Mayor of Kingstown (2021) s01e06 Episode Script

Every Feather

MTV Previously, on "Mayor of Kingstown".
- What's your name, honey? - I'm Iris.
Iris, I am Craig.
- She is poisonous, okay? - We use her to turn judges.
She needs a cover and this is it.
She's ours.
No one can have me.
That's my appeal.
Besides, I'm spoken for.
By who? Mike McLusky.
- No, Mike, this is serious.
- Yep.
Them guards is pushin'.
If they ain't careful, they gonna wake the beast.
I need a favor from you, though.
My little cousin, Akim.
He on this hockey team, right? His first game is tonight.
Could you run him over there for me? - Why hockey? - This is my way out.
These motherfuckers won't let me have it.
If you want to play hockey, you're gonna play hockey.
I'm gonna take you to every God damn game.
All right, what do we got, Tim? - My nephew, Sam.
- What? He just started - Three months ago.
- They got him pretty good.
Your nephew, gonna have a target on his back for a while.
Once we get this handled, we'll put him up in a tower.
Okay? He'll be fine.
What you lookin' at, dawg? Oh shit.
Tear gas, tear gas.
Inmates, lay down on the ground with arms outstretched or we will fire on you.
Warning shot.
- Shoot to kill.
- Shoot to kill.
- It's not his fault.
- The men were moving.
It was a hard shot for a sniper.
It's an impossible shot for a rookie.
Then what the fuck was he doin' in the tower, Karim? After the issue with Darryl Johnson, we felt it best he be separated from the inmates.
Well, he certainly can't go back in the tower.
Where the hell do we put him now? Either uh, discharge or receiving, sir.
Or he drives the perimeter.
- That's chump's work.
- He didn't do anything wrong.
Look, this isn't about punishment, it's about protection.
They will kill him if they get a chance and you know it.
No, we need to move him outta here.
He's in just as much danger at another prison, sir.
Let's move him to the women's prison.
- What? - No? - Uh, he's a good-lookin' kid.
- He's young.
Yeah, those girls will be all over him, sir.
That could create a whole new set of problems.
Look, I don't know what to tell you, Ed.
But if he can't be trusted to not fuck the inmates, then maybe he needs to find a different career.
It's the women's prison.
Or he will be released.
Now let's talk riot.
Why are all three leaders of the Crips in AdSeg? We had a refusal to comply during a cell search.
And what's the protocol when the leaders of one gang - are placed in AdSeg? - No, we followed protocol.
I made contact with the leadership of their rivals and let them know that we are - aware of the power vacuum.
- Yes.
We increased our presence at chow and in the yard and moved known gang associates out of the mall.
We did everything we could do, but at the end of the day, they're still criminals.
Stripes don't turn into spots.
I'll transfer Sam.
What do you want to do about the fight? Lock it down.
- Yo, dawg.
- Shit.
- Hey, man.
- Oh, hell no.
Hell no.
It ain't right.
- No.
- All right.
Rebecca, be back in an hour.
Where the fuck are you, Mike? I'm on my way.
Get off the fucking freeway.
Get here now.
I'm on my fucking way, okay? It's a fucking emergency, Mike.
- You want me there faster? - Just move closer, how's that? - Jesus, what? - Yeah.
- We need to meet.
- I'm aware.
- When? - Give me an hour.
- Ed, what the fuck did you do? - Did you lock it down? The Aryans and Latinos declared war.
- What was I supposed to do? - Great.
Okay, look.
You're stirring the hornet's nest, all right? - We need to be.
- Yeah, you think? I'm gonna cool some heads and I'll call you back.
- Today.
- Yeah, today.
- Yeah.
- Mike? - Who's this? - Iris.
It's gonna be one of those fuckin' days.
- Aight, I got it.
- I'ma handle it.
I said I fuckin' got it, aight? Hey.
Them Peckerwood motherfuckers need to check themselves before we take this shit to the streets, man.
You would've done the same thing.
The fuck I would, Mike.
I don't need to fuck with no rednecks.
We run shit.
We gonna fuck with 'em now.
- That ain't even why you here.
- Ah, I can't wait to hear why.
My boy gettin' stabbed by these two bitch-ass motherfuckers, all right? And who the fuck does the guard shoot? The guard shot your boy? While he was getting stabbed by them two bitch-ass motherfucking crackers.
The guard dumps three in my boy's back.
Three, Mike.
And not just any fucking guard either.
That same fucking cherry that worked my cousin.
- Did he make it? - No, he ain't fuckin' make it.
