Mayor of Kingstown (2021) s01e05 Episode Script


Previously on "Mayor of Kingstown" - So who sent you? - Milo.
He's my boss.
- I'm gonna give you a year.
- Year to what? - Live.
- You know, I'm stronger than you think.
- No you're not.
I need, uh, Carlos Jimenez.
- Carlos runs the Locos, right? I got a warrant.
- What for? - Child support payments.
- He's at the ranch.
- It's over off Persimmon.
It's where they got their dogs they fight in there.
If you see him, pick him up on that warrant.
- Y'all got the wrong cell, cuz.
- Everything you have I gave you.
And now I'm taking it all back.
- Why? - Because you asked for more.
Put him in ad seg.
- What the fuck were you doing in there, huh? - Hey, get back.
- I'm looking for, uh, Detective McLusky.
He's my brother.
- Are you a cop? I didn't fucking think so.
Get behind the line.
- Hey, Mike.
- Hey.
I'm by the coroner's van.
Can you, uh, come get me? Cops won't let me in.
- All right, I gotcha, I gotcha.
- How are you doin'? - Hey man, they ain't done with 'em yet, so we gotta hang back.
- Okay.
- What were you doing? Huh? - What's up, Mike? - Hey, bud.
- I got your prints on the murder weapon.
Tell me.
Tell me.
- Hey.
Do you work here? - 'Til about an hour ago.
- What happened? - My boss started shooting at those guys over there, and they killed him.
- What about this guy over here? - I don't know.
- You want one? - Fuck it.
- fucking staring at? I want my fucking union rep, you fucking dick.
- What the fuck? - It's my responsibility to determine if this was a legal shooting, not your union rep.
- He shot at us! - You didn't identify yourselves as police officers! - Fuck you! - Hey, hey, hey! What's going on? What are you doing? You know you can't interview these guys until there's a written report from the watch commander.
- Are you the watch commander? - No, I'm just a witness to you violating their rights.
- I'm entitled to canvass the scene of any officer-involved shooting.
- Well, that's the scene right there, with a dead guy and the fucking yellow tape.
- If we do this at the station, it's official.
It's recorded.
Keep that in mind.
Here is the best place to work this out.
- What the fuck are you doing here? - What the fuck are you doing here? - I'm looking after my brother.
- Your brother's fine, Mike.
The clerk had a rough night, though.
- Yeah, maybe he shouldn't shoot the customers.
And hey, by the way, defense counsel here, as you observe this interview Even if you had a case, and now you don't, want to give us a minute? - You're gonna figure it all out, Mike? - Best I can.
- Then give it your best shot.
- Thank you.
You okay? - Yeah, I'm fucking fine.
- I'm fine too, Mike.
Thanks for asking.
- Yeah, way to defuse the situation, Ian.
- I don't know what to tell ya.
I fucking went in the back door.
The tweaker's sitting right behind Kyle at the table.
As soon as I step outta that hallway, the fucking pizza guy The pizza guy unloads a pistol at my head - Yeah, we had no choice, Mike.
- Look, look, I'm not questioning that, okay? Was, uh, was the tweaker armed? - Yeah, he had a knife, crack pipe, and two dollars.
- Anybody run the pizza guy? - No, I didn't, but I'm sure somebody did.
- tats all the way up his arm, Mike.
He's selling more meth than he is fucking pepperoni.
- Hey, look, I'm gonna talk to Tom and see what side of the fence he's on.
- Thanks, man.
Tom, what the fuck? Come on, what's up with grinding my brother? - I'm trying to keep a lid on this and they're freaking out.
- Yeah, well, you know, interviewing them in front of a district attorney is not really putting a lid on it.
- Mike, look, when they get to the station, they're gonna be put in different rooms and then asked the same questions.
And if their answers are different, they got a real fucking problem.
- Okay, look, let's just stop thinking about this as a shooting and start thinking about like a drug bust, cuz that's what it is.
