Mayans M.C. (2018) s04e03 Episode Script

Self Portrait in a Blue Bathroom

1 Since Canche took over, profits are four times higher than when you guys were fucking up the pipeline.
Galindo is dead.
LNG, Canche and the Yuma pipeline.
That's the new world order.
- You know El Banquero? - Only by reputation.
I need to know where everybody's loyalties lie.
Am I gonna have a problem with Bishop? That thing that happened up north? I can't stop seeing him.
Look at this place, man, it's sad.
At least get a dog.
If you're serious about her, let one of the volunteers know.
Welcome home.
This house, this town, could you give it up? Why would I ever want to? I think something happened last night.
She said to give these to you, sir.
Finally, my sister's gonna be free.
- Where's our baby? - Dead.
Tell me where Potter is.
Don't believe a word he says.
Your son is very much alive.
You'll get another shot.
You'll meet the right girl and have a family.
- A baby? - Yeah.
You may have wanted something else, but that shit's over.
You got to let go, man.
Ezekiel made a deal with the DEA while incarcerated.
If this is exposed, there comes an agonizing end.
Somebody came looking for you.
Sounds important.
Hmm? Hmm? What's all this? I thought it would be nice to have a proper breakfast for once.
- I-I'll make you a plate.
- Nah.
I'm running late.
It's good, though.
- Yeah? - Mm.
Mmm, thank you.
Will you be home for dinner? I don't know.
I'll catch you later, though, okay? Well, I gave you my heart, now ♪ I thought ♪ You fucking kidding me? Seriously? I understand.
He's old, he's sick.
But there are programs that can help with vet bills.
He's not ours.
We just found him.
Please, don't take Max.
At least take him to a no-kill facility.
It's your fucking job, take the dog.
We're over capacity, and no one is going to adopt an old, sick dog.
What the fuck kind of lesson are you teaching your kid? Sofía.
Why don't you get some fresh air, okay? Hi.
I'm so sorry about that.
Um, I can help from here.
Come on.
Let's go.
What? - There's something wrong with this dog.
- Is she sick? Nah, she, uh, uh, well, she trashed my trailer.
You live in a trailer? For now.
Is there enough space for her? There's more space now that she ate half of it.
She's just anxious.
She's in a new place with a new person.
Whatever world she knew before has been turned upside down.
My daughter had terrible anxiety.
So we learned to play games.
I'd secretly drop pennies at the bottom of our pool and wake her up to go "treasure hunting.
" World's not so scary when you can believe in magic.
Don't give up on her.
You just got to be patient.
Sofía, can I see you in my office? Hey, uh Yeah? Thanks.
Good luck with that one.
Thanks, I'm gonna need it.
I was talking to Sally.
- Excuse me.
- Sorry.
Yo! Shut up! It's a good-looking pit.
She's a dick.
Ate my bed this morning.
Bitches, man.
Your dad said you were staying outside the clubhouse.
Living the dream.
Where you at now? Niland.
Suze is working at the beef plant in Brawley, but you get more space in Niland.
Got a good spot over by the Navy.
Fuckers be blowing shit up all the time, though.
Got kids now.
Two girls.
Congrats, man.
You were just gone, man.
One day, just Yeah, they rolled me up in the middle of the night.
On some fed-type diesel therapy shit.
I had no idea where I was going.
After a week or so, landed at High Desert.
You hook up with Smokey? Sh Which one? There was, like, five fucking Smokeys there.
No, man, I just just kept my head down, finished out my time.
Yeah, it's just People talk.
What'd they say? You asking to see my fucking paperwork? Shit, bro, it ain't like that.
It's just been a minute and I'm trying to reconnect.
It's fucked up being out.
Dream about it, it's all you fucking want, but Shit's just a lot more complicated out here.
Diesel therapy.
Moldy bologna sandwiches.
Fucking tiny orange you can't even peel.
Well, now that we're both out, I just wanted to see how you were doing.
Like you said, bro.
Just living the dream.
It's good to see you, bro.
Hey, you want a hand? Nah, I got it.
Oh, you got the, uh, the adjustment tool for that? My pop's got an old one.
I could bring it over I'm good.
All right, bro, I'm just trying to save you - a trip to the mechanic.
