Mayor of Kingstown (2021) s01e07 Episode Script

Along Came a Spider

Previously on "Mayor of Kingstown".
Oh shit.
We will fire on you.
- They will kill him if they get a chance and you know it.
Let's move him to the women's prison.
- How are things with Mr.
Michael? - He won't take my calls.
- Milo wants to try something a little bit different.
- He wants you to do something and you won't do it.
He's gonna do this to me again if you don't.
- No, he's not gonna do this again.
Your boss sets you up with judges and congressmen.
You got plenty to tell.
- Busy girl.
I will skin her alive, Mike.
- If you can find her.
- Hand the phone back to Candace.
Show him our little secret.
- He put a locator in you? I already found her, Mike.
- Hey, where's my fucking pat down? Ooh, break me off a fucking piece of that.
- I need searching, daddy.
- All right, ladies, you're in classroom D13A, let's find our way.
- I know my way, baby.
- I'm sure you do.
- What genius in administration sent you here? - It's for my safety.
I had an incident at the men's prison.
- You're no safer here.
The female inmates are just like the male inmates.
They think the same and they act the same.
And they will use you in exactly the same way.
- I'm aware.
- Stand in the back of the classroom, and stop making eye contact with them.
- Eyes will be on me, or you will be removed from the class.
Understood? I think today, maybe we'll talk about human evolution.
Or the lack of it.
To think about the evolution of man, it's always a good idea to remember that we're all animals.
And the rules which govern the lives of lions, of wolves, of our closest relatives, the primates, are no different than the rules which govern our lives.
We are in constant competition with each other, competition to breed, to eat, to seek water and shelter.
Only man cannot survive without a tribe.
Empathy exists to ensure the survival of our offspring.
Morality, whatever that may mean, exists to govern the behavior of the members within the tribe in hopes that the tribe does not destroy itself.
But now, all these tribes live close together, and we must find a way to see all humankind as one species, not as a collection of tribes.
Our survival depends upon this.
The age of competition is ended.
The age of cooperation is here.
If we do not find a way to cooperate, to extend that empathy to all humankind, then we will be the axe that chops our own roots.
We will be the arbiters of our own extinction.
- There were three agents? - Three, yeah.
- You get his name? - Uh, it was a Hask Haskins or Hastings, somethin' like that.
The guy looks like a fucking weatherman.
Heaven asshole.
- Pete Hastings.
Special Agent out of Detroit.
- So, what's to move forward? We approaching this as a missing person or a person of interest? - Look, he's a senior agent.
I can't come up with a scenario where he's involved in the kidnapping of a witness and the murder of fellow agents.
- He's a missing person of interest.
How's that? - I can live with that.
- So, where are you? - Pulling surveillance footage from the park and on the street around Mike's house.
- No cameras in your office? - I have cameras on the roof, covering the front entrance and back entrance.
You guys have cameras in streetlights.
- We need your phone.
- All right.
Yes, sir.
- Hey Mike.
- Hey, it's me.
Uh, can you transfer my number to a new cell? And PD's gonna need the security footage from the computers.
I'm going through it now.
- Kay, I'll be back in a bit.
- Murder of a fellow agent comes to us and we want it.
- It's in my jurisdiction.
We share it.
- We want lead.
- It's yours.
- Can I go? - He'll contact you.
- Okay.
- Reach out the minute he does.
- Ahh, will do.
- Mike.
- Not now.
- Mike.
- Not now, parking lot.
- Mike.
- What the fuck, Kyle, what? - Is this about what we dug up? - Maybe.
- Maybe you realize that if this comes to the surface, we're all in a fucking cage.
- Dude, it's not coming to the surface.
I'm not gonna let it.
- Yeah, well, whatever you do, take a different fucking car, 'cause they're tracking that one.
What do we do? - You don't do a fucking thing.
Understand me? I'll figure it out.
Get the suits off my ass, how's that? Can't do anything with a tail.
- Fuck - Fuck Rebecca.
Time to get a new office.
- I can't tell you how happy I am to hear you say that.
- Find us one? - Okay.
- Also, I gotta trade you cars.
Thank you.
- Oh, Mike.
- You're the best.
- Dawson Sellick.
- Paul Dawson.
- Who's calling? - His fucking conscience.
- This is Paul.
- I need to see him.
- Mike, look, I don't think - Look, today, Paul.
And you there too.
Why me? - Because if you're there, then they can't record it.
Mike, look, I can't hear that conversation.
