McDonald & Dodds (2020) s03e04 Episode Script

Clouds Across the Moon

Today is the day of the dead,
and they are restless
to speak their truth.
And today, I beg for your support
in my quest for the meta-truth.
Initiate level one status
will grant full access
to the world beyond life.
I must go.
To Glastonbury.
The dead await the living.
Pray to your god for me.
See you at sun up.
Sic mortui ascendent
ut viventes cadeant.
Sic mortui ascendent
ut viventes cadeant.
'Sic mortui ascendent
ut viventes cadeant.'
Sic mortui ascendent
ut viventes cadeant.
Sic mortui ascendent
ut viventes cadeant.
Sic mortui ascendent
ut viventes cadeant.
So here I am.
This is the time.
This is the place.
Here and now, the dead will rise.
Here and now, the dead will speak
their truth to us, the living.
It was found this morning
at 6:45am by that man.
His name's Martin Silver.
We've also got tyre tracks.
Fairly fresh, so we should get
some decent impressions.
Quick as you can before it rains.
Sonar scans confirm that
there is a body down there.
Initial pathology assessment,
dead less than 24 hours.
The excavation team's on its way,
But this turf's been disturbed
Erm Looks like his wedding ring
has been removed.
Also recently. Forcibly, too.
- Bruising says before he died.
- Hmm.
Right, get a forensics tent.
How long until we get access
to the body?
- A few hours. Five max.
- Make it four.
Ma'am, this is Mr Martin Silver.
Hi, Martin. I'm DCI Lauren McDonald.
This is Detective Sergeant Dodds.
When can I go?
I should really be at work.
Soon. I'm sure you must be upset
about all this.
Can you tell me everything
that happened?
Well, nothing really.
I was just out walking
when I saw this
hand, sticking out the ground.
I thought it was some kind of joke,
but when I tried to pull on it,
I realised it was real
and I called you guys.
- So, you found this hand at 6:45am?
- Yeah.
That's early.
I don't sleep too well,
so I like to go out walking.
Is there something wrong with that?
Can I go?
We will probably need to speak
to you again.
Get me as much as you can on him.
- You do know that today is November 2nd, ma'am.
- And?
- Dia de los Muertos?
- The day of the dead.
Spanish A Level. Your point being?
Oh, I don't know.
Nothing, I suppose.
- Did you just bless yourself?
- Oh, yeah. Sorry, ma'am.
Force of habit.
I thought Halloween was over.
Every day is Halloween
in Glastonbury, ma'am.
Right, Sarge.
I've got an American cream soda,
and a ploughman's.
Well, when in Rome, ma'am.
They don't half know how to pickle
an onion in these parts.
My boyfriend keeps going on about
converting to Catholicism.
What, he's had some kind of
religious experience?
No, no. He just really wants
a church wedding.
He went to a Catholic one
and thought it was amazing.
Oh, oh, congratulations.
- You've told him to ask you, have you, then?
- Not yet.
We're just on year three
of the five-year plan.
- That's very Stalinist of you, ma'am.
- Thank you.
Anyway, he wants
the whole wedding bhoona.
The best man, the bridesmaids,
100 guests.
Me being walked down the aisle
wearing white.
Well, that is very nice.
- Is it?
- Hmm.
When you got married,
did your wife wear white?
I mean, ex-wife.
She did indeed.
But she's not my ex-wife.
I thought you got
an automatic divorce
after two years of separation?
Well, if that's what you want.
But we're still married
in the eyes of the church.
I had to email the Vatican again
last month.
I need a papal annulment
if I want to get divorced properly.
It's, erm, you know,
like Henry VIII.
Right. They're ready
at the crime scene.
Here you are.
Come on, Your Majesty.
Felix Gibney.
You should get something
when it's dried out.
Set of house keys, car keys. BMW.
Felix Gibney. Aged 55.
15 Cavendish Hill, Bath.
Not seeing any obvious injuries
or signs of physical trauma.
Pathology will have to confirm,
but I'm not seeing
any signs of asphyxiation.
Everything says he was dead
before he was put in the ground.
If you kill someone,
you put the body
where it won't be found.
Or a place that
when it was found,
the body was so decomposed,
evidence would be non-existent.
Yeah, well, whoever did this,
wanted, expected,
Felix Gibney's body to be found.
Tox report confirms that
Felix Gibney died
from a massive overdose
of Alprazolam,
which is a prescription
pain medication.
He took, or was given,
enough to kill him
within an hour of ingestion.
Time of death is estimated
between nine and 10pm last night,
1st November.
Now, obviously
I'm not ruling out suicide,
but someone went to the trouble of
burying him, minus his wedding ring.
Who did that? And why do that
if you didn't kill him?
So, Felix Gibney.
What do we know?
He owns a company that manufactures
and supplies air vents
to the building industry.
Wealthy, net worth
around two million.
Everything above board financially.
No criminal record.
Married, no children.
- What about his wife?
- Maeve Gibney.
Felix was her second husband.
FLO's on the way to inform her
and get a formal identification
of the body.
- Anything in her background?
- Well, she's a jazz club singer.
She was performing here in Bath
at Les Deux Plumes club last night.
26 miles from Glastonbury,
between 8:30 and 11pm.
- Did she report him missing?
- Not until 8am this morning.
OK, I'll need to speak to her.
Right, we need a timeline
of Felix Gibney's day yesterday.
So track bank and credit card usage.
Friends, family, colleagues,
neighbours. Who saw him last?
And how did he get from Bath
to Glastonbury?
Get on to local residents
at Glastonbury,
see if anyone saw him.
Was he alone? Was he in company?
We need traffic and street CCTV.
We're looking for the victim,
or the vehicle that transported
his body to King's Field.
The guy who found the body,
Martin Silver.
- Bit more to it than he's letting on.
- Oh, yeah?
'Here and now,
'the dead will speak their truth
to us, the living.'
Where'd this come from?
It was a live feed
on a website owned by Martin Silver.
The Society Of Shadows.
What's that?
Well, Martin Silver claims,
through interacting with
neutrino particle residue,
he can communicate with the dead.
Specialises in online
one-to-one seances.
- 200 quid a pop.
- OK, where's his dungeon?
Oh, it's not a dungeon.
He's an IT consultant.
Got an office
in the Perrymead Business Centre.
'Here and now,
'the dead will speak their truth
to us, the living.'
Yeah. I didn't mention this
cos I didn't think it was important.
