Meadowlands s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

Stay the fuck away from my daughter! Do you understand? I killed a woman.
Still thinking you can save me? How's Jack Donnelly? Oh, he's just trying to charge us for the I'm his last hope.
Fuck! I'm detective sergeant Wintersgill.
Me and your dad, We were thinking about having another baby.
It's been magical.
Tonight it's just been magical.
All right, it's your lucky day.
I'll have it done by midnight.
I need you to help me Zoe.
Stupid! Shit! What do we do now? Danny! It wasn't as bad as it could have been! I actually had quite a nice time.
Danny? Dad? Dad? Stay here.
Stay here.
Danny? You read in my mind Mark asleep? Yeah.
He's uh Zoe at her mate's, Son in bed before midnight.
Christ we're the Waltons.
We've got to clean this up.
Listen, I need you to help me now.
You know why we've got to do this? Come on.
Get on with it.
Danny? You want to get in? Much more fun with 2! Come on, baby, get in.
I'll tell you what, why don't you just have a long soak? I'll wait for you in the bedroom.
Come on.
Quick Pack those towels up.
Right, boys, grab your bibs.
Where's Jack? I ain't seen him.
He never misses midnight football.
Who's the lucky lady? All right boys, let's move! Oh, no.
The pipe's still broken.
Shit! You were supposed to fix this, you shit! I'm sorry, dad.
I'm sorry, dad.
Mark, I'm going to have to get Jack's tools.
What? No, you can't go, dad.
You can't go, dad.
You can't go, dad Listen to me.
Listen to me.
I've got to fix this pipe.
I'll be 10 minutes.
I have to fix this pipe.
All right, you stay here.
You can do it! Are you all right there mate? Yeah, it's just a little pull.
I think I'll head.
All right, mate, cheers.
All right, play on! Jacky! What are you doing in there? You in there Jacky boy? Come on.
No, no, No, no, no, No, no, No, no, no, Jack of all trades, it's me.
Leave a message.
So, it's left me thinking, where are you Jack? Where are you hiding? Can't get far.
So you really should call.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
We're going to have to get out of these clothes.
Clothes, let's trip.
Put your clothes in.
Come on.
Come on.
Let's go.
Come on, everything, everything Come on.
Shirts as well.
Come on.
Come on.
Do I repulse you? - What? - Repulse you.
It's ruined anyway.
Ruined anyway.
It's in ruins.
Let's get the gloves off as well, mate.
Come on.
Come on.
No, no, no,no,no.
Non, no,! Leave them! - We've got no choice! - Leave them! Leave them! Promise me you'll get rid of them, ok? - Promise me! - Yes.
Look you get rid of them.
Promise me! - Yeah.
- That's good.
And the rest.
Come on.
Let's get these off.
Bags packed.
No Jack.
Now the mirror's cracked.
I smell foul play.
Baby? Are you ok? "Villains!" I shrieked, "dissemble no more!" "I admit the deed!" "Here, here, here.
Tear up the planks! - Here, here.
It is the beating " - Mark needs to pull away.
Let go.
There's a danger Mark will disappear into himself, And that's the last thing we want right now.
Something to get him involved.
Participation should stop him getting preoccupied.
Danny, yes.
I doubt junior Brogan could kick a ball the lenght of himself.
- Ideally, I want them together on this.
- Trust me.
It's what I do best.
With the right mix of charm and persuasion And appropriate encouragement Young Mark won't be able to get enough of the beautiful game.
Perhaps even your goalie.
Certainly got the gloves for it.
Really? She just left? Yeah I always thought she played the obedient doctor's wife too well.
And how do you know that? It's in the eyes.
Abigail likes it savage.
And that's what Jack is.
She doesn't get him.
Zoe Brogan, are you jealous Doctor mrs.
York has strayed on to your patch.
It's not like that.
It's not a joke, Jez.
He told me today he's thinking of leaving.
Hello, baby girl.
Fancy and hot chocolate? No thanks.
We're fine.
So you've comme all the way over here Just to tell me Donnelly didn't turn up to football? No.
I've been looking for him.
I've checked the workshop.
I even called him on the mobile.
Didn't cross your mind at that time of night he might be home asleep? Well, he wasn't when I broke in.
And packed bags kind of indicate travel plans, don't you think? Bernard, this really isn't your problem.
So, you acknowledge there's a problem? A series of curious incident hardly presents sufficient reason for you to react this way.
