Mayans M.C. (2018) s03e05 Episode Script

Dark, Deep-Laid Plans

1 ♪ - [gunshot.]
- [grunts.]
Fucking Juan Denver.
I knew you suspected Miguel was your son.
You had no fucking right to touch her things! She was my mother! Do you think I'm a fucking child?! What the hell is wrong with you two? ANGEL: Will you tell me what happened to him? Will you tell me what happened to you? Talk to me.
Let me help you.
GABRIELA: But I'll trust you if you trust me.
[muffled screaming.]
Um Hey.
I think I really like you in my life, but it doesn't look like you have room for me in yours.
What is it, Taza? You and Palo? You don't know him.
Cut his own baby brother's throat.
He's not gonna let this go.
I don't want to have to show this photo to your brothers.
Man, what the fuck do you want? One kilo of heroin.
You want me to not get killed by stealing from my club, which will automatically get me fucking killed.
BISHOP: We got 250 keys of heroin sitting on the south side.
Alvarez is gonna be onto us, which means the Kings are gonna know our play.
Let's look to the past.
Bridge Over the River Kwai.
TAZA: The Kwai move has always been a suicide mission.
Get it done.
It ain't that simple.
The Sons and Mayans we got history.
One wrong move could start a war.
Ah, fuck.
[vehicle approaching.]
[turns off engine.]
[exhales sharply.]
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [garbage truck whirring outside.]
Luisa? Luisa? [exhales.]
Luisa? [sighs.]
[door closes in distance.]
Angel? You're up early.
Yeah, I was just looking for something.
I got it, though.
You, um you look better.
Have some coffee.
Sorry, Pop.
- Next time.
- Son.
Is everything okay? Never better.
[footsteps departing.]
[door opens.]
[door closes.]
[clears throat.]
What? [sighs.]
I know people are pissed about how it all went down, but it's bullshit.
The plan should have worked.
No one could have ever predicted Vicki was gonna roll on us.
You here to give excuses? Fuck no.
All of this was my idea.
I want a chance to see it through.
I want to run point today.
Your record You get caught, you're looking at a real stretch of time.
I'm not gonna get caught.
All right.
You're in the Prerunner.
I won't let you down.
That's a bullshit, impossible promise.
Trust me.
♪ [clears throat.]
♪ Uh, you remember.
She was the one who tried to steal everyone's boyfriends with blow jobs.
- [babbling.]
- What about her? Well, cum must have a lot of calories.
Oh, that bitch blew up.
You are awful.
Are you kidding me? She was a total asshole in high school.
- [chuckles.]
- Uh-uh.
Payback's a bitch.
Yeah, you were the only one that never put up with her shit.
- Hey, okay, hey.
- You were always so badass.
Enough with the language.
How do you not know this sh stuff? You still live here.
Hey, this is why you need Facebook.
Seeing the pathetic ruins of your classmates' lives is so cathartic.
Daddy! [Cristóbal babbling.]
- He go bye-bye.
- [door opens and closes.]
Yeah, he went bye-bye.
[music playing faintly.]
I used to be so weird and wild ♪ So handsome in every endeavor ♪ Hey, you two, front the south side today.
Coco, you're with Gilly.
Nah, fuck that fool.
Whatever bullshit you two got going on, you need to work it out now.
Hey-hey-hey, Bish, I - I'm-I'm cool.
- GILLY: You ain't cool.
Look at you, motherfucker.
You're a fucking liability.
Coco can ride with me today.
- You sure? - Yeah.
You're with me in the Prerunner.
[door closes.]
Good looking out, E.
Fat fuck has it out for me.
You have been out of it lately.
I-I haven't been feeling great.
But I'm straight today.
You'll see.
- Thanks again, E.
- I got you, man.
Laura? There's someone here to see you.
Um - [bird singing outside.]
- [dog barking in distance.]
ANGEL [whispering.]
: It's okay.
It's okay, you're safe.
What's wrong? [chuckles.]
Nothing's wrong.
I've been thinking about about all the shit that I've fucked up over the years.
And I got a lot of regrets.
But there's one thing that I'll never regret.
One thing I know I did right.
You don't have to fight anymore.
We can build a life here together.
- Angel - Hey.
You don't have to say anything right now.
Just think about it.
[ring rattles.]
[door opens.]
[door closes.]
["Las Velas Encendidas" by La Sonora Dinamita playing.]
[door opens, entry bells jingle.]
♪ [sighs.]
No more fucking lies, viejo.
