Mayans M.C. (2018) s05e03 Episode Script

Do you Hear the Rain

[ANGEL] Creep's just
standing alone in there now?
[HANK] He got hit pretty bad.
[CREEPER] If you really want to help me,
you said there was a rat in Santo Padre.
I need you to find out who it is.
- Fuck.
[MAN] We have to take this upstairs.
Has anyone else seen this?
[MIGUEL] Don't be
dramatic. You can leave
anytime you want, but you will never
be alone with my son again.
- [COCO] You Butterfly?
- [BUTTERFLY] What did you need?
This isn't gonna end
well for your brother.
[JESS] Someone I know
died. Is that because of me?
Just keep your head
down and your ears open.
You're just gonna fucking
kick us out on the street?!
- We need real money now.
- [LOUIE] There is one thing.
It's hella dangerous, though.
I don't care what it is, we're doing it.
[MIGUEL] Why would I show mercy
to the people who didn't show
any to my mother?
[FELIPE] Because we are
your family, son.
- Hi, baby.
- I got a visit this morning from Cole.
Whatever you guys are looking for, stop.
[HANK] No wonder Soledad
didn't want our guns.
[BISHOP] She's getting 'em from Cole.
[EZ] All we needed was to
know who the players were.
Now we just knock one off the board.
We're gonna take out the cartel.
[BOTTLES] Ten minutes
before security sweep.
Fuck! Shit.
Let's go.
[BOTTLES] Five minutes out.
[BISHOP] Aw, careful, you dumb fuck.
[EZ] The cook's unaccounted for.
Go find him.
We need him alive.
[ANGEL] I'm on it.

[BOTTLES] Hey, guys,
two minutes. Two minutes.
Any sign of the cook?
We need to move.
[BOTTLES] One minute. One minute out.
Found the little bitch
hiding under the house.
Toss him in. Let's go.

Thank you. I've got him.
Good job.
Yo! You got a dollar?
[MAN] Yeah, we get it. Times are hard.
Maybe we can help.
- Ooh.
- You don't got to be proud.
The hubris, man.
[CRISTÓBAL] I want to go home.
- He's late for his nap.
- We're almost done.
If he fall asleep in the car,
we're never gonna get him
down back at the house.
I know. I said we're almost done.
Let's just, uh, try to be helpful.
I'll get the stuff for the salad,
you get the granola he likes.
- Luis, will you get the toilet paper?
- Mom.
- I'm tired.
- Just a little longer, baby.
[LUIS] Are these the ones?
No. No, we get the
dye-free recycle kind.
The one with the pine
cones on the packaging.
[MARIA] You stay with them. I'll get it.
Okay, but hurry. He needs his nap.
I got an A-minus on my civics test.
That's good, mija.
Santi told me he got picked third in PE.
First time he hasn't been picked last.
You're missing it.
Missing what?
You must be hungry.
- Aah!
- Hey, he's just scared, man.
What'd you fucking say to me, prospect?
He's just fucking stalling.
Okay, okay, okay. Okay.
He needs you to fetch, you fetch.
He needs you to stir, you stir.
Whatever it takes, you help him.
- Never speak out like that again.
- I'm sorry.
Don't fucking tell me you're sorry.
Just don't ever fucking do it again.

Hey, man, tell you about that, right?
- That is not a thing.
- [LAUGHS] Yeah, it is.
At chip companies and
stuff, they test flavors.
- Food tester.
- I want to do that.
- Okay, fine.
Um, a rodeo clown.
Ew, Letty. No.
They're mean to the animals.
I know. Sleep tester.
Sleeping all day? Shit, sign me up.
Book tester.
I'm pretty sure that's
just called reading.
Okay, what is it with you wanting
to be a human guinea pig?
I'm a giver.
We got to go, Hope.
We have to finish the game first.
This game is stupid.
You promised.
Where? Buffalo.
Thirty-four kids, 20 housekeepers,
five cars and 20 motherfucking mansions!

All right, righty tighty,
- lefty
- Lefty loosey.
All right, now you try it.
Here. One of the [LAUGHS]
All right, tighten it. Tighten it.
- Mm-hmm. Mm.
Good. Really good.
Here, a little tighter. Mm-hmm.
Come here.
Inside, mijo. Play with Maria.
What'd I tell you?
- Look, Miguel
- I told you I never wanted to see you.
I brought you something.
Your mother
used to write me.
She wanted me to know you.
That's all I want to do.
I want you to know us.
You ever drive out here again
I'll bury you in these hills.

Hey, you know, like,
what you're doing, right?
Uh, no, man. They-they call me Bottles.
Great. Thank you.

