Mayor of Kingstown (2021) s03e06 Episode Script


[TRACY] She's been in
here for three years.
And we don't do conjugal visits,
so who knocked her up, Lina?
I'm sure she'll be happy to
share the father's identity.
You got soldiers on your
doorstep. Make you feel safe?
Bunny gotta protect himself
so he can protect his.
[MIKE] Don't ghost me. You disappear,
you're rolling the fucking Russians
with no warning, and
then you light 'em up.
- Motherfucker spiked my supply.
- Yeah?
[BUNNY] Push me, I push back.
[KONSTANTIN] I didn't think
they would allow angels
in this fresh hell.
Fallen angels, Konnie.
Only the fallen.
[MIKE] If they find out
you're connected to me at all,
they will kill you.
You trust me.
I saw something.
- What'd you see?
- White Power cash,
Russian drugs. They traded
right in front of me.
Yo, Digo!
Move the wake-and-bake
down over Bunny's shop.
I don't need my clients seeing this.
You ain't even open yet.
And I won't open till
you move your sorry ass.
All right, Rhonda.
I know ♪
Better days are coming ♪
If I can hang on ♪
Yes, it is ♪
Yes, it is ♪
I know ♪
Better days are coming ♪
Stay with me.
- I don't want to die. Please.
- Almost there. Almost there.
I can hang on ♪
Mm ♪
We need pressure.
- Where's Dr. Carpenter?
- I don't know. I think 10-1.
All right.
MSW's, about five.
Go knock on the bathroom door.
I need a doctor in here now.
- You know I can't do that.
- Stick your hand on this wound,
or go get the goddamn doctor.
Yes, it is ♪
Yes, it is ♪
All my troubles ♪
They got me crying ♪
But if I ♪
- If I can just keep on ♪
Trying ♪
Aah! Fuck!
I wake up in the morning ♪
Singing, singing the blues ♪
'Cause everybody's running ♪

- Putangina.
- Huh?
"Poo-tahng-ee-na." It
means "fuck," Ian. Fuck.
- Yeah. Yeah.
- Yo, where's Stevie?
Family shit. Look, we're shorthanded.
Lock that shit down, will ya?
- Copy.
- Hey.
- It's Rhonda?
- Yeah.
Big man got here before we did.
[MIKE] Ah, shit. Got
to get him out of here.
All right. [MUTTERS]
[IAN] Yeah, Mikey, I didn't
want to escalate the situation.
Oh, Jesus Christ. Okay.
It's not the best place
for you to be, Bunny.
Motherfuckers baiting me, Mike.
- Come on.
- I'm ten toes in right now.
- Yeah, I know. I know, I get it.
Still. I'm not for hiding, neither.
All right? Shit like this,
the whole world got to
fucking see me, Mike.
Fuck me. I'm sorry.
- I'm sorry, man.
- Yeah.
Just, come on. Just
can't let 'em bait you.
Don't let 'em bait
you. Come on. Just, uh,
anything happens, just give me a call.
- I know where to find you.
- Don't let 'em fucking bait you. Be smart.
Four gunmen, according to the witnesses,
all pasty fuckers, so they're
Russian, or they're Aryan.
Yeah, same difference, isn't it?
- Yeah.
- We know what this is.
- Well, we're gonna meet at Don's, okay?
- All right, yup.
All right, let's fucking go.
Aryans tied up with the Kremlin.
So I need to get a handle on this.
Can you get Callahan in ad seg for me?
Yeah, I can do that.
Thank you. Now, I'm gonna deal with
the Russians on the outside, all right?
Okay, I'll see it's done.
You okay?
Yeah. Why?
Nothing. Thanks.

