McMafia (2018) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

I'm interested in your Global Fund.
I was hoping we could meet.
You want to come to the South of France? You decided to go? I'll see what he has to offer.
She isn't familiar with the Global Fund, or Mr Kleiman.
I want to move my product directly into Europe.
I need your friend Kleiman's ships and infrastructure.
- So, come to the villa for lunch.
- That'd be great.
I'd like to show you something before you leave.
Vadim is planning to smuggle a ton of heroin through Mumbai.
But if something were to go wrong, it would embarrass Vadim in the eyes of his backers in Moscow.
This man, Antonio, said it was a gesture of goodwill.
He doesn't want anything in return.
Not yet.
Why didn't you come to me first? Those were his conditions.
I thought he was blackmailing me.
Alex, do you have any idea what kind of people you are dealing with? They dress like bankers, they speak a dozen languages, they eat in the best restaurants, stay in the best hotels but underneath all that sophistication, there is an open grave in the Mexican desert with 50 headless corpses inside.
I'll tell you what he wants.
Not now, but sooner or later, he wants to take over my shipping fleet so he can move his cocaine into Europe.
Wouldn't that mean he has to compete with Vadim? Be careful, my friend.
That's how they corrupt you.
They let you think that you're making all the decisions, but in the end, they get what they want.
With respect, isn't that what you're doing? The difference being I won't bury you if you let me down.
He told me the deal was important to Vadim's associates in Russia, that if something went wrong with the shipment it would damage him in their eyes.
I had the same conversation with your uncle.
He asked me to partner with the cartels to destroy Vadim, too.
You were the one who convinced me that destroying Vadim was the only way to protect my family.
All they've done is give us a piece of information.
What do you want me to do with it? If it were my money I would transfer the necessary funds to my partners in Mumbai.
Let me think about it.
And you should, too.
[MOBILE RINGS] Hello? I want to let you know we've sent the cloth for your mistress' sari.
And how much do I owe you? 1,000 rupees this time.
That much? - Are you sure? - That's what our friend wants.
- Cheers! Rebecca.
- Brother.
- Cheers.
Long life.
To Rebecca.
Long life.
Long life.
Mama, you're supposed to look into each other's eyes, or it's bad luck.
- Papa, this is disgusting.
- What is it? Champagne.
Huh! It's sparkling wine.
Papa, you can't serve Cava when they're getting engaged.
Katya, it's fine.
No, I'm going to fetch the real stuff.
Uncle Boris would never have served this swill.
Have a seat.
Thank you.
I'm fine.
Excuse me.
- Dilly, it's me.
I have some information on Mr.
Chopra that may be useful to both of us.
I'll need you to get into his compound.
[THEY SPEAK IN OWN LANGUAGE] [BIRDS CAW] We need to take a look inside.
No, I'll stay on the line while you check.
I'm just following up on the Global Fund data.
Neither you or Alex have submitted a report.
I don't have anything to do with that fund.
So who does? Just Alex, as far as I know.
Yes, I'm still here.
Can you send it over? That would be great.
Kapur is in charge of shipping, and on the first floor there, that's his office.
- Can you get us in? - That's my gate.
- Alarms? - I can switch them off.
Thank you.
- Take it.
- No, no, no.
Take it.
You're a good man.
Thank you.
I will let you know when everything is clear.
Can I talk to you about the Global Fund? Why is it just you? Nobody else has any involvement in the fund, you haven't filed any reports Sorry, Karin, what's this about? I'm not just your compliance officer, Alex, I'm your friend.
I know how much trouble we were in, I know how much you care about the people who work for you.
If you've done anything You think I'm cooking the books? I just want to make sure we're not taking on any clients that we shouldn't.
Look, Kleiman is very cautious and well informed.
We've been discussing potential investment opportunities but there's not much going on right now.
I still need access to the fund.
I'll talk to IT.
