Mayor of Kingstown (2021) s03e04 Episode Script

Rag Doll

Previously on "Mayor of Kingstown"
I have a son in the grave.
The person who killed him
- got out this morning.
- Greg!
[IAN] Noskov, it's him.
He's cleaning fucking house.
Who did it? Was it you?
You Konstantin?
Throwing babies in the fucking garbage?
You got my attention.
- This is your warning?
- No more dead bodies.
You found me.
You give up the prints,
I'll even cover for you.
[MIKE] You can't kill me.
Because you fucking need me.
[BUNNY] Cuz, you got to
work on your turnaround time.
[KEVIN] It's hard to get
calls out when I'm on shift.
[MIKE] We both know what
Callahan is capable of.
He's back for a fucking reason.
And it's ain't Gunner.
My boss, he's an admirer.
He just wants to help.
- Read it, I didn't say it.
- Where'd you read?
[DISPATCHER] All units,
all units, be advised.
Be on the lookout for
two suspects in connection
with the explosions at KPD.
First suspect identified as John York.
Keep it moving.
[DISPATCHER] Male, white, 32,
five-foot-nine, 180 pounds.
Armed and dangerous.
Second suspect, unknown male,
white, late 30s, medium build.
[MAN OVER RADIO] Central, 56.
Be advised,
roadblock established at
East Turnbull and 22nd.
[MAN 2] Copy, 56. Thank
you. 14 Central, you copy?
[MAN 3] Central, 14. Go ahead.
[DISPATCHER] 14, need you
Code 9 at 4th Street bridge.
[MAN 3] Copy. We're eastbound on Aquila.
Approaching Nottington.
[STEVIE] We got an El
Camino, out-of-state plates.
Ran a red light at the
2200 block of Russell. Over.
[IAN] Who ordered the bombing?
[DISPATCHER] Is the suspect armed?
Not anymore, he isn't.
Suspect is unarmed but resisted arrest.
Wouldn't comply with officers' requests.
[WOMAN] All units
Give me the fucking name!
[WOMAN] Suspect is believed to be armed
- and dangerous
- Hey.
- Jesus, Kyle.
Fuck. Tell me your cameras are working.
- Got this on video?
Yeah, two males, but they were masked.
But we got something better, though.
The fucking morons used
burners to detonate the bombs.
- Yeah.
- But two of them didn't go off.
- The number still came in.
- Uh-huh.
- Yeah.
- Yeah. There's a record.
AT&T just coughed up a name
- and a last-known.
- Address?
Motel. It's shit.
Name's John York, though.
What's the bomb squad
guy say about this?
Uh, his signature's
different than Ma's funeral.
- The fuck knows, Mike? I don't.
- [SCOFFS] Shit.
[MAN OVER RADIO] 10-78, over.
Request immediate backup
- and tactical unit
- Okay.
- Here we go.
- All right.
That's us. Wheels up.
[DISPATCHER] I'm taking
reports of possible suspects
spotted in the vicinity
of 23rd and Hawthorne.
[MAN] Any unit with eyes on him?
[MAN 2] 18. No eyes on him.
But one of the witnesses said
he may have gone to King Drive.
- [MAN] Central
- [WOMAN] Give me the location
All units, check your mics.
You're stepping on each other.
Most departments gone
digital last few years.
But KPD? Nah.
[WOMAN] Code 3.
[MAN] Eyes? Anyone got
eyes on the suspect? Over.
[WOMAN] Suspect is armed.
Multiple witnesses
[MAN] Cutting out, please repeat.
[WOMAN] White male, late 20s, early 30s,
matches description
of suspect John York.
That's fucking right!
Ha! Y'all ain't chasing no
more fucking niggas today!
[MAN] We got to 10-6
this party. Stand by.
[DONNELL] They about to
jump channels before shit
gets chaotic. Hold on, hold on.
[MAN] Stand by.
We're on multiple channels today.
Starting to feel like Christmas
out in this bitch, huh?
- Okay.
Here we motherfucking go.
- [MAN] Where is he?
Here we fucking go.
Tactical team in position, over.
- Gun!
- Drop your weapon,
drop your weapon. Drop
your fucking weapon.
[MIKE] Ah, fuck. Robert.
Gosh, keep him alive.
Sh Damn it.
See you at Allah gates ♪
All my dogs gonna swarm
on you like raw steaks ♪
Pies and jumbs, I'm-a
let 'em all bake ♪
It's the storm without the calm ♪
A pistol in my palm ♪
- The fuck?