I asked you this morning
why you were in King's Field
and you said
you were going for a walk.
- Well, I WAS walking.
- Let's keep it serious, sir.
It seems, Mr Silver,
that you went to King's Field
expecting to find a body.
And you did!
No. I was expecting to find
a dummy hand.
- A dummy hand?
- Yeah.
When I realised it was human,
I called you guys.
If I'd murdered and buried some dude
in the ground,
why would I call the police?
Do you know this man?
His name is Felix Gibney.
No. Never heard of him.
Where were you last night
between 8pm and midnight?
Here. Working late. Alone.
So, are you saying, Mr Silver,
that you put an artificial arm
in the ground
as part of your event?
I have a facility
for communing with the dead.
You were trying to fool people.
I was enhancing
the real-time seance experience.
The hand was symbolic.
OK, well, assuming you're telling
the truth,
what time did you put "the hand"
in the ground?
I didn't.
I hired a local artist guy
to do that. Hector Ingham.
- And what time did he install it?
- I don't know. You'd have to ask him.
OK. So, just to be clear.
You hired an artist to install
a fake hand in King's Field.
But instead, someone installed
a real dead body for you to find?
Yeah. That's how it looks.
OK, can you think of anyone
who might want to do that to you?
Who knew you were about to pull
this escapade?
The premium subscribers
to the Society Of Shadows website.
OK. I'll need a list.
we live in a sceptical,
secular culture,
and a lot of my subscribers
are respectable people,
and they prefer to keep
their spiritual aspect confidential.
Since the Society's office is
registered in the Channel Islands,
I don't think you can force me
to share that with you.
Do you ever worry
that you might be dabbling in forces
that you shouldn't be dabbling in?
No. I don't.
I help people.
OK, this Hector Ingham.
- When did you last speak to him?
- I didn't. I've never seen him.
We arranged everything online.
But he's based at
the Temple Hill Sculpture Studios.
My goodness!
The old corporation bus depot.
Who'd've thought it?
Can I help you?
- Hector Ingham?
- Yeah?
DCI Lauren McDonald.
This is DS Dodds.
We're investigating
the suspicious death of this man.
His name is Felix Gibney.
Do you know him?
No. Sorry.
He was found dead
early this morning, in King's Field,
- just outside of Glastonbury.
- OK.
Er, you were commissioned
to fabricate and install
an artificial arm
by a chap called Martin Silver?
Yeah. I do a lot of commercial gigs.
That That's for the new ride
at Thorpe Park.
But this is my real stuff.
It's a series.
I call it The Logic Of Violence.
OK, cards on the table.
I'm a convicted murderer.
20 years for beating some geezer
to death
outside the boozer
when I was hammered.
20 years coming to terms with
my capacity for violence,
and redirecting it into my art.
OK. Here's my problem.
- The hand was real.
- What?
It belonged to Felix Gibney.
And the rest of him was underground.
He'd been dead less than 12 hours
when we recovered the body,
- which means
- Come on.
Do you think
if I was gonna kill someone,
I'd do it on my own doorstep
like that?
Well, what time last night
did you put this artificial arm
into the ground, sir?
Well, that's the thing. I didn't.
When I got there,
this Martin Silver,
he said he didn't want the arm
Gave me an extra 200 quid
for the inconvenience.
He didn't mention any of that to us.
- Is this the man you saw last night?
- No. Definitely not.
- Well, that's Martin Silver.
- What?
What time did you meet this chap
you thought was Mr Silver?
About half eleven.
One second. Yeah?
'Can you get back here, ma'am? Now?'
- Why? What happened?
- I can't talk over the phone.
- OK. We'll be right there.
- You need to come alone, ma'am.
OK. 15 minutes.
Erm, I'm needed
back at the police station.
- Could you take a full report, Sergeant Dodds?
- Of course, ma'am.
Hector, as much detail
as you can remember.
It's possible that you were
face to face with
- the man who killed Felix Gibney.
- OK.
Right, erm, OK, sir. So, erm,
if you can just take your time
and think back to 11:30 last night.
What's going on?
Felix Gibney's phone dried out,
so I got access.
He was on a gay dating website,
He'd got into a correspondence
- with someone calling himselfNightwalker99.
- Right.
They arranged to meet in a hotel
in Glastonbury.
We don't know where,
the trail goes cold after that.
But they did exchange photos.
This is Nightwalker99.
I have to ask you, Sergeant Dodds,
where were you Thursday
between 8pm and midnight?
Well, I I had a couple of pints
with Soapy Carmichael
in The Sun Rising.
Eddie the barman, he served us.
- What is Soapy's real name?
- Oswald.
- The Sun Rising?
- It's on Wells Street.
I'm actioning an alibi check, ma'am.
So assuming your alibi
does check out
Well, of course it will.
Oh. I'm sorry, ma'am.
I'm really put out by all this.
Why would somebody -
the killer, presumably -
lure his victim to Glastonbury
using a photo of Dodds?
Yeah. That's my passport photograph,
that is.
- To frame him?
- Frame me? Why?
Maybe the killer knew that
Sergeant Dodds
would be assigned a murder case
in the catchment area,
and it's some sort of sick joke.
On us. Or on you?
What? Why?
Anything odd or suspicious
happened recently
- in your personal life?
- No.
Nothing happens in my personal life.
Hey, darlin'
How you doin'?
Hey, baby
Where you sleepin'?
I'm sorry
But I'm really missing you
Now, when I look
There's clouds across the moon ♪
I'm sorry for your loss, Mrs Gibney.
I want to assure you that
we are doing everything we can
to find out what happened
to your husband.
They haven't told me much,
how he was
How Felix died.
I can't go into specifics,
but his body was found
yesterday morning.
He was buried in a field
near Glastonbury.
I know this is hard, but I need you
to answer a few questions for me.
- Did he suffer?
- We don't know.
We don't think so.
Recently, did you notice anything
odd or different
about your husband's behaviour
or routines?
Felix lived by his routines.
Regular as clockwork.
Completely predictable.
Yet when he didn't come home
that night,
you didn't report him missing
till 8am the next morning.
He told me he was having dinner
with a client.
Which was a lie.
"Dinner with a client" meant
anonymous gay sex.
Felix, keen golfer,
straight-up businessman,
was always a bit embarrassed
about that side of his sexuality.
And I was happy to pretend
I didn't know.
- That can't have been easy for you.
- It was fine.
Random knife attack years ago.
I felt safe with Felix.
