Mayans M.C. (2018) s05e05 Episode Script

I Want Nothing but Death

Only reason you're still here, dawg,
'cause I covered for you and
your Meth Mountain bullshit.
When I spoke to Creep, someone
told him inside we have a rat.
want you to win here, EZ.
[KATIE] I'm looking for Kevin Jimenez.
I called every day for three years
trying to get someone to talk to me.
I think that he was involved
with some bad people.
- [SOLEDAD] This is war.
- [MIGUEL] We may never know who's responsible,
- so let me talk with Eduardo.
We have found some inconsistencies
in your accounting.
It would be a pity
for everything we've worked for
to end up flushed.
Did you just threaten me?
Oh, golly, no.
- [HOPE] We can't stay.
- [LETICIA] Oh, my God.
- You don't understand. That guy
- Butterfly? [SCOFFS]
You're scared of some dirty hippie
- named Butterfly?
- Listen, if he's here, then
- that means I'm not here.
- Fuck Meth Mountain.
I ain't scared of those motherfuckers.
If your brothers hadn't
tried to murder mine that day,
we wouldn't be here right now
having this fascinating discussion.
I hope you have baking soda.
The funny thing she said to me ♪
"I could see you giving me a child" ♪
But your roaming eye ♪
You're gonna give them what is mine ♪
How you come with the day ♪
And you leave with the night ♪
Yeah, your lips taste like honey ♪
You okay?! You okay?!
But I know you,
you're drinking wine ♪
Yeah, baby.
Fuck yeah.
No, no, no, no!
Hey, hey, hey, hey! Hey, hey, hey.
No, no. No, no. No, no,
no, no, no! Hey, hey
Call an ambulance!
Call a fucking ambulance!
[BOTTLES] Put your hands up!
Fucking hands up!
I didn't realize Charming's
puppet strings were this long.
We ain't nobody's puppet club.
Just here out of respect,
to have a conversation.
Heard the Mayans were getting
out of the distro business.
Running a new game.
All right. You right, you right,
that's that ain't why I'm here.
Well, let's get to the part
where you say why you are here.
This war that you in.
It's killing the culture, man.
If you're not a puppet, why
you here on their business?
Grim Bastards are my only business.
Dead Sons, dead Mayans
don't make me no difference.
But now
you're bringing heat on the rest of us.
I mean, leaving bodies on the freeway.
Shooting up each other
in the hospital. I mean
I mean, y'all motherfuckers
can't stay off the 6:00 news.
Y-You just begging for a RICO case.
No one's knocked on my door.
You don't get it, son. [SCOFFS]
The Feds don't come to you
unless they know they got you.
They are building a case.
And they do not lose.
I do not lose son.
Now, this war didn't end too well
for the Mayans the last time.
Well, it's a different club, isn't it?
Dead weight's gone.
And we do not bend.
We do not surrender.
You know, the Mayans and
the Bastards have a, um
deep, deep history.
Our clubs have history. You and I don't.
So tell me what the fuck you want.
All right.
We will facilitate
peace talks on neutral ground.
Delegates from the Mayans,
delegates from the Sons.
No bullshit. No bloodshed.
If I trust you, which I don't
I'd still have to trust
that motherfucker Isaac,
which I definitely do not.
When I heard about
this, um, that bullshit
that that dude, um, Isaac has done,
I get it, man. I get it.
But what if this could all end?
And I'm not talking about
no flowers and romance shit.
I'm talking about saving the lives of
folks in this barroom right now.
less heat from the Feds for us.
Yeah ♪
Catch me if you can ♪
My, my, my ♪
I'm a hungry man. ♪
Yo. We need to talk.
Fuck is all this about?
Look, whatever you and your
brother EZ think you're doing,
it needs to stop now.
Am I supposed to know what
the fuck you're talking about?
I was just in Santa Madre.
Do you have any idea
the damage heat can do
to a body in just 24 hours?
Can't get the stench off my skin.
It's depressing,
what maggots can do
to somebody's husband.
Someone's brother.
Someone's son.
A little boy saw you, Angel.
You're careless.
You're always so careless.
Fuck do you know? You don't know me.
You're right, I don't.
But I've watched you.
Looped over and over
on security footage.
Or did you not think there'd
be any fucking cameras
at the warehouse?
So why'd you set the fire?
Why'd you burn down
your brother's dream?
I'm not looking to get you killed.
