Mayor of Kingstown (2021) s01e04 Episode Script

The Price

Previously on Mayor of Kingstown - I'm sorry about dinner.
Been a long day.
- Can I tell you something? It'll make you feel better, I promise.
- Where's Iris? - Come to Kingstown.
- Why? Because I told you to.
Better yet, this maggot doesn't make it to court.
- You guys, do you know what you're asking? Carlos.
- I'm here about the tweaker who blew up his old lady and kid.
5-O is gonna come down hard on everyone for this.
They don't know who put in the tip.
Mike, they should kill him when they find him.
Much as I'd love free reign, we all know this won't be free for anybody.
Tell me he don't deserve it, Mike, we'll walk away.
Their motivation is so you owe them.
You all owe them.
They're gonna look the other way on this.
As long as everybody's in.
Just make a big mess in there.
Who can pin what on who, right? How far the other way they gonna look? - Far.
- I cancelled your CI order.
- Like I give a shit.
- Don't be a dick about it.
- I'm just telling you.
I don't care.
Wanna get some food in the food court? - What do you say? - You out of your mind? - What? - I can't be seen in public with you.
- Well Shit.
I gotta go.
What's up? You got a call from a Carlos.
He wants to see you.
- So when's he coming in? Doesn't want to meet at the office.
I'll text you his number.
And someone called from Peterford Trucking, said you'd know what it was about? - Yeah, alright.
And what is the significance of the South Pass? Yes, Karen.
It was a faster and easier path to the Columbia River Valley.
Well, it was not faster.
And easier isn't the best choice of words.
It was possible, but just barely.
Why is the discovery of the South Pass through the Rockies so significant? Yes.
- It led to the discovery of the Green River Valley and the Bear River, which led to the Great Salt Lake.
- Yes, it opened the west to development, exploration, settlement.
The resources taken from the west transformed this country from a collection of colonies to the greatest empire the world has ever known.
It is impossible to overstate the impact of Jedidiah Smith's discovery.
Would someone else have found it? Yes.
But would the results have been the same? Would the boundaries of this country be the same had he failed that winter? This was the dawn of America the superpower and the price was everyone and everything in her way.
- Hey, just wanted to say, you know, sorry for the dinner the other night.
- Have you spoken to Kyle? - Yeah.
- Did he tell you? - Tell me what? - Then you haven't spoken to him.
- Yeah, I talk to him every day, Mom.
What?! What, what?! The fuck did I do?! - Tracy's pregnant.
- Great.
That's great news.
- I don't want another generation of this family to be raised by a widow.
And Kyle has an opportunity to work for the state where it's less likely that his wife becomes one.
Help him make the right decision.
- Which is what? You're so much like your father.
- That explains the left hook.
- No, no, no, no.
That explains the heartbreak.
- What? You ain't near White Castle, is ya? - Not in the mood, Bunny.
- Gotta talk, man, when can you come by? - Let's just talk now.
We're on motherfucking cell phones, man! Why you acting like this your first day on the job? Bunny, there is an FBI van not 200 yards from you with a satellite listening to every thing you fucking say, alright? What difference does it make if we're on the phone or not? - Motherfucker, I'm trying to help your pale ass out! Come on! - Fuck it! Fine, I'm coming.
- Why you come up in this motherfucker screechin' tires and shit, man? - What's the fucking emergency? - Slow yourself, man.
Sit down, sit down.
- What? - Relax, man.
Damn, man, you Irish is wound tight.
- Think I ain't got shit covered? - No, they're just gonna move.
- You need to relax, bruh.
It's been a long day.
Well now you gotta pace yourself, baby.
It's fucking noon.
- Alright, well, I'm here.
- Boys want some candy sent over.
- For what? - For killing that cracker.
- You know I can't do that.
- They made a deal.
- Yeah, well, let's measure this out here.
People start asking for this, and asking for that and no one's gonna get nothing, okay? So let's start with something like more time in the yard or a TV in the lunchroom.
- I don't wanna be in the middle of this shit neither, aight? But these fools out here, they feeling their oats.
- Uniforms are gonna ease up on everybody.
