McDonald & Dodds (2020) s03e02 Episode Script

A Billion Beats

- Lights out.
- We're racing.
'It's the Italian Grand Prix,
live from Monza.
'Marco Capone on home ground,
'but how will he and Addington
teammate Gabriel George fare
'at the Temple of Speed?'
Well, that was
an unmitigated disaster, wasn't it?
'Gabriel George, despite a frankly
embarrassing pit stop'
Monza, Marco, your home race.
Gabriel, you got a podium here
last year.
We only get a billion heartbeats
in a lifetime.
'Gabriel George takes
the chequered flag
'in a disappointing 12th place.
'Marco Capone crashes out.'
Now, I reckon I have about
100 million beats left,
and I am damned if I'm gonna
let you lot ruin it for me.
What happened with Gabe's pit stop
today? Seven seconds?
How was it possible to plough
our whole budget into a car
and still finish in the midfield?
Because your daughter causes us to
take seven seconds to change a tyre.
- Sette secondi!
- Marco, the whole crew's to blame.
Don't you blame my crew
for your own mistakes.
Maybe if you weren't always
shunting into Gabe
and costing us the race.
'Yet another collision with teammate
Gabriel George
- 'sends Capone spinning out.'
- Going for gaps that aren't there.
Only way you win races, genio.
Allora. Pressure too much, mate?
Choked, have you?
- Now, stop.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Gabriel, is there a reason
you've failed to live up
to last season's promise,
given the huge investment
in Team Addington's new car?
Come on, Will. Form is temporary,
class is permanent.
Gabe has done more for this team,
for this country,
in the last five years
than you could do in a lifetime.
What? Build a couple of gyms
in some inner city slums?
- Yeah, all right. Cool it, Lenny.
- Sit, both of you.
Dad, I'm the Formula Two champion.
No, Lenny,
I'm not putting you in.
We'll see what the Japanese
have to say about that
when they're in charge.
Archie, is it true you're seeking
overseas investment in the team?
Addington is a quintessentially
British team. Always will be.
As British as brown sauce,
bangers and mash.
Will Addington be on the grid
next season?
Who is your number one driver?
Look, it's not the cars
that are costing us points,
it's not the drivers,
it's the pit stops.
Seven seconds. Tomorrow morning, we
practise our pit stops. All right?
What's the point, Archie?
I'll tell you what the point is,
Values, legacy, teamwork.
So, let's pull together here,
As my own father used to say,
it's not the size of the dog
in the fight.
It's the size of the fight
in the dog.
Tomorrow, we get out on the track
and we fight to get
those pit stops right. Understood?
You OK, bro?
You feel tense.
You're not letting Marco get to you,
are you?
See you out there.
Bring it home, Gabe.
- You ready, son?
- As I'll ever be.
'OK, guys. Race conditions, yes?'
'Drivers are ready, Archie.'
'Let's get them some time out there
before we box.
- 'Marco first, then Gabe.'
- 'OK, Archie.
'All starting.'
'How's Marco's pace, Philip?
'A little sluggish off the line.'
'Three seconds, Donovan,
that's the target.'
'We'll do our best, Archie.
Pit team's good to go.'
OK, stand by for Marco.
I want a good, clean change.
Concentration, people. Yeah?
Marco, are you hungover again?
Gabe's two seconds up on you.
We're gonna box you this lap.
Repeat. Marco, get ready to box.
3.54 seconds. Come on, people,
we can do better than that!
'Let's bring Gabriel in now
No, no, leave him out there.
Find his mojo.
I don't need to find my mojo,
Archie. I need a fast tyre change.
'I'm coming in.'
Car's ready to go, mate.
- Go!
- What the hell's the matter?
- Gabe?
- Gabe. Gabriel!
Something's wrong.
- Help me.
- Stand aside.
- Gabe! Gabe!
- Paramedics.
- Somebody call the paramedics.
- I'll do it.
But what's the point, ma'am?
Shooting round a track
at 100 miles an hour.
- 200.
- 200? They don't really go anywhere.
I don't know. God, I love F1.
- Really?
- Oh, yeah.
Perfect Sunday afternoon
for me and the boyfriend.
Chinese takeaway, a couple of beers
and the Grand Prix.
F1 brought us together,
and only F1 will tear us apart.
He was dead
when the paramedics arrived, ma'am,
so they left him in situ for you.
Him being?
Addington Racing's
number one driver.
- Not Gabriel George?
- Yes.
He was so young.
He had so much to live for.
They say it was only
a practice session.
He came in for a pit stop,
they changed the tyres and then
- he was dead.
- Why's his helmet not on?
Pit crew removed it when he didn't
respond to the green light.
What is it?
Smell of like, flowers and
..and blood.
Can we get cut this away?
See what's going on under there.
And, erm, get his helmet
bagged and processed.
How are we doing
for inner and outer cordons?
Inner - the pit stop
and garage area.
Uniforms were here
with the paramedics,
so they secured everything
right away.
OK, good.
Outer cordons cover the race track
and the car park.
And anyone who was even remotely
involved in today's session,
full witness statements.
He's been stabbed.
Now it's thin, but it's deep.
- Shout up pathology.
- Ma'am.
I need to know why there's so little
blood coming out of this wound.
Now, remember, Archie,
just stay cool.
Please, sir, remain
exactly where you are.
Come on, this is his team,
this is Archie Addington.
I understand,
but I can't let you through.
One of the drivers just died,
I understand, but you need to
I'm Philip Henry, team manager.
What is all this?
What's going on here?
Easy, Archie, I don't think, erm
DCI Lauren McDonald,
West of England Constabulary.
Yeah, I don't think DCI McDonald
can tell us anything right now.
Isn't that right, DCI McDonald?
I'm gonna need a list of everyone
who was involved
with the pit stop earlier.
Here is today's team sheet.
Erm, excuse me, sir,
but how many minutes does it take
you to do one of your pit stops?
The F1 record is 1.82 seconds.
We were averaging just over three.
- Three seconds?
- Look, how long is this gonna take?
Addington has to be in Barcelona
on Friday, no matter what.
That's not gonna be possible,
I'm afraid.
Team Addington has not missed
a Grand Prix in its entire history,
so you will have to think again.
Look I'm sorry, detective.
This is a a really emotional time
for us all.
I'd appreciate if you didn't
go public with this.
I need to control
the flow of information.
We clear, Mr Addington?
We are willing to co-operate
in any way we can.
Call me.
Day or night.
Have you got any, erm,
video of the pit stop?
The footage is usually
sent back to HQ,
but because today's session
was, er unofficial,
it went instead
to an external hard drive.
Sir, could you just not touch
anything, please, gentlemen.
I'm going to need access here.
There's files, data,
documentation stored.
It's not gonna happen, sir.
- For how long?
- Not sure.
When you say "unofficial",
do you mean illegal?
Understand this, detective.
Team Addington never cheats.
OK. Well, on official practice days
and race days,
the driver's always on a radio.
Was anyone on the intercom
with Gabriel today?
- Yes, me.
- Recorded?
