Mayor of Kingstown (2021) s01e01 Episode Script

The Mayor of Kingstown

That'll do.
Good job, kid.
- Thank you.
All right.
Here you go.
You know where to go? - Yes, sir.
Get to it.
This is never what I wanted.
Never where I thought I'd be.
But then I'd never been anywhere else.
A little further, past that tree.
Even when they sent me away, they just sent me right back here.
Every member of my family fights this fight in one way or another.
And so does every family who calls Kingstown home.
So do a lot of families who will never call it home, but they live here anyway.
Always waiting.
You drop somethin'? Now it's up to me to keep the rats in the cage content.
And the keepers from becoming rats, themselves.
This is a company town and the business is incarceration.
Seven prisons in a 10-mile radius.
20,000 lost souls with no hope, no future.
And I'm their link to a world that doesn't want them.
I'm the life raft.
I'm the mayor of Kingstown.
Now he's got all these fucking guards hangin' out around his cell like a bunch of fuckin' vultures.
I told you last week to get him fuckin' transferred.
Do I look like the warden to you? He hit a fuckin' guard.
So help me, if any of these bastards punks my kid- - You'll what? What are you gonna do, Walter? Huh? Just 'cause you pay us, you think you can talk to him like that? Is that it? Who the fuck do ya think you're talkin' to? - The mayor.
- Yeah, you're fuckin' right.
I'm sorry.
Look, we had your kid in protection, right? But he's got a big fuckin' mouth and not much common sense, so what do you want? He's in Ad Seg.
Believe me, that's the safest place he can be.
Your kid fractured that guard's jaw.
But when they throw the book at him, they don't want some beat-to-shit 17-year-old in front of that judge, so, he's fine for now.
But he's gotta understand and you've gotta understand, he's gettin' another five years on that sentence.
And he's gotta come to grips with the fact that his only protection is with the whites, and he's gonna have to play ball to get it.
And that means he keeps his mouth shut and he does what he's supposed to do.
Because if he doesn't, he's gonna end up somebody's girl for the next decade.
Be sure to make that clear to him.
He's my son.
Well, maybe next time don't have him cookin' up meth in the Caraway campground.
How 'bout that? Look, tell you what.
You tell him to rope a sheet.
If it looks like they're gonna punk him, you have him noose up before bed check.
They'll put him on suicide watch.
It'll keep him on the warden's radar.
- Okay.
- Let's go.
We got a meet at the Carriage House.
You wanna bring this up? That kid's gotten all the fuckin' help we're gonna give him.
- Good.
- Yep? - Is there anyone out there with somethin' I gotta hear right now? - No more than usual.
- Good.
Then we're gonna be back in an hour.
Oh wait, um, remember Milo Center? His wife's here.
- What does she want? - Wouldn't tell me.
All right.
You go on, I'll see what this is.
You sure? Yeah, if she's here Milo sent her.
- Vera.
- Mitch.
- How's Milo? - Good.
Ya know, counting.
It's a little early for that.
He's an optimist.
- Well, tell me.
What can I do for him? - He needs something moved.
Could you close that? No one can hear us out there.
- I don't mind the smoke.
All right.
I leave for Estonia tomorrow night and I must take it with me.
- It? Well, I gotta know what I'm pickin' up.
From that thing.
You know.
- All of it? - He said 10,000 for you.
This is a little outside of what we do.
I'm gonna have to hear from Milo.
Make sure that you're not cookin' this up yourself.
No offense.
He said he could call after 3:00.
Have you got the where and all that? Oh, a map.
Is there gonna be an X on the ground? Or maybe he has a GPS coordinate, or- - Milo said no electronics.
He would like you to make a copy and I keep this one.
- Thank you.
This is far.
County took the land.
They will auction it off next month.
- Is there anyone out there? - Milo said no.
- All right.
We'll get it tonight.
Thank you.
So tomorrow? Thanks, Mitch.
Damn, there's some fine-ass women in this motherfucker.
This place, 20,000 inmates and 40,000 people to babysit them, feed them, teach them.
And when they get out, employ them or convince them to leave 'cause this place is full.
- Oh, hi honey.
