Meadowlands s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

New house, new life.
New us, eh? You're staying in Meadowlands, it's the safest place on earth.
Why is it so safe? I want to get out of here.
You can't.
Do you understand? There is here and out there.
And out there, nothing good can happen, do you get me? Mark Brogan, age 17, high functioning autism post-traumatic stress disorder, and he hasn't spoken for four months.
You, upstairs now! Stay the fuck away from my daughter, do you understand? If she is old enough to bleed, then she is old enough to butcher.
To me! To me! Zoe's a nice girl, control yourself.
I love you.
All of them, they're just like us.
They're all on witness protection.
It's a nightmare.
My whole life is a fucking nightmare! The way people look at me.
Like I'm below them.
I'll tell you what? All these fuckers, , these normal decent people, they need me! 'Cause they know how worthless they really are the only way that they can feel like they're worth anything is to look down on me like I'm scum! Now it's happening here.
It's happening again.
And you told me it'd be different.
You promised that! A new start.
Look at this! Does this look like a fucking new start to you? I want out.
You go.
Be ready by midnight.
And you tell no one what's happening.
Morning, Zoe? Morning, mum.
Morning, Marky.
Mmm Morning, mum.
Yeah, I'm up.
I'm not It's fine.
Do we really need this? Excuse me.
I am still pre-menopausal you know.
Nothing wrong with a game of russian roulette now and again.
Yeah, right, maybe 5, 10 years ago but Come on.
You're only 39.
Shut up and make love to me.
Come on, don't you want a little baby? Why babies all of a sudden? Don't know, a new start and all that.
Think of it this way, I love you, And you love me, so why not? I mean, Mark and Zoe are sorted, aren't they? Or they will be.
A new start, all right, I'd be around.
It'd be different.
It'd be really good Oh, Jesus Christ! Baby? The fucking shower.
Better get Jack Donnelly in.
Come here.
Abigail? Come in.
What can I do for you, Mrs.
Brogan? There's There's mud coming out of our shower.
I got this really cheap online.
But it's such a cool shade.
It's cool.
It's got a mustique-at-dusk vibe.
God, you're really pretty, Mark.
A rolling stone gathers no moss.
Amazing he talks.
It's all crap.
But he talks.
Thanks to you, Jezebel.
I just love bringing light and happiness to the little people like you and your family.
I couldn't sleep last night.
'Cause you were drunk and barfing? No.
'Cause I was, you know, wondering about everyone.
What did they all do? In their past? Like - you and your mum.
- Zo! If we're gonna be friends, you don't ask about mine, I don't ask about yours, ok? Curiosity killed the cat.
killed the cat.
All right, it's your lucky day.
I'll have it done by midnight.
What are we gonna do for water till then, eh? A rain dance? what do you suppose Jack Donnelly did? Con man? Jewel thief? Gigolo? Let's find out.
Zoe What? Listen - Zoe.
- Yeah, Zoe Look, I think I learnt my lesson but you know so I'm as good as gold now, uh I just wanna say I wanna say, uh, thank you.
I said uh I just said thank you.
For saving my life.
Fuckin' twat.
- Jack Donnelly.
- Destabilizing influence.
His bruises suggest you're the destabilizing influence.
Call this a verbal restraining order, Bernard.
I want you to stay away from Donnelly.
No contact whatsoever.
Now get back to toytown and behave.
You found a crack yet? Go play with your dolls.
Don't be like that, all trades.
I'm only after a bit of social intercourse.
Did my dad do that? What do you care? Actually I do care.
About you.
Who you are Who you were? Leave me alone.
Hi? Morning? I thought I'd invite the Brogans over to dinner tonight.
Why don't I do it? What do you think of the Brogans? Evelyn, the wife.
What do you think of her? Oh, seems nice.
I think she's a bitch.
Well if if that's what you think then, - she probably is a - I'm joking.
She's lovely.
Why do you always agree with me, David? Because you're sweet and true and I don't believe in confrontation.