- Straight to the servers.
- Good.
Can you email the recordings to me?
The hard drive is gone. And all
the pit stop footage with it.
Me and the boyfriend followed
Gabriel George from the beginning.
He was the most talented driver
on the grid. Everyone thought so.
But he had lost it a bit recently.
I need to work out
this whole pit lane set-up.
Who was where, and when?
And how on earth the victim
could be stabbed
in 3.14 seconds.
This this chap here,
Philip Henry, the team manager,
he was a bit too keen to co-operate,
wasn't he?
Let's just work with the evidence,
Breaking news.
In the last few minutes,
we have received reports
of an accident
during a training session at
Formula One's Team Addington's HQ.
The HQ is just outside of Bath.
Addington are under immense pressure
right now,
after an extremely disappointing
season thus far,
which has seen drivers
Gabriel George and Marco Capone
struggle to impress as a team.
We'll bring you more on this story
as we get it.
DCI Fletcher.
DCI McDonald.
Do come in.
- Very you, Ethan.
- Ah, correction. Very Philip Henry.
It's a charmed life, Lauren.
Deep cover is deep cover,
and these F1 guys,
they're all rock'n'roll.
Do you like the motorbike?
I think you might be overplaying
your hand with that.
You look great, Lauren.
I know.
I don't know what you're up to,
but I'm heading up
a murder inquiry here,
so I'm gonna need full disclosure.
Full disclosure?
Right, well, er
- It's a very delicate situation here.
- Not for me, it isn't.
I was talking about the case,
not us.
There is no us. Not any more.
And there never will be,
but it is mission critical
that Team Addington races
- in Barcelona this weekend.
- Not gonna happen.
So, before you get the wrong idea
..there's only one reason I'm here.
Who killed Gabriel?
- I don't know.
- Come on, Ethan.
Does anyone in Team Addington
have motive?
Motorsport's a hornets' nest
of rivalries and jealousies
and tantrums.
Every day's a drag queens' prom.
Whatever your case is, Ethan,
I'm working a murder here.
I know you are, Lauren.
And murder takes precedence,
you know that.
Well, let's let the superiors
decide that.
Look, maybe, going forward
You've changed your perfume.
Several times.
Maybe our two inquiries can
Anything I tell you
..or give you
is inadmissible in court.
It'll be our little secret.
'At 9:29 this morning, '
Gabriel George pulled into
the pit lane very much alive.
but 3.14 seconds later
..Gabriel George was dead.
Well, a small, thin blade
was pushed under his helmet
into the left hand side of his neck,
to within about, er, one inch depth.
Straight into his
sternocleidomastoid muscle,
which caused major
internal bleeding
and immediate death.
How many people in the pit crew?
During practice, 17. Could you
Good, so we have 17 witnesses.
Well, not exactly, ma'am.
Now, this is the victim's helmet,
but everyone else
was also wearing a helmet,
which means
that your peripheral vision
is almost non-existent,
so whether you're in charge
of a jack or changing a tyre,
if you look up, for, well,
even a tenth of a second,
you're in danger of like ruining
the entire operation.
So he was stabbed
in front of everyone,
and no-one saw a thing?
- It's where we are, ma'am.
- So we have 17 suspects?
Ah, actually it's a lot simpler
than that.
You see, you have two people,
one at front and rear jack
to lift the car,
three people to change each tyre,
two mid jacks to steady the chassis.
Now the fact that the pit stop
was completed successfully
means that only two people
could've done it.
Donovan Janaway,
who is the chief mechanic.
He was standing here, supervising.
And Loz Addington,
who is the daughter of the owner
of Team Addington.
At mid jack left.
Now, she and Donovan were the only
two members of the team
close enough to have performed
their allotted task
and stabbed Mr George
within the 3.14 second timeframe.
In short, I believe
that one of these two
murdered Mr George in the pit lane,
during the tyre change.
At 9:30 this morning,
Gabriel George was pronounced dead.
He was murdered.
I have instructed all employees
and associates of Team Addington
to co-operate fully
with the West of England
Constabulary's inquiry.
Always, in times of crisis,
we remember Addington's finest hour.
The 1979 season,
when we came from nowhere,
this little British company,
run on passion and ingenuity,
to beat the big boys,
and to clinch the drivers
AND the constructors championship
in the very last race of the season.
Watkins Glen, New York,
October 15th 1979.
The day the legend was born.
The spirit of Watkins Glen
inspired Gabriel,
and that same spirit will carry us
forward to Barcelona on Friday,
because that is what Gabriel
would have wanted.
'He knew, as we all know,
'that Team Addington is bigger
than any one man or woman.
- 'Thank you.'
- Unbelievable.
Why is he telling the world
it was murder?
We haven't confirmed that with him.
I don't know. It's like he's trying
to control the narrative.
Ma'am, we've found
the murder weapon.
- Where?
- In Donovan Janaway's car.
My client has no knowledge of this.
And unless you have his prints
and the victim's blood
We're working on it. How was
your relationship with Gabriel?
Good. We were friends.
This looks
like it was filmed covertly.
Who gave you this?
Doesn't look so friendly to me.
I didn't see that coming.
I'd expect it of Marco,
but Gabriel was never
remotely bad-tempered
..let alone violent.
But he did think your engine
upgrades were useless, didn't he?
- Who told you that?
- Am I wrong?
You can get 60 million
for coming first in F1.
Around 11 million for coming last.
Last season we finished
in the midfield,
Gabriel took a couple of podiums
and was starting to look special.
There was all this press speculation
he was negotiating a move
to another team,
and that next year
would be his year,
so Archie took pretty much
every penny he had
and invested
in those engine upgrades make sure Gabriel would stay,
and win.
And then the season came around,
and his form just nose-dived.
He blamed the car.
He blamed Marco for shunting him
off the circuit in Italy.
But it wasn't the car.
Or Marco.
What was it, then?
I don't know.
The boy changed.
Almost overnight.
It's like he's like he went bad.
And I think it was something
to do with Loz.
Why would you say that?
Were they?
None of my business.
Ask her.
You can go.
There's an ice pick missing
from the bar at the track.
This appears to have been
a meticulously planned,
pre-meditated murder,
where the killer doesn't bring
his or her murder weapon.
And why would Donovan leave
the murder weapon in his own car?
Planted there? By Loz?
She was the only other person
in the pit lane
that could've killed Gabriel.
Erm, ma'am your boyfriend.
I mean, you and your boyfriend.
What about me and my boyfriend?
Well, the bowling club it does
a regular quiz on Saturdays,
and, er, now that
Pam and Steve Dankworth
have retired to Mallorca
..there's a couple of spaces
available, if you fancy it,
for you and your boyfriend?
Oh, he he's not really
a team player.
Well, I though you said he now plays
five-a-side three times a week?
Chief Super's ready to see you.
OK, you're telling me
there's an undercover officer
embedded in Team Addington?
DCI Ethan Fletcher.
His legend is Philip Henry.
He's the team manager.
Nope. Nothing from his handlers.