It's the life that I'm living ♪
No fucks that I'm giving,
it's a murder scene ♪
Tell the fucking
ambulance to get 'em ♪
A pistol in my palm ♪
It's the blood being drawn ♪
From your body on this song ♪
It's the life that I'm living ♪
No fucks that I'm giving ♪
It's a murder scene, tell the
fucking ambulance to get 'em ♪
The fuck?
I'm always trying to break bread ♪
Always trying to
take the fucking crown ♪
So I can take heads,
underground rappers ♪
It's not normal.
What's normal?
Don't your neighbors complain?
It's early as fuck, Kareem.
Well, who they gonna call? Police?
- What about the wife and kids?
What shit you bringing to my house?
Look, the, uh, Aryans
set off bombs at KPD.
Whoa, whoa, what bombs?
- Yeah.
- Any casualties?
It's a fucking shit show out there,
and I need a pass.
I need to get to Callahan. Like, now.
- I'll set it up.
- All right.
You know what? Shower up.
It's gonna be a fuck of a day, Kareem.
Shots leave y'all
Planet of the Apes dead ♪
Jeff Chandler, I'm-a
let them hands fly ♪
Just in case ♪
Ma! Say something.
Fucking please!
I'm sorry. I know.
I know, that's why I'm
calling you before your shift.
It's why I'm [SNIFFLING]
I need help.
I just, I need some money.
Look, I'm in trouble. Okay?
Look, I-I'm in true trouble,
so I just need a few
bucks just a few bucks,
so you can leave some under the gnome.
All right, I'll come
down to the plant, then!
Ma, please?
Thank you.
Funny, Mike.
What's that, Cal?
These used to be exercise runs
for fuckers on death row, remember?
Now it's a fucking kennel.
- Must be something in that.
Some kind of metaphor.
I don't know. I don't know.
Ah, nights in the hole.
You ever get those vivid dreams?
I was having the best
fucking dream, man.
They say solitary's cruel and unusual.
Doesn't have to be.
Why are you back?
'Cause I missed you?
Shit just seemed a little,
I don't know, rudderless.
Gave it a minute, bide my time
shit got worse.
So you come back to
town, you don't reach out?
That it?
Well, I sent up a flare.
I hear you took over for Mitch.
Those are big shoes, brother. Big shoes.
Somebody had to do it.
No doubt.
I was sorry to hear about him.
And your mom now? Jesus, Mike.
It's fucking body blows.
Man, look, I need your help, all right?
Bombs set off at KPD last night.
Two soldiers. Your people.
- My people?
- Yeah.
I just got back, Mike.
Sounds like old resentments.
Well, they fucked up the job, Cal.
Cops got one of 'em.
Guy tried to shoot
through a wall of SWAT.
Shit, they don't sound like
rocket scientists, now, do they?
KPD finds the other one,
they'll know who ordered it.
That could be a problem
for you. Just saying.
If I find him, I can
make the problem go away.
I need a name.
Get me back into gen pop,
we'll see if I can get you an ID.
It's the best I can do.
Give me the day.
I can get you six hours.
[IAN] Hey, Mikey.
What's up? Hi.
Merle Callahan, back
in fucking Kingstown.
Okay? It's not good for anyone.
So, if he ordered this fucking attack,
I need to find the fucker
that will say that out loud
so we can neutralize this motherfucker.
Get him sent to I-Max,
bury him in a cell for 23 hours a day.
Yeah. Throw that fucking key away.
He play deaf, dumb and blind?
Put it on Gunner.
[SCOFFS] Fucking shocker.
Let's just find the fucker.
Let's get him to name Callahan,
but he's got to be alive to name him.
What, you directing that shit at me?
Yeah. Who else am I looking at?
Hey, I know got a lot on your plate,
but you wanted a heads-up on Anna?
- Yeah.
- Anna Fletcher,
her arraignment is today.
Oh, yeah, yeah, fuck, okay.
All right. All right.
Fuck me. All right, gotta go.
How fast can you get me a line?
That's a tall order.
There's combat outside the walls.
Gotta play our fucking part.
Screws don't want shit going
in or coming out right now.
Conjure me a fucking
miracle, you Nordic angel.
Sam, you guys work in C unit today.
It's undergoing electrical repairs.
So make sure the natives
get extra playtime
in the yard until the power comes on,
or you suffer the fucking
surliness. All right?
Today is not a good day for madness.
There's chaos on the
streets, and our job
is to keep that outside of our walls.
Make sure our population
doesn't add fuel to the fire.
So, no outgoing calls, no visitation
until this is resolved.
Fuck. That's gonna be a shit show.
