Mayans M.C. (2018) s03e07 Episode Script

What Comes of Handlin' Snakeskin

1 ♪ MEDINA: Welcome to Northern Cali.
[siren whoops.]
You're a long way from home.
Don't play with the animals.
They're some nasty motherfuckers.
That's Stockton's finest.
GABRIELA: Help us! He's lost so much blood! He's been shot.
Angel, stop.
- Come on.
- Fuck off.
What the fuck you doing here? - Life insurance.
- Fuck you.
On whose word? Alvarez.
Tell me why the fuck you got people posted up at the hospital.
You lied to me about the heroin.
Now, you touch those Stockton Mayans, you're not gonna just answer to the Kings.
[line ringing.]
- [phone rings.]
- Yeah? Fucking do it.
[motorcycle engine revving.]
Whoa! Fuck.
Are you sure? [phone chirps.]
[flames crackling.]
♪ [motorcycle engine rumbling.]
[engine turns off.]
[birds chirping.]
[screen door creaks open.]
[dog barking in distance.]
[voice breaking.]
: I'm so sorry, baby.
[cries softly.]
- It's okay.
- Flaco's mom She blames me.
Says it's my fault.
She knows you didn't mean it, baby.
She knows you loved Flaco.
GAETA: Fucking shot 'em down like dogs.
You're gonna get those motherfuckers, baby.
And you're gonna make it right.
It's okay.
- [footsteps approaching.]
- [gasps.]
- [screams.]
- [grunting, groaning.]
Stay the fuck down! - [whimpers.]
- [Gaeta cries out.]
Where the fuck is Ramos?! ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ - [tattoo gun buzzing, stops.]
- [man chuckles.]
Bro, that's fucking sick.
- Fucking tight.
- Fucking tight, bro.
[entry bells jingle.]
Hey, what's up, guys? How's business? "Dude-bro date-rape" here is a walk-in.
The rest of the day's booked.
[register beeping, dings.]
♪ - [tattoo gun buzzing.]
- MAN: Ow.
Motherfucker! Where the fuck is Ramos?! - [clattering.]
- [indistinct shouting.]
[glass shatters.]
[heavy metal music playing.]
Stay the fuck down! Feel you fucking ♪ [yelling fiercely.]
Fuck ♪ You! ♪ Where the fuck is he?! [Smoky grunting.]
Where the fuck is Ramos?! [engine rumbling.]
[birds screeching.]
[engine revving.]
[engine turns off.]
[kickstand clinks.]
Any issues? No.
Dropped Gaby off in Lodi with the family.
Just took the 99 down.
- How you feeling? - [EZ exhales sharply.]
I'm all good.
Miss anything? No sign of Ramos, but your brother went yard on Gaeta's head.
- [laughs.]
- Oh, shit, bro.
- I liked Gaeta.
- ANGEL: Man, fuck Gaeta.
Hey, his chick's bangin'.
I think she likes me.
Bro, you told her you were gonna kill her man and burn her fucking house down.
Some chicks dig that.
- [phone ringing.]
- And actually It's probably her right now.
Shit, it's Lobo.
- What's going on? - [EZ sucks teeth.]
[groans softly.]
What the hell you so giddy about? [laughs.]
- Oh, shit.
Oh, shit.
- Ah.
Is the drought finally over? - Shut up.
- Oh, man.
I bet it was so romantic.
Bet there were, like, birds chirping - and all kinds of shit.
- Fuck off, bro.
I have no problem with fratricide.
I don't know what that means, but I know you should be thanking me.
- For what? - For what? My fucking solid-ass advice, telling you to fight for her and all that shit.
Listen, bro, this is what happens when you listen to your older, better-looking brother.
I look forward to meeting that guy someday.
: Stop.
[engines turn off.]
You made it.
Wouldn't miss it.
- How you feeling? - Hundred percent.
- Wouldn't say if you weren't.
- Probably not.
- Oh - All right, I'll let him know.
Any word from Tucson? Yeah, I was just on with them.
They're still sitting at Ramos's house, but there's no movement.
- Nothing.
- Fuck.
Call them in.
We need to regroup.
- I'd say Stockton knows we're here now.
- Yep.
Everybody rest up.
We'll reconvene once we hear back from Tucson.
GILLY: Yo, I just heard back from Hey.