So, you and DCI Fletcher
were colleagues in the Met?
- Yes, ma'am.
- And how would you assess him?
He's a highly effective
and dedicated officer.
But he plays on the margins.
And he's been employed by Addington
for how long?
- Six months. There's something
- Oh, good. Good.
Your ex-colleague
will have a deep understanding
of the family dynamics,
and the company politics,
so let's tap into that.
Find out everything he knows
about our two main suspects
and remind him that whatever
he's investigating,
- a murder inquiry takes priority.
- Yes, ma'am.
OK, let's keep this between us
till I've had a proper chat
with his handler.
Now, how are things progressing
with the family?
Team Addington is like a family.
Old Archie won't stop
banging on about it,
and the surrogate son is dead.
- Where did you get it?
- What?
- The footage of Gabriel punching
- Family dynamics, Sergeant Dodds.
You know the drill, don't you?
Oh, yeah. Drive a wedge between
Mr Addington, I told you
not to make a public statement.
My first duty is to Team Addington.
If you pull anything
like that again,
I will have grounds to charge you.
Excuse me, you can't talk to my dad
like that.
- When will I get access to my track?
- In due course.
Erm, according to your statement,
Miss Addington,
you didn't see anyone approach
Mr George during the pit stop.
If that's what she told you.
We'd like to hear
from your daughter, Mr Addington.
Er, my head was down.
I was holding the car steady.
I didn't see anything, but
Gabe and Donovan
did have that big fight, so
Have you charged Donovan?
We've released him without charge.
Now, Mr Donovan told us that
"Gabriel turned bad,
"and it was something
to do with Loz."
He was obviously trying
to blame somebody else.
Do you ever let your children speak,
or even think, Mr Addington?
That's overstepping the mark.
Grounds for complaint, in my book.
Do you know how to force
a car door lock, Miss Addington?
We're exploring the possibility
that the murder weapon
was planted in Donovan's car.
- What?
- You can't be serious.
Yes, I know how to force
a car door lock,
most mechanics do, but
I didn't kill Gabriel.
I loved him. Like a brother.
Do you mind if we look
around Gabriel's room?
She loved him like a brother?
I don't buy it.
And she didn't like Archie
trying to control her answers,
whereas Lenny was desperate
for his father's approval.
It's like she was trying
to break free
and he was trying to break in.
Well, that is very well put, ma'am,
but it doesn't get us
any closer to
I know,
but Donovan's looking unlikely,
so we have to seriously consider
Well, yes, unless we've got
a witness in the pit stop,
or her prints all over
the murder weapon
OK, I get it.
We're stuck.
Oh, look at that.
That is a Omega Seamaster.
Collectable items, these.
Has to be 50 years old.
How do you know?
Well, the quiz team's weak
on collectibles and antiques.
I've had to bone up on it all.
He paid ten grand for it.
£10,000? What, for this?
Well, the bevel's broken,
and the face is all chipped.
- Who sold him that?
- I dunno. Some antique place in town.
Do you mind if I hang on to this?
She didn't kill him, you know.
She'd never do anything
to hurt Gabriel.
She loved him, like she said,
like a brother.
Suppose Loz loved Gabe romantically,
and he rejected it.
Or she was consumed with jealousy,
and just killed him.
I don't know.
That whole family's toxic, isn't it?
- What have you got there, ma'am?
- The legend of Watkins Glen.
A piece of their family history.
New York state Grand Prix,
Addington snatched
the drivers' and constructors' title
in the last race
in the 1979 series.
And look at this.
Roland Addington, Archie's father,
committed suicide
less than a year later,
nine months after he led his team
to the Watkins Glen Victory.
It was halfway through the season
and Addington were ahead
in both the championships.
Hmm Team Addington.
Seems more like a curse
than a blessing, ma'am.
Jules Grove, Gabriel's trainer,
wants a word.
- Says it urgent.
- Hmm.
Mr Grove, thanks for calling us.
What have you got?
I found this pinned
to the front door of the building
about a month ago.
"De jonge mogen sterven,
de oude moet."
- It's Dutch. It means
- "The young may die, the old must."
Google Translate.
I didn't pay much attention to it
until Gabe, erm
Sorry, I've gotta get back to work.
You and Gabe were old friends,
Grew up in London together.
Must've been life-changing
when he signed for Addington.
Yeah, yeah.
He kept saying he couldn't believe
Archie would take a chance
on someone like him.
But Archie was the lucky one.
Gabe was incredible last season.
Half the teams on the grid,
and I'm talking the big boys,
were hovering.
But Archie promises him
if he stays, he'll be a champion.
Spirit of Watkins Glen and all that.
Truth is he was never gonna leave.
He believed in the Addington ethos.
Loyalty, honesty, integrity.
He believed in Archie.
And then this season it all changed.
What went wrong?
I don't know. He wouldn't tell me.
Everyone loved Gabe.
- Except Marco.
- Marco?
He tried to kill him in Italy,
didn't he?
He drove him off the track.
You show me two F1 drivers
that are friends,
and I'll show you two liars.
But I'll tell you this,
Donovan didn't kill him, or Loz.
Why would you say that?
Cos him and Donovan were tight.
And Loz doesn't have it in her.
'Right, we mustn't get side-tracked
by Marco.'
It's either Loz or Donovan.
That's what the evidence
is telling us, isn't it?
Yes, ma'am.
Talking of getting side-tracked,
why are you hanging onto that watch?
I dunno, ma'am, I just wanna run it
past the arts and antiques guys.
Thought you had already boned up
on your antiques?
Made it your specialist subject.
A and A, they might know
where Gabriel got it from.
Now, talking of
specialist subjects
I haven't had a chance
to ask the boyfriend yet.
Look, if Archie Addington thought
that Loz had murdered Gabriel,
maybe he planted the murder weapon
in Donovan's car to protect her.
And he's been harassing our inquiry,
trying to get access to the track.
He doesn't like
not being in control, ma'am.
That's for sure.
Your former colleague,
DCI Fletcher
..he's working on a multinational,
multi-agency criminal inquiry.
You got access to his investigation?
Well, I don't mess about.
No, I'm beginning to see that,
Unfortunately, I wasn't seeing
a lot of headway being made here.
It's tricky.
I've got the press
and the CC's office on my back.
Now we have limited access
to DCI Fletcher's case,
I don't think it's unreasonable
to expect some progress.
An individual within Team Addington
is part
of a drugs trafficking organisation.
So Gabriel George's murder,
it's not about family
or F1 rivalries,
it's about drugs?
Chief Constable wants an arrest
by the end of the week.
Find out what happened
during that pit stop.
'It was always clear
that Gabriel was a unique talent,
'taking podiums in his first season
'and driving Team Addington
into contention.
'But what motivated him
beyond money and fame?'
I mean, who wouldn't be inspired
by the legend of Watkins Glen?
This little British team
that refused to compromise
their principles,
coming from nowhere
to win the championship
on the final race of the season!
'It's that spirit that lives
in the person of Archie Addington
'that gives my life meaning.