We're not gonna check the mail so well, not gonna frisk their ladies as good when they come to visit, but that's it.
The noose is gonna get looser.
- We gonna pay for this shit, man.
You and me both.
How the fuck I'mma explain "wait till next week" to a motherfucker who don't give a fuck if there is one.
- They did something that everybody wanted, and it will be rewarded.
But they can't ask.
- I told 'em to play 'cause you asked.
You asked me.
- Gotta make em understand, Bunny.
Make 'em understand.
You're gonna have to distance yourself from this shit.
- Distance? How the fuck I'mma do that?! I can't go 10 blocks without a motherfucker trying to kill me.
Where I'mma go, huh? Shit.
- Yeah.
- I called you.
- You're on the list.
Move me to the top.
- Excuse me? I'm not asking, I'm telling you.
- Well, in that case, I'll be right there.
- McClusky's Outreach.
I'm not making it in to the office today.
Only one person here, I'll have her come back.
- Who is it? - Don't know.
She's sitting right here.
- Alright, tomorrow at the end of the day.
Okay, I'll have her come back at 5.
Carlos called again.
- K.
- Sorry hon, he got called away.
Can you come back tomorrow? - Five? I'll come back then.
Hey, you're really beautiful.
- Thank you.
That made my day.
- You are.
- Where is he? - Who? - Who do you fucking think? - In his office.
- K.
You're at the top of the list, Pete.
- It's quite a mess you've made here.
Yeah, well everybody's gonna see the mess I can make.
- I told you how to handle this.
You didn't listen.
- I don't make that decision.
You know that.
- It's your decision now.
- Oh, is it? Is it really? I can just walk away from this whole fucking shit show, right? You can just spout your bullshit to the police.
How long do you think it would take for SWA to show up in your living room and to shut down the fucking mall so tight they won't see the sun? - You don't even know what we want.
- I know how you asked.
Everyone's pushing me, everyone.
Got their fucking head The guy's not even in the ground a fucking week! Pete, you're smart enough to know this is not how we move forward.
- We can't be last in line, brother.
- Listen to me, there's no fucking line 'cause they're not handing anything out.
The guards are gonna loosen their grip if everyone just calms the fuck down.
That's it, that's all I got.
I mean, look, don't lose fucking sight of what I do here, okay? I don't take sides.
This is what I know, you're outnumbered 10 to 1 inside, right? You need the guards more than anybody.
So status quo is your fucking friend.
And just be the guy, just be the guy that doesn't ask for anything and then you'll be the only that gets something.
And don't tell me what to do again ever.
Come on.
- Evening.
Hey, don't take offense to that, it's not you.
I know it looks bad.
- What are you doing here? - Woah! Oh, Jesus! Fuck, Mike! Yeah.
- You just show up? - What do you expect me to do, send fucking smoke signals? There's no cell service up here.
God, you scared the shit out of me.
- Sorry, bud.
- What are you doing hiding in the fucking trees like a Vietnam vet, Mike? - Been one of those days.
- Guess so.
Does it freak the bear out? He doesn't understand it.
I don't understand it.
You don't understand the meaning behind it, but you know what it is.
Hey, what are you guys gonna do? I don't know.
Troopers offered me a shield.
- What division? - Narco.
Southwest division, though.
Grand Rapids to the border and up to Muskegon.
They'd start me in the field office in Benton Harbor.
- Right by the water? - Well, yeah.
We'd be doing both highways and the lake.
- Doesn't feel safer, does it? Didn't you apply for the commercial transportation crimes? - I did.
Their Narc department is folded in.
And, you know how we do shit here: Robbery, Homicide, and Narcotics is all one division.
Plus, fucking Kingstown's basically Beirut so Offered me the promotion.
- What's the pay? - 70.
To start.
- Really? - I know.
- God damn, Kyle.
That's a lot of money, man.
That is a lot of money.
- Yeah.
But it's a different deal, right? People smuggling shit from up north, they're organized, they're smart.
That's a dangerous combination.
- I know, but I make 45 grand a year here.
Plus Tracy, she's still in school.
