Mayans M.C. (2018) s04e02 Episode Script

Hymn Among Ruins

1 They'll never let me leave with you.
I'm not going without you.
You ain't my brother, motherfucker.
I'm so sorry, baby.
We got to go.
Let's go! What the fuck? Oh, shit! They're hitting the clubhouse.
The fuck did you guys do? We blew up Yuma.
All of them? Not all of them.
Fuck, fuck.
Come fucking get it! What have you done, primo? This is my fucking club.
You fucking hear me?! This is my fucking club! What are you doing? Admiring what we made.
We? Kind of feels like I've been doing most of the work.
Oh, yeah? Stop.
- Stop! - What? I'm just trying to do my part.
Well, do your part by getting me some orange juice.
And maybe a Pop-Tart.
- You up? - Mm-hmm.
I got to run, um, I got a meeting this morning, but I made you some coffee.
- Catch you later, yeah? - Mm-hmm.
Oh, they have come to supervise ♪ I say ready, he say go ♪ Oh, ready to roam and I'm ready to roll ♪ Shooting, shooting, gotta lay your money down ♪ Spinning, spinning, spin it around ♪ Place your bets, the wheel's in spin.
♪ Issues at Perryville have been settled.
Amends have been made.
It's a fucking cancer.
If Yuma keeps stomping on this shit, more people are gonna fucking die.
Man, I feel bad.
Obviously we all do, but It can't be a surprise to anyone in this fucking room that a few dead junkies is the price of what we do.
That's a hell of a business strategy.
Amazon should start slipping pipe bombs into their packages.
My crib would've blown up ages ago.
Like, for real, though, like, how much shit does a baby actually need, dawg? - You know what I mean? - In the four months since Canche took over, profits are highest they ever been.
Four times higher than when you guys - were fucking up the pipeline.
- Tell that to Ticker, the last motherfucker to cut our shit.
Fuck Ticker, and fuck you.
You keep crying, but you had your shot when you were Galindo's little bitches.
And you fucked that up, right? And now here we What about Galindo? His family.
We hear anything? Even if they made it over the border, there's no way LNG would let 'em live this long.
And the shit I hear about El Banquero it's dark.
What, darker than having your lackey throw burning oil on a father and his kid? Yeah, darker than that.
Fucking savages.
Really hated that French-braided little bitch, man.
And his stupid-ass fucking yellow glasses looking like Elton John.
Are you all fucking done? Galindo is dead.
LNG, Canche and the Yuma pipeline.
That's the new world order.
It's been months, Padrino, and we haven't even been tapped to do a protection run.
It feels as if Santo Padre is being starved out.
Well, now you know how it feels.
- Man, shut the fuck up.
- You shut the fuck up! How are we supposed to handle business when Templo ain't nothing but a bunch of spies and snitches?! The fuck you calling a snitch, motherfucker? - Fuck you! - Fuck you! Fuck you! Shut the fuck up! The fuck out.
The fuck out! Move, man.
I got it.
Bish likes the harder stuff during the day.
Yeah, I'm not opposed to switching it up now and then.
What's your name again, sweetheart? Treenie.
Looks like Bishop's hitting up Gaeta's old lady.
She's been making the rounds since he died.
They shot him dead like a dog.
And now he tries to take his girl.
Fucking motherfucker.
What's up, man? Yo, bro, I think we got off on the wrong foot, yeah? Yeah, bro, when you tried to fucking shoot me? Well, actually, I was referring to you stabbing and mule-kicking my ass off the roof.
But, yeah, I guess you got a point, too.
Look, bro.
I know this situation is fucked.
But trust me, I don't want to be here either.
Shit, I'd much rather be at home with my lady and my kid, you know? Yeah, well, I-8's the quickest way back.
No, man.
Ending this bullshit is the quickest way back to them.
Is there something you want to say to me? You know who killed the Aztecs, bro? I know fucking Cortés.
Yeah, everyone says you're real smart.
But you're wrong.
It was the other Indigenous tribes.
You see, they were so blinded by their hatred of the Aztecs, they allied with the Spanish.
Didn't realize they'd be next.
If we spend all our time hating each other, we ain't gonna be ready when our Cortés comes knocking.
Motherfuck Cortés.
Long live the Mexica.
I know, right? Hey, you want to earn that bottom rocker back, you best get out there with Coco and get on those repairs.
Let's go.
What the fuck was that over there? Nothing.
A history lesson.
Don't forget your history.
Don't forget where the fuck you're from.
Fuck these motherfuckers.
Think they can come into our house.
Yeah, that's right.
You fucking idiot.
Underestimate us.
Stab you in your fucking sleep.
We're with you, Prez.
What about you? I'm with you.
EZ? Whatever the club needs.
Yeah, that's right.
This fucking club, right here.
Santo Padre.
Fuck everyone else.
Right? Whatever's best.