If I did, you'd already be dead.
You get Ezekiel to stop
whatever the fuck he thinks
he's doing with the fentanyl.
And I'll convince Soledad
to come back around.
EZ doesn't listen to me.
Well, there must be
someone he will listen to.
So you do your part, Angel.
Convince him.
maybe all the secrets can stay safe.
[BISHOP] My God, Berdoo at midnight?
That ain't no fucking scenic
drive, let me tell you.
You got fucking meth heads
right there on the corner
giving out hand jobs like
it's Black fucking Friday.
- Anyway,
anyway, we finally roll
up on these motherfuckers,
I shit you not, at a motherfucking
Bunny Scoops Ice Cream, bro.
Fucking sprinkle cones, the whole deal.
Cutest shit you ever seen, right?
Now, most motherfuckers in
their right mind would be like,
"You know what?
I'm-a let this poor fuck
finish his cookies and cream."
Right? Nah. This motherfucker,
he lines 'em up, bro, and,
boom, blasts this fool, dude.
Spills 31 flavors all
over the concrete, man.
Fucking beautiful.
But the whole ride home?
All I can think, "I got
to get back down there.
Go get that fucking hand job."
Yo, I want to bring
something to the table.
I joined this club for the brotherhood.
Honestly, I love everyone at this table.
And the brothers we've
lost or are locked up
who used to sit here with us.
But I ain't no drug dealer.
Fucking fentanyl?
That shit is a fucking cancer.
We all saw what happened with Lobo.
We all have friends and family
that we have lost to this shit.
And I am sorry, bro,
but the fucking cartel?
This shit is fucking crazy.
It has to stop.
has to stop.
Alvarez dictated.
And I don't want to lead that way.
You're right, Angel.
This shit's fucking awful.
But we are in a war we have to win.
And there is no room
for a moral cause in war.
The most moral thing that we can do
is annihilate those who wish us harm.
By any means necessary.
But I leave it all up to you.
Now you see what we can do.
And know that the money in
front of you is just the start.
Fuck. I'm good. [LAUGHS]
- Backing up that money truck.
You realize those have
probably been in at least,
like, a hundred strippers'
sweaty ass cracks?
God, I hope so.
I fucking hope so.
What are you thinking about
this Grim Bastards offer?
There's a chance we show up
and the Sons back down.
Agree to peace on our terms.
And there's a chance we
show up and it's a setup.
What do you think, Bish?
You know Lucky better than I do.
He's stand-up. Everybody knows it.
He says something, it means something.
Trust him.
Anyone else?
If you OGs back this dude, I trust you.
With my life.
Fuck it, I'm down for the ride.
All right.
Tonight we go to L. A.
Turn this shit up.
- Drinks on me, baby!
- Thanks, EZ.
- How's your mom doing?
She settling in okay?
It's been an adjustment.
She's trying.
This will help a lot.
Is there an update from Creeper?
He's got a bead on it.
Says he's close, so
whoever this rat is, we'll get him.
Neron, we don't have a lot of time.
They took my badge.
I got in today on a favor,
but I don't want to burn my friend.
Have you heard of Kevin Jimenez?
Is that the rat?
DEA agent.
His signature was on every one
of the CI's redacted case files.
What's that got to do with the club?
He's dead.
I think whoever protected the CI,
they wanted it buried.
And whoever else knew along with it.
This is big, Neron.
Scary big.
So who's the fucking CI?
Who's the rat?
Tell me.
EZ Reyes.
No, it's not.
It's fucking not.
Go back. Find out who it is.
I searched through fucking everything.
All of the CI's redacted documents,
all of the court documents.
I went to Kevin Jimenez's fucking widow.
And it turns out that Jimenez and EZ
are cousins.
It's all on tape. I heard it myself.
Why the fuck do you do it?
What do you get out of
torturing me?
I'm not trying to hurt you.
I'm just telling you the truth.
Like, think about it.
No one's released early
from a charge like that.
He went to prison for killing a cop.
- Ready to go.
Neron, I'm sorry, I
I don't fucking understand,
I did everything you asked me to do.
Ready to go?
Neron, I lost my fucking job.
Fuck, Neron, I did everything
you fucking asked me to do!
Tell Smokey I need to see him.
Could've swore there was
a beer in here somewhere.
You don't like dogs?
No, they're, uh
So, what's up?
How are things with you and EZ?