It's like the only place I can afford a fucking house is in the Fruit Belt.
Fuck, hey man Fucking good opportunity, right? Just gotta be careful.
I don't think Kingstown has prepared you enough for that kind of deal, man.
We got a lot of criminals, but there's only a few good ones.
Those people that move product from Canada are professionals, man.
Look what happened to Jimmy, that can happen anywhere, but out there, man, it's There's a reason why that job's available.
- That doesn't really worry me.
I gotta say, though.
You know, as much as we talk about get out, get out This opportunity comes and Just having a, I'm having a lot of trouble taking it.
- Yeah.
- Plus, Benton Harbor? It's like 10,000 people.
And I don't know, I just, I don't think that this is it.
- Fuck.
You don't gotta tell me, man.
Mike, you okay? - What's up? - You tell me.
You don't come to the office for days, you don't return calls.
I mean Unless you got the winning ticket, I don't see how this place makes money if you don't take on clients.
- Yeah, so we got money problems? - Mike, this place ain't exactly a cash cow.
We need work.
That pays.
- Okay.
Today we take on clients.
Alright? Well, nobody out there now.
- Soon enough.
- What would happen if I put a match to that coffee? - You'd burn your hand.
- Look, I don't think I'm one to give advice, but what made Mitch so good was he never took it personal, you know? - Well, I make no pretense about being good at this.
- That's not what I meant.
- Yeah, I know.
I'm not offended.
I appreciate your concern and I'm so happy you stayed on, because I couldn't do any of this shit without you.
But what I put in my coffee is my fucking business.
- Fair enough.
- Okay.
- Hey, walking the yard.
Yeah, I'll call you in five.
- Yeah? - Hey, what's up, buddy? How are things going over there? - Oh, you know, big love-fest.
- Yeah, it's not gonna last.
We should talk.
- Okay, the Red Carriage? - No, just us.
- Alright, I can meet you at the Tugboat in about an hour.
Okay, Tug it is.
When I said meet at the Tugboat, I didn't mean on it, Mike.
Reminds me of our youth.
It's a fucking miracle none of us fell off.
- Or none of us jumped.
Only a miracle you didn't.
Come on, man, I'm not going up there.
Come down.
- Alright, I'm coming down.
- Jesus Christ.
Alright look, I got everybody fucking breathing down my neck over this God damn Kenny thing.
About what? They want their favors.
- What kind of favors? - The unreasonable kind.
- Who? - All of 'em.
- God, those motherfuckers! God damnit.
We haven't tossed one fucking cell, Mike! It's been a God damn summer camp.
- Yeah, I know.
They don't want their privileges though, Ed.
Alright? They want their drugs, they want their money.
- No, no! God damn.
What are you gonna do? I gotta get word to the Mexicans still, but I am making it perfectly clear that none of this shit is gonna fly, none of it.
- Well, I know what I want to do.
What do you think we should do? - Just remind them of what it used to be like.
How's that? - Bet your fucking ass.
- The leaders.
Just hit the leaders.
- Let's have Ian turn that psycho in SWA loose on the outside.
- No, we gotta save that ace for later.
Ed, you gotta hit them and hit 'em hard, okay? It's for their own God damn good.
I don't give a shit what's good for them.
That's your job, Mike.
I'll see you.
- Yup.
Man, I'm hungry as a motherfucker.
- Bitch, you lucky I ain't got you scrubbing this shit.
Come on, man! I'm about to eat these motherfuckin Ramens dry.
This is the second time.
There will not be a third.
- The fuck? Y'all got the wrong cell, cuz.
Get the fuck up! - This shit burn.
Yes, that's what the soap is for.
The soap will counter the effects of the pepper spray, but you must rub it over your face! - What'd you learn today? Hmm? Everything you have, I gave you.
And now I'm taking it all back.
- Why? - Because you asked for more.
Put him in ad seg.
What's up? - Hey, bud.
No, I need you to limit the scope to clothing.
Fuck it, like I'm gonna listen to the rest of that.
You had lunch? - Hey.
Yeah, right here.
I need Carlos Jimenez.
