McDonald & Dodds (2020) s03e03 Episode Script

The War of Rose

Ooh, mm ♪
OK. Right.
This is the ghetto
Sure 'nuff now ♪
Hi, my Boleyn Beauties.
Today's the day. Eek!
I'm actually doing it.
Am I nervous? Of course I am.
That's normal, though, right?
But it's so comforting to know that you,
my Boleyn Beauties, are at my side.
Of course, I'm in the expert hands
of the A team.
The ultimate power couple.
Al Ford and Mariel Flynn -
the Posh and Becks of plastic surgery!
But we will have to
turn that off now, Rose.
- Discretion is our middle name.
- Here it goes, Boleyn Beauties!
See you on the other side.
And again, thank you, Rose,
for choosing Ford & Flynn. Welcome.
Yes, a very, very warm welcome
to Flynn & Ford, Ms Boleyn.
I've cancelled
the whole of the clinic today,
- so you're the only patient here.
- Really?
Very thoughtful, Mariel. For you.
Thank you Algernon.
Yes, his mother
had a very fertile imagination.
Ooh, Spikey!
Who's a good boy! Who's a good boy!
Right, let's get Spike settled,
shall we? There we go.
- Shall I take Miss Boleyn's bag?
- Thank you.
Aw. He wants to stay with us.
Is it my perfume?
It's your oestrogen.
He's a slobbering misogynist.
The dog, not Al.
The gods of comedy
are smiling on us today.
So, I will leave you in the capable
hands of Al and his team,
and I shall see you on the other
side with your lovely new nose.
Right, let's get you settled.
So, here I am, about to get prepped
for my procedure.
I'm nervous, I'm excited, I'm
Wish me luck.
Hope this is au revoir, not goodbye.
This way, please, Rose.
And the other side.
Back to me.
- Mariel.
- Oh, Andrew, hi.
I want to change the terms
of the divorce.
Now, m'dear, I want you
to count backwards from 100
and think of puppies.
Ah-ah, yeah
The ghetto
Mm-hm The ghetto
The ghetto ♪
Say it now
I'm back, I'm back
Yes, you are I'm back
I'm back, I'm back
Get up offa that thing
And dance till you feel better
Get up offa that thing
And dance till you
Say it now ♪
Get up offa that thing
And try to release that pressure
Get up offa that thing
And shake till you feel better ♪
- Nice work.
- Thanks.
So, back to the cars. Apart from
the Citroen, he can have them.
It's the house
that I'm more worried about.
Circum Propofol.
No, not this one.
I want the mortice chisel.
I need my mortice chisel,
straight edge blade, now! Come on.
Straight edged. Straight
It's not here. Penny!
- I'm I'm sorry. Sorry!
- OK, this will work for now.
No. I'm sorry, Andrew, that's
an original Victorian commode.
It's been in my family for years.
Just give me a second.
Come on, Spike. Let's go.
- Can somebody stop Spike barking?!
- I'll go.
Come on, Spike.
- Dan, what the hell?
- Shit. Vitals are dropping.
- Danny, what's happening?
- What?!
- I Quickly, please! Danny!
- I
- OK, starting CPR. Defib, now!
- Go, go.
- Come on, please. Come on.
- Come on, Penny. Thanks.
- Set.
- Yes.
- Clear. Done.
- Shocking.
- Come on!
- Do something!
Stay with me!
- Erm Ma'am?
- Yeah?
You remember how
your boyfriend's a gas fitter?
- Yeah, I remember.
- And you told me to give you a shout
if ever I had any trouble
with my boiler.
Oh. The Albanian in the sewage works?
Two days they want me in court
next week. Two days!
- Sorry, your boiler.
- Well, the water's not very hot
and it's making a funny noise.
What kind of noise?
My office, DCI McDonald.
Sounds like a problem
with your valve pressure.
- Craig, how was your surveillance course?
- OK.
Thanks, ma'am.
Detective Inspector.
This is James Lockhart, Senior
Coroner, West of England region.
We have an issue, Detective McDonald.
Requires handling.
This young woman is dead.
Rose Boleyn, a 26-year-old
social media influencer,
I've sent you her file.
"An adverse medical outcome,"
Mr Lockhart's words
during cosmetic surgery
at the Flynn & Ford private clinic
on Bishop Street.
Her death was confirmed by the
surgeon and anaesthetist on site.
The body was brought to me
at the Royal United Hospital
by Mariel Flynn, consultant surgeon,
who designated cause of death
as a heart attack.
Mr Lockhart recorded a verdict
of death by misadventure,
before the toxicology results were back,
which raises the question of negligence.
Al Ford and Mariel Flynn
are high profile
and highly reputable surgeons.
There was no reason
to think that anything was amiss.
We are where we are.
If you could open the tox report,
please, DCI McDonald?
Initial thoughts?
Potassium chloride in the bloodstream?
That's fatal.
That didn't take long, did it?
I'll get onto this right away, ma'am..
So, our esteemed coroner and a bunch
of high-profile doctors messed up.
And Ormond and the likes protect them.
And us peasants have to clear it all up.
Ma'am, you do realise that
we're being asked to solve a murder
with a five-day-old crime scene
and no body.
That's why we have you, eh?
Hmm, that photo does NOT do you justice.
Sorry, terrible habit.
You see, I don't see faces, I see
- Opportunities?
- Rose Boleyn?
Yes, so suspicious death.
I don't understand.
Yes. Rose died of a heart attack.
Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. It's
Where the walls
of the heart muscles thicken
and it disrupts
the cardiac electrical system.
And you performed the operation,
Dr, erm, Ford?
- Yes.
- And the anaesthetist
was a Dr Daniel McCartney,
and the two theatre nurses
were a Ms Penelope Haggard
and a Mr Jian Yang?
We need to talk to the four of you
in detail.
New evidence has come to light,
which casts doubt
on the coroner's verdict
of death by misadventure.
What new evidence?
I need the place shut down for the day.
And everyone who was not present at
Rose Boleyn's operation sent home.
We believe Rose Boleyn was murdered.
So, why was it you, and not
your husband or Dr McCartney,
that accompanied the body
to the hospital?
Al's not my husband.
Well, almost not my husband.
Al insisted that I go to the hospital,
because James Lockhart, the coroner,
well, he and I go way back. He
He used to hold
a little torch for me, you know.
Yes, I've spoken to Mr Lockhart.
He was
Oh, don't worry.
