Mayor of Kingstown (2021) s03e05 Episode Script


I want to make a difference.
Thinking about transferring to SWAT.

You don't want to?
Yeah, baby, you want to.
H-Help! Help!
[MIKE] Bunny's drugs were fucked with.
Who is it, Mike? Who
fuckin' with my shit?
[MIKE] Don't know. But you're a target.
[IAN] Bomb set off at KPD
last night. Your people.
[MIKE] Say the fucking shot caller.
Merle Callahan. Just
say the fucking name.
Huh? You give him up?
All he fucking did for you!

How you gonna play
it, Mike, now I'm back?
I work with you, like we always did.
[MIKE] So, how do you know Noskov?
He was on a murder charge in New York.
I dated a judge.
Case went away.
It's him.
My friend. We are going
to do great things.

All right, on my count.
Three, two
- Oh, shit. It's the cops.
- KPD!
[OVER RADIO] Move, move, move.
- Clear.
Contact left.
[OFFICER 2] Unit 2, break left.

- Target down. Clear.
Target down. Left clear.
Stack on me.
Left clear.
- No! No! No!
- Shut up!
- KPD!
- Clear.
- Fuck!
All clear, stand down.
My bad, man.
Better in here than out there.
Clear area. Clear it out.
Well done, brother.
You, too.
Feels good, yeah.
Really fucking good.
Yeah, looked good.
[OFFICER OVER P.A.] Next is Delta Team.
Be ready in 20.
Delta Team, 20 minutes.

Yeah, well, that's a fucking
circle-jerk clusterfuck. I
- I'll call you back.
I'll-I'll call you back.
Ugh! Fuck me!
- [MIKE] Uh, what now?
- Three more ODs last night.
That's 18 in the last two weeks.
Well, Bunny's gonna
fix that problem, right?
Yeah, here's the thing, Mike.
I don't think that Bunny Washington
- is the problem.
- What do you mean?
ME got the analysis back
for the exotics on the heroin.
Meth and opioid analogs from Russia.
This is the shit that
they gave cosmonauts
to stay awake in space.
[SIGHS] Yeah.
- Can you sit on that?
- No, I can't.
I mean, you kind of have to, okay?
We don't need Bunny with
another excuse to go warring.
- You know?
- It's out, Mike, it's too late.
the local emergency rooms, the schools.
I can't risk more people
dropping dead on the street
because they don't know that
they're shooting speedballs.
Yeah, no shit.
I'll fix it.
Okay? I'll fix it.
You look beautiful.
I'll fix it.
All right.
I'm gonna go.
What a fucking load of shit.
These fucking DOC fucks.
What'd they do now?
Thank you. Jesus Christ.
They release one of these
nonviolent offenders.
This fucker caves in a shop owner's head
with a brick to score 15
bucks, so he can buy fentanyl.
- You believe that shit?
- Is "yes" the wrong answer?
Mm. That's not the thing.
Then the same fucker
ODs on the fentanyl,
survives, now our fucking
taxes pay this fucker's medical
before he's thrown back
into the goddamn system
where we pay more taxes.
- That is a circle of shit.
- Circle of shit.
And shit, we're overwhelmed by this.
Goddamn engulfed in this nonsense.
That's the fucking
word, Stevie, "engulfed,"
- right there.
- Mm-hmm.
- That's the word.
- What's up, assholes?
You better have something good to say.
This is bullshit.
Newest member of the Swift,
Stealthy and Splendid.
- Yes. Fuck.
- Our boy made the cut.
- Awesome.
- Yes.
- Back in an hour.
- Ferguson.
- Yeah?
- Got to talk to you.
- What about?
- Just be here.
- Yeah.
- [STEVIE] Yikes.
Seemed pretty goddamn official.
- What'd you do?
- Nothing, nothing.
[AUTOMATED VOICE] Your call has
been forwarded to an automated
- [MIKE] Don't give me that shit.
Come on, pick up your phone, Bunny.
- Your call has been
- Don't go to voicemail.
Pick up your fucking phone, Bunny!
- Fuck.
It's too little, too late, Mikey Mike.
Let's get this shit right.
Fuck this up.
You're supposed to move
a little faster, let's go.
We good?
Shit yeah, we better than good.
We diversified. [CHUCKLES]
Come with me, cousin.
Need you to show the
young bucks the hardware.
Shit right here, this
gonna change everything.
See, our whole lives we
been on the back foot,
then they shot at us, they shit on us.
We can't react.
All this shit gonna change, all right?
And I ain't talking equal
and opposite reactions,
- you feel me?
- [ALL] Yeah!
You understand what the fuck I'm saying?
- Hell yeah!
- Yeah. [CHUCKLES]
I got me a convulsion of the soul
that needs some soothing right here.
- Boot camp, baby.
- Hey, whoa, whoa.
These for sale, B.
- Aw, come on, Cole, shit.
- They're not for personal use.
You're shitting on my vibe right now.
They got a kill radius
of five to ten meters.
- Don't go metric on us.
- Word.
That's 15 to 25 feet.
Got a casualty radius of 45 feet.
Shrapnel can be launched
up to 750 feet away.
Now, yes, it will kill your
enemies in their target area,
but it's just a high probability
of civilian casualties.
Okay, Sergeant-at-Arms.
What you got that's gonna
be better for our purposes?