He made me feel
Your husband arranged to meet a man
on Thursday night in Glastonbury.
The man's profile name
on the dating website they used
was Nightwalker99.
Does that mean anything to you?
Then, when you turn a blind eye,
you don't see much, do you?
Meeting random men
I did sometimes worry.
- Your husband wore a wedding ring, right?
- Yes.
We think that whoever killed him
removed it.
You think I got fed up with
his extra-marital activities.
But since I have an alibi
for last night,
you're wondering if I paid someone
to kill him?
But then why would I have them
remove the wedding ring?
That would make me look guilty.
Maybe he was killed by the man
he was meeting,
or some other man.
Felix wouldn't leave me,
so he was killed
and his wedding ring taken.
I'm not ruling anything out
at this stage, Mrs Gibney.
But thank you for asking
my questions for me.
And answering them.
I should've been a detective.
Except show business
means everything to me.
Go over that property
with a fine-tooth comb.
Anything that jumps out at you,
give me a call.
Oh. There is something, ma'am.
Hector Ingham. He did 20 years.
Oh, yeah, I know. Drunken brawl.
- Not quite. I'll send you the file.
- OK.
- Anything on the tyre tracks?
- No PNC hits,
but we're looking for
a medium cargo vehicle,
possibly a pick-up.
You'll find Hector Ingham
in Queen's Gardens.
Sergeant Dodds'll meet you there.
His alibi checked out.
- Soapy Carmichael come through?
- Loud and clear, ma'am.
The victim's wife?
I don't know what to make of her,
you know?
She claims that she knew about
Felix's flings,
- but it didn't bother her.
- But you're not so sure?
I'm not ruling her out just yet.
It's funny to think
you were a honey trap.
What do you mean?
Well, whoever was behind
the murder of Felix Gibney,
they used your photo
to lure him to his death.
He must have found you
really attractive.
Well, why wouldn't he?
Who's the man, eh?
Who's the man?
Your 20-year stint in Belmarsh
wasn't some drunken brawl.
It was a contract hit
on a street-level drug dealer,
with a bit of torture thrown in.
You were hired muscle, Hector.
Serious muscle.
- I sell a lot of my, uh
- Crap?
Some of the "cool" husbands,
fund managers, session musicians,
they like to mix it with a hard man.
Not too hard
or they get a bit jumpy.
Force of habits.
I told you the same story
I tell them.
- Crime pays, eh?
- Well, we are where we are.
- Did someone pay you to kill Felix Gibney?
- What?
His wife, for example.
The only thing I sell these days
is my art.
How did you get from Bath
to Glastonbury
- on Thursday night, sir?
- My van.
Where did you park it?
On the road opposite that field.
- You sure you don't know this man?
- I've told you,
I've never seen him before
in my life.
Do you mind if we have a look
inside your van?
No. As long as you've got a warrant.
OK, Hector, I'll leave you
to your victims.
And we'll be back within 24 hours
with that warrant.
CCTV cam in Glastonbury.
Felix going into a hotel on Thursday
at 5pm.
Excuse me. We're from
the West of England constabulary.
- Can we speak to the manager, please?
- I'm the manager. Jemma Kent.
Great. Hi, Jemma.
We believe that this man
stayed here on Thursday night.
Yes. I remember him. Mr Gibney.
It's Jemma with a J, not Gemma with a G.
Oh, my God. Is he the man
found in King's Field?
How long did he stay here?
How many nights?
He just booked for Thursday,
but he went out.
I thought he'd probably just left
on Friday morning
without me seeing him.
- And what time did he go out at?
- About 7:30.
Was he with anyone at all?
Did he have any visitors?
Not that I saw.
But he WAS meeting someone.
- How'd you know?
- I saw the guy.
It was just for a second or two.
When Mr Gibney opened
the front door,
there was a chap
waiting to meet him.
And can you describe this man?
Uh It was dark outside.
I don't know.
He was wearing glasses.
- Ethnicity?
- White.
- Age?
- 30s? 40s? Hard to say. Sorry.
I wasn't really paying attention.
- How was he dressed?
- Just ordinary.
A beige jacket. A bit like yours.
- Was this him?
- Sorry. I really couldn't say.
- Maybe.
- OK, well,
if anything else comes
to you, give me a call.
I will.
Did you try and contact Mr Gibney
on Friday morning?
Why would I?
His bag was gone.
I assumed he'd gone home.
Well, the bill.
He didn't come back.
He paid the bill in advance.
No. We checked
his bank card activity.
He didn't make a purchase here.
Well, I think someone else paid
for it.
Yeah, here we are.
The room was paid for by
a Mr DS Dodds.
'What is going on?'
- Why me?
- I don't know.
Tech services have been through
the DS Dodds credit card.
It's a fake account,
also used to set up Nightwalker99's
membership on the dating website.
Whoever's behind this,
they've got a seriously impressive
technical skillset.
Extremely high level.
Martin Silver's an IT specialist.
Did he ping up on the database?
Nothing. But he's making
a lot of money on his website.
It's his main source of income.
Lots of reviews here.
He's an "electronic medium".
All these people
saying he's genuine.
He really does speak to
your departed loved ones.
Do you have any past connection
to Martin Silver?
No, ma'am. Not that I can remember.
Hector Ingham?
He's killed before,
and he didn't want us
searching his van.
Bad news, ma'am.
'Hector Ingham's dead.'
One of the boules players over there
called it in at 4:31pm.
Pathology confirm cause of death
as asphyxiation
between 3pm and 4pm.
Marks on his neck
indicate he was strangled.
With bare hands.
Doesn't seem to be any signs
of struggle.
He was a big man,
a professional thug, and someone,
well, maybe more than one person,
overpowered him.
These materials could have been used
to transport the body.
That's why he didn't want us
to have access to his van.
Right, get this lot processed.
So, victim number two
was prime suspect
in the murder of victim number one.
I'm expecting trace evidence
of Felix Gibney in here
and the tyres to match the tracks
in King's Field.
Ma'am. The boules players say that
Mr Ingham got a phone call
just before 3pm.
He went off in his van.
Came back around four-ish.
When he didn't get out of the van,
someone went over at 4:30
and found him dead.
- Have we recovered his phone?
- Yeah.
There was a call from
a withheld number. We're tracing it.
When he came back,
was anyone with him?
They can't say.
No-one was paying much attention.
OK, do a sweep of all these houses.
Most of the properties
have doorbell cams.
Oh, and DC Goldie?
Top button and tie.