Yeah, that's fucking right.
That's fucking right.
Man, you got to lay down the caulking and then the shims.
I'm just checking to see if your measurements are good.
My measurements are good but you still gotta lay down the shims.
- I'm seeing if this fits.
- It's gonna fall if you don't If you don't walk away from me in three seconds, I'm gonna fucking murder you! Yo, about to hit a meeting, dawg.
Are you down? Nah, I'm good.
I'm straight with all that shit, Creeps.
Goddamn it! All right, dawg.
Well, if you ever do Yeah, Creeps.
I know where to find you.
Gilly, you dropped something, dawg.
I'll fucking drop you.
Shut up.
Somebody came looking for you.
Sounds important.
He left me this.
Chibs wants him up in Charming.
Jesus Christ.
Happy'll hang low and it'll all blow over.
I told him that chick was trouble.
Her old man pressing charges? Nah, I got him straight.
Happy's been fucked ever since Montez bailed.
Just like his fucking cousin.
Start patching in day laborers, what'd you expect? Montez is as much of a brother as anyone in this fucking room.
That ain't true.
If it was, he'd be in this fucking room.
Not out bad somewhere doing God knows what.
What's the latest with Packer? UC Davis supposed to be the best.
The brothers up north are keeping vigil.
And the Mayans? I don't know how many more ways I can spell it out for you.
There ain't no appetite for war.
Well, Happy specifically fucking told them.
But they still crossed in our territory without a call and left a fucking mess.
So, tell me that's not a very clear "fuck you.
" War is bad for business.
Santo Padre's on their last leg.
Shit, the whole club's hanging by a thread.
Let those spic dogs eat each other.
We'll feast on the bones.
Come in.
Normally people wait to hear "come in" before they come in.
I'm not people.
I'm your brother.
This was in your door.
Think it's from Pops.
Bro How long you gonna keep icing him out? Stay out of it, Angel.
You know there's an entire bar in that clubhouse, right? Can't I just want to get some quality time in with my little bro? Besides, man, everyone in there's all moody and shit these days.
How are things with Nails? Good.
You know? She's, like, setting the house all up for a baby.
Bought a bunch of expensive-ass shit.
I don't have a fucking clue what any of it does and But things are good.
Yeah, we're good.
If you're gonna make it work like, actually work you got to let go, man.
The past, man.
You may have wanted something else, but that shit's over.
It's dead.
And you got to bury it or it'll haunt you.
What the fuck is wrong with you? I just told you, we're good.
You're tripping.
Why you even bother fixing that? Look at this place, man.
It's sad.
It suits me.
- It's simple.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
I get it.
Never getting laid keeps things pretty simple.
Bro, at least put something up on the walls or get a dog or-or get a fucking goldfish.
This place is depressing as fuck.
Can you turn it down a little? Are you serious? It's almost 2:00.
I closed last night.
I spend practically every night at Robert's house.
The one time that I'm home, you're gonna bust my balls? This isn't your fucking house.
Hmm? Forget it.
Already fucking forgot.
Eventually think I'm thinking a twin turbo, maybe a new intake, get that four-barrel carb.
I got to take off the heads, see how the see how the cylinders look.
Fuck this.
- Where are you going? - Going home.
Oh, Hank's gonna be pissed off.
Fuck Hank! Bro, you got to get straight with the club.
I would be straight with the club and not on fucking probation if I didn't lie to save your ass.
Only reason you're still here, dawg, 'cause I covered for you and your Meth Mountain bullshit.
You looked out, and I appreciate that.
I mean, shit, you showed up when no one else did.
But that shit's behind me.
I'm straight now.
Great, you can cover for me now.
Hey, little guy.
You okay? They're always confused at first waiting for their people to come back.
Then, one day they realize no one's coming.
They shut down.
They shut off, to survive.
Dogs aren't so different from us, I guess.
Just quicker to forgive, given the chance.
Short for Salomé.
EZ's short for Ezek If you're serious about her, let one of the volunteers know.
They can help you with the paperwork.
Sally, huh? No, I just knew she was up to something.
I mean, why did she suddenly start liking all my posts? Yeah, well Yeah, no Let me ask you something.
Which one of these guys have you been with? No.
No, no, no.
I'm serious.
See, I-I just, I want to know who wants to fuck Justin Bieber? Right? Right? Jess, can I have another one? Fuck this.
Young boy, hold up sorry, young man, young man, come back.
Come back.
Ugh! And the look on her face.
The terror.
I just couldn't believe I could scare my baby that way.
I never want to feel that again.
Thanks for sharing, Don.
Thanks, Don.
Anyone have a burning desire? Uh, I'll go.
Hi, Neron.
I've been struggling lately.
I've done things There's people that I can't step nine to.
That I can't It's like sometimes we do these things.
It-it ain't nothing to us.
Shit we always do.
But then sometimes those same things change someone.
I saw it change him.
