Mayans M.C. (2018) s05e04 Episode Script

I See the Black Light


[BOTTLES] Ten minutes
before security sweep.
[PIPER] You remember Marlon?
You were working with him
on the Galindo Agra Park.
His mother doesn't think
it was a suicide, so
Who did you hire to
murder Marlon Buksar?
Whoa, whoa, whoa, what the f?
This is the last time I'll
ever ask something of you.
- What do you need?
- I need a car that won't stick out.
I need it parked at
the Food4Cheap on Union,
right outside of the service exit
on the south side of the parking lot.
[MIGUEL] Soledad and I
have found common ground,
and we hope that you will join us.
What is it that Lincoln Potter wants?
Potter has sent us here.
But if we band together,
we'll finally have autonomy
from the U. S. government.
[EDUARDO] Let's fuck
the americanos together.
If you really want to help me,
you said there was a rat,
I need you to find out who it is.
- Hey, brother.
- We got a problem.
There's a fucking rat in the club.
[EZ] The cook's unaccounted for.
Go find him.
And we pay you, pay more than the LNG.
- Okay. Okay, okay.
- [EZ] Bottles.
You help him.
- [EZ] What's going on?
- We got something for you, Prez.
He says we can make another one of these
with what we brought back from Mexico.
I say we're in business.
You want to replace the LNG?
Here's the deal.
I want ten times this
in the next few days,
or else I do what I was hired to do.
How the fuck are we gonna get
ten times that much fentanyl
- in three days?
- I have no fucking idea,
but now we have no choice.
- [YONG] You're late.
- [BISHOP] Yeah, well,
it's a little fucking early for us.
- You said you needed quantity.
- Ain't that what you got?
This? You think getting this
shit into the country is easy?
You got to make this worth his while.
- Then add another 50.
- [ANGEL] Yo, EZ.
You have any idea what I had
to do to get him to see you?
[BISHOP] Hey, do you have
any idea what I did for you?
- There's nothing I can do.
- 75.
This is fucked. You said we'd do this.
And you said you guys were for real.
- What about guns?
Fuck me.
12 crates.
Untraceable. Russian dead stock.
Worth double what you got on that list.
Especially with governmental
gun control in Mainland China.
That wasn't so hard,
was it?
[BISHOP] Just want to remind you
we're in the middle of a war.
Maybe we could've used
those fucking guns.
[ANGEL] We only got
those three crates now.
We don't win the pipeline, no
amount of guns will save us.
When I spoke to Creep,
he said something.
Something that's not
for everyone's ears.
The fuck you looking at me for?
This is the inner circle, no secrets.
One of our brothers is
working with the Feds.
We have a rat.

And how'd he find out? How
do we even know it's true?
Someone told him inside.
He believes it, so I believe it.
Then we better all fucking believe it.
Find that motherfucker.
- Keep this between us.
- Fuck that. We got to do something about it.
We keep it close until we
figure out how to handle it.
Right now we get these chemicals home.
Right now we survive.

Are you honestly doing his meal prep?
Two weeks to State.
God knows what his dad feeds him.
Taco Bell and Snickers bars.
Mom, I can't find my other singlet!
[RAE] Volume.
[WHISPERS] Mom, I can't
find my other singlet.
Where'd you last have it?
- It's so stupid when people say that.
Don't talk to your mom like that.
- Am I wrong?
- I'm not saying
it's particularly smart to say, okay?
Go check your dirty clothes basket.
- Hey, man.
- Hey.
- Jacob will be right out.
- [JACOB] Mom! I still can't find it!
[CHUCKLES] Sorry, it's
a madhouse in there.
Jacob, hurry up! Your dad's here!
- How you been?
- Good. I
I got nothing to complain
about. How about you?
All good, bro.
So tell me, bro, y-you
fucking my wife yet?
A little blast from the
past for old time's sake?
Hey! There's my beast!
- How's my dude?
- Good.
It was in the dirty clothes basket.
Hey, Paul. He's got
wrestling practice tomorrow.
Oh, I know. We got to
make weight for State.
[SNIFFLES] You look good.
Be good for your dad.
[SOFTLY] Come on, buddy.
Bye, Gilly.
Bye, little man.