I'd say that's mine and EZ's business.
Sorry, I'm not trying to, uh, be nosy.
No, I'm just curious.
How is my brother doing?
You should ask him.
You see him every day.
That thing with Lobo
That was fucking awful.
You saw it. I [SIGHS]
I don't understand why EZ doesn't see
You have to get him to stop.
Just tell him to stop all of it.
The-the-the fucking fentanyl?
Yo, EZ's gonna get us all hurt.
Even you.
What does that mean?
It means you need to
fucking get him to stop.
You should go, Angel.
I'm sorry, that
I'm sorry.
I don't know what the
fuck I'm even doing here.
[CHUCKLES] You know, I
should've just fucking burnt
all that fucking shit down.
I should've just fucking burned
all this fucking shit down, too.
- What does that mean?
- Oh, my fucking God.
What does that mean? Angel!
[KNOCKING] Knock knock.
I'd like to say this is unexpected.
Jesus, you have a shitty view.
You don't envy my
mediocre watercolor of some
random marsh?
Well, I have an actual window,
so I get unobstructed views
of the Pacific over Coronado.
Well, you're an asshole.
Lincoln Potter came
to see you, I assume?
Not, uh, not Potter himself.
And what did these
individuals have to say?
Trust me, you don't want to know.
Uh, I think the fact that I'm asking
is evidence that I
indeed do want to know.
Officially, they want to make sure
- that our allocated funds aren't being spent
- Unofficially.
They told me
"put that bitch on a leash."
And this came from?
As high up as can be expected.
- Ah.
- Look, I know
- this makes you want to sink your teeth
- Oh, hell yes, it does.
This means something is here.
I see that motherfucker,
and he knows it.
- He's scared, and
- I just don't want a mess.
Let's be clear, Dan.
Are you asking me not to do my job?
I wouldn't waste that breath.
But you're poking around a
very powerful, very effective
and thus very protected individual.
I'm not asking you to not do your job,
just to be careful that we keep ours.
I'm making my first move today.
Maybe it was a misunderstanding, but
when we discussed embarking upon
a peace treaty with Eduardo,
it did not mean
dragging a carving
knife over his jugular
in front of his
kindergarten-aged daughter.
Let me explain.
Keeping order from devolving
into chaos is complex.
It's a It's the
Black Swan pas de deux,
not a drunken mosh pit.
We had your meeting. We sat
across from that disgusting man.
And while our palms were still
clammy from shaking his hand,
he'd already killed one of my soldiers
and raided one of our establishments.
Clearly as a fuck you
to me, to Miguel and you.
you haven't told her.
In an ironic twist, Goliath,
um, excuse me
it was David's stone and sling
that hit your cookhouse.
What is this motherfucker talking about?
[LINCOLN] The Mayans.
Look, we don't know for
sure. I was just following up.
Come on.
What else were you
doing with them today?
Cartel tai chi?
I was making inquiries.
To see if it was possible
they knew something.
You followed me?
I own you, Miguel.
I own you, your mannequin family,
your little glass house.
I took it all away from you
once with a phone call, remember?
And then I built it all back
up again with another one.
Everything you have, everything
begins and ends with me, motherfucker.
Do not forget that.
People who forget that suffer.
Entire families suffer.
Do you know why his penis was so tiny?
Michelangelo's David.
A tiny penis was seen as a sign
of intellectual superiority.
They believed only, uh,
savages were well-hung.
What the fuck does that
have to do with anything?
It's just sad.
To think back then I would have
been dismissed as a barbarian.
Ah. There's some progress.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Oh, mama
No, stop.
- Look, I'm so big.
- Oh, stop.
Girl, if I looked half as good
as you when I was pregnant,
I would have been modeling
Victoria's Secrets.
Oh, please.
You're perfect. Stop it.
- You look great.
- Thank you.
So good to see you.
Um, so You know what? Excuse me.
- I-I'll be right back.
- You okay?
- Yeah, yeah, okay.
- Okay.
Oh, great, thank you for coming.
Thank you so much for coming.
Someone's gonna call the cops
if you keep having so much fun.
I'm having fun.
Honey, come on.
You're sitting here by yourself.
Did you know about this?
Marcus, come on.
Please don't do this.
Tessa. Santi. Let's go, huh?
[TESSA] Dad, no.
I said let's go.
Hey, primo, you leaving?
I'm sorry, Obispo. He's just not ready.
