Mayor of Kingstown (2021) s01e02 Episode Script

The End Begins

- MAN: MTV - Everybody be dead, if it wasn't for you.
- This is a little outside of what we do.
- Thanks Mitch.
- We're gonna need Kyle.
- Your brothers are involved, I'm sure.
- What aren't they involved in? - Go straight to the office and into the safe, yeah? - Two hundred grand in the ground.
- You owe me two dances.
- Okay.
- Open the safe.
- What happened? - I need to talk to ya.
- And who has the money? - The police.
- And that's going to be a problem for you.
- Son of a bitch, fuck off.
Don't ever threaten me again.
- Mitch, I know why he did it.
But for the life of me, I'll never understand why you do it.
- I was hoping you could help me with my daughter, she's in real trouble.
- What's her name? - - [birds chirping.]
- [engine starts.]
- - Thank you.
- [indistinct chatter.]
- So, is Mike keeping the office? - Oh, probably.
- Is he keeping, who's that, that secretary, what was her name? - Rebecca, you know her name.
- Rebecca, oh, dios mio.
- You know what dios mio means? - Yeah, oh my god, I think.
- I remember when Jimmy worked patrol and we were, we were busting a house that were making Social Security cards in the fruit streets.
You remember that? - The Hondurans.
- The Hondurans.
And I'm reading rights to these guys and every fucking time I finished a sentence, they all look over at Jimmy.
And finally the captain says Jimmy, just explain it to 'em.
Please, they don't understand.
Jimmy, yes sir.
Real loud.
Real slow.
You, have, the right, to remain, silent.
- They all turned their fucking heads and look at you at you at the same fucking time.
- [laughter.]
- [clears throat.]
Kyle, I'm sorry, man.
- Hey what, you expect me to believe everyone's talking about what a great guy Mitch was? Naw, they're talking about their fucking mortgage rate, when Kingstown's gonna get a country club.
- Everybody misses everybody.
I mean, how many of these fucking things we been to? This isn't where you miss a guy.
You gotta do it on your own.
- Yeah.
- Hey Mike.
- Hey fellas.
- You gonna keep it going? - I don't know.
Ah, gotta tie up some loose ends either way.
May as well get started.
- God, I've known him since I was uh, shit, we went to grade school together.
- Hmm.
- I'm real sorry, Mike.
I'm real sorry.
- Everything about this is sorry.
Let's go on the porch.
- Yeah.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- All right, so what the fuck happened? - Uh, Sam's story is the guy attacked him.
I mean, Sam's face is a wreck, so maybe it's true.
Guy's on a ventilator, it was a whole team effort.
Whole place was on lockdown for, for fuckin' ever.
The world won't miss that piece of shit, okay? - Yeah, well, the Crips are gonna miss him.
- I don't know what to say, he's not my nephew, I just tried to help out.
- They're gonna play that letter, Ed.
They're gonna fucking play the letter.
If they don't try to hit him on the outside.
- Yeah, well, uh Let 'em know at this point, however far they wanna take it, we'll take it further.
It may not be wise, but Sam handled himself like a fucking man.
- No, it's not.
Leave the gangster shit to the gangsters, okay? They're not trying to pull pensions, or put kids through college.
- Well, what do you want us to do, Mike? Ask our union rep if we can have some hush money from the memorial fund? - No, you're gonna be smart, Ed.
Move some chess pieces around, all right? Quinton still running C-block? - Yep.
- Who's got B? - Uh, two brothers.
It's a Lawrence and a T-dog or some shit.
- Fine, separate 'em.
- P-dawg.
- Who cares? Transfer the weaker one, put him in AdSeg.
- You think that'll make things better? - Well, with new leaders slinging in the yard, right? Bloods will see an opportunity.
And they'll tie with the Mexicans.
Crips might lose the yard.
- Mm, Mitch wouldn't do it that way, Mike.
It's a big fucking risk.
- Might be short-sighted, but there is no risk.
We got no choice, okay? Every once in a while, it's nice to remind them, they're the fucking prisoners.
Not us.
- Yeah.
- - - - [water running.]
- [sighs.]
I don't feel sad.
And I don't know why.
I just I loved him, but I don't feel sad.
- You don't have to feel anything, there's no rules.
- I know what you're thinking, you know, this could happen to me.
- It could.
- I can't change the way things are done here.
- I'm not asking you to, I I'm not asking you to do anything.
- Thank you.
Thank you.