- This right here.
- Yeah.
This is SAW. It's fast, it's focused,
it's very lethal.
800 rounds of democracy
- per minute.
- This little pistol here?
Oh, there ain't nothing
little about that.
[LAUGHS] All right.
Well, educate the brothers, then.
Lesson for today, fellas:
Shock and motherfucking awe.

- Hey.
- [MIKE] Hey, can you get
patrol to do a 20 on Bunny?
What, he go to ground?
No. I just need to talk to him.
You know, the Russians
fucked with his shit.
I know, Ian. That's why
I need to talk to him.
All right, copy. Uh, Kyle made SWAT.
Thought you might want to know that.
Yeah. Day keeps getting better.
aimed at modernizing
- Michigan's commercial
fishing statutes, took
a step forward today

[LINA] Hey.
- Welcome back to the coliseum.
- Good to be back.
- Suit up.


Little Bird?
[CHUCKLES] Wow. It's been a long time
since anyone's called me that.
I drove you sometimes in the city.
I remember.
Is he here?
Does he know you're in town?
No one does.
I gave Milo this place.
I gave Milo this
fucking gift of a place.
What does he do?
He fucking hijacks an armored vehicle.
Now, is that wrong? No.
And then he slays two
guards. Is that wrong?
No. What is wrong is
that, in the aftermath,
he comes out with his hands raised,
waves a little white flag
and he surrenders.
Milo. Milo surrenders.
Milo surrenders like some fucking serf
for having stolen a fucking goat.
And in surrender,
there is shame.
- [ROMAN] Konstantin.
- And shame leads to betrayal.
Shut up!
[MIKE] Is this the nine-to-five now?
He ain't here, Mayor.
Yeah, he's not at the factory, either.
- The fuck is he?
- He ain't been around.
So, what, you guys just stand here
with your dick in your hand?
- Is that it?
- Don't know what you
tripping about. We just minding our own.
But, hey, Rhonda's home.
She might have more to tell the mayor.
Yeah. You stirring
that pot, are you? Fuck.
Heart wants what it wants, Mayor.
- Yeah.
- [RHONDA] We're not open yet.
- Sorry, Mr. Mayor.
- I just Rhonda, come on.
- I can't help you, Mike.
- It's fucking freezing.
- Can't help me?
Gonna leave me out in the cold?
You look a little worse for wear, Mike.
- Well, how's business?
- Good.
Gonna expand.
Gonna take down this wall,
start offering spa services.
Oh. That's smart.
I haven't seen him.
- Didn't ask.
- You're about to.
Yeah, well, you got
soldiers on your doorstep.
Make you feel safe?
That's business, not protection.
Yeah. Well, he's not
around so much, so
you're a bit exposed.
Bunny got to do for himself.
He stakes for a lot of people.
People with no boots,
let alone straps to pull themselves up.
Bunny got to protect himself
so he can protect his.
Yeah, well, yeah.
Glad you're doing good.
Shit, I'm fucking blessed.
Ladies walk in here all blue,
they leave
all prettied up.
Now that there is something.
Come on, I got to get
you in one of my chairs
- one of these days. [LAUGHS]
- Yeah.
Come on. I'll give you a good deal.
Yeah, get me prettied up, is that it?
That's right. Something,
something like that.
- Mike, come on.
All right, look, you hear from him,
let me know.
Tell him I'm looking for him.
Good to see you.
- Take care.
- You, too.
Let him know. Let him know.
[KONSTANTIN] I didn't think
they would allow angels
in this fresh hell.
Fallen angels, Konnie.
Only the fallen.
Ooh, you've aged very well.
- Yeah?
- Mm-hmm.
I feel old as fuck.
