Mayans M.C. (2018) s03e08 Episode Script

A Mixed-up and Splendid Rescue

1 Please, please help us! Maybe you should put some clothes on first.
Motherfucker! Where the fuck is Ramos?! Anything Santo Padre needs, I got you, brother.
Ibarra? Something you want to get off your chest? I want to bring this M.
back to its glory.
But first there's got to be a reckoning.
Fucking looking for me? This three king bullshit doesn't work, Ramos and Canche aren't stepping down.
Anything I can do to help you or your family.
The money transfers They were used to hire a gunman to kill my parents.
Dita ordered the hit.
One of you Reyes men has to help me right a wrong today.
- What is it? - Single tire tracks.
Looks like a Harley.
Where's Maria? Maria?! She let Peña blindside me today.
Just let her right inside the house.
I had no choice but to fire her.
Lobo Sonora is sending a message.
- Hey, are you on your way? - Not yet.
Might be a little late for dinner.
You good with all this? Being in two places at one time's a sure way to end up in neither.
Your brother Palo He wants to hurt people I care about.
And I need to find him before he does.
I never wanted to see anyone that knew David again.
Especially you.
Well, I got these things, these things that I did, and they make it so no matter what, when I close my eyes, that's all I see.
Coco! Coco! Coco, wake up! Coco! Coco?! Fucking wake up, Coco! Don't you fucking die on me! Please! Coco! Wake up, please! Coco, wake up! Please! What are you doing? What are you doing? What the fuck are you doing?! What the fuck are you doing, you fucking bitch?! This is your fault! This is your fault, you fucking bitch! I got you, I got you, okay? Oh, shit, I'm so sorry.
It's all yours.
Oh You okay? Someone needs to fix that fucking door.
Rough night? Rough life.
You've been, uh down lately.
I'm good.
You can talk to me.
Well, there's nothing really to say except that I'm a fucking idiot.
You're one of the smartest people I know.
Well, I know everyone you know, Hank.
The bar's pretty low.
For real.
You all right? I'm fucking pregnant.
Oh, shit.
You know, but it doesn't matter, because he's not even in the picture anymore.
It's my problem.
No, it's not.
Hey, whatever you need I got you.
No, Hank.
You're not alone in this.
I'll help.
I got you.
I'm all in.
Fucking come here.
I don't deserve you.
Muncy is taking a hell of a lead on first.
We have to move that pot to this burner.
I know.
I'll do it.
- It's too heavy for you.
- No.
Everyone knows he's the slowest Dodger.
Does he even warrant a throw over? See? For now, the Padres say no.
I think we're being too loud.
No, he's mad that we didn't ask him to help.
- One stubborn Reyes at a time, please.
- Please.
Um, okay I think, uh I think we need more limes, right? What? You're cute.
I just want everything to be Perfect? I know.
You know, me, Angel and my pop, we haven't done anything like this in a long time.
I I really liked seeing your family all together like that.
- What? - Nothing.
What-what is it? It can wait until after brunch.
Oh, shit, what's wrong? Really, nothing's wrong.
It's good news.
You know I applied for nursing school.
Well, when I was home, there was a letter waiting for me.
Um I got in.
That's great, right? - Fuck.
- Yeah It's great.
It's in Lodi.
Um Yeah.
I applied there before we started dating.
Hey, Frick and Frack.
I'm hungry.
It's almost ready, Pop.
Uh, we're just waiting on Angel now.
Are you sure? I am.
Uh Thank you.
For being patient.
You're growing it back? I think so.
- Yeah.
- Daddy? - See it growing back? - Who's back? - Huh? Is it growing back? - Is Daddy back? Is Daddy back? - Oh, wow.
- Is he? Are you gonna grow one, too? Are you sure about this? Never been more sure of anything in my life.
Can I talk to my dad? Alone.
It's not Mountain Dew.
So, last night was fun.
I fucked up, Leticia.
I need help.
I don't think I can do this by myself.
W-We've been talking, and we're gonna get clean.
- "We"? - Yeah.
