Mayans M.C. (2018) s03e06 Episode Script

You Can't Pray a Lie

1 What the fuck do you want? One kilo of heroin.
You want me to not get killed by stealing from my club.
We're in a bad fucking spot.
Alvarez is gonna be onto us, which means the Kings are gonna know our play.
Something you want to get off your chest? She's dead.
I know.
I fucking killed her.
Why the fuck would they burn it all? Question is, who'd be crazy enough to do this? Ramos and Canche will find out.
Fuck 'em.
If anyone wants to bring it, let 'em fucking bring it.
EZ! EZ! Stay with me.
Ezekiel! You have to help me.
We're almost there.
We're almost there.
We're almost there.
We're almost there.
Help us! He's lost so much blood! He's been shot! Please, please, help us.
Hurry! I'll be right here.
What? They tried to kill the kid.
- What? - Stockton.
They shot EZ.
We're at the hospital.
We're not alone.
All right.
Um I'm on my way.
Nobody says shit.
Nobody does shit.
Go home, Angel.
Get your fucking hands off me, man! Hey, get the fuck off me! Hey, fuck you motherfuckers, man! Hey! My brother's always had your back.
- Go home, Angel.
- And now you're gonna protect - the motherfuckers who shot him? - Look, I am doing my job.
Fuck you, you fucking pig.
- Hey.
- Get the fuck off me.
Hey! Get him out of here.
Hey, fuck these motherfuckers.
Ain't no way both these fools - come out alive, bitch.
- Angel, shut the fuck up.
Ah How's EZ? He's lost a gallon of blood.
Bullet went straight through.
No organs.
What do you know about it? Don't know shit.
You and everybody else.
Half a dozen witnesses, and no one saw a damn thing.
And somehow, I'm supposed to do my job.
Don't like the badge, maybe try and do something honest, like digging ditches or shoveling shit.
Looks like you got some of your own shoveling to do.
- Hey, hey, be careful.
- I'm fine, - Angel.
- Fuck you, you're fine.
- You got shot.
- Where's Pop? Well, he came by, but I sent him home.
- Is he pissed about his truck? - Yeah.
But more pissed someone tried to take out his favorite kid.
But why the fuck does Flaco got a room and you're stuck in this fucking ghetto? 'Cause he got the worst of it, bro.
I took a bullet.
He took a Scooby-Doo van.
I'm all right, bro.
You okay? Gonna be walking funny for a while.
What the fuck happened? It came out of nowhere.
No warning.
Didn't say nothing.
Just started blasting.
Any word from Ibarra? Radio silence.
Can you ride? Fuck no, he can't ride.
I can ride.
Okay, get out of town.
This morning.
Take the girl with you.
No, I'm not running.
They came after me.
- I'm gonna fucking handle it.
- No, I'm gonna handle it.
- You in no condition to do fucking anything.
- Look, no one is doing shit until I say so! Anything goes down, the cops are coming for you first, so we need you gone while I figure out the next moves.
What the fuck is there to figure out? I'll go put a bullet in both their fucking heads right now.
We were just leaving.
I'm not asking.
Of course, Angel.
You okay? How are you? A million bucks.
Can I, uh, can I take you somewhere? There's something I want to Something I really want you to see.
I can see an awful lot through that hospital dress.
You are a prude.
I'm serious.
There's something I want to show you.
EZ, all you should be doing is getting rest.
It's important.
Yeah, that's not happening.
It's hospital rules.
What are they gonna do, shoot me? Ezekiel! I'm sorry.
How much did they take? Nothing.
Nothing? They killed one of our associates, then burned all the product on-site.
Why are we only now having this conversation? I wanted to come to you with as much information as possible.
Why would they suddenly have the fucking balls? What do you want us to do? I'll handle it.
You stay.
Answer your phone.
You obviously have more burning issues than protecting my interests.
What? I'll call you back.
What's up? A family issue.
I'm gonna need your help.
Fucking hot.
I'm sorry.
For what? I don't know.
For being fat.
Are you fucking crazy? Yeah.
Probably that, too.
I think you're sexy as fuck.
I know I'm not.
Not anymore.
I think you are.
I only got one good eye, though.
Did you know that, um silk moths don't have mouths? So they're born, but then die of starvation.
That's fucked-up.
Means God makes mistakes.
Or he doesn't and he's just a cruel bastard.
What sign are you? I don't believe in that astronomy bullshit.
What? Astrology.
It's all bullshit anyways.
Virgo? I knew it.
It was a lucky guess anyways.