It's not you. He hates women.
Drools excessively after eating
and then licks his own testicles -
a little too enthusiastically,
I might add.
The cause of death
was potassium chloride poisoning.
- Potassium chloride?
- Highly toxic substance.
Once introduced
to the human bloodstream,
death occurs within minutes.
And since you, Mr Ford,
pronounced Miss Boleyn dead
at 12:18 on Monday morning,
and she'd been in surgery
for less than an hour,
and since this surgical wing
was locked and sealed,
well, the unavoidable conclusion is
that she was murdered
in the operating theatre.
I got to the hospital,
and it was obviously heart failure.
I assumed it was natural causes.
Not this.
One of Al's surgical team?
It's what the evidence is telling us.
Now, according to our medical advisor,
the only way that potassium chloride
could have entered Rose's system
is, erm Sorry.
Administered by me.
Just so we're clear, I'm the only
one who can access the anaesthetic.
So I took three vials of Propofol
from here,
checked they were sealed,
which they were
When you say you're the only one
who can access the anaesthetic,
what do you mean by that?
There's a lot of powerful,
high-value drugs in here.
So for security reasons, I'm the
only one who has the access code.
What about you, Mr Ford?
No. This is Dan's field.
I do operations, Dan does the drugs.
I then broke the seals, applied
the Propofol to the intravenous drip
and made a note of the time.
No-one could have interfered
with those vials.
- Well, did anyone else touch them?
- Well, I did.
But I passed them to Dr McCartney.
Standard procedure.
What about you, Mr Yang?
No. I was dealing with Spike.
- Spike?
- Ms Flynn's dog.
My dog.
Mariel has temporary custody.
Divorce negotiation.
Dr McCartney,
can you show us the empty vials?
No. Er medical waste.
They go straight
in the disposal bin. Sorry.
Before Rose Boleyn
came into the clinic on Monday,
did any of you have any kind of
contact or relationship with her?
- No.
- No!
No. Apart from a 40-minute consultation
a week before surgery, no.
Well, Ma'am, no crime scene,
no body and, now,
with those vials missing,
no murder weapon.
And no motive. So far.
But there has been a cover-up,
driven by Al
Excuse me. Lauren?
Oh, sorry. I forgot. It's Rose's.
She left it in her room.
Now, I can't locate her family,
but I thought in light of everything
that's happened,
- this might be useful.
- I'll I'll take that.
Thanks, Ms Flynn.
The sleepless nights The daily fights
The quick toboggan
When you reach the heights
I miss the kisses And I miss the bites
I wish I were in love again
The broken dates The endless waits
The lovely loving
And the hateful hates
The conversation
With the flying plates
I wish I were in love again
No more pain ♪
- Mariel.
- Al.
Oh, Primitivo '94.
- Our honeymoon.
- Mm-hm.
I'm getting figs, blueberries,
sunsets on olive groves,
you ogling the chambermaid.
Mmm, and a back note
of Mariel's over febrile,
paranoid imagination,
born of deep-seated insecurities
- rooted in childhood trauma.
- Nice!
- I go low, you go subterranean.
- OK, Mariel.
What's this all about?
Why've you brought me here?
Well, Al, I've been having a re-think.
- Oh.
- A serious re-think.
Oh, damn it, Mariel.
Look, I've been re-thinking, too.
Oh, Algernon!
You actually want to stay married.
To me, of all people!
- No, I didn't say that.
- But it's what you're thinking.
- You have no idea what I'm thinking.
- Which is why I'm divorcing you.
I want the clinic, Al. All of it.
I've been mulling over
the financial settlement
- and I think I deserve
- "Deserve"?
Oh, that's it, is it?
How are you gonna get a judge
to give you the clinic?
Because you're going to get struck off.
- What?!
- You and your mate Dan.
A patient was murdered on your watch.
Right under your nose.
I mean, it's criminal negligence.
And what about you, Mariel, getting
the coroner to turn a blind eye?
If I didn't know any better,
I'd think YOU killed that girl.
And if I didn't know any better,
I'd think YOU killed that girl.
And if I didn't know any better,
I'd think you murdered that girl
to discredit me
and get your grubby little trotters
on the clinic.
Yeah, I texted you his address.
He said it's making a funny noise.
No, I'm not doing it again.
Yeah. Just get round there
and fix the boiler.
Oh, and I want a full report
on his lifestyle.
OK? Good. I gotta go.
Boyfriend's coming round
to look at your boiler tonight.
Oh, thank you, ma'am.
Right, Dan McCartney
is waiting up there.
Let's see what
he's got to say for himself.
I am an anaesthetist
of 25 years' standing, OK?
Potassium chloride?
It's a blunt instrument.
If I wanted to kill someone
on the operating table,
you guys wouldn't even have a clue.
I've got nothing to do with this.
I just want to be clear on that.
Dr McCartney,
pending further inquiries, your
status here today
is significant witness.
So, let's start from the beginning.
'Dr McCartney,
in the secured wing of the clinic,
'you put Rose Boleyn under anaesthetic,
'then wheeled her to the operating
theatre at 11:15.'
And during the procedure,
you monitored her vital signs
and kept her topped up with Propofol.
'As the anaesthetist, I'm holding
the patient's life in my hands.'
When I call for the Propofol, I get
the Propofol and I administer it.
Without seeing exactly
who gives it to me.
Sorry, could you just explain that
for us, Dr McCartney?
I'm exclusively focused on the
operating table and the monitors.
So when I make the call,
I put my hand out behind me.
Like this.
'So, possibly any of the other
three people in the theatre
'could have handed you
the rogue vial?'
- Maybe. I I don't know.
- Dr McCartney, are you OK?
No, I'm not OK.
I killed that girl, didn't I?
Someone I know and trust has used me.
Rose's phone. You got anything?
It's with Tech Support.
They've unlocked it,
but there's thousands of videos
and photos.
I've got a guy there trawling
through it. If anything turns up,
- I'll be the first to know.
- OK. If McCartney didn't do this,
and he can't tell us
who passed him the fatal vial
The surgical team - they were all
in and out of that theatre.
We go back to them
and everyone who was in that clinic.
Get on it, you lot.
I arrived, as usual,
8:45, Monday morning.
Mariel was here. She's always
first to arrive at the clinic.
I'm sure I left out Al's chisel.
It's his special chisel.
But it wasn't there, so I had to nip
to the equipment room to get it.