- Except - [Kyle chuckles.]
- Hey, don't waste a moment of us, huh.
Because Mitch is how fast it happens.
- - [fire alarm beeps.]
- [indistinct radio chatter.]
- Ugh, we got a word for this.
- Oh yeah? What's that? - Arson.
Insurance company's gonna love you.
- Yeah.
Well, that's the least of my worries.
- What were you thinkin', Mike? - How else do you get a stain out of a carpet? - A fucking carpet steamer.
- Yeah? Well - You okay? - Yeah, it's no big deal.
- Okay.
Oh my God.
How'd it happen? - I'm ju I'm tired of talkin' about it.
Can we go? - [spits.]
- Cookin' school is lookin' pretty good, isn't it? - Sounds silly when you say it.
- Silly is setting your office on fire to clean it, rather than move to a new office.
I mean, you see the metaphor here right? I mean, you're not married, you You got nothing tying you down.
Don't owe anybody anything.
There's not one reason for you to take this on.
- Just tyin' up some loose ends.
There's a lot of 'em.
- Don't let weeks become years, Mike.
You won't get 'em back.
- I get you.
- - - Look, y-you gotta understand here, this isn't something that I can help you with.
They moved him to another cell closer to the chamber, there's video surveillance, they've assigned a guard to watch him, until they remove him for execution, okay? You're better off just talking to his attorneys.
- There's no more appeals.
Nothing they can do.
Tomorrow night, we're supposed to sit there, right beside them.
And my momma gotta watch her baby put down like a dog.
- And them, is the family of the child that he killed, when he decided to spray a bus stop with bullets.
Look I know your mother loves her son, and it's gonna break her, but this is happening.
There's nothing anybody can do about it.
Best thing you can do, look your brother in the eye, let your smile be the last thing he sees, okay? - [sobs.]
- That's it.
- - How can there be nothing? I don't understand.
I don't understand nothing.
- You will tomorrow.
- [phone rings.]
- Yep? - Yo, sorry about your brother man.
I feel for you, everybody gonna miss him.
- Yeah, thank you.
- How you holdin' up? You gonna take some time? - No, no, no, I'm good.
- Yeah, that's good to hear, you backstabbin' motherfucker.
Pull me off the fucking yard, huh? You tryin' to get me killed motherfucker? - I'm on my fuckin' way.
- [lock clicks.]
- Okay Guys, if someone breaks in here and cuts open the safe in the next few weeks, I'll walk through your front door and kill you in your own kitchen.
It's lookin' good.
- - Hey, here come that fool now.
Shit, shit, shit.
- Go, go, go.
- What the fuck, man Shit.
Ah, fuck Oh my God.
Aw fudge, oh shit man, you're fucking crazy.
I was just tryin' to have a conversation.
- You startin' to see the way we do things now? - Fucking easy with that Peckerwood justice, man.
We good.
- No, we're not good.
You hooked a decent kid.
Your boy fucked with him, your boy lost.
So, it's over, okay? So I want that letter on my fucking desk, today.
All right? Or there's no going back to the good old days, you and me.
They want their boy, give him back.
You get the yard back.
- Aight, shit, get that fucking gun off me, man.
Letter's right there, damn.
- You've had it this whole fucking time? - Fuck you, Mike! Look at my shit, you gonna fuck my shit up for that motherfucker? Aw man, lookit this shit, lookit this shit, fuck it.
Here, spring my boys.
- Hey, it's me.
We're good.
Wanna put the guys back where they were? Thank you.
Too easy, Bunny.
- Tell me this, Mike.
Where you at? Huh? I'm fuckin' serious, Mike.
Where you at? You a friend of me? Or you a friend of them? - Oh wait, I'm your I'm your friend now? Is that what I am? I'm your friend? - No less a friend then they are, man.
- Then you're no friend at all, right? - [engine starts.]
- [camera clicks.]
- You wanna feed 'em, just feed 'em, not kill 'em? - Just feed 'em.
- That's not a great idea, Mike.
- Look, it's not a big bear, it's just like It's the size of a dog.
- Now, it's not a big bear now.
But you feed this thing for a few months, it'll be a big bear that's not scared of you.
And thinks your cabin's a fucking diner.
- Yeah, understood.
What does it, what does it uh, like to eat? - Anything man, it's a fuckin' bear.
They like what we like.
Bagels, grease, like bacon grease.
Dog food, fiends for marshmallows.
