Mayor of Kingstown (2021) s01e08 Episode Script

The Devil is Us

MAN: Previously on Mayor of Kingstown - DUKE: What's this? - A gift.
Gifts usually come with strings.
Not this one.
Wanna party? Breakfast.
- ED: It's a threat.
- It's a mind game.
All due respect, sir, you are misreading the room.
Bring the leaders just the leaders of each group to the cafeteria.
Do I have your word there will be no retribution against the other groups? I need peace in the valley.
MILO: So let's talk about my favor.
What am I moving? - You don't have to move it.
You just have to find it.
The people following you will know what to do next.
- You won't be alone.
FBI's all over you.
It's in a case.
The case is metal.
Look for metal.
[metallic thud.]
[bird squawking.]
- The suspense is killing me.
This is taking fucking forever.
Stevie, you know a faster way to dig? - Backhoe.
- IAN: [chuckles.]
You want to put a 40-ton Cat on top of an 8-ton bus? Think about that.
I just want to see what's inside.
I don't give a fuck how they dig it out.
You don't wanna see what's inside, I promise you.
Mike, you know about this? I don't even know what the fuck this is.
- Did Mitch? - No.
Is that a you're sure no or you hope no? I hope no.
Well, that's fucking great.
- Yeah.
- Yeah, real fucking great.
Explain to me how you found this.
It's, uh, Milo said metal case.
So I got a metal detector.
That's what I found.
Pretty big case, wouldn't you say? Yeah.
I don't think this is what he wanted me to find.
[bird squawking.]
Homicide, you're up.
Here we go, gentlemen, let's do it.
- All right, I'm gonna break it.
Fuck this.
[bird squawking.]
[glass shattering.]
Fucking Jesus Christ! [coughing.]
- Shit! Mike? - Yeah? - You got any smokes? - Shit.
This fucking job [grunts.]
[glass crunching.]
- It's Lyme.
We got Lyme.
[rats squeaking.]
Aw, fuck me! [coughing.]
[retches, coughs.]
You all right? - No, Mike.
I'm not all right.
I count 26.
You count 26 what? STEVIE: Twenty-six bodies.
I'd put the crime photographer in a Hazmat suit, get him to just video this scene.
Then we get the coroner's office, move the bodies.
We do our initial finds at the fucking morgue.
We should do it here.
I'm not going in that fucking thing again, all right? You want it done here, you do it.
That's what I thought.
Stevie? Let's go.
[theme music.]
[birds chirping.]
[woman exhales.]
[crickets chirping.]
- [camera clicks.]
- Hey.
It's the Chalk girl.
You sure? These are the missing victims.
These are James Parker's victims.
That's why they call him the Spider.
Yeah, we did.
The hole Milo dug for himself just got deeper.
Yeah, I think he might've dug a hole for us.
Mike, if you fall in it, don't fucking drag us down there with you.
With regards to Mr.
Sunter, I know where we stand.
Where do you stand? Look, I don't see motive.
Don't see opportunity, at least.
Not directly.
But the circumstantial evidence is pretty damning.
It's his land.
He threatened Mike to move something from this property.
And the circumstantial evidence points to him committing multiple felonies to force Mike to do it.
I don't see a prosecutable case from this.
But I mean Let me get the bodies to the morgue, Evelyn.
Let me find you something you can work with.
I want him moved to county.
I want to spin his head a bit.
Then I want that son of a bitch in front of a judge by Monday.
You want this? Fuck no, I don't want it.
- Well, it's yours anyway.
Take Kyle and Stevie.
Rush jobs never hold up in court, Evelyn.
Let's do this right so it sticks.
- Let's do this right.
Let's do it fast.
Walk with me, please? Yeah.
Look, I don't believe in luck.
And if I did, I would not believe that you had any.
- I can't argue with you there.
- Yeah, so, how did you stumble upon the crime of the decade? He wanted me to.
Why would he want that, Mike? I don't know.
Well, you better figure it out before someone else does.
And when you do, you come straight to me, because you know what you look like right now? You look like a big fucking patsy.
I'm thinking the same thing.
[lounge piano music.]
- Hey, I hope you're hungry.
I ordered you a filet.
[crashing, clanking.]
- Mike, Mike, Mike! Stop with the gangster shit! Yeah.
