McDonald & Dodds (2020) s01e02 Episode Script

The Wilderness of Mirrors

My name is Jane.
And I am an alcoholic.
But I'm not one of you.
Don't phone, I'm gone.
..where is it, darling?
The 13th step, Kelly. Where else?
WOMAN: 'Yes?'
She's left.
I want her back.
# I don't need this pressure on
# I don't need this pressure on
# I don't need this pressure on #
What the hell are you doing,
braking like that?
You crashed into me!
You've been drinking.
Will you will you join me?
You'll never make it without this.
Go on, Jane.
How do you know my name?
DODDS: Everything OK, ma'am?
Me and the boyfriend
went for a Thai last night.
There was wine
Back home, we had a massive argument
about Spotify etiquette.
Which ends up in a row
about everything, as usual,
and he ends up playing Call Of Duty,
and I end up shouting at Alexa
because she always takes his side.
Oh, who's Alexa?
Jane Crawford.
Aged 57.
Retired college teacher.
Resident here,
in treatment for alcohol addiction.
Pathology put time of death
between two forty,
when she used her swipe card
on the main door to get back in,
and 4:30AM.
Asphyxiation due to constriction of
the thorax.
Ligatures on her neck are consistent
with death by hanging.
Where did she get the rope?
A utility cupboard in the basement.
The Chief Executive found her,
called 999
and then alerted everyone else
in the group therapy.
There were four patients.
Er, Miles Stevens,
Alison Spiers,
Maheeda Abaasi, Mary Costair
..and Kelly-Ann Mulcreevy,
their therapist.
I'm smelling alcohol.
Oh, that's the victim, ma'am.
Er, it's not you.
Now, what is that?
What is it?
Oh, excuse me.
Oh, er?
DC Simpson.
Yeah, just
An attempted suicide note,
but she was too drunk?
Check the CCTV.
Yes, ma'am.
So sorry.
Where did he go?
Yes, it's odd.
Jane discharged herself last night,
out the blue.
Sent the Clinical Manager
an email at 9:47.
She discharged herself?
Don't she need a doctor
to sign her off?
She was a voluntary patient.
For the last 14 months.
14 months?
How much do you charge?
84K, ma'am.
I knew Jane had left here
just after 11:00 last night.
But when I turned up this morning,
I saw the light was still on
in her room, so I went to check.
I called out and they all came.
The diversion therapy group.
They helped me cut her down.
But it was too late.
What the?
Oh, sorry, ma'am.
I've had a bit of an accident.
What the hell is going on?
Kelly Mulcreevy.
I am in charge of this unit.
DCI Lauren McDonald.
Do you think you could get the water
turned off, Miss Mulcreevy?
I will need to escalate this,
Ma'am, this room is exactly the same
as the deceased's room.
It's the same dimension. Now
Miss Crawford
is a little bit lighter than I am,
but I hardly put any of my weight
on this rope,
the same type of rope
as the deceased used,
strung up in exactly the same way,
when that pipe gave out.
If that pipe isn't strong enough
to take Miss Crawford's weight,
then there must have been
someone else in her room
..anchoring the rope when she
That's very annoying.
But good.
Thank you, ma'am.
I need to talk to your superior.
And I also need the name of whoever
is responsible for this.
Wait outside.
This is ridiculous!
Mr Holden,
where were you last night
between midnight and 4:30AM?
I was at home, of course.
Where else?
We need a full breakdown
of the security arrangements
of this establishment, sir.
Are you OK there, darling?
Oh, er
Er, yes.
Oh, I know.
Someone dying like that
..poor Jane.
And back there,
I've got a therapy group
severely traumatised.
But who helps the helper, eh?
Right now,
I could murder a glass of Sovvy.
But one sip, and I'm right back
on the marching powder.
I'm a recovering cocaine addict.
Well, I thought you were, erm
Only an addict can treat an addict.
What's your name, sweetheart?
I am Detective Sergeant Dodds.
Kelly Mulcreevy.
I'm not sticking my nose in, but
back there weren't actually trying to
Oh, no! No, ma'am. No. Er, no.
Not at all.
Then, what were you doing?
I can't really say, Miss Mulcreevy.
Police, you know.
What's going on?
What exactly happened to Jane?
This is the only point of access
to the victim's room.
It's security protected.
But the only people with
a swipe card to this door
are George Holden,
Kelly Mulcreevy and the five members
of her therapy group.
Well four now.
CCTV from last night, ma'am.
Jane Crawford left
just after 11:00PM.
She came back at 2:41AM.
No-one else entered between 11:00PM
and 8:00AM this morning.
Are you sure about that?
Yeah, I checked and double-checked.
Right, get on to Forensics.
Background on Kelly Mulcreevy
and her group.
Are you OK there, mate?
..come back upstairs to your room.
He's had a terrible shock.
This helps.
You know, counting things.
Yeah, counting.
But I thought this place was sec?
How the bloody hell
can anyone have got in?
Oh, I don't know, ma'am.
But we'll be looking into that.
But you're seriously telling me
someone killed her?
..yes, ma'am. Erm, er
I suppose so. Sorry.
What you were doing with the rope,
it's the evidence she was murdered?
Er, well, yeah, I suppose so, ma'am.
Yes, I'm sorry, but, er
You know, you really shouldn't
feel the need to keep apologising.
Yeah, sorry.
I've got patients
that apologise for everything.
They apologise for even existing.
Never off duty.
But with you, hon
..I'm sensing
chronically low self-esteem.
Chronically low?
Ah, people like you and Jane weren't made
to be taking risks.
on a storm.