I suggest you go back, carry on with My job? - Yes - Which is to police Meadowlands And whatever curious incident it happens to throw my way.
Nobody leaves Meadowlands, Bernard And I mentioned it to Zoe last night.
It just seemed natural Rather than having this big conversation.
You want to say something to Mark? About what? Yes, the new baby Brogan.
Well, your dad and I really want to make sure that you're a part of this.
But, well, I'm not even pregnant yet.
It could take months.
Well, I don't why it's such a big deal.
Just load up on bacardi breezers, Hang out at a bus stop, and let hormones do the rest.
Works for lot of girls these days.
Morning, sweetheart.
You want some tea? Juice.
I thought I'd go and see dr.
York this morning.
I'm gonna just like ask him some questions about having Danny? Yeah, no, sure.
I'll do that.
This is important to me, darling.
I really want it to be the thing that settles us here.
Last chance, because there is nowhere else.
- Not right getting rid of him like that.
- Really? - They could find him.
- No, they won't Why would they even look here? Now, we just need to get our stories straight about what we were doing.
Better to have called the officers of the police.
- We still can, dad.
- Shut the fuck up.
Do you understand me? This is Wintergill we're talking about.
What do you think he's going to do? Give us a talking-to and send us home? He finds out, everything is finished, And they'll send us back.
Is that what you want Mark? Can you smell bleach? Seriously, my room reeks.
Zoe, if you're coming, I'm leaving now.
I can't have you behaving like this, son.
Not now.
What happened last night, It's over.
Do you understand me? We say,nothing and we just carry on as normal.
We were home all night.
No one came over and we didn't leave.
Ok? You covered it up, dad.
You knew what to do.
I need to know you're on board for this Because this is the time when people will start asking questions, Mark.
What were you up last night? The football? You know how it is.
Get settled watching a DVD, don't you, things slip your mind.
Isn't that right Mark? Yes.
No worries.
Look, I've signed you both up for a five-a-side tournament.
Here we are, captains in bold.
I put you in with Tom and Jack.
He's a bit nervous.
You know, it's been a while.
Come on, mate, you'll love it.
Kickaround with the lads? You and me.
- Don't know if I can, dad.
- Oh, yes, you can.
We'll show them what the Brogans can do, shall we? We'll be there.
Thank you for last night, it was lovely.
- Great food, great conversation - And great company.
Let's do it again sometime.
Definitely, but, booze-free next time.
Danny and I would like to try for a baby.
Danny, I wondered if you'd seen Jack Donnely this morning.
Can't help you there, I'm afraid.
So, when did you last see him? Six, half six last night.
He was doing some work at our house.
- Home all night - Yeah.
Didn't leave DVD.
All right, Mark, just get in the car.
Wasn't even in Zoe's room.
- Half six, you say? - Yeah.
Then nothing.
I hardly see him, to be honest.
One of the great british workforce, eh? - I've got to get on.
Do you mind? - Cheers.
Listen, I'm not going to be with you all the time, you know? So, you're going to have to learn to keep it together.
This won't take long.
Is it really necessary? I just wanted to ask you some questions about It's a standard questionnaire.
Whenever I'm informed that A woman is about to embark on A baby, you say? Yeah.
With Danny.
Well Right.
How often do you and your partner, Danny, engage in intercourse? Sexual, that is.
Not verbal.
That would be discourse.
Sex? Five or six times.
A week? Yeah.
Is that normal? It's above average, I'd say.
Penetrative? Usually ends up that way.
Yes, yes, yes, can't have a baby without it.
How many partners have you had since becoming sexually active? Double figures.
Ever contracted an STD? - No.
- No? - Do you have regular periods? - Yes, like clockwork.
Would you have a baby with me? What? Sorry? Have you taken prescriptive medication during a pregnancy? - No.
- Ok.
Ok, the key is to strike at vulnerable points in the keeper's vision.
Let's go.
No, don't toe-end it, son.
Get your knee over the ball.
That's the way to do it.
I think you might be in his eyeline, mate.
Maybe it's best if you step aside? Sure.
Play like there's no one watching, it's just you you on the spot and me in goal.
Much better! How about we send him home? Bury the old man? Yeah, before he does it first.
Does what first? Mark, that's enough for today.
- Let's go.
- Hold on! - Mark? - Look, 20 minutes on his spatial perception and he'll hammer them home.