- I said I'm straight! - Yo, man, are we good? - Fuck! Fuck it.
Really gonna do this, huh? What? Dude, what? What What the fuck is up with you, man? What the fuck's up with me? Yeah, homie, I'm just trying to fucking help you.
Motherfucker, now you trying to help, right? Where the fuck were you at before, huh? When? I-I have no idea what the fuck When?! When I had snot running down my fucking nose, huh? When I was running around like a fucking dope fiend.
When I was hurting.
But you didn't give a fuck, right? Too caught up in your own fucking shit! What the fuck was I supposed to do? Not be a selfish fuck! What the fuck? Good to see you guys.
- Good to see you, bro.
- Yeah, yeah.
Welcome, brother.
I heard you guys were bitching about wanting something to do, so here it is.
Not a good idea.
It's too high-risk.
But high reward.
El Banquero needs us.
If we pull this off, we'll be fully in bed with him.
But if Santo Padre doesn't think they can do it - What's this dude wanted for? - Some white guy, white-collar bullshit.
It ain't our problem.
If this guy's been indicted, feds will have eyes up and down the border, especially since he's connected with El Banquero.
Sounds fucking impossible.
I can do it.
Me and Angel.
We take him over on tribal land.
Feds can't step foot there.
Can take him over in Arizona.
Tohono O'odham territory.
I used to ride ATVs out there when I was a kid.
It's desolate as fuck, but won't be any feds holed up.
I'll go with the Reyes brothers.
Hey, I don't remember volunteering for this.
You guys think you can pull this off? I do.
If Manny knows the area, doesn't sound like there'll be an issue.
We'll just have Banquero's people meet us in Near Sonoyta.
We can pinpoint a kilometer marking on Highway 2.
Okay, we got this.
You got something to say, primo? Fucking Bobbsey Twins.
You gonna go sing kumbaya, suck each other off out in the desert? This is exactly what I'm talking about, Marcus.
Your cousin continues to disrupt the healing process.
Fuck the healing process, and fuck you.
There's no need for that.
We're one club.
One club.
If you got an issue with that, you got an issue with me.
I do got an issue with you, primo.
What happened to the great El Padrino? Slumming, hustling for Galindo, and now you got us out here shuffling and grinning for El Banquero, and this motherfucker? You ain't a motherfucking leader.
You're a goddamn pimp.
And Santo Padre is always the one getting fucked.
Your flash.
I stand with my president.
Anybody else got an issue with my leadership? The future of this club starts today.
Jesus, you're late.
The bus broke down in Cincinnati.
- Mommy! - Hi, baby! You Aww.
You're blind, Marcus.
Blinded by blood, blinded by the past.
- Santo Padre - Has got to fucking go.
It's more trouble than it's worth.
Your little experiment down here is not working.
You know what you mean to the club.
We-we wouldn't be here without you.
But this chapter is dragging you and your legacy down.
This kid EZ and your guy Manny.
That's the future.
What I've seen with them What we saw today Gives me hope.
I'm not ready to give up on this charter.
Well, the rest of the club is.
We need to do this for El Banquero, que no? To secure the relationship and secure our new pipeline.
We do.
Well, let's see how tonight goes.
If they can pull it off.
My money's on that they do.
That move Alvarez pulled today was bullshit.
I don't even recognize this club anymore.
And why in the hell are all these guys still around? What do you think Canche's digging for? Did I not make myself fucking clear? That shit you pulled in there, you think that means something? I don't need pity from a fucking faggot.
Fuck I tell you about congregating here? It's a free country, motherfucker.
Not here it ain't.
This is private property.
Sieg heil, you fucking fascist! I've told you guys again and again you can't hang out here.
If you don't leave, I'm gonna call the cops.
That's it.
I'm calling the cops.
Oh, fuck it.
Fuck this rent-a-cop.
Get a life, fucking loser.
Have fun! Jesus Christ.
Bish is taking this whole thing pretty hard.
You blame him? Yo, what are you doing, bro? Why don't you have Cielo or, uh, what's-her-face - do that for you? - What's-her-face? Yeah, fucking, uh - Jess? - Yes.
The girl you slept with multiple times? I know.
Whatever, bro, you knew who the fuck I was talking about.