'It's that spirit that lives
in the person of Archie Addington
'that gives my life meaning.'
'It's that spirit that lives
in the person of Archie Addington
'that gives my life meaning.'
- Dad, have you been here all night?
- Mm.
Well, they're here,
so you'd better get
yourself together.
'And speculation is rife
'that Formula Two champion
Lenny Addington
'will be taking Gabriel's seat
in Barcelona.'
A drugs investigation?
Well, your boss is bigger
than my boss.
And scarier, for sure.
Two sugars, you remembered.
- So, what is it? Heroin? Cocaine?
- Cocaine.
We're taking down one of the biggest
multi-national organised crime
conglomerates on the planet.
I mean, I'm just a small cog, but
Well, it's exciting right?
And you're stuck here with Rain Man.
Oh, I was wondering
when you where gonna start gloating.
Gloating? No.
You got the big job, I didn't.
And then you threw in the towel
and transferred to Bath.
I found a way to make DCI
without waiting five years
at the Met.
But you must miss the thrills, eh?
The excitement,
the adrenaline rushes.
I've got plenty of that here.
I was talking about us.
Not the job.
I don't have time for this, Ethan.
Was Gabriel's murder connected
to the drugs?
No. Gabriel was never involved
in anything like that.
Look, all I can tell you right now
is that there is a drop-off
happening in Barcelona on Saturday,
and it's vital that I am there
to intercept it.
So it's in both our interests
to solve the murder case.
And if not, I'm serious about this,
Barcelona's not gonna happen.
Lauren, your guy's already dead.
I'm talking about saving
thousands of future lives here.
What about Donovan?
Is he involved?
Lauren, I really can't.
Well, it's either him or Loz.
They're the only two
who could have killed him.
- Loz? No way.
- Why d'you say that?
Well, her thing has always been
about pissing Archie off.
Underage drinking, running off
to London with his credit cards.
If she can't get his love,
she'll damn well get his attention
kind of thing.
But murder?
Planned and executed like that? No.
You've lost your mojo, Lauren.
It's much smaller on the inside.
No, that's great.
No, thank you very much, Tony.
No, of course, yep. Oh, yep, bye.
- Where've you been, ma'am?
- Since when did you become my boss?
The arts and antiques boys,
they just got back.
Now, that watch
that we found in Mr George's room,
most likely purchased
at Burchard Curios on Quiet Street.
And how exactly does that help us
nail Loz or Donovan?
Sorry, Sarge.
It's good work. Follow up.
- Where are we with the hard drive?
- Still nothing, ma'am, sorry.
It's got to be somewhere.
We need that footage
of what happened in the pit lane.
Do we have a match on
the handwriting of the Dutch note?
Not yet.
Look at this, ma'am.
From social media.
Taken by one
of Loz Addington's friends.
You may have, in the past,
experienced the almost excruciating
politeness of my people
when conducting business.
However, I find that trying
to be polite
is almost always the same as lying.
So I shall forgo politeness.
If we are to invest
in Team Addington,
we will require certain assurances.
I'm listening.
Masamoto Holdings is a progressive
and inclusive company.
Our head of HR is non-binary.
We require all brands
associated with us
to commit to becoming
carbon negative.
- What?
- We have already started developing
a best-in-class electric engine.
A carbon negative F1 racing team?
You're kidding.
No, no.
Kidding, like politeness,
I do not have time for. Do I, Joji?
My mother's never made a joke
in her life.
No car of mine
will ever leave the grid
without a full-throated petrol roar.
We shall see.
- Now, the team name.
- We're not changing it.
Tell me, with your number-one driver
freshly murdered,
how many months financing
do you have left, Mr Addington?
Three? Four?
Or shall I say weeks?
Depending how
the murder investigation goes.
Addington Masamoto Holdings.
- And what about your son?
- Ah. You know Joji?
He finished third last season in
Formula Two, of course I know him.
He is very much looking forward
to driving beside, er
- Marco Capone.
- Marco.
Lenny's taking Gabriel's seat.
- You promised him, Dad.
- We like Marco.
Team Addington
without a British driver?
Or Team Addington without existence.
But I too need assurances.
Everything is done by the book.
I won't accept any foul play,
no clever bookkeeping,
no tax avoidance.
If you are associated
with Team Addington,
you are above reproach.
honesty and integrity
is not just a brand image?
No, Ms Masamoto, it damn well isn't.
Miss Addington,
there's a police officer here
to see you.
You loved Gabriel like a brother?
How long had this been going on?
Three weeks.
He knew I had a thing for him,
but Gabe never took advantage
of that.
I wasn't sure if he even liked me,
..cos he never wanted
to let Dad down.
- But then
- Something changed?
Yeah, recently he didn't seem
to care what Dad thought any more.
You had a fight?
He cheated on you, and you snapped?
I I didn't kill Gabriel.
Enjoy the rest of your tour.
Thank you.
The mystery Japanese investors?
A lot going on here,
isn't there, Loz?
Are we done?
Not really.
You're hiding something, Loz,
and I'm gonna find out what.
And I believe that this piece
was purchased by this man.
And you charged him £10,000?
I didn't. My husband dealt with him.
They were upstairs talking for ages.
- Oh, er, about what?
- No idea.
Could I speak with your husband?
My husband's dead.
So, three weeks ago Gabe paid
a terminally ill antique dealer
10K for a damaged watch?
Now, Mrs Burchard thought
that he only bought it to be nice.
10K just to be nice?
- I'm in the wrong job.
- Tox report, ma'am.
Gabriel George had a brand new
designer drug in his system,
a methyl methcathinone derivative.
- It's performance enhancing?
- No. Recreational.
And where was this
new designer drug from?
That's where it gets
even more interesting.
- The Netherlands.
- Oh, well, that's it, ma'am.
That's what this murder's
all about. Some kind of drugs ring.
And that Dutch note, that must have
been a warning, ma'am.
Maybe Loz or Donovan were dealing.
- And what about that Philip Henry chap?
- What?
Those clothes he wears,
and that smirk on his face.
He's a Flash Harry.
We should put some pressure on him.
Go in hard.
No quarter given.
That's your speciality, ma'am.
His CV lists him as speaking German,
Spanish and Dutch.
Philip Henry's real name is
Detective Inspector Ethan Fletcher.
On a drugs inquiry?
Well, how long have you known?
You must've recognised him
at the crime scene.
Yeah. We worked together in London.
He's undercover
on some big high-prof
So he would've been the chap
that got that big job
you wanted in London.
- How'd you know about that?
- You told me, ma'am.
- When?
- Christmas night out.
Oh, and it was he, he who gave you
that footage of Gabriel thumping
that Donovan Janaway.
Do you ever wonder
if you've made the right choice?
Well, sometimes, ma'am.
I wish I'd put chutney on this.
I came to Bath to work my way
up the career ladder,
and I'm stuck here in Toy Town
watching you eat your toastie.
- Offence taken, ma'am.
- Sorry.
Oh, no, it's no worries, boss.
London's loss is Bath's gain.
Our victim had a recreational drug
in his system.