- Any for me? - Big booth.
- Okay, thanks.
I'm not takin' this shit any more.
You show up and do your fuckin' job.
- Hey.
- Hey man, what's up? - How are ya? - Good to see ya buddy.
I need coffee.
Thanks, I'm dyin' here.
Thank you.
I saw um, I saw your ex the other day.
Oh f If there was any justice, she was ridin' the brass pole at the Elephant, please tell me.
Nah, man, Agnes does not have the temperament to be strippin'.
She was with that douchebag from the public defender's office, that prick.
Oh God, I hope she marries that fuck soon.
Yeah, she thought you had no money.
Hey, you gonna deal with both of my family functions.
- No, no, that's you.
- Not me, no, no, no, nope.
- All right, what do we got? Jim? - Um, my fuckin' family.
- Uh-huh.
- My nephew, Sam.
- What? He just started.
- Mm-hmm.
- Three months ago? - And they got him pretty good.
- Who? - The blacks.
- How? - I don't know.
Somethin' about one of them always joking with him, buddying up, asking him to mail a letter home.
Some other bullshit about another guard blockin' his mail.
He did it.
- What a cherry.
Geez, didn't you prep him any better than this? But he's fuckin' 22, Mike.
He thinks these pieces of shit are his brothers.
These kids, they don't, they don't get it, man.
They just, they don't see it.
Yeah, well, they fuckin' got him now.
Okay? - Yeah.
Who's the inmate? This piece of shit.
- He got a gang outside? - Yeah, he's Crip.
- Okay, well, there ya go.
That's good news, right? There's always this sanction thing.
We're fine, right? And the inmate's not tryin' to put your nephew in his pocket, right? You know, all right, look.
If your nephew sent a letter to any guy in the juice, then I'll get the thing back.
But we're gonna have to make a trade for it.
So is swing shift the best time to launch a ball? - Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.
- And look, everybody's onboard.
All right, it's not like we all, we all haven't been there.
Just make sure there's no Rambos in the turrets, okay? If I get this letter, they're gonna pick the day and the time.
So, we got to be ready.
For somethin' like this, I'm sure it's gonna be tarred.
Just make sure we have our people in the yard.
Okay? No fuckin' subs.
- It's not a problem.
Our whole fuckin' unit runs the place, except SIS.
It's fine, Mike.
I don't want any sweeps, none of that shit 'cause I gotta let everybody know of this, all right? Your nephew, gonna have a target on his back for a while.
Once we get this handled, we'll put him up in a tower.
Okay? He'll be fine.
Yeah, well, I don't know about that because he'll probably wanna start shootin' people left, right and center.
As long as he shoots the right fool.
Hey, I'll handle it.
Okay? - Yeah.
- Let's go.
- Thanks, Mike.
Best to the mayor, all right? - Yeah.
Hey Mike, is this gonna cost him with you? Absolutely.
Well, even today, the textbooks will teach you that it was a war over state's rights.
The result is the same.
And it was.
It was a war over state's rights.
It was over a state's right to decide its own position on slavery.
So, this was a war fought for the freedom to choose slavery.
And the only time in recorded history that the oppressors fought each other over the rights of the oppressed.
It was the most formative event in this nation's history.
But the catharsis of that union victory and the freedom of the slaves, it was short lived.
A decade later, a new Union army made up of mostly imprisoned Confederate soldiers and immigrants reignited the genocide begun by Columbus some 400 years earlier.
There's a wonderful- - Okay, read the first two chapters.
I'll see you all tomorrow.
- All right, ladies.
Take your books.
Leave your pencils.
We'll start here.
My grandparents are from Pine Ridge.
That's where I was raised.
You're a long way from home.
Do you know this? - No.
Well, it might speak to you.
It's about how your family came to live on Pine Ridge in the first place.
Um, I was wondering.
I got a cousin coming here and I was hoping you'd ask the mayor.
I don't have any money, but it's nothing.
If I hadn't gotten written up for- - Don't ever, ever, mention my sons to me again.
Is that clear? I didn't mean to be disrespectful.
Get the fuck outta here.
- Yeah.
- All right, what happened? - It's a problem.