Thank you.
Come on, mija.
Hurry up.
I'm sorry, but let's go.
You good?
Yeah. Yeah.
Well, thank you for coming.
Wouldn't miss it.
So, are you ready?
As I'll ever be.
Obispo, this is my son.
Uh, wait here.
Your daughter's birthday?
Yeah, the youngest. She just turned one.
It's a good age.
My mom said you served?
- You?
- Yeah.
But I'm sure she already told you that.
She did.
- Here she is.
- [RICHIE] Here's the little cutie.
- The little birthday monster.
- Hi.
- Hi, sweetie.
- Hi.
- Here.
- Take her.
- Take her.
- Uh
- Yeah.
- Take her.
Hey. Oh.
Wow, isn't she something?
Yeah, she's really something.
- God bless you American lovers ♪
Holding hands in
atomic summers, yeah ♪
Out here in the middle of the forest ♪
No one hears you and no one calls us ♪
Spotlight on the sounds of glory ♪
With a cool 45 and a cigarette
hanging from your lips, yeah ♪
And someday, bro, you will
find the man of your dreams ♪
A tall motherfucker with
diamonds and things, yeah ♪
I could never call it for
you, girl, yeah, yeah, yeah ♪
She goes, all my life
is a chemical dream ♪
All my life is a chemical dream ♪
- All my life is a chemical dream ♪
All my life is a chemical dream ♪
- And it's honestly ♪
- All my life is a chemical dream ♪
It's all ♪
[LETICIA] You've been
served, motherfucker!
All my life is a chemical dream ♪
- Yeah, I tried my best ♪
- All my life is a chemical dream ♪
All my life is a chemical dream. ♪
[SMOKEY] This is an interesting twist.
I got your message.
But you missed.
I don't miss.
If you weren't supposed to be
standing here, you wouldn't be.
Who is it?
You said there was a rat in my club.
Who is it?
I respect you going
back out on the yard.
Mayans getting pushed out of chiva
I ain't got no use for you now, homie.
I ain't going nowhere, homie.
You said there was a rat in my club.
I need to know who it is
- to make it right.
When I was in High Desert,
my cousin Jay-Jay, mi primo,
was calling the shots up in Stockton.
Took a shine to this youngster.
Brought him into the car to program.
Then, one night, this fool
he gets rolled up and he
disappears like a ghost.
In for murder, but suddenly
he's back on the street,
running with you guys?
When my cousin got out, we would talk.
I'd look forward to it.
Even if he was always
crying about how hard it is.
Talking to a man doing
all day and night,
and this little bitch is crying about
trying to get a job while on paper.
I just need to know the name.
One day,
Jay-Jay starts talking about
how he reconnected with that homeboy,
who was doing time for killing a cop.
he's calling shots for the Mayans.
Jay-Jay said he had a plan.
He's gonna do right by his old lady,
see his girls.
Was gonna press this fool EZ Reyes.
Then the calls stopped.
That was the last time
anyone heard from him.
One shot.
You make it,
I'll lift that green
light on you, homie.
Vargas. Visitor.
Next time.
Hey, bro.
You good, man?
You don't got to worry about anything.
The club will continue to
put money on your books.
Sorry I haven't come out.
I know what it's like
when they stop calling
your name for visits.
When they stop calling
your name for mail call.
Trip up to Stockton was hard for my pop.
Yeah, it's a long way, and
and he had the shop.
And my brother. [SCOFFS]
Well, the few times he came out
that meant a lot to me.
Hey. We're getting back
on top on the outside.
You're gonna feel the
impact in here soon.
All right? No more looking
over your shoulder
"If you bleed
I'll bleed beside you.
If you tire
I will carry you."
We made you a king.
And you ain't nothing but a fucking rat.
I'm about to take this club
to heights it's never seen.
If we stop that now, our brothers
will have died for nothing.
They've already died for nothing.
For lies.
My life is over.
I've thrown it away
for your fucking lies.
I fucking believed in you.
Believe in me just a little bit longer.
We are on the verge of greatness.
This is too important.
Too many lives are at risk.
I'm gonna get word to Hank.
I'm gonna burn all this shit down.
Sorry, brother.
Creep, get off me!
- Guards!
Guards, help me!
Get off me!
Get him off me. Aah!
Get him off me! Help me! Help me!
- Get him off me!
Help me, help me! Aah!
- Get him off me.
- [GUARD] Get off him!