That pizza guy's a fucking drug dealer, all right? That's his customer.
And these guys just walked in on it, all right? It's that simple.
That's what it is.
- They find drugs on the victim? - Not yet.
- Sure would simplify matters.
- Approach it from that angle.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- This guy's a drug dealer.
- How do you know? - Look, you have one of his customers handcuffed on a sidewalk outside.
Then 15 more across the street freezing their asses off, just waiting to see what you find.
Hey, ask that tweaker the right questions and then get the right answers.
- All right.
I'm on it.
- Sure Mike, come on and help yourself to my crime scene.
- Yeah.
Look, everyone's looking at this at the wrong angle.
- Well, illuminate me, Mike.
What's the right angle? - You ran the guy? - Yeah, sure we ran the guy.
- Okay, how many how many drug convictions he got? Three.
- How many years he do? - Seven.
- Okay, so you got a felon in possession of a firearm.
That's one.
Have you searched the place for drugs? Looked at his vehicle? - You're trying to change the narrative, Mike? - Oh no, just clarifying it.
They walked into a drug deal.
- That a fact? - That's it.
- If they walked in the middle of a drug deal, where are the drugs? - They'll find them.
- You know, criminals can be victims too, Mike.
- Yeah, and victims can still be criminals.
- Hey, leave the body until homicide has had a chance to examine it.
- They can examine the body at the coroner's office.
- Well, they need to search it here.
Wait outside.
- Thank you.
- I got a client for you.
- Client? - Yeah.
- How about we do dinner later this week? - The timing, Mike? - Yeah.
- None of them are worth a fuck.
- Belichick! - No, man.
Since Brady left, he ain't worth a fuck either.
None of them.
- It doesn't matter who Detroit hires.
Doesn't matter who they draft.
Losing's the only thing they know how to do.
- Yeah, that's for real.
- Hey Ernie? Ernie? Did you get that from the commissary? - Forgot my lunch.
- You eat that prison shit? - Ernie, your shift was over at seven.
Who approved your OT? - I'm not on the clock.
- Just what? Fucking hanging out? - Jesus, how rough can she be, man? - You know you've been married a long time when you have dinner in prison just to get some fucking peace.
- Here's what I recommend, Ernie: alcohol, all right? And lots of it.
Nothing will speed you through a marriage like a bottle of bourbon, trust me.
Hey, man.
- Oh, he's just trying to help, Ernie! - Come on, man! - Vienna sausages for dinner, man? - Oh hey, speaking of dinner, I wonder if P-dog enjoyed his dinner, hm? - Hey, keep your eyes open tonight, all right? These fuck heads are sore losers.
- Just lock 'em down, Ed.
Let 'em stew in their cells.
- No, no, I lock it down now and then the warden will give me hell in November, all right? If you guys want your Christmas overtime, we gotta wait another month before we can seal this place, so - Who made his dinner? - Calvin.
- I need the bowl.
- Come fucking get it.
Is that really what you want? Wow, you ate that fast.
Why did he get two years? For nothin', man.
He was just along for the ride when they popped the driver.
You know that how that go.
Charge everyone in the car for that fucking smack.
- Well, doesn't matter why he's in, Duchard.
He's in.
- Ain't that the fucking truth? But look, he's clean.
Fucking straight-A student before all this shit.
- He's not affiliated? - No.
But they're pushing hard.
And I don't want him caught up in all that.
- All right, listen, Duchard, in order for me to help, I need the truth.
Because 16-year-old first offenders don't go two years for possession, okay? He's in Youth Authority? Gang members are filtered out of general population.
It's very hard to sneak through cuz they don't wanna sneak through, because they want to stay with their clique.
That's why there's 400 kids in gang seg and 80 in general population.
So which of the 79 kids in general population is fucking worth your brother? - Why are you fucking with me? - Because you're lying to me.
That's why.
Your brother, he fucked up.