Virgos are so moody.
My, uh my Aunt Eileen always said I was intuitive.
All the women on that side of my family are.
Holy shit.
What if my mom shot dope because she was so intuitive, she could feel all the pain in the world and shit, and it it's the only way she could deal? I miss her.
It's like, no matter how long it's been every time I say she's dead, it cuts through me like I'm hearing it for the first time.
And it's fucking sad that the only thing she has to show she was in the world is me.
Hey, um You talk a lot.
I'm sorry.
You talk.
Tell me about your mom.
Are you close? Do you see her a lot? All the fucking time.
That must be nice.
Let's get high.
Are you okay? Are you okay? Oh, shit.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Did I hurt you? I'm all right.
I'm all right.
Franky called.
I came as soon as I heard.
So, what happened? Who did this? Oh.
I-I, uh I just I just wanted to make sure you were okay.
I'm okay, Em.
You're very pretty.
Thank you.
I'm sorry.
I shouldn't have come.
I just I just, um, I just wanted You can't smoke in here.
Excuse me, sir? You cannot smoke in here.
You can't - Angel.
- Angel, stop.
- Angel! - Get the fuck off me.
Come on.
- Come on.
- Get the fuck off.
What the fuck you doing here? - Hey.
- Get the fuck off me! - Life insurance.
- Fuck you.
On whose word? Alvarez.
Anything happens to them, something happens to you.
- Not here, not now.
- Man, fuck this fool.
I ain't afraid of this fucking French-braided little bitch.
Angel, let's go.
Yeah, run along, Angelita.
You know, one day that mouth of yours is gonna get you in trouble.
Not today, though.
Today, I'm good.
Let's go.
Fuck! - I'm gonna call my dad.
- Okay.
Jesus, I - Prude.
- Sorry.
So, you okay? Yeah.
I'm good.
Sorry about the truck.
It's a mess.
I'll I'll clean it when I get I'm taking care of it.
I heard Gaby was there.
How is she? She's She's okay.
She's with me.
- She's, uh - I know.
I didn't mean to worry you.
It's my job.
You just worry about her.
I will.
I love you, Pop.
Me, too.
Want to tell me why the fuck you got people posted up at the hospital? - Let's talk about it inside.
- Nah.
You gave up your seat at the table.
You lied to me about the heroin.
I did everything you fucking asked.
I built this charter into the center of the fucking universe.
And you go and saddle me with those two fucking clowns, Canche and Ramos? And they come at me, and they come at my guy, and you're gonna go and fucking protect them? I fucking sacrificed everything! Everything! And you sent me down here to this dead fucking town.
I mean, if we hadn't have fucking been here, if you hadn't have made me come I'm sorry, primo.
I know what day it is.
Fuck you, man! That's what fucking day it is.
Don't you ever forget who built this universe you think you're the center of.
Now, you touch those Stockton Mayans, you're not going to just answer to the Kings.
You understand me? You're not a fucking Mayan.
So don't come around here thinking you got a say in what I do.
When I first came to town ♪ They called me the roving jewel ♪ Now they all changed their tune ♪ They call me Katie Cruel ♪ - If I was where I would be ♪ - Welcome, brother.
- Then I would be ♪ - Replenish? Where I am not ♪ This place is fucking weird.
It's not weird.
We all love each other.
No one lies.
No one steals.
It's home.
Beautiful to finally belong somewhere.
Forget your past.
Be who you are today.
Not the shit you did yesterday.
Here I am where I must be ♪ Where I could be, I cannot.
♪ We walk the streets at night ♪ We go where eagles dare ♪ They pick up every movement ♪ They pick up every loser ♪ With jaded eyes and features ♪ You think they really care ♪ I ain't no goddamn son of a bitch ♪ You better think about it, baby ♪ I ain't no goddamn son of a bitch ♪ You better think about it, baby ♪ I ain't no goddamn son of a bitch ♪ You better think about it, baby ♪ I ain't no goddamn son of a bitch ♪ You better think about it, baby ♪ I ain't no goddamn son of a bitch.
♪ Francis was my mom's favorite saint.
Was she religious? In her own way.
Did you know that Francis was in love? With God? With a saint named Clara.
My mom's favorite story Francis and Clara were so deeply in love that they realized they couldn't risk the temptation of being near each other.
So, one day in the winter, they were saying goodbye in the middle of the forest.
Snow everywhere.
And Clara asked "When will I ever see you again?" And Francis said "When summer returns and the roses bloom.
" Suddenly, the snow melted away.