Don't need to translate that.
Did he ask why we brought him in?
No, he just asked for a straw.
Thank you for coming
on such short notice.
Your primary residence
is Ocean Beach, correct?
Short commute, at least.
I am Patricia Devlin, deputy assistant
inspector general of the
Division of Investigations,
OIG, San Diego Field Office.
It's quite a mouthful, isn't it?
And yet they make me say it every time.
Agent Potter,
I know that you are a very busy man,
so I will get right to it.
- The inspector general
- I am.
I'm sorry?
A busy man.
Okay, well,
hopefully we can solve
this very quickly.
we have found some inconsistencies
in your accounting.
Some rather serious irregularities.
You know, Agent Potter,
what I was hoping for today
was to give you the opportunity
to shed some light
on these
It's sad, really, this milk.
Meant for her baby.
In a dark crate somewhere,
withering into veal.
Or [SIGHS] perhaps already ingested
and evacuated through someone's bowels.
Flushed, forgotten.
You know, I never would have taken you
for a vegan, Agent Potter.
Oh, me?
Oh, God, no.
I'm from Akron.
Yet, still, as this calf
grew inside her womb
not to anthropomorphize but
I'm sure mama's hopes for
him were for something greater
than a foreshank or loin.
But here I sit,
not her baby, enjoying her milk.
Hmm. I suppose
we should be careful what we nourish.
It would be a pity
for everything we've
worked for to end up
You'll have to forgive me.
yeah, I'm from the East Coast, and
we just tend to say what we mean, so
And-and admittedly, the whole, um,
folksy, "aw, shucks,"
Midwestern thing
is kind of obtuse.
just to be clear
did you just threaten me?
Oh, golly, no. I
I was speaking about my work, not yours.
My apologies if you
experienced it that way.
Apology accepted.
- Wonderful.
- Mm.
Now, please,
Deputy Assistant Inspector General
of the Investigations Division, OIG,
San Diego Field Office,
please, please edify me further
about my missing Snickers bar receipts.
National security hangs in the balance.
- Hey
You fucked me.
- No.
- You did.
You fucking fucked me.
You thought, "Great,
while my boss is
doing fucking gymnastics
for me to keep my job,
because I sabotaged a three-year-case
'cause I couldn't keep
it in my fucking pants,
I think I'll go visit
the fucking convict
who put me in this very position,
who I was very clearly told by my boss
to stay miles the fuck away from!"
You fucking spit in my mouth.
- I didn't.
- You opened my fucking mouth
with your tiny fucking hands,
and you spat your nasty
spit down my throat.
Okay, listen, I know
- that I shouldn't
- It's over. Give me your fucking badge.
- What?
Melissa, wait.
- It's about you.
- Can you just hear me Listen, I
- Yes, sir.
Yes, I'm well aware.
I'm with her right now.
It won't be complicated any longer.
I'm handling the situation as we speak.
- Punk tactics ♪
- Hit ya, hit ya, with ♪
With the, with the, punk tactics ♪
Yo, the laces loose and fists tight ♪
I never lose a fist fight ♪
[MAN] Aw, come on. I've
been here since 12:30, man.
[ADAM] Yo, relax. Everyone stay back.
We'll get to you. Just
be cool, all right?
Yo. Everybody just chill
and we'll get to you.
'Cause that's what I think ♪
I, J, K, I'm cold like a Slurpee ♪
Boss man will be right back out.
Ooh, goddamn, I drop bombs ♪
I am a king, and you're just a pawn ♪
Who's got the high
ground now, Obi-Wan? ♪
Two-door Beamer, pick
you up in the coupe ♪
Shootin' for the hoop,
jiggy on the loose ♪
Shark mentality like my name Bruce ♪
Hit ya with, with the,
with the punk tactics ♪
Hit ya with, with the,
with the punk tactics ♪
Hit ya with, with the,
with the punk tactics ♪
Aah! ♪
[ADAM] Yo, I'm not gonna
tell you again. Relax.
We're gonna get to you.
- Punk tactics ♪
- Hit you ♪
- With the punk tactics ♪
- Punk ♪
- Hit you with the punk ♪
- Hit you with the ♪
Hey, we said hold on.
Hit you with the