- How big a problem? Like a seven.
You gotta start on it right now? Uh, well, I should.
- You near the lake? - Yeah, I'm passing it.
- Good, so am I.
Meet me at the beach.
Milo buried his take on some land north of here.
We gotta go get it.
It's a hassle, but it's worth 10 for our trouble.
- Yeah.
Gonna need Kyle.
- He's not on duty.
- Tell him to pick up a shift.
How was Ed? Tim Weaver's nephew got hooked.
Mailed a letter to some low-level Crip.
I don't know if it was sanctioned.
Fuckin' Mondays.
Fuckin' Mondays.
Fuck it, get in the car.
Let's go see Bunny.
All right.
Why are y'all dressed like cops? Why are you dressed like you're mannin' a weather station? You're a funny motherfucker, Mitch.
It is hot as hell up in here for October though, right? - Take your parka off.
Enjoy autumn, fuck.
What the fuck you want me to do? Sit behind a desk? Nah-uh, this coat holds all of my shit.
Can we get five minutes with you? You, go chill by the front door.
You, go get me a uh, a snowcone.
Where I gonna find you a snowcone? - The 7-11, fool.
- That's a Slurpie.
You gotta get a snowcone from a snowcone truck.
I could get you a Blizzard.
Got them Blizzards at the Q.
Yeah, you are dressed for a blizzard.
Motherfucker, go get me some cold, frozen shit.
I don't care where it from, aight? - Aight.
- Fruit flavored.
I'm sorry, do I speak Spanish or some shit like that? Damn.
What y'all doin' down here? Well, one of your guys, he hooked a guard.
Clean kid, real green.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, my boy got that letter.
So, what, y'all wanna trade? - Sure.
- What you got? I mean, I fish a good catch.
They, they can milk that fool forever.
Ah, it's Tim Weaver's nephew, so, it's not gonna go that far.
Cold motherfucker, I outta trick his nephew out.
Yeah, if you wanna get your son shot in the yard.
- True dat, true dat.
True dat shit.
Okay, just the FedEX then.
But I gotta move some product, so get me a kilo over.
FedEx is only two ounces, Bunny.
Y'all 'bout to be some tennis ball hittin' motherfuckers, man.
Come on.
- Shit, come on.
This helps you out as much as anyone.
I mean, Tim's wired pretty tight.
Everyone's on his side.
This is free money for you.
It was a good catch.
Your guy just picked the wrong kid.
I'm just here to warn you, but come on.
One FedEx, that's it.
- All right then.
Thank you.
You know, we woulda killed each other by now if it wasn't for you? Everybody in this whole motherfucker be dead if it wasn't for you.
Thanks, Bunny.
But ya'll some sorry-ass businessmen, though.
Y'all do all this shit and don't even get paid? I mean, come on, man, that some co-dependent white man shit.
You can send us a check if you want.
Fuck that! You hang around, I'll give you some of my Blizzard though.
Aight! Oh shit.
Here he come, y'all.
- Five.
- Five top.
- Six.
- Six top.
- Seven.
- Seven top.
- Eight.
- Eight top.
Almost time.
- Come on.
- Nine.
Come to daddy.
- Ten.
- Ten top.
I need somethin' from you, baby.
- Don't call me that.
Get in the cell.
Bitch, I own you.
You sent my boy $500 with tar and coke all over that shit.
You're either my bitch out there or I make you my girl when they send your ass here in motherfuckin' chains.
- I'm tryin' to help you, man.
- What you expect? I'm a criminal, baby.
Look, I'm not gonna break the fuckin' law for you, man.
You understand me? You're gonna do exactly what the fuck I tell you.
Or the DA's gonna be readin' your letter tomorrow, motherfucker.
- Bottom eleven, officer down.
Officer down.
- What? Yeah, I'm on my way.
No, listen, I gotta go to the fuckin' station first, okay? Tracy, yeah, thrilled.
She loves it when I pick up shifts an hour before a dinner reservation.
No, I pick you up.
All right.
- And that's it.
- That's it? I don't kneed it? - Nope.
You let it sit overnight.
Time does the work.
Why did you pick up a shift? Ma, don't start, okay? Your brothers are involved, I'm sure.