And his own set's after him Probably the one you were with.
So if you just tell me what set, maybe I can do something to help out.
- Let's talk about your fee first.
That's some heavy shit.
- I negotiate for you.
I don't negotiate with you.
What's your brother's name? Tim.
- Okay.
I'll get into it.
- When do I have to pay? - Right now.
- How do I know you did the job? - Because you won't get a fucking phone call to identify his body.
Pay Rebecca out front.
- Yeah, just give me, like, 30 seconds.
- DA's office sent somebody over here to meet with you.
- Yeah.
- Have a seat.
- I'll stand, thank you.
- If you stand and you have a gun, you can pull it off faster than I could.
So have a seat, or I'll stand up and you don't want that.
- You know who I am? - I do.
- Then you know I don't have a gun.
- I don't put anything past anybody.
What can I do for you? - You're familiar with my daughter's case? - She was abducted.
- She wasn't abducted.
She was kidnapped and killed and god knows what else before the fluids were drawn from her body.
- I'm sorry.
I didn't realize they found a body.
- They didn't.
- James Parker confess? - He confessed and retracted.
Her case was never prosecuted because there was no body.
I understand your influence within the prisons is unique.
- What would you like me to do, Mr.
Shaw? - If Parker would confess to my daughter's murder, it would mean another trial, which would mean a stay of execution.
- You sure you want that? - When he's dead, he's done suffering.
- Would you like a drink? - Yeah, very much.
- All right, look.
This guy's, uh, fucking insane, but he's not stupid.
Neither is his lawyer.
So I'm sure he's aware that an additional confession will get him another trial, which buys him another three or four years per confession.
So if he's the monster they say he is, he can be there 'til he's 80.
- He's the monster they say.
- Then why hasn't he confessed? - That's what I need you to find out.
- Mr.
Shaw, you're gonna need a private investigator - Private investigator doesn't have access to every inmate in the state's penal system.
The answer is inside the walls, not outside.
- I'll ask around.
- How much do you charge? - No, I won't charge for this.
Yeah, well, pity isn't much of a motivator.
- Money isn't much of a motivator for me either.
- Then you've never had much.
- Is there a, uh date set for execution? - It's two weeks.
- It's not enough time.
I know.
It's what you've got.
- You see what I mean? - Oh yeah, she's beautiful.
Can she dance? - No idea.
- Hello, Joseph.
- Take your clothes off and get on the stage.
Why would I do that? - Milo wants you working.
- Well, I'm not a dancer.
- There are no fucking senators in Kingstown.
Hookers here walk the streets.
Milo doesn't want you doing that.
Off with the dress, let's go.
- Turn around.
She's a real fucking black widow, this one.
Get on the stage.
Whoa, whoa, whoa Hey, she's fucking naked, Joey.
This ain't a jerk joint, honey.
Put your dress back on.
- There we go.
Well, you're fucking beautiful.
And that body But can you dance? - I understand the concept.
- Yeah, there's not much to it, is there? - I'll figure it out.
- Yeah, you go through that door and ask for Olga, okay? She'll get you taken care of.
She's got all kinds of shit Dresses, heels, everything.
But you gotta wear a G-string.
A little mystery goes a long way.
- I think the only mysterious thing about the human body is the eyes.
Wouldn't you agree, Joseph? - What did I say? The fucking spider.
- What's your name, honey? - I'm Iris.
- Iris, I am Craig.
- Craig.
Nice to meet you.
- My pleasure.
Yeah, that door right there.
That's right.
She is gonna make a fucking fortune.
- Hold back half for us.
- So where's she staying? Listen to me.
She is poisonous, okay? We use her to turn judges.
She needs a cover, and this is it.
She is ours, so don't fucking touch.
- Hm.
- Bitch will eat you alive.
- Look who it is! Six-foot leprechaun.
- How are you doin'? - I'm livin', baby.
- Yeah.
- Cousin ain't so hot.