I need to get back to my patients.
They're even more fragile than you.
Kelly, what's wrong?
It's my fault.
What do you mean?
This. Us.
My methods, I
Oh, you guys,
you have been the most
productive group that I've ever had.
We've bonded.
We've supported each other.
We've shared our deepest yearnings
and secrets.
Poor Jane, God rest her soul.
She was difficult.
I know that.
And you all had your issues
with her.
I should have seen the signs.
I should have intervened.
What are you saying?
I'm so sorry
But the police don't believe
it was suicide.
They think one of you killed her.
Morning, ma'am.
Feeling better today?
Yeah, great!
Up at six for a spin class.
Learnt my gym entry code
off by heart, 12 digits.
The boyfriend's at the mother's
for the weekend.
And I've got my five victims
sorry, suspects,
just where I want them.
Background on the victim, ma'am.
Jane Crawford, retired as a
secretarial studies teacher in 2010.
But, over the years,
she's built up a portfolio
of 12 properties in Bath.
Rented four of them out to UFLs.
Er, Up From London.
Three long-term lets to locals.
Five on Airbnb.
270K-a-year income.
Her net worth
four million.
No wonder she can afford this place!
Yeah, but the odd thing
her bank card activity.
Same gym as me.
Yeah, but look at this
She was booked on a flight yesterday
at 4:00PM to Dubai?
One way. She made the reservation
before she discharged herself.
And, see this?
She booked herself into a hotel
in Bath.
She had an escape plan.
A wealthy victim.
I'll check the will,
who stood to benefit if she died.
12 properties?
God, no wonder me and my boyfriend
are bitter about renting.
Well, he's too lazy to be bitter.
Where do you live?
Oh, er, Raymond Street, ma'am.
Number 23.
Do you own it?
Er, yes, ma'am. Erm, my
my aunt left it to me.
She brought me up.
What's it worth?
Oh, I don't know, ma'am.
I can't see myself ever selling it.
Never know,
you might want to retire to Spain.
Oh, no, I don't do the sun, ma'am.
Anyway, er,
I've lived there since I was, oh
You've lived in the same place
since you were five?
Half a century.
Apart from six months.
When I was married.
A word, please, Lauren!
I've just had an official complaint
from management here
regarding a flooding issue.
They're threatening the constabulary
with legal action.
We were ready to write off
Jane Crawford's death as suicide.
But Sergeant Dodds proved that
it was an unlawful killing.
Don't go bonding with below stairs,
It clouds your judgment.
Dodds better be right.
Suspects with mental health issues
are a potential world of pain
and professional unravelling
for you.
Follow the victim's timeline.
Do you remember what I said?
Not a battering ram.
KELLY: Jane left very suddenly.
My group were so upset.
And now
Jane called you at 2:03
on Sunday morning.
Very distressed. I feared for her.
I told her to come back,
sleep it off
and we'd address her relapse
in the morning.
Did you know she was booked on
a one-way ticket to Dubai yesterday?
No, I did not.
I'm gonna need to speak to the rest
of your diversion therapy group.
I'm sorry,
that's going to be impossible.
They're still under treatment
and this is their safe space.
Well, they are the only ones
with access to Jane's room,
apart from you, of course.
Yeah, well,
we all helped cut her down, darling.
So our trace evidence is going to be
all over your supposed murder scene.
You have no forensic evidence.
Therefore, you have no grounds
to question them.
You know the score, don't you?
I was a drug dealer, darling,
back in the day.
So, I know how you lot work.
My patients are
very traumatised people.
So you either question them
under caution,
with the right medical supervision,
or you back off!
You're right, Kelly.
Of course you're right.
No need to frighten the horses, eh?
I mean, luckily,
I've got Sergeant Dodds.
You probably forgot about him.
I think he forgets about himself
half the time.
But don't let that fool you.
He's good. Really good.
He'll get it sorted.
One way or another.
We'll be back.
OK, back over Jane's timeline,
starting at that hotel
she booked into.
DODDS: That was very nice, ma'am,
what you said back there about my,
er, my abilities
Oh, no don't get excited.
I was weaponising you.
Look, I can't bollock the suspects
like I normally would.
And I need them under pressure.
So, while you're hovering about,
I want them thinking
you're my nuclear weapon.
Nuclear weapon.
OK, working backwards,
Jane was killed between 2:40,
when she got back to The Mara,
and 4:30AM on Sunday morning.
She called a cab from here
at 2:20AM.
And she checked in here
just after 1:00 in the morning.
And she left The Mara just after
11:00PM on Saturday night.
Which means
there's a two-hour window between
leaving The Mara and arriving here.
So, what did she do?
Where did she go?
She was drinking.
A large red wine.
Purchased at, er
At 11:37.
Bell Inn
Walcott Street.
According to the barman,
Jane got here around 11:30.
Drank a bucket-load.
Didn't talk to anyone in particular.
OK, track down regulars,
trawl social media,
anyone who was in here last night.
No, wait a minute
so she leaves The Mara at 11:05
and it takes her half an hour
to get here?
Yeah, so?
Well, that's a ten-minute journey.
15, maximum.
What was she doing in all that time?
And where's her car?
Well, it's not here.
We we checked.
Well, shall we
shall we put out a search?
Right, suspects
The therapy group.
We know one of them killed Jane.
But why?
MAN: Nestling peacefully
in the beautiful Avon Valley
in the West of England,
The Mara Retreat offers patients
and clients a holistic treatment
and recovery service.
At The Mara Retreat, we provide
a multi-disciplinary approach
to the treatment
of mental health problems.