It's so good to see you.
Mm. Missed you.
- Drink?
- Mm-hmm.
- [SALLY] Oh, goddamn.
- I know.
This wasn't no problem
before you got back, bitch.
- Give me my goddamn medicine.
- Sure.
I'll do you five milligrams.
Bitch, 20.
This is textbook
drug-seeking behavior, Sally.
I'll write your RVR myself if
you don't stop wasting my time.
Of course I'm drug-seeking.
I feel like I got fucking
barbed wire ripping
through my guts. I hurt.
You want to go to NA and get clean?
Or go to ad seg for pulling this stunt?
You skanky bitch.
Don't turn away from me!
Stop it! Get off of me!
- Fuck you!
- Fucking addict.
- Fuck you.
Hey, you okay?
- Yeah.
- Hey, Nurse ?
- Tracy.
- Nurse Tracy. You good?
She hurt you? Here, let's take a seat.
[SALLY] Fuck you. Fuck you!
Take a seat.
Hey. Hey.
How do you know when a
nurse is having a bad day?
Uh, what?
It's a joke. How do
you know when a nurse
- is having a bad day?
- She won't stop needling people.
- [SIGHS] You heard that one.
All right, all right. My bad.
- You sure you're okay?
- I'm good.
I'm fine, thank you.
What ? [LAUGHS]
Been trying to get
that man to look at me
the way he just looked
at you for months.
- You good?
- Yeah.
All right, the-the pregnancy
- Yeah.
- She's been in here
for three years.
Yeah, if that's what it says.
Okay, well, we don't do conjugal visits,
- so who knocked her up, Lina?
- [SCOFFS] I'm sure she'll be happy
to share the father's identity, Trace.
I heard you were here.
- Yes.
- And I heard he was gone.
Yes. Milo's gone.
His unscrupulous ilk,
his cruelty, gone.
So I came back.
For better things.
That's good.
Milo wasted you,
like he wasted this place.
Why did you ever come here?
Milo called for me. No one stopped it.
Well, I would've
stopped it, had I known.
Well, it wasn't good
Milo wasn't really good for you.
Then why not run back to New York?
- He has people in New York.
- I am people in New York.
I know.
- I'm sorry.
- No, don't apologize.
Not after all the things
you've done for me,
- all the gifts you bestowed on me.
- No, the gifts you taught me.
No. Don't diminish your
accomplishments, Iris.
They're-they're a
testament to your fortitude.
My-my grandmother was
a-an artist, a painter.
And so, under Stalin, she was considered
a Trotskyist, a traitor,
and so they sentenced her
to five years in a gulag,
in the Kolyma mines.
The food was scarce, so scarce
that they sent the prisoners
up the mountain to forage
for cedar needles that they would boil
in some kind of
concoction against scurvy.
So she was there, filling
her sack with needles
for her daily ration,
and what does she see?
A Siberian iris.
And it was at that moment
that she knew she was going to survive.
Because that flower that
she knew as a-a sword lily,
she had only seen it on the paintings
of Flemish masters.
Its leaves shaped like swords,
the flower is said to represent
the Virgin Mary's sorrows.
Each sorrow a heart-piercing sword,
as prophesized by Simeon,
and it's her suffering
that is said to
soften our evil hearts,
give us "hope."
When you walk into a room,
you pierce the soul of any man,
lay bare his sorrows,
and that cannot be taught.
It's a gift that you earn through pain.
And it's that enchanting anguish,
in this lie of a life,
that gives you power.
That's why you named me Iris.
What's the good word, Captain?
Who says it's good?

