war, and wars don't make money.
Maybe I should call the Scotsman.
Let him know the Mayans are getting away with murdering a Son because you're afraid he'd find out you were double-dipping.
And the Mayans ain't getting away with shit.
I got a plan.
Let's hear it.
I patch with San Bernardino for a while.
Just to keep an eye on Santo Padre.
Just to keep an eye on 'em? That's your plan? You just got to trust me and be patient.
If I'm gonna be patient, I need cash.
I'm fucking broke.
I spent everything I could get getting over.
I ain't got much.
Why are you here? I'm I wanted to see how you're holding up.
I don't know if I am holding up.
I just put money on your books.
We'll make sure to do that regularly.
Has anyone talked to you? - No.
- You know what I'm saying? No one.
I swear.
I got nothing to say to anyone anyway.
What about your cellie? Any of the other women you may have gotten friendly with? You mean the women who spit on me take my food? I got no friends in here.
I know what you're asking.
I know what you're worried about.
I haven't said a word to no one, and I never will.
- I told Vicki that.
- Vicki? She came by was just talking crazy.
I told her there's no way I'm ever putting my family at risk.
We're not like that.
I just wish I could go to sleep wake up on the other side of all of this.
I don't know how I'm gonna make it through.
Hey Hey look at me.
Who you were out here, the mom, the wife you need to bury all that shit.
Anything you try to keep Hope and love it'll just get destroyed.
So kill it first.
Anything you have is something they can take.
If you don't destroy it yourself, they will.
So shut it all down.
Shut it all off.
But later when I get out how do I turn it back on? Jaime Teresa Eduardo.
Oh! Hey.
Señora How do you say "I'm hungry" in Spanish? - Shit, all that for one word? - It's a nuanced language.
- You're heading out anyway.
- Why, what'd Bishop say? We're doing Bridge Over the River Kwai.
- You're fucking kidding me.
- Yeah.
Reach out to some Baja 500 gearheads down here and see what you can set up.
I'm on it.
Lend me some cash.
Crypt Keeper's over there keeping me on ice.
Fucking Bridge Over the River Kwai.
I can't take any more of that crap.
It's got a good beat for cleaning.
So does silence.
Hey, you called me, gruñón.
You're cheaper than the, uh, cleaning service.
Nicer to look at, too.
Speaking of nice to look at.
Your wife.
Que hermosa.
How did you manage to land her? I wasn't so bad-looking myself, huh? You were.
But I definitely think he got his looks from his mama.
Maybe so.
So sweet.
Okay, let's get back to work.
You good, man? Yeah.
- I'm good.
- Coco.
- You have visitors.
- Yeah.
Front office.
Catch up with you later on.
Little Bo Peep.
What the fuck are you doing here? Reaching out in a time of need.
What you need is to fucking leave.
In a time of your need, brother.
Don't you fucking call me "brother.
" You're right.
See, Butterfly has never been in a club, like you and I, so he can't grasp the power, the beauty of men committing to other men.
And there are only two things can break that bond, get you murdered by your own brothers.
- What the fuck? Get off of me! - Homosexual behavior.
The other, of course intravenous drug use.
Told you you were at a crossroads.
Tried to warn you.
Was there ever a doubt our little lamb would choose anything but the steep and thorny path? What the fuck do you want from me? Let me start with what I don't want.
I don't want to have to show this photo to your brothers.
I don't want to set your shit on fire.
My karma's got enough dead weight without your body attached to it.
Then what the fuck do you want? One kilo of heroin.
You really are fucking crazy.
You-you-you-you, you want me to not get killed by stealing from my club, which will automatically get me fucking killed? I'm complicated.
I ain't doing it.
Hope saving your life means you owe her, which means you owe me, and I got that thing, I got - I got the, uh - Adult attention-deficit disorder.
Yeah, that.
So I get bored, and when I'm bored, I like to set shit on fire.
So you have until Friday.
But tell him the good news.
You'll stop shaking and sweating.
For now.
"For now.
" Always the realist.
Fuck you.
You're welcome, brother.
The damage that was done ♪ Oh, Judge ♪ I'm at your command ♪ It seem you've forced my hand ♪ What? I saw Alicia.
It wasn't her.
How do you know? If she talked, they'd have her in Ad Seg.
She was in blues.
Gen pop.
No way the Feds risk hanging her out there if she flipped on us.
She's scared she's broken, but it's not her.
I'm sure of it.
Glowing light ♪ What now? A shitty day gets shittier.
But he had other plans ♪ - EZ.
- Yeah? Fuck off.
¿Qué es esto? Lo siento, señor.
Miguel, you're home.
I Did you do this? I was just thinking - Obviously - maybe it's Obviously you weren't thinking.
- Miguel.
- You have no fucking right to touch her things! How fucking arrogant are you? I mean, what makes you think you get to decide? She was my mother.
