McMafia (2018) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

I am a beauty therapist Hi.
Lyudmilla? We go with these men now.
[SHE SCREAMS] I need you to meet me in Prague next week.
I'm having issues with the Czechs.
I agreed to move your capital for you.
That's it.
This man Reznik knows nothing about finance, but there are others around him who do.
Karel Benes.
Nice to meet you.
You're someone we'd be very happy to do business with.
Agh! [HE YELLS] [GIRL SOBS] I'll take her.
Reznik is dead.
This is how it works, I'm afraid.
That's all you had to say.
Agh! OK.
How is the feeling in your left arm? - Better.
- OK.
And your accident was ten weeks ago? Yes.
Now, I'm going to give you some exercises to help strengthen the muscles.
So, if I make my hand into a fist I know your father's not interested in counselling He has his family around him.
We're all very close.
I understand, but it's important that we get to the root cause of his depression.
He's living in a foreign country, he's lost his brother.
We appreciate the care he's had, but we can look after him, too.
It got dark at three and I was working late so I never got to see the city.
Oh, that's a pity.
It's very beautiful.
I know! I did take a stroll around the Royal Palace in the snow.
Excuse me, Miss Harper? Yes? I'm sorry to interrupt.
I was at Business School with Miss Harper's partner.
I'm Antonio Mendez.
Britt Andersson.
- Nice meeting you.
- Ja.
You were at Harvard with Alex? A long time ago! - Excuse me.
- It was lovely to meet you.
- I'm sorry - No.
Um Well, what do you do now? I own a fishing fleet.
That's why I'm here.
Are you based in London? No, I'm mostly between Mexico City and San Diego, - but I visit Europe a lot.
- Mm! I'm trying to convince Alex to come and see me in the South of France.
I'm thinking of investing some money in his fund.
It might be too small for him to take seriously! You're back late.
I thought you were going to be an hour.
It was pretty fun, for an embassy party.
I met your friend, Antonio Mendez.
You didn't tell me he invited you to the South of France.
He asked me, too.
Don't worry.
I won't come.
Antonio? Yeah.
How come you never mentioned him before? He was very complimentary about you.
What was he doing at the Norwegian embassy? Oh, trying to persuade the ambassador to give him a fishing licence.
What did he say about me? He said he voted you most likely to succeed at Harvard.
Are you going to say yes? To what? His money! I'm not sure yet.
There he is.
Where? Gosh.
Well, he doesn't look like that now Looks like they got the wrong photo.
The quarterly report's gone out on the EM, but you still haven't shown me anything from the Global Fund.
Sorry, I've just been really swamped.
Jake also wants to replace Tobe Miller.
Who? The heavy metal guy.
The guy who does our IT.
Jake thinks he may have been snooping inside the trading system.
Well, can't Jake deal with it? He needs your approval to let him go.
Why don't I come back when you've cleared your head? Sorry.
I have Antonio Mendez on line one.
Can you take his number? Tell him I'll give him a call back.
Mendez? Hola.
Alex Godman.
Apparently we were at Harvard together.
What can I do for you? I'm interested in your Global Fund.
I was hoping we could meet.
All you had to do was make an appointment with my secretary.
I was thinking about your security.
Perhaps you should have done the same when you visited Prague with Mr.
Kleiman is a client.
You've accepted a great deal of money from him.
I assume you know where it comes from.
We carried out all the necessary checks.
So, if the authorities took a look at your Global Fund, they'd find nothing? Don't worry.
I'm an old friend, remember.
Nobody needs to know about this, not even Mr.
When would you like to meet? Whenever's convenient.
Rebecca may have told you I'm staying in Antibes in the South of France.
She isn't familiar with the Global Fund, or Mr.
It would be more discreet if you came to visit me as a couple.
Perhaps if she had accompanied you to Prague you might not have come to my attention in the first place.
I'm open to a meeting, but it has to be on my own.
I'll book your flights for this weekend.
You'll stay in a hotel near my villa and spend a wonderful weekend together.
[CHILDREN SHOUT AND LAUGH] [THEY SQUEAL] Ilya [PHONE VIBRATES] [CONNECTING TONE] Mm-hm! You want to come to the South of France? You decided to go! I'll see what he has to offer.