Send me on a gangster errand, gangster shit's what you're gonna get, okay? - Did you find the case? - The metal case, right? - Yeah.
- Yeah, yeah.
I found it.
You know what's in it? Twenty-six fucking bodies wrapped in a fucking cocoon, Paul! - You found what? - Yeah, yeah.
No, I got a lot of problems.
But stuttering is not fucking one of 'em! - Bodies? - Yeah! I'm surprised too.
Mike, no, no, no, no, no.
That's not what you were supposed to find.
But that's what I found.
Oh, shit.
Okay, okay, look.
I'm gonna tell you something.
- There is a substantial oh, fuck me.
All right, look.
His only avenue of release is not through an appeal, okay? He has another way.
And that way is $14 million in bearer bonds.
You have to go back out.
You have to find Are you kidding me? There's 50 cops out there right now.
As soon as the feds show up, they're gonna park a goddamn satellite right above that property, okay? You know, it doesn't fucking matter.
You know what fucking matters? Your client is gonna be charged with accessory to capital murder times twenty-fucking-six.
And then when they're done with that, they're gonna charge him with capital murder times three federal fucking agents.
They're gonna be so tired of charging this motherfucker, they're gonna forget all about the kidnapping charges, right? The guy's done! Fucking done and so am I! My client has been in prison for nine years, Mike.
How on earth are they gonna connect him with anything, huh? I mean, he's in solitary confinement.
He is allowed one phone call a week, which is recorded.
He has no computer, no cell phone, nothing.
Don't talk to me like a fucking lawyer, please.
I just talked to him two days ago.
Where's the proof of that, Mike? I mean, PD certainly has your phone.
They've already released your call records.
If they had any any proof of of any connection on that phone call between you and Milo, I wouldn't be here talking to you right now because I would be at his arraignment.
They have nothing and they never will.
I'm being set up.
I'm fucking being set up.
Fucking being set up.
I know it.
If they try to pin me against the wall for something that this fucking lunatic has done, they fucking you know what? I'm not gonna go after Milo.
I'm gonna come after you, motherfucker.
If I'm gonna go to prison, it's gonna be for something I fucking did, you understand me? And you have my word I'm gonna do it to you.
You fucking hear me? If you don't know what's really going on right now, you better figure it the fuck out, you understand? And when you do, I'm gonna be your first fucking phone call.
- Right.
- Yeah.
Phone call.
[pees in fear.]
Aw, damn it.
[phone ringing.]
Hey, you mind if I smoke in your car? REBECCA: I mean, I'd rather you didn't.
But if it's been that kind of day It's been that kind of a day.
REBECCA: What happened? Well, where do I start? REBECCA: How about the beginning? I lost in the parent lottery.
And it went downhill ever since.
REBECCA: Maybe this will cheer you up.
I found a new office.
- Yeah, well, it doesn't.
But I'll take it.
REBECCA: Meet me at the old office and I'll run you over.
Yeah, all right.
[birds chirping.]
[car chiming.]
So you don't smoke in your car? Is that it? Never.
It's my church.
Well, look, I'll get it detailed.
[bird chirping.]
I think you're really gonna like the office.
Way less expensive, which I don't know why, because it's bigger, has new carpet, new paint.
- MIKE: Okay.
- REBECCA: It's right here.
What do you think? - Fuck, Rebecca.
You know why it's cheap? It's across the street from where four murders took place in three months.
I mean, you you really wanna be right here? Really? I mean, I was kind of hoping for a fresh start.
You want a fresh start, Mike, we should move to a new city.
They don't have those here.
[Rebecca opens door.]
REBECCA: What do you think? Yeah.
[text chime.]
Fuck, I don't know.
Can we have some new furniture, at least? Not the files.
Well, yeah, Rebecca, I think we should keep the files.
We should get the phones and the printers.
I don't see why we'd buy new ones.
Yeah, but how about you and I get new desks without fucking blood on it? How's that? New desks, got it.
[text chime.]
- Ed get a hold of you? He said it was urgent.
- I don't know.
I got nothing.
No, nothing.
You gotta transfer that that number on my phone.
I did.
I need two minutes with this.
I try to get away.
This is how far I get.
A hundred feet.
I swear I forwarded your calls.
There we go.
[text chimes.]
[phone ringing.]
- Hey, what's up, buddy? - Ed, what are you doing? - What am I doing? [chuckles.]