The fuck are you going? - Bishop said to - Hey! You see this piece of shit town? Hmm? What happens if somebody tries to steal the van? Oh, am I supposed to answer? Well, it was a fucking question, you fat puke, waste of space, so yeah! - We're fucked? - No.
You're fucked.
Because your fat ass is gonna be walking all the way back to Santo Padre.
You think you can handle it? And why not? Because I'm a fat puke of a waste of space? That's right.
And that's why you're gonna do burpees.
I want you 15 pounds lighter by the time I come back out.
Hey, hey.
You good? Look, man, I know it's tough.
But don't give up, all right? Become the mass and a particle in the mass.
Is that science? It's Jung.
Jeezy? [laughs.]
: No.
No, no, it just It It means that being a prospect is about destroying the ego.
Learning to exist for the greater good of the group.
There's freedom in that.
Giving up your own wants and desires for the benefit of something greater than yourself.
♪ I-Is that why you joined? [scoffs.]
You're really smart.
Yeah, well I also just really wanted to kick the shit out of people.
[both chuckle.]
I'm never giving up.
This is all I want.
The way people look at you? The way they look at all of you.
My whole life, all I've ever been is a punch line.
And I don't want to laugh along anymore.
You're gonna be all right.
Thanks, EZ.
Now do some burpees, you fucking puke! [Steve chuckles.]
[door opens.]
LETICIA: Oh, Jesus fucking Christ.
I thought you were dead.
I ain't.
What the fuck is wrong with you? - Huh? - What the fuck? How could you just fucking disappear like that? You look like shit.
I need something.
No, fuck that, Coco.
I'm not gonna help you score.
No, no.
Just something for the pain.
I'll see what we have.
♪ [exhales slowly.]
All we got is just some, like, old-ass, expired Excedrin.
♪ [indistinct chatter.]
[engines approaching.]
Get everyone.
[engines turn off.]
Something I can do for you? Yeah.
[blows nose.]
You can go the fuck home.
Afraid that's not happening, Diaz.
[vehicles passing outside.]
What's in there? Party favors.
That the one they shot? Yeah, I fucking am.
He looks okay to me.
Better than Flaco and Chepe.
Can't help it if we're harder to kill.
- You know Chepe had three kids, eh? - ANGEL: Well, they won't have to grow up knowing their old man was a piece of shit.
- Man, he was your fucking brother.
- No.
That's my fucking brother.
Anyone with a Mayans kutte on whose flash doesn't say Stockton is my fucking brother.
Everyone else is a fucking target.
How many dead Mayans you gonna be happy with? Today, just the one.
He reached out, you know? Ramos.
Asked for my backing.
And what'd you say? Your primo and I, we started this shit together.
SOA, those racist fucks, wouldn't have us.
Alvarez will tell you he was the founding Mayan, but one man does not make a club, right? You going somewhere with this? Because we're a little busy.
Ah, I remember when you showed up.
Fucking little orphan Obispo.
Marcus would put you up on his bike, your feet couldn't touch the pegs.
- [Diaz laughs.]
- [Bishop chuckles.]
I can fucking reach 'em now.
Point is, you've always been in his shadow.
You jumped when he told you to leave your charter, go south and turn us into fucking Walmart.
Just did what was best for the club.
I still am.
Brothers killing brothers is best for the club? - Didn't fire that first shot.
- You did, actually.
Killing all those VM.
Blew up the gun deal.
Which, if I was a suspicious individual, would look pretty fucking suspicious.
'Cause ain't it so convenient that as long as we're suckling from the Galindo heroin tit, Santo Padre stays the gatekeeper.
That's just it.
I don't want to be the fucking gatekeeper.
I agree, we've become a fucking corporation, with a goddamn board of directors.
This Three King bullshit doesn't work.
And Ramos and Canche aren't stepping down, willingly.
But as long as they're in power, this club's gonna be focused on one thing: getting rich off the drug trade.
You're saying you'd go against your cousin? You'd go against the cartel? Fuck Galindo.
And Alvarez is no longer a Mayan.
Join us, brother.
Help me get us back to who we really are.
Motherfucking outlaws.
And Stockton? Ramos green-lit one of my guys.
That can't go unanswered.
I want to bring this M.
back to its glory.
But first, there's got to be a reckoning.
♪ DIAZ: Get back to Stockton.
Tell them we're in.