I saw it change him.
Was there something wrong with him? Or, or was there something wrong with us? Is there something wrong with me? Thanks, Neron.
Thanks, Neron.
Keep coming back.
It works if you work it.
Um I, uh, I just wanted to thank you for tonight for sharing.
It was really beautiful.
I'm all fucked-up right now.
It was a mess.
Life's a fucking mess.
But you weren't afraid to show that.
It was brave.
Plus, I couldn't take hearing any more about Don's fucking cat.
You know that's who he's talking about, right? Every fucking week.
His fucking cat.
- For real? - Yeah.
I swear.
Okay, well, this has, um this has been incredibly awkward, so I am going to put us both out of our misery and go back inside.
I appreciate it.
You saying it, yeah.
I just didn't think I made any sense in there.
It made sense to me.
Maybe you've just finally met your fucked-up match, Neron.
All right.
I like that.
See you around.
I never felt magic crazy as this ♪ I never saw moons ♪ Knew the meaning of the sea ♪ I never held emotion in the palm of my hand ♪ Or felt sweet breezes in the top of a tree ♪ - Fuck you! - But now you're here ♪ - Fuck you! - Brighten my northern sky ♪ Are you okay? You deserve better.
You know that, right? Wow.
Thank you.
Words of wisdom from a junkie piece of shit.
Welcome home.
How about some truth now, honey, oh ♪ I got your back, whatever move you want to make.
Alvarez, Canche, they don't have this chapter's best interest in mind.
To come up ♪ Get the fuck away from me.
To be home ♪ You know ♪ You know I ♪ I'm the city ghost now ♪ The only reason you're not dead is out of some misguided sense of fucking loyalty.
Don't get that shit twisted.
I'm not okay with what you did.
We ain't fucking good.
Now get the fuck out of my face.
So I'm working in the morn ♪ There's no heaven on the field.
♪ Doc, Chibs, they're coming from a place of fear.
They're old men, scared.
Everybody's worried about optics.
Everyone's a fucking businessman.
What happened to being an outlaw? Just get off it, man.
That shit's not gonna happen.
Doc's right.
Whole club's about to fold.
So what? We just let this shit slide? No, just let nature take its course.
Don't worry, man, that shit's gonna work itself out.
I know you know so very, very, very well ♪ Your body will be like thunder ♪ Like thunder ♪ Yeah, I am wind ♪ Blowing through your hair ♪ Rest your head out the window ♪ Let the wind blow through your hair ♪ Yeah, I can't wait any longer ♪ You got to know ♪ I am standing there ♪ Rest your head out the window ♪ Let the wind blow through your hair ♪ Fuck! Jesus, Ronnie.
I've already turned it down twice! You got to know ♪ What the fuck are you doing here? Can I come in? I'm having a shitty fucking day.
Please tell me Mom's dead.
It's not Mom, Jaz.
Something happened.
I found something and I don't know what to do.
Well, is it red and itchy? Because, if so, that's what you get for hanging around those fucking beaners.
Jesus fucking Christ.
Where did you get that? Hank? Come on in.
- Thank you, ma'am.
- Please.
It's my turn.
You're cheating.
- You're cheating.
- Yeah, you're cheating.
Oh, you're both against me now? See, that's cheating.
- Babe.
- That's not Hank's here.
Sorry it's so late.
Come on, kids.
It's time for bed.
- No, Mom.
- Tessa, - to bed.
- We're winning.
You heard what your mom said.
She called it.
You know what that means, right? Tomorrow we start all over again, 0-0.
You're a cheater.
No, I'm a winner.
And you need to go to sleep.
- Good night, Santi.
- Good night, Dad.
Come on, guys.
Go brush your teeth.
I know.
I got to go to work.
Sit down.
How's it looking? It's complicated.
Emotions are still running real high.
I need to know where everybody's loyalties lie.
You know what I'm asking, Hank.
Am I going to have a problem with Bishop? The brothers.
They still they still look to him as a leader.
Is he riling them up against the other charters? The club They're in a lot of pain.
We need you.
We need you to lead us back to being whole again.
You got to be ready for war! Anyplace.
The enemy is everywhere.
- The enemy is everyone.
- Una, dos, tres.
Una, dos, tres.
Una, dos, tres.
Una, dos.
Una Hey, hey.
It's okay.
It's okay.
What's that? Picked up dinner.
What is it? My birthday? Can't have you taking all the credit.
That's my baby, too.
I should call you out on your shit more often, huh? Shut up.
I'll go grab some plates.
Can I get another? Sorry, Terry.
I'm all out of High Life.
Hey, Ter, should we blame that on the Mayans, too? Hey.
What are you doing here, baby? Okay, I'm sorry.
Look, she didn't mean shit to me.
- I just get fucking stupid some - That ain't why I'm here.
What the fuck's all this? - Jaz, please.
I don't - Show him.

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