McDonald & Dodds (2020) s01e01 Episode Script

The Fall of the House of Crockett

Ah, the rain has stopped at last.
I'm so tired.
I know, darling. I know.
What the hell is going on?
Oh, my God!
Go outside, call the police.
No, no, no!
He might still be alive.
Come on,
there might still be someone here.
Out, now. Please, stay out. Come on.
Police! Come on, move!
It's all right.
It's all right, darling.
Come on, calm down.
It's all right.
Shh, shh
It's all right.
It's all right.
Yes, yes
The new gaffer isn't here yet,
so, er,
how do you want to proceed, Sarge?
Follow the SOP?
Standard Operating Procedure.
The incident trailer's here, Sarge.
Where do you want it parked?
How far back do you want
the inner and outer cordons?
Er How far do you normally?
Uh-oh incoming.
I think this is her.
She's just transferred from London.
Look busy.
DCI Lauren McDonald, I'm your SIO.
Park that incident trailer
over there.
I want an inner cordon
covering this front bit here.
Outer cordon, 50-metre radius.
Is there no CCTV out here?
This is Bath, ma'am.
No-one is allowed
to spoil the facade.
This house is a listed building.
The Chief Super has assigned me
a DS Dodds as my deputy.
Er, that's me, ma'am.
OK what have we got?
Er Well, someone's been murdered.
Er, I'll walk you through it, ma'am.
The victim's a white male,
one shot to the abdomen.
No ID on him.
No wallet. No phone.
The time of death, between seven
and 10:00PM last night.
The body was found at eight
this morning,
when the owner and his wife
came back from an overnight stay
in London.
The wife called 999 straight away.
We were here by 8:07.
No I'D, really?
See those tattoos on his fingers?
"Love" and "fear".
Home-made. Prison tatts.
His prints will be on the database.
Anything missing?
Yeah, an ancient Roman artefact.
The Faceless Man. Worth 200 grand.
Taken from up there.
Also signs of a break-in
through the back door.
Right, show me.
A big house.
Isn't there an alarm system? Yeah.
It only covers the external doors.
But it's not working down here.
A damp issue short-circuited it
and it's not been fixed yet.
Any cameras out here?
Afraid not, ma'am.
What is this, 1920?
So, what do we think?
Two intruders.
One shoots the other
and scarpers with the statue.
Who's the owner?
Maxton Crockett, MBE.
CEO of Crockett Innovation.
Entrepreneur, designer,
engineer, philanthropist.
Worth 30 million.
And you've checked his alibi?
As we speak.
Oh, hi.
Max Crockett.
Good to meet you, Detective.
Oh, Detective Sergeant Dodds, sir.
I'm so sorry.
DCI Lauren McDonald.
Senior Investigating Officer.
Sorry. Unconscious bias.
No worries.
Sir, I know this isn't easy,
but I need to go through exactly
what happened this morning.
Sir, you said you got back here
around 8:00AM.
Yes, I disabled the alarm.
Mathilde saw him and screamed out.
So, after
Was it still raining, sir?
I'm sorry?
When you got home this morning,
was it still raining?
No, no, the rain had stopped.
Oh, my daughters.
Sorry. They're frantic.
Nearly done.
So, after you heard your wife
scream, what exactly did you do?
Well, Mathilde called the police.
And I, er, you know,
checked if he was still alive.
Who on earth is he?
Er, we don't know yet, sir.
But we think he's been in prison.
Checked how?
Well, his pulse, breathing.
Any news on my statue,
the Faceless Man?
Our priority is finding the person
that pulled that trigger, sir.
No, I know. Sorry. Of course.
But it's just sentimental value.
My daughters bought it for me
for Christmas.
It was brought to here
by the Roman Emperor Vespasian.
He was one of my heroes.
Yeah, we're in a bit of a hurry.
So, one of the officers
will take fingerprints
and trace samples from both of you.
Elimination. Your trace evidence
will be all over the body,
from when you checked
for signs of life.
Sure. God, sorry.
Damn. I didn't realise
No, you did exactly the right thing,
Mr Crockett.
Exactly the right thing.
Oh, erm
Hi, Meg.
Yes, darling, don't worry.
Don't worry, we're all fine.
Yes, she's fine.
"We think he's been in prison."
You do not tell
anything without my say-so, OK?
Yeah, I'm I'm sorry, ma'am.
It's just that it's been a while
since I've been, erm
Operationally deployed?
How long?
Ten years.
Sorry. 11.
So, the victim comes up here,
grabs the sculpture thing
His daughters bought him
a 200-grand bit of art?
The Crocketts are
a very high-achieving family, ma'am.
Now, this is what made
Mr Crockett his fortune, ma'am.
The classic Crockett iron.
Oh, right.
He's the Crockett iron guy.
Yeah, my mum's got one of them.
The best thing to come out of Bath
since Plasticine.
It's the motto of
Mr Crockett's company, see?
"Many problems, one solution."
See, what he does is
he looks at domestic appliances,
like irons, and vacuum cleaners,
and food mixers and dishwashers
..hairdryers Yeah, I know what
a domestic appliance is.
..and he thinks, "What is it
that annoys you about them things?"
And he redesigns them.
That's Mr Crockett's genius, ma'am.
He, er
he makes annoying things disappear.
Not all of them!
It doesn't look like the victim's
rifled around much.
Oh, he took Mr Crockett's hat.
Max Crockett's alibi checks.
Restaurant at
the Marylebone Park Hotel, London,
between seven and 11:30 last night.
He's 120 miles from here.
Oh, and, er
Chief Super is outside.
MAN: In at the deep end, eh, Lauren?
Always the way, sir.
It'd help if we could
get this place processed
and get out of Max Crockett's hair
as soon as possible.
He's a brilliant man.
He employs thousands of people.
He's extremely well connected.
We're working round the clock, sir.
And, er, your team,
what's the prognosis?
They know what they're doing.
They have to do it faster.
Good. Please, don't let me down.
Oh, and Councillor Wattal
from the Police Oversight Committee
wants to see you.
about that little guy
you assigned
DS Dodds?
Would he not be better on a desk?
Yeah, but he's been on a desk
since Waterloo.
Plus, he doesn't fit with
the design concept
of the new crime campus, so, erm
I'd appreciate it if you could
nudge him towards early retirement.
Dead wood's got to go, Lauren.
Sergeant Dodds It looks like
you need a new light bulb, sir.
Oh, right.
I'll get a handyman to look at it.
Sergeant Dodds, could I have a word
with you in private?
No wonder your daughters
are sick with worry, sir.
A terrible thing to happen to you
and your young wife
in your own house.
I brought my three girls up here
alone when their mother passed away.
And until now, this house
has known nothing but love and joy.
What happened, Sergeant?
Two men broke into my house,
one shot the other
and made off with my statue?
Well, that's what it
what it
Everything all right, Sergeant?
Is that a peregrine falcon?
Yes, that's right.
We've got a pair nesting
in the church down there.