OK. As things stand,
only us and the killer know that
these two murders are connected,
so let's keep it that way.
Media blackout on
the identity of victim two.
Too late, ma'am.
Martin Silver's posting
on his website
that he's trying to commune
with Hector Ingham.
Well, how does he know that Ingham
is the victim?
OK, I'll handle this crime scene,
allocate lines of inquiry.
- You deal with Silver.
- Ma'am.
Martin Silver.
We're now looking at you
as a suspect for two killings.
Felix Gibney as part of your stunt
the other day. And Hector Ingham.
I don't think you can prove
any of that.
You know the name of
our second victim
before we've even finished
processing the crime scene.
- Explain that.
- The dead speak to me.
I'm sorry. But that's the way it is.
And, like I said on my web post,
if I can reach your victim,
he can tell me who murdered him.
I'm trying to help you.
You're compromising
a major police inquiry.
- You need to have more faith.
- And have you reached him, sir?
Hector Ingham?
- I'm getting there.
- And did he tell you who killed him?
It's not that simple.
Oh, so it's not like
making a phone call or anything?
Bit more complicated than that.
Sometimes there's interference.
Clouds across the moon, you know?
But he wants to speak to me.
He's trying to get through.
Where were you earlier on today,
Between 2:30 and 4:30pm.
- I was here. Alone.
- Always alone, eh, Martin?
- I want those posts taken down.
- Not happening.
Get me a full background and
financial check on Martin Silver.
Dig deep into his personal
and business life.
Anything that's not open source,
we can go to the judge
and get a warrant.
His status on
this double murder inquiry
has now gone from key witness
to prime suspect.
Let's see where all this takes us,
eh, Martin?
So, Silver connects
both the murders. What else does?
We can place both victims
in Glastonbury on Thursday night.
Felix stayed at that hotel
and met someone there.
Is Nightwalker99 Hector Ingham?
I need you to think hard, Mrs Kent.
On Thursday's night,
when Felix Gibney stepped outside,
you saw someone waiting for him.
Was this the man?
Sorry. I I don't know.
Did you see him at any other point
on Thursday? Or any other day?
His name's Hector Ingham.
He's got one of those faces
you'd remember, so
I've never seen him before
in my life.
And I don't know that name.
Even though you've got
one of his artworks?
- The Logic Of Violence.
- How did that get there?
That piece of art
was made by Hector Ingham.
Who we found dead earlier in Bath.
I don't know where that came from.
- Who put it there?
- Are you being entirely straight with me?
You really don't know this man?
No. What are you trying to say?
I've never seen him before
in my life.
And I'd never met Felix Gibney
either, until he stayed here.
And that
What's going on here?
If Jemma Kent is telling the truth,
which is a big IF, if you ask me,
then someone must've got into
that hotel
- and planted the sculpture.
- For us to find?
- You're being watched.
- Watched and anticipated.
Goldie, Jemma Kent manages
The Tower And Temperance Hotel
in Glastonbury.
I need a full personal
and background check on her ASAP.
- Got it.
- Ma'am, the tyre tracks at the burial site
match to Hector Ingham's van.
And we've also found traces
of Felix Gibney's fingerprints
inside that van.
So victim two killed victim one.
Which leaves us with the question,
who killed the killer?
This person.
CCTV camera on Queen's Gardens.
But it's inconclusive.
- What do you mean?
- Here. 3:56pm.
Someone gets out the back
of Hector Ingham's van
after he was strangled.
Sorry, ma'am. That's all we've got.
No face, no age, no ethnicity.
The killer planned to murder
Hector Ingham here in
here in Queen's Gardens.
He knows where every camera is.
He's choreographed every move
in advance.
- And he knows we're watching this.
- Yeah, and getting nowhere.
In a similar way,
when supper was ended,
he took the chalice
and, once more giving thanks,
he gave it to his disciples,
"Take this, all of you,
and drink from it.
"For this is the chalice
of my blood.
"The blood of the new
and eternal covenant,
"which will be poured out for you
and for many
"for the forgiveness of sins.
"Do this in memory of me."
Oh, er, Sergeant Dodds?
I'm glad I caught you.
Father Michael Luton.
I'm based in St David's
in Chippenham.
Monseigneur Flynn pointed you out
to me.
Oh, well, what can I do for you,
It's about your marriage.
I received a note
from the papal legate in London.
I believe you recently applied
to Rome for an official annulment.
For the umpteenth time.
It's been nearly 30 years.
Oh, yes. Well, er, Rome thinks
in centuries, not decades.
Your wife, Sergeant,
are you in contact with her?
Uh, er, no. I I
Er, no, no. Sorry.
Well, I can see you're busy.
Perhaps we could grab a pint
some time
and I'll walk you through
the whole rigmarole.
Well, of course.
Yes. Er, take my card.
- Thank you, Father.
- Thank you.
- What was that all about?
- My divorce. It's happening.
Was there something urgent, ma'am?
We've got a lot to get through
today. Starting with Maeve Gibney.
So, this priest is gonna sort it out
for you, is he?
Oh, yes, ma'am.
And once he does, I am a free man!
- What was she called, your ex-wife. Or wife?
- Linda.
Try not to stare.
- Do you know this man?
- No.
His name's Hector Ingham.
We believe he killed your husband.
Did you ever see him
in Felix's company?
No. Have you arrested him?
Oh, I'm afraid he was found dead
yesterday, Mrs Gibney.
He'd been strangled.
See, the thing is,
Hector had a history of violence.
He'd killed before. For money.
And you think I paid this man
to kill Felix?
And then somehow I strangled him,
a professional killer?
Or I got someone to do that?
Because I have all these men
at my fingertips,
ready to kill for me.
Excuse me.
- It's a wedding ring?
- Felix's.
I'm sorry, Mrs Gibney,
I'm gonna have to process this.
They've gone.
Have you any idea
who's doing all this?
No. I don't.
I have to rehearse.
Mrs Gibney? Don't you think you need
police protection?
Where were the police
when this happened?
I don't know.
I need you to get me more
on Maeve Gibney.
She was the victim of
a knife attack.
I need to know when and where.
And get into her finances, see if
there was any large transactions.
Anything that might suggest that
there was another man in her life.
Someone who'd be willing to kill
for her.
The photo of me as Night walker
and the
Hector Ingham's sculpture
in Jemma Kent's hotel,
and now this wedding ring
through that door.
It's It's almost like
It's like someone's haunting
our inquiry.