Stress, anxiety, depression,
even complex personality issues.
And my own specialism,
addiction recovery.
My name is Jane
and I am an alcoholic.
But I'm recovering.
Here at The Mara, I've found
what's most valuable for me
has been the
diversion group therapy sessions.
Sharing your anxieties, bonding,
forming a mutual support team,
that's really made the difference
for me.
'Now, when I go to bed,
'I fall asleep,
instead of passing out.'
In the morning, I wake up,
instead of coming round.
The Mara has saved my life.
Diversion therapy, what's that?
Well, people such as myself,
and my group
we we're born with
addictive personalities.
Now, I don't think
that you can cure that.
So, you refocus the patient
on constructive,
not destructive, sets of behaviours.
You divert their energy
into a designated, agreed,
goal-orientated project.
Now, you might think that's daft.
But we are in to the last eight
of the Summer In The City
Boules Tournament.
Oh, it's a marvellous game, ma'am.
You throw the large ball
at the small one.
Oh, OK. Bowls.
Er, no, ma'am. Boules.
I mean, it's like bowls,
but it's, erm
it's French.
I run the programme
as a pilot scheme.
We all live at The Mara,
and all the rest of the time,
we go about our normal lives.
I'm going to conduct sessions
with each of them.
I need to get to the bottom of this.
If any of them did it
We haven't ruled you out.
Darling, look around you.
I've got a lot to lose.
But my patients
are very damaged people.
Intense, hypersensitive,
all living together,
spending so much time
discussing each other's issues
It's a tangled web, a therapy group.
Rivalries, jealousies,
even the smallest thing
can get amplified.
Addicts are
impulsive, impulsive people.
We do everything to the extreme.
So, in your professional opinion
..which one of them
is most likely to
I'm not
I'm not going to accuse
one of my patients of
I think he was fixated on Jane.
She was old enough to be his mother.
Oh, no, no, it's not sexual.
Miles' mother walked out on him
when he was 15.
She took his three younger brothers
and rejected him.
That's when he started using heroin.
I think he saw Jane
as a mother figure.
And I think, when she announced
suddenly that she was leaving,
he felt abandoned by her.
Just like he had been by his mother.
The poor boy looked broken.
And his father?
His father is George Holden.
What, the chief exec?
Yeah, he kept his mother's surname.
There are issues between George
and Miles.
But we're working on them.
Look, you are really upsetting me,
I do not cope well with questions
like this.
This is what makes me want to
Yes, of course I was upset when
Jane said she wanted to leave me.
Are you angry?
You were close to Jane, weren't you?
Did you kill her, Miles?
Well, someone did.
Someone in your group.
Look, I'm not saying anyone
killed anyone, all right?
But Mary always had an issue
with Jane.
It was like it was always
bad vibes between them, you know?
More like a hatred, really.
Anyway, I've got to go.
Cleaning done already?
I've been at it
since six this morning.
How are you, Mary?
Fallen off the wagon?
I went into the Bath Vegas Casino
on January 3rd, 2009.
The day I buried by husband.
He'd given up on life
..because our son and grandkids
had moved to Australia.
Empty nest, you know.
They foot my bill for The Mara,
but they never call.
I lost
I've been trying to win it back
ever since.
What are you doing?
Sorry, I just noticed
some of the labels on these keys.
Some of them are from
Jane Crawford's properties.
We understand there was some issues
between you and Jane.
I didn't really steal from her.
I just
I ran up five grand
on her credit card.
She told me it was OK.
I could pay her back her flats.
No debt to work off now, eh?
After Alan died, I sold the house.
It all went on Money Dropper Wins.
Giant Lightning.
Bloody hell, Mary
That's nothing.
If you didn't kill her, who did?
What about Alison?
Jane hated Alison
..because Alison has lived life
to the full.
So she turned on Alison.
She was horrible to her.
Alison was glad to see her go.
So, when Jane came back
About time.
You've just won 100 quid.
Well, aren't you gonna cash out?
It's not about the winning.
What's Alison's problem?
She's a sex addict.
A sex addict?
A sex addict
What is it with this place?
"I'm not a slut, I'm a sex addict.
"I'm really sorry that
I broke up your marriage
"and your kids are in care,
"but I'm actually ill."
Look, I know it's hard for people
to understand it as an addiction.
But I can tell you, it's not easy
living with the consequences.
I'm having to sell the shop.
I've lost two husbands.
Most of my friends.
My daughter doesn't trust me
any more.
In fact,
she's decided to live with her dad.
So, yeah.
It's difficult.
But I am trying to change.
Still on the straight and narrow?
Well, working with Kelly,
it's made me realise that I don't
need sex to define my self-worth.
And Jane understood that.
She had the same with her drinking,
So, you're saying that you
and Jane where the best of friends?
We had our disagreements,
of course, but
I didn't
Jane struggled
when she felt under attack.
And those attacks
had become more frequent.
What's Maheeda's issue?
Social anxiety disorder.
But to be honest,
I think that's just an excuse
to get her extra time in exams.
Have you ever met anyone who's evil?
That's Maheeda Abaasi.
Jane was a high-maintenance mess
with severe halitosis.
I always thought, if she'd ever stop
talking, she'd start drinking again.
she was trying to escape from you.
Who isn't?
I drive people away. It's my MO.
Look, she annoyed the crap out me,
but not enough
that I'd bother killing her.
Social anxiety disorder
what's that when it's at home?
You tell me.
I go to the GP to get sleeping pills
to help me with
the rest of my exams,
and the next thing,
he's diagnosing me
with all this other stuff,
and now I'm a lab rat.