hard punk tactics ♪
No, I'm sorry.
- [MAN] Fuck!
- Letty, no!
- All right, motherfuckers.
Are you fucking serious right now?
Known for the
rigamarole, we kick pros ♪
Stub toes, I suppose you
might know, hit the block ♪
Then you flock ♪
Time's up, now you
'bout to get clocked ♪
- [MAN] Hope?
Laidback, motivated go-getter ♪
Never felt better,
write me love letters ♪
Shootin' out the spike
chain, mega death tether ♪
Get over here like Scorpion ♪
Put you to sleep like Kevorkian ♪
Should I assist ya or
do you get the picture? ♪
If you don't budge
I'm-gonna have to hit ya ♪
- [CHUY] Oh, shit.
Fucking bitch!
- Motherfucker!
- Come on, come on, come on, let's go!
[CHUY] I'll kill you, bitch!
- The same words hurled at us ♪
Swatting them into
the same obscurity ♪
They tried to trap us in ♪
Here's to us, unwanted and weird ♪
Loud, unruly and opinionated ♪
Always surviving ♪
Always surviving. ♪
Hey, Bish.
Hey, man.
Can I ask you something?
No, I'm cool. I'm actually
trying to quit.
That's kind of what I
want to talk to you about.
What, about quitting fucking smoking?
You had a kid, right?
You know I got a
little boy of my own now?
I've been trying to keep it quiet.
Not to dirty up both worlds.
But that's just it, I mean
How the fuck do I do that? You
How do I keep both worlds
from not bleeding into each other?
If I could go back
I'd take him.
And I'd hold him.
And I'd never let him go.
Get the fuck out of here.
Be a fucking janitor
somewhere if I had to.
Be whatever I had to
be just to be a dad.
[SCOFFS] I'd let all
you motherfuckers burn
just for one more second with him.
I'm here because
I got nothing else.
I'm here because I ain't
got nothing fucking else.
That answer your fucking question?
[EZ] Changed your hair.
Where have you been, Em?
What happened?
It doesn't matter.
Are you back with him?
Are you safe?
Remember the last time we were here?
I was so fucking scared.
You had to open up the letter for me.
You were the only one who
didn't believe you'd get in.
I was so fucking proud of you.
Everything was ahead of us.
And we had it all figured out.
Seems like yesterday.
Seems like a million years ago.
This is the last time
I'll ever ask something of you.
What do you need?
I need a car.
I need a car that won't stick out.
One that can't be traced.
I need it parked at
the Food4Cheap on Union,
right outside of the service exit
on the south side of the parking lot.
I always liked the theory
that time isn't linear.
everything we dreamt about that night
actually came true for us somewhere.
I don't believe that.
Yeah, me neither.
Nondescript car,
Food4Cheap. It'll be there.
Promise me you'll be okay.
You first.
I really do like the hair, Em.
And he starts screaming,
"Only God can judge me." [LAUGHING]
Yeah, but then, you jumped on him,
you selfish motherfucker.
I had my hammer ready. I was
gonna say something badass and then
- you fucked it up for me, man.
- I got a short attention span.
Tired of hearing him talk.
And they always find religion
at the most opportune time.
"I found God."
He might have found God
but they never found him.
You're fucked up.
She-She's always
pissed off lately, man.
That asshole's brother came
back the next week, remember?
Shot me in my armpit.
That shit still bites.
Yeah, but we got him back good, too.
Real good.
We did.
You know, shit was just
more simple back then.
Ah, that's just 'cause
it's in the rearview.
It was complicated as fuck real time.
Still is.
This is simple.
Men dream of having
what you got, carnal.
And now you got a baby on the way?
Probably gonna teach him
to throw from your Rascal.
We're the same age, carnal. Come on.
Yeah, but I ain't about
to be neck-deep in diapers.
Yeah, you got that right.
The war?
You're lucky
you don't got to worry about that.
What you need to do you need to worry
about what's going on in there.
Leave the dying to the rest of us.