The dog was barking out in the
corridor, so I had to go sort it.
I'm an agency nurse,
not a bloody dog whisperer.
Is that allowed?
Only when you're playing for money.
Mariel is a very unstable
and materialistic woman.
First, she wants
a friendly 50-50 divorce.
Then she metastasises into the vengeful,
vindictive harridan
she's always dreamed of being.
Say it loud, say it proud.
- We're divorcing.
- Oh!
We might not be a couple,
but we're still a family!
Oh, bless.
Sir, if we could just keep to the point?
Now, erm, at what time
did Ms Boleyn arrive?
9:30. Mariel and I
did the usual welcome spiel
and then I went to my office
to check over my notes.
If you want to understand
why Al is the way he is,
just google his mother.
- Strength was your weakness.
- Tell me about it.
- So what time
- Dr Adjoa Abeasi.
Had Al's life all mapped out for him.
High profile
transnational public health job,
maybe even politics, till he met me.
'When did I first set eyes on her?'
The Horse And Jockey, Kentish Town.
April '94.
She was singing karaoke.
God, she was awful.
I was brilliant. Still am.
Karaoke's my release, you know?
- Excuse me.
- Sorry, yeah.
So I left Rose
in the charge of Al and his team.
I went up to my office. I had a call
booked with my lawyer at 9:50.
Do you know, just a little,
pre-emptive lift
just around the eyes wouldn't go amiss.
Just take the edge off you.
A face is not a face.
For me, a face is a canvas.
I don't see the patient -
I see the sculpture
inside the block of stone.
Ah! You mean like Michelangelo?
Exactly, Sergeant Doods.
- No, it's Dodds, sir.
- Sure.
I'm an artist.
Mariel's more of a craftsman.
I'd describe her
as the Wise to my Morecambe.
She's great at sales.
God, she could've made Muhammad Ali
feel insecure.
Sir, if we could just get back to
Get back to the day after
she announced the divorce, yes.
Look what she did.
Teddy Pendergrass' debut album,
a first pressing.
And do you know what she said,
when she finally calmed down,
a week later, by way of apology?
She'd buy me the CD.
Sorry. Where was I?
Your patient went into cardiac arrest.
Rose was cremated two days
after she died. Paid for by you.
- Paid for by Flynn & Ford PLC.
- Why the rush to cremate?
Rose had no family.
She died in our clinic.
It was the least I could do.
Lauren, I don't know
whether you were born suspicious,
or men have made you that way,
or the job or what
A little bit more of an almond shape
on the eye.
Yeah, that could work. Yeah.
I know I'm no good on
that thing you do, ma'am,
where you understand other people
Emotional intelligence?
Yeah, yeah, that.
Mr Ford, he's completely obsessed
with his soon-to-be ex-wife.
Oh, and she won't shut up about him.
Do you think
I look suspicious all the time?
I I don't know, ma'am.
I wouldn't like to say.
I suppose it's what
them young'uns call your, erm
- your game face.
- My game face?!
Oh, come on.
Who was the last person to use this?
It's not me, ma'am. I don't do coffee.
Right, what idiot
didn't replace the coffee beans?
It'll be me, DCI McDonald.
Sorry, ma'am.
I have something for you.
More gossip than
high-value intelligence, but
My son-in-law is a consultant oncologist
and a few months ago he was at an event
where Al and Mariel Ford
were set to renew their marriage vows.
As they went onstage to do so,
Mariel suddenly announces
that they were divorcing.
Completely out of the blue.
As I say, more gossip than intelligence.
Thank you, ma'am. I'll bear that
in mind going forward.
I know what you're thinking,
and I'm thinking the same thing.
Upstairs is a boys' club,
girls' club, too, for that matter,
and they've got us all scrabbling around
trying to cover
for their esteemed coroner.
But in the end, what choice do we have?
Right, cappuccino, mocha or latte?
Oh, latte, please, thank you, ma'am.
Rose Boleyn was precious to someone.
Do your best.
'I understand that
some of you don't really approve,
'and I know some of you think
that my nose is perfectly fine,
'but when I look in the mirror,
'I see something that's
really affecting my wellbeing.
'Honestly, this isn't about how
I look. It's about how I feel.
'My self-worth. The trolls and the
haters won't tell us how to live,
'because we are strong and independent.
'We make our happiness
and self-worth our priority.'
For the last six months, she's been
doing a twice-weekly vlog -
Rose's Romantic Adventures In Bath.
She's on an emotional journey,
searching for the perfect partner,
while also promoting
various bespoke products.
Lifestyle influencer.
Over 35,000 followers and growing.
Until she decided to get the nose job,
at which point some of her fans
unfollowed her,
cos they thought it was off-brand.
A few of them trolled her.
"Unfollowed"? "Trolled"?
the ultra-loyal "Boleyn Beauties",
are demanding the truth about her death.
They think the clinic botched the
procedure and there's a cover-up.
Well, let's not add any fuel
to the fire by letting it get out
that we're conducting a murder inquiry.
We do not want media heat on this one.
"Lifestyle influencer"?
You see, influencers are people who
Oh, he knows what an influencer is.
But what is a lifestyle?
It's like the stuff you do,
and think, and
I dunno. Cushions?
Deep background on the victim.
She had a lot of relationships.
We're looking for any connection
to these four.
And everything you can get
on the clinic.
Finances, business plans,
market, clients.
- What about her family?
- Still working on that.
Rose Boleyn wasn't her real name.
She'd changed it by deed poll,
so I'm waiting on
her original birth certificate.
So who was Rose Boleyn?
Are you sure this is
where Rose Boleyn lived, ma'am?
Yes. Why?
Well, this is a basement flat.
We should be several storeys up.
Well, this stuff looks expensive.
- It must be complimentary.
- I'm in the wrong game.
All these companies
showering her with products.
Hathledge Hotel.
Bag that up.
This is definitely the room
she does her V-logs in.
Vlogs, not V-logs.
- Vlogs.
- Vlogs.
This is the room she does them, but
It can't be.
In her vlogs
Bath Abbey is in the background.
But there's no view
of Bath Abbey from here.
It's all an illusion.
She's really selling Bath as this
big romantic city of lovers.
Or city of stalkers.
You don't have one of these unless
you're afraid of someone.
Your recent social media activity.
200 downloads from Rose Boleyn's vlog.
Over 1,000 likes on her Instagram page.
Most of those are late at night, or
into the early hours of the morning.