Kelly's diversion therapy thing?
Yeah, she thinks it will help people
like me as well as addicts.
So the NHS pays for my treatment,
and it saves money in the long run,
The Mara turns a profit
and everybody wins.
Except the victims.
Sorry, patients.
It's the medicalisation
of the human condition.
Watch your back.
They'd have a feeding frenzy
over someone like you.
What's that you're knitting there?
A balaclava.
You'd really suit one.
Oh, thank you.
Look, if you try and do me for this,
I'll claim diminished responsibility
due to my mental health issues.
Come on, spit it out.
I've got to go.
We've got our boules match.
Part of our
diversion therapy project.
Talk to me.
She hated Jane.
Kelly wants dependency.
So, what happens with Jane
sets an example for the rest of us.
You try and leave,
you start thinking for yourself,
you end up dead.
You see what's going on here, right?
Kelly points us to Miles.
Miles points us to Mary.
Mary points us to Alison.
Alison points us to Maheeda.
And Maheeda points us back to Kelly!
They're sending us round in circles.
"Group therapy is a tangled web,
"Rivalries, jealousies,
emotions running high."
Yeah, right, Kelly!
I need to call Houseman, now.
I just had to leave
a future leaders seminar early.
This needs to be good, Lauren.
I'd like to deploy
a family liaison officer.
The victim's only family
is a sister in America.
She was pretty tight
with her therapy group.
Aren't they your suspects?
Exactly my point.
And the constabulary
have a duty of care
for people with
mental health issues.
I need someone
with good inter-personal skills.
But an experienced
investigating officer.
I'll cast around for volunteers.
If it backfires, it's on you,
obviously. Goes without saying, sir.
In other news, Media Relations
are putting
a new recruitment brochure together.
I want you on the cover.
You tick boxes
that haven't been invented yet.
They'll be in touch.
Looking forward to it, sir.
When I was at the Met,
we did this course at Vauxhall
with all the bigwigs from MI5.
Anti-terrorism and espionage,
all that kind of shit.
Well, basically,
if you want to mess with your enemy,
you create a web of lies.
Rumours, disinformation,
fake news
and so they can't tell what's true
and what's not.
It's called a wilderness of mirrors.
It's like this.
Five suspects all blaming
one another,
so we're going round in circles.
They know who did it.
Or they all did it.
They're working together
to confuse us.
A wilderness of mirrors
In the absence of forensic evidence,
we get one of our guys in there,
win their confidence,
find a chink in their armour.
A double agent?
Oh, ma'am, that's, er
I was going to say devious.
Even better.
If they think
they're gonna put one over on me
they can think again.
WOMAN: Three, two, one
and sprint!
Come on, let's go!
Yeah, where are you?
DODDS: I'm at the library, ma'am.
Why? What have you got?
A lot, ma'am. Quite a lot.
That's it, that's it. Beautiful.
Oh, close one! So close.
This one's for Jane, darling.
This is for the game.
This is for the match.
For the semi-final.
That's it, beautiful.
We're through to the semi-finals.
This is boules, is it?
It's not the only game being played.
I don't know what you mean by that,
I think you're trying to play me
for a mug, Kelly.
And that is a bad idea.
we've been trying to help you.
Yeah, like we tried to help Jane.
Jane was difficult.
No, don't say that, Maheeda.
It's true.
She was angry she hadn't lived.
She spent 25 years
teaching secretarial studies.
She was so angry at herself.
That's why she killed herself.
All right, stop.
I know what you're doing.
Keep us distracted,
keep us confused.
Look, I think you are
reading far too much into us.
Really? Well, let's try this.
Sergeant Dodds
What's the 13th step?
I told you he was good
How does he know?
Now, we have here what looks like,
to the untrained eye,
some random squiggles.
Fast version, do the fast version.
But, of course, erm,
that is what we assumed.
And you, erm, DC Craig
I'm Simpson.
He's Craig.
Oh, hello, there. Well, you thought,
DC Simpson, that
You thought that it was just
a drunken attempt at a suicide note.
But when Dodds found out Jane
used to teach secretarial studies,
he realised that this was actually
Pitman shorthand.
It means, "The 13th step".
The best thing
to come out of Bath since
ALL: Plasticine.
So, when he says to the group,
"What's the 13th step?"
They were totally freaked.
Like he was some kind of
So, Jane left a message
From beyond the grave.
Yeah, all right.
She wrote it in shorthand
and she wrote it fast.
Cos she knew
she was about to be killed.
So, what does it mean?
The rehab thing, the 12 steps.
The 13th step?
I don't know what that would be.
But it's important to Kelly
and her crew.
At The Mara,
we saw Miles on the stairs
Counting. Yeah, Mary said he was
obsessive or something, but
They're looking for it.
Whatever it is.
Wherever it is.
They're looking for it, too.
You're gonna find it first,
aren't you, Doddsy?
KELLY: He doesn't know
what it means.
How can you be so sure?
Custard cream?
If he did, we'd all be under arrest.
We need to get there before Dodds.
One, two, three, four, five, six,
seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven,
twelve, thirteen.
One, two,
three, four, five, six,
seven, eight, nine, ten,
eleven, twelve, thirteen.
Yeah, we've all tried that.
He's an idiot.
A lot of unidentified items
in his bagging area.
Is he?
An idiot?
What are we gonna do
when he gets there before us?
We've failed to achieve our goal.
And what does failure do?
It sets us off into
a downward spiral of low self-esteem
and relapse into
addictive destructive behaviours.
game on, team.
Find the 13th step.