What aren't they involved in? I gotta go.
- Be careful.
- Why would you say that to me? - Well, if your brothers are involved, then you should be careful.
Harmony candles, burning for yoga or whatever they're for.
No one really ever knows.
She's sitting right there.
She's sitting right there.
Oh, she's starin' at the candle.
She's starin' at the candle and she says Can I make a mold of it out of candle wax? And this guy, he starts thinkin' about it, didn't you? You sick son of a bitch.
He starts thinkin' about it.
Then the next thing you know.
Kyle, hey, man.
Hey, I gotta go.
I gotta go.
Come on.
- Hey, Mitch.
Come here, this guy's just never- - No, no, no.
Just do what you gotta do on that.
Come on, we can look the other way.
I don't mind givin' the guy a chance, but not on a chance he keeps stealin' shit.
Well, then take him then.
Artie's gonna like it, I'm tellin' you.
- Artie can go fuck himself.
We're doin' him a favor.
This kid's an embarrassment and you know it.
Jesus Christ.
- So, what's this emergency? - Dig somethin' up with Mike.
- What? - You remember Milo? Oh, we're not keepin' that promise, are we? Yes, we are.
He buried it up in Cottonwood Canyon.
- Hey, that's county.
- Those crooks up there aren't gonna give you any jurisdictional BS.
Well, what do you need me for? If they do, if anyone should show up, you tell 'em you're workin' on a tip.
It paid off and the department gets a feather in its cap.
- And Milo's okay with that? - That's the risk.
A great way to spend my night off, Mitch, thank you.
I don't wanna fuckin' go either.
Come on, let's go.
- What the fuck are you wearin'? Come on, he didn't tell you where we're goin'? - No.
- Bear country.
- Not in here.
Get the fuck outta my car.
- You're not takin' me? - No.
- Let's go, you fucker.
- Hey, you got an extra pair? - Hey.
- What? Go straight to the office and then right into the safe, yeah? - Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Come on.
That bear's gonna shoot you dead and you got loafers on.
You are fucked.
- I know you.
- Thank you.
Come dance for me.
I'll find you when I'm done.
How'd it go with the troopers? Ah, they said it'd be a couple of weeks, so.
- But it went well, right? - Yeah, yeah.
I think so.
I mean, it's basically a demotion.
So, I was expectin' it, you know.
- Yeah, fuck you.
It's way better pay, man.
More important, it's your fuckin' ticket outta here.
This shithole.
Yeah, well, here's all I know.
Yeah, here's all anybody knows, bub.
Hey, look over there.
Well, you know, if you hate it so much, why don't you fuckin' leave? I'm a felon with no skills.
Where the hell am I gonna go? This way.
I was lookin' at this school in Wyoming.
And they teach you to cook in these Dutch ovens.
And it's kinda like camp cooking, right? But what's great about it, it's 100% job placement when you finish.
So, I figure, you know, spend a year cooking, just fishing trips, hunting trips.
No one to answer to but a fire.
No consequences, but what? A bad meal maybe, right? Well, you never made one of those.
How's the pay? It's garbage, but how much you need? I don't need shit.
Yeah, but you're no cowboy, Mike.
I mean, no disrespect to your cabin, but you got runnin' water and lights.
- Fuck you.
The only reason why I don't do it? Grizzlies, man.
Fuckin' grizzlies.
- Oh, you and the bears, man.
- Dude, all the fuckin' bears.
I know my fuckin' place in the food chain, brother.
Yes, this is it.
- This is it? - We did just do it, cut fence.
There's supposed to be a rock here.
Hand me that.
A rock's on the other side of this shit.
Oh, fuck, here it is.
There's a rock.
- Got it? - Yep.
Oh yeah.
Two hundred grand in the fuckin' ground.
There it is, son of a bitch.
All right.
I'm glad it's not a fucking body.
- Well, I gotta say, Mike.
That was pretty anti-climactic.
Yeah, that's how I like it.
Let's go home.
Roger that.
Let's go to the jungle room.
You have to pay upfront.
A hundred fifty, three songs.
- I know the rules.
- I have to tell you.