Ah, here you go.
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
Hi, Daddy.
What do you guys have
planned for the day?
Gonna go to the park and
then the grocery store.
I thought you went to
the store yesterday.
I want to make Bolognese.
Mmm. Bolognese, huh?
Isn't that still your daddy's favorite?
- Yeah.
- Mm-hmm.
Luis and Maria will have to go with you.
I already let them know.
I have to go south today, so
You won't be back for dinner?
No way I'd miss it.
- Ready for the park?
- Yeah.
Yeah? All right. Let's get this shoe on.
[SOFÍA] You ready to go home, Chopper?
Meet your new family?
You let them know how
lucky they are to have you.
Girl, how have you got the time
to get all of these hotties?
[CHUCKLES] I know, he's a babe.
No, I mean the human hottie up front.
I just heard him ask for you.

Tell him
I'm not here.
Hey, man, we're gonna take a break,
so you mind just keeping an eye
on the shed for a little bit so?
- What the fuck'd you say?
- Nothing.
Don't tell me what to do, prospect.
[BOTTLES] No, no, I'm sorry.
Just, EZ said to make
sure someone's always
keeping an eye on-on the shed and
and to give Elio a lot of breaks
so we don't overwork him.
Fuck it.
We go.
- Go?
- Now. We [SLAPS HANDS] run.
No more prisioneros.
No, man. I'm not a prisoner.
No. I know that looked bad, all right?
But that-that was just
like part of being a family.
You know?
No. No familia.
When I was little,
I had to constantly
have surgeries and stuff.
Didn't really have a lot of, you know,
amigos growing up.
Was stuck inside,
watching everybody else get to live.
Like, 43 surgeries
starting at the age of six.
So that
that bullshit, it can't break me.
Plus, when I patch in,
first thing I'll do is
knock that motherfucker out.
Knock a motherfucker out.
Knock motherfucker out.
[LAUGHS] Fucking A, right.
- Tenedor. Tenedor.
- Yeah. Sí, sí. Tenedor.
- Cuchillo.
- ¿"Cuchillo"?
- "Cu-chi-llo." Knife, knife.
- Are you messing with me, man?
There's no way that's not a dirty word.
Hey! There's been an accident.
There's been an accident.
Hey, I got her.
- [ELIO] ¿Es doctora?
- Dude, I'm a fucking vet tech. Call 911.
[SOFÍA] Don't just fucking stand there.
- Call 911 and get me some rags.
- Okay, okay. All right.
Yo, yo, yo, yo.
The fuck was that from before?
Does Creeper know?
We don't know that it's about me.
Who the fuck else could it be?
He said he heard it from
someone on the inside.
Is this some Jay-Jay shit coming back?
I handled that. I'll handle this.
Oh, fuck, fuck.
Move, move.
- Move, man.
- Hey, what the fuck, prospect?
I need rags.
- Dude!
- [NESTOR] Yo, what's up?
- I need rags. I need rags.
- Dude, what the fuck?
Jesus, man, here.
Get the fuck out of the way.
Bottles! What the fuck is going on?
It's Lobo. He's dying.
Where are the fucking rags?
[SOFÍA] Okay. Okay.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
How far out are the paramedics?
What did they say?
Is anyone coming?
Someone fucking call 911!
EZ, fucking do something.
Fucking do something.