- Well, you're gonna fuckin' hear it, all right? Or you're gonna watch it on the news.
All right, fine.
How about tomorrow? - How about in an hour? I'll call you back.
- Man, you even walking worried.
- Hey.
- What's with the grape, man? You fuckin' them strippers now? - Naw.
It's a long story.
- Heh, your story's all over the streets bruh.
Shit, I hope you stocked up on carpet cleaner.
- You ever, uh, do anything with Milo's crew? - Fuck no.
Crips don't crime with crackers.
And them Slavic motherfuckers is just shit-house crazy.
I don't need to tell you that.
What you need? - I don't know yet.
- Well, when you figure that shit out, you know where to find me.
- It's gonna take me a minute to fix your problem.
I gotta fix mine first.
- That's the thing with problems, Mike.
You can leave them as long as you want.
They're still gonna be there when you get back.
Just gonna be big as shit.
- Yeah.
- Need the tie.
These laces worry you? - Who's he seeing? Ah, inmate will be restrained to his chair.
The laces don't worry me.
- Open the wallet for me, fan any cash out on the counter.
- Place it back.
One lighter.
One pack of smokes.
Cell phone.
One wallet, $1,807 cash.
One tie.
One black belt.
Go to screening.
- Got your slip? Interview five.
- Walk in front of me.
- Knock three times, we'll reinstate video.
Once we establish the room is safe, we'll open the door.
If there's an emergency, hit the red button on the wall or knock twice.
All right.
- Looks like she was your flavor after all.
- Fucking Milo.
You have been in this box too God damn long.
Have you lost all perspective? - In many ways, you can see better from here.
- I'm glad you like it, because it's all you're gonna fucking see.
Do you understand that? That's until they link you to the double murder in my fucking office! Then they're just gonna pump your veins full of poison and be done with you, like I am.
- But they won't link it to me, Mike.
They won't find the girl I sent, they won't find the phone.
And they won't find Iris.
So, let's talk about my favor.
- No.
Let's not.
No fucking favors.
There're feds up my ass because of you.
I got two cars on my tail everywhere I go.
There's aerial surveillance.
I'm sure they got a fucking satellite tracking me, everywhere I go, anywhere, they're gonna be there.
Do you understand that? So, anything I find, Milo, they find, and they keep it.
- This isn't a favor to me, Mike.
The favor is to you.
- Is that right? What am I moving? - You don't have to move it, you just have to find it.
The people following you will know what to do next.
It's in a case.
The case is metal.
Look for metal.
- Okay, let's talk about, Iris.
- Oh, that ship has sailed, Mike.
You had your chance, and you turned it down.
Iris had a job to do and she didn't do it, now she has he old job back.
Forget Iris.
Iris is gone.
But now I know.
Next time I need you, I just have to break an angel.
Jesus, Milo, I can't be hearing this.
- Shut the fuck up.
What I ask protects you.
It helps me, yes, but it protects you because if you find it, you're the savior.
If they find it, God help you.
- What about the 30 feds up my ass right now? - Bring them with you.
That's the spirit.
- Get showered and get dressed.
- Where are we going? - Back to work.
Don't drink that.
They're going to do blood work, urine work Where did he get the whiskey in the trunk? - Right.
- Mm-hmm.
- So, this clears us up? We're good? - Yeah, we're good.
- So, I get a tap on the shoulder.
I turn around and that's the last thing I remember? All right.
Let's get on with it.
Make it look good, but I don't want fucking brain damage.
- We won't hurt your brain.
- Ready.
- What is this? - A lesson.
No more senators for you.
- What's this? - A gift.
- Gifts usually come with strings.
- Not this one.
- You call me when you want her back.
- She's yours to keep.
- Wanna party? I go first.
- We all go first.
- I heard things at max are tense.
- That place is a fuckin' jungle.
Honestly, today felt like a vacation.
I'm not saying it's easy, but- - You just wait until we put 'em to bed in a minute and tell me it's easy.
- Well, what happens when we put 'em to bed? - Nothing, for us.
They're gonna throw the kitchen sink at you.
- You're their age, you're fit, you look like all the guys they got pinned up on their walls.
- Most of all, you're new, so, they're gonna poke and probe and see where they can get through.
If they can get through.
- They do the same shit at the men's prison.
- They're gonna cry, and they're gonna give you every sob story.
And then, when you pass by their cell, they'll give you a peep show.
Then you're gonna get a phone call from your supervisor saying that they've been getting complaints that you're watching the inmates when they change their clothes.