Three songs.
I can be nude, but you can't touch me.
Or you can touch me and I keep my dress on.
Which do you want? Touch me.
Let's go.
That's it, I'm good.
I'm gonna see you again.
I don't want you to go.
I gotta go.
All right, I'm runnin' two sets.
The first set will dissolve on its own.
And I'll take out the top layer in 10 days.
- No concussion? - No, I don't think so.
But if you feel any dizziness or nausea, I want you to tell me immediately.
You feel up to walking me through what happened? Uh, yeah, he uh, he's been giving me a lot of lip for a while.
Nothin' that crossed the line, but I instructed him to enter his cell.
He stepped toward me.
Told me to make him.
I told him to step back.
He didn't.
I pushed him.
He grabbed me.
I don't know, maybe a headbutt.
It was all pretty nuts.
I managed to retrieve my nightstick and deliver a straight thrust that stepped him back.
Struck him again.
He pulled me down.
I called out.
Well, son, your first mistake was allowing him into your space and not calling for backup then.
We've all made our mistakes.
That club is a last resort.
What is your first resort? - Pepper spray? - Distance, son.
What kind of shape is what's his name? Darryl Johnson, 2-6-4-0-7-5.
He's ah, you know he assaulted a guard.
He got it pretty rough.
He's en route to Kingstown General.
We x-rayed him.
Two skull fractures, multiple facial fractures and lacerations.
He was stable when he left, but brain swelling is gonna be the real hurdle here.
Is Darryl affiliated? He's a Crip.
All right, let's put Sam in a tower.
We'll look into Darryl's cell, and who he's close to, work some transfers.
You're gonna be in the bird's nest for a while, son, a long while.
Now, it's not a punishment.
It's for your protection.
Thank you, sir.
- Thank you, Captain.
- Thanks, Cap.
Thanks, Owen.
- No problem.
- See ya.
The way that your face is turned and the way that you're owning that shot with all of the bondage that's happening is really good.
I know you from earlier, from the mayor's office.
That's what I meant.
I didn't see you there.
I was there.
Why do they call him the mayor? Because he runs the city.
I wonder what the real mayor thinks of that.
The real mayor knows it too.
You owe me two dances.
Come to the club tomorrow.
I'll give them to you.
I want them now.
Fuck, you motherfucker.
Fuck you.
Fuckin' bitch.
- Somebody help me, fuck.
Fuck you.
What's this? Looks like the motherlode, huh, bitch.
Mayor won't even see me.
There's money there and it's for your ass.
That shit's mine now.
Can you speed it up there, Mike? I gotta start my real shift in an hour.
Well, obviously, it builds character, bub.
- What am I? In SEAL training? I got three fuckin' open cases.
Oh my God, thank you.
- Oh, please stop whining.
And let's get you a coffee here.
How's that? - Sounds good to me.
Finally, finally.
- Maybe some fucking Cheerios.
- Yeah, ooh, that sounds good.
All right.
Wait, wait.
- Yeah.
- You there? - You got it? Yeah, we're good.
It's all there? Well, I didn't fuckin' count it.
- All right.
Look, you need some rest.
We gotta get that FedEx from Bunny.
Yeah, well, Bunny's probably not up though.
- Well, fuck him.
Somethin' happened last night.
I need it sent today.
What happened? I'll tell you about it at the office.
All right.
- Fuck.
- What is this? - That's a map.
- For what? Money, right? That's correct.
Where is it? Well, it should be in the safe.
You're being pretty agreeable.
Well, I wouldn't die protecting my own money.
I'm sure as hell not gonna die protecting someone else's.
Whose is it? Someone you don't wanna steal from, but that's between you and him.
Open the safe.
It ain't between me and whoever 'cause whoever ain't gonna know it was me.
Workin' 24/7 these days, eh Bunny? Sign of the times, man.
- Yeah, all right, look.
We gotta send it today.
- Why is that? - Fuck if I know, man.
Talk to the mayor about it.
I have no idea.
Well, the mayor ain't been takin' my calls this mornin'.
What you gotta say about that? - What do you mean? He's in the office.
Just give him a call.
- Hey.
- Whoa, whoa.