[PHONE RINGS OUTS] Rachel get me a number for Tobe Miller, the IT guy we fired.
She looks just like you.
Don't start that.
I love you but she could be anyone's.
PJ ON PHONE: We're on.
They all left for dinner, I believe with Mr Chopra.
Come by.
Main computer, PJ? [THEY SPEAK IN OWN LANGUAGE] [HE URINATES] Too much bloody security.
PJ? Make a noise, I will kill you.
Who is he? [MAN WHIMPERS] Very quietly now who are you? Sir, I'm the accountant.
I was working late.
- Why? - Because I'm behind with my accounts.
Now, please, let me go I said very quietly.
- Can you get into these computers? - Mm-hmm.
Hey, hey Sit down.
- What is your name? - Sunil.
Do you know anything about a heroin shipment? No, boss.
I only do legitimate.
Can you open the files on this computer? I have security passes, but only some of them.
Show me the ones you can.
Forgive me, bhai.
I didn't know he was there.
- Get in the car.
- I have to stay.
- Get in the car.
- I'll lose my job.
They'll fire me! Sunil where do you live? You can drop me anywhere, boss.
You have money for a taxi? No.
Give him some.
Thank you, sir.
Pull over.
You'll be OK? Thank you, sir.
You are a good man.
I will look after your family.
You told me no-one was there.
That man's life was done on your conscience.
Yes, bhai.
[HE GIVES INSTRUCTION IN OWN LANGUAGE] It wasn't my idea to fire you.
But you gave the OK, I saw the e-mails.
If you're amenable I'd like you to come back and work for me.
For you, or for your company? Don't worry, I'm not interested in blackmailing you.
Blackmailing me for what? Not sure.
Fortunately for you, I know as much about financial fraud as you know about computer security.
You took a look at my files? The ones I could make head or tail of.
How should I have made them more secure? If someone with the right skill set wants to get into your computer, there isn't much you can do about it.
The trick is not to arouse their suspicion in the first place.
The more firewalls and anti-spyware software you install, the more curious they get.
- What would you have done? - Hide in plain view.
If someone's interested in snooping, make it easy for them.
Give them something to find, but hide the important stuff somewhere else.
Would you be prepared to do that for me? [INDISTINCT CHATTER] All these bloody documents, there must be something We have looked, bhai.
There's nothing about any heroin shipment or any shipment from Pakistan.
The problem with the northern route is too many conflict areas.
Syria, Iran, Iraq, and there's also increased border checks on the Balkan route.
Instead, we transport the product from Mumbai to East Africa by cargo ships.
And then we deliver it to the coast on speed boats.
We break it into small parts.
Some of it stays for African market.
South Africa, Nigeria, the rest we smuggle to Europe and America.
"The southern route".
Hm And if everyone's happy after the first shipment, I hope our partnership can continue.
No, it was another phone.
How come you have a second phone? We got given new ones at work.
Apparently they're harder to hack.
Isn't that a little paranoid? I think it's going to be pretty standard soon.
I transferred all the funds they asked for.
KLEIMAN ON PHONE: They broke in OK, and we know the product will be in Mumbai in two days.
But we still need to find out the name of a ship, or the cargo they're smuggling it in.
Well, can't they keep trying? Well, it didn't go so well the first time.
One of Chopra's employees got in the way.
Now, he doesn't know what happened, but he has increased the security at the compound.
Well, what about the cargo terminal itself? They must have some records.
Well, with all the terrorism they've had recently, the place is guarded like an airport.
Maybe next time you should ask your Mexican friend to be more precise.
[COMPUTER MESSAGE TONE] TOBE: She's checking the accounts.
Everything you want her to see.
Before you feel too guilty, I know people who switch off runway lights before 747s land.
Guys on chatrooms who hack into baby-cams so they can spy on mothers breast-feeding.
Trust me, in this world, you're an innocent.
You spend a lot of time in these chatrooms? 20 hours a day sometimes.
We work harder than bankers.