Ethan told me
Gabriel didn't touch drugs.
- Right, come on.
- I
This is very exciting, ma'am.
I've never met
an undercover cop before.
How do you know?
Ah, DCI McDonald.
And, er Sergeant Dodds, isn't it?
It is indeed.
Detective Fletcher.
How does he know?
That's a good question there,
isn't it, Mr Henry?
I worked it out.
I'm very good that way.
Gabriel George had
a recreational drug in his system.
It's a tox report from the vic.
You told me
he never went near drugs.
Well, this is news to me.
Is it, Ethan?
Less of the Ethan, please.
Less of the withholding information
that could help me
with a murder enquiry, please.
Are you sure
this drug is recreational?
And not something
found in another substance?
I mean, he's got traces of alcohol
here, lidocaine
- I missed this.
- What's?
I-It's the stuff
that they give you
at the dentist to dull the pain.
That smell of flowers near the body,
what if?
Go and follow your nose, Sergeant.
Me and Mr Henry here
are going to negotiate.
Oh, play nice now, DCI McDonald.
I've been trying to play nice.
But I've got my boss
breathing down my neck
and a three-second murder to solve.
Yeah, OK. Message received.
Wow. What's this?
Strength training.
A driver's body needs to be able
to withstand
- up to four to five lateral g-force.
- Really?
That's a lot of strain
on the neck and the arms.
F1 cockpit is like a vice
holding your body in place.
What's that smell?
It's like, erm like flowers.
It's Jasmine.
It's a massage balm I use. Why?
I just thought I smelled it
in Mr George's car.
It helps relax the muscles
and dulls the pain of the stress.
- Can I see the container?
- Sure.
About four months ago we found
someone in Team Addington
was abetting a Dutch drugs ring
and using Addington freight to
distribute product across the globe.
Now, we realised that if we found
out who this inside man was,
we could turn them crown witness
and get the information
we needed to send me in deeper.
Send you in deeper?
Undercover with the Dutch mafia.
Now, I am ready for this, Lauren.
I've got a chance to get
to the guys at the top table here.
Christ, I've even spent the last
year taking night classes in Dutch.
So, this inside man, was it Gabriel?
You earn 200K a week
plus endorsements,
you don't get involved
selling drugs.
So it was Donovan, then?
Or Loz?
I can't say.
So, one of them
was smuggling in drugs.
Gabriel finds out.
And they kill him at the pit stop.
Which one was it?
Oh, come on, Lauren.
They are security protocols here.
You know that.
I'm sorry.
This comes from my bosses who
really ARE bigger than your boss.
Do you fancy a drink
when you knock off?
In another life.
- I knew it.
- What're you doing?
- That is blood.
- Gabriel's?
Yeah, I reckon.
You know, Mr George,
he wasn't killed in the pit lane.
His killer struck right here
in the treatment room
BEFORE he got in that car.
I think that the hard drive
with the pit lane footage
was stolen
not because it showed the murder
but because it didn't.
Toxicology have just confirmed
that the blood we found
in the treatment room is Gabriel's.
Hot off the press!
Now, this confirms the theory
that Mr George was murdered
not here in the pit lane,
but over here in the treatment room.
Gabriel George was stabbed
before he got in the car.
Not during the pit stop.
Full autopsy report
confirms internal bleeding,
as a result of a stab wound,
causing a large blood clot to form,
gradually, over a 20-minute period.
And the cause of death
was a combination of blood loss
and respiratory arrest.
8:30am on Monday morning
Jules Grove, the team trainer,
he applies
a lidocaine-based pain-numbing balm
to the neck and shoulders
of Gabriel George.
And at some time shortly after that,
he was stabbed.
But because of the pain-numbing
effect of the lidocaine,
and the narrowness and depth
of the implement used to stab him,
he'd have hardly felt a thing.
This was
a brilliantly conceived plan,
executed with
a specialist technical expertise
as well as an insider's knowledge
of every detail of
Gabriel George's pre-race routine.
But I think that the killer
failed to factor in
the car's safety equipment
and g-force,
which pinned
Mr George tightly in place.
And prolonged his life at least five
minutes longer than he intended.
He was supposed to crash
at 200 miles an hour.
And because of the carnage,
that would result,
then his neck wound
would never have been detected.
But he made it
to the pit stop alive.
And the killer took the hard drive
with the pit stop footage
to try and hoodwink us into thinking
that the murder happened
in the pit lane.
Resourceful, if nothing else.
So suspects?
Jules Groves.
It says so on his statement.
He was the only other person,
apart from Gabriel,
in the treatment room at that time.
CCTV in the treatment room?
Nothing, inside or outside.
Sergeant Dodds.
You go over Jules Groves'
statement with a fine-tooth comb.
- See if he trips himself up.
- Oh, what about you, ma'am?
Footage of the treatment room?
I know a man who might have that.
Lauren, if I had footage of a
murder, do you think I'd sit on it?
I don't know what goes on in
that twisted little mind of yours.
- Why would I do that?
- You've got cameras and bugs everywhere,
maybe you know who the killer is.
Maybe your target is the killer and
you need your target in Barcelona.
Look, I don't care
about your whole Barcelona thing.
If your target is my killer,
you're not gonna stand in my way.
You don't think
very much of me, do you?
- Is it the promotion thing?
- No, it's got nothing to do with that.
- But I should've turned it down.
- Well, why would you?
Once they'd disqualified me.
Come on, you must miss
the high-profile inquiries,
the stake-outs,
the tangles with the CPS
..the romantic dinners
..the dancing
Why did we throw it all away, eh?
Devil's in the detail.
Small issue
of you being an egotistical liar?
All right, look
..I don't have
a camera in the treatment room.
But I will show you what I do have.
I'm an open book.
Right, kids, come on.
Pick up the pace.
What is all this, sir?
- This was Gabe's sports programme.
- Oh, I see.
According to your statement,
Mr Grove,
you went in to see Gabriel
in the treatment room
at 8:30am precisely,
to give him his massage.
Yeah. That's right. Why?
Wasn't Gabe stabbed in the pit lane.
And you left Mr George
in the treatment room at 8:41am.
Yes. As per the normal routine.
Normal routine?
We were recreating
the conditions of a Grand Prix.
I give Gabe a massage
and then he takes ten minutes alone
to psyche himself up.
That idiot Marco
wouldn't listen to me.
everything I've got from 8:30am
until 9:00 Monday morning.
And, well, it looks like Jules
did leave when he did. So
Yeah, I know.
No. Who's that?
- That's Marco.
- Marco?
Did you know about this?
No, no, honestly.
No, I've got hours of footage
to wade through.
I hadn't even got to this yet.
This is a scan of your brain, Marco.
Is this a Team Addington medical,
DCI McDonald?
How did you get this?
This scan, Marco,
tells us that your amygdala,
which is the fear centre
of your brain,
does not work.
It does not register fear.
Which makes you different from
other drivers, other human beings.
You may not be
the most talented driver,
but you are the most fearless.
- You go for gaps that aren't there.
- Are you going somewhere with this?