Change your route home.
And vary your routines.
I'm gonna do the same.
Right. Yes, ma'am.
White Transit van in which
Hector Ingham was found dead.
Trace evidence and tyre tracks
proves this was the van
Felix Gibney was taken to
the burial site in.
But this is not Hector Ingham's van.
You see, these plates are false.
The chassis number, it doesn't match
to the registered licence number.
THIS is Hector Ingham's van.
It was found abandoned
on the Haycombe Industrial Estate
this morning.
It was full of
knocked-off cigarettes and booze.
That's why he wouldn't give us
access to his van without a warrant.
But this van's chassis number
DOES match to the plates
registered in Hector Ingham's name.
So, Hector Ingham,
he gets a phone call at 2:58,
and he leaves Queen's Gardens
in his van. Right. This van.
And then he's back an hour later
with the killer in a different van,
same model, same plates.
One killer. Two victims.
He framed victim two
for the murder of victim one.
So if this van
was driven to the burial site
and it matches the same make
and model as Hector Ingham's,
then that means that the killer
planned from the start
to murder both men,
that he planned from the start
to frame victim two
for the murder of victim one.
Ma'am? PNC have matched
the chassis number
on the killer's van
to a set of plates.
We have a registered owner.
DS Dodds.
Let's go for a drink, Sarge.
There you go, salt and vinegar.
No, thank you, ma'am.
I'm not hungry.
I'm sure the kitchen could do you
some chips and butter.
I'm not hungry.
Why does everyone hate
Russian dolls?
It's a joke.
Why does everyone hate
Russian dolls?
Cos they're full of themselves!
You know, like Russian dolls?
One inside the other,
so they're full of themselves.
Oh, I see. Ha, ha, ha.
- Did you not get that? Seriously?
- No.
But you're Dodds.
Your brain
and the logical stuff.
It's like the killer
somehow knows you.
And they're targeting you.
Which means that
you must somehow know the killer.
Well, we've apprehended
quite a few murderers now,
but they're all still in prison,
aren't they?
What about before I came?
Well, I was behind a desk
dealing with minor of fences.
I didn't really do anything
before you came here.
Is that the boyfriend?
He's making his lamb
and spinach curry.
Oh, well, you'd better go, ma'am.
He's very particular about that,
in't he?
Why's it always
such a big production when he cooks?
- Are you gonna be all right?
- Yeah, I'm fine.
I'm just a bit, erm
What's this?
This is the original case file
from five years ago
on Maeve Gibney's knife attack.
Maybe there's something in there.
Oh, erm,
I told the boyfriend
that I might agree
to the big white wedding.
- Thought you'd like that. Night, Sarge.
- Night.
We like to chat about the dresses
We will wear tonight
We chew the fat about our tresses
And the neighbour's fight
Inconsequential things
That men don't really care to know
Become essential things
That women find so appropo
Well, that's a dame
We're all the same
It's just a game
'How's the curry looking?'
'Fancy a bottle of wine and a movie
These killings,
I need to forget about 'em
for a while.
OK. I'm coming home now.
Love you.
About the ups and downs of
All our friends
The who, the how, the why
We dish the dirt
It never ends
The weaker sex, the speaker sex
You mortal males behold
But though we joke
We wouldn't trade you
For a ton of gold
It's all been planned
So take my hand
Please understand
The sweetest girl talk
Talks of you. ♪
I really have to get home.
Well, I just need a couple
of moments of your time, ma'am.
I have to get myself home now.
Felix used to come and collect me.
Miss him more than I thought
I would.
Mrs Gibney, there's something
I need to ask.
About your facial injury.
Now, I've been through
your case file
and you said that you never saw
your attacker,
that you've no idea
what he looked like,
- age or ethnicity.
- It all happened so quickly.
'You said in your original statement
'that it was like
the killer was waiting for you.'
- But you didn't see his face?
- No.
For somebody to inflict a wound
like that,
they'd have to be within
two feet of you.
It was five years ago.
Why are you asking me this?
What's it got to do with
what's going on now?
- I know this isn't easy.
- I've lost Felix and
Mrs Gibney, I think it's possible
that whoever killed your husband,
and whoever killed Hector Ingham
and put the wedding ring
through your letterbox
It could be the same person
who attacked you five years ago.
No. It isn't.
- No, it can't be.
- Well, we can't rule it out.
These two murders connect to you.
But they also connect to me.
- Have we met before?
- You'd have remembered.
- But you wouldn't have remembered me.
- I'm not so sure.
I need your help, Maeve.
It's like the killer is
is challenging me for some reason.
I've no idea who he is,
or why on earth he's targeting me,
and I can't do this alone.
ARE you alone, Sergeant?
I mean, single.
Oh, no, I'm married.
Actually, I separated
many years ago.
I'm Catholic. Like you.
I saw you make the sign of the cross
this morning
at the wedding ring incident.
Force of habit.
Lapsed a long time ago.
You need a papal annulment?
Father Luton at St David's
in Chippenham, he's on to it.
- Father Luton?
- Oh, you know him?
I should go.
This knife attack five years ago.
There's something not right about
Mrs Gibney's account of it.
- What do you mean?
- Oh, I don't know.
You weren't involved with her case,
were you?
No, no. I would have remembered.
We have a Martin Silver problem.
He's just put another post
on the Society Of Shadows website.
He's saying the two murders
are connected.
And there's going to be a third.
We can't have this clown
pouring fuel on the fire.
Bring him in. Go in hard.
This should help, ma'am.
Penny for the guy.
Penny for the guy.
- Penny for the guy.
- Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you. Thanks.
We've been drilling into
your business, Mr Silver.
And the Society Of Shadows
IS a business, not a
What do you call it,
"Bereavement counselling service"?
The proof's all here.
You comb through funeral notices,
and then you target
the recently bereaved
with emails and ads.
Someone is going to die today.
I want to help you.
And if you don't listen to me,
you'll regret it.
The point is, Martin,
someone's been trying to manipulate
and misdirect my inquiry.
And that person has
high-grade IT skills.
Shouldn't I have a lawyer here?
Not really.
We're just availing ourselves
of your offer to help.
1, 11, 22.
3, 11, 22.
1, 11, 22. - 3, 11, 22.
I'm sorry?
It's the dates of the two
murders. That's all, ma'am.
1/11. - 3/11.
Today is 5/11.
Pretty much every murder we crack
is about love or money.
So we look into the victim's family,
his spouse, his sex life.