But we want to meet with Ramos.
In person.
I'm on it.
[phone buttons clicking.]
DIAZ: We'll hang here.
Ride out together once we get a fix on Ramos.
See about that reckoning.
To motherfucking outlaws.
What the hell? Creep.
You're just watching me? Here.
Fucking Mountain Dew? - [coughs.]
- It's all we had.
- Coco, listen - Please, I-I I-I can't do this right now, no.
It's got to be right now.
When I know that you're not fucked-up.
I'm not stupid, Coco.
I lived through all this shit with Celia.
I You got to stop.
- You got to get clean.
- [lighter flicks.]
[inhales sharply.]
You don't know what you're talking about.
- I'm good.
- [scoffs.]
Where's my iPad, Coco? Hmm? And what the fuck happened to my car? I-I told you, I parked it on the street and somebody fucked it up.
You probably fucked the wrong guy and pissed off his girlfriend.
What the fuck is wrong with you? Why the fuck would you say that?! I'm trying to help you, asshole! I didn't ask for your fucking help.
And I didn't ask for you.
[scoffs softly.]
You know what? Fuck you.
I didn't ask for you.
I hope that you fucking OD and die, you junkie piece of shit.
[door slams open.]
Fuck me.
[gunfire over TV.]
[excited chatter in Spanish.]
[cheering, laughter.]
[chatter continues in Spanish.]
[gunfire continues over TV.]
MONICA: Adelita? - [woman speaks Spanish.]
- Adelita? [exhales.]
- [Pablo grunts.]
- [others gasping.]
[others gasping.]
Adelita! Serafín.
["Let It Ride" by Bachman-Turner Overdrive plays.]
♪ I'm good.
Always was a little uppity.
Think he just likes his teeth intact.
Let it ride ♪ As do I.
Goodbye ♪ I'll take it.
More for us, huh? Look, the weapons are packed up, we're ready.
Let's roll out.
- Cálmate.
- [lighter flicks.]
Our guys are still out there trying to get a bead on Ramos.
Don't worry.
Try, try, try, let it ride ♪ While you've been out runnin' ♪ I've been waitin' half the night ♪ These guys know how to party.
Try, try, try, let it ride ♪ We sure they're gonna be able to tell us apart from Stockton? And would you cry if I told you that I lied? ♪ Eh.
Go make sure Creeper's got the van loaded.
I want to be ready to move out the minute they find Ramos.
If I told you that I lied? ♪ And would you say goodbye ♪ Or would you let it ride? ♪ ♪ How these motherfuckers survived all these years - is a surprise.
- Mm.
: Let it ride ♪ You all good? Yeah.
Just schooling the youngster here on the rules of the road.
My record's clean.
Oh, you don't say.
So unlike everybody else, I can carry on the way up there, just in case Yeah, I know how it works, bro, thank you.
[train horn blowing in distance.]
Careful you don't shoot your dick off, kid.
No, he's serious.
Put it in the back of your waistband, bro.
Try, try, try, let it ride ♪ This fucking rookie.
If I told you that I lied? ♪ You've got this amigo.
- [speaking Spanish.]
- Hey! [exclaiming.]
Okay, okay, okay.
[speaks Spanish.]
- Por favor.
- De nada.
[both continue in Spanish.]
- [phone vibrating.]
- Okay.
Okay? - ¿A dónde vas? - Yeah, Mami, okay.
Yeah, yeah, yeah [phone vibrating.]
- Hey.
Are you on your way? - EZ: Not yet.
It's taking longer than I thought.
Might be a little late for dinner.
It's okay.
I'll save you a plate.
[rock music playing.]
Have you been changing your dressing? [indistinct chatter.]
Why don't I believe you? [laughs.]
- I will, I swear, after this.
- [laughs.]
Want one? Who's he talking to? That dude only knows two people outside this club.
And your daddy don't make him smile all stupid like that.
Ain't got no hesitation ♪ - Quieres que - I'm on the phone, menso.
Por favor.
- Are you speaking with your novio? - Cállate.
GABRIELA'S BROTHER: Did you tell him you love him? - [laughs.]
- [Gabriela speaks Spanish.]
[dog barking in distance.]
Um, I'm sorry about that.
No, it's okay.
Uh Well, I should probably go.
[crickets chirping.]
Is it weird that I miss you? [distant siren wailing.]