That's, er
that's good news.
Sergeant, I was wondering.
You asked if it was raining
when we got home
Did I?
Oh, yes, I did, didn't I?
Is there any reason
that might be important?
I'm not sure, sir.
if you look at this stone step here,
It's, erm
well, it's wet, isn't it?
Now, look at the floor here.
Bone dry.
I'm sorry,
I'm not with you, Sergeant.
Well, we know that the victim
was shot between 9:30
and 10:00PM last night,
and that he broke in
through this door.
With his mate.
But the rain didn't stop
until seven forty-five this morning.
So, if this door was lying open
all night,
then why isn't this stone floor wet?
It's really odd, isn't it,
Sergeant? Yes, very odd sir.
Oh, my God!
Oh, my God! Sorry, Sergeant,
you're going to have to forgive me,
I'm getting a little dithery
in my old age.
Feel the floor.
Yeah, go on, feel it.
It's warm.
That's right.
Because, when we left for London
on Saturday morning,
I just turned on
the under-floor heating.
Ah, that's why the floor is dry.
That's right.
So, it is what it is, all right?
So, two guys break in,
one shoots the other.
I'm so sorry, sir, it's, er
Here's me getting all excited,
thinking there's more to this
than meets the eye.
It's been a few years since
I've been out in the field,
so I'm afraid
I'm a little bit rusty.
Never do yourself down, Sergeant.
I'll tell you what,
that's a pretty good piece
of thinking.
Very impressive.
I'm glad you're on this case.
Oh, thank you, sir.
I really appreciate that, yeah.
WOMAN: I'm not saying the needs of
the homeless
aren't complex and urgent.
But as far as this council
is concerned,
tourism is this city's lifeblood.
And I'm sorry, it's unfortunate,
but we need a police crackdown
on begging and vagrancy.
The name of the dead man, please.
That's an operational detail
I'm not able to divulge, Mrs Wattal.
Just joined us from London?
This is Bath, DCI McDonald.
Things are different here.
We're not in the north,
or in the south.
We're a kind of city state, like
Renaissance Florence or
Byzantium? Where's that?
Er Turkey.
Never heard of it.
Byzantium, not Turkey.
It's called Istanbul now.
Oh, is it? OK.
I asked John. Sorry
Chief Superintendent Houseman
for a briefing from you because
as vice-chair
of the Police Oversight Committee,
I have a personal interest in
the fact that a man was found dead
in my father's house this morning.
I'm Max Crockett's eldest daughter.
No-one told me that, Mrs Wattal.
But until we've identified
the victim
and I've contacted
their next of kin,
there's really nothing I can do.
it's Dad's retirement party
this Saturday.
And there's so much going on
with his company.
It couldn't have come
at a worse time for him.
And his wife's about to give birth.
Of course.
That, too.
The peregrine falcon is the fastest
living creature on the planet.
They're sea birds
that have adapted to city life,
so they nest in church towers.
There, look, see?
That's very, er
interesting, Sergeant.
So, what's your point?
Oh, well, erm
..we have a view of the tower,
don't we? Yeah
So, the tower has a view of
the whole of the back of the house.
peregrine falcons
are a protected species,
so to safeguard them against
rare bird dealers and egg hunters,
the RSPB, they put cameras in
and around the nest.
So we might get a view
of the killer.
We should source the webcam footage.
We got a hit on the victim's prints.
It turns out he had done time.
Drugs and petty theft.
Three convictions for burglary.
So you were right, ma'am.
I shit you not,
I'm really good at this.
Oh, well done with your
penguin falcon thing, by the way.
Tech services are all over it.
The victim's name is Seth Murdoch.
Aged 43, homeless,
no known relatives.
our working theory is two burglars.
Burglar one shoots burglar two,
our victim, and takes the sculpture.
If that's all they took,
they were stealing to order
which means
they've recceed the place.
We're canvassing
neighbouring houses.
They won't like that, ma'am.
There's a lot of money here.
These folk like their privacy.
A man's dead. Someone's out there
with a gun. Scare them shitless.
I want a fingertip search
of the house and grounds.
If the victim had a phone,
let's find it.
His phone tells us everything.
But the missing sculpture
is even more important.
Get on to
the Met's Art and Antiques Squad.
More on the Faceless Man.
Known collectors, known thieves.
That 200-grand statue
is the key to this whole inquiry.
Get the Faceless Man,
we get the killer.
He'd better step up,
we've paid the deposit.
All right,
have you done the radiators?
Have you bled the radiators?
Right, landlord and radiators.
Chicken and veg,
I'm off the carbs today.
All right, bye.
Why are men all so totally shit?
You, ballistics report.
Bullet striations show
a left-hand twist
as it exits the barrel.
Colt 1911s, the only mass-produced
handguns with a left-hand twist.
Old school, but the Army likes them.
Check reported thefts
from military installations.
South London gang wars.
I know a lot about guns.
A lot.
Sorry, you're with me, aren't you?
No rush. I know, I'm sorry to
Hey. Are you all right?
I'm fine, Tamara.
All right, darling, I'm fine.
We're all fine.
Mathilde Oh, God, how are you?
I'm good. The baby is fine,
but our house is full of police.
OK. Well, let's grab a coffee,
girlfriend. It's been ages.
How are you doing?
I'm fine. Fine, yeah, thank you.
Our house, Dad,
it's the safest place in the world.
What's happened to this country?
Nous devons y aller maintenant.
Mm-hm, you're right.
Guys, sorry to rush you,
I've got the design team
working round the clock
Dad, you can't just pretend
nothing's happened.
Hey, first rule of business,
lead by example.
Lead by example. Right.
Talking of business, how's yours?
Great. Yeah.
Yeah, affordable art for the masses.
The market's booming, Dad.
That's good.
I love you.
I love you.
Come on.
Oh, Jack
do you think this'll wreck
their marriage?
I hope so, darling.
I hope so.
MACDONALD: Oh, this bloody city.
Everything looks the same.
You know where we're going, right?
Oh, yeah, no, absolutely, ma'am.
Right, just to be clear,
when we get there,
I'm leading the interview.
These guys
at the homeless shelter
This is a halfway house, ma'am.
It's for former offenders.
Erm, part of their rehabilitation.
Yeah, exactly.
Which means you really don't
give anything away to anybody.
You got that?
What? What is it?
Left turn back there. Yeah.
Yeah, we just missed it.
Erm, sorry.
MAN: Me and Seth
weren't really mates.
He kept himself to himself.
Strange guy. Really clever.
When was last time you saw him,
He left about eight o'clock
on Sunday night.
Did he say where he was going?
No. I heard him on his mobile.
He seemed excited.
He did have a phone?
Yeah, a little pay-as-you-go.
What did you hear him say?
Not much.
He said he was going
to a swanky restaurant.
A swanky restaurant?
Which one?
He didn't say.
He seemed different.
Like someone had opened the sunroof.
So, where were you Sunday night?
Elimination. Where were you between
eight thirty and 2:00AM?