- What the fuck happened?
- I don't know, man.
- We just came back, we found him like this.
- [GUERO] There's a sign.
There's a fucking sign
right there, fucking dumbass.
Yeah, well, he must've touched something
- or-or breathed it in.
- Breathed? [STAMMERS]
We got to be worrying about
fucking breathing right?
Yo, should we even be fucking
standing here right now?
Our brother lying on the
fucking ground right here?
We can't stop.
What you mean can't stop?
Yo, man, look at this shit.
How the fuck are we
supposed to win a war
when we ain't even safe
in our own fucking club?
[GILLY] Nowhere's safe with this shit.
You're all worried about one?
We don't make good on this
deal, we've killed everyone here.
We need to get this shit
off the premises now.
Hey, where the fuck you going?
lying dead on a bathroom floor.
And now this.
Look, we don't know
who's responsible for
Are you as fucking
blind as you are stupid?
I'll remind you,
it's been at least 24 hours.
These are your men.
And for 24 hours, your people
have thought to do everything
but call and inform you.
We're so far behind the curve now,
we may never know who's responsible.
So let me talk with Eduardo.
I let you do the talking last time.
This conversation is mine now.

[JUDGE] You are arguing
this was, in fact, a gift
and not a loan.
Very interesting. Let's proceed.
[MAN] Your Honor, we were friends.
I trusted her.
I have text messages where
she promised to pay me back.
[WOMAN] Please. He knows
I was joking, Your Honor.
He could never take a joke,
even when we were together.
[JUDGE] All right, that's enough.
My courtroom is not your
- Can't stay inside watching TV all day, Ma.
So, you made any friends?
I think you may be, uh
You don't eat. You sleep all day.
You need to get out, get some exercise.
Why do I need exercise
if I'm not eating?
Just humor me, Ma.
Looks like there's an art class.
- You could do that.
You know I can't draw.
[WOMAN] Good job, everybody.
I don't think it's a requirement.
[WOMAN] Here we go. Three, two, one.
Come on, Robert.
I know you can get your
arms higher than that.
[NAILS] Good job, everyone.
One more.
Yeah, well, change is hard.
You know, especially at her age.
She'll get more comfortable.
Just takes some time.
How's your knee?
Making some progress.
Yeah. That night was crazy.
It was all crazy.
So, how are you doing?
I mean, for real.
It took me a minute
to figure it all out.
Your world is tough to be in.
And somehow even
tougher to stay away from.
But I'm good now.
I'm good.
I really like working here, and
Keeps my mind off my own shit.
Oh, he's cute, Stephanie.
I should get back to my mom.
See you around.
- Whoa.
Hey, buddy.
Yeah, I came prepared this time.
You want some of that?
Where is it?
I know it's here,
it's here. Here you go.
- There you go.
- [CHIP] You got a death wish?
I need to see her.
I don't give a fuck what you need.
You call the shots here?
I take the shots, motherfucker.
Johnny Panic's gonna want
to hear what I have to say.
You make something go bad for her
I'll make everything go bad for you.
You came alone. You're
real dumb or real brave.
Oh, shit. [CHUCKLES]
You're a boy.
You don't know the difference.
You don't have a prospect
to do this for you?
We do equal work around here.
We don't punish. We don't humiliate.
I want to elevate my
sisters, not crush them.
Plus, there's always some sucker
waiting to get Tom Sawyered.
My attention isn't free.
Sift the straw and
keep the apples on top.
Iron War.
I thought we had this conversation.
- I can help.
- We discussed that, too.
I have three crates of guns for you.
Along with an offer that
will make you all rich.
Sounds a lot like "will
get us all killed."
Did you get in this
life to live forever?
I'm gonna die, I hope it's
on my terms, not yours.
Your club listen to you?
- They do.
- They agree with you?
Not always.
We still got to do
what's right for them.
If we start to think
about each particle,
we fail the mass.
Yeah, I read a book once, too.
Don't really need to tell everyone
every chance I get, though.
- What book was that?
- I don't remember.
It was fucking boring. I'm
more of a tactile learner.
And, boy, your hands are soft.