15 stab wounds in the chest.
Shot in the back by that fucking Uncle Tom's nephew, nah-uh.
Naw, he ain't fucking make it.
The fucking guards got all my leaders in AdSeg.
Then they let the Mexicans and the whites run through the whole fucking yard.
And then they shoot my boy in the back.
Give me some space, y'all.
All right.
All right, just fuckin' relax.
That fucking cherry's a dead man.
- Just fucking think about it.
- It ain't me, Mike.
- I don't make this call.
- Look, come on.
Number one, they're not gonna get to him, okay? They've already got him in discharge if not fired him, okay? We ain't hittin' that motherfucking side, nah-uh.
We gettin' that motherfucker on the street.
So, you want to start a war with the guards and the fucking police? - I'm a drug dealer.
- We already at war, baby.
Yeah, you're a drug dealer.
You sell crack on your front lawn.
That's not fuckin' war.
You got fucking cameras in every street lamp around here, and they leave you the fuck alone.
Why? 'Cause all you do is sell drugs here.
But you wanna do this? You'll have SWAT in your livin' room before you know it.
And they'll shoot anything they see, is that what you want? They fuckin' broke their word, Mike! - And they killin' us for it.
- Think about it.
Talk 'em down.
All right.
I'll try.
They hungry for this.
- I get it, okay? - Nah, nah, nah, nah, - they really fucking hungry.
- Feed 'em something else.
- For it, Mike.
- Feed 'em something else.
And you better tell them Peckerwood motherfuckers that when this lockdown is over, we want the yard back.
And we're gonna take it from their punk ass, too.
- Peckerwood's my next stop.
- Good.
Everybody's got the troops around.
Have a seat.
You know, I question your timing, Duke.
You know they can't hold them, right? I mean, Jesus.
When they unlock that cage, they're gonna hit back.
They're gonna hit back hard.
Yeah, we got all their leaders locked up.
All three.
What's it say about us if we don't try? We look weak.
They do it to us.
That's prison, brother.
You ain't been out so long you forgot the rules.
I remember the rules.
They need to cancel the lockdown, Mike.
Duke, you rushed the yard.
There's 50 Crips in the infirmary.
They're not gonna lift lockdown till New Year.
They created this situation when they made a deal they won't keep.
And mark my words.
This is leavin' prison and goin' to the street.
A few prison guards get shanked in their living room, they'll remember who runs that fuckin' place.
Pete, come on, listen to yourself, stop that.
You can't bring the shit to the streets.
They'll get the fucking National Guard.
You'll have a tank in your driveway and they'll sweep you up like the trash.
It's a zero-sum game now, brother.
They owe us.
They're living in the land of "or else.
" Tell 'em to lift the lockdown, or else.
Number one, I'm not your brother.
Two, don't act like I fuckin' work for you.
If you want something from me, you fuckin' ask.
And then you fuckin' pay for it like everybody else.
You understand? You remember prison better than I thought.
Mike Please.
Tell 'em to lift the lockdown.
Nobody makes money in a war.
I'll ask.
Your window's comin' at the end of the week.
- There are fuckups, Ed.
- And then there's today.
They wanna kill that kid.
Best of luck.
We transferred him to the women's prison.
No, they're gonna do it outside.
They wanna make a statement.
Well, suicide isn't much of a statement, Mikey.
Well, everyone's done a deal with the fuckin' devil and nobody wants to fuckin' keep it.
That's not how the devil works.
Okay, 3,000 prisoners think that they're in the right.
Do you have any idea how fucking dangerous that is? - Do you know what? - Fuck them.
Besides, we can't bend.
We gotta push until they fucking break.
I don't think they're breaking this time.
We let up now, we look weak.
And then they all run the yard.
- You know what you sound like? - What? A fucking convict.
You gotta let the air out of this thing.
Just let some air out of it, or it's gonna fuckin' pop.
Trust me.
I hope that you're waitin' for me What the fuck is she doing? She hypnotizes them with this shit.
She's not even dancing.
- Well, she doesn't dance.
- She just fucks with 'em.
And they eat it up.
Yesterday she made $4,000 on a fucking Tuesday.
No lap dance or nothin'.
She just pulls this shit on stage and she sits with them like they're on a fuckin' date and they throw money at her.
I know I hurt you so deep, I know you cry in your sleep I'll have your tears in my veins And I need your love for the pain - I need to talk to her.
- Just let her do her job.
- That's not her fucking job.
- That's her cover.