I've got a patch down London Road.
I approached hundreds of people,
but they'll not remember me.
They never do, do they?
All right. We'll take it from here.
No friends, no family, no past,
no future.
The perfect murder victim, really,
a guy no-one will miss.
Looks like he has got some fresh mud
on his boots.
He's got an allotment?
Maybe. He did have dirt under his
fingernails when we found him.
I'll chase it up.
Ah, we've got a result from
the webcam from your penguin falcon.
It turns out you can see the house
from the nestcam.
The back door itself
is hidden by trees,
but we've got a view of
the only path leading to it.
..there he is,
nine thirty-two last night.
Fits with time of death.
Are we sure that's him?
We've blown it up and enhanced it.
Seth Murdoch.
So where's his mate?
Well, that's the thing, ma'am,
no-one else shows up until
our guys arrive early this morning.
Are you sure about that?
Well, all the windows
and the front door were locked
and alarmed,
and it didn't trip during the night.
OK, so
Seth's alone,
he's off to an expensive restaurant,
but he's broken in here,
nicked the statue
And a nice hat for the restaurant.
And a nice hat for the restaurant.
Are you taking the piss?
"I think someone's been murdered.
A nice hat for the restaurant."
He was wearing Max Crockett's hat.
Yeah, exhibits.
Seth was wearing
a Henrik Jullien shirt.
They're over 100 quid a pop.
And this guy's homeless?
I noticed that the bulb
in the main light wasn't working.
And he was wearing the shirt
and hat.
And it must have been quite dark.
You, get a list of the key holders
that know the alarm code
for the front door.
Right, I'm here for two years, tops,
so don't get attached to me.
But while I'm here, I'm gonna
solve cases in half the time
with half the manpower
and resources. And you know how?
Cos they save time and money,
and management love you for it.
So, boys, it's time to put some
serious pressure on our suspects.
We have suspects?
Just so we're all clear,
the victim's name is Seth Murdoch.
Now, you're certain, all of you,
that you've never seen
this man before?
ALL: No. I've never seen him before.
Sergeant Dodds.
Ah, right, er
Yes, erm
Right, well,
we know that the victim was wearing
your shirt and hat, Mr Crockett.
And he was of a similar height
and build as you,
and that it was dark
because the bulb was out.
Which means, er
..I'm sorry to tell you that, er
We think you were
the intended target, Mr Crockett.
Oh, my goodness!
So, er, what happened
to the second intruder?
There was no second intruder.
Seth was the only person
to enter your house
through the back door
between Sunday night
and Monday morning.
He was alone? Oh.
Erm, how do you know that?
Well, I found that
peregrine falcon's nest
in the church over there, sir,
and, erm, the RSPB camera,
it gave us a view
of the back of your house.
What that means is that the killer
came in through the front door.
Now, if he
er, or she, broke in,
then the alarm would have triggered
a police response.
But it didn't.
According to the list you gave us,
Mr Crockett,
your three daughters
and two sons-in-law
are the only key holders
who know the alarm code.
You can't be serious?
For God's sake
All right.
Ellie, this is not funny.
So, you actually think
that one of us, premeditated,
went to Max's last night
with a loaded gun?
Don't even say it, Pete.
Everyone here loves you, Dad.
I know that, darling.
We'll need fingerprints
and trace samples from all of you.
Excuse me, why on earth
would any of us want to kill Dad?
We are a close and loving family.
Most murder victims are killed by
members of their own family.
Well, maybe where you come from,
but not here.
WOMAN: We should co-operate.
If we're innocent, they rule us out.
No-one in this room
has the capability or capacity to
You are making some very basic error
here, DCI McDonald,
and I just hope
it doesn't come back to bite you.
But we'll all co-operate,
because none of us
have anything to hide. So
my retirement dinner goes ahead
as planned.
And I will
still be passing the torch.
In the meantime
I've got a world to change.
We'll need samples from all of you.
With your consent, of course.
I've defended clients before
who've been intimidated
by over-ambitious detectives.
It won't work, DCI McDonald.
You're not in London now.
So, an hour ago, I'm enjoying
a sequestered eggs Florentine
and some quality me-time in Aldo's,
when in walks Pete Wattal,
claiming you were grandstanding,
hauling out the whole
Crockett family in front of
Sir, we've got five suspects,
all family members,
with their trace evidence
all over the crime scene.
I haven't got a murder weapon,
or anything from Forensics
or Pathology.
I mean, do you want me
to just sit around and wait,
or do you want me
to put pressure on the suspects?
These aren't just a bunch of rabid,
inner-city gang-bangers, Lauren.
This is the Crockett family.
Yeah, and family means motive.
So, right now, under the pretext of
checking alibis, we uncover motives,
which we can then use as leverage
to force confessions.
You brought me here
to lead inquiries, right?
Good point, well made.
I mean, I suppose, if it all goes
catastrophically wrong,
then I've only got you to blame.
Right, you're with me. Suspects.
Where's, erm?
Er, Sergeant Dodds?
He said he was going to the library.
What's he doing there?
What's he doing anywhere?
PETE: Sunday night?
I was in my office.
A big caseload,
so I was working late. Alone.
That proves nothing, as you know.
And where was your wife, sir?
The boys were at cricket training.
Extra sessions.
There's a league decider coming up.
I was in bed, working on my speech
about homelessness.
No-one else was here.
The girls were with the child minder
and I was here alone in the study,
And what about you, sir,
Sunday night?
I was at the storage facility
from about eight until 1:00AM.
We buy and sell art.
There was a lot of stock
to check the provenance on.
Oh, come on We're nice,
vanilla middle-class people.
We go glamping.
We play boules on the weekend.
Where's any of us
going to get a firearm?
You've maybe made a few criminal
contacts along the way, Mr Wattal.
when Max said he was gonna
pass on the torch, what did he mean?
His company.
When he retires,
it all goes to one of his daughters.
Which one?
We find out tomorrow,
a big announcement at the party.
Max can be a bit theatrical
at times.
So, his three daughters,
and their partners,
you're all competing
for his £30 million fortune?
No, actually, we're not like that.
Not everything's about money.
I don't know if you've noticed,
but we are very successful
and solvent in our own right.
And happy.
Extremely happy. Delightfully so.
Until this.
ELLIE: Happy, my family?
Don't believe a word of it.
Especially not with Max's party
coming up.
Yeah, inheritance causes a lot of
trouble in families.
My lot went mental over
a transit van
and an antique piano stool.
How do you get on with your dad?
Yeah, I love him.
I mean, he is an arsehole.
Not enough that I'd want to
kill him.
I just don't want his money.
30 million's a lot not to want.
Yeah, well
some of us are happy just baking
lovely cakes
and turning a modest profit.
How did you pay your share
of the Faceless Man?
Oh, I didn't. No way. That was
my sisters and their dumb husbands.
They must be happy
that you're out of the running.
Pigs in shit.
Or, at least they were.
Until last year,
when my dad comes back from some
conference in Dubai with Mathilde.