I am watching the leaders of the blacks, the whites, and the Mafia have a 30-minute pow-wow.
No soldiers with them.
No posturing.
You know what it means when rival gangs group together with no soldiers watching, Mike? You know what it means.
It means they're fucking talking about us.
Think they're planning a takeover? That's exactly what I think.
Okay, well, lock it down.
I can't lock them down.
Fucking warden's on a feel good.
Well, then you know what to do, Ed, right? Press record, film it, show it to him.
He thinks he made peace.
What do you want me to do? [prison yard chatter.]
Check their temperature and get back to me.
- [text whoosh, chime.]
- Sorry, Mike.
I hope you didn't miss too much.
That's the thing about bad news, right? No matter how long you wait, it's gonna be right there waiting for you.
- [text chime.]
Look oh, wait, here, take this.
Ugh, thank god.
The feeling's mutual, by the way.
[keys clanging.]
REBECCA: [chuckles.]
[children playing.]
Look who it is.
It's the peacemaker.
Ha, ha! - How are you doing? Everything good? - Yeah, really good, baby.
Really good, man.
Everybody enjoying the sunshine.
Wheels of commerce is rolling.
They get their cable TV back, you're gonna be on a lot of Christmas lists.
[laughs gleefully.]
[children playing.]
Aw, come on, man, you worry too much, bruh.
When there's peace in the jungle, you gotta enjoy the quiet.
Is there peace in the jungle? - Yeah, I'm good, I'm good.
Your work here is done.
You can go save somebody else's day now.
All right.
[children playing.]
[car chiming.]
[car starts.]
[dials phone.]
[line ringing.]
- DUKE: Yeah? - We need to meet.
- DUKE: Where? - Wherever we can talk.
- DUKE: You know my love shack? - No, I do not.
DUKE: I'll text you the address.
[text chime.]
I think that's far.
DUKE: Then drive faster.
- On my way.
- [beep.]
[bottles clanking.]
You want one? I think I broke your new toy.
[cigarette sizzles.]
All by yourself? It was a team effort, I guess.
[shower running.]
- [gasps.]
No! No! No! [screams.]
No! No! No! [sobbing.]
Help me.
Help me.
No No Yup, you broke her.
Give me your arm.
IRIS: [sobs hysterically.]
[grows silent.]
[drops needle.]
Come on, let's get you dressed.
Sell her.
To who? She's ruined.
White girl in the hood will make money with her legs sawed off.
Get her dressed.
BIG BEARD: I'll call our new friends.
[prisoner chatter.]
Go check on A-17.
CHERRY: [whimpers.]
She doesn't look too good.
Radio me if she needs to go to the infirmary, and I'll buzz you through.
- All right.
[prisoner chatter.]
CHERRY: [whimpers, moans.]
Hey, are you okay? It hurts! What is it? - My side.
I don't know.
Your stomach? - My side! I don't know.
Ow! Pain on her right side? Ask her if it's constant or comes in waves.
Is it constant or does it come in waves? It came in a wave and now it won't go.
It started in a wave, now it's constant.
ABBY: That sounds like her appendix.
Ask her if she can walk or if she needs a stretcher.
- You need a stretcher? - I can walk, I can walk.
The infirmary's to the right out the door.
I know where it is.
All right, I'll have two officers and a nurse meet you at the second check.
Copy that.
Okay, come on.
CHERRY: [whimpers, moans.]
Oh, it hurts so bad.
- You're okay, you're okay.
Almost there.
- Right here.
Come on.
Whoa, hey! Hey! - There's no cameras here.
Nobody can see us.
Are you out of your fucking mind? This is where everybody does it.
You don't want to? Yeah, baby, you want to.
Can you stand? Damn, baby.
You look almost as good as when you got here.
[rock music.]
Damn! She fucked up? Of course she's fucked up.
How much? Why the fuck are you getting rid of her? Oh she don't like the way we party.
Mm But you folks put her on a corner, she'll be an earner.
Nah, you see, we put this bitch on the corner, someone will snatch her up real quick.
Now, you see, I know exactly what to do with this girl.
You can put her in a room, put a needle in her, and she will be your goddamn fucking bird dog.
Don't worry about me.
I wrote the book on stringing out these bitches.
That's right.
[rock music.]
[car starts.]
Yeah? Come on in.