I was in love with your mother.
He's a good-looking kid.
He's a pain in the ass, - but he's my little guy.
- What's his name? David.
He looks just like him.
So Laura the lawyer.
It's a long way from that tiny farmhouse.
- [scoffs.]
- You ever get back there much? Jesus, no.
I haven't been back there in 20 years.
Really? Everything changed after my brother died.
I was I was just a kid, but I knew I needed to get out of there.
Took me a few years.
Haven't looked back since.
You don't see anyone from back home? Your parents? Your brother Palo? [scoffs.]
What's this really about, Che? Why are you here? Asking about my family? My brothers? I need to find Palo.
Haven't seen him in years.
He's the reason I left.
You should know that better than anyone.
I've worked too hard to let this shit back into my life.
I have a kid to protect.
A good job.
I'm not gonna risk letting any of you near that.
Laura, please You know what? Fuck you for blindsiding me.
For bringing all this shit back up.
Any connection we had it died with David.
My mother dancing? [laughs.]
I mean, I I could barely get her to dance with me at my wedding.
FELIPE: Well, she couldn't get enough.
She'd make us go at least once a week.
Pain in the ass for the security detail, but she insisted.
Was she any good? - No.
- No? She was awful.
She had she had no rhythm.
No sense of it at all.
But nobody loved dancing as much as she did.
I had no idea.
There was so much I didn't know.
So much I'll never know.
To exist in your father's world to survive it she had to hide parts of herself.
Parts she eventually lost touch with.
Things that didn't fit in the role of Jose Galindo's wife.
There's no reason to try to make sense of all of this now.
What's done is done.
Dwell on the dead for too long, they'll take you with them.
It's the last thing that your mother would have wanted.
Did she did she reciprocate your feelings? She was always loyal to your father.
[door opens, entry bells jingle.]
[clears throat.]
Well, I, uh [sniffles.]
I appreciate your candor, and Thank you.
So you could remember her the way she was.
[clears throat.]
[door opens, entry bells jingle.]
[door closes.]
Who was that? No one.
[hip-hop music playing.]
[door opens.]
♪ [exhales.]
The fuck's got into you? What? Can't be excited for our big day? - Hey.
- I'm good, thank you.
So, how things going with Gaby, man? I may have messed things up with her.
So, you make it right.
It ain't that simple.
Fuck that.
You like this girl? You think she's special? [chuckles.]
Bro, then fucking go for it.
Lay it all out on the line.
Fight for her.
Good chat.
["The Eagle and the Hawk" by John Denver playing.]
[truck doors open.]
Oh ♪ I am the eagle, I live in high country ♪ In rocky cathedrals ♪ [speaking Spanish faintly under music.]
I am the hawk ♪ [faintly over headphones.]
: And there's blood on my feathers ♪ - "And so it goes.
" - And all those who see me ♪ And all who believe in me ♪ "Here, there, everywhere.
" [chuckles.]
[clicks tongue.]
: Come dance with the west wind ♪ And touch on the mountaintops ♪ [grunting.]
And up to the stars ♪ [panting rapidly.]
And reach for the heavens ♪ And hope for the future ♪ - [grunting.]
- And all that we can be ♪ Not what we are.
♪ [grunts.]
[traffic passing outside.]
[birds chirping.]
[lawn mower rattling outside.]
[drawer closes.]
[dog barking in distance.]
♪ [distant chatter.]
[fireworks popping and whistling.]
[cheering, laughter.]
[laughter continues.]
[fireworks continue popping and whistling.]
[sirens wailing in distance.]
- [walkie-talkie beeping.]
- The cow is ready to be milked.
HANK: What the fuck are you talking about, Steve? Sorry, um, BP took the bait.
You're good to go.
♪ ♪ Bish, just arrived on the south side.
♪ [mechanical whirring.]
CREEPER: Bish, we got a problem.
We're too short.
ANGEL: We're short on this side, too.
TAZA: Are you sure this is the right spot? CREEPER: It says "817" on the wall? - Yeah.
- Yeah.
This is the spot.
So how the fuck did this happen? They raised the wall.
When's the last time you guys did this? - When's the last year Bush was in office? - What the fuck? [sirens wailing.]
[kids chattering playfully.]
Evacuate the area! - Evacuate the area! - OFFICER: Let's go! - [gunshots.]
- [kids screaming.]
Uh, guys? You're gonna have company.
You got about two minutes.
We're gonna have to call it.
TAZA: I knew this was a suicide mission.