What the fuck, motherfucker.
Put down that fucking gun down, Mike.
Put the fuckin' gun down.
- Put your gun down.
I ain't playin'.
Somebody shoot through that motherfucker, man, come on.
- You done? All right, put the gun down.
- Don't shoot.
Put your fuckin' gun down.
- Don't fuckin' shoot, man.
- Put your fuckin' gun down.
Do what the man says.
Do it! - A different deal now, huh? What the hell, Bunny? - We made a trade.
- Yeah.
And one of your guards worked my boy good.
He on life support at General, Mike.
I don't know anything about that, okay? But we never fuckin' break a deal.
Do you understand? Never with anybody, ever.
Aight, aight, aight.
We're just a little worked up.
That's all.
That's all, man, okay? - Yeah, ya think? What the fuck? Maybe fuckin' decaf next time.
I'll talk to Mitch and see what the fuck went south.
And we'll fix it.
But look at me.
The only way this shit works for anyone is if everyone trusts us.
That way we can trust you, okay? Aight, aight.
Don't point a gun at me, motherfucker.
- I got you, man.
I'm just a little worked up.
- Yeah, I hear you.
- He's dyin' up in there.
He's leavin' that place in a box, Mike.
A fuckin' box.
That's my fuckin' cousin, Mike.
Everyone's someone's fuckin' cousin in this town.
- He took my fuckin' gun.
- Go get it, he's right there.
There he go, go get it.
You've reached the voice mailbox of Mitch McLusky.
Please leave a message.
Mitch, you fuckin' son of a bitch, where are you? Where the fuck are you? Where are you? Is this what you wanted to tell me, huh? What the fuck happened? Those maniacs just tried to fuckin' kill me, Mitch.
Ya know, gettin' this letter's gonna be a fuckin' lot of work.
You know that? Pick up your fuckin' phone.
Fuck! What the fuck? Shit.
What the hell? What? Mike, just jump into my car here, let me talk to ya.
- What happened? - Let me just talk to ya.
Mike, you don't wanna see this.
- The fuck I don't.
Mike, slow down let me talk to you.
Come on.
How? A gunshot back of the head, Mike, it was real quick.
Mike, Mike, come on.
One, David, one, zero, nine, nine, nine, six.
- You're all right.
Mike, look.
What the fuck? Vera Center was found dead in her house last night.
She was raped, strangled and this motherfucker's prints are there too.
This guy should put up a goddamn billboard, Mike.
I don't know.
I just know that I'm not gonna be able to hide the fuckin' link on this.
Is it a secret there? Yeah, it's common knowledge and it's public knowledge.
But if the state, feds, and the fuckin' news pick up on this.
Mike, I just need you to make sure it just all stays with Mitch.
- Yep, yeah.
Mike, you don't need to see it.
All right.
You just don't need to see it.
It's not gonna fuckin' do anything for you.
We got this fucker.
- I-I've gotta see it.
We got this guy, SWAT's at his house right now.
We're gonna fuckin' go there.
- It's my brother.
I gotta see it.
Just let me see it.
All right, don't touch anything.
- Fine.
- Everybody's watchin' on this.
- Fine.
- Let's make some room.
I mean, how else could it end? For you too.
When you help these parasites.
You hold it together for everyone else.
It's fuckin' inevitable.
Ya know, I always knew that this would happen.
I just thought it would happen to you.
And so the United States Army moved the Cherokee further west.
And this particular group, some 1,600 people were pushed to a new home in a territory that would become known as Oklahoma.
Upon reaching the banks of the Mississippi where steamboats would ferry them across, a dilemma arose.
Every Cherokee family keeps at least one dog, sometimes two or three to aid in hunting, tracking game, protection, but to the Cherokee a dog is more than an aide or a companion.
It is a spirit helper, an ancestor, a friend.
Well, the ferry captains wouldn't allow the dogs on board the boats, so, they pushed off, leaving 3,000 dogs pacing the banks of the Mississippi.
When the boat was a hundred yards out, almost in unison, the dogs began howling in agony.
The Cherokees started crying, calling to the captains.
Turn back.