[NORSEMAN] So, I was thinking,
we'd start our own kindred up here,
bring in some of these unaffiliated.
Boost our numbers.
Save that "RaHoWa" crap
for the trailer park.
Oh, watch your step.
Is that a fucking possum?
No, not a fucking possum.
It's a rabbit.
A cat get to it?
Well, what do you see?
He got a broken neck, chest punctured.
Meat and organs are gone.
[NORSEMAN] There's still some guts left.
Yeah, maybe a Cooper's,
or a red-tailed hawk this time of year.
Smart enough not to eat shit.
You good?
Far from.
Got another funeral to arrange, so,
nothing's good.
You should go, you and Trey.
No difference no more,
soldier or civilian.
Pull Trey out of school?
He's on the gifted track.
There's different schools, Roe,
there's different places.
Where is he?
Oh. Never known Trey not
to want to take a day off.
[LAUGHING] Yeah, well,
he had a big test.
What subject?
Don't be testing me.
It's all good.
Just tell him
Tell him I'm proud of him.
[THOMAS] The fuck you doing?
Trading contraband?
- [ROE] No, sir.
- Fuck you talking about, bro?
Up, up. Get the fuck up.
What the fuck? We
wasn't even doing shit.
- We weren't doing nothing.
Hey, watch those hands, motherfucker.
What the fuck are you gonna
do? Get him out of here.
- I'll smoke you, on God.
- [ROE] This what they do, Raph.
- They can't reach us, baby.
- Oh, I can reach you.
Don't hurt him. Do not hurt him!
- Come on!
- Don't hurt him!
I don't know if or when Bunny hits back.
- How can he not?
- But we need to manage his options.
Okay? Aryans are tied
with the fucking Russians.
Now that's a fucking
axis of evil right there.
Yeah. Look, Kareem is
gonna isolate Callahan.
That's gonna give us 48, so, Carney,
you got to cut off the fucking spigot,
all right? Find the drugs.
You can put the motherfucker
in a box all you want, Mike,
we still can't figure
out where these Nazi fucks
are bringing in the drugs.
- Fucking "you" problem, Carney.
- Everything's a "me" problem, Ian.
Well, listen, just find 'em, okay?
They're getting in
there somehow, someway.
All right? Check the light fixtures,
check the laundry, check
the toothpaste, you know,
- find it.
- All right. Fuck. I'm on it.
- Good. You're on it.
- What about the Russian?
Box him out. Get a warrant, hit Cavo.
If we're gonna hit Konstantin,
we got to hit him heavy.
They're gonna be primed
after the Crips hit.
Just get that fucking warrant signed.
Then we send those assholes
back to the motherland.
We're not taking a shot on this, so
- What?
- [MIKE] Yeah. You hear me.
Don't even load your fucking weapon.
[ROBERT] Well, I mean, shit happens.
[MIKE] No, it doesn't.
You got to give me
your word on this one.
[KYLE] Mike, come on. What,
are we gonna take Noskov
out for some pierogis, too?
Hit a drive-through on the way to jail?
We got people inside in this deal, okay?
It's not a raid. It's not a kill zone.
Just serving a warrant.
We're gonna do that, and only that.
Too many innocents here.
Thank you.
Shut the fuck up.
You bitches. Ow!
- Inmate in labor.
- Inmate in labor.
- Door 1, bed 1, please.
Oh, no, no, no. No.
Cuffs off, please.
She could be hemorrhaging.
Take the cuffs off.
They can't do that.
Loosen them a notch.