- HANK: Turn back? - I have an idea.
Coco, give me a hand! Creeper, back it up! CREEPER: Ah, hold up.
EZ's got a plan.
No, I fucked up.
It's too risky.
GILLY: Fuck! Fucking move! [grunts.]
- EZ: Okay, stop.
- [Gilly grunts.]
Guys, one more minute.
GILLY: Let's go! Creeper, go! STEVE: Hurry up, guys.
ANGEL: This isn't gonna work.
Let's turn back.
We regroup.
Bish, we can't miss this chance.
Do it.
But fucking hurry.
Let's go, Coco! [sighs.]
You're gonna want to buckle up.
HANK: We're good, let's go! ANGEL: Come on, come on, come on.
Thank God we have seat belts, right? HANK: Hey, listen up.
You got to move fast, or you're gonna catch up on the top.
You get stuck, pop a tire, we're all fucked.
- You got it? - [engine starts.]
EZ: All right, let's fucking do this! [engine revving.]
Go, go, go! [whooping.]
Yeah! [sirens wailing.]
Come on.
What the fuck, Steve? You didn't fuck it up.
Now get the fuck over to Beatriz's, or we're leaving your ass in Mexico.
[sirens approaching.]
[vehicles pull up, sirens stop.]
We good? Yeah, I think so.
Fuck! The tarp came loose.
We can't stop.
It's all right.
I got it.
All right, be careful.
COCO: Just keep your eyes on the road.
EZ: What fucking road? ♪ IBARRA: What you just did saved so many of your brothers' lives.
EZ: Sorry we couldn't get it to you sooner.
Anything Santo Padre needs, anything you ever need, I got you, brother.
Come on, boys.
Time to get on.
[van door opens.]
[van door closes.]
[engine starts in distance.]
[van driving off.]
[EZ sighs.]
We good? Yeah.
[engine starts.]
Otro día, right? All this.
Like what you said.
Separating the truth from the noise.
Trusting that everything that happens is supposed to.
I still wrestle with it, man.
Feel like I'm living in between two worlds.
This one and the one with Gaby.
But when I'm with her, I-I don't know how to Dude, dude, just shut the fuck up and drive, Boy Scout.
[crickets chirping.]
[dog barking in distance.]
♪ [exhales sharply.]
♪ ♪ [engine shuts off.]
[music playing faintly.]
Hey, bro.
You good? If another fucking person asks me that [motorcycle engine starts.]
[rock music playing.]
How'd it go? No problems.
Drop-off to Ibarra went smooth.
Where's Coco? He wasn't feeling well.
Something going on with him we should know about? You know, I think the eye just still got him all fucked-up.
He did good today.
You did good today.
We hit some bumps with all this, but we fucking pulled it off.
- One king.
- One king.
Now go sit at the kids' table.
Let the grown-ups talk.
All right.
I'll leave you two to your Cialis and Just For Men.
- Yeah.
- Fucking wiseass.
ANGEL: All good with Ibarra? Rainy day fund's on its way.
You still think it was the right play? I do.
- Where you going? - Catch up with you guys later.
What the fuck? You gonna hang? [sighs.]
I'm gonna head out after I finish this beer.
Got some things I got to make right.
Fucking Reyes brothers.
What do we do now? Once that dope hits the prisons, Ramos and Canche will find out.
Fuck 'em.
They're gonna have their own point of view on all of this, as will Alvarez.
If anyone wants to bring it, let 'em fucking bring it.
♪ I liked him.
I guess he'd rather be in Colorado.
♪ They knew where to look.
NESTOR: Why the fuck would they burn it? Flex.
Let us know they don't need it.
NESTOR: It's just one site, though.
Who gives a shit? MARCUS: Lobo Sonora is sending a message.
This isn't a move.
It's a warning shot.
IBARRA: Let's get this inside.
Start cutting this shit up now.
Get Perryville theirs first.
LOBO: Where the fuck is everyone? Ibarra.
Something you want to get off your chest? [exhales sharply.]
[keyless lock chirps.]
- Jesus.
- Uh, it's just me.
I want to apologize for today.
Your brother Palo he wants to hurt people I care about, and I need to find him before he does.
And I shouldn't have involved you.
That was wrong.
Yeah, it was.
Look, I'm sorry you're going through this.
I am.
I know what Palo's capable of.
But that's why I can't get involved.
I have too much to protect now.
You understand that, right? I'm sorry that I put all that at risk.
If you need anything, I'm here for you.
And David.
You can always find me there.