Like last week in Monza.
When you nearly killed Gabriel.
Or maybe TRIED to kill Gabriel.
Healthy competition.
It's what the fans want to see.
Come on, Marco, everyone that we've
interviewed in this investigation
has told us just how much
you two hated each other.
We had a friendly rivalry.
So how come he went public?
More or less said you were a psycho.
A man with no ethics.
Because he loved
to get in front of the camera
and talk about the spirit of '79,
fair play, values, Watkins Glen
- I think we're done here.
- No.
In your statement,
you said that you went straight from
the changing room to the start line.
Si. As always.
But here you are, Senor Capone,
going into the treatment room,
where Mr George was alone.
And the provenance of this footage?
We've established that Gabriel
was stabbed in the treatment room
between 8:41 and 8:52
on Monday morning.
And here you are, sir, at 8:41am.
No, no, no, non sono io. Era Lenny.
- English, please, Mr Capone.
- I think he said.
Are you saying
..that this isn't you?
I went to this girl's car.
She's a fan.
She'll tell you I was with her.
I like Lenny.
I felt sorry for him. He said
he just wanted to prove himself.
To Archie.
Just to be clear, this isn't you
going into the treatment room?
This is Lenny Addington?
You know,
before your grandad killed himself,
and the legacy passed to me,
I always used to think
I'd just be one of the
the boys in the back room.
I'm an engineer above anything else.
A mechanic. A good one, too.
A problem solver.
I used to love to find these
clever innovations,
these marginal gains that would
improve engine performance.
That's what F1 is all about,
of course.
you're circling the airport here.
Like the time you took two hours
to tell me the "facts of life".
All I'm saying is that, er
I might have had a different life,
a better life than the one I have.
You love your life.
Lenny, your mother walked out,
because of Team Addington.
It devours everything.
All I'm saying is,
maybe out there
there's a different life for you.
I don't want you to think
you have to take that seat.
It's all I've ever wanted.
Lenny, you're not going to be
our new driver.
It's Masamoto, isn't it?
He's taken my seat.
Listen, every time
you're out on that track,
my heart is in my mouth.
I'm not just your team manager,
I'm your dad.
I just want you to get to
the finish line in one piece.
You've never loved me.
Or maybe you did, but you
never once put your arm round me.
Now you love me so much
that I can't have that seat.
It's convenient, eh?
This was my time, Dad. My time!
Then leave!
Get a seat on another team!
Oh, that's right. Nobody else
will have you, will they?
you're not quite good enough.
What is it about you, Dad?
What is it about yourself
that you hate so much,
you have to lash out
at other people?
So, what are you saying, ma'am?
Lenny was so desperate
for a seat with Team Addington
that he committed murder?
What if Lenny was the one
running drugs for the Dutch?
Gabriel found out,
then he had to silence him.
Well, are you sure Ethan
didn't know anything about this?
I'm sure.
- Now what is it?
- What're you doing here?
Ah, it's business, DCI McDonald.
I have nothing else to say.
That's all right.
Came to talk to your son.
Did you supply Gabriel with drugs,
Excuse me, DCI McDonald,
but I think we need to
If you could just hold fast there,
Mr Henry?
DCI McDonald
is conducting a murder inquiry.
- I can assure younobody at Team Addington
- Lenny.
Are you involved in the trafficking
of banned substances? No.
There, nothing.
Gabriel found out,
that's why you killed him?
Lenny was nowhere near
the pit lane on Monday.
He didn't have to be.
Because Mr George was murdered
between 8:41 and 8:52
on Monday morning
in the treatment room.
But this is Marco.
No, it's Lenny. They swapped places.
I didn't
I just wanted to prove
that I could drive.
I only went in there
to wind Gabe up,
while he was doing all
that pre-race meditation shit.
But he was dealing with
a nose bleed, so
- A nose bleed?
- Yeah, he gets 'em all the time.
Look, if I wanted him dead,
why would I do it like that?
You were hoping that he'd crash into
the barriers at 200 miles an hour
and leave no evidence.
You weren't expecting him
in the pit lane.
Well, then,
why steal the hard drive?
You really think this little moron
has got that kind of mental agility?
I didn't kill him.
He's right, I'm too stupid
to think of anything like that.
You've missed your calling
Mr Addington.
- You should've been a defence lawyer.
- Just protecting my family.
When've you ever cared about that?
Lenny's not the one moving drugs.
- Loz, wait!
- I am.
Have been for months.
So you can let him go.
All he's ever done wrong
is try to impress a father
who calls him a moron.
Yeah, Dad.
Right under your nose.
How's that for legacy?
My life was planned
from the moment I was born.
Team Addington.
No alternative.
It suffocates you.
So I decided
to make a plan of my own.
You're in trouble for this, Loz.
Serious trouble.
Do you know anything about this?
No. Why would I?
That's not my handwriting.
So, what will happen now?
I needed Barcelona.
I needed her to meet the contact.
You're gonna get
a lot of intelligence from her now.
- But nothing admissible.
- Welcome to my world.
Er, ma'am, I'm afraid
that I may have been wrong.
If the blood that we found
in the treatment room
was from a nose bleed,
then we may not have found
our crime scene after all.
Ma'am? Email trail between
Gabriel George and Leyna Masamoto.
Goodbye, DCI Fletcher.
Ditto, DCI McDonald.
I don't know what to say.
Break the habit of a lifetime
and tell me you love me?
Will they put you in prison?
Don't know.
Depends how much help
I can give them I suppose.
When all this is over,
I will be here for you.
When all this is over,
I'm changing my name
and staying as far away from you
and your bloody legacy
Loz, I love you.
No, you don't.
Ms Masamoto?
- You are police?
- Yes.
Is there not some vetting process
in the United Kingdom?
Why invest in Team Addington?
In a failing company?
- Do you have children?
- No.
Then what is your life for?
- I'm sorry?
- I mean no offence.
But for me, the only point is
to make sure your lineage continues.
Well, maybe sending your son around
a race track at 200 miles an hour
in a metal death trap
isn't the best idea.
Carbon fibre death trap.
What I am saying is that
I will do anything for my son.
Including killing Gabriel George?
You arrived in Bath
the day before he was murdered.
Yes. That is true.
And six months ago you exchanged
encrypted emails with Gabriel
offering him money
for any information
he had to help you
with a takeover bid.
Then you will see that he refused.
He was being moralistic.
And now with Gabriel dead,
Team Addington are in no position
to haggle
with your investment terms.
I am a successful businesswoman
from a country dominated by men,
you think, what, I'm a monster?
That no way
she could get where she is
without doing
terrible or unspeakable things?
If I want Gabriel George
out of the way, I fire him.
I do not murder him.
Because I'm not a monster.
I am full of love.
Just ask my son.
My mother is full of love.
Where were you the morning
that Gabriel was killed?
Here. At the hotel.
With my son.
And you?
Here. At the hotel.
With my mother.
The Masamotos
have alibi'd each other,
Lenny doesn't have the brains
and Jules has absolutely no motive.