One notch tighter, you're
gonna break her wrists.
If she can't bend her legs,
the baby won't make it.
- You let me worry about the baby.
- And what about the mother?
Okay, Tracy, Trace, they got it.
- No.
- They got it.
- [CARPENTER] Thank you.
- What the fuck?
- It is okay.
- No, no.
- It's not okay.
- Listen. Listen to me, please.
She has to be restrained.
It's a shit policy,
but it's a policy
designed to protect us.
She is in labor. She's not
gonna overpower anybody.
She'll be okay, Tracy, I promise.
- Oh, my God.
- Look,
take a beat, come back,
but come back calm.
If you can't, no sweat.
I'll take care of them.
- Okay. Okay.
- [BREEN] Okay.
[MIKE] Evelyn.
- Hey.
- Morning.
Hey, can you give us five?
What's up, Mike?
Yeah, the Soviet problem is
worse than, uh, we thought.
That's not how I
wanted to start my week.
Yeah, they're tight with the Aryans,
and the greedy motherfuckers,
they want everything.
Prisons, Bunny, all of it.
Why tell me?
I'm putting Callahan in ad seg.
Noskov off the table.
You or your KPD posse?
Well, it's a cop call, not mine.
Who's signing the warrant?
Judge Pierce.
You want me to make the call?
That's why I'm here.
Need to streamline this.
- Come on, you can do it, please.
[SIGHS] Yeah, okay. Pierce likes me.
Mike, is SWAT serving the warrant?
Yeah. I'm on that, too.
- Be sure.
- I got it.
I know.
[MICHAELS] Your mother-in-law,
God rest her soul,
sat in that very chair
on many, many occasions,
and not once did she
not give me heartburn.
You gonna give me heartburn?
Uh, not my intent, warden.
There is a prisoner,
Sheri Maxwell, she goes by Cherry
I know her.
She brutally murdered a rookie guard,
then claimed he raped her.
Did he?
I'm not gonna dignify that with
It couldn't have been him,
but she was pregnant. She
just gave birth this morning.
She's been inside three years,
which means it happened in here.
One of your COs or a staff member
raped Cherry.
Not the first time that
an inmate's taken a guard
as a boyfriend.
It's not possible. The power
dynamic doesn't allow for it.
Which is why it's forbidden
in every DOC manual
going back decades.
I'll look into it.
But if she's not willing
to name the father,
I'm Sisyphus with the boulder.
You said "father."
Whoever did this needs
to be on the wrong side
of a cell door.
Of course.
Tell you what,
call the anonymous tip
line, get the wheels turning.
I'm sitting here saying
it to you, Warden.
I don't need anonymity.
It's best we work this from many angles,
all I'm saying.
I want to protect everyone in my house,
guard and prisoner.
"The man who lies asleep
will never waken fame,
all his desires drift
past him like a dream,
and the traces of his
memory fade from time
like smoke in air
or ripples on a stream.
Now, therefore, rise."
Virgil is motivating him.
He wants him to get off his ass
and learn how to resist temptation.
That's what you get from that?
That's what Virgil gave us.
What is it today?
Been working through Dante lately.
Some of us are a little
further than others.
- [KAREEM] Get up.
- Why?
There's been a credible
threat on your life.
Need to isolate you.
- Who threatened me, Warden?
- On your feet, Merle.
That means get the fuck up.