[CREEPER] I didn't touch him!
I didn't touch him!
I didn't fucking touch him!
I didn't touch him!
I didn't touch him!
Tessa, take Santi inside.
Did I do something bad?
No, sweetheart.
Not at all.
Come on, Santi.
You know, I-I've
I've given you enough time
to grieve for your old life.
But you're about to
lose your new life, too.
I won't live like this.
I won't raise our kids like this.
So it's your choice.
Look, Izzy, I'm
So be here.
Or lose us.
[EMILY] Do you have children?
Society's wired us to feel
that I'm missing out on something,
but [LAUGHS]
I don't think I am.
I think all you're missing
out on are sleepless nights.
[LAUGHS] Thankfully, I
still have plenty of those.
Do you regret having children?
That's a very strange
question to ask a mother.
I'm just curious. Aside
from adequate rest,
I just, I'm wondering
what it is I'm missing.
I guess maybe
just a deep, primal love
that is completely out of your control.
That [SIGHS]
That sounds more painful than enjoyable.
Yeah. Yeah, it's terrifying.
But it's freeing
to love something so
much more than yourself.
I think motherhood is
too often thought of
as this soft thing.
No one mentions the
lengths you'll go to,
the darkness you are capable of,
to keep your child safe.
Your husband
Is right here.
Ah, Mr. Galindo.
Your wife and child have been graciously
keeping me company.
It was lovely
chatting with you, Mrs. Galindo.
Emily. Please call me Emily.
Beautiful family.
Thank you. And you are?
Patricia Devlin, Deputy
Assistant Inspector General,
Investigations Division, O.
I. G., San Diego Field Office.
- That's quite the title.
- Mm.
May I ask you what
brings you to my house?
Do you happen to know
the DOJ's monthly
spend on this property?
and 26 cents.
That number and a few
others have brought me here.
If you have a warrant,
I'd love to see it.
If not, maybe this is a conversation
more suited for my attorneys
Oh, please.
Let's sit. [CHUCKLES]
Don't worry.
Your sins are out of my jurisdiction.
I don't know how much
you know about the
Inspector General's office,
but we only investigate
Your own.
[CHUCKLES] Well, not my own.
I don't care what badge
or nameplate you have.
If you're a bad actor,
not one of mine.
Don't get me wrong, Mr. Galindo,
I know you're a bad man.
And unlike the cynics
I think bad men will always fall.
And you will fall.
The best you have to hope for
is several hundred years in prison.
I believe there's someone much worse.
And if you help us, if you help
enlighten us into the
special relationship
the two of you have
then I am here to offer you
the possibility of
getting out in time
for your son's wedding.
Is that your sales pitch?
To offer a free man a cage?
You actually think you're free?
It'll take just one little rock
and your little glass house
will come crashing down.
A trigger is being
squeezed, Mr. Galindo.
I am here
to give you a chance to choose
which side of the
barrel you want to be on.
Metaphorically speaking, of course.
I abhor violence.
Not only the cowards like
yourself who engage in it.
But even more so
those who enable it
and profit from it.
I see you've been careful
to not mention Lincoln Potter by name.
Well, it appears you knew exactly
who I was speaking about.
No need.
It's obvious
that you are losing your family, sir.
If anything
I'm giving you the opportunity
to fight to keep it.
Uh, I got him, I got him.
- They here?
- Yeah.
Just, uh, brought 'em in through
the south side of the building.
Limit contact.
Let's make sure this
goes smooth, all right?
Hey, what's up, man?
[ISAAC] Well
Aren't you a tall glass of water?
I'm sorry.
I'm being rude.
Hi, I'm Isaac.
I know who the fuck you are.
And I know who you are, Ezekiel.
But I was not expecting this confidence.
What is this pep in your step, hmm?
You were on the brink of defeat.
What is up your sleeve?
What are you up to?
Besides aligning yourselves
now with those fucking pigs.
Iron War.
A house cat aligning
himself with coyotes.
See what I did there?
I called you a pussy.
[LUCKY] All right. All right.
Thank you, everybody, for making
the trip to neutral ground.
Everybody's been
patted down for weapons.
So now let's try and reach a
- What is it, man?
- Is that everyone?
[EZ] We're prepared to
accept your full surrender.
We will continue to wear
the California patch,
and the Sons will shut down
- their San Bernardino chapter immediately
- Where's Coco?