Trophy wife.
There's a lot more to her
than meets the eye.
As soon as my sisters found out that
she's a high-flying
management consultant,
who's worked for Google
and Calvin Klein, they went Tonto.
Tamara's giddy on anti-depressants,
fawning all over Mathilde,
trying to impress Dad. And Megan's
just chewing her knuckles.
It would be just like them
to shoot the wrong guy.
So, can you tell us where you were
Sunday night between nine thirty
and midnight?
Oh, er, Kasha
Sunday night, we were here,
weren't we, doing the VAT returns?
Yeah, but I left at
Oh, shit, sorry. Yes.
So, Kasha had to go to her mum's.
I was here, by myself,
until about 11.
Can I go?
I've got a delivery to make.
Would you? Oh, sure.
Thank you.
I'll be back by 13:00 hours.
Roger that.
Are you OK?
You marry a Crockett and
there's a lot of baggage.
Mostly from Max.
You know, if there's anything
you think I should know
Max doesn't think
I'm good enough for Ellie.
It's not a gay thing.
I come from Travelling people.
But El knows his weak spot.
Weak spot?
Max Crockett loves to be loved.
He loves to be hated.
But he hates to be ignored.
MAX: Sergeant Dodds!
I was just passing and, er
Ah you're reading my book.
Oh, just, er
Well, it's fascinating, sir.
Er, the things you've achieved.
And from such humble origins.
It's remarkable.
And how you developed
your hot battery technology.
I was lucky, Sergeant.
I just fell lucky.
I find that very hard to believe.
No, I mean, it all began in failure.
I mean, I developed the theory,
I'd built the prototype.
There was one small problem.
My battery, erm
become dangerously hot when charged.
But then I thought,
"Hang on, why not just put
the battery inside a domestic iron?"
And the battery
and the heating element
are one and the same thing.
Right, "Many problems"
"One solution."
Oh, I miss those days.
Just me, in a bedsit.
A drawing board full of equations.
A headful of dreams and visions.
Do you have children yourself,
Er, no, sir, I don't.
But this must be awful for you.
To think that
one of your own daughters
or sons-in-law might have
I told my girls, from the start,
I'm going to pass my fortune
to only one of them.
So, I sent them out in the world
to prove that they could stand tall,
be successful and independent,
and stand on their own two feet.
I didn't want them spoiled.
I wanted them to go out there
and strive,
make sacrifices, take risks.
All right, yes, OK, I set them
in competition with each other.
But I did it for love, not money.
And my girls understand that.
What worries me is that people
might twist my so-called
winner-takes-all approach,
to conclude that one of my family
might have a motive to want me dead.
Well, yes, but, erm
DCI McDonald does have
the evidence from the alarm system.
DCI McDonald. Hm
I'm not sure.
Look, Sergeant,
I may be clutching at straws here,
but I've been talking to my contacts
in the private security industry,
and, you know,
those alarms can be hacked
if you know what you're doing.
And I was wondering, a killer
with that kind of expertise,
that can disable an alarm
and then deliver a fatal shot
in cold blood,
could that not possibly be the MO
of a?
A professional killer.
I'm an entrepreneur, an innovator.
You know, I've made a lot of enemies
over the years.
And, of course, there's been
Married women and
of course, angry husbands.
Sergeant, take this.
In there is a list of all the people
that may hold a grudge against me.
There's been one attempt on my life.
And who's not to say that the people
behind it may not try again?
Now, there's a thought.
Well, I'll, erm I'll certainly
follow up on this, sir.
Thank you, Sergeant. You know,
you're a kind, reassuring voice,
amidst all this sound and fury.
You call me old-fashioned,
men like you don't get the respect
and recognition
that you deserve these days.
MCDONALD: So, Max Crockett
all about inheritance.
He's supposed to name his successor,
but check this out
In the event of his sudden death,
his entire fortune is split equally
between his three daughters.
How do you know that, ma'am?
I wheedled it out of Kasha Perry.
Who's that?
Ellie Crockett's wife.
So, the new Mrs Crockett gets her
Jimmy Choo's under the table,
and suddenly, the daughters
and husbands are thinking,
"She might walk away with the lot.
"So maybe a third of 30 million
isn't so bad after all."
And bang!
Seth Murdoch's dead, by mistake.
Five suspects, all with a motive,
and not one with an alibi.
And Max Crockett
has brought it all on himself.
I mean, winner takes all.
Who does that?
Well, Mr Crockett seems very upset.
Mm, he says he did it
for their own good.
Oh, yeah, right (!)
The guy's got an ego
you can see from space.
And he's using the promise
of his fortune
to leverage this love
and adoration from them.
Mm, that's, erm
..that's very astute, ma'am.
Emotional intelligence.
I'm good that way.
You put butter on your chips?
Er, it's an old habit,
from when I was young.
I can't imagine you young.
That's what my wife said.
Oh, er, ma'am, I forgot.
Mr Crockett
..he gave me this list
of his potential enemies.
He thinks that someone might have
hired a professional killer
to do away with him.
And he just gave this to you,
did he?
What's with the columns?
Well, that's, erm,
professional ones.
They're, erm business rivals.
You know, enemies.
Mm. And the personal?
They're all blokes.
Well, they're all husbands
of women he's, erm
he's had, erm
..relations with.
I don't know.
I did 18 months in Organised Crime
at the Met,
and professional killings,
you get a nose for these things.
I don't buy it.
What now?
Now, it's Councillor Megan Wattal
on my case.
A 40-minute phone call,
accusing us of harassing her family.
Like I said,
we don't have a murder weapon,
I haven't heard anything
from Forensics
Except the results of your sweep
of military thefts of Colt 1911s.
Has that come through?
Sorry, I haven't had a chance
In the past year, six Colt 1911s
disappeared from Tiverton Barracks,
a few miles from here. Guns stolen
from military installations
End up in the hands of
organised crime. Yeah.
Mrs Wattal seems to be suggesting
you're developing a fixation
with her family. Is she right?
No, sir.
I'm just covering all bases.
Mr Crockett actually gave us a list
of his enemies.
Professional and personal.
Go through it with
a fine-tooth comb, as a priority.
how would any of these people know
Crockett's alarm code?
if your theory is right
about the Crockett family,
then until he announces a successor,
they're hardly a flight risk,
are they?
Oh, and, er,
how 's it going with, erm
nudging Dodds towards retirement?
I'm working on it, sir.
Have we found Seth Murdoch's
allotment? Oh, er, yes, ma'am.
it's owned by the halfway house.
It's, er,
part of their rehabilitation.
Oh, yeah, right. Grow some marrows
and they won't nick any cars (!)
Now, it is here somewhere.
Paperless office?
Sorry, what does that means?
What's with the scarf?
Oh, er, they've put me under
the air conditioning unit.
Ah, here it is.
West Park Lane.
Let's go.
Oh, are you mental?
That is the fifth time
you've locked yourself out
since I've met you. Yeah, all right,
I'll send round a uniform
with my keys.