From the families, Ian.
- From what families?
- Cold cases in Ohio.
Letters of gratitude for
the closure you've brought.
Tell me something, Ian.
How do you connect with
that kind of monster?
Well, I, uh
You know, it's-it's, uh, it's
all about respect, I guess.
It's, uh
Look him in the eye,
shake his hand, you know.
you got to be careful, I mean,
Charlie likes the connection.
Right? But he's still
a fucking serial killer,
any way you slice it.
Well, this has been a
sorely-needed bright spot for us.
Oh, yeah. Yeah.
Some good publicity for once.
Hundred percent.
Count on me.
- You have a good day, Captain.
- Thank you.

Knock, knock.
He has company.

I'll just be a minute.
- Yeah.
[KONSTANTIN] Breathe, Michael.
You must always remember to breathe.
- [MIKE] Yeah.
- Why are you always so agitated?
Can we talk for a minute?
Yeah, you can speak freely.
There's no secrets here.
Okay, look, my job, my primary function,
is to create a balance in this town.
You understand? I can't do my job
if you keep poisoning the drug supply.
Do I look like I peddle in street drugs?
No, you look like you're
undercutting your competitor.
Okay? And I'm here to tell you, don't.
- There's plenty to go around.
- I move product, Michael.
I expand, I compete.
And if someone can't keep up,
well, that's for them to remedy.
Okay, well, I don't really care about
your business philosophies
here, Konstantin.
Back off Bunny Washington. Period.


Mike, you could've just
fucking bought it, all
right? You could've bought it.
How am I not fucking picking
up Bunny Washington right now?
- He wasn't aiming at me.
- It's not a fucking joke here.
- Okay?
- Okay.
It's not a joke, and I knew
he had more goddamn guns
- than he dropped off in cracker town.
- Yeah.
- I fucking knew it.
- Look, when I fucking find him,
I'll deal with it, all
right? I'll handle it.
Meanwhile, why don't
you just get these people
- down to the station for some statements.
- [IAN] Yeah, I can't fucking force them, Mike.
[MIKE] Well, you can't do
it in the fucking street.
- Jesus Christ, Mike. Mike.
- It's not safe here.
It's gonna happen again, you know that.
So why don't you fucking get
these people the wounded,
the witnesses,
Konstantin, fucking Iris
- take them in.
- The fuck is she doing here?
I don't fucking know.
[SIGHS] So, you want me to
lay off Bunny Washington?
Yeah, look, I know. Look, I know.
I get it. I get it.
[SIGHS] Look, you've established
your territory, right?
You made your presence known.
You got your market share.
Don't hit back.
Are you giving me orders, Michael?
I'm just counseling
restraint, 'cause you're smart.
You know better than anybody,
eye for an eye just
leaves everybody blind.
And a tooth for a tooth,
and everybody's gums.
When I act, I do so with a purpose.
Look at what these street
animals have accomplished.
They killed cannon fodder. Hmm?
Discount meat marked for short sale.
I keep the best cuts behind glass.
That's one way to look at people.
These creatures, they
showed me what they are:
Reactionary, disorganized.
You know who is organized?
These, all these
motherfuckers with badges.
I'm telling you.
These cops are so deep in
shit right now, Konstantin,
they'd welcome a bull's-eye.
So if you fuck around
well, you'll find out.