Every credible possibility
leads us to a dead end.
There is one credible possibility
that we haven't considered.
Ethan Fletcher.
Well, it's been a stressful day.
Living a life that's not yours,
in a persona that's not yours
takes it out of you, you know?
So is Philip Henry over now?
Well, I've got a debrief
coming up to discuss just that.
But my feeling is've well and truly screwed me,
You've got that look on your face.
We've been round the houses
on the Gabriel George murder.
We've looked at everyone who
was at the track on Monday morning.
Except you.
- I'm a cop.
- Cop doesn't mean not criminal.
What possible reason would I have
for killing Gabe, eh?
It's a mad idea and you know it.
- I'm stuck here.
- I knew Bath wasn't right for you.
You're settling for second place.
I meant, stuck on the case.
Is there anything
you're not telling me?
You're reading an open book.
What's going on?
Ma'am, we only ran a background
on the alias "Philip Henry".
We didn't do the same
for DCI Ethan Fletcher.
Gabriel George and Ethan Fletcher
have history.
Fletcher arrested Gabriel
when he was a teenager in London.
- Breach of the peace.
- That's not "knowing each other".
Can any of us remember
the faces of everyone
we arrested on minor charges
seven years ago.
Well, that's not the point,
What if Gabriel remembered him?
What if he recognised DCI Fletcher
and threatened to blow his cover?
So Ethan killed Gabriel,
because he didn't want
to compromise his investigation?
He's got an iron-clad alibi.
He never left the control desk.
He did leave the control desk,
ma'am. According to Archie.
He excused himself
to go to the toilet
just before Gabriel
came out of the treatment room.
He could have met Gabriel
in the corridor and
So you're taking
Archie's word on this?
Ma'am, DCI Ethan Fletcher
has been passing you
evidence and information.
Now, it may be
that he has been trying
to control the scope and direction
of our inquiry.
Turning the heat away from himself.
Look, Ethan Fletcher
is ruthless, ambitious -
God knows he's ambitious -
but underneath it all,
he is a dedicated and decent man.
With a good heart.
He's not a killer.
You think because we used to work
together my judgement's skewed?
No, no, no, no, ma'am.
But you still felt the need
to go behind my back with Milena.
- Well, you went behind my back.
- Excuse me?
You and Fletcher,
when you worked together,
it was it was more
than just work, wasn't it?
It was
Yeah, it was more than just work.
I thought we were a team.
My office. Both of you.
So, Ethan Fletcher is now a suspect
in the Gabriel George murder case?
Sergeant Dodds?
Oh, er, well,
I'm just keeping an open mind.
DCI McDonald, what do you think?
I It's possible.
A lot of things are possible.
Well, he's ruthless and
untrustworthy, if nothing else.
I poked my nose in
where it wasn't wanted.
Metropolitan Police HR department.
You were overlooked for a promotion
a few years ago
- that DCI Fletcher ended up getting.
- Yes, ma'am.
The hiring committee
found a cousin of yours
who had a drugs arrest
on his record.
I didn't know about it,
that's why I didn't tell them.
But when they found out
it was enough to disqualify me
from being a DCI in the area.
They didn't "find out".
They were tipped off.
By who?
Ethan Fletcher.
Why don't we get him in
for a formal chat?
Get back, get back!
- Clear.
- Clear here.
Master bedroom clear.
All clear upstairs.
His stuff's gone.
Sergeant Dodds?
It's the hard drive from the garage.
I'm sorry, ma'am.
- Is it the missing hard drive?
- Yeah.
Definitely wasn't stabbed
in the pit lane.
No-one goes near him.
What else did Ethan have on there?
Just the pit lane
and the start line.
His final, fatal journey.
We're saying goodbye to him here.
'Bring it home, Gabe.
You ready, son.'
'As I'll ever be.'
So was he.
'That's it, Gabe. Nicely done.
Good pace.
- 'How you feeling?'
- 'Fine.'
Can you enlarge in
on his helmet there?
'You're the best, Gabe.
Always have been.
'Always will be. Love you, boy.'
I I think we need
to speak to Archie.
I think you're right, ma'am.
This is not that.
On the helmet we found,
next to Gabriel's body,
there was a red stripe
on the left side.
Whereas on this
the stripe is different.
Someone's switched the helmets.
All the witness statements
say the same thing.
Mr Addington was the one who took
Gabriel's helmet off when he died.
Stand aside.
- Gabe. Gabe. Paramedics.
- What's the matter with him?
- Somebody call the paramedics.
- I'll do it.
- Archie swapped the helmets.
- Yes.
- Why?
- I don't know, ma'am.
On the tape,
he's saying goodbye to Gabriel.
It's like he knows he's gonna die?
Sarge. Background
you asked for on Daan Burchard.
His shop
should've gone bankrupt years ago.
But someone's been keeping it afloat
for decades.
- Archie Addington?
- Yeah. Disguised.
The money's coming in through
off-shore shell companies.
With two As.
It's Dutch. Burchard's. The watch.
I should've seen this before, ma'am.
I should have seen it.
Daan with two As.
It's the Dutch spelling.
This is Daan's handwriting, right?
Hmm. Yes, that's his.
It says that the young MAY die.
The old must.
Now, does that mean anything to you?
I don't know. I
Team Addington will not die.
Let me be clear about this.
To everyone wishing, hoping,
planning, plotting for our demise.
Team Addington
will never give up. Ever.
Which is why
we will not be accepting
any investment
from Masamoto Holdings at this time.
I'm sorry, Ms Masamoto,
but this is a British company.
I can't sell my family legacy
down river. Don't want to do it.
Cannot do it.
Team Addington will survive somehow.
And my son Lenny will be
driving for us from here on in.
Lenny, come up here.
Ladies and gentlemen, the best young
British driver in the country,
my boy, Lenny Addington.
We need everything
you have from your husband's past.
So, photos, letters, bills,
bank statements,
anything and everything, please?
Mrs Burchard,
a young man is dead.
His life taken from him.
Thank you, Dad.
I appreciate it. I do.
This is all I've ever wanted.
For you to believe in me.
- And be proud of me.
- I am. I am. I am.
But I won't be staying on
at Team Addington next year.
I'm going, Dad.
What. To another team?
No. Just going.
Australia maybe.
Or I just feel like
I need to find out who I am,
away from all of this.
- I mean, you understand me.
- I understand perfectly well.
- I understand you're quitting.
- No, Dad, it's just
Go! Go! Go! Go!
Get out of my sight.
We'll be fine without you.
OK, Dad.
I only came across it
after Daan died.
He didn't like to dwell in the past.
He used to say the past
was a devil
..that ate into your soul.
Let's get this party started,
shall we?
Mister Addington.
- You'll be hearing from my solicitors.
- Bring it on.
His watch.
Omega Seamaster.
The young may die. The old must.
Watkins Glen?
Excuse me. Who's Janus Burchard?
Daan's brother. He died young.
what do we know?
And what do we think? Archie?
This is the why?
And the how?
He swapped the helmet.