What does he do, ma'am,
er, your boyfriend?
Oh, he's as thick as shit.
What does he do for a job, you mean?
He's a heating engineer.
So, if you have any trouble with
your boiler, give me a shout.
So, he's not as clever as you, then.
On our first date, he actually
thought there were two suns.
He thought the sun in Florida
was different to the sun
we have over here.
But I suppose I'd rather have thick
than unfaithful.
Do you reckon Houseman's
setting me up for a fall?
I mean, first day on the job,
he gives me a high-profile case
and lumbers me with you.
No offence.
Er, none taken, ma'am.
Is he that sneaky
or am I being para?
I don't know, ma'am.
I don't really think about
Superintendent Houseman.
Oh, I do.
First thing in the morning
and the last thing at night,
and not in a good way.
Give me.
Sorry, ma'am.
I must be getting old.
Have they, erm..
offered you early retirement yet?
Every year for the last ten years.
You old guys really did win
the jackpot, didn't you?
I'll be working till I'm 90
at this rate.
So, retirement
not tempted?
I like the police, ma'am.
I don't know what I'd do otherwise.
Spend more time with your wife?
my wife left me
30 years ago.
There's something there, ma'am.
"Gordon. VIP companionship."
Seth liked the boys.
"Available to upscale,
discerning gentlemen,
"Gordon is English-born,
"fluent in several languages.
"Available for special events,
dinner and dates, et cetera."
Oh, yeah?
"Et cetera"
We got it wrong.
Max Crockett wasn't the target.
It was always Seth.
I hope I'm right about this.
I'd better be right about this.
Houseman'll kill me
if I'm not right.
Do you think I'm right?
Well, ma'am, that's definitely
Seth Murdoch there.
Look, you can see by the tattoos
on his fingers there.
"Love." It's clear as day.
Yeah, of course I'm right.
Seth is the target
because he knew what was rotten
underneath the facade.
Big happy family, my arse.
Do you think people resent me
for getting this job?
Er no, ma'am, no.
Do you resent me?
No, ma'am, I
Well, I don't resent you.
I don't resent anyone, really.
I do.
Especially the bloody Crocketts.
Off you go, Pete. Last thing we want
is a defence lawyer in the room
when we take down your lovely wife.
Bye-bye! Love you!
What's this about, exactly?
Sorry, darling,
I forgot my sunglasses.
Have you seen?
Watch and listen.
'When you submit your proposal,
do not, under any circumstances,
'use the words affordable
and housing, OK?'
'How much would you need?'
Where did you get this?
Oh, Seth Murdoch's allotment, sir.
We've run your financial profile.
You guys have been living
way beyond your means.
20 years trying to prove to old Max
that you deserve his money.
100 grand on that Faceless Man thing
at Christmas.
That must've hurt.
So, to make ends meet
Was Seth Murdoch blackmailing you,
Mrs Wattal?
Oh, come on.
Why would he go to all this trouble
if it wasn't some kind of sting?
Erm, it
First, Seth Murdoch does not
actually appear in that footage.
Check the hands. The tattoos
on his fingers, "love" and "fear".
Common among guys in jail
of a certain vintage.
no money actually changes hands.
The council won't like it.
Third, you have no physical evidence
placing my wife in her dad's house
at the time of the murder.
So, unless she confesses
Meg, did you kill Seth Murdoch?
Well, there you go.
This won't go away.
But then again, you might win
the Max jackpot tomorrow,
then you can buy your way out of it,
Difficult thing to prove,
blackmail, ma'am.
If we'd have found a load of money
in Seth's allotment,
we might have been able to link it.
You're an upscale,
discerning gentleman.
Come on.
It takes three days
and a shitload of red tape
to get a warrant
to trace the number.
WOMAN: 'Hello?
Er, oh
Hello. Er
Can I speak to Gordon, please?
'Gordon doesn't take direct calls,
'but he is available tonight,
if you'd like to make a booking.
'Where are you?'
I'm in the car.
'Location-wise, where are you?'
Oh. Er, no, er, I'm in
well, I'm in Bath.
I'm in Bath.
'Gordon can be available
in Gloucester.
'Does The Edenbridge Hotel bar
at 9:00PM work?'
Yeah, that's that's fine.
'Gordon charges 200
for each hour's companionship,
'2,000 for an overnight stay.'
He charges?
'If that's too expensive'
No, it's fine. No, that's fine.
'Can I have a first name Gordon
can confirm with you, sir?'
'Enjoy your evening
Thank you.
OK, Sid, get your bingo dress on.
MCDONALD: You told us
you didn't recognise Seth Murdoch.
I didn't.
Then how come he had this?
Was he one of your punters?
Was he blackmailing you?
I don't know.
I've never seen him before
in my life. I swear it.
You guys are drowning in debt.
All this art you can't shift.
Your business is failing
because you botched up the finances,
so you have to put on a front.
Cos if her dad finds out, there goes
your chances of 30 million.
So Jack turns tricks.
He used to do it to pay his way
through uni.
It's not actually illegal.
It was you who answered the phone
when I called, Mrs Valentine.
This isn't funny.
There is nothing funny about
pimping out
We do not call it that, actually.
And he likes it.
Oh, piss off!
Three kids at private school.
Mortgage on this place.
100,000 to buy Max's
stupid Faceless Man.
And what's your contribution,
You're writing
a bloody children's book!
The Wizard Of Bumblegump.
Jack, look at me.
Did you kill Seth Murdoch
because he was blackmailing you?
I was with a client on Sunday night.
A married man.
Give them his number.
You know,
Chanel wanted me to model for them.
I was a singer, I had a record deal.
I'm not supposed to be poor.
maybe tomorrow it'll all change.
I'm betting on the new wife.
HOUSEMAN: No! Absolutely not.
We've connected Seth Murdoch
to Megan and Pete Wattal,
and to Tamara and Jack Valentine.
They all claim not to recognise him.
Their financial activity show's
absolutely no sign
of any large cash withdrawals
in the last two months.
No evidence of blackmail.
So why did Murdoch have all this
compromising material on them?
Let's say I'm one of Max Crockett's
family Yeah, you'd love that.
Excuse me?
I'm a Crockett, I'm being
blackmailed by Seth Murdoch.
You know, I have to get rid of him.
Why would I do it
in Crockett's house?
It make no sense.
Sorry, Lauren, but there's no basis
for you to interview
any of them under caution.
And, Lauren I want you on this
health and safety course
for the rest of today.
Just in case you were thinking about
gate-crashing Max Crockett's party.
What are you doing this afternoon?
I've got
a pitch-and-putt tournament.
Lose the woollies and tell them
your hernia's playing up.
OK, everyone, to the camera.
Three, two, one.
Sergeant Dodds!
Always good to see you.
Any joy on the leads I gave you?
The professional killing?
Oh, er, no, sir.
It actually wasn't necessary
to follow up on that, sir.
Oh? No, you see, Seth Murdoch
was the intended target.