What the fuck you looking at?
- [IRIS OVER PHONE] Cavo Club, this is
- Hey, it's me. Can you talk?
We can book a booth, yeah.
There's a drink minimum.
KPD is coming.
Okay? So take an early lunch.
What time would you like
to schedule that for?
It's gonna be an hour.
Or less. I don't know.
[QUIETLY] That's pretty
fucking suspicious.
Just go.
Okay? You hear me?
We look forward to seeing you.
- Thank you.
- Iris.
Cavo Club. This is Iris.
Callahan was sent down.
Great. Is he clean?
[SIGHS] He didn't see us coming, Mike.
Did you do a cavity search?
No cause.
Yeah, well, better safe
than sorry, Kareem, right?
I'll get it done.

Goddamn it. There's no action here.
Did you check the front?
Do I look new to you, rookie?
Of course I checked the fucking front.
What's going on?
You don't pull the bumpers
when you do an oil change.
Give me a minute.
Are you fucking kidding me?
- Andrea?
- Let's go.
- Get down on the ground!
Get down on the fucking
ground! Drop the fucking phone!
- Right now. Move, move, move.
- Hands!
Get down on the ground. On your knees.
Unit one, with me. Unit two, flank left.

[SPEAKS RUSSIAN] We're being raided.
Stack on me.
Down on the fucking ground.
- Kingstown Police.
- Hands behind your head.
- Down on the fucking ground.
Hands in the air.
Get down on the fucking ground.
Get down, get down!
Kingstown Police, on the ground.
- Hands in the air.
- Left clear.
Down on the ground. I said
get down on the fucking ground.
I carry a gun. I have a permit.
- Shut the fuck up.
I'm not resisting, Officer.
Oh, you're not resisting?
Hey, he's not resisting
- Ow! Fucking Christ.
- Hey!
- Down.
- The fuck?
Do not interfere, miss, okay?
- Hey.
- Get your fucking hands off me.
[KYLE] Chill out. Chill the fuck out.
Put on the handcuffs.
[IAN] Konstantin Noskov.
Got a warrant to search the premises
and every occupant in it.
Russians are in cuffs.
No shots fired. Just
like you wanted, Mike.
Terrific. Iris?
Yeah, she, um
she got a little roughed up.
Who did it?
It was a melee, Mike.
There was bodies everywhere.
I mean, shit happens, you know?
- who did it?
- She interfered, Mike.
She was throwing a block for
Konstantin, she caught an elbow,
but she's all right, I promise.
All right? I hauled
her ass out of the shit.
She-she, she was just playing her part
a little too well, you know what I mean?
Yeah. All right.
Thanks for looking after her.
[ROBERT] Fuck.
[QUIETLY] Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.
Nuts and butts, fuck me.
Glove up, rook. Anal initiation.
You for real?
Fucking rite of passage.
Yeah, that won't be necessary.
You can take a pass, Smokey.
What the fuck you say?
- Fuck off.
- Don't you fucking move,
We'll tune him up.
You, we'll toss off the fucking tier.
You got a thing for
Callahan? You fucking pervert?
[CARNEY] You got a fucking problem,
you can take it up with the warden.
You actually listen to that fucker?
He ain't who you work for.
Say who you work for.
Say who you work for.
Fuck you.
Fuck you, motherfucker!
- Fuck you!
Say who you work for. Say it!
- Say it!
- Fuck you.
You got it.
Just to be clear
no lawyers.
Am I fending off charges?
Did you find anything at the club?
Cocaine residue.
Some bad visas.
Well, I just patronize the club.
I have no stake in it,
so I can't speak to that.
[STEVIE] Yeah, well, y-you might have
to answer for it, Mr. Noskov.
Baby made it, by the way.
What baby?
Baby you threw in the dumpster.
He lived.
- We're all babies that live.
- Oh, Jesus Christ.
You shot his mother in the fucking head,
you threw them both in the trash.
Is that why I'm here?
That baby gnawed on its
own hands to survive,
you bag of shit.
[STEVIE] Can you believe that?
Huh? You believe that shit? Look.
Well, that baby will
lead a tortured life.
It's a tragic tale, oft-told
in this tragic world.
You know, a lot of bodies have
dropped since you come to town.
Well, maybe you should take
that up with Milo Sunter.
That'd be a bit of a
chore, unless you think
- he's fucking haunting the Cavo.
- Well,
- I do believe in spirits.
- Huh.
But if you want information on Milo,
shouldn't you speak to Michael McLusky?
- I know what you did.
- I mean,
he and Milo were associates, no?
You have no future in this fucking town.
- We're gonna make sure of it.
- Ah.
He's a friend.
Beyond reproach.
Now, tell me, Detectives,
who are the cops here
and who are the criminals?
I see you.
I see you, too, fuckface.
- Mike.
- Yeah?
We found enough to question him,
we just can't hold him
longer than 24 hours
without any charges.
Okay, thanks. You mind getting me
- some ice, please?
- Copy.
- [IRIS] Thanks.
- Thank you.
Any time I contact you,
and I mean any time
- Mike.
- it's a risk.
I know.
- Do you understand?
- Mm-hmm.
So when I do,
it's with a fucking purpose.
So you don't get caught
in the fucking cross fire.
There was no cross fire.
I waved the cops off.
And even then, it's not a guarantee.
You have to fucking listen.
- I am listening to you.
- You understand?
I can't I couldn't just leave, Mike.
What would've happened if I'd
have just taken my lunch break?
Little bit suspicious, no?
You know what I am
to him? His arm candy.
I'm fun. I'm his drug buddy.
We compromise that,
he is gonna kill me quicker
than he killed Tatiana.
- I'm not special.
- Well, you're special enough.

You all right?
You have to listen to me.
Is there any news?
He's got girls coming in from Europe.
They're crossing the border.
He's gonna sort them and chip them,
and then he's gonna send
them to modeling agencies.
New York, Chicago,
- Philly.
- Until they pay back
- what they owe?
Never happens.
- Yeah.
Fuck. I got to take this. Keno.
Can you, uh, take care of her?
- [KENO] Put this on.
- Yeah?
[IRIS] Thanks.
Do I merit an audience, Mike?
It's got to be tomorrow.
Not feeling very fucking special.
Well, you, uh, are
at the top of the list
of fucking special, all right?
I promise you that.
[QUIETLY] Fuck you.
That don't sound like homework.
[TREY] I did it.
Had a free period.
Anything you can get ahead of?
Did all my reading for the week.
Okay, Mr. Scholastic, you covered.
Your daddy said, "What's up?"
He said he's proud of you.