Not at all.
I can't stop thinking about last night.
Well, uh, we have tonight, too.
[laughs softly.]
Not in my mom's house.
You're sleeping in my brother's room.
And I'm sorry in advance He's very annoying.
Yeah, they all are.
I should, I should really go.
Bye, EZ.
All right, see you soon.
- You good? - Yeah, of course.
I mean you good with all this? Is your head in this? Bro, being in two places at one time is a sure way to end up in neither.
- Meaning you're dead.
- Yeah.
I got it, thanks.
Bro, I'm here.
I'm here.
Seriously, I'm here.
'Cause Pops is only getting older.
I don't want to get stuck having to wipe his ass alone.
Wow, you're a saint, bro.
I know.
[zipper opens.]
Br bro! There's a bathroom in the fucking room.
Bro, it's Duck Dynasty on Ice in there.
I ain't going back in.
[tires screeching.]
CREEPER: Who the fuck's that? [tires screech.]
Come on, come on.
Get that fat piece of shit! Get him! Take him down! [Steve grunting.]
Motherfucker! - [glass shatters.]
- The fuck is that? DIAZ: Hmm.
That sounds like that reckoning you were talking about.
[blows landing outside.]
[blows landing.]
You're fucking looking for me, huh? Culero.
- [speaking Spanish.]
- Let's go get him! You fucking [grunting.]
- [blows landing.]
- [indistinct shouting.]
- Motherfucker! - [groans.]
Ah! [yelling.]
[tires screeching.]
- [baseball bat clinking.]
- [chains rattling.]
- Come on, man.
- [shouts.]
Fuck! Oye! There's more out back.
[shouts in Spanish.]
- Hey, let's go! - Orale, cabrón.
Let's get those bastards! [soft music playing.]
Hey, Santo Padre! - Pieces of shit! - Fuck yeah! [all yelling.]
Yeah, come on! Come on, bitches! [grunting, shouting.]
Get off! [straining.]
Fuck you! Come on, bitches! [grunting continues.]
Get off! Get off me! [screams.]
Fuck you! [grunting, shouting continue.]
Ah! EZ! [grunting.]
Motherfucker! Bitch! ♪ [panting.]
[all grunting.]
Hey! [grunting.]
[Steve whimpering.]
[indistinct shouting.]
[distant siren wailing.]
[all panting.]
[gasps weakly.]
- We gotta go! - Come on, let's go! Let's leave, man! - Go! - [sirens approaching.]
Creep! You okay? Creeper? - Hey, we got to go! - No! We got to go, come on! - We got to go! - That's enough, let's go! Hey, we got to go! - Move it! - Where's the? - Where's the prospect? - Move.
Come on! - Fuck! - Come on! [sirens wailing.]
Is he gonna be okay? Come on! We got to fucking go! - Let's go! Move! Move! - Prospect, let's go! [indistinct shouting.]
- Where's Pavía? - HANK: I don't know.
- We got to fucking go, come on! - Fuck! - Hey, what the fuck you doing? - I'm not letting him go to jail with these fucking lames alone! - Creeper! - Fuck it.
Let's roll! HANK: Lobo, come on! You're with me.
Prospect, get on the fucking bike! [others shouting, muttering.]
[sirens continue wailing.]
Fuck! Guess you can't trust a meth-smoking asshole after all.
GILLY: Fucking Creep.
- Think he's gonna be all right in there? - LOBO: I'll stay back.
Make sure he and Pavía post bail.
- Fuck we gonna do about Ramos? - HANK: You know it's only a matter of time before word gets back to the other charters.
People are gonna start picking sides.
After failing tonight, I'm afraid Ramos and Canche are the more popular vote.
What the fuck are we gonna do now? I know.
[siren wailing.]
[indistinct radio chatter.]
Hey, my man needs a hospital.
Shut the fuck up.
Hey, fuck you! He needs a hospital now.
Fuck a hospital.
You're both gonna need a morgue before tonight's over.
O'GRADY: This guy.
Yeah, the ugly one.
Hey, buddy.
He's wanted for questioning.
Got to haul his ass over to Contra Costa.
[handcuffs clicking.]
All right, thank you.
♪ See? We own this fucking town.
You'll be dead by morning.
[car engine starts.]
[knocking on door.]
Fuck, thank God.