Oh, really? Well, that's, erm
yeah, a weight off my mind.
I suppose you're back looking
for his accomplice.
Well, that's the not-so-good news,
Erm, DCI McDonald has reason to
believe that Seth was shot by of your family.
Yes, all right, I'm coming.
sorry, erm
What possible reason would a member
of my family have
for shooting a homeless man?
Sir, I can't go into that, sir.
Sergeant Dodds
I'm sorry, but DCI McDonald
likes to keep control
of the flow of information.
Yeah, sure, I understand.
No, I understand.
Sergeant Dodds, would it be
..inappropriate for me
to reach out to Murdoch's family,
and perhaps help
with the funeral expenses?
Oh, that's very generous of you,
Considering he did try and rob you.
But I'm afraid that Seth
didn't have any family, sir.
Not that we can ascertain.
Well, there must be someone.
Oh, well, just this Mikey someone
at the homeless refuge.
On Barstock Road?
Yes, that's right.
But DCI McDonald
Sergeant, I'm sorry,
but I really have a feeling
there's something not right
about this. Sir?
Well, look at me.
Now look at you.
Well, what do we have in common?
Nothing, sir.
No, not quite.
We're both men.
We're both middle-aged.
And we're both
I just wonder whether DCI McDonald's
unhealthy preoccupation
with me and my family might be,
you know, colouring her judgment.
I mean, first of all, she thinks
one intruder shot the other.
And then she thinks
I was the target,
because Murdoch was in my clothes
and my family want to kill me.
And then, suddenly,
my family want to kill Murdoch.
I mean, come on.
You look baffled, Sergeant.
Well, yeah,
it's just this case, sir.
I tell you, it's like the universe.
The more we know,
the less we understand.
Notitia de cognitione.
From information to knowledge.
What, you know Latin?
No, sir.
Erm, it's just, er's just that phrase, sir, I'm
I'm sure I've seen it somewhere
Yeah, all right. Coming.
Kick your height, sir.
I always do, Sergeant.
# For he's a jolly good fellow
# For he's a jolly good fellow
# For he's a jolly good fellow
And so say all of us. ♪
ALL: Hooray!
ALL: Hooray!
ALL: Hooray!
Thank you. Thank you.
Here we are.
Clan Crockett.
I'm afraid time's winged chariot
has brought me to the moment
when I must pass the torch
to the next generation.
Crockett Innovation
is about more than balance sheets
and shareholder dividends.
It's about values,
inclusion, diversity,
social responsibility.
So it's vital the custodian
of my legacy
should be a creative, pragmatic
..and inspirational woman.
But it's not enough
that she bear the Crockett name.
No, no, we need
an outstanding business leader.
So, I will be leaving my company,
and all
the intellectual property rights,
and the patents of my inventions
to one person and one person only.
The new CEO and chair
of Crockett Innovation will be
my beautiful
..devoted daughter
Dad, I'm flattered that you'd
trust me with your life's work.
But to be honest
you can stick your money
and your company up your arse!
He chose Ellie?
Mm. She's not happy about it, ma'am.
None of them are happy about it.
You can't do this, Dad!
You can't bloody do this!
I've always listened to you.
Everything you wanted me to do,
I've done.
Ellie hates you.
She's always hated you.
And she doesn't even want this.
The things she said in
front of everyone,
she tried to humiliate you.
You need to make a rational decision
about this.
Crockett Innovation
should stay in the family.
I know.
Elenora will see sense.
PETE: You've left us no choice.
We're making a legal challenge, Max.
On what basis?
Ellie's not a fit person
to run this company.
JACK: She doesn't have
the business qualifications.
I don't give a shit
about qualifications.
Look at me.
I didn't have any qualifications
and I built an empire.
What do you mean, not fit?
Who of you lot are fit?
Come on, who's not been hiding
a dirty little secret,
that, if it came out,
would ruin my empire?
It looks like you did him a favour,
telling him about Megan and Tamara.
I didn't tell him that.
Really? Are you sure? Because
you are a bit incontinent that way.
No, ma'am.
You control the flow of information.
Ellie was the only one
that Seth didn't have
compromising material on.
is that why Max chose her,
because he knew about
Megan and Tamara's indiscretions?
Municipal corruption.
Gay prostitution.
How do you know about that?
Nothing gets past me, poppet.
Has Max been lying to us?
Did he have contact with Seth?
The police are convinced
that one of you lot killed him.
But I don't care.
Because I'll protect you. And why?
Because we're family.
But you'll do as I say.
All of you.
You'll do what I say.
All of you.
But there's terms and conditions.
I want Jack,
Tamara and Megan on the board.
"Oh, my beloved daughter,
in whom I am well pleased."
It's unbelievable, he's quoting God.
Kasha changed my mind.
I just pointed out what was obvious.
Your dad loves you.
he found a way to show it.
The house of Crockett!
ALL: The house of Crockett!
MCDONALD: There's something
not right about old Max.
He's the key to this,
one way or another.
His daughters are his trophies.
And he likes his trophies
nice and shiny.
So maybe. it was Max
that Seth was blackmailing.
Elenora is the best-qualified
candidate for the job.
Pity she knocked you back, eh?
Who gets it now, the wife?
Elenora changed her mind.
Why? How did you manage that?
Are you going somewhere?
No, you are, Lauren.
Sir, we think that your decision
to appoint Ellie
well, it might've been influenced by
other factors.
Oh, Sarge
I'm really disappointed in you.
You know, yesterday,
I asked you to be honest with me.
And yet, you hid behind
DCI McDonald's preoccupations.
Yeah, when we could have saved
ourselves an awful lot of time.
You see, I think I explained to you
that my daughters, they love me,
you know, they trust me.
And yesterday morning,
before I made the decision,
Megan and Tamara came to me
and told me that you had uncovered
their misdemeanours.
And, yes,
that is why I chose Elenora.
And yet, this amateur theory
that you seem to be pushing here,
that I have some loose connection
with this, erm, Seth Murdoch,
is based purely on DCI McDonald's
issues with men like us.
When, in fact,
she should be concentrating on
finding my statue
of the Faceless Man.
Because, in truth, whoever's got
my statue of the Faceless Man
is the murderer of Seth Murdoch.
Isn't that right, Sergeant?
Er, well
Why do you hate me, Lauren?
I think you need to calm down, sir.
I don't need to be told to calm down
by people like you.
People like me?
And what exactly do you mean
by that, people like me?
Well, I meant you're from London.
That's all I meant.
Why? What did you think I meant?
Bad news, Lauren?
What is going on?
The Drugs Squad's just solved
your murder. An anonymous tip-off.
Michael Wallace,
known associate of Seth Murdoch,
was dealing heroin.
The raid's just found
a substantial stash, plus this.
The Faceless Man.
Murdoch broke into the Crocketts'
house alone. We've got the footage.
He didn't have an accomplice.
He hacked the front door alarm.
Him? Seriously?
Max Crockett planted it.