Let's just talk out here, you and me.
All right.
I didn't give enough credit to old Big Bird for surviving this long, Jesus.
- Oh, you forget things quick.
It's Big Beard.
Yeah, well, it's whatever I want to call him.
How's that? Fuck him.
Just 'cause you don't run with us doesn't mean you didn't run with us.
Remember where you're fucking from! This bring back any fucking memories? Hm? Something hard jammed to your chin? Eh, maybe it wasn't so long ago, was it? Shoot me, you're a fucking dead man.
Is that right? Who the fuck's gonna avenge you, Pete? That big fucking retard over there and his fucking junkie girlfriend? Line up 10 of your fucking best, I'm happy to knock 'em all the fuck down.
Now get the fuck off of me.
No sense of loyalty.
Yeah, to what? Think about it.
To what, Pete? Color of my fucking skin? Look, we were a tribe, yes.
In prison.
'Cause we had to.
We didn't get to choose that shit.
Prison chose it for us.
My only connection to you is I fucking protected you and you protected me, 'cause we were outnumbered three to fucking one.
So don't think I fucking chose that.
Now, I get why you have to cling on to that shit because you're gonna go back at some point.
But me, I'm not going back ever.
- [laughs.]
- I'm never going back.
- I never heard that before.
- Oh, yeah? I'm gonna send you the one reason fucking not to do this in the first place.
Please let the court be that reason.
But don't fucking do it here.
I know what you're doing, Pete.
And you need to fucking rethink it.
Killing a guard Sends a message.
Yeah, you're damn right it does.
What message? Take the fight to the streets.
This fucking street right here.
They will not knock.
They will shoot what they see.
And then the party in prison? That's just fucking over.
No more tennis balls heading over the wall.
Why? There's no more fucking yard.
It's gone! Kingstown become Corcoran.
You will all be in an 8 by 8 cell, wondering if you'll ever see the sun again before you die.
You know what the answer is? Fuck no, you won't.
They let you sell drugs.
They let you.
They let you cook meth in the cells.
They let you trick punks, okay? Because it's easier not to fight you, 'cause they don't care.
They don't give a fucking rat's ass.
It's just their job! You give them a reason to care give them a fucking reason to care, you're gonna be begging for the fucking death penalty.
Go ahead, give them a fucking reason.
Just give them a reason.
God help you.
[car chiming.]
Be smart, Pete.
[car starts.]
[moaning, grunting.]
- Come on, baby.
Come on, baby.
Cum for me.
Mm, cum for me.
I need some.
Fucking cum for me, baby.
Fucking cum for me.
- [grunts.]
Ah, fucking cum for me, baby! Cum, ba fuck [panting.]
Oh, god damn.
- Oh yeah, baby.
God damn.
Oh, god damn.
God damn, you piece of shit.
My friends say hello, bitch.
Help! Help! - [siren wails.]
- CHERRY: Help! Help me! [siren wails.]
[rap music on car radio.]
What the fuck? [rap music on car radio.]
[turn signal clicking.]
- Yo, what these fools doing? - Don't fucking know, but we gotta get the fuck up off this street.
This shit's heading us straight to the Commons.
[rap music on car radio.]
Hey look, y'all better be ready to bust something.
Right there, shoot those motherfuckers! [gunfire.]
[tires screeching.]
[car chiming.]
[phone ringing.]
- [beep.]
- Yeah? - BUNNY: Need you, brah.
- For what? BUNNY: I got something that belong to you.
How do you know it belongs to me? BUNNY: 'Cause she says so.
- [beep.]
- [tires screeching.]
[children playing.]
[car chiming.]
[indistinct chatter.]
[rap music.]
[baby crying.]
Where did they get her? They get their white hoes from the peckerwoods.
Always? If somebody else selling them, I ain't heard about it.
This my niece, BeeDee.
She okay? Do you want to come with me? Okay, come on.
Let's get up.
Thank you.
I got something for them peckerwoods if you need it.
I got something for them too.
Come on.
You hungry? I'm thirsty.
I'll get you something to drink right after this stop.
And hungry too, I think.
We'll fix that.
All right.
- [beep.]
- [line ringing.]
- DUKE: Mike? - Hey.
There's one more thing we need to talk about.
I'm right around the corner, all right? - DUKE: All right.
- Yeah.