- Uh-huh? - Yeah, they feeding him shit sandwiches in ad seg.
My phone be blowing up, man.
They complaining to me like a motherfucker.
- Well, if they're complaining to you, then they're not complaining about you.
- No, Mike, this is serious.
- I know.
- Them guards is pushin' him.
If they ain't careful, they gonna wake the beast.
- At least the beast is in the cage.
- Y'all forgettin' who run that motherfucker.
They push too hard, they gonna fucking remind you.
- Look, this is not on me, and you know it.
I said this would happen.
- Tell them guards to back the fuck off before all this shit comes to a head.
- Got a minute? - Come on.
- Duchard Little, what do you know about him? - Yeah, I know that rat motherfucker.
- Yeah? - He got popped for the key, only spent two days in county.
Where that fool at? - He came through my office, worried about his little brother.
- Yeah, well, he fucking should be.
He got that motherfucker thinking he quit.
Saying he's in fucking Boy Scouts, I hear? Shit.
- Straight-A student, Bunny.
- Bullshit! - I got a fucking PhD, then.
- No, pulled his transcript.
Look, every once in a while, someone gets scared straight, right? Just don't bend him up, okay? - Straight A's don't mean shit, man.
He in prison.
What the fuck did he achieve with a jacket? - He's 16, Bunny.
Jacket's not gonna fall him.
Just give the kid a chance, at least.
See what he does with it.
- What if something happens to that bitch Duchard? - Fuck him, I don't care.
I care about his little brother.
- Got it.
All right, then we trade.
- Done.
Do what you want.
All right, you got, uh Got anybody on death row in a cell near James Parker? That sick motherfucker? - Yeah.
- Goddamn! Hey, I don't understand white people, man.
Y'all won't get in a gunfight to save your life, but y'all will sure as fuck kill and eat 20 kids.
- I need to get to him.
Favor pays top dollar.
- See what I can dig up.
I need a favor from you, though.
My little cousin Hakim, he on this hockey team, right? His first game is tonight down at the City Center.
Could you run him over there for me? - Why don't you just take him? - It's downtown, man.
You know how it is.
If I drive six blocks from here, I'mma get shot.
You know this, man.
The king cannot leave the kingdom, Mike, come on.
- Dude, I can't babysit your nephew.
- I ain't ask you for nothin', come on! - All you do is ask for shit.
- Well, I'm asking for some more shit right now, then! - Okay, yes, fine, fuck! - A'ight! - I'll do it! - Hey, Hakim! Hey, coach his ass up on the way over there, a'ight? He don't know a fucking thing about hockey.
- Why is he playing hockey, then? - Why not, man? Come on.
Hey, Mike gonna give you a ride, all right? - You got your gear? - Oh, yes, sir.
- Don't call me sir.
Let's go.
- Hey, look into that Parker thing, would you? - I got you, man.
- Come on, kid, let's do this! - You know you're my boy, right? - Feel like your bitch.
- You're my boy.
That really mean something around here, you know that.
- Yeah.
So you play wing? - Left wing, yes sir.
- Don't call me sir.
- What do I call you? - Just call me Mike.
- So how you know my uncle? - It's a long story.
- Prison? - Guess it's not that long after all.
Uh, yeah, prison.
- I ain't never goin' to prison, man.
- Yeah, I don't recommend it.
- I'mma play for the Red Wings one day.
You know, get the fuck outta here.
- Maybe you should play for Tampa.
- No, I hate their uniforms.
- Well, Detroit's just down the damn street.
That's not getting out of here.
Tampa, that's in Florida.
That's getting the fuck outta here.
- Tampa Bay.
- All right, Mr.
Picked up on a bench warrant three weeks ago.
I got his bloodwork and his urinalysis back, and surprise surprise, narcotics are present.
His parole's been revoked.
I'll let his PO walk you through the details.
Officer Jefferson? - Mr.