She's not doing her job worth a shit.
Is there anyone in the Jungle Room? - No.
- Good.
Tell her I want to talk to her.
Hey, listen.
Job, cover, whatever you want to call it.
She's makin' us both a lot of money, so don't fuck with her face.
Don't ever fuckin' touch me again.
Dirty fucking hands.
My baby, my darling, be there in the morning Crying and mourning life when I'm torn Fans, they roaring Back when I didn't have shit No way, no bitch want me Gave me no play No money, no car No roof, no food So, how are things with Mr.
Mike? He won't take my calls.
Hmm, go and see him.
- I have.
- He won't see me.
Milo thinks maybe he's gay.
Yeah, I don't think so.
If he doesn't want to fuck you, he's probably gay.
Milo wants to try something a little bit different.
What would he like to try? He thinks maybe he likes his angels with a broken wing, so, we're going to let him save you.
- Save me from what? - From us.
No, no.
- Come, come, come.
- Come on, come on, come on.
Come with me.
Don't fucking scream.
Tell him I want to speak with him.
He knows where to find me.
It must've been quite an hour.
Ha, yeah - Is anybody else up there? - It got quiet after you left.
- All the noise followed me.
- I figured.
You coming in or you want me to lock up? Yeah, I'm gonna go home.
No, you're not.
It's definitely broken.
You're gonna have to go to the hospital.
- Does that hurt? - It's not as bad as my stomach.
What happened to your stomach? - Bad, ain't it? - It ain't great.
Look, I'm gonna have Rebecca take you to the hospital, okay? Why can't you do it? Because if I take you to the hospital, the doctor's gonna think I did it.
And then they're gonna call the police.
They're gonna question me for six hours.
They'll question you for longer.
I won't say shit, but you will.
And that's gonna create a whole other set of problems for me.
- Got nothing to tell.
- The fuck you don't.
I don't.
Your boss sets you up with judges and congressmen.
You got plenty to tell.
He wants you to do something and you won't do it.
- Yeah.
- You gonna do it now? No.
He's gonna do this to me again if you don't.
No, he's not gonna do this again.
I promise.
When they ask you what happened say some creep followed you home from work.
He attacked you, punched you in the stomach and you screamed.
Rebecca was driving by.
She saw the whole thing.
She laid on the horn till the guy ran off.
The guy stepped on your hand as he ran away.
You don't know Rebecca.
But you're so happy she came that night.
Otherwise, you'd have been surely dead.
Cry the whole time while you say that.
Understand? I understand.
Rebecca, you're up.
Yeah, Mike? Hey.
Where are you guys at? I need a favor.
- Where do you want us? - Gaelic.
What are we doin' at this shithole, Mike? All right, thanks for comin'.
Let's uh, put our badges out though, huh? We don't want another gun fight.
Guns out too or what? - Maybe.
Come on.
- Ready? Let's go.
- Ray, you go first.
- All right.
You going to arrest me, Mike? Do you know what the definition of insanity is? Repeating the same thing.
Mike, Jesus Christ.
Over and over.
Expecting a different fuckin' result.
When Milo wants to send me a message, I'm gonna send him a message right back.
You're gonna get real fuckin' tired of being the messenger.
Let's go.
Way to make us an accessory, Mike.
What the fuck was that? Everyone in that bar is a felon.
Your secret's fuckin' safe.
All right.
Besides, if you guys weren't here, somebody would've fuckin' killed me.
You still might get killed, Mike.
That was fuckin' awful.
It wasn't that bad.
Thank you, by the way.
I owe you one.
You owe us fuckin' three, Mike, you fuckin' asshole.
Holy fuck.
- Hey, Mike.
- How is she? The break was clean, so, no surgery.
They put a cast on her arm, drained the hematoma.
Nothin' they could do about the rib.
She's gotta check those out.
Did you take her to the hospital? I took her to the minute clinic, less questions.
I'll say this, the girl can act.
By the time she finished her story, even I believed it.
- You took her home? - She's on your couch.
- You, what? - No, Rebecca, you gotta get her the fuck outta there.
All right, get her the fuck out.
Call her a cab.
She's too scared.
And if you did what I think you did, she has every right to be scared.
Rebecca, just - I'll take her home with me.
- No, no, don't do that.
She'll spin you like a top, too.
God, fuck, all right, look.
I'm coming.
I'll be right there.
I'm on my way.
Is she sleeping? Her rib's hurtin' her too good.
All right.
How you doin'? It hurts.
- I'll bet.
- You ever been roughed up before? No.