That was fucked up how that went down.
Yeah, well, I didn't ask for it.
Don't know what else I was supposed to do.
Alvarez didn't leave me much choice.
I mean, fuck.
I'm not afraid of the responsibility.
- This club needs - Yo, you think I'm selfish? You? Nah, bro.
Yeah, Coco's tripping, man.
Was that homie from upstate earlier by your trailer? Jay-Jay.
Thought it looked like him.
Well, what's up with him, is he out or something? I don't know what he wanted, but it didn't feel right.
You think he knows about you? The deal? I don't know.
But I'm-a find out.
- Congratulations, man.
- Thanks.
I know that ain't the ideal way to level up, but it's well-deserved.
Far as I'm concerned, you're exactly what this charter needs, bro.
Thanks, man.
- That's what I said.
- It ain't.
Fuck is this? Ah.
Hello, gentlemen.
I believe someone here is arranging transport for me? I think this is our package, gentlemen.
I'm Randall.
Uh, can you tell me, uh, where I should put my luggage? Back in there.
None of it can go.
Uh, that's impossible.
I-I need these things.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
Minimalism it is.
It'll be nice, perhaps.
A fresh start.
Literally no baggage.
Is that a kid? Why does he have a fucking kid? I don't know.
We can't bring a kid, man.
We're crossing the desert on foot at night.
This is Noah, and leaving him is nonnegotiable.
Well, uh, I guess we ain't going, then.
You must be Randall.
I-I am, and I'm heartbroken to have traveled all this way just to find out from these gentlemen that our travel arrangements are not possible.
My employer will be disappointed.
I don't know what these fucking idiots told you, but we're good.
He brought his fucking kid.
El Banq Your employer didn't say anything about your son.
Well, let's just call him and tell him that he'll have to make other arrangements - because you are not willing - All right.
It's all right, it's all right.
We got you.
You and your son.
No need to call anybody.
My luggage? Only if your ass wants to carry it 50 miles in the desert.
I ain't your Sherpa.
We'll condense.
Come on.
What the fuck did you get us into now? He seems good.
Really good.
And you cook now? Who knew? Well, you got him used to all that organic shit.
I couldn't get him to eat anything else.
What kid doesn't like Kraft mac and cheese? We get by okay.
I'm not a substitute for you.
He needs his mom.
Em, how much longer is this gonna go on? Until I'm sure.
Even if Miguel was alive, there's no way he'd find us.
We have been so careful.
You don't know the lengths he'd go to.
You have no idea.
Everybody good back there? All good, Creeps.
It's exciting, isn't it? An adventure? He's nervous about the trip.
Hey, what's up, little man? You know, my little girl Bella's about your age.
She hates when I mess her hair up, too.
Mexico will be all right, though.
It's beautiful there.
And not just the girls, am I right? Yo, EZ, didn't I hear Randall say something about, like, buying Noah a PS5 or something - when they get there? - What? Oh, shit.
Yeah, I heard that, too.
And all the games he wants.
Right, yeah, that's it.
We'll see.
- Sounds like a promise to me.
- Yeah.
Better hold him to it, Noah.
Hey, you guys should get some rest.
You're gonna be out there all night.
That's a good idea.
Why don't you close your eyes, okay? A is attached to a different panel.
So here.
Angel isn't home.
Think he'll be caught up in the club for a bit.
Well, he should be here with you.
I think I'll manage.
Uh, do you want me to give him that when he gets home? It's actually for you.
Thank you.
I was clearing out some old boxes I had, and I came across that.
I thought you should have it.
My wife made them for my boys.
That one was Angel's.
Thank you.
That's really sweet.
Can I get you something to drink? For your ride home? Sure.
Coffee, black.
I'll go make a pot, then.
Your son, Steve.
He was one of the good ones.
He understood.
He understood brotherhood.
That's a lot rarer than you'd think in our world.
A lot of patches, they talk loyalty, but But Steve I'm sorry, ma'am.
I'm not trying to cause you or your daughter any more pain.
I just want to give you this.
Steve, he was a good Mayan.
I was proud to have him as my prospect.
And I was honored to be his sponsor.
I'm so sorry for your loss.
You - You really don't have to - I'm happy to help.
Hold up.
We got two more miles.