- And there's just enough assholes in uniforms who are watching 'em change, and slipping girls in the supply closet, to make those complaints have teeth.
- So, you're telling me, there's guys in uniform, having relationships with inmates.
- It's not just guys.
- Assholes come in every gender.
- Wow.
- The two most coveted jobs for inmates, the library, and walking the track.
- Walking the track? - There's an exercise track outside the wall.
They walk it looking for trash.
It's in the sunshine, there's trees and flowers and fresh air.
And they get to walk and gossip and forget they're in prison for seven hours a day.
- When you go past it, you tell me how many ugly girls you see walkin' the track.
- And those are the same girls with $1000 in their accounts at commissary.
Riddle me that shit.
- This prison's dangerous in a different way.
- Hey.
Just do this, and you'll be fine.
Be a fucking robot.
A by the book, emotionless robot, okay? - I could do that.
- Close A-24.
- Close A-23.
- Close A-22.
- Close A-21.
- Nope.
Lemme see it.
- See what? - Stand and face the wall.
- Close A-20.
- What a waste of money.
These don't even work down here.
- Can I at least delete the pictures? Come on man, I don't need y'all looking at that.
- You know the rules.
Close A-19.
Robot, take 17.
- You good? - Am now.
Close A-18.
- Close A-17.
- Brought ya some dinner.
Not that I've ever seen you eat.
- I eat.
- Yeah, I don't doubt it.
I just never seen it.
- Yeah.
Got somethin' better.
- Thanks.
Mm So, you wanna run me through it? - He wants us to go back out on the property and find a metal case.
- Mike You can't go back out there, you got, you got two fucking feds sittin' down your dirt road.
- He wants us to bring them with us.
- It's a fuckin' set-up Mike.
- Yeah, I know, I know.
I just can't figure out how.
If I tell the FBI I got a tip on the death of one of their agents, right? We could go dig up the fucking world and find who knows what.
I don't see how it blows back on us.
- It fuckin' does.
I promise.
What about the girl? - There's no girl.
She's gone, she's back at work, under his thumb.
Who knows where.
I could flip stones for a lifetime and never find her.
Neither could you.
- I feel like all we do is tread water.
In the middle of the lake, no shore in sight.
- Yeah.
'Cause that is all we do.
- Tracy's pregnant.
- Yeah, I know.
Boy or girl? - We don't know yet.
- Do you care? - Not really.
I mean, I feel like I'm supposed to say boy but you know, then what? Grows up in this hell? Every day a fucking fight? - It'd be the same hell for your daughter too, brother.
- Y'know, I just keep thinkin' Florida.
Or somewhere.
A little beach town.
Bustin' spring breakers for open containers.
- Gotta save the world from entitled teenagers, right? - What have we ever saved, Mike? Hmm? Not a fucking thing.
- You should probably stop hanging out with me, kid.
- Yeah, that's what Mom says.
- Mom's right.
- James Parker, you have been convicted of three counts of murder in the first degree by a jury of your peers, and sentenced to death by lethal injection.
Do you have any last words? - They weren't my peers.
- Do you have any last words? - No words for you.
But for you I wonder what you'll do when you realize it was all your fault.
- That's confession enough for me.
I'm gonna watch you die, you son of a bitch.
- Another outburst, and you'll be removed from the gallery.
- Enjoy it.
I did.
- You want some breakfast? Sit down.
You're not hungry? Nope, be none of that shit.
- I don't smoke.
- You sure? It'll make you feel better.
That's good, coughin' gets it in there, real good.
Well, if you ain't gonna eat, let's go take a shower.
- I'll see you tonight.
What the fuck? - Hey! Eyes forward and walk, ladies.
- Get your head out of your ass.
- Breakfast.
- Code 20, B block.
Which cell? - All of them.
Officer assistance needed Cell Block 2.
They're clearly making a statement.
- It's not a fucking statement.
They do that, sir, hoping that one of us will step up and just push them off, so they can turn around and shank us.
It's a threat.
- It's a mind game.
- All due respect, sir, you are misreading the room.
- Kareem? - I've seen it before.
I've never seen a whole block do it, but I've seen it.
- So, what's the endgame here? We keep the lockdown, they escalate on their end.
Before you know it, there's a prison-wide hunger strike during the fuckin' holidays.
- We can't blink, sir.
We have to turn up the heat.
- How much hotter can it get? - Lights on, 24-7.
And we do not give them an option to hunger strike.
We just stop bringing breakfast.