I've been through
all of Jane's flats.
Searched them high and low.
There's nothing.
The 13th step.
Think! Come on, man, think!
Jane was into Buddhism.
Maybe it's a Buddhist thing.
It's not a concept. It's a place
where Jane's gone and hid
I need to get this.
What are you doing?
Oh, it's the rules of boules, ma'am.
The rules of boules?
The 13th step, I thought it might
have something to do with boules.
It's in French.
Bien sur, la treizieme etape.
We've got more on Jane's finances.
HMRC were demanding five years
of tax statements from her.
But it turns out she'd never
registered for tax or VAT, ever.
Oh, so that's why
she was running away to, er
Dubai, then, was it?
Your family liaison officer's here.
Your double agent, ma'am.
..exciting, isn't it?
Better than pitch and putt, eh?
Detective Sergeant Ross.
Good to meet you, DCI McDonald.
I'm Irene Ross.
I'll go for six, then. Six.
Ah, shit
They're back.
And there's another one.
Get in there, win their confidence
and get them talking.
About anything,
no matter how trivial.
Maybe it's not my place
but it might help
if I could see the crime scene.
They could drop a detail
only the killer would know.
The 13th step
No, Pitman shorthand.
Invented at Bath.
So, this, er, hanging thing,
you're saying someone else
was in the room to anchor the rope?
Er, yeah.
So, where are my, er, victims?
Sorry, I meant, my suspects.
New evidence has come to light,
so we're widening the scope
of our investigation.
I'm not ruling out anything,
or anyone,
but we are pursuing
other lines of inquiry.
I'm Sergeant Irene Ross.
West of England Police
Family Liaison Unit.
But we're not actually a family.
But you were closer to Jane
than anyone.
So, Sergeant Ross will keep you
abreast of any of our progress.
There will be things
she can't share with you, but
you are dealing with your own
mental health
as well as the shock of this,
so we are offering you
pastoral support.
In case we raise a complaint
against you
for falsely accusing us of murder?
No, we appreciate your offer,
but, no
No, hang on. Hang on, darling.
I think we should do it.
Thank you so much
for all your help and advice,
OK, loonies. Everything that
McDonald just told you is bullshit.
There are no other lines of inquiry.
She thinks one of you did it.
She's not wrong.
So, come on
tell me which one of you
was stupid enough to kill Jane
before she told you
where the 13th step was.
..this is our friend Irene.
Our friend on the outside
who has been helping us
with our special project.
Oh, my God, she's Irene!
Oh, OK
Kelly, you sly
I did my part.
I brought Jane back here.
And then what happens?
One of you kills her!
I want a bigger cut
Not now
..or I tell McDonald
exactly what's going on here.
No, you can't do that.
Sit down, honey.
No, Kelly,
this was supposed to be easy.
But then Jane gets greedy,
and now she's getting greedier
and it's out of control, Kelly!
Calm down.
Stop telling me what to do!
I'm not one of you!
What now?
We take the game
to the opposition.
I meant Maheeda.
she'll come round.
Let me in, darling.
There's nowhere to go.
And you know far too much
to run away.
Look what happened to Jane, darling.
Ah, Miss Spiers, I, er
I got your message at the station.
Yes. Oh, thank you for coming.
There's something that I'm hoping
you might be able to help me with.
Kelly's been redirecting
my addictive tendencies
into something
that's a little more
Er, constructive, or?
I'm writing a novel.
And it's a crime novel.
Yeah, I know.
Well, why not? Isn't everyone?
And, erm,
it's about a serial killer.
Sorry, I don't think I'd be
much help there, Miss Spiers.
The serial killers
seem to have passed me by.
Although, there's not as many
as you might think.
You're more likely to be run over
by a bus.
But I've been thinking about you,
Sergeant, and
..and watching you.
And it feels wrong to lie to a man
like you.
Er, what are you lying about,
Miss Spiers?
She stood up to Kelly earlier.
And now I'm frightened for her,
I'm sorry, but I thought you said
that Miss Abaasi was, er?
Evil? No, no.
Kelly made me say that.
Maheeda knows something about Kelly.
Something that Jane told her.
And I think that's the reason
why Kelly might have killed Jane.
And now I'm frightened
that Maheeda's in danger, too.
And I think it's about
the 13th step.
She agreed to meet
as soon as I called her.
They tried to fool us once before.
Are they trying to do it again?
And using you?
Alison Spiers is a very attractive
sex addict.
Ma'am, we're in a church.
Come on, then,
walk me down the aisle.
The 13th step,
is that the real reason
that Jane was murdered?
Did she tell you about it
before she died?
And I wish she hadn't.
Cos now I know,
and I think Kelly knows I know,
You're scared of Kelly.
That's why I lied to you
the other day.
We all did. She made us.
So, why not leave?
I can't.
I'm NHS. I'm stuck there.
And I can't go home
cos my family won't accept me.
So, where do I go?
That's what she wants.
She doesn't try to cure you.
She keeps you ill.
She wants the whole world to be ill.
Ill and dependent.
That lot in The Mara think they're addicted to
gambling, or drugs and sex?
They're addicted
to addiction therapy.
But what has all this got to do with
the 13th step?
Right, so
where is it?
Oh, so it's a religious thing?
don't tell her I gave you that.
That is the reason Jane is dead.
And even if Kelly was in prison,
locked away
..nobody's ever really safe
from her.
Not really.
What, she'd written a book?
Or a study.
Or a report of some kind.
That makes more sense
than the rehab thing.
Look at this, ma'am.
She's not curing addiction.
She's creating it.