So you have a fucking
death wish, is that it?
That's pretty rich coming from you.
- Yeah. Hey, knock it off.
It's kind of funny.
What the fuck were you thinking, Iris?
That he's dangerous to you,
and I know him better than anyone.
Yeah? And?
And he wants me to work for him.
- Of course he does.
- Front of house only, Mike.
If I bail now, he's gonna wonder.
Mike, she got a point here.

So, you're gonna be the
new Tatiana, is that it?
Remember what happened to her?
Ended up in a fucking
dumpster. Is that what you want?
You said I could stay or I could go.
- Remember?
- Uh-huh.
Mm-hmm. So I'm staying.
This justifies me staying.
If they find out you're
connected to me at all
they will kill you.
I bet anyone that knows that is dead.
Hey, babe.
- Hi.
- Hey, babe.
- Hello. Mmm.
Did we get some good news?
Yes, we did.
Can I Buddy.
Ah, come to Daddy.
Yes, we got good news
'cause Daddy made the cut.
[SINGSONGY] Daddy made the cut.
Daddy made the motherfucking cut.
Yeah, I'm on the roster.
You tell Robert,
if anything happens to
you, a fucking scratch,
I am coming for him.
Day care go okay?
Uh, yes. Seems to.
He's very popular with the ladies.
You know, I know it's
counterintuitive, Trace,
but SWAT really is the safe move.
Baby, where we live and what we do,
there is no real safe.
Then why do we do it? Hmm?
- Hey.
Mariam could've left 100 times.
Right? She never did.
Oh, yeah. It's okay, buddy. You're okay.
Oh why?
I know. I know.
Service, that's what she'd say.
Mariam was a light in the darkness.
She knew that, so she stayed.
Yeah. She was. [CHUCKLES SOFTLY]
She'd be really proud of you.
Knock, knock.
Hey, Mike.
Hey, Trace.
- Hey, hey.
- Ooh. This is your nephew.
- [MIKE] Yeah.
[TRACY] You want some food, or
I'm good, thank you. I'm
gonna get something later.
All right. We'll come
Ooh. No. Go ahead.
Okay. Yeah.
[MIKE] So, Iris, of course,
knows this guy from New York, right?
And so she wants to help out.
I don't know, maybe she can
help get a handle on him,
maybe she can't, I don't know.
But she can't have any
contact with me whatsoever.
That means you, means
Tracy, all that, okay?
So she's going back to Cavo? [STAMMERS]
Yeah, that's what I been saying, Kyle.
You been paying attention?
No, I'm fucking listening.
I'm just processing. Shit.
Yeah. I know, I know. I know.
- Shit.
- Fucking
- You all right?
- Yeah, yeah.
I'll tell Tracy, you know.
Fucking we never knew
her, you know, whatever.
Heard Robert gave you the nod.
Yeah, I'm gonna get out in
front of this shit for a change.
Yeah, you are.
Tracy said Mom would be proud.
[MIKE] She would be.
Mom would be proud, brother.
[BUNNY] You're one persistent-ass
- motherfucker, Mike.
- [MIKE] Hey,
motherfucker, I need to talk to you.
- Where are you?
- I know, I know, I know.
Corner of Fifth and
Western, five minutes.
Yeah. All right. Fuck.