Helen! Helen! Helen! Helen! They've found me! They've fucking found me! Casey sent one of his guys, I've seen him.
He's watching me.
- Ok, just cool it.
- No, listen! I recognize him.
The fire at my house.
I saw him, it's the same fucking guy! He set fire to my house and now he's here in Meadowlands.
Well? Jack? Maybe you were right, Jez.
Maybe we should care more about Jack's present than his past.
So he's immune to your charms? No.
You're a lovely girl, Zoe.
But, in the war of the sexes, you're a conventional weapon.
Maybe it's time to go nuclear.
I don't think you and Jack Donnelly's such a good idea, Jezebel.
Zoe babes, are you jealously suggesting that I'm resistible? Look, Jack Donnelly's he is - He's very unstable.
- Zo When I'm in town, no man is stable.
Need to go home, miss.
Got a sore head.
You can walk out of school whenever you want, Jezebel.
You are 23 after all.
I know what I saw! - How close did you get to this guy? - 20, 30 yards.
- What color hair? - No, he had a cap.
A blue cap.
- Visored? - Yeah.
- Did you actually see his face? - What are you? - A fucking defense lawyer? - Answer the question.
- Yeah, I saw his face.
- Up close and personal? Get yourself down an octave, Danny.
It is not possible to infiltrate Meadowlands.
Not possible.
I was selfish.
Saying what I said to you.
It was self-indulgent of me and I've caused you embarrassment.
That's unacceptable.
Completely unacceptable.
I'm so sorry.
You boys, you get to a certain age and you just get a bit silly.
It's fine, don't worry about it.
You know, Abigail and I We've never had an argument.
We'd like to invite you and your husband Danny to dinner.
Seven for seven thirty.
Guess who? Shall I join you, Jack? Now, Jack.
Let's play, what's my crime.
What makes you think for one minute that I'm gonna tell you or your little friend Zoe, anything about me? Let alone about my pas Talk to the hand, Jack.
You stupid bitch! You think this is fucking funny? You think it's a game.
That I'm an animal.
That's what they call me, an animal.
You know an animal does very brutal things.
An animal does very violent things.
But does an animal spend six months preparing it? Fat girl.
What's the matter, eh, girl? Hey, Zo, are you ok? I guess.
Where's Mark? He's got to wait and meet a teacher.
- Is he - Yes, he's still talking.
A bit too much if you ask me.
I thought I'd walk you home.
I don't want to talk about the past or anything, but, isn't that the child-minder's job? Zoe, how would you How would you rate me as a mum? Out of ten.
- Seven? - Yeah, seven.
Look, I've gotta meet Jezebel for coffee.
Jack Donnelly is disgusting.
Someone wants to de-testicle him.
- That isn't fair, Jez.
- He's an animal.
He says he's not an animal 'cause of whatever "thing" he did when he saw how scared I was he I thought he was gonna I wasn't scared.
- Well, you should've been.
- No, Jez.
I wasn't.
- That's why he couldn't - That's why he couldn't have what? Nothing.
So I'm looking around Meadowlands and I'm thinking, it's like every day's a holiday here.
Danny! This is our new neighbor, Mr.
I've just been telling Mr.
Ormond about your new bar.
I mean, Danny doesn't do - theme bars as such.
It's more - What do you want? I was wondering if I could borrow your workman? My kitchen shelf's just fallen down.
He's busy.
I'm sure we could spare Jack.
When did you move in, Mr.
Ormond? Yesterday.
- Wife and kids? - No, no.
Solo mission? Story of my life, Dan.
Tell you what, Evelyn! New neighbor, let's get a photo, shall we? - What? - Yeah.
Let's what's your first name? - Gordon.
- Gordon, I'll tell you what, Gordon, you and me, we're gonna be good mates.
Don't be shy.
- Eyes - When you're ready.
Teeth and tits! There you go.
Wasn't too hard, was it? Let's have a look.
It was very nice to have met you, Mrs.