And if it's not that,
we look at who will benefit
financially from the victim's death.
And in this case, it's you.
Your website's on fire.
Lots more traffic,
lots more advertising.
Lots more people paying
for your electronic seances.
You use your IT skills
to dig into people's personal lives,
and that of their deceased friends
and relatives.
You then bombard them with emails
and ads,
and some of them,
the more vulnerable and gullible,
mostly old people, think,
"How could he possibly know that?"
"He must really be communicating
with my dead mother."
Nothing illegal in what I do.
And maybe you should accept
I genuinely communicate
with the dead.
How else could I have known
the identity of the second victim?
Well, sorry, sir,
but our officers have been speaking
to your friend, a Dylan Clements.
You know, he works in
the city mortuary.
Well, he's told us everything.
How you paid him 200 quid for
the identity of the second victim.
Which was deliberate
and pre-meditated.
So I am placing you under arrest for
perverting the course of justice.
Which gives us the power
to shut down your website.
Now, we'll get you processed
and then you can contact
your lawyer.
I'm trying to help you.
I have powers.
You're making a big mistake.
- There is going to be a third murder.Today.
- Who?
- I don't know. Yet.
- Where?
Princes Crescent.
Or Princess Square.
Or Princes Avenue.
I'm not sure which.
- How did you work that out?
- First killing, King's Field.
- Second killing
- Queen's Gardens.
Not as clever as
you thought you were, eh?
Well, since you're gonna be
banged up for the rest of the day,
and you're still
my most likely suspect
Do you think I'm killing people
just to make money?
Or for attention.
I don't know what goes on
in your head, Martin.
- You're making a big mistake.
- We'll see.
OK. King's Field. Queen's Gardens.
As far-fetched as it sounds,
I'll up foot and vehicle patrols
on Princess Crescent,
Princess Square and Princes Avenue.
- I'll action that, ma'am.
- OK.
I'm just briefing
the Chief Constable,
- but if anything comes up, interrupt me.
- Ma'am.
- We've already got a whiteboard.
- This is a mood board.
What if Martin Silver's right?
What if there is gonna be
another killing?
Kings, Queens.
How did I miss that?
Sarge. There's a Father Luton
wants to speak to you.
He says it's urgent.
He's waiting outside.
Sorry, ma'am. Er, my divorce.
All this stuff with your marriage
and divorce,
- it's not affecting you, is it?
- Oh, no, I don't think so, ma'am.
Ten minutes.
Oh, Sergeant, thank goodness.
Sorry, Father, I'm doing something
very important at the moment.
It's not about your annulment.
It's about this.
I recognise these men. Both of them.
From a wedding I officiated at
a couple of years ago.
Everything OK, Sergeant?
Oh, yes, yes, fine.
Erm, can I keep this?
Of course. What does it mean?
Ma'am! That priest. Father Luton.
He's just brought this to me.
It was taken at a wedding
he did last year.
Jemma Kent.
She told us she didn't know
either of these men.
But why?
Why would Jemma Kent
want these two men dead?
Well, it doesn't matter
about the why.
She lied to us,
so she needs to explain this.
Even better than last year.
- Oh, you say that every year.
- Because it's true.
And I'm not just talking about
the fireworks.
I love you.
Oh, get a room!
You're disgusting!
Right, come on. Tomorrow's still
a school day. Bed, bed, bed.
I'll do the kids.
You stay and have another drink.
- Good night.
- Right, Mum says bed.
And when Mum says bed,
we do not resist.
Come on, I'll race you.
- Hey!
- Hi. How are you?
- Good. You?
- Where's hubby?
He has the kids.
- Has he?
- Yeah.
- Have a lovely evening.
- And you.
So, at 9:20pm, a witness
from one of these houses
saw some sort of figure
by the bonfire,
and then the fire flared up.
So we need to know
did anyone else see anything,
and did anyone see
where the person went?
- Are you OK?
- Yes. I think so, ma'am.
Is that the husband?
- Yeah. Erm, I need to speak to him.
- I've got it.
I've always found
in situations like this,
just following procedure helps.
Thanks, ma'am.
Mr Kent.
I'm Chief Superintendent Ormond.
Is there anything that we can do
for you?
Anything you need?
Have you told your children?
Would you like me to tell them?
What's going on?
- This sign has been replaced.
- What?
Well, this is Walls end Circus,
not Castle Circus.
So Martin Silver got it wrong.
King, Queen, it's not royalty.
It's chess pieces
in descending order of value.
Oh, for God's sake.
- It's like he's playing with us.
- Yeah, well, not any more.
This sign's a fake.
Prioritise forensic examination.
Three murders, five days.
I've got national press and TV
camped outside
expecting more killings.
So I need to be clear on exactly
what happened yesterday.
We got there after it happened.
Jemma Kent was already dead.
There was nothing we could do.
We're working on the theory that
someone threw an accelerant
into the bonfire,
which caused her to com bust.
- Why were you there?
- Ah, we were following up on this.
It was passed to Sergeant Dodds
yesterday afternoon.
Jemma Kent had denied knowing
the first two victims,
so we went to question her.
So, all three victims,
they're together
Yeah, at a wedding.
At St David's Catholic Church
in Chippenham last year.
How did you get this?
A priest who celebrated
the wedding.
- Father Michael Luton.
- Can we find him?
Yeah. Milena, can you get hold of
a Father Michael Luton?
Er, Saint David's in Chippenham.
Whose wedding?
Oh, er, I
I don't know.
I had to act quickly on the photo.
This photo. It's a fake.
Expertly done,
but it's been photoshopped.
No Father Michael Luton
at St David's in Chippenham.
Alphabetical list here of
Catholic priests in the local area.
No Michael Luton.
You took a vital piece of evidence
from this Father Luton,
but you didn't check his identity?
No, ma'am.
Isn't it drilled into all of us?
Second nature?
We check the identity of
every witness.
Well, he was a priest, ma'am.
Yeah, a fake priest.
With a fake photo.
Dodds, it looks like you were
face to face with the killer.
He's running rings around you,
round all of us.
And he's leaving clues
and trails to confuse you,
and it's working.
That is white noise.
It's getting more complicated
and everyone we interview dies.
- Now what? Someone else is gonna die?
- It's not my fault.
Cool it.
So, DCI McDonald,
you got this photo,
and you assumed that Jemma Kent
was implicated in
these first two murders.
But you didn't consider
the possibility
that she might be the next victim?