- Ed, this isn't Guantanamo Bay.
Look, I need to reach out to the Bureau of Prisons to get some more guidance on this, okay? - Sir, those politicians, they have no place in this fight.
- Sir, they will tell us to sit with inmate leadership and negotiate.
- It legitimizes a point of view that is not a legitimate point of view.
- Why is their point of view not legitimate? - Because they're fucking convicts! - Ed, get the fuck off of my desk.
Bring the leaders.
Just the leaders of each group to the cafeteria.
We will hear them out.
Open A-top-9.
- Get dressed, let's go.
- You speak outta school, you die in the shower.
Swear to fucking God.
- Can I trust you gentlemen to put your differences aside and sit at the same table? - You're the only difference we worried about at the moment.
- I'm gonna keep you cuffed.
But I will let you sit.
- Take me back to my hole.
I ain't sittin' here negotiatin' with my fuckin' hands behind my back.
- This isn't a negotiation.
This is a discussion.
Gentlemen, you know how this works.
When things boil over in the yard, we'd lock it down until cooler heads prevailed.
- They wanted it to boil over.
They put me and my captains in the hole, and turned the yard out the same time.
Why not stagger the yard when you know there's a vacuum, like you did every other time since I been here? Naw, this is what they wanted.
- Why would they want it? - You know why.
Overtime, double time.
Hazard pay.
You're just fucking banks to these guards.
- There's been quite the power shift on the yard, you expect me to believe you're not gonna try and take it back? How I'ma do that, when these three working together? But that marriage gonna end soon.
And we'll see what we see.
But they ain't the gangs I'm worried about at the moment.
- Which gang worries you? - Your gang.
See, there's rules to banging.
We all know 'em.
Lock these three up next week, try to do the same thing to 'em.
It's just business.
But I know this, if we shake on it, that's what it is.
Shake hands wit chu nobody knows what it is.
But it ain't what they promise.
- And what did they promise? - Treat us like men.
Give us some more time in the yard so we ain't all bunched up on each other.
Give us some decent fuckin' food in the commissary.
- May I ask what this promise was in exchange for? - For takin' out your fuckin' trash.
- Our trash? - Your trash.
Your child-murdering, motherfuckin' trash.
- Do I have your word there will be no retribution against the other groups? - Not forever.
I'll give you until I get my window.
Let these fools play handball for now.
I'm tired of it.
- I need peace in the valley.
Break your word to me, and all of you will be in different prisons by the end of the day.
- Let's go.
- Wasn't gonna say nothin' 'til you told me not to.
Now, you gotta eat shit for dinner.
- You're a fucking dead man.
- Well, you better kill me quick motherfucker, before I shove a shank through your fuckin' skull.
- Why in the hell is he talkin' about trash and child killers? - I don't know, but I'll find out.
- What the fuck was that? - Ugh, man - Do we take the trash as evidence, or the whole truck? - I'm not diggin' through all that shit, fuck that noise.
Take the whole truck.
Yeah Thank you, gentlemen.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- The FBI? - They're on their way, but I wanna know now.
Jesus - Fuck Yeah, that's him.
- So he wasn't in on it, huh? - I don't know.
Why Why take him? Why pick him up? Kill him? Then you have to dump him.
Why not just shoot him where he was, like the other two? - Yeah.
- No, he's in on it.
He didn't know Milo like I know him.
Look it, I'm gonna head out that way.
- Alone? No feds? - No feds yet.
I'm just gonna poke around, see if there's any bear traps, know what I mean? - Yeah, what if you step in one and nobody's around ya? - I'll be all right.
- Hey, hold on.
No service out there.
- Oh yeah.
- Find something, we'll come running.
- Okay.
- Mike.
- Yeah? - You won't be alone, FBI's all over you.
- Looks like they're all here.
- What a waste of time.
I've been busy.
You know? - Those french fries were a one-time deal.
You hear me? It's over between us.
Hey, that's not for you.
That's for the birds.
Hey, get out of there, that's for the Motherfucker - Hey, hey, get outta there.
Here ya go.
- That's your last supper, buddy.
Probably shouldn't of fed ya - Lights out.
- Shit - I am watching the leaders of the Blacks, the Whites, and the Mafia, have a 30 minute pow-wow.
Know what it means when rival gangs group together? It means, they're talkin' about us.
- Explain to me how you found this.
- Milo said metal case.
- Do you know what you look like right now? Like a big patsy.
- If I'm gonna go to prison, it's gonna be for something I did, understand?
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