- You too, welcome.
- Thank you.
- Where's Zoe? - She's upstairs.
- And Mark, where's Mark? - He's in his room.
You know, inviting a complete strangers into the house isn't the smartest thing.
He's not a stranger, he's a neighbor.
He was outside and he introduced himself.
He tells you he's a neighbor, and you believe him? - Yeah.
Because he is a neighbor.
- How do you know? Well, he's going into his house.
What? Look, is there something wrong? Yeah, me, I'm wrong.
I come home and find a bloke I've never seen before in my living room.
Old habits, eh? It's ok.
We're ok.
You know we're meant to be having dinner with David and Abigail tonight.
No, look, I can't do that.
I'm behind with the bar, I've got loads of work.
Ok, I'll cancel.
But, you know I've been thinking about russian roulette? The babies.
Did you mean what you said this morning.
We'll talk about it later, yeah? - Evelyn, I - Old habits, huh? I'm just gonna go and talk to Jack, ok? Do you believe me now? Look at this Taken 45 minutes ago.
My new neighbor Mr.
And what's that in my hand, eh? His blue cap.
- Are you sure, Danny? - Yeah.
Are you gonna get me some protection? We'll start by going back getting Evelyn and the kids For Christ's sake! Will you calm down? Ok, I don't know this guy.
But if he's in Meadowlands, he's on the program.
I'll find out who handles him.
- Meantime, I want you to go back.
- What I can't do anything until I've established the facts.
I'll run this on the database to see if we can get a hit to links with casey.
What are your options? You put evelyn through another midnight flit, you're gonna lose her.
Is that what you want, Danny? Do you want to lose Evelyn? Have I ever let you down? Have I ever not delivered? If I wake up tomorrow morning and he's still here I'm gonna I'll fix it.
- Trust me.
- Ok, but I am watching him.
All night if I have to.
If he makes a move, Will tear his fucking head off! Yes, I hope you like garlic.
Is Abigail here? Doesn't matter, I just thought I better let you know You know, tonight, we're gonna have to cancel.
I thought we were fine.
We are fine.
So why can't you come? Well Danny can't make it 'cause he's got to work and Can't you come on your own? Or bring the kids? Yes, good idea.
Bring Bring Zoe and Mark.
Well, the other thing is, is that we had a burst pipe this morning so we've not had any water all day I stink.
But they sent you an emergency supply.
Unless there's some other reason, you don't want to spend time with us, Evelyn? Seven for seven thirty? You all right? You shouldn't be here.
Why not? Because some people, no, most people would say that you're not safe.
But I know I am safe.
I'm not scared of you.
Fear is your aphrodisiac.
Just go home.
Ok? Forget about me.
I'm leaving.
I'm going back to the real world.
The real world's shit.
- What's in the real world for you? - Nothing but then there's nothing for me here either.
I mean, you can change your name, You can change your past but you can't change.
What is up in here.
I don't buy that.
Well, you don't know what I did.
I don't need to know what you did.
It's about disconnecting your association of fear in others with sex.
What am I, a fucking circuit board now? Zoe? I killed a woman.
It was an accident.
'Cause I meant to keep her alive.
I kidnapped her.
Grace Diamond.
6 days.
Just me, some rope, a few sharp implements.
And Grace Diamond's fear.
Only on the 7th day, Grace Diamond went and died.
I don't understand.
Why aren't you still in prison? They couldn't put me in prison.
I was only 14 years old.
Still think you can save me? Go home.
Leave me alone.
It's not fair.
Mark gets to stay in and I'm dragged out to dinner at dr.
Mark needs his space.
He's been through a lot.
What? Like I haven't? Ok.
But you don't need as much, do you? Do you? Totally self-sufficient, mother.
Zo Me and your dad we were We were thinking about Having another baby.
What do you think? That's That's good.
Exactly what you and dad need.
Something nice.
It's time you guys grew up.
Drinks? Yes, of course Zoe? Would you like some pop? She'll She'll have a small red wine.