Me and Hope.
Uh, her name is Hope? That's fucking ironic.
She saved me.
Not just this morning.
That was the second time she saved my life.
Oh, well, good thing your guardian angel carries Narcan for when she kills you with her fucking heroin.
I can't do this on my own, Letty.
I need her.
I guess I'll just go back to cleaning up your shit and puke in the living room, then.
Great talk, Dad.
There you go, Pop.
He's an hour late, man, let's eat.
Oh, let's wait a few minutes more, Pop.
Just a few more minutes.
- Maybe we should just eat.
- Yeah.
Good idea.
Oh, please tell me this is not an intervention.
- You're late.
- Sit, Angel.
We haven't started.
I'll just Seriously, bro.
What the fuck is this? Well, I thought we could, you know, it'd be nice to eat together as a family.
I forgot I had this on.
How is it, Pop? Fine.
Um, so, hey, this this was just supposed to be a brunch, but "Brunch"? But But it's, it's kind of a celebration.
- Ezekiel - No, you worked so hard.
I want to share the news.
Gaby's been accepted to nursing school.
That's great.
I haven't made any decisions.
It's up in Lodi.
And I'm not sure I'm ready to leave just yet.
So you're gonna stay? Here in Santo Padre? I don't know.
Why the fuck would you do that? How many of those have you had this morning, son? Pop, I can't ask a reasonable question? So, what, you gonna, I don't know, stick around here and play house? Walk around in my dead mom's apron? I didn't I didn't know.
I gave it to her to wear.
Well, that's just fucking weird, bro.
I mean, I knew you were a mama's boy, but Jesus Christ.
That's enough, Angel.
What the fuck is wrong with you? What the fuck is wrong with all of you? Sitting around here, eating brunch? Playing make-believe? What kind of shit is that? I'm so sorry.
Gaby, I need to know this-this master plan of yours.
So you gonna stay here in Santo Padre with the golden boy here, shit out a couple golden kids? And then what the fuck you gonna do? You think there's any happy endings in this town? In this house? Ask the last lady to wear that thing.
What the fuck is your problem?! You're right, what is my problem? I'm so sorry.
Where are my manners? Gaby? Welcome to the family.
Leave it.
I said leave it.
I don't believe he is, but, uh, let me check.
Yo, Mike.
It's the medical examiner's office again.
Want me to say you're out? Uh Yeah, I'll take it.
Close the door on the way out.
You know I don't actually work here, right? It's Miguel.
Look, no, I I don't understand.
What does that mean? No.
Don't Don't do anything more.
You did the right thing talking to me first.
What the fuck, Steve? I was talking to you.
Oh, hey, Angel.
Why are you out here? Canche took Ibarra's patch, so he can't go in the Templo.
They sent me out so they're gonna have the meeting in the clubhouse.
Aw, fuck.
What the fuck, Angel? My bad, Bish.
Lost track of time.
That's another fine, Treasurer.
One more time, I pull that fucking flash.
And fucking Coco? Gilly? Yeah, he, um he's still recovering from that new surgery.
What surgery? I thought I told you, Bish.
My bad.
Look, I don't care if he needs a cane and a fucking German shepherd.
He's not here at the next Templo, he's fucking out bad.
Brothers, sorry for the maintenance.
Same shit, different area code.
I feel your pain.
How's it going with the prisons? Not good.
Canche's keeping the spigot off, blaming Santo Padre.
He's waiting for things to get worse so he can turn it back on with the haul he stole from us and be the pinche fucking hero.
Fucking arsonist fireman.
What's the word with the other charters? Strangely, nobody's heard from Ramos.
Must've taken a vacation.
Down fucking under, I hear.
That was a beautiful play, brother.
Bishop was the one that hooked that cop months ago.
I just thought of cashing it in.
Just happy I didn't have to do the fucking digging for once.
Stockton green-lighting a brother, and then what the fuckers did to Ibarra, got people's attention.
But there's some sore feelings about Chepe and Flaco.
- They were popular.
- Man, fuck them.
That was an eye for an eye.