Mark! Now! Let's go.
Come on.
Whose blood is this then? She doesn't look like she's having a good time.
Just a few questions.
Little neighborhood mystery that won't sit still.
Well, kettle's on.
Tea? Coffee? Coffee would be lovely, thank you.
Milk, no sugar.
So, what's this about? Jack Donnelly.
Hasn't been seen.
Well, I can't say I have much to do with him.
Well, he carried out the odd chore around the house, But beyond that, I hardly come into contact with him.
If I'm honest, I find his presence rather looming.
I can see that.
I'm glad I ran into you.
I was just passing.
Listen I thought that these might interest you, Given your exciting plans.
I had my receptionist Put together some literature you might find useful.
Well, actually, it was me.
It was a wonderful chance for me to brush up on my antenatal skills.
Not a lot of call for them so far while I'm here.
Thanks David, but I have had babies before, you know.
Oh yeah, absolutely.
But no harm in reacquainting oneself with the God.
I don't want to get all neurotic about this.
No, no, no, nor should you.
So, why don't you do what these suggest, Come in for physical, and we'll check that everything's working ok.
Do you really think that's necessary? Well, it can't hurt.
Look, I just want to help in any way that I can.
That's that's what friends are for.
Isn't it? All right, then.
I will.
Yeah, thanks.
Tits and arse.
Someone to fuck.
With malice.
It's what Jack sees.
A bit different to a husband that looks right through me day after dreary day.
Jack made me feel attractive, In the most base way.
Every woman longs to be objectified.
She's lying if she says she doesn't.
Delicious coffee.
So When did you last meet up? Last night.
It wasn't that late.
We had the Brogans over.
After 8, I stepped out for about a half an hour.
So, you were the last person to see him.
I doubt that.
There's nothing more unsettling than pleasuring a man knowing he's preoccupied with another woman.
And she thinks she's his last hope.
Silly girl.
Who? Zoe Brogan.
Good run? Yeah.
I'd rather you put that back where you found it.
Every missed shot was like a stab to your heart.
- What? - No son of mine throw that one back.
- Mark, I can't deal with any of this.
- It's because you're ashamed of me.
I am not.
- Liar! - Calm down, will you? What, what, what, what? My turn now? This, this, this, this It's what you do! It's whatever hole you dig we follow.
Why do you keep going off on these tangents? Follow the lead, the lead of a lead of the lies, then the lies, The lies.
More lies to cover a lie To cover the one before that Where the truth is the enemy of fiction! Look I'm sorry, I don't know you are, son.
And I wish I knew how you and me had gotten to this place.
Think dad! It was always you who drove the bus.
You! Not me! Not mum! Not Zoe! You! You and, and, and, welcome to Meadowlands! The perfect place for any 17 year old living under a new identity Whose father killed a man who tried to rape him whilst dressed in his sister's clothes! Shut up! Shut up please! Please chut up Mark.
Mark, shut up.
- No.
- Mark! - Mark! - Hey easy tiger.
Where's the fire? - He's all right.
He's just a bit - On edge? - Yeah.
- Yeah.
Well, I can appreciate that.
I find myself a little on edge today.
One of Meadowlands' own having vanished.
People don't just vanish, though, do they? Not until someone makes them.
I mean who takes off without taking at least hand luggage with them? And why would someone lock themselves Into their own workshop and somehow get out? - I don't know, maybe he's just - Rhetorical question.
You know I've got a feeling that our local handiman's vanishing Is a a touch more permanent.
Leaving me wondering, Who'd be the least sorry to see him go.
See? Got it wrong again.
Told us we'd get away with it and we won't.
Told us we'd get away with it but you're wrong.
You're always wrong.
He's missing, right? Well, that's all we know.
Someone could have got to him, though, couldn't they? Someone from his past.
Darling, look where we are.
Is it likely someone could get away with murder here? - I guess not.
- It's giving Wintersgill something to do Apart from telling people to keep off the grass And the odd traffic violation.
I mean, i'm sure there's lot of people who didn't like having Jack around, - But - Is this who we are now? The type of people who pick apart a man's life - Regardless of knowing anything about - Darling, all I'm saying is, is Mum, mum, he came here to start again.
We're just the same.
Jack's trying to be someone better than he was before.
And he's done nothing to make people think otherwise.
Round, round and round.
All that running and you never really go anywhere, do you? You enjoy yesterday? I've I've sent myself off.