Sweep cells.
Turn out anyone who
may have a cell, pager,
homing pigeon.
Cut lines between prison and town.
Shouldn't we just lock it down, Warden?
No, Carney.
Don't revoke other
privileges. That's idiotic.
Our inmates didn't light up KPD. Right?
We are not punishing
the whole population.
That's it.
Can I have a-a word, sir?
Walk with me.
Well, what the fuck
are we doing, ladies?
Go. You heard him.
I got a bad feeling, man.
You know what's good to boost,
just pick one and be quick.
It's that easy.
This one. This one here.
Get me out of here,
brother. Get me gone.
[SOFTLY] Okay.
On my last shift I was
covering lunch breaks
for security. I think I saw something.
Looked like the CO working X-rays
let a female employee through
with contraband knowingly, sir.
That's a serious
accusation for a rookie.
I'm not 100%, sir, but
Then why bring it to me?
Not something I can abide.
You know, if you see
something, if you're 100%,
come to me.
But don't seek it out.
You do, the COs will see
that, smell it on you,
and they'll freeze you the fuck out.
You alienate your brothers and sisters,
might as well just ask me
to rubber stamp your resignation.
- I understand.
- No, son, I'm serious.
You get jammed up in here,
you get trapped on the range,
you don't want dead air
when you call for backup.
I understand. Thank you.
[JUDGE] Ms. Fletcher,
do you know why you are here?
The charges brought against you?
I fully understand the
charges, Your Honor.
[PUBLIC DEFENDER] May I approach, Judge?
Let your client answer.
I killed the man who murdered my son.
And I would do it a hundred
times over if I could.
Your client understands where she is
and what she has done, Counselor,
and exhibits no remorse.
How do you plead, Ms. Fletcher?
[ANNA] Guilty, Your Honor.
[JUDGE] Are you pleading
guilty by your own choice?
[ANNA] Yes, ma'am.
Has anyone threatened you
to make you plead guilty?
[ANNA] No, Your Honor.
[JUDGE] Has anyone made you any promises
in order for you to plead guilty?
[ANNA] No, Your Honor.
[MIKE] Anna Fletcher,
she's a client of mine.
I figured you'd be too
busy for house calls, Mike.
She wanted me to
grease the parole board,
keep her son's killer inside.
Ugh, even you can't do that.
Yeah, I told her so.
Look, she's not a criminal.
You know that, right?
Mike, she shot someone
six times in cold blood
in front of a busload of people.
She just pled guilty.
She's mourning.
You gotta put a statute of
limitations on grief. Huh?
You consider minimums, at least,
so she doesn't fricking die in prison?
No. M-One's got my hands
tied. It's life, no parole.
Well, come on. Amend the charges, then.
Second-degree manslaughter.
You can do that.
- I got too much on my plate
- Hey, you can do that
- if you fucking do it.
- to not pick
- low-hanging fruit, Mike.
- Come on.
I gotta focus on what's
going on out there.
And so should you.
It's gonna get worse,
huh? Before better?
I don't know. How would I know?
As long as good guys
are chasing bad guys.
Too busy to be pissed at you.
- You know?
Anna Fletcher.
- Think about it.
- Hey, what is it?
Huh? About her?
You know, I don't know. Just
- Uh
My mom had that same look.
I got to go.
- Catch you later. Yeah?
- [IAN] Mikey,
we got this fucking cocksucker.
He boosted a car.
Stevie, you drive.
Yeah, where?
We're leaving the station now.
He's on Hudson. What is it, Steve?
Last seen on Jefferson, north of Hudson.
Last seen on Jefferson, north of Hudson.
Black-and-whites are all over it.
We got an eye in the sky.
North of Hudson.
That's Crip territory.
What do you read, Merle?
What do I read,
or what am I presently reading?
Generally, uh,
mysteries, histories,
romance Mein Kampf?
I read everything.
So, you don't discriminate
in your literature.
Well, I ain't exactly
reading Harlem Renaissance.
My eyes ain't watching God.
You're in gen pop for a reason.
Not just passing the time.
I sent out a signal, waiting
for it to bounce back.
Good, 'cause your six
hours is almost up.
One thing I know how to manage is time.
Spare a stick of gum, Warden?
You look tired, boss.
Drink puts you to sleep, but
it ain't a good sleep, is it?
Well, it's a sleep in my own bed,
under my own roof, with my family.
- Come on, faster, man.
They're gonna fucking kill me.
Yeah. Where are you now?
[IAN] Mikey, we got
this fucking shitbag.
East on Stanley, by
Skogstram Steel Works.