Kind of obsessive.
I I didn't
I didn't know her, personally.
I just admired her attitude.
It's not illegal.
Doesn't look good for you, Dan.
An obsession with the victim.
Why would I kill her?
I don't need the why
when I've got the how.
Someone in that operating theatre
killed Rose,
and it was you administered
the fatal drug.
- Al.
- What do you mean, "Al"?
A couple of Saturdays ago,
we were out on the town,
and he lost his phone.
He wanted to use mine and he needed
the passcode. I gave it to him.
I've got the same six-digit code
for my phone
and for the drugs cabinet.
Al knows I'm lazy about that stuff.
I use my birthday.
11, ten, 69. Hmm.
Dan's birthday.
It's also the access code
to the drugs cabinet
in the secure wing downstairs.
No! You think I What?
Well, accessed that cabinet
and swapped the Propofol vial
for one laced with potassium chloride.
Yesterday, you told us that
you had no access to that cabinet.
Because I couldn't admit that
in front of Dan.
It seems the drugs in the cabinet
weren't just for the patients.
So, a couple of weeks ago,
I took Dan out,
got him a bit drunk
and I conned him out of his phone
and his passcode.
And, so, yes,
I had access to the drug cabinet.
But only so I could prove
Dan was stealing drugs.
Come on.
What possible reason could I have
to kill a complete stranger?
I've been through all of
Rose's vlogs and it's very strange.
All the trendy, expensive bars and
restaurants she says she went to -
she didn't go.
None of the staff recognise her.
And there were
no men in her life either.
No dates, no friends.
The private car hire company she used -
the driver says she'd get
into the car all dressed up,
do her vlogs
like she was going on a date,
and then they'd just
drive around for a couple of hours
and she'd go home.
This whole Rose Boleyn persona,
the whole romantic adventures
thing - it's all a fiction.
- A lucrative fiction.
- And one more thing.
I've heard back
from immigration control.
Her real name is Elena Vacarescu.
Born in Romania,
came to the UK ten years ago
with her family
to pick fruit in Norfolk,
- and didn't go back.
- How do you read this?
I think she created
this whole new identity for herself
so she could fit in and then
It's clever. She sells Englishness
back to the English.
The hotel card! It was for room 504.
Rose was seen entering
and leaving that room,
but it was booked in the name
of the man she was meeting.
- She had a real romance after all.
- Oh, yes.
Do we have to do this?
I'm under a lot of stress here.
I can see that (!)
A girl's murdered
on your operating table and
DJing helps me decompress.
What do you make of this, Mr Ford?
You lied to me. You knew Rose.
Intimately. Which gives you motive.
It was a casual fling, all right?
Nothing serious.
We just met at the hotel one day a week.
Oh, great. Just what I need in my life.
Another judgmental woman.
It's not your place to judge me,
- you're here to work out who murdered
- Your girlfriend?
Isn't it unethical to operate
on someone that you're, erm
Oh, for goodness sake!
It's not illegal.
Perhaps, but it gave you the motive,
means and opportunity to kill her.
Look, I'm sorry I didn't tell you,
all right?
Mariel is trying to nail me
to the floor over this divorce.
And infidelity doesn't play well
with the judge
when you're trying
to divvy everything up,
so I was just trying to be discreet.
That's all.
But maybe Rose thought you and her
were more than just a fling.
If I HAD wanted to do her in,
you think I'd murder her
in my own clinic?
You got the outcome you wanted.
With no body, no crime scene,
no murder weapon,
what can we prove?
It's the outcome Mariel wanted.
She's trying to ruin me
and take the clinic.
I need to change the record.
You really do, Al.
Did Mariel know
about you and Rose's affair?
No. You're not gonna tell her, are you?
You can go.
What do you think, Ma'am?
I think he's not as harmless
as he seems.
- Are you gonna tell her?
- What do you think?
If she did know, that is motive.
And the dead girl?
I mean, are you sure?
Do you actually have any proof?
- You didn't know?
- No.
If I had,
I'd be using it in the divorce.
- And you will now, I suppose.
- Wouldn't you?
My first date with Al was a rainy Soho night,
and he didn't put a foot wrong. We
couldn't get enough of each other.
20 weeks of blissful,
thrilling, technicolour happiness.
20 years of
You stood up in front of 200 people
and announced your divorce
- when you were supposed to be
- You've done your homework.
This can't be the first time
he's you know.
Mm. I've had my suspicions,
but no proof.
Is it possible? Did he?
Did he kill her?
Always comes back to that, doesn't it?
Well, why wouldn't it?
He lied to you too.
Most women are murdered by men
they're in a relationship with,
aren't they?
I'm sorry, Lauren,
I'm all over the place.
Please. I've got surgery in 20 minutes,
- and I've got to be on point.
- Can't you cancel?
It's a facial reconstruction.
13-year-old girl. Terrible car crash.
It's her fourth operation this year.
- I didn't know you did
- Pro bono work?
Give something back and all that.
Please, I've
- She doesn't know.
- You sure?
No! I'm not sure of anything.
How can I be?
Between Al and Mariel
blaming each other.
I've got Dr McCartney,
who I still can't rule out.
Well, I can't rule any of them out,
or in.
I've got no prints. No DNA. No evidence.
- Can you break the logjam?
- I don't know, Ma'am.
I can try.
So, what do you think?
Oh, well, I've got it all set up, Ma'am.
I think I'm onto something.
No, I mean what'd you think about
the boyfriend?
- Oh!
- Boiler's fixed, right?
Oh, yes. Well
- You should be very proud, Ma'am.
- Proud?
He had my old boiler running like
clockwork in less than 15 minutes.
- 15 minutes?
- Yeah.
- He fixed your boiler in 15 minutes?
- As good as new.
I shall be luxuriating
in a proper hot bath tonight, Ma'am.
- Boundaries, Sergeant Dodds.
- Oh, er Yeah.
I'll just
Right, er, if I could have
your attention, please, everybody.
Can you put on the screens, please?
Now, Ma'am, I have constructed
a timeline of events
leading to the murder
of our victim on Monday.
Ms Boleyn's procedure commenced
on schedule at 11:20am
in theatre number one
on the ground floor,
in the secured wing that only those
in the operation team had access to.
While Ms Flynn was in her office,
on the first floor
Mr Ford
..Dr McCartney
..Nurse Yang
and Nurse Haggard
performed the operation.