Mike, what the shit is this?
You really went and got
the same make and model?
Yeah, at least it's fucking reliable.
You know nothing about
that, do you? Get in here.
And when don't you drive
an Escalade with 22s?
Upgrade every year.
Yeah, I can see.
Who says crime don't pay?
Look, you can do a lot of
things, motherfucker, all right?
But you can't ghost me.
You understand that?
Hey. Don't ghost me.
You disappear.
You roll on the fucking
Russians with no warning,
and then you light them up
with an arsenal that sure as shit
did not come from that
gun shop, are you crazy?
Motherfucker spiked my supply.
- Yeah.
- You push me, I push back, Mike.
I know, I was there, at the club,
when you fucking lit it up.
You almost took me off the board.
What the fuck you hanging
with the Soviets for, then?
I was trying to remedy
your problem, Bunny.
I know what they did to your supply.
You got to let me do my job.
Don't fucking shoot at me.
Commie motherfuckers don't
know the rules out here.
- All right? They new.
- Yeah, well,
they think they fucking wrote the rules.
Coming down like Moses with the tablets
and the Commandments,
whatever the fuck it is.
[LAUGHS] Well, we better
send Moses right back
up that fucking mountain, all right?
Ain't no tablets out here.
I'm the New Testament. Yeah?
Besides, I don't see them making
no fucking moves right now.
- Yeah, well
- So maybe my message done stuck.
Yeah, maybe. Maybe.
Maybe I threw a block on your behalf.
I don't know, either way, Bunny
no one's resting easy.
I heard you talked to Rhonda.
I was looking for you, Bunny.
Oh, man, don't use me as an excuse
- to go see a sister, come on.
- I was looking for you.
- The fuck out of here.
- Yeah.
- She's good, though, man.
- Yeah.
Yeah. She a real
entrepreneur right there.
She took that little shop I gave her,
she's turning it into
something fucking
- Yeah.
You want remedy?
Mm-hmm. Yeah.
Put your KPD gang on Noskov
before he get too close to where I live.
Pick up your phone.
[MIKE] Look, we need any information
that's gonna prevent
shit from exploding,
so who he's talking to,
what deals he's making,
shit from the past.
Thigs like that, okay? Anything.
Look, Iris, sooner we get this done,
sooner we get you out
of here, all right?
- [MIKE] Yeah.
- Which leads us to this,
- this is the most important part, okay?
- Oh, you can fuck right off.
- [IAN] No, Iris.
- [IRIS] You want me to end up
in a fucking dumpster?
Jesus Christ.
- This dude taught me how to wear a wire.
- [MIKE] Iris, uh, we can't
- No.
- We can't send you in there.
- We got to have eyes and ears on you.
- Well, you're not sending me in, Mike.
I'm making this choice.
I'm going. This is me going, okay?
Trust me.

All right.
Take this.
Got a second burner. Number's in there.
Do not call from any other phone, okay?
Don't use a landline, don't
use a room phone, nothing.
Don't call my fucking office.
You go there, you come
directly back here,
and you call me from that.
We clear?

You don't have to do this.
If he came after you
and I did nothing
I'm doing it.
I'll be watching.

You know you have a big fucking mouth?
Mikey, let it go. Come on.
We can talk about
something else if you want.
Mike, I want you fucking safe,
- she wants you safe.
- I'm fine.
- She's a civilian.
- She's not a fucking civilian, she's a soldier,
just like we are, Mike.
You got a thousand people
gunning for you from all fucking sides.
- She can fix that, so be it.
- Yeah, well
that's to be seen.

[KONSTANTIN] What happened after you
you left Kingstown?
I didn't know where it was safe.
Ended up in Detroit.
Worked the Cadillac.
And the Henry.
Automotive executives.
There's tech babies there now, too.
Deep pockets. I did all right.
Did well.
You always do well.
[BREATHES DEEPLY] It still angers me,
what he reduced you to.
I survived.
You deserve so much more than survival.
Milo was myopic.
He devalued
what should be most treasured,
and valued what led to his fall.
I hate the taste of his sulfurous name.
We need to cleanse our palates.
Let me take care of that. Finish
your drink. I'll pour you a new one.
And then you tell me
all the things that he
subjected you to, hmm?
The things that he, uh
the things that he made you do.
Tell me.
You remember that fucker McDaniel?
Uh, motormouth?
Guy who used to serve with my dad?
Motormouth from Motor City,
and all those fucking stories.
Detroit and the '70s and the heroin
and the fucking bodies dropping.
- Mm.
- He was one crazy fucking
- hardcore old-school cop.
- Yeah.
- What about him?
- I just could never figure out
how the fuck do you walk away
from this kind of action
and take early retirement?
I just
- You want to walk away?
- Fuck no.
You can't walk away
from this fucking shit.
I sure as fuck would like
to know how we end it,
this fucking bullshit
back and forth, Mikey.
Yeah, I don't know how it ends,
outside of an earthquake or
a comet or something, right?
This city's built on revenge.
Real hard habit to break.
- [KONSTANTIN] Now, this stuff
is exceptional.
Right. [LAUGHS]
[KONSTANTIN] Oh, it's so fucking good.