I find that hard to believe in your line of work.
- Judges don't hit.
- Some do.
How about your mother, your father? They ever lay hands on you? - My parents love me.
- Love you? - Mm-hmm.
- Hmm.
What do they do? My father was a school superintendent.
My mother does electrolysis.
And you fuck strangers for money.
Yeah, that makes sense.
Don't tell me the story that you want to be true.
Just tell me the fuckin' truth.
How's that? - You want the truth? - Yeah.
My father started raping me when I was 11.
My mother walked in once.
She closed the door and let him.
Then when I was 15, he committed suicide.
And she kicked me out of the house.
But they never hit.
You gave me a year.
But you were wrong.
Didn't even make it a month before this place just tore me to pieces.
Oh, I've got some bad news for you, Iris.
This is not torn to pieces, not even close.
If you don't get the fuck outta here and find someplace safe where Milo can't find you, it's comin'.
He can find me anywhere.
We're gonna have to get ahold of somebody at WitPro.
She'll have to give them something.
Do you know any of the names of your Johns? I mean, there's some celebrities that I know.
Everyone knows their names, but - But you know faces? - I know faces.
- Okay.
- You came from New York? Mm-hmm.
Okay, look, let's just print out photos of every New York congressman, senator, police chief.
Just everyone, right? We'll make some flashcards for tomorrow.
- What about tonight? - She can stay on the couch.
I'll stay in the office.
- Okay.
- I'm gonna head home.
Oh, no, no, I need you to stay here with her.
You really don't trust me, huh? No.
Not even a little bit.
Did you honestly think I wouldn't find out? Find out what? "A local pizzeria was the location "of the seventh officer-involved shooting in under a month "and the 23rd of this year.
"Two officers interrupted a drug deal "on the corner of 3rd and Fig.
According to police, "one suspect fled, another opened fire on officers "as Sergeant Kyle McLusky and Lieutenant Ian Ferguson "returned fire, killing 37-year-old Paul Newcum.
"Newcum had previously served a seven-year sentence "for possession with intent to distribute.
"Police also say multiple weapons "and a considerable amount of narcotics were discovered at the pizzeria.
" That's my job, Mom.
I know what your job is.
I also know procedure.
You're on administrative leave for at least 30 days.
So, what the fuck are you doing walking in here with a gun on your hip and a badge, both of which should be in your captain's desk drawer? Mom, I am on admin, but they need me working shifts because we're so understaffed.
And it's a fucking war out there.
You know, it's always been a fucking war out there.
I teach the ones who lost.
- You know, if you're just - If you're just gonna sit here and wait up for me just to lecture me like I'm a fuckin' teenager, I'm gonna move.
You've been with Michael.
You only talk that way when you've been with Michael.
- Oh, here we go.
- You know how dangerous he is.
Mom, I'm not having this argument with you right now.
- Mike, he does a lot of good.
- Mike believes he does good, but he is a criminal.
He's been a criminal since he was in prison.
He thinks like a criminal.
He acts like a criminal.
And as much as he tries to protect you, he will get you killed.
I'm going to bed.
Think about this.
If you die before your child is born, your child has lost her war before it's even started.
Can you not look at your life? Kyle It is no longer just about you.
Good night, Mom.
Last one.
Busy girl.
It's 26.
- 26? - Whew.
Did any of these gentlemen contact you directly? No.
No, I was given a time to meet at a hotel bar.
- Which hotel? - Uh, Four Seasons, Carlyle, St.
Regis, Baccarat.
So, you meet up at the hotel bar, you have a few drinks, then you go up to the room - and have sex? - Yeah.
Did they give you money directly? - No.
- Never? - Did any men give you tips? - We could get gifts.
But not money.
Sometimes I got gifts.
What kind of gifts? Watches, jewelry, uh, a car once.
- A car? - What kind of car? A Porsche.
A fuckin' Porsche.
What about this is so fuckin' funny to you? Hey, tough guy, stay in your lane.
No, I'm gonna get right in your lane, motherfucker.
Are you threatening a federal agent? No, I'm just makin' a promise.
Sit down.
This is how you wanna treat witnesses that are victimized? No wonder people don't come forward more to help you out.
Wait outside.
I apologize if my associate offended you.
He did.
May I see where Joseph hit you? Aggravated assault.
State crime, they won't do WitPro.
Do a restraining order, which he'll violate - after he makes bail.
- Nice Any other bruises, scratches or cuts? Yeah.
Can you remove the dress, please? I need to photograph the rest of your body.