- You got that?
- Yeah. I'm ten minutes out.
Oh, shit!
[DISPATCHER] Two suspects,
now headed east on Fourth,
towards the riverfront. One vehicle.
- Shit! Go! Go!
- Fuck.
- I'm on goddamn parole, fucker.
- Fuck. Fuck!
- Hold on!
Ian, what the fuck's going on?
Where are we?
This fuck just hit a phone pole, Mike.
Connor and Langston, Mikey.
Look, hey. If you get this fucker,
hold him for me. All right?
Mikey, there's gonna be fucking
press, I'm telling you that.
Just hold him.
10-80, 10-80. Stolen
vehicle, foot pursuit.
Two suspects on the corner
of Vanguard and Hudson.
Requesting backup.
The motherfucker crashed,
like, five blocks away.
- I heard that shit.
Man, ain't nothing
beat rolling up on a fight you ain't in.
It's courtside, baby.
- Go keep eyes on that shit.
- All right, respect.
[IAN] Right there! Stop right there!
- Goddamn it!
- Okay, okay, okay! Okay! Okay.
Down on your knees, hands in the air!
Hands in the air!
I just said I'd give him a ride!
I just said I'd give
him a ride. I just said
- I'd give him a ride.
- [IAN] Shut it.
- [STAMPER] Fuck!
- You see any weapon?
I don't see shit.
[IAN] Fucker.
[IAN] Kyle.
- He moves wrong, drop him.
- Easy
Hey, look.
We can fix all this shit.
All right?
Let me help you fix it.
Just a ride, man. I had no idea
what shit he was into, okay?
All right, I hear you, I hear you.
But we can make this right,
just drop down to your knees.
Just a fucking ride!
Well, yeah, but it wasn't
just a ride, though.
Was it?
You jacked that ride.
But, listen, you help us,
that grand theft, it goes away.
It goes right away, starters.
For real? Don't-don't
bullshit. Dude, for real?
We don't want you, we want your friend.
Now help me,
I help you.
Fuck, fuck. Fuck.
Don't worry about them,
don't worry about them.
Just take a knee, please.
For your safety.
Just take a knee.
- Good.
- There you go. That's it.
Good, good, good. Place your
fingers behind your head for me.
- You do that?
- [WHIMPERING] Yeah, yeah.
- Anything that can stick me?
- No. No.
Huh? All right. Hands behind your back.
- Hands behind your back.
- Got him?
- Yeah.
- All right. There you go.
- Got him.
- See what he knows.
Holy fuck. Are you right
in the fucking head?
Oh, chill, he's unarmed.
Don't tell me to chill.
What if he wasn't?
Well, you'd have taken him out.
Jesus Christ. So I'm
a fucking marksman now?
What's happening?
Little bitch running his
ass this way, looks like.
The hell he think he is?
Fucking lost is what he is.
available officers,
lights and sirens.
- Game time.
- Whoa, shit, yeah.
Suspect seen on foot.
Allagash heading west toward Howard.
Whoever we got down that side,
tell them to keep a lookout.
continues to head west.
Now heading up towards Talbot Street.
Whoa, this is gonna get
interesting real fucking quick.
Asshole ran right into the lion's den.
Yeah, well, only one of
us has the fucking lion
on speed dial.
Yeah, yeah.
[BUNNY] I got something
that belong to you, Mike.
Hey, hey.
What up?
- What's good?
- What's good, man?
That necessary?
He failed to comply.
I can see that.
You let me take him
out of here, if need be?
Yeah, yeah. Yeah, yeah.
Catch and release, baby.
What's good is good.
All right. I need to talk
to him a minute, outside.
Yeah, man. You do what
you got to do, but look.
When them crackers ask
who tied that bow
- Yeah, I'll let 'em know.
- All right.
My name's Mike McLusky.
And you
are in a really bad spot.
I think you know that.
Couldn't boost a car
yourself, is that it?
Hey, motherfuck Get the fuck
Just relax. Just fucking relax.
- Your friend gave you up.
So, Macon, who called in the order?
[SCOFFS] I don't know.
if you want off the rooftop,
I'm gonna need that answer, okay?
Man, I don't know who fucking called it.
Well, maybe you do.
Came from on high.
Word got to me second, thirdhand.
Second, thirdhand, you said. Is that it?
That's how you want to play this?
What choice I got, man? Hmm?
Eight of mine burned alive.
I'm a soldier for my nation, my people.
Yeah. Pure white race.
I understand. How's
that working out for you?
How's it working out
for you, motherfucker?