Do you think I'm a fucking child?! Do you think I need you to protect me?! What the hell is wrong with you two? Come here.
Shh it's okay.
Will you tell me what happened to him? Will you tell me what happened to you? Talk to me.
Let me help you.
You want to help me? I do.
Like when you helped me and put me in a brothel? I was trying to keep you safe.
- Safe? - Yeah, I didn't want anything to happen to you.
After I lost my family, I had nowhere to go.
Just the street.
I was taken in by some women, to keep me "safe.
" I didn't know what a brothel was, but I cooked, I cleaned.
I watched the men come and go.
When I turned 11, they said it was time.
I had to earn my keep.
So that same day in the kitchen I took the paring knife, and I I cut my own throat, just how I watched them do to my father.
My mother.
My brother.
I decided I'd rather be with my family in the ground than let someone else control my body.
You want to know what happened in there? With Potter? I couldn't get my hands on a knife.
You look like a man, Angel.
But you're just a little boy grown tall.
Linda's with a client right now.
- Do you want to wait? - Nah.
I'm not here for that.
Bishop asked me to bring you back to the clubhouse.
Well, he knows where to find me.
Hank will kill me if I come back empty-handed.
All right, then.
Give me a second.
I'll grab my coat.
Oh, Vic.
It's really not a lot to work with.
You'll see.
I'm a miracle worker.
You're gonna need to be.
Told you it's not much.
Where was this? It's Ventura Beach.
I was eight.
Angel was so chubby.
I've never been to the ocean.
Your mother was so beautiful.
You're killing me.
You want to fix it, don't you? I'm good.
Uh, dinner? Where are your pots and pans? Wow.
I guess we can share a fork? We should have done this at your place.
Well, I thought you wanted to be alone, without my little cousins climbing all over you and my tío trying to impress you with that story about how one time he almost got into a fistfight.
It is a gripping story.
Well, now you can be gripped only by me.
That didn't sound right.
I didn't have a problem with it.
We can do this.
All right, how can I help? Mm, you can take care of the most important thing.
You don't have a radio? How can you live without music? I mean I like music, I guess.
You guess? What is your favorite band? What is your favorite song? Uh, there's there's songs I hear on the radio and stuff I like.
What kind of monster are you? Music helps put things into more than into words.
Into a shape you can feel.
Something you can name.
A good song allows you to feel so many different things at once.
Like joy, sadness, hope.
What? I like the way you think.
I like your brain.
Here, let me show you.
Yesterday ♪ Any way you made it was just fine ♪ So you turned your days into nighttime ♪ Didn't you know ♪ You can't make it without ever ♪ Even trying? ♪ And something's on your mind ♪ Isn't it? ♪ Let these times show you that you're ♪ Breaking up the lines ♪ Leaving all your dreams ♪ Too far behind ♪ Didn't you see ♪ You can't make it ♪ Without ever even ♪ Trying? ♪ And something's on your mind ♪ Maybe another day ♪ You'll want to feel another way ♪ You can't stop crying ♪ Hey.
Uh, what? You haven't got a thing ♪ Where did you go? There's no use trying ♪ Where did you go? Uh Nowhere.
I'm here.
You were not.
Who cannot maintain will always fall ♪ Who are you? What does that mean? You know who I am.
I don't.
I know that your name's Ezekiel.
I know that you have your mother's smile.
But I don't know what's going on in there.
Behind the wall.
Trust me, you don't want to know.
I'm afraid that you think I'm someone I'm not.
Someone you need to protect.
You don't know what I've been through.
What I've seen.
But I'll trust you.
If you trust me.
Where did you go before? Where did you disappear to? I think I'd really like you in my life, but it doesn't look like you have room for me in yours.
I know tonight was my idea.
But I think it may have been a bad one.
I want to go home.
Our baby.
Was he beautiful? Stop watching me.
You're making me nervous.
What's wrong? World don't stop turning ♪ Thank you.
For what? For making a shitty day better.
Just because you're not around ♪ The world ♪ Help take the edge off.
What was that about earlier? Some people looking for Letty.
That kid's always fucking up.
I got to take a piss.
Oh ♪ Fuck off, I'm in here.
We're fucking done! But, Lord, baby, baby, I said you can't hide ♪ She ran.
Goddamn it.
Creep? I did it.
I owed her that.
I know you guys were close.
It had to be done.
But never gets easier.
Riz was our brother.
Why the fuck would she go to the cops? No one fucking understands loyalty anymore.
Understands family.
We all set for tomorrow? Both sides.
How you doing? I know the anniversary's coming up Aidan I'm good.
This play.
It's gonna save us.
I know it's been tough, but, uh I need you right now, brother.
More than ever.
And I need you focused.
So go home, get some sleep.
You need it.
I'll see you tomorrow.
Oh, fuck.

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