Somehow, the helmet
that Gabriel George was wearing
when he was driving, which Addington
took, is incriminating evidence.
And it's still at the crime scene.
That's why he's been chomping at the bit
to get access.
Exactly, Ma'am.
Unseal the crime scene.
And in half an hour,
call Archie Addington
and tell him that he now
has access to the race track.
You're setting a trap,
aren't you, ma'am?
Yeah. I'm setting a trap.
'Gabriel George once again
'putting in
the fastest lap of the race.
'Team Addington
plucked him from obscurity,
'but he's become one of
the shining stars of this season.'
I thought your inquiry was over.
We have a few loose ends to tie up.
'You're the best, Gabe.
Always have been. Always will be.
'Love you, boy.'
- You were saying goodbye.
- Was I?
Sounds like it to me.
A matter of interpretation.
You did love Gabriel like a son.
But you knew he wasn't
getting out of that car alive.
I have a meeting
with my logistics team.
We know you swapped the helmets.
But you made a mistake, sir.
When you removed Gabriel's helmet,
you couldn't smuggle it away
from the track.
'There's too many people around.'
'And someone might remember
seeing you with it.'
- Paramedic, somebody call the paramedics.
- I'll do it.
Then, since the emergency services
were here within minutes,
you had to leave it here.
Hidden in plain sight.
And you couldn't get your hands
on it. Until now.
But the helmet that you placed
next to Gabriel's body
for us to seize as evidence
..the red stripe
was on the wrong side.
I think it's you that has made
the mistake here, Sergeant.
Why would I possibly want
to swap Gabe's helmet?
I don't know, sir.
But since you're holding
the helmet in question,
the one that Gabriel wore
when he was driving the car
..we're now gonna find out.
Thank you.
There's nothing here.
Ma'am, he knows it's a trap.
I know that helmet is here
somewhere. I know it's one of those.
I don't know
what you're talking about, Sergeant.
But as this is no longer
a crime scene,
if you want to touch anything
in here that belongs to me,
you will need a warrant.
Watkins Glen.
October, 1979.
The world championship was neck
and neck going into the last race.
But this man
Janus Burchard
was top of the drivers' table.
Addington had to win the race
to claim the championship
and Janus Burchard
had to finish out of the points.
And that year the legend was born.
Addington did win.
Because Janus Burchard didn't
just finish out of the points.
He finished, full stop.
He crashed and died.
You're telling me
things I already know.
A storm came in from the Atlantic.
The stewards
should've stopped the race.
How long did it take Daan to realise
why you were keeping his business
afloat all those years.
Can't imagine
the guilt he must've felt
taking money to cover up
his own brother's murder.
No wonder he wanted
to purge his soul
and tell the world before he died.
But he didn't tell the world,
did he?
He did something
much more damaging to you.
He gave Gabriel your victim's watch
and he told him
the truth of what you did.
You rigged Janus's car, didn't you?
And that's why Gabriel changed.
What's the point, Archie?
I'll tell you what the point is.
Values. Legacy. Teamwork.
Your protege,
the boy that looked up to you.
What is it he said about
Watkins Glen in that interview?
"It's that spirit,
in the person of Archie Addington,
"that gives my life meaning."
Gabriel knew the truth.
So he had to die.
The truth threatened the legend.
Team Addington didn't win the
world championship at Watkins Glen.
Team Addington
cheated its way to victory.
We never cheat.
We won. Fair and square.
The British way.
Ah. The legacy again, sir.
How could someone like you
possibly understand?
You have no legacy to defend.
Not true, but let's be honest.
Even if you loved Gabriel as much
as your other two children,
your legacy has always trumped
your family, hasn't it?
I love my children.
Loz hates your guts.
Lenny walked out on you.
And you killed Gabriel.
And now it's just you, alone,
and the truth.
Now, the helmet
that Gabriel was wearing
is somewhere in this garage.
It's the one without the red stripe.
Gabriel wasn't stabbed
in the pit lane.
He wasn't stabbed
in the treatment room.
He was stabbed
while driving the car.
'Your pre-race ritual,
'you always presented Gabriel
with his helmet.'
Bring it home, Gabe.
Delicate work, sir.
Brilliantly constructed.
But not something that you'd
fabricate wearing a pair of gloves.
We'll get your prints all over it.
And Gabriel's blood.
Just one thing I don't understand
Pressure activated.
When the g-force gets to a certain
level, the spike is triggered.
His neck was still numb,
he wouldn't have felt a thing.
It's on the recording.
You told Gabriel to stay
out on the track and he defied you.
I don't need to find my mojo,
Archie. I'm coming in.
So when he died in the pit lane,
you had to improvise a new plan.
You swiped the hard drive.
Which you later planted
in Ethan's house.
Grabbed the only thing
that you could think of
that might pass
for the murder weapon.
And planted it in Donovan's car.
Because Gabriel was supposed
to crash and burn out on that track,
just like Janus Burchard.
No. No. I
I didn't mean for Janus to
I loosened a couple of screws
on his suspension.
The weather came in
I-I didn't mean to kill him.
And you carried that secret,
alone, for the rest of your life.
My father knew.
I didn't tell him.
He could see it in my eyes.
He hated me for
I made his first championship win
the worst day of his life.
And I poisoned everything
for everybody.
How old were you?
And then on my 15th birthday
Your father killed himself.
I had nothing to live for
..except the legacy.
We all have a billion beats.
This is how I chose to use mine.
It's all a man truly possesses.
- Ethan Fletcher.
- Ma'am?
His bosses panicked
when they thought
they had a killer on their team.
So they extracted him, locked him up
and sat on their hands. Until I
Until we cleaned up their mess.
He's in the car park.
Look, I'm sorry, Lauren.
There's a bit of crossed wires.
If I'd have known Archie was
gonna plant evidence in my house,
- I never would've
- Never would've what?
You didn't really think
I could kill somebody, did you?
I know what you did, Ethan.
You played dirty.
The music,
the dancing
Admit it. You were tempted.
Get on your bike, Ethan.
Everything OK, ma'am?
Yeah. Better than OK.
Did you really mean what you said
about me having a legacy?
Or was that just like tactics?
Bit of both, Sarge.
Do you know, I think
I could persuade my boyfriend
to join this quiz of yours.
He's very good at geography.
It's his specialist subject.
Well, ma'am, Les Quizzerables,
that's the name of my team,
will be all the stronger for it.
Do you know, Silverstone
was one of our first proper dates.
He forgot the tickets.
We had to climb
through this hole in the fence.
I wouldn't have dared if it wasn't
for the pre-race bottle of wine.
But he kept saying,
"It's fine, Lauren, we have tickets,
"we just don't HAVE tickets".
It's funny,
I don't remember who won the race.
Just this big goofy grin
on his face.
Is that your specialist subject,
ma'am? Formula One?
- Yeah.
- What's yours?
Scandinavian jazz, ma'am.
Course it is.
You see, the thing about jazz,
is that it's all about
Just going with the flow
and not worrying too much
about where you'll end up.
One beat at a time, eh?
Exactly, ma'am.
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