Come for one of ours, we're taking both of yours.
And Gaeta Fog of war.
I get it.
Ramos made a move on one of your guys, and you took out three of his.
But Canche, he gets people fired up.
Some say he's the future of the Mayans.
But now let's say Canche decided to visit Ramos down under.
Hear it's beautiful this time of year.
Well, that scenario, being able to avoid a civil war, I think I can deliver the rest of the club.
We do it as the kid planned.
Take Canche off the board, there's only one fucking king.
- That's right.
- Yeah.
Can I help with anything? Hey.
Listen I'm sorry.
Our mom was a piece-of-shit junkie just like you.
Always saying "sorry" while she stabbed you in the fucking back.
My mom, too.
She must be so happy that you followed in her footsteps.
She's dead.
So what? So, nothing.
Coco is all that I fucking got.
Did you even know that he had a daughter? Yeah, of course not.
I guess that's what it means to love an addict.
You always come fucking last.
Do you love my dad? You love him enough to get clean? I'm gonna try.
I don't like your fucking odds.
Jesus, Chi Chi.
Come on.
Didn't hear you come in.
They were out of two percent, so, uh, I got you cashew milk instead.
It's healthy, Mom.
Oh, that's why you're so skinny.
Drinking cashew.
Both my men, you and Chi Chi, you don't eat.
Hey, uh you remember the girl, uh, Stephanie, the one that, uh, the one I told you about? Oh, the one they call, uh, Hammer? Or Wrench.
Who would like to be called that? I'm sure she doesn't like it.
It's just her name, Ma.
But, uh you think it'd, uh you think it'd be okay if, uh, she could come to dinner night, uh, Thursday? Oh, Hank It's not a big deal.
She's just going through stuff.
And I want to help her out.
You know? Let her know there's other options.
Maybe our Thursday night dinners will, uh, be a little more crowded.
Ah mijo.
Che? Are you okay? Sorry.
Is there a place we could talk? I figured it would only be fair to barge in on you like this.
Return the favor.
It's the least I deserve.
You coming to see me, it, uh, it stirred up a lot.
Things I thought I had buried.
- I'm sorry.
- No, no, no.
It's it's not you, Che.
I, um I blamed you.
For David.
For his death.
And I know it's not fair and it's not true.
I saw you together.
You and David.
I didn't know how to process it.
You know how we were raised.
Two men is just I was the one who told Palo.
I never thought he would do what he did.
You were a kid.
You didn't know what you were doing.
But if I hadn't told Palo David would still be here.
You been carrying this for 25 years? You didn't kill him.
And as much fucking guilt as I feel, I didn't either.
All we did is love David.
Do they know? You've never I had one love in my life.
I couldn't live through losing another.
Oh, shit.
I almost forgot.
I brought you something.
It was David's.
You should have this.
I think he would have hated to see how unhappy you've ended up.
Señor Galindo.
I used to come up here to get away from everything.
Would you bring the girl who was at your trailer? Thought you didn't care.
Oh, when you're bleeding from a gunshot wound, no.
But now that you're healing, I might be more curious about the gavacha.
Well, she did say you were pretty.
Oh, EZ, so smart, but still have so much to learn.
What? Do you realize how many white girls have told me, "You're so pretty," when what they mean is "pretty for a Latina"? They always use words like "ethnic" or "exotic.
" Because I don't have the blonde hair or pale-ass skin they're used to seeing as beautiful.
- Well, I don't think she meant it that way.
- Hmm.
Well, I don't think she thinks she meant it that way either.
Doesn't mean she didn't.
- I'm sorry.
- No, I'm sorry.
All I wanted was for today to be perfect, and then Angel ruined brunch, and now I find out my ex-girlfriend's a Nazi.
Shut up.
I said I'm sure she's nice.
Did she like it up here? I never brought her.
Or Angel.
He's afraid of heights.
Of course he is.
If you look out, you can see all the way to El Centro.
That's about as far as the world goes for a lot of people here.
I know you didn't come to the States to stay in Santo Padre.