My hands are covered in blood.
It's fucking getting exhausting.
You know, that's the first honest
thing you've ever said to me.
First time you haven't
tried to sell me something.
You have a lot of women
here you need to keep safe.
And a lot of people want to do you harm.
There's only two things
that buy you safety:
guns and money.
I'm trying to sell you both.
All I ask is that you hear me out.

Come on.
- Can I help you?
- Hey, I'm looking for Kevin Jimenez.
He's not here.
Uh, do you have any
idea where he might be?
I-I really need to talk with him.
Listen, I took care of all his debts.
The bank cleared my name,
so you can tell whoever
sent you out here to
I'm not here, uh, about money.
I-I'm an agent
Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms.
[SCOFFS] Right.
Now you come.
Now the Feds fucking come.
I called every day for three years,
trying to get someone to talk to me,
to tell me where he is.
No one listened.
No one gave a shit!
Do you
Do you have information?
Look, I don't I don't know
where your husband is,
but I think that he was
involved with some bad people.
So maybe we can help each other.
- You ready?
- Mm-hmm.
- Okay. Okay. Let's go.
Okay, ready?
- Ready. Whoa. [MUMBLES]
- Oh.
- I feel like a machine.
So, I'll grab the celery and onions.
Can you grab the white wine? And, Luis,
can you go to the deli and
get the ground and pancetta.
We should stay together.
We can do this so much
faster if we divvy up.
It's fine. I'll grab the wine, too.
Shit, I'm an idiot. I, uh, forgot eggs.
We have eggs.
I-I just want to make a cake tonight.
- Funfetti, baby? Yeah?
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- We should have enough.
I don't want to come all the
way back here if we don't.
I don't want to be here all day.
I just want to go home and take a nap.
Could you watch Cristóbal?
- Maybe take him to the park. Would that be okay?
- Yeah.
Please, let's just get through
this list and get out of here.
Will you grab the vanilla
frosting and sprinkles?

One, two, three, four.
[WOMAN] Murderer!
You murdered my son.
This woman killed my son!
- Murderer.
Mrs. Galindo, you all right?
- Come with me.
- [WOMAN] This woman
- Let's go.
- killed my son.
You won't get away with it.
You won't fucking get away with it!
[BOTTLES] Get on the fucking ground!
- [MAN] I know someone in there.
- [BOTTLES] On the fucking ground!
[MAN] I know someone inside.
[BOTTLES] Get on the fucking ground.
[MAN] Chill out, all right?
I know someone in there.
- Shut up.
- Bottles, what are you doing?
- You know him?
- Yes.
What the fuck, man?
I got it from here.
- You sure?
- Yeah.
[SIGHS HEAVILY] This place is a trip.
I mean, how the hell did
You're right. [SNIFFLES]
I don't want to know.
What are you doing here?
You never wrote me back.
I wrote you every month
when you were in there.
I never read them.
That's tough to hear.
You cut us all out.
What a heavy burden to carry alone.
I had my parents,
and-and I had my faith.
What do you want?
I had to work
really hard to forgive myself.
You weren't there.
That's what I had to forgive myself for,
for not being there when
And I forgive you.
- I forgive you, Sofía.
- [BOTTLES] Hey.
- You need to go.
- You need to forgive yourself.
- Sof
- Hey, you need to go now. Go.
- [TONY] All right. Sof!
- [BOTTLES] You need to go.
- Sof.
- Hey, go, man.