- Carlos runs the Locos, right? - Yeah.
- I got a warrant for this fucker somewhere.
- What for? - Child support payments.
- What's it doing on your desk? - He's ganged up They'll send me anything.
They'll send fucking parking tickets here if they bang.
Anything to try and build a case against 'em.
Fucking hell.
Look at that, Mike.
He was in with you.
Convicted of manslaughter three years in a row and only got three years added? Jesus Christ, that's a good lawyer.
- Where is he? Well, there is no current address.
Last known is an aunt on Grape Street, 3220.
I got a number here.
Alright, let me see.
Carlos, are you there? - That fucking figures.
- Keno! - What's up? - Come here.
Look, we're trying to find this clown.
We got a last known address, aunt only speaks Spanish.
- Take the fucking class every Tuesday and Thursday.
- Keno, I'm a fucking optimist.
I keep thinking that the Mexicans are gonna stop committing crimes and I won't have to.
- Just dial the number, dick.
- Just take the class.
- Tuesday - What else you gonna do? - Bueno.
Buscando para Carlos pero, no tengo el numero nuevo, Senora.
Mande? Trabajo en el Goodyear y su carro esta listo.
Andale pues.
He's at the ranch.
- Ah, thanks man.
- Fuck is a ranch? - It's over off Persimmon, it's where they got their dogs they fight in there.
- You have fun with that.
- Yeah.
Hey look, if you see him, pick him up on that warrant.
- What's going on? - They all got their hand out.
- Fucking idiots.
Are you keeping those school kids in line? - Yeah.
- Well, you let me know - if you need any help.
- Thanks.
- Now we're gonna be stuck here all goddamn day.
- That hardly seems relevant, don't you think? - Tell that to my children when day care lets them out and I'm not there to pick them up.
Stay down! Eyes down! - Relevant.
Who the fuck do you think you are? - Thought I heard you.
- What's up? - Your five o'clock is here.
- Shit.
Alright, come on.
- Mike? - Yeah, yeah.
Have a seat.
You fly in from Miami? Why would you ask me that? - You're dressed for the beach.
- Well, I wanted to make a good impression.
- Okay.
So, so who sent you? - Milo.
He's my boss.
- And what can I do for Milo? - Did you guys have a fight? Yeah, I figured.
I mean, it seems like he wants to make it up.
He told me to come here and make sure you're not mad at him.
- Hmm.
And how are you going to do that? - Well, you could fuck me.
Would that make you happy? - Yeah.
Know what makes me mad? - What? - When a Russian gangster sends a 20-year-old hooker to come seduce me into something that doesn't benefit me.
- I'm 22.
- Yeah, get the fuck out of my office.
- I wasn't rude to you.
So, so I'll just tell Milo you don't want to make up? - You do that.
- Okay.
Well, good night.
I was telling the truth.
He just told me to make you happy.
- I'm gonna give you a year.
- A year to what? - Live.
- Why would you say that? - What's your name? - Iris.
- Where you from? - I flew in from New York.
- No, where are you from from? - That's none of your business.
- Okay, okay look, I get paid to give advice so I'm gonna give you some.
Okay, the food chain here? A lot of fucking wolves, and just a few rabbits.
So wherever you're from, you should go back.
You won't make it here.
- You calling me a rabbit? - I am.
- You know, I'm stronger than you think.
- No, you're not.
- What do I tell Milo? - You should tell Milo we had fun.
You know, we could've.
Thank you.
- Jesus.
- Bullshit! Sit, sit, sit motherfucker, sit! What the fuck, homes? - Where's Carlos? - Who? - Let's not play this game.
- You better step off before I let Bullshit go to work.
- I'm just here looking for Carlos.
Bullshit, sit! - You running shit now, is that it? Alright, if you see Carlos can you just give him this? - Bullshit, down! - This is the last time I'm gonna ask.
Where the fuck is Carlos? - He got picked up.
- Downtown.
- Is that right? What do you mean? He got pinched? A warrant.
- Bullshit, sit! Bullshit! - Hey, got you a present.
Yeah, I heard.