No, ma'am, I didn't.
Well, we're never NO
going to make mistakes.
And this killer
Well, he's planned everything,
every step of the way.
So he's got us at a disadvantage.
And he's obviously set out
to outsmart Dodds.
He's been making the rules
of the game, ma'am.
Ma'am. Forensics have got something
in the Kent house.
Take DC Malik.
It makes sense to assume
this Father Luton is the killer.
Oh, yes, ma'am. Yeah.
You were face to face with him,
Didn't you recognise him at all?
From your past? Anywhere?
Er, no.
McDonald has a point.
All this is
He's overloading you with clues
and connections and patterns.
He's creating confusion.
And somehow it connects to you,
You need to dig hard into yourself,
your personal life,
whatever it takes.
But the truth is in there somewhere,
isn't it?
Yes, ma'am.
We need you thinking, Sergeant.
'Benzi dichlorine monoxide.'
Completely odourless,
soaks into any material,
and is one of the most
highly flammable substances around.
So, the killer broke in
and doused all of
Jemma Kent's clothes.
No matter what she chose to wear
last night,
being that close to a bonfire,
she'd have been dead in seconds.
'I should talk to the husband.'
The killer must have broken in
at some point yesterday,
so fast-track fingerprint
and DNA analysis.
And get back round
all the residents of the estate.
- See if anyone saw anything in the day.
- Ma'am.
Thanks for coming in, Alex.
I know this is
really difficult for you.
But this is important, OK?
We believe that someone broke into
your property yesterday
and applied accelerant
to your wife's clothes.
'Was the house empty
at any point yesterday?'
'Er, yes. I did the school pick-up.'
I usually leave at 3pm.
Back by 4:15 latest.
And did you see anything odd
or suspicious at all?
There was someone in one
of our parking spaces.
- He was leaving just as we got back.
- He? Definitely male?
Er, I couldn't say for sure.
'The car was leaving as I arrived.'
'What kind of car was it?'
'It was a BMW 2 Series.
Black. 2017.'
'That's precise.'
I'm a bit of a petrol head.
I notice these things. My
OK, Alex. Well, if anything
comes to mind,
get in touch with
the Family Liaison Officer.
I'll let you get back to your kids.
Are you going to find the man
who killed their mother?
The killing of Felix Gibney
took place
on Friday 1st November.
The killing of Hector Ingham
on Sunday 3rd.
Jemma Kent was murdered
on Tuesday 5th.
So it is logical to conclude that
the fourth murder,
or attempted murder,
will be tomorrow, Thursday 7th.
Now, following the sites of
the crimes,
they are chess pieces
in descending order of value,
the most likely location
for this murder, I believe,
is Bishop's Gate.
Why not Bishop's Alley,
or Bishop Square?
Well, I'm not ruling that out.
But it's the method of the murders.
So, Felix Gibney was buried
under the earth.
And the second victim,
Hector Ingham,
was deprived of air.
And the third victim, Jemma Kent,
well, that was death by fire.
Now, I believe this is murder
by the four medieval elements.
So, earth, air, fire.
And, tomorrow, the fourth element,
Now, near the canal
there is a new development
at Bishop's Gate.
OK. Let's action full surveillance
on Bishop's Gate.
And car and foot patrols on anywhere
called Bishop's anything
within a 30-mile radius of Bath.
- Who's next?
- Sorry, ma'am. I don't know.
Black BMW 2 Series, 2017 model.
Only owner in Bath. Maeve Gibney.
But she was playing at that club
last night
when Jemma Kent was murdered.
Doesn't mean she wasn't
an accomplice.
I think it's best you stay here,
Sarge. A fourth murder attempt?
Given what we know,
we can't rule out the possibility
that the killer's next victim
is you, Sergeant Dodds.
No. Well
- I I don't
- Sorry, Sarge.
I'll up the security level
on this building.
You put in some overtime.
This is good. But we need the who.
- Do you know this woman? Jemma Kent.
- No. I don't.
She was murdered last night.
By the same person who murdered
- I was on stage last night.
- This was set up in the afternoon.
And we have a witness who saw a car
exactly like yours,
same model, same year,
parked outside Jemma Kent's house
yesterday afternoon.
I I can't explain that.
Dodds is convinced there's gonna be
a fourth murder, tomorrow.
How? How could he know that?
Because he sees patterns.
And there is a pattern to
these killings.
Oh, God.
Is your scar part of the pattern?
Sergeant Dodds thinks that
your attacker
is the same man
who's committing these murders.
Is that the big lie here?
Do you know who your attacker is?
No. I don't know anything.
Who is it? Three people are dead.
Jemma Kent had two kids
and a husband who loved her.
- You need to talk to me.
- I don't know, OK?
Call me when you do.
Preferably before midnight.
Oh, since you went away
There's nothing going right
I just can't sleep alone at night
I'm not ashamed to say
I badly need a friend
Or it's the end
Now when I look
There's clouds across the moon
Here in the night
I just hope and pray that soon
Oh, darlin'
You'll hurry home to me. ♪
Oh, DC Paciorkowski,
you gave me a fright.
- What're you doing here?
- Oh, sorry, Sarge. Couldn't sleep.
I have the name of the killer.
Fulton Harte.
It's Harte with an E.
It's an anagram of Father Luton.
This is the connection to me.
2017. They were a series of
high-value thefts
from expensive shops.
Now, he set a pattern,
a series of patterns,
to out think and outsmart the police.
Each theft was bigger
and more valuable,
more daring than the last.
And he was some kind of
computing genius.
Yeah, the security service said
they were fast tracking him
to Oxford,
until I caught him.
You outsmarted him?
Without leaving my desk.
Now, I spotted the patterns
and I told the senior
investigating officer on the case
where the next theft would be,
so they were lying in wait for him.
And, yes
Yes, he saw me in court.
I had to testify
from the witness box,
so he knew who'd caught him.
But when you met him
as Father Luton,
- you didn't recognise him?
- Well, that was five years ago.
15 months in prison.
June 10th to September 8th.
September 8th.
He was released on September 8th?
That's the same day that
Maeve Gibney
was attacked and disfigured.
No record of Fulton Harte
after he got out of prison.
No employment history. Nothing.
Which leaves the question
Who's the next victim?
- It's Jemma with a J, not Gemma with a G.
- I'm sorry?
It's Jemma with a J. Not with a G.
It's Jemma with a J,
not Gemma with a G.
I didn't correct it.
The next victim is LM?