[GROANS] Fuck.
Almost as creamy as your skin.
- Shut up.
- Ah, fuck. [SNIFFLES]
- That is good.
- Ah, yeah.
Now what, Iris, what will you do?
I'll work at Cavo.
- For now.
- Hmm.
A hostess.
Our new Tatiana.
Better than Tatiana.
Not a doubt in my mind. [SNIFFS]
But Kingstown is just a detour, eh?
Our home is New York, and
to New York we will return,
and this-this work we'll do here,
it will earn our return.
I missed you, Konnie.
I really fucking missed you.
To burning our joyless days together.
You know, I get it.
- Get what?
- The whole Iris thing.
Good for you.
You don't have to be a dick about it.
A strawberry-blonde albatross.
- That's not what I mean.
- No? What do you mean?
You some kind of wizard, can see it all?
- You look like, what, fucking Gandalf?
Hey, what's up with you and Rebecca?
Huh? You still watching her cat?
You know, I can't say fucking
anything to you, you know that?
Jesus Christ.
I wish Iris never came here, man.
Now she's never fucking leaving.
I know. I feel for her.
She's somebody your mom
would've taken under her wing.
Yeah, that's where you get
this whole fucking savior shit.
- I ain't no savior.
- No, you're more of a pain in the ass.
Fuck you.
Well, I will tell you
something, I do miss your mom.
Oh, wow.

Come along.
Come on, angel.

Something's up.
They're on the deck.
- What?
- I don't know.

Hey, can you get eyes over there?
Fuck, what am I gonna
do, astral project?
difference between me and Milo,
I keep an eye on my business.
You see that?
No weighing, no counting.
Just trust.

They don't cheat you?
What would happen to
people who cheat me?
[KONSTANTIN] You and I have something
in common, Little Bird.
Something Milo never possessed.
We know the source of our rivers,
and if you know that, you
know where courage comes from.

Guess the party's over.
Thanks for doing this. Appreciate it.
Yeah, yeah.
You think this is too much?
No. No, no, no, no, no.
Oh, God.
How have you not had
a fucking heart attack?
[GROANS] Good genes.
Here, love.
I'm okay.
I got to start heading the other way.
Look what I got.
- Ah.
- Mmm.
Balance is everything.
[IRIS] Mm.
Oh, no, Iris.
No, this won't do.
Oh, it's fine.
It's got a good deadbolt.
Yeah, and also vermin, no doubt.
We'll address it in the morning.
Right here's good.
Thank you.
Most fun I've had in a long time.
- Mwah.
- Mwah.
[KONSTANTIN] Old times, new beginnings.
[IAN] There she is, there she is.
- There we go. There we go.
Hey, I see you. You safe? You're good?
I'm in, Mike. I'm fucking in.
That was so good.
Do you trust me?
- You fucking trust me?
- Yeah.
Um, I saw something.
What'd you see?
White Power cash,
Russian drugs. They traded
right in front of me. Konstantin
- and the fucking Aryans.
- Wait, wait, wait, wait.
Wait, Iris, Iris, you got to be sure.
You sure about that? You sure it was AB?
Yeah, I think I'd know, Mike.
Okay. All right, you did good.
Glad you're safe.

Get the fuck out of here.


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