Round my head, and
I'm spinning around ♪
We're going down,
down, we're going down ♪
We're going down ♪
Bone deth, deth, deth, deth ♪
There's a fever in the air,
and it's hotter than hell ♪
Down in a valley
where the angels fell ♪
We're going down ♪
Going down ♪
Bone deth, deth, deth, deth ♪
Bone deth, deth, deth, deth ♪
Bone deth, deth, deth, deth ♪
Bone deth, deth, deth, deth ♪
Bone deth, deth, deth, deth ♪
Bone deth, deth, deth, deth ♪
Bone deth, deth, deth ♪
Bone deth. ♪
I just got word from Otero.
Samdino hit Yuma. The
war's spread to Arizona.
What the fuck happened?
They got Smiley when he
was out with his old lady.
They fucking shot him in the back.
Jumping over Santo Padre to Yuma
means they're circling
us. Tightening the noose.
And here we are about to
be empty-fucking-handed.
With you giving up the last of
our guns to these fucking girls.
You all wanted it off the
property, so here we are.
That was the cost.
They had a need, we had a need.
The good news is no one's
gonna find it out here.
And come Friday,
we're gonna be able to buy
back ten times that arsenal.
Isaac can surround us all he wants.
The next time they come knocking,
we're gonna be fucking ready.
Hey. Bottles?
He had to stay behind
and watch the clubhouse.
Bottles not here, man.
- Amigos.
- Whatever, man.
What's Mother gonna say about this?

Should we say something?
I I didn't really like him.
Nobody liked him.
Fuck no.
But he was a brother.
Now we're burying him in the dirt.
Where the fuck else
you gonna bury someone?
You know what I mean.
Yo, you're the OG, man.
- What's your take on all this?
- [GILLY] Fuck.
I used to be the new kid.
Shit happened fast.
Lobo was a pain in the ass.
But he's our brother.
It hurts to see him go,
especially like this.
- And EZ?
- EZ's my fucking brother.
And if he says this
is the sacrifice that leads to victory,
I got to believe him.
I've lost a lot of brothers.
Way before the club.
Still losing them.
People I've gone to hell with.
[SNIFFS] Some you bury in the ground.
Some you bury in your
Anyone else hungry?

- Mmm.
- Mmm.
I think he's, like, finally down.
Like, for real.
Ugh. Shit.
What's wrong?
I'm thinking about my father.
He took me to the
beach when I was little.
Before I was old enough to swim.
He'd take me to the edge of the water
and lift me up when the big waves came.
I remember the ocean being
so loud, so big.
But I wasn't scared. [BREATHES SHAKILY]
Because I knew he was holding me.
When he'd lift me up there
I think
that's the last time that I
ever felt safe.
We have to make sure Maverick
always feels like we have him.
Always feels safe.
He will.
We can't just say it, Angel.
The world is ugly and dangerous.
And we need to protect him.
We need to protect him from it.
Hey. Hey, hey, hey.
I got him.
And I got you.
[SOFTLY] I got you.
- Hey. Hey.
- You motherfucker!
- Okay, okay.
- You motherfucker.
- Hey, hey, hey.
Hey. I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
Do you not realize how fucking
triggering that was for me?
I pulled her out. I held her.
I tried
I tried to save her and I couldn't.
I couldn't do it.
- Okay.
I'm sorry.
I should've told you.
But the club's in a bad way.
I'm doing everything I can
to hold things together.
- Now, what happened today
- Didn't have to happen.
It didn't have to happen, but it did.
Now that shit's off the premises.
No more secrets.
[JIMENEZ ON TAPE] I hope you're
keeping your head straight.
[EZ] Hey, you point that
noble concern at my old man.
He's the one carrying
the weight of this.
Now, no more secret meat locker chats.
[JIMENEZ] You don't
get to make that call.
Shit happens, players change.
There's no formula here.
- You got to stay fluid.
- [EZ] What the fuck does that mean?
- My deal doesn't change.
- [JIMENEZ] You killed a cop.
Your deal was a gift.
And I'm the one that made it happen.
So if I say jump, you say, "How high?"
- [EZ] Fuck you.
[JIMENEZ] Galindo's son was kidnapped.
[EZ] I was gonna put
it in the next drop.
[JIMENEZ] I know you think I'm a prick.
Second cousins or not. But
I want you to win here, EZ.
To walk away from this with the
life you were supposed to have.
Second cousins or not. But
I want you to win here, EZ.
To walk away from this with the
life you were supposed to have.

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