Uh, this is the only bruise.
If I don't photograph your whole body, the photos of the wounds aren't admissible.
Turn to the left.
Raise your right arm over your head.
Turn left again.
- What happened here? - What happened where? There's a bruise on your left buttock.
- Oh, I don't know.
- Maybe when he knocked me down.
Turn left again.
Once more.
Get dressed and have a seat.
Look, these cases are very hard to prosecute.
No money was exchanged.
There is no evidence that prostitution took place.
There's certainly no evidence that prostitution was used to bribe officials, though I am certain that is what happened.
The only way to get her into witness protection would be to send her back out.
She wears a wire.
We get them ordering her to one of these locations and we get video evidence of her at the location with the suspect, which means going back to New York.
Yeah, that's not gonna happen.
He wants her to stay here.
He's never gonna send her back to New York.
And she can't go back to New York on her own.
Is he using you for prostitution in Kingstown? No.
I mean, I don't think Kingstown can afford me.
No family that can take you in? No friends? - No family.
- No friends.
Let me think on this.
I'll get in touch with the New York office, maybe they have a piece that connects this puzzle.
You have a cell phone? I'm gonna give you a case number.
You go Maybe we should hand this off to the New York field office, shouldn't we? We should include them at the very least.
Link them on the case number.
Go to the New York field office website.
Scroll down here to the case numbers.
Him, too.
Him, too what? They paid me to have sex with him, too.
Well, this just got interesting.
By the minute.
This is a collect call from Kingstown Men's Prison.
Press one to accept.
I guess you got my message.
- We should meet.
- Then come on over.
We should meet, Mike.
I don't see what that'll accomplish, Milo.
We can't really talk about much in your office.
The park, an hour.
Mind if I bring some friends? I'm not feeling very trusting right now.
Bring whoever you like, but if I don't like who you bring, then we won't speak and I will pluck every feather from your little angel, Mike.
Every one of them.
Be there in an hour.
I'm curious how he plans to meet you in a park across the street from the prison.
So am I.
I'll call you.
Are you Mike? I am.
You're not supposed to have cell phones in prison, Milo.
Well, there're some things we aren't supposed to have and yet we all do have It's very long, Mike.
Getting longer every day.
Capitalism is alive and well inside of the walls as you know.
I need another favor.
Yeah, you keep sayin' that.
I'm done doin' you favors.
You're the only one who can do it.
Then it's not gonna get done.
If you do it, I'll let you keep her.
- I don't want her.
- I'm so surprised at that.
I thought she was perfect for you.
What about Candace? Is she more your flavor? Keep her instead.
I'm not looking for a pet, Milo.
Candace, hand Mike the phone.
What? I will skin her alive, Mike.
I'll skin her and send you the scalp.
If you can find her.
Hand the phone back to Candace.
Show him our little secret.
Tell him what it is.
So, he can make sure I'm safe.
He put a locator in you? I've already found her, Mike.
Come on, answer.
Come on, answer.
- Hey, Mike.
- Are the feds still there? - Uh, yeah.
- They're in your office.
Where's that asshole fed? - I don't know.
- I think he went out front.
I need you to do exactly what I say.
Okay, I want you to stand up and go out the front door.
- All right.
- Do you see him? - I don't see him.
- Do you see their cars? Yeah, I see their car.
Mike, you're scaring me.
Turn left and run.
Where am I running to? Just fuckin' run! Have you been in? The bomb squad's doin' an ultrasound at the door.
We've got SWAT ready.
Just waitin' on the word.
- Okay.
- Anything? - It's not them.
- No signs of a struggle.
We've been calling your office.
We're calling their cells.
They're not answering.
- I don't know, Ian.
- This is reckless.
Milo's not reckless.
I don't know what he wants me to do here.
I don't get it.
What warrants this? Hey, Mike, he's a fuckin' madman.
- No, he's not, actually.
- He's fuckin' evil, yeah.
But he's not crazy.
He's fuckin' calculated.
- SWAT's clear.
- They're goin' in.
Here we go.
- What is that? - What does that mean? There's Robert, let's go.
We're clear.
- It's a threat.
- It's a mind game.
- We have to turn up the heat.
- How much hotter can it get? She's yours to keep.
So, let's talk about my favor.
- My favor is to you.
- What am I moving? - You don't have to move it.
- You just have to find it.
Is this about what we dug up? You realize that if this comes to the surface, we're all in a cage.
It's not coming to the surface.
I'm not going to let it.
God help you.

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