- Carney.
- I'm pretty sure I know how A.B.'s
moving weight inside.
They took over the auto body shop.
That's great.
That's wonderful. Yeah,
can you tell me how
Callahan calls me from the fucking hole?
[PANTING] Uh, maybe because his, uh,
Aryan fucking storm troopers
just tried to kill me
for trying to search him.
Oh, shit. Really?
Couple of cracked ribs for sure.
I got to take the
fucking night off, Mike.
I got to go check on my dad. [GRUNTS]
Shit fucking day, right?
Every day is a shit fucking day, Carney.
Go check on your dad.
Rest up, all right?

[BUNNY] I'm, uh
I'm sorry.
For what, Deverin?
What are you, what are you sorry for?
It's on me.
No. Mm-mm. You loved her.
You stood by her.
You can't blame yourself
for what you're born into.

[BUNNY] That man died in his sleep.
I knew that O.G. from the neighborhood.
[CHUCKLES] I knew him
from when I was knee-high.
He lived his whole life
in this.
Raised his family
in this.
Sent all his kids away, but he stayed.
He-he fucking lived through it, man.
Can you imagine that shit, Mike?
Dying old.
Dying in your sleep.
- What's going on?
Hi. What are you looking at?
- Hi.
- [KYLE] Hi.
Baby, leave your shoes by the door.
- Oh, and wash your hands.
[KYLE] You graveyard?
Uh, no, I got the whole 24 hours off.
- [KYLE] Shit, me too.
- Yeah?
- Hi.
- How's our boy?
Happy, strong. Happy.
- Attaboy.
- Yeah.
- Huh?
- He's okay.
[SHUSHES SOFTLY] How's work?
Uh, med maintenance. [SIGHS]
Um, stitches, mostly.
Saw the warden yesterday.
Yeah? For what?
Oh, no, nothing. Nothing.
Uh, ran into her in the break room.
She was offering her condolences.
You know, Ma, she used to bust
that woman's balls on the daily.
Well, you know, we
have 24 hours together.
- What are we gonna do?
- Oh.
- Hmm.
- Hmm.
- Oh, yeah.
- I know.
[CALLAHAN] Do you have dogs, Mikey?
Yeah, when I was a kid.
I was feeding a bear for a while.
At my cabin.
Bear's a fucking apex predator.
So, what am I doing here, Cal?
Kareem put me in the hole.
Figure he wanted to feel strong.
Or was that you?
Yeah, that was me.
Do you? Feel strong?
You should've told me about
the fucking Russians, Cal.
I mean, honestly. I needed a moment.
Had to get a handle.
Well, math here's simple.
You push the Crips back
or you let me manage my shit my way.
Not asking for the
fucking Sun and Moon here.
Yeah, well, Konstantin doesn't
know the fucking rules here.
How things work. We need a balance.
- Balance.
- Yeah.
When have we ever had that?
When Mitch was around? Not even.
It's always back and forth.
Back and fucking forth, huh?
Well, we were pretty damn
close when you left Kingstown.
Prison's like a border zone.
It's the ecotone. Know what that is?
- No.
- Ecotone's a region of transition
between two biological communities.
Where the forest meets field,
mountains meet the desert.
It's more abundant, richer in life.
It's where predators feed.
What the fuck are you gonna do
when Konstantin has no
more use for you, Cal?
That's gonna happen.
That motherfucker eats his own.
He eats what he kills.
We're the same breed.
- Eh.
- He won't come at me.
Won't as long as the predator gets fed.
Like your bear.
You feed it so it don't
fucking turn on you.
That bear is shot dead.
- I'm sure of it.
- Hmm.
I only do business with predators.
Anyone else, no interest.
Show me what you are, Mikey.
You want balance? Hit Bunny Washington.
I'm a long way from making hits.
Way I see it, he's the one
upsetting the ecosystem.
Fucking flaunting.
If you ain't a predator, you're prey.
You're gonna end up dead on
the border, guts torn out,
vultures pecking at your liver.
Make a decision, Mike.


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