Jimenez was arrested in 1998 for armed robbery.
Got 20, which he began serving at the Youth Authority.
Transferred to the Mall when he was 18.
Racked up three manslaughter convictions along the way.
He was released in 2018 when the state began its early release initiative.
- He didn't qualify for that.
He's a three-striker.
- Fucking four-striker.
- Ferguson, McLusky, what the fuck are you doing here? You're supposed to be on a desk.
- Yes, sir, the commissioner appointed it because we're short staffed.
- Stay at the back of the line.
Last thing I need is you cowboys in another gunfight.
- Look, regardless of the algebra that got him paroled, the failed drug test sends him back to serve the rest of his sentence.
He owes us two decades, and I do not expect him to go softly into the night, gentlemen.
- All right, thank you.
All right, the FBI has a GPS located on the CI that led them to Jimenez's current location.
He's under surveillance now.
- FBI puts GPS on their informants? - Probably just activated the LoJack on your brother's Lincoln.
- Gentlemen, focus.
His house is down an alley.
They have about 30 kennels with pit bulls behind a 7-foot chain link fence, so we have no element of surprise.
- I put my team in a van, we pop this moron on the street, and run our APC right through the back wall of that house.
There's your element of surprise.
- Wait 'til dark? - Middle of the day, while these assholes are still sober.
- Do it.
- We run on FBI's frequency or they run on ours? - No, no, they say your call.
- All right.
- Robert? Be safe.
Shit! You dumb bastard.
Ernest! The final round.
Three of our - While you were jacking off in the shower, your son was vomiting across the room like he drank fucking sea water! He hasn't kept a meal down all week.
Not that you give a shit.
- Well, you should take him to the doctor.
What's the point? Clean it up before you go to work.
Clean it the fuck up! Gone all day! Gone all night! Never here! You know the last time I left this house? Me neither.
- Let's go, boys! Which one's your kid? That's my boy right there.
- I can see the resemblance.
- Should be a good game.
Good time.
- You pussies never resist.
Why is that, Carlos? We're gonna have some fun, you and me.
Get in the fucking car.
- Come on.
- Come on, kid! - Good hit, Tony! Good hit! Knocked that little bastard right back across the railroad tracks where he belongs.
- Did you see that shit? Hey ref, come on! Would you go play fuckin' football, you little punk! - What the fuck are you doing? Hey, can you grab Iris and bring her over here for me? Thanks.
- Hey.
You doin' okay? First nights can be strange, huh? - It's not so bad.
- No? Well, you're not gonna make any money if you don't dance.
- I'm selling the promise of a dance.
- Oh yeah, how is that working out? - Hope sells for a pretty penny.
- Okay, well, just be careful.
You know, once the novelty wears off, they're gonna want more from you.
- No one can have me.
That's my appeal.
Besides, I'm spoken for.
- Are you? And by who? - Mike McLusky? You know him? - Yeah.
Yeah, I know him.
You don't seem like his type.
- What a funny thing to say.
- Get the frick up! Jesus, this thing's strong! - Yeah, nice! Hey, hey, hey.
- What are you doin'? Fucker! Aah! - Fuck you! - Come here! Come on, kid! Get up, get up! - Get back.
- Just tell me something, kid.
Why hockey? - Look at the Williams sisters.
Tiger Woods, PK Subban.
They all play these white people sports and I mean, they dominate them.
I'm not fast enough for football.
I'm not tall enough for basketball.
This is my way out.
These motherfuckers won't let me have it.
- And what about, you know, boxing, you know? Got a hell of a punch, kid.
God knows you can take one.
- Yeah.
I've had a lot of practice.
- Yeah.
- I ain't doing that shit for a living.
- You know what, kid? If you want to play hockey, you're gonna play hockey, okay? I'mma take you to every goddamn game.
The next game, I'm gonna bring a crew of pipe-hitting motherfuckers that are so nasty, all those motherfucking fathers, they're gonna be carrying your gym bag to my car.