The dogs hearing the pleas of their families howled louder until one dog could stand the separation no more and leapt into the river.
Another dog followed and another, and another.
And soon 3,000 dogs were churning the waters, fighting the current, but the current was too strong.
And one by one, they began to disappear under the waters.
Until there was just one dog left.
Strong, unwavering, the dog fought the current and disappeared under the water and then reappeared further downstream.
The people screamed for him, begging him to succeed.
Until at last, too tired and no strength left, he disappeared into the waters of the river.
And the people fell to their knees and wept.
Miriam, can I have a word with you outside? Aw, fuck.
- He in there? - Mike, you know how this works.
Come on, no way.
No way.
- Where is he? Come on.
I need this.
Just give me this.
- Mike, it's not gonna happen.
Mike, there's no way.
- It's for Mitch.
Mike, look, Mike.
If he goes to prison, I can't fuckin' touch him.
You understand that? We don't work with the mafia.
That fucker's gonna sit in prison with his feet up for the rest of his fuckin' life laughin' about this shit.
He won't.
Mike, I give you my word, if he's alone in there, he will never get off that couch.
You hear me? - Okay.
Don't worry, Mike.
I do this shit for a livin', brother.
Come on boys, let's go.
- We got ya.
- Here's what you will do.
Pick up the pistol.
Do it.
Come on, grab that gun.
No, no, no, not by the barrel, by the handle.
You've seen too many movies, Alberto.
All right, good man.
Now point it toward the ceiling.
And bring the muzzle down slowly in my direction.
Thank you.
- It went well.
The way you'd want it to go.
He got to see it comin'.
How did this happen? That's a really good question.
And who has the money? The police.
Can you get it? Nope.
That's going to be a problem for you.
Son of a bitch.
Now, listen to me.
They killed Milo's wife.
They found the map.
Then they killed my fuckin' brother.
Mitch was off limits.
And you know it.
Everyone knew it.
If Milo wants to blame us for this shit, I'll have him killed in his cell before midnight.
Do you understand? Everything my brother gave you, I can take away in an afternoon.
Don't ever threaten me again.
Fuck! Dawn.
Have you ever once come home before dawn? - Look, Ma, I don't- - I don't either, Michael.
What is there to say? He's gone.
In the manner we all imagined.
This will be your way, too, you know? - Ma, we don't break the law.
You know that.
We bend it.
To make peace.
For everybody.
I'm so familiar with what you do.
Your father invented it.
But don't delude yourself into thinking any of this is for the common good.
You worked incredibly hard to accomplish absolutely nothing.
You prolonged the inevitable.
Couriers, fix-it men, part-time gangsters.
And you think because you don't make much money that it's noble? Mitch, God rest his soul.
How I loved him.
Was arrogant and lazy.
I know why he did it.
For the attention, the power.
But for the life of me, I'll never understand why you do it.
You hate it.
You hate this town.
You have no friends.
And all you've done since you were a little boy is dream of leaving.
And here you are.
What am I supposed to do, Ma? I don't know how to leave.
Michael, you just go.
Hi, I was hoping you could help me.
My daughter, she's in the woman's prison and she wasn't It doesn't matter.
She's in real trouble.
I told her to talk to the guards, but she said to come see you.
You got the wrong guy, ma'am.
- Are you not the mayor? - That was my brother.
I'm sorry to read that in the newspaper.
- Yeah, thank you.
Thank you.
My daughter, she said to see you.
She said that you're the mayor now.
- I'm sorry, but she's wrong.
She's wrong.
But, then what do I do? - I don't know.
- Sir, you don't understand, sir.
I don't know what they're gonna do to her.
I don't know what she will do to me.
- Mike, this isn't for you.
Okay? Let's go.
Let's go.
Come on, man.
What's her name? Next time, on "Mayor of Kingstown.
" There's not one reason for you to take this on.
A lot of them.
Mitch wouldn't do it that way, Mike.
It's a big risk.
We had an arrangement with your brother.
We're here to decide if you would be interested in being a paid informant.
Mike, where you at? You a friend of me or are you friend of them? I used to be friends with Ian and his brother.
Well, I guess Ian sent someone else.
Where is Iris?
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