Now, it's all about
the three vials of Propofol.
The first vial was administered
by Mr McCartney at 11:24am,
passed to him by Nurse Haggard.
At 11:39,
she passes him the second vial,
which he duly administers.
The final vial was applied at 11:53
but not passed to Mr McCartney
by Nurse Haggard.
She had left the theatre at 11:44am.
She forgot to put out
Mr Ford's special chisel.
She ran to the equipment room to get it.
Quite right.
Nor was it passed him by Nurse Yang.
He left the theatre
to deal with the dog
- 11:49.
- I'll sort it!
Good. And it wasn't passed by Mr Ford.
He was performing the most critical part
of the procedure also at 11:53.
So who passed it to him?
A mystery nurse.
Not one of the surgical team
in the secured wing.
Now, if you remember
Dr McCartney's testimony,
he was focusing on monitoring
the patient's vital signs.
So, when he called for his Propofol,
he's not looking around.
He just puts his hand back, like this.
And someone else entered the theatre
and slipped him
A rogue vial of the lethal substance.
OK. So can we narrow it down?
Indeed, we can, Ma'am.
I believe that the mystery nurse
is a woman.
Well, you see, when Nurse Yang
came out into the corridor,
he attests that the dog was growling
at the cupboard door, aggressively.
- Spike's a misogynist.
- Correct.
I believe that the killer,
a woman, was lying in wait
in that cupboard.
And when Nurse Yang takes the dog away,
she comes out of the cupboard,
down the corridor, into the theatre,
and hands Dr McCartney the fatal vial.
OK. This has just widened the net.
I want you to go through
all Rose's vlog posts.
She did them in public, so
see if there's anyone following her.
A female. Deranged fan,
that sort of thing.
- What did you call 'em?
- "The Boleyn Beauties".
They're having
a memorial service tonight.
We should have a presence there.
Influencers. Sounds right up
your street, Sergeant Dodds.
- Mm?
- But this is good. Really good.
Brings us closer to hard evidence.
- The killer
- Mm.
..was in that cupboard.
Right, full sweep of this cupboard,
and then the rest of the unit.
How was this wing accessed?
Get me DNA, prints.
Anything and everything.
So the boyfriend
you told me he fixed your boiler
in 15 minutes,
but he told me
he was at your house for two hours?
So, where was he, and who was he with?
Oh, no, Ma'am.
He was with me the whole two hours.
- What?
- Yeah, he, erm
We had a cup of tea and a ha, a chat.
A chat?!
Ma'am, have you got
Rose Boleyn's last, erm vlog?
- 'I'm nervous, I'm excited'
- There.
No, no, stop it there.
Our mystery nurse,
I think she came into the clinic
through this door.
Oh, but that only opens
from the inside.
You have to break that glass tube thing.
Unless she had an accomplice
inside the clinic?
What's going on?
Sergeant Dodds
finish what you were saying.
Well, Ms Flynn, this door
has been breached recently,
and this was after Rose Boleyn
entered the clinic.
Now, if you just look here,
this is Rose Boleyn's last vlog,
just before her surgery.
Now, if you can see there,
this glass tube,
it's blue, isn't it?
Well, now, this is the same door.
The tube is now red.
And we believe that the killer,
who is female,
entered the clinic via this door and
Someone from inside this clinic
broke the glass tube thing
and let her in and then replaced it.
Well, it wasn't me. I was upstairs
on that Zoom call with my lawyer,
and that was
Oh, my God.
It's obvious, isn't it?
- Is it?
- You said the killer was female?
Al? God, is he that twisted?
Did he break the tube
to get his new girlfriend
to kill his old girlfriend?
Someone from inside the clinic
smashed the glass tube on the fire door,
which means the whole surgical team
are now back in play
as suspected accessories.
I need you and Malik
to get onto them - without warning -
and put on a bit of pressure.
All right?
Mariel's lying, isn't she?
Yes, Ma'am.
But I don't know what about exactly.
Her alibi checks. She was
in the office the whole time.
Which means she can't be the killer,
and she can't be the accomplice
that smashed the glass tube.
- So what's she hiding?
- I don't know, ma'am.
So you and the boyfriend spent
two whole hours together
drinking a cup of tea?
Oh, and a couple of Old Speckled Hens.
Er, local bitter
I had in the refrigerator.
Ma'am the more I think about it,
the more it seems that everything
around the murder of Rose Boleyn
was carefully planned.
Now, for the killer
to have carried out her mission,
she must have known the exact details
of Mr Ford and his team's routine,
and she must have known
that Dr McCartney never turns round
when he calls for his Propofol.
And must have known that
there was a window of opportunity
when the two nurses left the theatre.
If they're not accessories.
SIGHS Unless they're accessories.
Al's been lying to us.
Mariel's been lying to us.
While, at the same time,
accusing each other
of the murder of Rose Boleyn.
It's like they've got some weird,
destructive obsession with each other.
What have you done to Spike?
I'm thinking of putting him in
for a dog show.
OK, folks. We're just trying to
thrash out some sort of a deal here.
- What? No.
- Why? He'd love it.
- Wouldn't you, Fluffy?
- Fluffy?!
Yes, it's his new name.
He's seen the error of his ways,
and he's now expressing
his feminine side.
I want him back, Mariel.
He belongs with me.
You're getting nothing, Al.
Although I could throw in
a breast reduction.
On the house.
You see what I have to deal with?
Toxic femininity.
- Oh, for God's sake.
- Al, let's focus
No, she's chipping away
at my self-esteem.
But it won't work, Mariel.
I'm very comfortable with my body.
Hmm! Story of your life, Al.
Your ego's been writing cheques
your body can't cash.
What's that even mean?
It means you've never even been
in the same room as a female orgasm.
Well, neither have you.
Are you insane?!
No, I didn't break the glass tube.
I have nothing to do with anything
that goes on in this clinic, OK?
Yeah. I left the theatre
to take care of the dog.
I didn't smash anything.
And I just went to go and get
Al's chisel.
Do you have any idea how the
fire door panel came to be smashed?
I don't know. Collateral damage?
Al and Mariel.
Things get smashed around them.
They're always fighting.
Yeah, and they certainly know
how to make up.
I actually saw them the other day
in one of the empty
patient's rooms together.
You know? One minute,
it's all-out war, the next
they can't keep their hands
off each other.
I'm, erm
I'm sorry I, er, threw my phone at you.
You know how I get.