Make as much? We have more fun.
You don't get lonely hiding behind a screen? Bet I have more friends than you do.
Do you ever meet them? What do I need to meet them for? I know people in every corner of the globe.
I know everything about them.
I know their families jobs, hobbies, the bands they like.
What about India? What about India? You got any friends there? So what do we do with the integer? Put it outside the brackets.
And then? And then you go to bed! The fund's doing OK, isn't it? It's fine now.
When you called, I got a little worried.
I'm a little worried about Alex, actually.
Has he talked to you about a new fund he set up? No.
Why, is there something up? Not that I can tell.
It took him a while to show me the accounts, but I've seen them now, and they seem fine.
So what's the problem? They're just not Alex.
There isn't much activity, and it's all very standard, bonds and gilts, not what he normally invests in.
And then there's the outgoings.
Advisory companies in different countries.
Karin, you've seen the accounts.
Couldn't there be another explanation? Well, he said the investor doesn't give him much discretion.
Well, there you go.
I'm sorry.
No, don't be.
You're only asking because you're worried about him.
- Let me get you another drink.
- No, I'll get them.
[PHONE VIBRATES] What would you like? - Er Half a Guinness.
- [KARIN CHUCKLES] What's so special about those phones? Alex said you all got new phones at the office.
Maybe he did.
Nobody else I know.
You sure you don't want a pint? No, a half's fine.
[KNOCK AT DOOR] Mr Jammy? I think you have the wrong house.
I thought so.
I waited for your wife to take your son to school.
- Anyone else home? - Who are you? You don't look like a Jammy.
You look like a kid I used to beat up at school.
So where does it all happen, all this computer business you do? At work.
Can you please get out? "Please"? Is that how you talk to an intruder? If you don't leave now, I will call the police.
Don't worry, it's not for you.
I was told your son likes cricket.
How did you find me? One of your hacker friends told us you are the best.
Signed by Virat Kholi.
It's a present.
For what? Something you're going to do for me in Mumbai.
I'm happy you've come to see me on your own, but you came to tell us the engagement is off? No.
[HE LAUGHS] No? I wanted to ask you about Alex's work.
When his business was in trouble, I think he may have gone to Boris.
No, no, no, darling.
He was trying to help his uncle.
Not the other way round.
I know Boris introduced him to an Israeli friend when he was looking for investors.
Semiyon Kleiman? I don't think so.
Alex told me he was worried Boris was doing business with him, but that's all.
Tell me, please.
Is something wrong? One moment the fund's in trouble then everything's fine.
It's normal to be nervous because you are getting married.
No, it's not that.
Do you think Alex took bad money? No.
Whatever business my brother had with Semiyon Kleiman or anybody else, that's not my son.
You married the good Godman.
Are you sure he made the reservation himself? I just saw them go in the restaurant.
It's OK.
We're in.
What are you doing now? Checking his call log.
These are the only encrypted calls.
From Pakistan.
Can you hack them? No.
But I can check the e-mails he sent straight after these calls.
I've got something.
After his last phone call with Pakistan, this is the e-mail he sent to the Mumbai port authority.
It's the name of the ship and destination, but what about the manifest? There's going to be hundreds of containers going on that ship.
How do we know which one we want? If you're happy, I'm happy.
Are you happy? When you were involved in shipping, did you come across someone called Semiyon Kleiman? Sure.
Why? He was interested in investing in Alex's fund.
Was Alex interested, too? No.
He turned him down.
Smart move.
See, Kleiman may be a politician now, but he had a very unsavoury reputation back then.
Was it justified? Well, put it this way, you wouldn't transport aluminium in Russia in those days without stepping over a few bodies.
Tell him your name and what you do.
I am Radnan Ali.
I was porter in Jawaharlal port for the last 40 years.
Last month, I lost my job.
Do you still have access to the Wi-Fi network in the port? OK.