I'm just an ordinary bloke
trying to do my best.
But if we're talking about
let's unpack the things
that you've done, Miles.
Disruptive at school a girl pregnant
when you were 15
The list. He's just doing the list.
George, it would help Miles
if you could just get to the point.
Here's the point.
I just want you to stay clean.
Don't you want that?
We need a word.
With Kelly.
Jane Crawford left us a message
before she was murdered.
Written in Pitman shorthand.
She wrote, "The 13th step."
Do you know what she meant by that,
I have no idea, hon.
We think she was trying to tell us
why she was killed,
and maybe who killed her.
You're a graduate of psychology,
aren't you, Miss Mulcreevy?
And this is a study, written by you,
commissioned by
an online betting company,
showing how you can design
online games and slot machines
so that they're more
No, stop.
Kelly isn't doing any harm, OK?
She's explained all this to us.
It's about money.
Yeah, you need to make money, right?
Yeah, I
..I stop making money
..I start taking cocaine.
it's the cycle of addiction.
It's unethical.
Jane found out.
And that's why you were waiting for
her to come back to The Mara
on Saturday night, to shut her up.
You can't prove that.
They can't.
Can they?
Kelly definitely didn't do it?
You're sure?
Her and George Holden
are having a little sex thing.
She did tell Jane to come back
to The Mara.
That's the only thing she told us
was true. Mm.
But she said she'd deal with her
in the morning,
and then she snuck off with George
and had a little rendezvous.
We've pulled CCTV.
They were together at George's house
when Jane was murdered.
So, whilst she was gone,
someone else must've killed Jane.
Kelly didn't kill her, but
she might have convinced
one of the others to.
She's got a lot of influence
over that group, ma'am,
but not that much.
At least we know
what the 13th step is.
See, what I don't understand is
why did Jane Crawford write this
before she died?
It must be something to do with
the reason why she was murdered.
Ma'am, do you think that Kelly
and her, erm?
Let's face it, it's more of a cult
than a therapy group.
Are they misdirecting us again?
What? Well,
I went through the whole report.
The 13th step is only mentioned
on the title page.
Maybe that's there
just to throw us off.
instead of messing around
with puzzles,
shouldn't we be following the SOP
and getting solid physical evidence?
They've found Jane's car.
Solid physical evidence.
I don't get it.
She's planned her escape,
she's booked her flight
to the other side of the world,
and then she starts drinking again.
it's got some sort of seed in it.
Is it a
pine seed?
The Bell is a 15-minute drive
from The Mara,
but she took half an hour. Why?
Well, did she have a crash?
Her lights were working
when she left The Mara.
Right, job for you.
Forget about puzzles.
Keep it simple.
Find out who pranged her.
What do they know?
Miles, you need to chill.
What's wrong?
He's dead.
They've killed him.
They'll come after us now.
Who? Who'll come after us?
What about the police?
We've got to bury the body.
Shut up! What, we get our trace
evidence all over that crime scene?
So, what are we gonna do?
We are addicts.
We lie, we cheat, we manipulate.
But we lie,
cheat and manipulate together.
When we set a goal,
we achieve a goal. OK?
Mary, Mary, listen to me.
Look at me.
Did you go near him?
No, no.
OK, OK, good.
I need you to concentrate, OK?
I need you to recreate
the crime scene in
Oh, my God!
Are you OK, darling?
He got it wrong.
Yeah. Yes. Erm, Mary
Mary, OK, did you touch him?
Did you touch anything?
No, no.
I just shut the door.
OK. OK, good. Good.
OK, they'll find her trace evidence
in the flat.
But that's fine, cos she's
the regular cleaner and
we're fine.
I think I know how
to make this all go away.
Everything all right, darling?
Oh, Miss Mulcreevy.
Sorry, I was miles away there.
What are you up to,
hovering about out here on your own?
Yeah, well, now that we know
you didn't kill, er, Miss Crawford,
then perhaps I can
I can speak
a little bit more freely.
Oh, that's very good.
Admitting that you need help, yes.
Oh, no, no, it's Miss Crawford's
feelings that I'm interested in.
Her state of mind.
She, erm
she escaped from The Mara,
the planning was meticulous.
No, she didn't escape.
She discharged herself.
Well, whatever you call it.
You see, when we found her car,
the rear light had damage on it.
And, er, did she have a car crash?
Because I found, just over there,
this, er
this piece.
And I think that our forensic team
will be able to connect that with,
with Miss Crawford's car, you see?
And I wonder if the shock of
the crash,
and the person who
crashed into her her a bottle of vodka
Jane was a chronic alcoholic.
She probably bought the vodka
Oh, you mean she had the vodka
at The Mara?
The Mara is dry.
Every patient is routinely searched.
Oh, but The Mara's only
five minutes away.
Where could she possibly
have bought it?
You see, now, the bottle of vodka
in the car, it was empty,
apart from a tiny fragment
of pine seed,
which had worked its way
into the bottle when it was open.
Well, you see, up here
A pine tree.
Pinus longaeva, in fact.
You know,
it's very rare in these parts.
It's quite a coincidence, isn't it?
The car crash, the vodka bottle.
It's almost like she was ambushed.
Before she was murdered?
Are you sure?
Are you really, really sure?
Oh, yes, ma'am.
I am sure.
Just a few more here.
Excuse me.
Ma'am, I think that
Jane Crawford's killer
had an accomplice on the outside.
Shortly after she left The Mara
on Saturday night,
a 42-second phone call
was made from the reception desk
to a pay-as-you-go number.
15 minutes later,
Jane Crawford's car was pranged.