How would Max Crockett know
he was Seth's associate?
I told him.
How many bloody times have I
told you not to leak information?
I'm so sorry, ma'am.
I'm sorry, sir,
I don't know what's going on here,
but Max Crockett's has been messing
with our entire investigation.
Because of what?
He's guilty of murder
with a cast-iron alibi (!)
OK, but he
Is one of Bath's
most prominent citizens
and he's sneaking in there
and planting evidence
on a homeless man (!)
Any actual progress
you've made on this case so far
has been by accident,
rather than design.
Maybe this worked in London, Lauren,
shouting in people's faces.
But this is Bath.
First thing tomorrow,
full case review,
and nothing is off the table.
Including SIO role.
Yes, sir.
Are the boys in the station right?
Have we over-promoted you?
Where's he gone?
I don't know, ma'am.
Erm, ma'am
Mikey Wallace wants to confess.
He's in interview room two.
And, ma'am, there's something else.
No, there's nothing else.
OK, Mikey, let's hear it.
Before we start recording,
DCI McDonald
..a few ground rules.
My father-in-law is funding
Mr Wallace's legal fees.
He's all too aware
of your predilection
to put your personal advancement
above duty and justice.
You've spoken to your friends
at the CPS and cut a deal.
The CPS fully understand
that Mr Wallace has complex needs
and mental health issues.
I've been done here, haven't I?
This city is
..what it is.
Clear your desk, back to London.
Jump before you're pushed.
Sergeant Dodds needs a word.
Where is he?
The library.
The library again?
What is it with him
and the bloody?
He said it's urgent.
Take Mikey's statement.
"Notitia de cognitione."
It's Latin, ma'am.
It means,
"From information to knowledge."
It is the motto of
Bath City University's
School of Applied Design.
Case review in the morning.
Max Crockett is a graduate
of that institution.
And he's made me look stupid.
And yet,
he covers his whole four years there
in just two sentences in this book.
Or maybe I am stupid.
So, I found this old book
published by the university.
Where is it?
Is there a quick version of this?
Oh, where's my spectacles?
They're on my head, aren't they?
Oh, God!
I just want to be a successful cop,
and do intelligence,
and anti-terrorism,
and go under cover
and have a nice little house
on a new-build estate
with a utility room, and a couple of
kids that don't annoy people,
and two weeks every year
in Tenerife.
Because I bloody love Tenerife!
But not the all-inclusive thing.
They water down the booze
in the all-inclusive.
And why is everything so
we're in a library.
No, we're not. We're in Hell.
We're in actual Hell.
Ma'am, I'm
I'm so sorry
that I dropped you in it, but
Max Crockett
is a very manipulative article.
But he's not invincible.
The class of '73.
There's Max Crockett.
Now, look at the only female
in the picture.
Identified as Margaret Callaghan.
And look here.
She's wearing an engagement ring.
But there's nothing
of a youthful engagement
in Max Crockett's autobiography.
..I delved into Margaret Callaghan's
records, and, well
..I found this.
Bloody hell
Bloody hell!
Are you even a thing?
Look, erm, I haven't been to the gym
for a couple of days
so my head's a bit wild,
so, er, what just happened there
never happened, OK?
I'm sorry about that.
MEGAN: For five years,
it's been a privilege
to represent the ward
of Royal Victoria
and serve the people of Bath.
And I've loved every second
of every minute
of my time on this council.
And so, with deep thanks
to my party colleagues,
officers of the authority,
staff, opponents
I leave you.
But I do so with the news
that the Crockett Foundation
will be investing £1 million
over three years,
in relieving homelessness
in our delightful little city.
Mr Crockett
Seth Murdoch was your son.
Oh, please, another wild theory?
Come on, Max, let's go.
This way, through there.
Margaret Callaghan!
Seth's mother
and your fiance at university.
Although, you left her
as soon as you got her pregnant.
She died when Seth was two.
And he grew up in care,
in foster homes,
and took the surname
of his last foster family, Murdoch.
I didn't know about this. Honestly.
It doesn't matter.
May I remind you that Mikey Wallis
has confessed to the murder
of Seth Murdoch?
Bloody hell, Max.
You've really played a blinder here,
haven't you?
What happened, your long-lost son
didn't fit in with the family image?
It wasn't enough
that you abandoned him,
you had to get rid of him for good.
You do not talk to me like that!
You don't touch me.
You don't touch my family.
And when my new baby is born,
I retire gracefully
to my house in Antibes.
Then Elenora takes command.
And you, Lauren McDonald,
are back where you belong.
He's wrong, ma'am.
We're not nowhere.
We're not somewhere, either.
He did it.
I'm right.
I know I'm right.
Do you think I'm right?
Yes, ma'am, I do.
Oh, look at him,
all the motive in the world.
But he can't have bloody done it,
cos he's 120 miles away
when Seth was shot.
He may not have pulled the trigger.
It doesn't mean he's not the killer.
Somehow, he managed to plant
the Faceless Man on Mikey Wallace.
Or he got someone to do it for him.
The same person that pulled
the trigger?
Well, maybe.
If Max Crockett did plant
the Faceless Man on Mikey Wallace,
then he must have been in possession
of it from the start.
Which means
he must have tampered
with the crime scene.
But can we prove it?
No, ma'am, we can't.
And he's been derailing us
ever since.
First, he was pushing
the two-burglar scenario.
Then it was a professional killing.
And just as we were on his case,
he frames Mikey Wallace.
God, I never had to deal with
this kind of shit in London.
Max Crockett is behind the death
of his own son, and what happens?
"When my baby is born,
I will retire to Antibes.
"And Ellie will take command.
And you, Lauren McDonald,
"will be back where you"
Take command.
He did say, "Take command,"
didn't he?'
And the other day,
she used the 24-hour clock.
She said,
"I'll see you at 13:00 hours."
That's military talk.
Ellie Crockett
was an Army cadet at university.
We've got the shooter, ma'am.
But I want the killer.
You know, just back there
..young Mrs Crockett was, erm
well, she was too hot and
I wonder
What do you wonder?
The shooter and the killer, ma'am.
I think, maybe
..we can get both.
Where's Sergeant Dodds, ma'am?
In his own little world.
Where else?
Er, yes, Max is very forgetful.
He's always leaving
the central heating on.
And it's the summer, too, isn't it?
It must have like been a furnace
when you got back here
on Monday morning.
No. The heating was off.
I checked before I left.
Are you sure, Mrs Crockett?
Oui. I was the last to leave
and Max was out in the car.
Erm, are you OK, madam?
Do you want me to call?
No, it's OK. I'll call Max.
Where's Ellie?
I've drilled into your background.
Officer cadet at Bristol University,
where you learned
all about firearms.
We're gonna search your house
until we find the gun
that was used to kill Seth Murdoch.
A Colt 1911, Ellie.
ELLIE: I wasn't like Megan
and Tamara.
and beautiful and talented.
He made me feel like
I didn't belong in his family.
My whole childhood,
he made me an outsider.
