Meadowlands s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

Tell me you killed Jack Donnelly.
Zoe and Mark are not - his children.
- You- Golf is not a metaphor for life Life is a metaphor for golf.
Once and once only, okay? And you don't tell a soul.
I love you.
This man is innocent for murder of Jack Donnelly.
- Well done, Bernard.
- Fuck you.
We're all right, aren't we? We're gonna be fine.
Go back to sleep.
Where is it now? Wintersgill must be on crack.
As if anyone would bury a body in their own back garden.
You can't just let him get away with it.
You're innocent.
It has to be Donnelly, who else could it be? Zoe didn't see his face, it could be anyone.
- Where did you put it? - Over there.
- How did you get it out here? - Wheelbarrow.
- And where'd you put that? - Lake.
- Someone must have seen you.
- They didn't.
- I was careful.
- You sure? Yeah, positive.
Yeah, well you'd better be, hadn't you? I shouldn't have said those things to you yesterday.
And I should've waited until Danny was here before discussing his test results.
For you to have to bear that news alone- It's Danny that I'm worried about.
He's been under a lot of stress lately with everything.
It must be difficult.
He's got an appointment with you tomorrow, hasn't he? Yes, ten o'clock.
Please don't tell him.
- What? - For his sake and the children's.
Evelyn, er, I'm his doctor.
I have- I had a stupid fling, it didn't mean anything, I had no idea Danny wasn't the father.
If he finds out now after everything he's been through, I don't know what he'll do.
One can be a fine father without the biolog- Please, David, I beg you, don't tell him.
For me.
I thought we were friends.
So we were.
I nearly tripped over a corpse just now.
What? You might have fucking warned me.
I hate to be late for my tee-off time.
You stepped over a dead body 'cause of a golfing schedule? Look at me.
You're right.
I'm sorry.
I- I was insensitive.
It's tough when you first see a dead body.
Especially someone you know.
You know, worse than that is when you get used to it.
You caught me playing through.
Figured you'd be cleared by now.
Airmailed it into the long stuff, Freddy.
Back of the putter job? Hack and hope, huh? A dead man showed up this morning.
Don't you care? I'll leave you two to your golf.
For god's sake, Mark, will you give me a hand? What is the point? That might not have been Donnelly out there.
Well, if it wasn't Donnelly on the street, Then why are we digging him up? And if it was him, then why are we digging at all? Because I need to know, okay? Cassius! Fuck.
I'll get rid of her.
Go on.
Go on.
Cassius! - Cassius! - Are you stalking me now? - You scared me.
- Have you- Have you got some proper obsession with me now? - I'm walking me dog.
- You leave me alone you freak.
You weirdo.
Leave me alone.
You go, you fuck off, leave me alone.
Go on! - Is she gone? - Yeah.
We'd have got to him by now, there's nothing down there.
If it's not Donnelly, then who is it? What is it? That is not what I put in there, dad, it's not- What is it? What- It's not what I put in there, dad, It's not- - It's okay.
Chill out.
- I didn't put that- Shut up.
Put that out.
You have a habit of leaving a bad smell behind you.
It's very nice to see you too, Samantha.
What are you doing back, Jack? I suppose we should get on with the formalities.
Ah, yes the formalities.
Has anyone identified the body? Who's that? What? It's- - It's Jack Donnelly.
- Check the box, doctor.
Look, I'm sensing some anxiety among some of the patients.
Since- Well, since all of this.
It's perfectly natural, under the circumstances.
Yes, what I mean is is Meadowlands still safe? Oh, yes.
Nowhere safer.
How many assignments have you successfully completed, Gordon? Now you know I won't tell you that.
Says here Twenty seven! I should've thought a job like Jack Donnelly would've been - bread and butter for you.
- It would've been.
Except someone else did the job for me, didn't they? You failed me, Ormond.
But I'm giving you the chance to straighten everything out.
Who's that? That's Grace Diamond.
Your sister.
Please settle down.
As I'm sure you've all heard, Jack Donnelly was found dead this morning violently murdered.
First of all, let me reassure you all, Meadowlands is safe, Jack Donnelly's death does not alter that fact, it merely reaffirms how unsafe the outside world is for all of us.
Okay, now I'm gonna break with, er, the prime directive of Meadowlands.
I'm gonna talk about the past.
Jack Donnelly's past.
When Jack was 14, he raped and murdered a young woman- Her name was Grace Diamond.
Like the rest of us, Jack was here for his own protection.
However, he did not take his responsibilities to the community seriously.
I'm gonna hand out some photos.
If you can pass them round, please.
But Jack thought he could leave Meadowlands, have a bit of fun out there, without thinking about the consequences.
As we all know, people who bear grudges have very long memories.
Jack was spotted, he was followed back here, he was kidnapped and he was mutilated in the same way that he mutilated his victim.
Jack was killed for his past sins.
So- So someone came into Meadowlands? But- What if he blows our cover? What is there to see? To any outsider, this is an ordinary community with ordinary people.
So don't have nightmares, you're safe here.