Hakim, I mean it.
When I say I do a thing that thing gets fucking done.
You hear me? - There's a There's a game next Friday.
- Then next Friday it is.
Fuck those crackers.
Yeah, fuck 'em! - Fuck the motherfuckers.
- So how was your day? Hm? Mm.
- You think this is funny? - What are we doing? Why are we uh - What is it about people that makes them want other people to fail? - What is the evolutionary reason for that to exist do you think? - I don't know.
I mean, I suppose 10,000 years ago, somebody had something he wanted, he would just take it, if he could.
But but today, we just sit here and watch other people have the things that we want, so we wish failure on each other so nobody has the thing that we can't have for ourselves.
You gonna order? I don't think I can chew.
- Then what the fuck are we doing in a restaurant, huh? - You can eat.
- I don't want to eat, Mike.
I'm just here so that we can pretend we like each other so that you don't feel guilty about fucking me.
The thing you need to understand is that the fact that you are the last man on the planet that I would ever have a relationship with is the most attractive thing about you.
So, let's just be what we are to each other, huh? A release.
- Fine with me.
- Oh, come on, you're not gonna be a dick about it.
- I'm not being a dick.
I just don't wanna waste my time.
- You're right.
You're not being a dick.
You're being a fucking baby.
- Call it what you like.
Good night.
- Hey! Hakim think you Superman, man! - Yeah! - I'm bringing half the Irish fucking Mob to that ice rink next Friday.
- Grab my boy a 40, man.
- Fuckers.
- Man, you say y'all wanted to fight.
- Oh, took me a minute to turn the tide.
- Sound like a long-ass minute right there.
- Yeah, well, one's short.
- Hey, Latrell? Somebody's light.
- Fuck.
- Damn, look how fucking mad you are, bro.
- Yeah.
- Shit.
That little peek through that window.
See what the world really thinks of us, huh? Hey.
Thank you.
- Yeah.
Do it again next Friday.
Whenever I get mad, I start thinking Mitch.
I don't know why.
It's a Once I start, I can't stop.
And that fucking pisses me off.
- Man.
I miss old Mitch, man.
He was smooth.
I like you though, man.
You're a asshole.
You, like you so wound fucking tight.
Hakim said you was chasing crackers all over the ice, swinging a fucking hockey stick.
Like it was fucking Excalibur.
- Yeah, fuck them.
Those motherfuckers.
- Every man in my family is dead or in prison, except for Hakim.
Unless he gonna run a 4.
3 he gonna end up probably dead or in prison too.
- Fuck, you really know how to cheer a guy up, Bunny.
Well, for 500 years, running fast is the only thing that can That can free a black man.
But slavery ended 150 years ago.
And it's still the only thing that frees a black man.
And that shit ain't even freedom.
That's just Just the money.
I wish they'd just fucking turn off these street lamps just once so I can see the fucking stars, man.
I look up at the sky and it's just mud.
- You know, in my cabin, you can see so many stars.
You can see the sky.
I stare and it it makes me dizzy.
- You know, like, all that, uh all that astrology shit? Like, what the stars are called? The names and all that? - Some of it.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
That's, that's That's Orion's Constellation.
Right here, with the three and the okay.
- You know, it's something interesting to think about.
These archeologists find this ivory carving in a cave in Germany.
And they date it back to 38,000 years ago.
- Damn.
- Right? And that carving is of that constellation right there.
- That right there? - Uh-huh.
So we're looking at what they saw 38,000 years ago.
- How about that shit right there? Or that? - I think that's Taurus.
- Taurus? - Yeah.
- They broke their word, Mike! Sure you want to start a war? I don't make this call.
- They created this situation when they made a deal they won't keep.
- Three thousand prisoners think that they're in the right.
- We can't bend! We gotta push until they break! I don't think they're breaking this time.
- This is leaving prison and going to the street.

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