Ellie wasn't perfect.
Who is?
But he wants everything
to be perfect.
No, Kasha, that's not right.
He doesn't want everything
to be perfect.
He wants everything to look perfect.
I tried my whole life to ignore him.
I tried. Really tried.
But he found a way to get to me.
He found a way to force his company
on me, didn't he?
He's good at that, Kasha.
Making you do things
you don't want to do.
I need everything.
In detail.
Congratulations, Mr Crockett.
Another daughter, I hear.
Thank you, Sergeant.
The miracle of life, eh?
How's your young wife?
Yeah, she's fine, glowing.
Look, ever since this chap
confessed to the murder,
I'd just rather distance myself
from this,
you know, whole sorry business.
Of course, sir.
But there's just one
little loose end we need to tie up.
Now, er, your young wife told me,
quite categorically,
that she was last to leave here
on Saturday morning
and that she switched off
the central heating.
After you arrived back here
on Monday morning switched the heating
back on again explain why the floor here
wasn't wet.
Which proves
that it was you
who faked the break-in.
Very good.
Well, never underestimate
the middle-aged white man, eh?
And you've been running rings round
us ever since Oh, she's back. cover up your involvement
in the murder of your son.
I did not know he was my son.
And I have a perfectly good alibi
on the night of the murder.
You might not have pulled
the trigger, but you are the killer.
Well, then, find the money, eh?
Prove that I paid.
Oh, you didn't pay them.
That would be vulgar, Max.
You persuaded them. Really?
Oh, that's very good, really.
How could I possibly persuade
someone to kill a stranger?
I mean, I'm good, you know,
but I'm not that good.
You didn't persuade
them to kill a stranger.
You persuaded them to kill somebody
they knew and hated.
You arranged your own murder,
Mr Crockett.
Right. Very good.
I think I'd better make a call
to my son-in-law.
Oh, come on. You're not gonna hide
behind your lawyer, are you?
Max Crockett,
the smartest guy in the room (!)
If you'd just hear us out, sir.
On Sunday night, you promised
Seth Murdoch a fancy meal.
But he didn't have the right clothes
for a swanky restaurant,
so you gave him the back door key
to this house.
You left an expensive
Henrik Jullien shirt in the bedroom
and one of your lovely hats.
He was your son, after all.
The same height and build as you.
You told him
you'd meet him downstairs.
And meanwhile,
you've been working on the killer,
stoking up her hatred of you.
You knew she had a gun.
You knew she despised you
with all of her heart.
And you knew she had a short fuse.
So you lured her here,
weapon in hand.
at the top of the stairs,
dressed like you, in the dark,
cos you made sure
that the light wasn't working.
The killer, angry and hate-fuelled,
with the gun.
All perfectly choreographed.
Very clever.
You were in trouble, Max.
Seth, the son you didn't want,
didn't fit into your image.
Your daughters
and their dirty little secrets.
And your legacy,
you needed the Max Crockett name
to be projected into the future.
All three problems
could have been solved on their own.
But you put them together.
"Many problems, one solution."
And what does a man do
when he's in trouble?
He turns to his family.
You got your daughter
to kill your son, sir.
What do you mean, my daughter?
Ellie Crockett's in custody.
She's confessed
to the murder of Seth Murdoch.
No, no, er
You wanted her to take over
the company. You knew she'd refuse,
so you provoked her
to want to kill you.
And then when she shot
the wrong guy,
you had her in your control.
"Ellie, if you don't take over the
company, I'm going to the police."
you cannot prove any of this, right?
It's some kind of twisted, erm
envy. Envy! The politics of envy,
that's what it is.
You, people like you,
envy people like me.
That's right, I do envy you.
Cos you know what?
If I had come up with that solution,
I probably wouldn't have the balls
to go through with it.
But then again,
I'm not Max Crockett.
And this is Max Crockett's world,
isn't it?
And we're all just dancing
to Max Crockett's tune.
You did this because you could.
And you love it.
You love to be the smartest one.
The inventor, the entrepreneur,
the king of Bath,
the head of the glittering family.
The company, the house,
the daughters, the grandchildren,
the wife, the bloody hats,
they're all just trophies,
aren't they?
This is all just a facade, isn't it?
You're just an ego
without a conscience and a soul.
And you'd use your own daughter
to kill your son.
No, no, not my daughter!
I got Kasha to kill him, you stu
Detective Sergeant Dodds,
do we have full corroboration
that Max Crockett just admitted
to tricking Kasha Perry
into murdering Seth Murdoch?
We do indeed, ma'am.
Thank you, sir.
I'm only angry when I want to be,
Two weeks ago,
he's really working on me.
Telling me, like
I don't belong.
I'm not good enough for Ellie.
I'm scum.
And he's gonna destroy our marriage.
Sunday night, he calls me.
He's put it in his will.
Ellie gets his fortune.
But there's one condition.
I have to leave Ellie.
You got into her head.
You're good at that, aren't you,
Max? Getting into people's heads.
She told us that an ex-boyfriend
had come and threatened her
and Ellie.
How you'd found out
and had an argument with her.
Was she putting your daughter
in danger?
Kasha told you
she had a gun to protect them.
A Colt 1911 she had bought
on the black market.
It was all falling into place,
wasn't it?
You know how fiercely
Kasha loved Ellie,
and you knew she had the means
to kill.
She walked right into your trap.
Which put her
completely in your grip.
You kept Kasha's name off
the list of alarm code holders.
You'd grass her up unless
she convinced Ellie
to take the company.
Seth Murdoch's mum died
when he was a baby.
A life in care and foster homes.
Prison, drugs
and alcohol addiction.
Abandoned by his father
before he was even born.
I reckon when he turned up,
you rejected him
because you thought he was scum.
So he set out to prove
that your family were just as bad.
Whether he was a good man or not,
we'll never know.
But I think he just wanted
to be a part of this family.
No-one deserves to die like that.
No friends.
No family.
No father.
You took that all away from him.
Men like us, sir
..I'm afraid,
it's not our world any more.
Keep it.
It might look like a bribe, sir.
Very good, Lauren.
Sorry about that threat
to remove you from the case.
Cruel to be kind, you know.
I just felt you needed a kick
to get it over the line.
Thank you, sir. I appreciate that.
Debrief in an hour.
You'll have a special place
in his good books now, ma'am.
Wrapping up a murder case
in one week.
Four days.
Even better.
You know, you're, er
quite good at this
detectivey stuff.
Oh, thank you, ma'am.
But before you were stuck behind
a desk for ten years
OK, eleven.
..did anyone actually notice
you were good at this?
I don't know. I
..I suppose I've always been, erm
I, erm I got you something.
A present?
It's more a present for me, really.
It's for your specs.
I really appreciate this, ma'am.
I'm here for two years, tops.
It's not like we're bonding.
Well, thank you, anyway.
But, erm
that's very kind of you, ma'am.
Oh, my gosh! Give it!
Are you OK, ma'am?
I really don't know.
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