Isaac's gonna kill me if he finds out I'm not there.
Fuck Isaac.
[Coco scratching.]
You just left.
I ju I just had to get out of there.
I mean, that place is fucked, and I don't know, I don't know why you can't see that.
It's my home.
Yeah my daughter.
I didn't know you had a daughter.
She's an asshole, but You holding? What? Just Thought maybe you kind of wanted to see me, too.
I mean Yes.
I'm-I'm [stammers.]
I'm just hurting.
You-you know how when you close your eyes, and there's those those black squiggly things? It's not really dark, because they move around and shit.
Drives you fucking crazy, so you can't sleep.
- [spoon clinking.]
- Yeah, I I guess.
COCO: Well, I got these things these things that I did, and they make it so, no matter what, when I close my eyes, - [heroin bubbling.]
- that's all I see.
[lighter snaps closed.]
You mean, like a metaphor? Uh, yeah, I mean, I-I guess.
It's just that when I'm with you It's like, uh it's like I finally have some peace.
It's just blackness.
I can forget.
♪ I don't think it's me, Coco.
[chuckles softly.]
Yeah, well, maybe not.
All I know is I wanted you both here with me tonight.
♪ ["Pulling Mussels" by Squeeze playing over radio.]
Yeah, you know, people always focus on the chorus.
Right? A chorus is just a major chord whore, spreading its legs for every listener to sing along.
But the bridge, man.
Bridge keeps you guessing.
Will they modulate? Switch key? Go for the minor? A chorus, you fuck.
But the, uh, the bridge, man.
The bridge, you marry, and spend the rest of your life marveling at her complexity.
My holiday's complete ♪ My buddies and I were in a band in high school.
And I feel like William Tell ♪ - Creative differences.
- [scoffs.]
Pull over and fucking uncuff me.
Pulling mussels from a shell ♪ Yeah, okay.
Uh, you can drop me at my girl's, and then get your ass back and cut my boys loose.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Sure, sure thing.
Now get these off.
They're digging in.
- [guitar solo playing.]
- Okay.
It's awesome.
Listen, listen, listen, listen, listen.
♪ Here she comes.
- [solo crescendos.]
- Fuck yeah! - [gunshot.]
- Oh! [quietly.]
: Jesus.
What the fuck, man? [gasping softly.]
You were supposed to drag him out of the car.
I got some [spits.]
Got some in my mouth.
You can't make someone more dead.
I've got to get this shit detailed.
We want our two guys kept separate and safe tonight, then out by tomorrow morning.
Yeah, I'll see what I can do.
For sweet little niece ♪ Okay.
Looking at a local map ♪ Are we at least straight? 'Cause this is very clearly a debt paid.
Come on, man.
Am I free? And I feel like William Tell ♪ Maid Marian ♪ Are any of us? O'GRADY: What the fuck? What the fuck does that mean? What the f Fucking existential biker bullshit.
["Plymouth" by Strand of Oaks playing.]
Sometimes I move like shadows ♪ Sometimes I move like wind ♪ Most days I start ♪ Where I begin ♪ I'm naked in the Great Lakes ♪ Underneath the shine of Mars ♪ I begged my friends to let me drift off ♪ Shower your loves in kisses ♪ Shower the world with tears ♪ Take advantage of those who got you here ♪ Let me roll ♪ Let me go ♪ Let me roll ♪ Let me go ♪ I'm bound to lose control ♪ [muted chatter, laughter.]
♪ And I stopped listening to music ♪ I kept writing the same songs ♪ Comfort doesn't mean you're better off ♪ Saved you the best one.
[lively chatter, laughter.]
[overlapping chatter in Spanish.]
Gracias, Mami.
[continues in Spanish.]
[chatter continues in Spanish.]
♪ Is it good? Are you happy? OTHERS: Ooh! [laughter.]
- Let me roll ♪ - [speaking Spanish.]
Let me go ♪ [chatter continues in Spanish.]
Let me roll ♪ Let me go ♪ I'm bound to lose control ♪ Sí, Mami.
Por favor.
♪ - I'm bound ♪ - [lock clicking.]
To lose control.
♪ Wake up, Coco.
We need to talk.
Coco? - [drops keys.]
- Coco! Coco? Coco! [voice breaking.]
: Coco, wake up! [crying.]
: Coco! Coco.
: Don't leave me, please.

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