Can you give him to me? - Hell yeah, for the unpaid child support.
- How much? - 3,700 bucks.
Jesus, really? Mike, this guy's a fucking deadbeat, don't look at me.
- Where are you? - Waiting for your brother to bring me a slice of fucking pepperoni, he's taking forever.
Can I post bond? - Well, it's a bench warrant.
You gotta pay the whole thing or it goes to the judge.
- You take plastic? - Front desk does.
- Alright.
- Hey Mike, call your brother and tell him to hurry up with my slice.
- Hey.
- Ian wants his pizza.
- Yeah.
What? Guess.
- Someone casing the joint? - Ding, ding, ding.
Is he close to you? Yeah, pretty close.
Just one? Two would've tossed it by now.
- Toss him.
- Just biding my time.
Is there a back entrance? - Yeah.
- Alright, look, I'm gonna send Ian through.
- That would be appreciated.
- What? - Someone's waiting to pop it.
There's an entrance in the back alley.
- Fuck, I can't even get dinner in this fucking town.
Let me know it all works out, okay? Yeah, will do.
- Yeah.
- Kyle, I'm out back.
- Pretty crowded in here.
- Great.
- Yeah.
- I'm right outside.
Just hit send as soon as it clears out in there.
Gonna have to eat your pepperoni.
- Soon as it clears out, hit send.
- Jimenez, Carlos.
You posted, let's go.
- You didn't call me back.
- You owe me four grand.
Want a ride? - Do I? - I don't know, it's up to you.
- I'm good.
- Look, I know we didn't know each other very well.
But what you see is what you get with me.
I don't take sides.
- I remember when you did.
- Inside is different.
- We did you a favor.
- You did them a favor.
I told you not to.
- This ain't how shit works, they don't get to lean on us all day and night, then come hat in hand, asking for the same favor they punish us for.
I just don't know how that surprises anyone.
What more can they do, Carlos? It's easier to get drugs inside than you can on the fucking street.
You have a tattoo parlor on the yard.
Anything you need inside, you already have.
They play their game and you play yours.
I don't know what the fuck you think they were gonna do, just unlock the fucking front gate? - Chavez said, "Once you educate a people, "you can not make them unlearn.
We have seen the future, and the future is ours.
" You're quoting oppressed migrant workers now, are you? You've never had a God damn job in your life, you're a drug dealer and a thief.
Don't you give me your God damn quotes until you clean out your closet of all the old ladies' DVD players.
- I remember when you ran the yard for those peckerwoods, back when there was enough white inside to make a difference.
You alone now, but you still talk the same shit.
Nobody to back you up.
- Everyone's my back-up.
That's just the thing, see, everyone.
Matter of fact, I run with the biggest gang in the city, the ones with the fucking badges.
Look, everything I'm telling you, everything I'm doing, is for your own good and you fucking know it.
But Carlos, you wanna press, the guards are gonna come down hard.
The police, they're gonna rain hell on you.
You want to wake that beast? - We're old men in this game, you and me.
I can eat my pride, but these young bucks? It's gonna be a hard pill to swallow.
- Yeah, well they don't have a fucking choice, alright? The only thing to decide here is who's gonna shove it down their damn throat.
It's gonna taste better if you do it.
- They shoulda never made the deal.
- They never did.
You never lied before? - Different when they're told to you.
- Funny how that works, isn't it? - Fuck! - You okay? - Fuck! - You hit? - Fuck, I'm good! - I'm hit.
I'm hit, sir.
- Shut the fuck up! Fuck! I hate this city.
I hate this city.
I hate this city.
I hate this city.
I hate this city.
They walked into a drug deal.
They find drugs on the victim? - Not yet.
- So, she needs a cover.
- Can she dance? I'm selling the promise of a dance.
- They're gonna want more from you.
- I'm spoken for.
- By who? - Mike McClusky.
- I've got a client for you.
You're familiar with my daughter's case.
She was kidnapped and killed and God knows what else.
- What would you like me to do, Mr.
Chalke? The answer is inside the walls, not outside.
And they ain't careful, they're gonna wake the beast.

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