And I'll have I'll have a large white one.
Hello? Abigail? It's Jack Donnelly for you.
I'll take it in the kitchen.
He's doing some work for us at the moment.
I think he wants some more money.
Do sit down, please.
We're done.
What do you want? Your gums, my plums.
I can't.
We're having a dinner party.
Then you know where the main course is.
Cool guy, yeah.
Cole Port's the best.
I think he's inventive, deep, witty.
I mean he rhymes Mickey Mouse with Strauss.
You know, national gallery Garbo's salary.
I mean, you see what he's trying doing here? - He's synthesizing high and low culture - Yeah, I get that, Dave.
But those old songs.
I mean, They're kind of romantic, aren't they? Romantic? Yes.
But not in a way that's, cheap or sentimental.
You see, a lot of those songs are about loneliness and yearning and isolation and You know when someone sings them in the right way It takes you to a place where, I don't know, emptiness meets elegance.
Yeah, but it's not real life though, is it? I mean, there's romance and excitement and then there's the person that you love.
And you couldn't imagine life without them, but you've still got to grind it out every day, fighting about who's gonna take the rubbish out and bickering about the kids and bickering with the kids.
And it's good.
It's tough but it's good and You know, where's the song about all of that then? New neighbor my arse.
Well, I can't remember who wrote it It's wasn't Cole Porter, it doesn't matter, it's not important.
But there's one song which is absolutely about real life.
Even if it has this ingenious conceit of heroin addiction as a metaphor for love.
"Every kiss, every hug, "seems to act just like a drug.
"you're getting to be a habit with me.
" Oh, my god! - Songs for swinging lovers, track 3.
- You know it? Let me stay in you arms I'm addicted to your charms You're getting to be a habit with me I used to think your love was something that I could take or leave alone But now I couldn't do without my supply I need you for my own I can't break away I must have you every day As regularly as coffee or tea You've got me in your clutches and I can't get free You're getting to be a habit with me I didn't know you sang, David.
You've just dropped to a six.
How's Jack Donnely? Oh, he's - just trying to charge us for the - I'm his last hope.
Where's Abigail? I don't know.
She she can't have gone out, can she? It's been magical.
It's just been magical.
David Oh, Danny.
- Hey, baby? - Evelyn, where are you? At David's and Abigail's, why? Nothing.
How are the kids? Yeah, Zoe's fine.
- And Mark? Where's Mark? - Mark's not here.
- Where is he? - At home.
Are you ok? Yeah, no, I'm fine.
You Stay there.
You and Zoe have a good time, yeah? Yeah, sure.
I love you.
I love you too.
You wanna play some russian roulette? It's what we need? I'll see you at home, yeah? I'll see if Zoe wants cheese.
This is my life now, isn't it? Yes.
And we can be friends, can't we, David? I really need a friend here.
I'd like that, Evelyn.
Am I doing something wrong? No.
Fuck you! Oh, no.
Zoe She says she's your last hope.
All dressed in satin And waiting by the door What a lucky man he was I'm not leaving, I'm staying.
I need you to help me, Zoe.
No, don't do that! Don't be scared.
I told you, don't be fucking scared! Stupid boy.
Come on.
Lie down! - No, no! - Hold that! Now that's what I'm talking about, son.
That's right! You fucking bastard.
You fucking You fucking shit.
You fucking You fucking fucking cunt! You hear me? There's no choice, Eddie.
You're going to Meadowlands.
I'm leaving.
You're going to Meadowlands.
Looks like Jack's gone and dug his own grave, eh? Thanks.
For doing my job.
Are you ok? Sorry, dad.
Won't wear girl's clothes again.
Gotta clean this up.
Hey? Listen.
I need your help, you know.
You know why we've got to do this? Jack Donnelly? Hasn't been seen.
Well, I can't say I have much to do with him.
Yes, I can see that.
You covered it up, dad.
You knew what to do.
You know I've got a feeling that our local handyman's vanishing is a touch more