I said a few things I
I'll see you soon, Spike.
Right, come on, Fluffy.
See you on the other side.
Yes, Al. You will.
Er, nothing from Nurses Yang
and Haggard.
- But Flynn and Ford?
- Seems they're sleeping together.
Course they are.
Alliyah Kharti?
She didn't leave her desk
the whole time, Ma'am.
CCTV footage in the foyer proves that.
But I'll keep digging.
I've just heard back
from my mate at Tech Services,
and he's been through
all of Rose Boleyn's cloud
and camera reel footage on her phone,
and he's found a saved video
that she didn't post.
'I saw him again. Oh, God.'
'This is not a romance.
He He was horrible.
'We had an argument on the street,
and and he turned on me.
'H-H-H-H-He threatened me.
He He really threatened me.'
'Al's not what I thought he was.
'The reason I'm filming this
'is because I'm scared
he's going to kill me.
'He's outside right now,
watching the flat.
'Oh, God!
'Al's not what I thought he was.'
Oh Al Ford.
- Do we know where he is now?
- I'll find out.
'Al's not what I thought he was.'
Rose filmed this
two days before she was murdered
..on your operating table.
Saturday? No. Why is she saying that?
This is ridiculous!
We had a nice evening.
I didn't threaten her.
Not even any cross words.
What the hell's going on here?
Well, we can now establish
that the killer, a female,
entered the clinic
by someone from the inside
smashing the glass tube
on the fire door.
Was that you, Al?
No. Right
Rose thinks I'm gonna kill her.
Two days later,
she lets me operate on her?
Come on, Al. You had the motive,
the expertise and the means.
So did Mariel.
Yeah, but she wasn't
threatening the victim's life.
All this toxic masculinity?
Oh, you've fallen
for one of Mariel's sales pitches?
Let me guess - did she offer
to boost your self-esteem
with some nice little
corrective surgery, hmm?
You got your new girlfriend
to kill your old girlfriend.
Most murdered women are killed by men
they're in a relationship with,
aren't they?
First, there IS no new girlfriend.
Second, you really have been
listening to the Gospel of Mariel.
God, she is good. Yeah?
'Ma'am, I've just sent you a link.
'I was combing through all of
Rose's vlogs and CCTV for stalkers,
'and I found this.
'If you enlarge it just after Al
and Rose leave the reception area,
'you can see it's Alliyah Kharti
the receptionist at the clinic.'
Miss Kharti?
Didn't have you down as a Boleyn Beauty.
I don't know what you mean.
Looks to me like you might have been
stalking Rose Boleyn.
- Al.
- What?
- You had an obsession with Al?
- No!
Well, explain it to me, Alliyah.
I do a lot of promotional work.
Corporate, hospitality.
I met Mariel at one of those events.
We hit it off. She's, erm
She's quite a character.
She asked me to come and work
for her in the clinic, on reception,
and so I could keep across Al's diary.
She's paid me twice my hourly rate,
plus a bonus to follow him.
I kept up both jobs.
Er, don't tell Mariel
that I've told you all that.
How long was this affair with Rose
going on?
At least three months.
- And you told
- Mariel?
Well, yeah, of course I did.
That's what she was paying me for.
Oh! Nearly, Judge Evan.
Strength is your weakness.
Er, I'm not sure
I know what you mean.
You've over-tightening the grip.
Nice, soft hands. That's the key
to a good short game.
It's all about your feel for the shaft.
- Damn! She's been lying to me.
- Lying to us all, Ma'am.
You and the boyfriend
when you were boozing,
what did you talk about?
Oh, this and that.
You know, life, the universe.
"Shooting the breeze", as he called it.
- Yeah. And, erm
- What?
Well, Ma'am, it's not my place
to interfere, but
"Interfere"? What do you mean?
- Well, boss, nothing.
- No, go on. Out with it.
Well, Ma'am, I-I don't see
there's any harm in him
having a game of five-a-side
on a Saturday as well as a Wednesday.
Well, Sergeant Dodds,
as I explained to him,
I want quality time on the weekend.
Yeah, but you spend most of it online,
- looking at houses and holidays.
- Yeah, but
Oh, my God. What is happening?!
Ma'am. C-C-Could we just
get back to the case, please, Ma'am?
So, this memorial tonight,
see if any suspects pop up.
One of them could be your mystery nurse.
I'll deal with Mariel.
Better than all the rest
Better than anyone
Anyone I ever met
I'm stuck in your heart
I hang on every word you say
Tear us apart
Baby, I would rather be dead
Wow, you're the best! ♪
As always, a Rose like no other.
We'll miss you.
Hear, hear!
We should split up, Sergeant.
Start questioning them.
Now, DCI McDonald wants discretion.
We're just looking into
Rose's background,
and we don't want to say anything
that might indicate
that Rose was murdered.
The thing about Rose
was that she was just like us.
And she made us feel heard. Seen.
- There was nothing fake about her.
- Where's Keira?
- I dunno.
- Maybe it's best if she isn't here.
She was the most authentic
influencer out there.
Rest in beauty, Rose.
'What do you think, huh?'
I think I killed it
out there tonight, don't you?
It was different.
You've known about Al's affair
with Rose for the last three months.
Come on. That's yours.
Come on! You deserve it. We both do.
Hard being a role model, isn't it?
You lied to me, Mariel.
Well, I I just didn't tell you
the whole truth.
Are you married, Lauren?
You didn't not tell me.
You played devastated.
- It was scary convincing.
- He hasn't asked you yet, has he?
- He will.
- When you tell him to, right?
Ah! You've got a thing for doormats.
I mean, take your Detective Dodds,
for example.
Who's got it in his pretty little head
that everything that happened
at your clinic on Monday morning,
when Rose was murdered, was
all choreographed by some sort of
evil genius.
How very Al. Change the record, Mariel.
"He got his new girlfriend
to kill his old girlfriend?"
I was just trying to help you.
We're all in this together, Lauren.
We never did get to see
her new skin-care collab.
But, in some ways,
it feels like she's still with us.
Through us. The Boleyn Beauties.
The Boleyn Beauties!
So have you always
liked passive men, or
have you been wounded?
You know, a little scarred?
I guess I'm just not as tough
and resilient as you, Mariel.
I mean, Al's been playing away
for three months,
- and you're still shagging him?
- Mm-hm.
Which means A, you're using him,
B, you're needy and pathetic, or C
you guys are in this together
and you're still crazy in love.