No, no, no, no When he comes out, just tell me if he did it, okay? [hyperventilates.]
It was him.
It was him.
He did it.
- That's him? - Yeah.
All right.
- [gunshot.]
- [glass shatters.]
Stay in the car.
- [cocks gun.]
- [gunshot.]
- [thud.]
- [shell casing clinks.]
[birds chirping.]
Told you.
It's me.
[car starts.]
[tires screeching.]
You gonna stay down there? No.
Here, take this.
You okay? You hurt? You need a doctor? Everything they hurt will heal.
I take that back.
Not everything.
You're gonna be all right.
[prisoners chatter.]
[keys clanging.]
[prisoners chatter.]
Wall side of the red line.
Get your ass across the red line.
Red line.
On the other side of the red line.
Come on, guys, on the other side of the line, go around.
Come on.
What's wrong with you today? [prisoners chatter.]
- Go around.
Go around.
Go around.
Far side of the red line.
That's what it's there for.
Easy, guys.
Come on, man.
[prisoners chatter.]
- TIM: Move along.
Wall side of the red line.
I'm glad you know how to follow instructions.
Oh, you are a real hero, Jones.
What the fuck is going on, man? Guys, get on the other side of the red line.
[grunts, pants.]
[labored breathing.]
[blows whistle.]
[siren wails.]
[blows whistle.]
Where are you taking me? Someplace safe.
I gotta see your hip.
- My hip? - Yeah.
Let's see if you have the scar.
- Yeah, I have the scar.
- Okay.
No place is gonna be safe until we get that thing out of you, okay? You trust me to do it? Good.
[car chiming.]
- [leaves rustling.]
- [birds chirping.]
I don't have room in the car, okay? We're gonna have to do it out here.
Come on.
What side is it on? - Right side.
- Okay.
Lay down on your left.
Take off your shoes.
You know how to do this? I roughly know how to do it.
Where did you learn? Lack of options.
All right, look, I'm gonna need you to lift your dress.
You can cover up with that blanket.
I don't care.
MIKE: Geez.
I don't have anything to numb the pain, okay? I'm numb enough.
All right.
It's all right, you're all right.
Aw, Jesus, this sick fuck.
Oh Look, I'm gonna have to put all my weight on you here, okay? This is gonna hurt.
I said I don't care.
MIKE: It's in there deep.
It's gonna fucking hurt.
Bite down on that.
We don't need some good Samaritan stopping by 'cause you're screaming, okay? - IRIS: Mm-hmm.
[muffled yelps, screams.]
MIKE: Come on, come on, come on, come on It's almost there, almost there.
[muffled scream.]
MIKE: Okay.
All right, that's it, that's it, that's it.
You're done.
Here, hold this.
There you go, see? All done.
[breathes deeply.]
Been on some wild dates.
Yeah, there she goes.
No, no, I think I've been on my last date.
Don't say that.
Don't let them take that from you.
I took it from myself.
Or it was taken from me a long time ago.
You know, I've never been on a date.
I've never had a boy take me to the movies and walk me to the door, you know? And me wonder if he was gonna kiss me.
I knew my date was kissing me and everything else he wanted.
But It made me feel wanted.
It made me feel like a woman.
But I wasn't.
I was a child.
I pretended pretended like it was something beautiful.
I know what that is now.
Never believed in in heaven or Hell.
Or God or the devil.
Still don't believe in God.
But I believe in the devil.
'Cause he looked me right in the eye.
And every every dream every fear every pain he looked right past it at what he can take and he took it.
It was a person that took that from you.
- It's what I said.
The devil.
It's what we all are.
We're all just all just fucking monsters.
[phone vibrating.]
You can take that.
[phone vibrating.]
You want to see my favorite place in the whole world? It's right up here.
[phone vibrating.]
- [phone vibrating.]
- MIKE: Almost there.
[vibrating stops.]
Like fucking magic.
Until you drive back down the hill.
Magic's gone.
KYLE: It is a giant mess, but we are trying to clean it up.
It's your brother's mess.
I wonder if you'd do me a favor.
Of course I will.
CHERRY: What are you doing here? They want me to ask you what happened.
I already told them what happened.
They want different answers.
GUARD: Everybody in your cells.
ED: They should be on lockdown until they've served their sentences.
And if we don't put the screws to these fuckers, they'll do it again and again.
They won't stop!
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