Well, I can get you off this roof.
I can get you out of
this state, keep you safe.
[LAUGHS] Safe?
Safe where?
Safe with who?
I'm not gonna say shit. All right?
So the cops'll ice me
before I'm processed,
faster than your fucking
gorilla friends down there.
Ah. You know, if Bunny wanted
you dead, you'd already be.
Bunny, first-name
fucking basis. [LAUGHS]
Just give up the fucking
shot caller and we're done.
- Mm-hmm.
- Or don't.
KPD will fucking kill you
and all your pasty-ass
fucking soldiers.
Oh, yeah? Does that include you, Mike?
'Cause I know you.
I was inside.
See, my first year was your last.
Man, folks used to talk about
you with fucking reverence.
"Oh, Mike McLusky was the man."
I'm sorry, I don't remember you.
Yeah, well, you don't really
remember any of it, do you?
'Cause you caught that jungle fever.
Gunner tries to take you out,
gets shivved by your friends in there.
Your house gets shot up, huh?
Your ma's funeral blown up.
The fuck do you know about my house?
- What the fuck do you know?
- I'm just saying!
Yeah, what are you fucking just saying?
I'm just fucking saying, man.
I'm saying how it is,
what it looks like, Mike.
Yeah? What's that?
[SCOFFS] Business be
business, and that's fine.
But you dirty your hands.
You touch black to get green.
Just say the fucking shot caller.
Say the fucking shot caller.
Merle Callahan.
Fuck you, man! Fuck you!
- Just say it.
- You fucking traitor.
Just say the fucking name.
You give him up? Huh? You give him up?
All he's done for our people. Huh?
All he fucking did for you!
Right beside you, but miles away ♪
Joe, hook me up. Yeah, give me a beer.
Nothin' but distance and skyline ♪
Right beside you ♪
How's our boy, you think?
Kyle? Ah, fuck.
He swims in the same shit we all do.
Well, he handled himself
today, leveled up.
- You fucking clock that?
- Mm-hmm.
Yeah. Yeah, he took that fucker down,
- did it smart.
- Yeah.
Why you asking?
Oh, nothing, just observing.
[SCOFFS] Let me finish my fucking drink
and we can go observe somewhere else.
Yeah. Round's on me.
The fuck was that today?
The fuck was what?
What, you know that dude was unarmed?
So, you inviting a bullet?
Farthest thing from my mind, brother.
Well, so, same again then,
what the fuck was that?
Well, if you hadn't blasted that Aryan
in the fucking toilet,
maybe this'd be over a little sooner.
No, that's fucking detective talk, Kyle.
That's fucking bullshit.
And that motherfucker was armed.
If you don't know if he's
armed, then he's fucking armed.
You get me?
When you're in the field,
and you got a sister in front of you
and a brother behind
you, and you make contact,
what do you do?
Two in the chest, one in the dome.
Yeah. That's a good answer.
Wasn't sure you'd come back.
Mm. Ah, I think you'll be
seeing a lot of me, Cal,
now that you're here.
That comforts.
Got a name for you.
Yeah. Me, too.
He give up anything?
The cops didn't get to him.
They just flushed him into
the wrong fucking 'hood.
- Which?
- Crips.
Everybody's watching
this like a ball game.
They threw him off a
three-story building.
- Shit.
- Yeah.
You know what happens, Mike,
you fall from a height like that?
Shatter everything in your body, sure,
but you fucking bounce. Seen it.
Goddamn rag doll.
Well, the rag doll didn't roll,
so whoever called the order seems safe.
You'll be back in gen pop tomorrow.
'Cause I complied?
'Cause you dealt, Cal. That's why.
You played it right.
How you gonna play it, Mike?
Now on, now I'm back?
I work with you, like we always did.
Gunner was a 'roided-out punk
too much heart and too little head
made questionable fucking moves.
Not who I would've picked,
Mike, I'd known your plan.
Yeah. I needed someone outside,
inside to even that shit out.
That was the plan.
You weren't on the list.
I'm here now.
And I need to know, if I
call, you're gonna pick up.
I ask a favor, you'll see it done.
For old times' sake?
Sure, Mike.
If that's the sugar you
need to swallow the load,
old fucking times' sake, yeah?
We're one percent of
the prison population,
20% of the violence.
Not 'cause we want it,
'cause it's how it has to be.
It's how we fucking survive.
It's how you fucking survived.
I respect our history, Cal,
what you've done for me.
That does not go unnoticed.
So you call, I'll answer.
You ask, you'll fucking receive.
It's him.
My friend.
We are going to do great things.
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