- Hey, where's our friend?
- Wasn't your fucking friend.
Is. Was. I
You fucking shot him down
in Oakland, motherfucker.
We did?
- Um
I didn't know.
All that effort for nothing.
Don't let the guilt weigh you down.
Our lamb was already on his path.
- We're prepared to accept your full surrender.
- We will continue to wear the California patch
- Mm-mm.
and the Sons will shut down
the San Bernardino chapter immediately.
I was hoping to
I was looking forward to the reunion.
And now
this just feels futile
and pointless.
- We are prepared to acc
- Stop fucking talking!
Do you realize how
boring you fucking sound?
Coco gave this to me.
And now I'll never be
able to return the favor.
We are prepared to accept
your full surrender.
We will continue to wear
the California patch.
And the Sons will shut down
the San Bernardino chapter immediately.
What am I crashing towards?
Is it you?
Man, fuck this fucking psycho.
- Stand down!
- Hey. Hey! Stand down!
No violence. You both agreed to that.
Well, I renege on my agreement.
Maybe it's the grief talking, but
I'm not leaving this
room until someone dies.
Come on.
Let's have some fun.
Let's beat a big fucking drum
and dance in the streets for Coco.
Our brother is free.
Who wants to go?
- I got this.
- No, no.
- Right now.
- [OTERO] I got this.
For Manny. What's up?
What's up?
Did you think I was
Fucking pussy.
Look at you guys.
Bunch of brutes.
Let's fuck shit up.
Let's each appoint a
delegate from our fodder.
The best of mine against
the best of yours.
Eenie, meenie, minie
Oh, man, I'd really love to
subvert expectations, but
That's it! Everybody
out. Everybody out! Now!
Each of you agreed to no violence.
One second, Lucky.
When I said I'd bleed
for you, I meant it.
[ANGEL] EZ What the
fuck are you doing?
Get his ass!
- Get the fuck up!
- Let's go.
- Come on, EZ.
Yeah. Get him. Get him!
EZ, man, get up. Man, get up!
- EZ, get up!
- Fuck this motherfucker!
- Get up. Fuck.
- [ANGEL] Get up, bro.
- Let's go!
- Get up, EZ.
- Get up, EZ.
- Come on.
- Get up.
- Get up!
- EZ, let's go.
- EZ, get up.
- Let's go, EZ.
- Get up, EZ!
- Come on, EZ.
- Come on.
- Don't give up. Come on!
- Let's go.
- Let's go.
- Get up!
- Let's go!
Come on, get up.
- Get up.
- Come on, EZ.
EZ, let's go!
- Yeah. Get him! Kill him!
Kill him! Fuck yeah!
There's your blood, motherfucker.
We are prepared to accept
your full surrender.
We will continue to wear
the California patch.
It is you.
The Sons will shut down their San
Bernardino chapters immediately.
We're prepared to accept
your full surrender.
We will continue to wear
the California patch,
and the Sons will close down their
San Bernardino chapter immediately.
I needed more ♪
Needed you ♪
To be ♪
With me ♪
I wrote it out ♪
Wrote it out ♪
So you ♪
Might stay ♪
I wrote it out ♪
Wrote it down ♪
So we ♪
Could play ♪
There in your eyes ♪
How many times ♪
Can a heart ♪
Go back? ♪
We took the life ♪
That we made ♪
We put it all ♪
On track ♪
For everyone ♪
Else to see ♪
Bigger than ♪
Ourselves ♪
Made it all ♪
Did the dance ♪
Came out through ♪
This hell. ♪
We need to talk about your brother.
He said
some things.
- Hey, Lou.
Hey, now this is a fucking Mayan!
Fuck yeah!
Little butterfly told
me how to find your nest.
- Mmm.
Mmm. You really do
look so much like him.
Wow. Maybe not the
Roman, protruding
nose, but [CHUCKLES]
the eyes.
They don't lie.
- Your father took something from me.
- If you want it back
you're gonna have to
do something for me.
- Hmm?
It's been a long and twisted highway ♪
Through so many setting suns ♪
And, oh, my fingers, how they bled ♪
From gripping on for so long ♪
And then I let my spirit fly away ♪
Oh, to see from a
different point of view ♪
And then I gazed and I was so amazed ♪
Oh, I've been so blind ♪
I could not see what
was right in front of me ♪
Can you hear my heartbeat? ♪
It pounds on ♪
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