Well, Sydney's supposed to be coming to town We can go on a weekend.
Hopefully it'll just be a couple of meetings with Antonio, you and I can spend the rest of the time together.
Why not? I want to open a top class casino ship in Eilat instead of the second rate places we have now.
Even in Beirut they have a super casino - restaurants, entertainment, cabarets It generates nearly 50 million a year, net.
That's with a 15% tax on revenue and 30% tax on profits.
The Prime Minister understands larger casino will help the local economy, but he worries about gambling addiction and crime.
Crime is the last thing he needs to worry about as long as we regulate the casinos properly.
Addiction, there's nothing I can do about - [THEY LAUGH] - unfortunately! Please.
You flirt discreetly, but there's never any suggestion of sex.
If they make advances, you're polite, but you let them know you're not one of those girls.
You come from a good family, you have a private income, and you're only interested in talking to them because they're fascinating.
Once they realise you're not interested in their looks, they'll try to impress you with their minds.
What Mr.
Kleiman wants to know is how they plan to negotiate, how high they're willing to go.
Yeah! Do that again! Yeah! You're interested in going to business school in America.
Ask their advice.
Let them tell you how clever they are and remember everything even what you don't understand.
- Thank you.
Antonio! Ah! - Hi! - So glad you're here.
It's good to see you, my friend.
You didn't have to meet us.
You came all this way, it's the least I could do.
How was your flight? Nice and short.
And hotel's not bad.
Is this OK? It's perfect.
[HE CHUCKLES] I'm having a few friends over for dinner at the villa tonight.
You're welcome to join us.
That'd be great.
Why don't I check in for you while you decide? I just need your passports.
- Thanks.
- You're welcome.
Thank you.
- Thank you.
- Rebecca, come see the view.
Were you in the same year at Harvard? Yes.
I'm a little older than Alex, but I was a late bloomer.
I was the Mexican foreigner, he was the Russian foreigner, so we became allies.
Why were you a late bloomer? I came to America as an illegal.
It took me five years to get my papers.
You were smuggled in? By boat.
We call them pangas and mine was a small one.
Only 40 people.
We landed at Encinitas, near San Diego.
That's where I lived my first five years in the US, and that's where I live now.
Well, that has a nice circularity.
It's good business, too.
The one thing I learnt on my boat journey is America is one big coastline.
You conquer the sea, you have a lot of business to yourself.
And you, how did the two of you meet? We were both interns at Goldman in New York.
I was nervous as hell, and he looked like he was born to it.
And was it love at first sight? No, I loathed him the minute I laid eyes on him.
He was rich, handsome, entitled.
[THEY LAUGH] How did you win her round? I don't scare easily.
How much is that? 100 euros, 20 minutes.
200, one hour.
That's too much! Come on.
We're Russians, we're not Americans.
Take 100 for one hour.
- OK.
- Good.
[HE SPEAKS RUSSIAN] [CHATTER AND SHOUTING] I'm taking the boat out tomorrow.
It's going to be perfect weather, apparently.
We could picnic near the Porquerolles, have a swim, and finally get round to business.
Or not.
Thank you again.
Oh, my God, I haven't had headspin like this in years.
Close your eyes.
That makes it worse.
How's the weather for tomorrow? Perfect, like he said.
I'm sorry.
This is meant to be a dirty weekend.
It's OK.
I'm happy with an undirty weekend.
- Hi.
- Hi, Mr.
Maybe we should go.
It finishes in five minutes.
Papa? I need to speak with your mother alone.
SEMIYON: Thank you, Joseph.
You were very charming tonight, my dear.
Thank you.
Can you take her home, please, Joseph? I'll be fine.
Good night.
You can smoke if you like.
I don't smoke.
Where in Russia are you from? Outside Moscow.
You won't know it.
I was born in Moscow.
You're right.
I don't know it.
When did you leave? When I was six.
You still speak Russian? Mr.
Kleiman's a good man.
He'll look after you and your mother.
Glad you came? I don't know yet.
They're twins.
Porfirio and Tadio.
From Sardinia.
You'd never guess, but their younger brother drowned last month.