I don't want you to go, but I don't want to be the reason you don't follow what you dreamed of.
I didn't let anyone stop me.
They didn't try? They all did, in some way.
Except my mom.
She said, "Fuck 'em, go take on the world.
" She said, "Fuck them"? No, my dad used to say that she had a little devil that lived in her mouth.
She didn't swear often, but when she did, she could take paint off.
I'm sorry about Angel today.
He's in a lot of pain.
I never should've let him say all that.
I should've done something about it.
I just I just didn't know what to do.
I want him so badly to like you.
I know how much you miss your family.
I guess I just wanted to give you a little bit of that here.
I left Oaxaca because there was just so much darkness.
So much fear.
I came here to feel safe.
And what happened the other night You getting shot? I can't ever let that back into my life.
Nothing like that will ever happen again.
I promise.
What I dreamed of was la felicidad.
And you, EZ Reyes make me happy.
But when they bring home those tough stains, turn to the detergent you know can knock them out.
Now with even more cleaning power to lift stains at the source.
Our patented activated crystals dig deep to clean dirt, grass, and anything else your kids throw at them.
Combined with our color-safe technology, our family's clothes will look as new as the day you bought them.
So go ahead, let them play hard.
Because we're there to clean even harder.
What good is your beautiful view when your windows are too streaky to see it? When you need clear, streak-free windows, turn to the name you have always trusted.
This is glass cleaned with another brand.
No matter how much you wipe, those streaks just can't be cleared away, but with our cleaner, dirt, dust, and fingerprints come right off Yo.
What are you doing? I'm done with the bathroom if you need it.
Mikey? I need to ask you a question.
Get rid of her.
What the fuck? Hey, fuck you.
Get up.
Get your shit.
- What the hell, Nestor? - Now! What's up, Mikey? Have you ever seen Emily with EZ Reyes? Or his father the butcher? Only the times you were there.
Why? And what about right before my mother died? Mikey, what's up? I I don't think my mother committed suicide.
The medical examiner, they-they found that her throat, uh a bone, the-the hyoid, had been crushed.
Uh, it usually happens with strangulation.
What? - What?! - I wanted to say something.
I didn't know what it meant, so I kept my mouth shut.
Fucking say it.
The night we found your mother, there were motorcycle tracks at the house.
Let's go to the room.
This is so stupid.
- I shouldn't have come.
- What the fuck? What's your deal? Where's your girlfriend? Is that what this is about? Huh? Look, I'm sorry.
I shouldn't have kicked you out.
All right, but she's gone.
Look at me.
She's gone forever.
I've been practicing how to say this all night.
But now it's weird.
What the fuck is happening right now? Are you, are you fucking breaking up with me? We're not even going out! Fuck you! I'm pregnant, asshole.
God, that's not the way I practiced it.
Are you being serious, Nails? Stephanie, are you being fucking serious? A baby? Yeah.
A baby? Yeah.
Our baby.
Our baby.
Forget me.
What? Miguel? Miguel? Oh, God, oh Oh, my God.
That was so fucking hot.
- Oh, hey, it's Bishop.
- Okay.
- I'll be right back in.
- I'll order.
All right.
Oh, shit.
Hey, Bish.
I got a plan.
This was your game, kid.
You ready to start a new chapter for the Mayans? Whatever the club needs.
Hey, excuse me, miss? Can I see your papers? ¿No hable ingles? Hola, mamacita.
You deaf? Where's that scumbag boyfriend we've seen you with? - He get deported? - Oh.
No, it's all right.
You can sit with us.
- Aw - Aw, where you going? We're we're just playing.
What's up? Uh, I don't feel like ice cream.
EZ let's go.
Adios, señorita.
What the fuck do you want? EZ! EZ, stop! Gaby? Gaby? - Gaby, are you okay? - Hey! Hey! Gaby! Gaby! - Are you okay? - You got to relax! You got to relax! Gaby! Gaby! Come on! - Get off me! - Relax, man! - Gaby! Gaby! - Cuff him.
Gaby! Gaby!
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