Do you remember if there was anything that might connect to the central computer system? Like an ATM machine? Did you have an electronic pass to sign in? Yes, sir.
But they took it away from me.
Please Please think.
Did you have access to any computers? Or a machine? The only machines I saw were chocolate machines.
Think! I told you.
I am porter.
You want important man, get important man.
A chocolate machine.
Like an electronic dispenser.
Do you remember what kind of chocolate? [PHONE RINGS] [PHONE VIBRATES] [SHE SOBS] No meetings this morning? Not until 11.
You OK? Just tired.
I might go back to sleep.
See you later.
[HE SPEAKS OWN LANGUAGE] You have a chocolate vending machine in Jawaharlal port? [HE SPEAKS OWN LANGUAGE] Thank you.
[HE SPEAKS OWN LANGUAGE] Everything good? Right now, all I can do is order more chocolate.
I have to piggyback from the intranet of the dispenser to the central keyboard.
It all depends if someone's had the sense to block the crossing points.
[NOTIFICATION TONE] Which they haven't.
ON PHONE: Our friends in Mumbai have found a way into the port.
Chopra's cargo is waiting to be shipped.
If we steal Vadim's heroin, there will be consequences.
Good and bad.
And even if one of Dilly's men is caught, it won't be long before Vadim traces it back to you and me.
I can still call it off.
Let me know how it goes.
It's like Pac Man.
What are we looking at? It's a computer allocation system.
It shows port positions of all the containers.
Now we just have to match them with Mr.
Chopra's companies.
The containers of Cross World are in Zone F.
Jabal's are in Zone G.
Srikkanth Steel Srikkanth Steel The Srikkanth Steel container's on the move.
[HE SIGHS] Can he go in yet? One second until I fix the security pass, then he can enter.
Damn! Power cut! Can I call? I have to reboot.
[HE SPEAKS OWN LANGUAGE] OK, he can go in.
[PHONE VIBRATES] Srikkanth Steel.
Head to zone F.
Loading dock three.
Stop that container.
There's been a mistake.
The Srikkanth Steel container has to be returned.
Are we OK? I have to put the right custom forms on their computer system.
We're importing a crate that never left the country.
I hope you have good news for me.
What complications? [FRONT DOOR OPENS] Hey.
You OK? How far is it to the Cayman Islands? Er I don't know.
Ten hours? You don't know? A little more, maybe.
Why? Have you ever been? Er Sure.
Last month.
So why didn't you tell me? Er I was there a day.
Got off the plane, signed the deal, flew straight back.
You were in New York with Sydney.
What about Dubai? Cyprus? What about them? I invest in emerging markets.
I work in those places.
- So do you.
- No, I don't.
I don't visit tax havens and offshore sinkholes to launder some corrupt politician's dirty money.
Did he invest in your fund? - Who? - Semiyon Kleiman.
My firm was about to go under.
Yes he invested in my fund.
Did you do the proper due diligence checks? - Did you record his PEP status? - Of course I did.
Karin did.
It's all legal.
What does that mean? This is you, not some sleazy City tax lawyer.
My business was in trouble.
The people who work for me were about to lose their jobs Oh, come on! They could have found other positions.
- Don't try to justify this! - All right, look, I made a mistake.
I wish I hadn't taken his money.
If I could go back and change it, I would.
- You can.
- I have.
I managed his capital until we were back on our feet.
Now that we are, I'm going to pull out.
Why does Karin think you're hiding something from her? Why? What did she tell you? She's your friend, Alex.
I kept some investments from her, but I will come clean.
[SHE SIGHS] What if you get investigated? I've done nothing wrong.
All those conversations we've had, Alex.
About moral integrity, doing things your way, the right way, without your family's involvement.
[SHE SIGHS] I still believe in those things.
Everything I've done, I've done for you.
My parents, my sister, my uncle.
You're all I care about.
[CHILDREN CHATTER AND LAUGH] Jay! Jay! Who's God now, Chopra?