Then we hit flatland.
Let's keep moving.
Maybe, uh, maybe we could take a little break, huh? We've already taken a dozen breaks since we started.
We can't get caught out here after the sun comes up.
Quicker we get through the mountains, sooner we get you two to safety.
Just a Just a quick one, all right? - To catch our breath.
- Hey.
It may be tribal land, but Border Patrol monitor with planes.
You want to explain to them what the hell we're doing out here? Is that Border Patrol? Or someone worse.
- We got to keep moving.
- Are you crazy? No.
Might make sense to lay low for a bit.
Get some rest.
Fuck that.
Let's get the fuck out of here.
Manny's right.
We'll lay low for now.
Wait it out.
Make sure it's safe before we start moving again.
Let's try to find some shelter.
Let's lay low.
So, I'm gonna see you this time next week? What do you do if I don't show? - Em - Erin, what do you do? Take the emergency cash.
Drive to Indianapolis.
Access security-deposit box at United General Bank on East Washington.
- Code? - 12-4-18.
Leave the car in Indianapolis.
Use the fake ID from the security box to rent a car.
Drive to Chicago.
- Take a flight from O'Hare to Oslo.
- Mm-hmm.
Yeah, but don't use Then Using our new names.
Then we take the keys, and we're gonna go to the apartment at Torsten Collins Gate 244A.
Thank you.
I love you.
Don't get all sappy on me, okay? Yeah.
We're gonna see you next week.
Come on.
Can we at least start a fire? - No.
- No.
We should get moving.
Let's just wait it out a little longer.
Hey, you're gonna be a-a father soon, yeah? That's what's up.
Everybody's gonna tell you how, "Oh, your world's about to change and" What they don't tell you, though, is how fucking painful that change is.
It's like all of a sudden you're wearing your heart on the outside of your body for anyone to just Hmm.
To love something that deep, it's fucking terrifying, bro.
On the real, I didn't become a man till I became a father.
Man, until I-I loved something not only enough to-to die for, but if anything ever happened to her, I wouldn't be able to go on.
That's what I don't get about Alvarez.
You heard the story, right? About-about his his kid, Esai? - Nah.
- All right.
It ain't my place to talk about, but I heard some of the OGs discuss it.
He chose the club over his family.
I guess something happened.
Shit went sideways, and he supposedly let a fucking reaper take his son out.
Some fucker with a bunch of smiley face tattoos or something.
Happy? That somebody's name? Yeah, we know him.
I don't know, man.
People talk some crazy shit, but Anybody put his hands on my family? He wouldn't be out in the world just walking around.
Yo, I love this club.
I'll die for this club, but my little girl? My blood? Hell no.
You're gonna be a good dad, man.
I can tell.
You're gonna be just fine.
I don't want to fuck them up.
Oh, that's gonna happen.
Ain't no way about it, man.
The trick is just to fuck them up less than you got fucked up.
That's all you can really do.
This whole "giving my brother sage advice" is kind of my thing, you know? Shit.
You got some competition, my boy.
It's actually really fucking annoying.
It's like having a Boy Scout in stereo.
Hey, you know, I was a Boy Scout.
Me, too.
Get the fuck out.
On my honor, I'll do my best to do my duty MANNY and EZ: to God and my country and to obey the Scout Law.
You guys are fucking nerds.
Guys, can you please keep it down? Sorry, Randall.
Ah, shit.
In the house ♪ Mama, they won't let me out ♪ Mama, they're mating ♪ At night ♪ Mama, they won't make nice ♪ They're pacing ♪ And glowing bright ♪ Their faces all snowy and white ♪ Bury their paws ♪ In the stone ♪ They make for my heart ♪ As their home ♪ They tumble and fight ♪ And they're beautiful ♪ Blazing with light ♪ Is the whitest and the tallest ♪ And the biggest one ♪ All muscled and fine ♪ When she runs ♪ Mama, there's wolves ♪ In the house ♪ Mama, I tried to put them out.
♪ It's our little secret.
I'm scared.
Shh, shh.
Trust me.
It'll be okay.
- I don't want to.
- Shh, shh, shh.
Noah, I've got you.
- No.
- What the fuck? Angel, what the fuck did you do? What the fuck did you do?!
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