I just hope mama-bear don't show up to see where baby's gettin' his treats.
- Now, can you kill it with a pistol? - What caliber? - A .
- Nope, but you'd sure piss it off.
- Mm-hmm, what about with one of these things? Yeah.
Yeah, it works.
Look at that.
Okay, yeah.
- - Knock, knock.
- Yeah.
- Uh, the grease from your fryer, what do you do with it? - Throw it out.
- Can I have it? - The grease? - Yeah.
- Sure.
- What about the uh, those fries come in bags? - Forty-pound bags.
- - [bag rustling.]
- [birds chirping.]
- [raccoon chitters.]
- Hey.
Get outta here.
It's not for you.
All right.
Get outta here.
Go, get out.
- [bear growls.]
- - [bear chuffing.]
- - Morning.
- Yep.
- Special Agent Aldrich, this is Special Agent Perry.
You mind if we have a chat? - All right.
Wanna come up? - Thank you.
- [sighs.]
- Sorry to hear about your brother.
- Thank you.
- Do you have any idea why he was targeted? - He wasn't targeted, he was robbed.
- Do you know the connection between your brother and Vera Sunter? - The woman who was slain by Mr.
- Yeah, didn't you guys bother reading his file? - We just wanted to hear it from you.
- Okay.
Mitch helped arrange the surrender of Milo Sunter after an armored car heist.
- In which two armed guards were killed.
- Correct, yes.
And then part of that deal, Milo was able to keep and hide, a portion of what he stole to be returned to him upon his release.
- He was sentenced to life, correct? - Correct.
- So, you hid the money for him? - No.
- Was Mitch's murder about somebody trying to get the money? - Yeah.
- Where is this money now? - I'm for the love of God.
All this is in the paper, you guys.
Why are you asking me questions, you know the answer to? - We had an arrangement with your brother.
- Ah - We're here to decide if we should make that same arrangement with you.
- Your brother received $2500 a month as a paid informant.
Are you aware of this? - I am aware.
- Care to tell us anything about the altercation you were involved in yesterday at the Commons? - What altercation was that? - The one where you detonated a concussion grenade and brandished a firearm.
- I have a CCO.
- Hmm, yeah, a convicted felon with a concealed carry permit.
I hope you can appreciate the magnitude of corruption that went into making that all happen.
- I do.
- What do you know about Deverin Washington? - Bunny.
Yeah, he's a fuckin' drug dealer.
What else do you wanna know? He runs the Crips, not a set, he runs the whole God damn thing, right? He sits in his front yard, sells drugs, all day, every day.
He's got a cooler with eight pounds of crack and meth in it.
So, you can go arrest him anytime you want.
- If you would be interested, in being a paid informant.
- Yes! Fuck, gimme the paper.
All right, thank you.
- Initial by the - Yeah, yeah, Mm-hmm Okay, got a check? - Sign that you've received it.
- All right, here ya go.
Thank you.
- Now, what I would like you to do - Look, this is how it goes.
I don't do stings, I don't wear a fucking wire, and if someone asks me if I'm on your payroll, I tell 'em the truth, okay? What I do here and what I do with other people here, stays here.
So, if I bend a rule with a cop to prevent a woman from becoming a widow, don't run that cop up a flagpole.
You wanna know who's running what, anytime, where? Come to me, but do not fucking use me.
For anything, I have broken many a law with feds standing right next to me.
So, if you're here for some sort of civic cleanup, just know, you have a lot of sweeping in your house too.
Okay? - Fair enough.
- Great.
Get the fuck outta my office.
- We'll be in touch.
- No doubt.
- [door opens.]
- You make coffee? - Yeah.
- Do you want some? - Mm-hmm.
- - [Mike sighs.]
- So, we still in business? - What else am I gonna do? - [phone rings.]
- Right.
Yep? - Hey buddy, we need a favor.
What are you gonna do with Mitch's Caddy? Mike, thanks for doing this.
You know everybody, right? - Yeah.
- Radio.
- Got it.
- Hey, you didn't wanna bring the Lincoln? - No, he told me to bring the Caddy.
- Caddy's fuckin' 40 years old, Lincoln's way newer.
- That's somethin' poetic about it, right? - Well, for the record, let me just say how fuckin' ridiculous this is, all right.
- For the record, let me just say that this guy is movin' a fuckin' ton of meth.
And he is the top, he is not a runner, he's the fuckin' cook and he's squeaky fuckin' clean, this guy.