Wish I could believe that.
For your sake.
They're They're so sincere
and emotional and sensitive.
It's like they've come from the future.
I keep hearing "Keira".
Yes. Keira.
Everyone's talking about her.
Rose's biggest fan.
Mm. More stalker than fan, it seems.
She was following Rose everywhere.
Threatening her.
- Did you get a second name?
- Yeah, Roberts.
You know, you should call in a check
on this Keira Roberts,
- just see if she's, er
- 'Hello, Missing Person's'
- Very good, DC Pachiorkowski.
- Hello?
I need to run a check on Keira Roberts.
- Keira Roberts?
- I think we've got something here.
She's been stalking
and pestering Rose for over a year.
We traced her to an address in Slough,
but her parents
reported her missing yesterday.
She hasn't been seen since Monday.
OK. Thanks.
Where are you, Ma'am?
Dealing with Mariel.
It's interesting, that face of yours.
How you can look suspicious
and happy at the same time.
It's quite remarkable.
I'm suspicious cos you lied to me.
And I'm happy cos I just got a new lead.
Ooh! Do share.
Keira Roberts.
That name mean anything to you?
Keira Roberts?
No. Sorry.
She was stalking Rose.
No-one's seen her since Monday.
Only a matter of time
till I track her down.
Well good hunting.
Three, two, one, release!
OK, thanks.
I've just had a call with Mariel Flynn.
She alleges that you tried
to get her inebriated
- to force a confession?
- That's not what happened at all.
What happened is immaterial.
Anything a suspect says uncorroborated
in a deliberately engineered
social situation
is inadmissible.
Yes, I know, ma'am.
But with all due respect,
this conversation is immaterial.
We've got a lead.
I know.
Keira Roberts.
But you need to get her down here
and get a confession.
Yes, ma'am, we're on it.
Al Ford has also been in touch.
Also alleging harassment.
Yeah, well, he would, wouldn't he?
Al and Mariel are behind this.
- It's still a mess.
- Not of my making.
Nor of mine.
Put that to one side.
You need a clear head.
Yes, ma'am.
Thank you.
Can I be transparent?
I don't consider myself your role model.
Nor your mentor.
Nor am I making a project out of you.
Keira Roberts. Our missing suspect.
She wants to talk to you.
OK. Where?
She won't tell us, but she's ready
and waiting to talk to you on Zoom.
She wants to confess
to the murder of Rose Boleyn.
Are you sure you're all right, Ma'am?
Mm-hm. Fine.
Now, this girl is a fanatic,
so her confession could be
Attention seeking, I know.
But let's see how she does
with details of the murder and
take a view from there, eh?
This is Detective Sergeant Dodds,
and I'm DCI Lauren McDonald.
I'm leading the inquiry
into Rose Boleyn's murder.
Is that the best connection you've got?
'Yeah, it's the best I can do.'
What did you want to tell us, Keira?
'I killed Rose Boleyn.'
OK. Well, take your time. No rush.
Can you explain to me, in
your own words, how you killed Rose?
'I broke into the clinic
on Monday morning.
'I sneaked into the operating theatre
'when the nurses were distracted
'..and I passed the anaesthetist
the thing with the poison in it.
'He had his back to me,
so he didn't notice.'
OK. Let's go a step back.
How exactly
did you break into the clinic?
'The fire door.'
So, what, you just just forced it?
'No. Someone opened it from the inside.'
Who opened the door for you, Keira?
'Al Ford.'
Ah! Come on. Good boy.
'I met him about a month ago,
at the bar he DJs in, and
'..I went back to his flat.
'It was all so lovely and romantic.
'The wine, the Teddy Pendergrass
first album - original pressing.
'We talked all night,
and he started going on about
'how sick he was of his girlfriend.
'Rose Boleyn.'
And you were a fan.
Her most obsessive fan.
'She just seemed
so lovely and perfect, and
'I wanted to be like her
and have her life, but
'Al said Rose was obsessed with him
and he was getting divorced
'and he'd lose everything to his wife
'if his affair with Rose got out.
'Al just got inside my head
manipulated me.
'I loved him so much,
I'd have done anything.'
OK, Keira. We need you
to come into the station.
'No. I've told you
what you need to know. That's it.'
I understand.
You were manipulated by Al.
But we need you to come in in person.
Wait, no!
Craig! Anything?
Er, Tech Services are trying to nail
her VPN and get a location,
- but they're not hopeful.
- Give 'em a bollocking.
I can do the bollocking.
- OK. Cool.
- Hello?
Right, be discreet
because local press'll be here,
but I want Al Ford processed and
ready for interview within the hour.
On it, ma'am.
She's lying!
And having reviewed the assets
accrued by Flynn & Ford,
I have concluded
this was indeed a marriage
and highly successful business
founded on a bond of mutual love
and respect.
A bond that you, Mr Ford
..brutally tore asunder.
You, sir,
are a cold and manipulative man
who preyed on the honesty
and insecurities of your wife.
But, in this case,
strength was your weakness.
No! She's a liar! And a cheat.
What have you done with Spike?
FLUFFY has been through intense
therapy, as have I,
after everything you put us through.
Ma'am, Keira Roberts is lying.
There was no affair with Mr Ford.
I've seen an invoice.
She got a new dog -
one that doesn't bark at her.
That's just ridiculous.
Wait, what?
Why would she lie about that?
I I-I don't know.
THAT is not Spike. THAT is an imposter.
She's swapped the dogs!
That's it!
The real Spike is probably
lying dead in a ditch somewhere.
- What?
- You're making a fool of yourself.
- You're the only fool in this place.
- Mr Ford Mr Ford Ms Flynn,
I will not have
this sort of behaviour in my court!
- Order! Mr Ford
- Honestly!
Keira told us that Mr Ford wooed her
with his first pressing of
a Teddy Pendergrass LP a month ago.
But Ms Flynn scratched
that same record three months ago,
- so Keira's lying!
- Why, for God's sake?
Ma'am I think I know who broke
the glass tube on the fire door
and let the killer in.
Yeah? Al, or Mariel?
It's the girl who's just confessed
to the murder of Rose Boleyn,
and that girl is NOT Keira Roberts.
And I know this, Ma'am, because
..the dogs were swapped.
Algernon! Fancy meeting you here.
- The police have asked to talk to me.
- Me, too.
They say they know who killed Rose.
How does it feel, Mariel, to have
crushed me in court like that?