Oh, what does this pompous twat
want now?
Is that your boyfriend?
Er, yes, sir, right away.
He wants a word.
Face to face. Oh, well,
I'll wait at the station.
It's you he wants to see, actually.
You, too.
Go on.
Ask him.
Did you use a lark's head knot
..when you were testing
your murder theory?
A lark's?
I noticed this was
a lark's head knot.
Erm, I've done a bit of sailing.
And this is the go-to knot
for load-bearing.
I just used a normal hitch knot.
Look, I'm not saying that this
definitely was suicide, but, erm
a hitch knot focuses all of
the strain on a single point.
Which could explain,
and I'm only saying could
explain why the pipe
fractured so easily.
Shut this down now.
He's suspended, pending
a professional standards inquiry.
I'm sorry, ma'am, I'm
I'm sorry.
I've pissed away a pile of money
and resources.
I've falsely accused people
with mental health issues of murder.
And I've shut down a hospital
because of you.
I never should have listened to you.
And now I'm never gonna
get out of here,
and I'm gonna be stuck here forever,
with you twatting on in Latin
about bowls!
It's boules.
Boules! Or Byzantium!
And the 13th bloody step,
because you overcomplicate
everything because you don't think!
You don't think like a proper,
normal person.
No wonder your wife
Oh, I'm sorry, I
Erm we've got a problem, ma'am.
A flat in town,
the neighbour reported a bad smell.
A dead male. And, er
it's suspicious circumstances.
Sergeant Ross, you're with me.
Rosebery Street. 87.
Flat 13b?
It's one of
Miss Crawford's properties, ma'am.
Are you sure?
He's right, ma'am.
Come on.
Erm, how do I, erm?
Get an Uber.
This is bad.
Really bad.
I'm, er, sorry about the knot thing,
If you're right, you're right.
He remembered all the addresses
of the victims' properties.
Everything OK, darling?
Yes, I'm
..I'm fine.
Whether you're an addict,
or you've got behavioural problems,
or emotional dysfunction,
we all come to a place
and it's called rock-bottom.
It's a very difficult place
for an older man, like you.
Because men like you
you don't know how to ask for help.
Do you?
You feel you've got to
stand on your own two feet.
You've never cried, hey?
Never connected properly
with another human being.
Never loved.
Or been loved.
Pretending that everything
is just fine.
But trust me, sweetheart
..rock-bottom is a very lonely place
to be
..for someone like you.
I would hate be you.
Can we stop, ma'am?
I'm just going to walk home.
Are you sure?
Dale Hesketh.
Independent security consultant.
Lives in Bristol. Week three
of a four-week Airbnb rental.
Pathology put time of death
between 24 and 48 hours ago.
He was tortured
before he was killed.
I've seen those recently.
Alison's shop.
They're what florists use.
Oh, well, when we ran his prints,
no criminal record.
But they matched a set of partials
from an armed robbery
on a jeweller's in Cardiff
on the 30th August.
Two million quid's worth
of diamonds were taken.
They're fake diamonds.
So where's the real ones?
Finger prints suggest
that there were two accomplices.
He pulled a fast one.
And they didn't like it,
so they killed him.
I suppose shutting down
the Jane Crawford inquiry's
a blessing in disguise.
It frees up resources for this.
Odd murder weapon as well, ma'am.
They found this slung around
his neck.
Strangled using the straps.
I've seen that before
in The Mara corporate video.
See if you can connect the victim
to The Mara.
Yes, ma'am.
See this? Jane's got the same bag.
Well, it's the same make and model.
But, look, Jane's bag has got
an ink stain and this one doesn't.
Dale Hesketh spent last Tuesday
night as a patient in The Mara.
I'm just heading into Bath.
Do you want a lift?
So, the inquiry's over, yeah?
There was no murder,
Jane took her own life?
It would seem so, sir.
That's good.
I don't mean
I mean, that's terrible.
Poor woman, but
murder or suicide,
they're both bad for business.
Sorry, that came out wrong, too.
Christ, this whole thing
has got me tied up in knots.
What whole business is that, sir?
Oh, I don't know.
I came down to Somerset.
But the wife didn't like it.
The kids didn't like it.
the whole thing started to go wrong.
Miles goes off the rails.
I just wanted to help, you know?
But once Kelly gets into you, she
She's certainly a good talker.
But never says anything.
I should have known better
than to get involved with her.
You come away feeling like
she's moved the furniture around
in your head and don't know your arse
from your elbow.
A wilderness of mirrors.
When, really, some days,
you wake up feeling low and
all you need is a good,
hard sesh at the gym.
Mm, well, my boss
DCI McDonald,
well, she's from London.
And, well
..she gets a bit wild in her head
and she goes down to the gym.
The same gym Jane Crawford.
A 12-digit code
Are you all right there?
Was Dodds right about the 13th step?
Is that where the diamonds are?
No, Kelly's report is The 13th Step.
Well, maybe the whole report thing
was just another misdirection.
Maybe Dodds was right about that,
too. Oh, for Christ's sake!
Jane wasn't murdered.
We've proved that.
And if you go charging in there
accusing vulnerable people
of all sorts of things,
on the basis of that muppet Dodds
Muppet? Yeah, he is a muppet,
but he's our muppet.
Now, we're going back to The Mara
You're with DS Craig.
DS Simpson, you're with me.
Get on to Tech Services.
I'm sorry about droning on.
I guess I just miss
the family thing.
It's always been about the family.
Miles, sit down, love.
Let me handle this.
Good afternoon, Detective.
Hello, Kelly.