Er, everyone local
on the electoral register
with the initials
I'll get her.
Oh. She's had a text from Maeve.
Gone to meet her.
She says Maeve knows
who's behind the killings.
- 'Welcome to the messaging service.'
- She's gone straight to voicemail.
Ma'am. Paciorkowski.
Call me back when you get this.
- It's urgent.
- Well, why voicemail?
Maybe there's no signal
at Dundas Aqueduct.
- Dundas?
- It's where Maeve wants to meet her.
Bishop's Bridge.
It's what the locals call
Dundas Aqueduct.
It was built
in the early 19th century
by Sir William Bishop.
Still no signal.
- Are you OK?
- Yeah. Fine. Why?
Why are you?
Ah, Doddsie, you made it.
I knew you wouldn't let me down.
You got the day. 7/11.
You got the elements.
You got the initials
leading to your girlfriend here.
And I just knew
your boring middle-aged-man
fascinated-by-local-history mindset
would bring you to Bishop's Bridge.
Definitely a B+.
If only you'd worked out
the Father Luton anagram earlier,
you might have been able to stop
all this.
And don't say I didn't give you
a chance.
His name is Fulton Harte, ma'am.
I outsmarted him five years ago.
You got lucky.
Fulton, I can sense you're angry.
Can we talk about that?
And I don't think Lauren's feeling
Argh! Hostage negotiation
for dummies.
Establish a rapport.
Call her Lauren, not DCI McDonald,
because that makes her seem like
a human and not a hostage.
Name the emotion. Anger.
Please, give me some credit.
You look different, sir.
A boy becomes a man in five years.
15 months of it in prison.
Lost the puppy fat.
Changed everything about my body.
But nothing about your mind.
- Why are you doing this?
- Because he ruined my life.
You committed a crime, sir,
a series of crimes.
You ruined my life.
I was going to be rich
and successful and happy,
and you ruined it.
You put me on the scrap heap.
Well, I don't know about that, sir.
But this is clever.
The whole thing.
The clues, the false trails,
the destabilising of our inquiry.
How did you do it?
How did you even think of all this?
Argh! Feigning admiration
to buy yourself time
before I kill your girlfriend here.
You were better behind a desk,
All this isn't for you.
You're obsessed with Maeve Gibney.
And her husband Felix Gibney,
consecutive letters.
You hate me. Lauren McDonald,
consecutive letters.
And close enough in the alphabet
for just two murders in-between.
Tell me, did you have
a particular grudge
against Hector and Jemma?
Well, Doddsie. Not really, no.
I've got my FG.
I need two more victims before LM,
a HI and a JK.
- Do you mind if I take notes, sir?
- Go ahead.
When you're ready, sir.
I scour the West Country
and I land on Hector Ingham.
Hector's my man.
He's murdered before,
so that's bound to get you guys
all suspicious.
I hack into his life, and wow!
He's about to supply
an artificial arm to an online cult.
All that mysticism and symbolism
will really get
your investigative juices flowing.
So now I'm looking around
Glastonbury for my JK,
and there she is managing a hotel.
So I use Nightwalker99,
you pretty little thing
to lure FG to JK's hotel.
I even plant one of HI's
shitty sculptures there.
And I've got my alphabetical path
to LM.
Oh! Oh, don't you just love it,
Now, the beauty of it is
I set a trail
so you would actually meet HI and JK
before I killed them.
And I did kill them.
The pain is all the sweeter, eh?
And you lured Felix Gibney
into exactly the same van
as Hector Ingham.
Dose of tranquiliser,
he's dead in seconds. No pain.
With Hector, I called him
while he was playing boules.
Told him the cops were on to
his booze and fag scam,
told him we should meet up
and swap vans.
So I took him back
to Queen's Gardens,
and Hector was past it.
Dead in seconds.
Ditto Jemma Kent.
But you guys
were supposed to get there earlier,
so you could see it.
Still, we can't have everything.
Where would you put it?
Yeah. And here we are, sir.
With LM.
You're not gonna use that knife,
are you, sir?
The four medieval elements.
Earth, air, fire, and water.
- We're in a new phase of the game.
- What game?
All because Dodds put you in prison?
You're ruining my life,
like you ruined Maeve's.
But you didn't ruin my life, Fulton.
You revived my career.
20 years I tramped around
the Spanish resorts
and the cruise ships,
singing Madonna and Tina Turner,
and getting nowhere.
You were terrible. Embarrassing.
I know.
Because before you did this to me
life was easy.
And so my voice had no soul,
no pain.
But you gave me pain, Fulton.
You made me the singer
I'd always dreamed of being.
Thank you. I knew you loved me.
How did you get here?
How did you even
Earth, air, fire, water.
You and your little patterns.
And this place was always special
to you.
I used to bring you here
when you were little.
Fulton, I didn't tell them.
I didn't tell them you did this.
I protected you.
You're his mother.
No. She gave birth to me.
She fed me for 16 years.
And then she binned me.
You were too much for me.
You were out of control.
I was holding you back. Admit it!
You were desperate to get away.
Yes. When you were arrested,
I used it as an excuse
to cut myself off from you.
I deserved this, Fulton.
I deserved it.
Fulton, it was me
who ruined your life,
not Sergeant Dodds.
He was just doing his job.
You're blaming the wrong person.
Blame me.
God knows, you were a difficult boy.
I feared for you.
And I feared you.
But you were my son,
and I shouldn't have abandoned you.
- Fulton, put the knife down.
- Please, enough.
You see how it ends, Doddsie?
I gave you the clues.
I gave you the links.
And you still didn't stop me.
You lost Hector and Jemma
because you failed.
You and your little support network
here failed.
And you're all gonna have to live
with that.
Ambulance. I need an ambulance
at Dundas Aqueduct.
We have a firearms incident.
Quick as you can, please.
I would prefer if Sergeant Dodds
were the arresting officer.
Hey. You're in early.
Well, I thought I'd get back
and get organised, ma'am.
Yeah, me, too.
Hit the ground running, eh?
- Did you enjoy your week off?
- I did, thank you, ma'am.
Brushed up on my pitch and putt.
How about you?
I cleaned my house
and watched 24 episodes
of Selling Sunset.
Well, you know, we needed it,
didn't we,
our week off?
Ormond's more human than we thought,
But three people have died, though.
You know, Fulton Harte was right.
I'm just a
Hey. WE failed. Not just you.
All of us.
We win together, we lose together.
Yes, ma'am.
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