Ah, well,
I am in a place beyond happiness.
Well wealth and freedom
can be a lonely place for a woman
of your vintage.
And poverty and prison can be even
lonelier for a person of your
- Yes, "evilness" isn't a word.
- Mm works for you.
Well, I'm groomed, I'm flossed,
I'm moisturised.
I will be back.
You're so deluded, it's almost sweet!
Now let's face the music.
Thank you, everyone,
for joining us so quickly.
This case took a bit of unravelling.
At its heart
it's a clever piece of subterfuge,
that depended on confirmation bias.
You see, no matter how closely
we might look at something only see what you expect to see.
Not what's really there,
not what's right in front of you
staring you in the face.
Sergeant Dodds? The plan.
Monday morning.
Rose Boleyn arrived here at 9:30.
Now, Mr Ford and his surgical team
followed their standard procedure.
First, Nurse Haggard asked Rose
to remove her trademark make-up.
And then you
..Mr Ford, you prepared her for surgery.
And when you left her to ready
yourself for the procedure
..that's when it happened.
The glass tube in the fire door
was smashed
by someone inside this facility.
Rose Boleyn.
But why would Rose let
her own killer into the building?
Oh, no, er
She didn't let the killer in.
She let the victim in.
And while the real Rose Boleyn
hid in the cupboard,
the false Rose Boleyn
took her place in the private room.
And since you, Dr McCartney,
had only met her in the flesh
after Mr Ford had marked her face
with a matrix of blue lines
Well, confirmation bias.
You didn't realise that you were taking
the false Rose Boleyn to surgery.
And you didn't recognise her,
either, Mr Ford,
because, as you say,
you don't see a patient,
you see a
"sculpture inside a block of stone."
And when you sent Nurse Haggard out
to get your special chisel
Mortise chisel! Straight-edged blade!
- Now! Come on.
- I I'm I'm s I'm sorry.
..and then, five minutes later,
you dispatched Nurse Yang
to take Spike back upstairs to Ms Flynn,
the route was clear
for the real Rose Boleyn murder the false Rose Boleyn.
The whole thing planned
and orchestrated you, Mariel.
It was you, Ms Flynn,
who added the lethal dose
of potassium chloride
to the rogue vial of Propofol,
which you then left out with a
nurse's uniform for Rose to collect.
And, afterwards,
you replaced the broken glass tube
on the fire door
and cleared up the debris.
And it was you
who took the chisel from here
to lure Nurse Haggard away.
And it was you who ejected Spike
from your office
..knowing that Nurse Yang would
have to bring him back upstairs.
You can't prove any of this.
I can.
On the testimony of our key witness
Rose Boleyn.
We picked her up at Bristol Airport
..on a one-way flight to Australia,
using her Romanian passport
..under the name of "Elena Vacarescu".
So who did I operate on?
Keira Roberts. Rose's biggest fan.
Rose told us everything, Mariel.
How you, Al, had told her
you were going to leave your wife.
But when she saw online that
you were renewing your wedding vows,
she gate-crashed your party.
And you, Mariel, when you saw Al
with Rose, that was the last straw.
You got up on stage
and announced your divorce.
- Then you made friends with Rose
- Friends?
..turned her against Al,
offered her £200,000
and a new life in Australia
to carry out your plan
to take everything from him.
She wanted out.
She'd trapped herself
in the persona of Rose Boleyn
and she was being stalked
by a particularly overzealous fan.
Keira Roberts.
Who had discovered her true identity
and was threatening to expose her.
Keira had come to you last year
and asked for
the full Rose Boleyn works.
You noticed
the same underlying bone structure.
The reddish complexion.
The same colour eyes
..and you persuaded Keira
to have a free operation
to look just like her idol.
Rose wanted out.
You wanted to destroy Al,
and sacrificing Keira was
the solution to both your problems.
You facilitated the switch.
Like you switched Fluffy for Spike,
you switched Keira for Rose.
And Rose murdered Keira.
And that stuff
they found on your phone
saying I was gonna kill you
..that was part of the plan?
- The phone you gave us, Mariel?
- It was all Mariel's idea!
You're evil. Sinister.
No wonder he was scared to leave you.
I was not scared to leave her.
The truth is, dear,
he didn't WANT to leave me.
- Mariel!
- Stop.
This is over. Bring in the arrest team.
It might have been easier
just to walk out on him.
I wanted to make him suffer.
After what he did to me,
I deserved more than
You might deserve a lot of things,
Mariel - God knows Al's a ratbag -
but you can't just take
what you think you deserve
at the price of a woman's life.
It doesn't work like that.
Sorry, Mr Ford,
can you just wait there please, sir?
No, wait! Wait!
You come to gloat, Al?
There's been a mistake.
She hasn't killed anyone.
- There's no mistake, Al.
- Please
..don't take her away
..from me.
Damn it, Mariel!
I still love you.
This way, madam.
Did you get the address
of Keira's parents?
It's Slough.
Er, once we've picked up her ashes,
we'll be there by tea time.
God all that social media stuff.
Obsessed with Rose.
- She really lost her way, didn't she?
- She did, Ma'am.
- Thank you.
- For what, Ma'am?
Well, if I'd have arrested Al,
Ormond would be chomping
at the bit to make an example of me.
Despite my clear-up rate.
That's just the way she is, Ma'am.
Very demanding.
Well you didn't put a foot wrong
on this one.
There's a first time
for everything, Ma'am.
You're quite devious, really,
aren't you?
Devious? I was just tr
trying to help, Ma'am.
No, I don't mean about that. I mean
..there's me, dispatching
my boyfriend to fix your boiler
- so I could find out more about you.
- Well, isn't THAT devious?
Yeah, but
Oh, that's quite nice, actually.
..I'm none the wiser and you're all over
my relationship with the boyfriend.
Oh, all I wanted was a hot bath,
Ma'am. You're very lucky.
God, I know. Something goes wrong
with your boiler,
there goes your week in Tenerife.
No. I-I-I mean your boyfriend.
He really loves you, ma'am.
Yeah, I know.
It's not everything, though, is it?
I mean, look at Al and Mariel.
They got so wrapped up in each
other that some poor girl is dead
because they couldn't see right
from wrong any more.
I mean, there's a whole world out there.
Beyond marriage or your relationship.
And I've got crimes to solve
and murderers to bang up.
Mm. Yeah. I suppose that's why God
gave you a suspicious face.
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