Guy's like Mr.
Magoo, he's smart.
Us, we knocked out his fuckin' taillight, this fucker calls AAA, has them come fix it in the parking lot at Costco, he's good.
- All right, well I don't got all fucking day.
Let's do this.
- Let's saddle up, let's go.
- I'm ridin' with Mike.
- Kyle, you think Mr.
Magoo's attorney's not gonna figure that out? You ride with me, let's go.
Come on, come on, you're hurtin' my feelings, let's go.
- [engines start.]
- - KYLE: Mike, turn right at York, he's in a gray Subaru.
- - Oh shit.
- All right, Mike.
He should be at the intersection of York and 23rd in about 60 seconds.
- Hell, that's 10 blocks away.
I'm at a light.
- You're good Mike, you can make it in 45 seconds.
- All right, I'm moving.
- Thirty seconds.
- Shit, there's too much traffic, hang on.
All right, you got it.
- Fifteen seconds.
- I don't see him.
- He'll be there.
- Shit, I'm through.
I didn't see him.
Look, I don't see him.
- [Zippo opens.]
- 24th Street, fuckface.
- Oops.
Lookit, the impact knocked the crystal all over the God damned street, it's a great bust, Mike.
You gotta look on the bright side here.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- Ha! - Until the fucker sues me all over the place.
- This car's a fucking tank, Mike.
You can drive that shit home, brother.
- Yeah, right.
- Mike.
Mike, this kind of thing, in time, is gonna be funny.
I swear to God.
I swear to God.
Skedaddle, let's get him.
Let's go, let's get him out.
- Hey man, thanks, the way you handled that shit the other day.
Means a lot, thank you.
- It's my pleasure, brother.
- Yeah.
- All right, let's get him, get him outta there.
- Look at this fucker.
- [buzzer buzzes.]
- GUARD: Walk towards me until I say stop.
Remove your jacket.
Have a seat, remove your shoes.
Get dressed, stand over there.
- [buzzer buzzes.]
- [door closes.]
- [handcuffs click.]
- He did this to you? - He said if you ever threaten him again - Yeah, I'm sure.
- He doesn't have the balls.
- He's different than his brother.
More like us.
He needs to go back out there, some other things to move, now.
Don't threaten him again.
And send someone else.
- Who? - Someone like Vera.
That's the way with this one.
Where's Iris? - New York.
- Send her.
- [door opens.]
- Mike, who Oh my God, your face.
- Oh yeah, it has that effect on people.
- Are you up to seeing somebody? - Not really, but - You need anything? - Naw, I'm fine, just - Is it okay? - Yeah, come in, have a seat.
Yeah, it's uh, I had an accident.
- I'm sorry.
- Yeah.
So, what can I do for you? - In the waiting room at the prison, everyone talks.
And they talk about you.
They say you did this and can do that.
And if something can't be done there you can do it from here.
A woman told me, for $500 you give advice on what to do.
For more you get involved.
But, how much more, it depends.
- Yeah, look, there's nothing I can do to help your brother.
And there's no way for me to get involved for any amount of money.
- But you can advise.
My father would say, you fear what you do not understand.
And to understand this, maybe we can survive it.
- You're gonna survive it.
But nothing any of us do, is gonna help your brother survive.
- Will you be there with us tonight? Can I hire you to do that? - Yeah.
Yeah, I can do that.
- - I know what you're thinkin'.
- God, you're beautiful.
- You're beautiful.
Look at you.
I gotta go.
- [phone ringing.]
- JOSEPH: Come to Kingstown.
- Why? - Because I told you to.
- - [electronic lock beeps.]
- [sobs.]
- Sit down on the right.
- Hey, w-what are you doing here? - Hey, what are you doing here? - Motherfucker murdered my niece.
- Sorry to hear that.
- You here for him? - I'm here to explain the process to his mother, I've never met him.
- This fool gonna feel anything? - Suffering's in the mind, he's been doing that for years.
- I want him to feel it.
- Well, today's your lucky day.
- GUARD: Please be seated.
The seat you choose now, is the seat you must remain in until the end of the proceedings.
Do not stand up.
Do not approach the glass.
Only address members of your own party.
Do not speak above a whisper.
To do any of these things, is a violation of state code 442-48, which is punishable by up to six months in prison and a fine of up to $1000.
If you need to be excused, raise your hand and wait for a corrections officer to escort you from the premises.
Any questions? - The warden's going to read the sentence to the gallery.