I never wanted to see anyone that knew David again, especially you.
But catching up today it was nice.
Still fucked-up but nice.
I got to get home.
David would be so amazed to see who you are now.
[motorcycle engine starts.]
[motorcycle departs.]
[bell jingles.]
EZ: Hey.
I was hoping that maybe I could give you a ride home.
My uncle is picking me up.
Thank you.
I'd really like a chance to talk.
I don't think it's a good idea, EZ.
It will just make everything harder.
Please, Gaby.
I can't.
I'm wearing a dress.
- [keys jingle.]
- FELIPE: Hey.
Take my truck.
[Gabriela scoffs softly.]
You both are very annoying.
We killed it.
[laughs softly, hiccups.]
You're turning me into a lush.
Oh, I saw the empties in your recycle.
You were doing just fine on your own.
Yeah, this place may be crazy, but at least the wine is good.
Could you give it up? Wine? Hmm, no, everything.
This house, this this town.
Why would I ever want to? No, I know, it's so soft and velvety, but it's still a cage.
A cage? Don't be so dramatic.
Are you happy? Are you? I-Is anyone? W-Why why are you always giving me such a hard fucking time? W? Because I always looked up to you.
I always knew how strong you were.
You're so fucking amazing.
Th-There isn't anything you couldn't do.
Just [exhales.]
And then I saw you just disappear under EZ's shadow.
- We were teenagers.
- Yeah.
And when he went to prison, you know what I thought? Hmm? I thought, "Finally.
Yeah, my my sister's gonna be free.
" But all you did was just lose yourself - [quietly.]
: to a bigger, darker shadow.
- [door slides open.]
[footsteps approaching.]
I, uh [clears throat.]
[clicks tongue.]
I I'm sorry.
- Last night was - Fucked-up.
I was going to say "inexcusable," but "I fucked up" works, too.
Perdóname, mi amor.
Mikey's gonna want to know.
It can wait till tomorrow.
[Emily sniffles.]
We're we're gonna head up to bed.
I'll lock up.
["To the Reeds" by Murmur playing.]
ISAAC: Coco.
The water burns ♪ Look who's darkened our doorstep.
All of this for what I believe ♪ Surrounded by ♪ What I can't see ♪ My name is gone ♪ Fuck you.
My body's free ♪ - [Isaac sighs.]
- Well, I'm gone ♪ You're home, Coco.
And I'm runnin' ♪ For the very first time, you're home.
- A bag of broken bones ♪ - HOPE: Coco? - Laid by my side ♪ - [sighs.]
And you're loved.
Well, I'm gone ♪ As one ♪ And I'm runnin' from my home ♪ A bag of broken bones ♪ Laid by my side ♪ A bag of broken bones ♪ Laid by my side.
♪ [sighs.]
[dog barking in distance.]
[vehicles passing outside.]
Luisa? [crickets chirping.]
["Angel Baby" by Rosie and The Originals playing.]
[song continues over radio.]
♪ What is this? Open it, find out.
It's just like heaven ♪ Being here with you ♪ You got me silverware? For my place.
Now I'll have two sets.
One for me and one for you.
- But after all ♪ - [laughs softly.]
I love you ♪ It's not that simple.
Trust is more than just a cute gesture.
My angel baby ♪ I know.
But that's just the first part of my plan.
- You have a plan? - I do.
Starting with the perfect first meal.
[Gabriela laughs.]
[both laughing.]
I'll be right back.
EZ I love you, I do ♪ Extra powdered sugar.
Of course.
Angel baby, my angel baby ♪ [whistles.]
¿Dos? Con mucha azúcar, por favor.
I love you ♪ [Gabriela laughs softly.]
- Ay, gracias.
- Gracias.
No one could love you ♪ - Oh.
- [giggles.]
[EZ laughs.]
[Gabriela laughs.]
EZ! [grunting.]
EZ! - [gunshot.]
- [screams.]
EZ, are you okay?! - Stay down! - Are you okay? Stay down! - [engine revving.]
- [Gabriela whimpers.]
[EZ grunts.]
- EZ.
- [tires screech.]
- [gunshot.]
- [screams.]
- [EZ grunts.]
- [engine revving.]
- [tires screech.]
- [EZ grunts.]
[Gabriela panting.]
Are you okay?! Are you okay?! - Yes.
- [sirens wailing in distance.]
EZ! EZ, EZ [EZ gasping.]
[Gabriela panting.]
Oh no, EZ.
[Gabriela cries.]

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