And why would you do that? Fair enough.
You think this is none of my business? Because what am I to you, The annoying bloke in the tracksuits? Yes.
What would you think if I said the word dad? Love? Security and comfort? Except it's not like that for everyone.
Is it, Mark? Not entirely.
Not for you Or for me.
This can be a lonely place if you don't let people in.
Brogan! You've certainly got tongues wagging.
The whole town is agog.
What happened to Jack? You saw him the night before last.
Really? Don't piss with me, missy.
I stayed at Jezebel's.
Ask her.
Rule me out, does it? You're nobody's last hope.
What is it with you? Why don't you just Jack isn't dead.
He's just had enough and got out.
And who can blame him? What with my dad who was on his back and you playing stalker.
As his least likely fan, Surely that puts you in the frame.
Who's investigating you? People look at me and they see this geezer.
Freddie can do it.
Freddie can motivate.
Freddie's a winner.
- Freddie's a winner.
- All true.
Spot on.
Because I've learnt having something to lose yourself in Can be the only way to survive and stop you screaming on the inside.
Everyone's here Because they saw something or told something.
Even did something.
And that's me.
I killed my dad.
No, not in the way you think.
I mean, I didn't You grow up and people are like, his father's son, that's for sure.
And I was glad because He was way up there.
But I got older And saw who he really was, and I couldn't separate the criminal From the man who loved me.
I put what I thought was right before family.
Stood in the dock, pointing the finger.
There's nowhere to go when your boy shows that kind of betrayal.
So, he hanged himself, - 27 minutes into his sentence.
- 27 But I was already on my way here to become Freddie.
No chance to explain.
And it's only now I realize that whatever he did, It was all to give me what he thought was a better life.
And the regret It eats me up.
I never tried to understand him.
It's more than just a game, Mark.
This pitch, this place.
It's a chance for you.
A chance I never had.
Ok, if you'd just like to put on this delightful thing.
We have to be careful.
That's why I want you to carry on.
I think you should, you know, especially now.
We don't want to be seen to isolate ourselves, do we? I'm sorry, Mark.
I'm not ashamed of you, mate, it's just You know, you're everything to me.
You're my son.
And I'd do anything for you.
You'd kill for me.
They've got They're supposed to help you strike the ball properly, apparently.
They got this thing, see? They're supposed to help you Curl it.
Bend it like brogan.
You can try 'em out if you want, eh? - Go and give Freddie a knock, or - No.
Not freddie.
Just you and me, dad.
What? I think it would be much easier if we saw Danny first But I'm here now.
- No, it makes much more sense.
- I'm good to go.
- No, really.
It's for the best.
- Up and ready.
I can't.
I just can't.
Oh, my god.
That's for Danny's sample.
Just pop it in there I should I should go.
- Yes, of course.
- Don't touch me! You don't think - I would never jeopardize our - Get out! - By using a situation like this to - David, please leave.
I want to get dressed.
Of course.
A real boy, Geppetto.
A real boy, Geppetto.
Nice boots.
Present from your mum and dad? You'll be running rings around us on the pitch with a pair like that.
Don't say much, do you? Not like your sister.
Hard to believe you're related, let alone twins.
We share the same disinterest with banal chitchat.
Just as sparky, though.
But I bet you're not as much trouble to your dad.
No way you could wind him up to the point of overprotective behavior.
You do get that with girls, though, don't you? Off out all the time, high heels, short skirts.
Just shut it.
I mean, it's no wonder a dad would do what he had to do.
But it's like they say, if you have a son, you've only got to worry about one prick.
If have a daughter, you've got to worry about thousands.
Fuck! One less now, though, eh? Are you ok? Yeah, I'm fine.
What's that? It's a It's from dr.
For a sample of your It doesn't matter.
- It's all right? - Really.
It's not important.
It's just routine.
You know? Fair enough.
I don't want to be on my own, though.
Apparently, it all started when he missed football.
He didn't show up to do our shelves.
One eighth of an inch.
That is the weekly blade growth.
That's all it takes for the putt-to-hole velocity glide to be all but destroyed.
Sorry, but you've lost me there, Tommy.
He wasn't there to trim the greens, either? Isn't it just horrible to think that a stranger could come into Meadowlands and do something like this? Or perhaps the voice is coming from within side of the clubhouse.
What? No way.
You're joking, aren't you? - Everyone here is so lovely.