They were smuggling ten kilos of cocaine for a Eurotrash party in Ibiza.
They got caught in a storm, but didn't alert the coastguard, for obvious reasons.
Are they smuggling cocaine on this boat? You mean, am I? [HE LAUGHS] The most you could hide on this yacht is around 250 kilos.
One of your friend Mr.
Kleiman's cargo ships could smuggle at least 20 times that much.
Are you a strong swimmer? You can relax.
I'm not going to blackmail you.
How you run your fund is your business.
You still haven't told me how I came to your attention.
I knew your uncle, as well as Mr.
He mentioned you briefly before he was killed and then I discover you went to Prague with Kleiman.
We were observing him, not you.
Why didn't you approach Mr.
Kleiman directly? All I do is invest his money.
We did.
We offered him a fortune to lease his cargo ships, but he turned us down.
He must have had his reasons.
Of course.
Who'd want to get in business with someone like me? What about my uncle? Did you know he was planning to kill Vadim Kalyagin? He asked me for backing, and I gave it to him.
If someone wants to get rid of my competitor, I'm not going to stand in his way.
If you're not interested in blackmailing me, why am I here? I was curious to know who you are and if we could help each other.
To do what? I want to move my product directly into Europe.
In order to do that, I need your friend Kleiman's ships and infrastructure.
I was hoping you'd have more luck persuading him than I did.
How does that help me? I'd be competing with the man who killed your uncle.
Anything that hurts Vadim is good for you, no? I invest Mr.
Kleiman's money, that's all.
I don't see how I can help you.
ANTONIO: What time's your flight tomorrow? Around four.
So, come to the villa for lunch.
It's on your way to the airport.
That'd be great.
One more chance to see your gorgeous view.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome, darling.
Why don't we skip lunch at Antonio's tomorrow? Stop off in Cannes.
Why? Do you want to get engaged? Why are you proposing now? Sunstroke.
You'll get embarrassed if I tell you.
Probably but go ahead.
Without you, I have no idea who I am.
Better say yes, then.
No, thank you How is he? You know Dmitri.
It's for you.
I won't see him again.
Did I say that? You and I have to make a decision.
What's best for him.
If seeing you is the only thing that makes him happy, then he should move in here.
He'd never do that.
Of course he will.
He loves you, you love him.
You'll look after him, take him to the park, listen to him complain, put him to bed when he's drunk and clean after him when he throws up and when he's too old to wash himself, not so far away now you will wipe his ass with a Kleenex.
I don't know what to say.
There's nothing to say.
You have him.
All of him.
Or you get out of my life.
[SHE PRAYS] [PHONE VIBRATES] Three months ago, a man called Reznik fell off the balcony of his apartment.
You were in charge of the investigation, but found nothing suspicious.
Either someone is paying you to kill him or cover it up.
I want to know who that is and if it is same man who bribed you to stop my trucks.
Agh! I don't need you to say much.
Just a name.
The name? [HE SPEAKS IN RUSSIAN] From the factory or fake? From the factory.
It's real.
100 euros.
[SHE SPEAKS IN RUSSIAN] Well, Sydney's theory is that markets are amoral.
They're designed to work like machines, but unethical behaviour like greed and dishonesty get in the way.
With respect, that's easy for a billionaire to say.
Back me up, Antonio.
[LAUGHTER] WOMAN: So, what, we should just replace bankers with robots? And husbands, too.
- I can only speak for Mexico - Do you have a minute? I'd like to show you something before you leave.
but greed and dishonesty are crucial to our economy, and I'd even say I'd even say, it's the price to pay If an efficient business loses out to an inefficient business [LAUGHTER] So, when you see your friend Mr.
Kleiman, I'd be grateful if you passed on a message.
I don't have the exact date or the name of the ship, but some time next month Vadim is planning to smuggle a tonne of heroin through Mumbai.
The deal was brokered by elements within Russian and Pakistani intelligence.
The shipment itself is a drop in the ocean, but if something were to go wrong, it would embarrass Vadim in the eyes of his backers in Moscow.
Please assure Mr.
Kleiman I want nothing in return.
It's a gesture of goodwill and I have something for you, too.
It's a gift.
All I ask is that you speak to Mr.