Dale Hesketh.
Ring any bells?
He was murdered.
Throttled to death
with his bag strap.
We found him in an apartment
that he rented off Jane.
One of the flats you clean, Mary.
So, what if the cleaner,
that nobody notices,
spots something sparkling
in amongst Dale's things?
In one of your
group therapy sessions,
she happens to mention the bloke
at Jane's flat with the diamonds.
Who is he?
Jane tells you he's an alcoholic.
She met him in Bristol
at an AA meeting.
And Kelly gets an idea.
She finds out that the diamonds
are stolen
and that they're worth
two million quid.
Suddenly, Kelly's got a big,
juicy project
for her diversion therapy group,
steal the stolen diamonds.
I mean, who's gonna report that
to the police?
So, you come up with a plan.
Jane gets Dale drunk
and brings him back here to dry out.
His bag clearly has an ink stain.
You see that?
He's clutching on to his bag
for dear life.
So, he stays here, sobers up,
and in the morning,
off he goes with his precious bag.
Well, it looks the same,
it feels the same,
but it's not the same.
Because his bag with the ink stain
is here, with Jane.
So he goes back to his flat,
none the wiser.
Where he's tortured and murdered
by his two accomplices
from the robbery.
Why is he tortured?
Because they think
he was hiding the diamonds.
Why is he killed? Because he can't
tell them where the diamonds are.
Because you've switched his bag
and left him with floral beads
from Alison's shop.
Fake diamonds.
I think you've got a little
mental health issue there, darling.
Folie a deux.
It's when two people
have a close relationship,
much like yourself
and your weirdo friend Dodds,
and you share the same set
of delusions.
Diamonds Hmph.
What diamonds?
These diamonds.
You've found them.
I did, ma'am.
I solved the puzzle.
The 13th step.
There we are.
The 13th Step report was fake,
designed to throw us off the scent
of the diamonds.
You have no evidence
that Jane was murdered.
Yet you're here,
exploiting and intimidating
people with mental health issues!
I want to speak to a lawyer.
Sergeant Dodds, he behaved
inappropriately towards me.
That is very brave, Alison.
That is not true, ma'am.
I know.
I can't cope.
This is too much for me.
This is all out of control,
we just Ma'am, enough!
These people have rights.
I'm sorry, I have to intervene.
Of course you do, Irene.
Because that's what
you've been doing all along.
Crime scene database.
An officer accessed
Dale Hesketh's prints
..before he was killed.
Tech Services traced
the electronic trail to you,
Sergeant Ross.
That's how Kelly found out
the diamonds were stolen.
You ran his prints
through the system.
And you've been helping Kelly
blindside us ever since.
No comment.
Get her processed.
She'll crack.
It's only a matter of time.
On Saturday night,
you phoned Sergeant Ross.
She intercepted Jane in her car
and got her drunk,
and she ended up back here.
Where one of you murdered her.
Why would any of us murder her?
HMRC. She was under investigation.
She was going to lose everything,
so she decided to run away to Dubai.
An easy place to off-load
illegally acquired valuables.
She probably told you
about the 13th step.
Probably taunted you.
And you've been looking for it, too.
But you lost the race.
We don't know anything
about those diamonds.
Have they ever been
in our possession?
And even if you're right
and one of us did murder her,
you've got to ask yourself, why?
Why kill her?
Why kill the one person
who knows where the diamonds are?
It doesn't make sense, does it?
Unless you didn't want the diamonds
to be found.
Well, the killer
wanted to keep the group together.
If Jane gave up the diamonds,
they'd be shared out
and the group would be split up.
Unless the killer's under the grip
of something far more powerful
than money.
Please, don't say boules.
Jane wasn't killed
because she nicked the diamonds.
Was she, Mary?
Mary, don't say anything.
They're just looking
for a confession.
Any confession. They've got nothing
without a confession.
oh, Mary, no, no.
I don't believe it.
I play long as the money lasts.
I forget about time.
Where I am.
Who I am.
I don't think about anything
..until the money runs out.
then I come back to myself
..and I'm alone.
Until you found these people.
new family.
And you couldn't bear to lose them,
could you?
you don't
No. No. No, Kelly.
Now, that's enough.
I have to
get my mind back.
It didn't take much
to talk her into it.
She wanted to go.
She'd had enough.
But it was murder, Mary.
But you were right.
If Jane gave away the diamonds,
you'd have all scattered
to the wind.
I'd be by myself
with nothing but
..and loss.
Always loss.
It always comes back to loss.
Come on, Mary.
Have a good evening.
Right, go on, then,
how did you solve it?
Jane's message
from beyond the grave.
Oh, well, ma'am
..the 13th step.
There are two numbers
and six letters.
And you assign
the alpha numerical value
to the letters, and you get
13, 20, 8, 19, 20, 5, 16.
A 12-digit code.
A 12-digit code
that Jane learned off by heart.
The same gym as me.
And if you hadn't noticed
that you both went to the same gym,
I would never have worked it out.
You don't have to do that, you know?
What's that?
Take credit where it's due.
..I'm just, er
Are you all right?
Maybe Kelly Mulcreevy was right.
I've let my life
slip through my fingers and
..all gone in a dream.
I miss my old aunty.
I like helping you.
That's all.
But, I mean, it was all up to me,
wasn't it?
I mean,
I was the one that noticed the gym.
I knew I was on to something
with that.
Thank goodness,
or Jane Crawford's killer
would have walked free.
Yeah, and you'd be working
as a lollipop man.
I'll see you in the morning, Sarge.
See you in the morning, ma'am.
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