[CIELO] You're not
cheating on Nestor, are you?
- Shut up. It is not a thing.
It is such a thing.
You just need to grab that thing
with both hands and
just, like, fuckin'
- You guys are pervs.
Oh, hey, Nestor.
We were just talking about you.
I miss something?
Just about a million fucking clues.
You good?
Yeah, I'm just gonna split early,
get dinner with my sister.
You have a sister?
You close?
We used to not be.
But lately, it's been pretty cool.
Prospect! What the fuck are you doing?
Everyone is gonna want to see this.
- [EZ] What's going on?
- We got something for you, Prez.
Come on. Show 'em.
Tell 'em.
[GUERO] Just for that?
Yeah, and he says we can
make another one of these
with what we brought back from Mexico.
- Shit.
- What the fuck?
What do you say, Prez?
I say we're in business.
- [GUERO] Shit, right?
- [DOWNER] Yeah.
[LETICIA] Holy shit, we are so good.
- We are so fucking good now.
- You're not listening.
$17,382. I mean,
this is more than enough money
to pay for rent and then some.
- Letty.
- What?
- We can't stay.
- Oh, my God.
You don't understand. That guy
Butterfly? You're scared
of some dirty hippie
- named Butterfly?
- Listen, if he's here,
- then that means Isaac's here.
- Fuck Meth Mountain!
I ain't scared of those motherfuckers.
- We can go anywhere we want now.
- I ain't going anywhere.
You don't understand.
- They know now that
- I'm not leaving.
This is my house.
This is my fucking house.
It's all that I have left.
All that I have left of him.
If you want to go,
then fucking go, okay?
'Cause I don't need you.
- Letty
- Fucking go.
- Letty
- Fucking go!
Fucking go.
I guess it's
more of a
Letty and Hope.
- Ice cream testers.
You're so fucking stupid.
I'm leaving old ghost behind ♪
Been making up for lost time ♪
Putting out the fires ♪
Of these bridges ♪
That I burned ♪
Buried by the weight ♪
Of all my sins ♪
I'm a casualty of consequence ♪
I've caused my share of pain ♪
I casted stones
and passed the blame ♪
Mmm, mmm, mmm.
Been through hell and back ♪
And one thing that I've learned ♪
- You're my boy.
I will never let anything happen to you.
Hey, kid. Come on. There you go.
It all comes back around ♪
I'll get back what I hand out ♪
- Hey.
I thought you were
with the guys tonight.
I'm a casualty of consequence ♪
- Whoa. Whoa.
- Yes.
[LAUGHS] Slow down.
I want to stay.
For good.
- Obispo
- No.
I don't want to fuck this up.
Let me prove it.
Let me stay.
I just finally want
something good, you know?
Thought you said you were hungry.
Hey. Remember when you said
you were thinking of
maybe finding a new place?
- What if we got one
Where the fuck you been hiding, Jess?
You have to talk to him. Just
just tell him what he needs to know.
Fuck you both.
Where are my guns?
[JAZMINE] Terry, stop!
- Terry, no!
- No, stop!
- Where are the guns?
- What are they planning next, huh?
- You're killing her! Please!
- Fucking tell me!
[GRUNTS] What the fuck?!
That's my sister, asshole.
I'm so fucked.
You got to give me something, Jess.
Jessie, please. You got to
give me something, please.
I don't want to do this anymore.
You want to kill me,
fucking kill me.
But I'm not doing this anymore.
[JAZMINE] Hey, hey.
Hey. Oh, God.
It'll be okay, baby.
You got-you got no idea what he's doing
and what he's capable of.
And he's setting his eyes on
me. I know those fucking eyes.
What about Hoosier or Joker?
They have to see that
Isaac's fucking crazy.
They're all they're all in now.
Swept up like I used to be.
Okay. Okay.
It's gonna get bad.
[EZ] There's more where that came from.
They may be the cartel,
but they're a slow, fat, dying machine.
We are sleek, we are smart,
we are deadly.
I already got a partner.
And thank you, because, um,
when she asks me to find out
what group of fucking
idiots were stupid enough
to raid one of her cook houses,
well, Santo Padre's a short
drive for me and my men.
We can deliver another kilo right away.
A whole kilo?
Boy, this is a man's game.
But I'll tell you what.
For old time's sake,
I'll give you a head start
before I come for you.
We can get a lot more.
And you won't have to go
through Mexico to get it.
I don't care how good your system is.
You take on risk every time
you go through the border.
We alleviate that for you.
You work with us,
and everything happens on
this side of the border.
You minimize risk, maximize profit.
But we want the prisons back.
Here's the deal.
I want ten times this
in the next few days
or else I do what I was hired to do,
which is protect the
LNG's northern concerns.
Which means I come back here
and I murder
- either of you love.
- But we get the prisons back.
We'll see.
You wanted my attention. You got it.
You want to replace the LNG?
Those are the numbers.
Welcome to the big time, kids.
- This is a bad fucking idea.
- No, it's not.
They put a gun up to my child's head
and you drag me out here to make
a deal with this motherfucker?
- You didn't need me.
- You're the only one I need.
And fuck him.
Let's make that
motherfucker work for us.
That's how we win.
Oh, how we win?
You know how fucking
crazy you sound right now?
- You know how crazy all this shit is?
- I do.
How the fuck we gonna get
ten times that much fentanyl
- in three days?
- I have no fucking idea,
but now we have no choice.
This is a prepaid call from
[CREEPER] Creeper.
[FEMALE VOICE] an inmate from
Niland Correctional Facility.
Please wait while we
- Hank?
- Hey, brother.
I got great news.
We're gonna be back on top.
We got a problem.
- We got a fucking rat.
- What?
- Yo, can you hear me?
Hang on. What was that?
I said there's a fucking rat.
There's a fucking rat in the club.

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