- He's right, mum.
Behind the closed doors, even really nice neighbors could have something to hide.
Looking for me, Brenda? It's nothing.
I'm more than likely wasting your time.
You don't really want to hear my suspicions about You have suspicions? Probably not important.
Brenda, detail.
In a potential murder investigation, Everything's important.
Do you honestly think that Jack might have been murdered? Would I risk upsetting our status quo if I didn't? I saw Jack late the other night.
He was going up to Danny and Evelyn's.
It's starting to take shape.
Looking forward to the opening.
A real event.
A bit more cheery than what's going on at the moment.
Nasty business.
What color are we calling that, then? "Burnished sunset.
" Evelyn chose it.
Lovely woman, your wife.
By all accounts, she had a smashing time over at the yorks.
Dinner parties.
My idea of hell.
Yours, too, I'm guessing since you didn't go.
Stayed at home.
On your Jack Jones? No, with Mark.
All night.
Well, you must've seen Donnelly, then.
Brenda Ogilvie says she saw him Running up to yours just after 9:00.
She might have done.
Maybe he was dropping off the spare keys.
You know, the ones we gave him because he was working on our house.
Well, your paths would have crossed, then, wouldn't they, since you were At home all night? I came down here for an hour Just to show Mark how it was going, all right? Well, that explains why Brenda saw you Running up there just after Jack.
You must have missed each other by Minutes.
Brenda didn't say anything about seeing Mark, though.
That's 'cause he wasn't with me.
All right? He dropped off the DVD, you know, through the letterbox thing? Yeah, useful, aren't they? As will Mark be when I run this by him.
Burnished sunset.
Looks more like blood red to me.
Mark! Mark! Have you seen mark? - Is Mark in the house? - No.
In here! Come on! Get in! Evelyn, hello.
I'm I was just going to drop this off.
Oh, right.
Well, I could take it for you.
I'd rather give it to the nurse.
Well, it ends up in my hands anyway, Insofar as I'm your doctor.
Evelyn Despite what you might think You can trust me.
Of course.
Thank you.
I can't believe he got to the little glove wearing freak first.
With everything pointing towards Danny boy The whore next door Not to mention the man himself, sweating like a rapist.
No offense.
Nah, the boy was never in the bar.
It's bullshit.
We were up home all night.
Ok? Good luck.
Ok, pair off! - Good luck.
Ok? - Danny! Buddy up! Ok, I'll see you later.
Hey! I normally buddy up with Donnelly, but I can't, what with him being dead.
So Should we? Last seen at yours, and then Well who knows? We weren't at home.
So I understand.
Went to the bar.
Yeah, I love what your dad's done.
It's coming along nice.
I think so.
Not sure about the color of that back wall, though.
- I don't mind it.
- Quite oppressive.
He'd have gone for something a bit more welcoming, I think bright blue can be so unforgiving.
But then your dad tells me it's your favorite colour.
Yes, it always has been.
Let's go! Let's move! Not bad footwork, your boy.
Save for the occasional slip-Up.
He'll have to watch that.
Get the ball.
- Afternoon, wife.
- Afternoon, husband.
Well, I would call that a result.
Oh, they showed up, then.
Dead dad story.
Never fails.
All I want is my daddy.
I'll be in my room.
- You told him everything we said? - Yes.
I did good, didn't I? I kept it together.
- Didn't get confused.
- Well done, mate.
Did talk a lot about the bar, though.
Talked a lot about the bar.
Said it looked great.
Classy, he said.
Why did you tell him that my favorite colour was blue? Got it.
Danny Brogan, I'm arresting you in connection with the murder of Jack Donnelly.
You do not have to say anything Dad! Dad, dad! if you do not mention something which you later rely on in court No, no, no.
It's a mistake.
I told you we were home all night! I told you! Are you color-blind? Get back in the house, Mark.
Just go on now.
Get back in the house, son.
Dad! You can't! - Mark, just get back in the house.
- He still doesn't get it, does he? The folly of youth.
It's all right.
Just go back in the house.
No! Come on, dad! Dad! Don't worry, son! Just get back in! Sync.
: Grizzly56 You arrested him at 6:30 last night.
You've got 24 hours to either charge him or release him.
But what if she knew about What if she knew about About this? What if she knew about that? She's take the kids and then you'd be alone, and you'll have nothing Mark, are you ok? Tell me you killed Jack Donnelly!