- Who's the gallery? - That would be us.
- - [speaking Spanish.]
- Juan Jesus Garcia, having been found guilty of capital murder, has been sentenced to death by lethal injection.
Please bring in the condemned.
- [breathing heavily.]
- Juan Jesus Garcia, you have been sentenced, by a jury of your peers, to a sentence of death.
Before that sentence commences, you may address the gallery if you have any last words.
- [sobs.]
- Listen to me, he's already gone, this isn't him.
You understand? Just find the strength.
Look him in the eye.
Remember the best of him.
- [speaking Spanish.]
- [speaking Spanish.]
- Quiet in front.
- [monitor beeping.]
- Do you have anything you want to say? - Mama [speaks Spanish.]
To you, for the girl I'm sorry.
Fuck it.
Kill me.
- Would you like last rites performed? - Si - [performing last rites.]
- [motor whirring.]
- [monitor beeping.]
- Okay, the doctors are starting an IV, to administer the medication.
- [speaking Spanish.]
- Then the warden will wait for a phone call from the governor for a stay of execution.
But, don't tell your mother that.
- [sobbing.]
- [monitor beeping.]
- Tell your mom to look down.
- [monitors beeping.]
- I want you to repeat exactly what I say.
He's asleep.
- [speaks Spanish.]
- There's no pain.
- [speaks Spanish.]
- There's no pain.
- [speaks Spanish.]
- No pain.
- [monitor beeping quickens.]
- [speaks Spanish.]
- [monitor flatlines.]
- - Please rise and exit the door you came in.
- [electronic lock beeps.]
- Damn Mike.
You coulda warned me.
- Yeah, how do you prepare for something like that? - [sobbing.]
- I'll be outside.
- - - [exhales.]
- [horn honks.]
- - [sirens wailing.]
- Yeah, that's what the fuck I'm talkin' about right here.
How come none of y'all never bought me no chair? - I don't know.
- Hey.
- What's good, baby? Yeah.
Shit, matching colors too? Man, God damn.
- I don't suppose you got something to drink in those coolers.
- Naw, not in this cooler, man.
Hey, V, Trel, get us a couple of beers, man.
- Thanks.
- Where you been? - You know that Scorpion that uh, shot that little girl? In that drive-by over by the Titan? He was executed tonight.
- Shit.
Why were you there? - That's a long story.
- I ain't never seen one, man.
Not in no prison.
Shit, I guess there's worse ways to go.
- Oh, I don't know about that buddy.
- You ever wonder? Like There's all these fools, right They worried about they kid got a B in science.
Uh, the tranny in the van's gotta be serviced.
Where we gonna spend Christmas at? The lake house or Grandma's? Shit You know, I'm 37 years old.
I ain't never celebrated Christmas in my life.
You're born, you suffer, you die.
And young at that.
Let me let you in on a little secret, Mike.
You're no different.
You're just as far under the bus as the rest of us, bro.
And we all be leavin' the same way.
Once you've been in the jaws of the beast, some day he gonna finish his meal.
- You remember uh, when you're a little kid.
And you used to think that, you know, that maybe you could do something in life that makes you happy.
And then you figure out that there's no such thing as happy.
- That's what I'm talkin' about.
I knew this shit was it.
- Been readin' online about this school they have in Wyoming.
- Hmm.
- And there they teach you how to do this uh, this camp cooking.
- Word.
- You know, cookin' on this open fire, like you're all outside, everybody lives in a tent.
Kind of cook food for a bunch of different people, you know? - What kind of food? - Uh, like steaks and stews, biscuits - Yo, when I was like nine, I spent two weeks in Alabama with my grandmama, right? She cooked everything outside.
Sourdough biscuits, gravy - No shit.
- Yeah.
- She teach you how to do it? - Naw, but I seen it though, man.
She'd uh, she'd keep the starter in the icebox right, pull off a piece.
Then she'd cover the bottom of the Dutch oven in bacon grease.
That's the trick to that shit, man.
Bacon grease in the bottom of the pan.
- - Next time on "Mayor of Kingstown" - Gentlemen, this is a capital case.
- Better yet, this maggot doesn't make it to court.
- Guys, do you know what you're asking? - I'm not asking anything.
You are.
- We all know this won't be free for anybody.
- This is a deal with the Devil.
- Just, put it together Mike.
- There are no good cops now.
- This levy gotta break, sometimes you just gotta make that dam bust open.
- -
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