And the bushes were covered with roses.
I think my mother loved the poetry of church more than the church of church.
It's been over four hours, EZ.
We need to change your bandage.
I think we should do this outside.
Earlier today? The girl that came by? We used to She was my girlfriend.
- From when we were kids.
- EZ.
There's only one thing I care about.
Who shot you? Why? And are you safe? That's definitely more like three things.
I don't want to joke anymore.
I don't want to laugh or hear romantic stories about saints and pretend that everything is okay.
My stomach hurts so bad because I'm so scared something might happen to you.
And I don't care about some girl coming to see you.
I care about you staying alive.
If you'll let me, there's something I really want you to see.
Everything's gonna be okay, Gaby.
I promise.
That's a promise that no one can keep.
¿Cómo se llama? Permiso.
Are you crazy? What the fuck are you doing here? Did you make a backdoor deal with LNG? What? What did you offer them? Tell me the truth.
I don't make backdoor deals with people who murder my staff.
Looks like someone just experienced the unfortunate collateral of what we do.
Fuck off.
Just because we've laughed, just because I've held you, just because I've made you cum doesn't mean I'll shed a single tear when the collateral damage is you.
You said you'd never been to the ocean.
Oh Oh, buddy.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I think all of this I think this is a church, too.
What if someone comes? You're such a prude.
Are you sure? Hey.
Stay with me.
I'm here.
I'm here.
Stand up, it's time to rise ♪ It's time for revenge, opposition must die ♪ Chaos, violence ♪ Revolution now ♪ We are the real rock 'n' roll underground ♪ Shoot, knife, strangle, beat and crucify ♪ Hey, Little Bo-Peep.
You lost your sheep to the wolf's sharp teeth.
Prison on the inside ♪ Think I'm gonna fuck Hope tonight.
Man, what the fuck? Don't be jealous.
I can fuck you, too.
I like her.
She could have stayed here a long time, but then you came thieving into her life.
You ever see a girl burn? They wiggle and they scream.
Stand up ♪ It's time to rise ♪ It's time for revenge ♪ Opposition must die ♪ It would pain me to hurt Hope.
Revolution now ♪ I'll fucking kill you.
Rock 'n' roll underground ♪ Stand up ♪ No, you won't.
It's time for revenge, opposition must die ♪ What you'll do, Little Bo-Thief, is steal me three more keys.
Revolution now ♪ We are the real ♪ Fuck you.
I already I already did what you wanted.
I know, so now I know you can.
You never should've listened to me.
Free will's an illusion, brother.
We're puppets made of meat, living out the genetic trauma of our ancestors.
Every bad choice that they made has led us to this moment Centuries in the making.
These are the five laws of the jungle that I live by ♪ You locked me up in prison ♪ You love Hope.
I love fire.
Let's hope never the twain shall meet.
Time to rise ♪ It's time for revenge ♪ Opposition must die ♪ Chaos, violence ♪ Revolution now ♪ We are the real ♪ Rock 'n' roll underground ♪ Stand up, it's time to rise ♪ It's time for revenge, opposition must die ♪ All these idiots.
Just going on with their lives, no fucking clue.
And the cruelest thing is that, uh the world keeps spinning, you know? Should all come crashing down, but instead, here we are, seven years later, eating fucking french fries.
I, um I need to tell you something, Obispo, and I need you not to not to do that, to make that face.
Kat was offered a teaching job in Scottsdale months ago.
The they kept offering till the deal was too good to ignore.
And with everything happening She's taking it.
We're moving there, as a family.
I'm drowning here.
This town this town is fucking cursed.
We never should've moved here.
Say something.
All you ever wanted to do was forget.
Forget? Fuck you.
Every morning I wake up, the first thing that I think about.
Everywhere I go I carry a body bag of shame.
If it weren't for Kat I would've put a gun in my mouth a long time ago.
But she taught me that I could choose to honor Aidan by living.
And you you-you've been walking around the last seven years - like you're already dead.
- Because I fucking am! What the fuck do you want from me? Your name is still on the mortgage.
I need a signature.
We'll obviously split whatever we make, but we'll probably take a loss.
Thank you.
Thank you, Obispo.
- I, uh - Get the fuck out of here.
You should have put a gun in your mouth.
It should have been you.
Anybody but him.
Fucking go.
Just get me the fuck out of here.
Yeah? Fucking do it.
We have company.
You got to be fucking kidding me.
Fuck! Shit.
Go, go, go, go, go! Fuck.
What do we do now? Tonight? Nothing.

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