But remember this.
Out there we can't protect you.
No one can.
Why can't you just leave it alone, danny? 'Cause I don't like the way you work.
Leaving corpses out there for my daughter to find.
See, I know what you're doing.
Keeping them scared.
You get Wintersgill to tell everyone it's a big scary world out there and that if they leave here, then they die like Donnelly.
But that's not what happened, is it? No.
You killed Jack, then I saved your ass.
Maybe I don't want you to.
Fine, go home, tell your family, tell evelyn how you tore the life out of Jack Donnelly.
Better still, let's do it right now.
I'll make the decisions in my life, okay? Really? Do you write your own material Or do you use other people's lines? I'm a policeman, not a stand-up! Jack never left Meadowlands and you know it.
There was nothing out there for him.
He was terrified of leaving, he was terrified of staying, You made sure of that.
Donnelly was scum.
What, and that's your job, is it? Get rid of scum? Keep pushing You'll get a bite.
Is everything all right, Zoe? I was just leaving.
Long way from the golf course, Tom.
How the hell did he get away with that bullshit speech? He's lying and it's so obvious he's lying.
Last week he nearly killed Jack, then he arrested my dad and beat him half to death.
And so you want revenge? Yeah, I mean- What's it to you anyway? You're the guy who always looks in the opposite direction.
What are you trying to avoid? You're offering support.
And your life, not mine! Just leave it.
I thought you were at work.
I've cancelled my afternoon appointments.
Oh, dear.
Are you unwell? I've done a terrible thing.
What's the matter? I've agreed to do something For that patient I told you about.
Something which compromises my professional integrity.
Is this patient a friend? Someone you care about? Well, yes, but I It's an intractable situation.
Morally, I mean.
I've been asked to lie about the test results.
To lie? David! To tell the truth would cause unimaginable distress.
But you can't lie, David, that's not what you do.
Your insistence on telling the truth no matter what the cost is why we ended up here - in the first place.
- Abigail! You have never once- Not once compromised yourself for me.
You wanted to see me.
Er, yes.
Look, uh Sit down.
I can't lie to Danny.
it would go against every rule by which I've lived my entire life.
Honesty is always the best policy.
Honesty, right? So you've told abigail how you feel about me.
Ah, well that's, er- - That's different.
- The difference is you're prepared to ruin my life but not your own.
Evelyn, when I became a doctor, I swore on oath.
So did I when I married my husband.
I won't let 17 years of fatherhood be wiped out by a lab report.
There is an alternative.
Tell him yourself.
People don't question lies, they only question lies that they don't like.
Well, I'm asking the question and I've already got an answer.
Wintersgill killed Jack.
You really wanna nail this guy, huh? - Why? - 'Cause if I don't- If Jack's killer is not brought to account, then it's all pointless.
Like justice counts, truth matters.
Otherwise we're no better than animals.
You know what? You're right.
Let's go to work.
Before we go on, the truth- It might not be what you wanna hear.
You sure you're ready to find out what happened to Donnelly, whatever that may be? Good.
We start with the primary fact.
To get to the truth, you need to be resourceful, persistent and thorough.
You need to scratch the surface and look beneath.
How do you know all this? Well, one investigation at a time.
Good night, dad.
Dad? What's the matter? I'm gonna tell your mum.
I'm gonna tell her everything.
What? I can't live like this, Mark.
What about me? No, you start confessing to mum and that's it, it's over, we're finished here and we're finished as a family- - If I explain to her- - I don't think she'll understand.
Donnelly was a psycho and he was trying- I know what he was trying to do to me, dad.
And I know that you stopped him, but you didn't stop yourself, though, did you, dad? You didn't stop yourself.
You kept going, dad.
He wasn't fighting back so you could have stopped but you didn't.
You chose to kill him I don't think she will understand that.
Do you? You ready? What have we got here? Face bashed in, strangulation Marks on the neck, Body covered in lacerations.
Look here.
There's no clotting inside these wounds.
And I can see no sign that he was tied up.
I'd say Donnelly was strangled to death, because this carve-up happened after he died.
Someone's made it look like a revenge killing.
What do you make of these? A ring.
Could be a wedding ring.
Good spot.
You see what this means now.
Wintersgill's out of the frame.
He's single, he doesn't wear a ring.
So what's he trying to hide? Maybe his latent homosexuality.
Who knows? Whatever it is, we're gonna find it.
You're more fun than I thought, Tom Tyrell.
What are you saying to me? Golf's not fun? We have a problem.
Tom's woken up.
You know, the truth never goes away.
It lives and it breathes inside the facts.
Michelangelo, he didn't carve the statue Out of a block of stone.
He believed that that thing of beauty was already there, inside the stone.
His job was to find it, facts.
That's our block of stone.
And the truth, the true and beautiful figure, lurks within.
You certainly know how to use a metaphor.
So tell me your thoughts.
What's the truth about you? Who are you really? Some sort of copper or detective or what? I feel like I don't really know you.
When you start these investigations, you change and it scares me.
Alison? Who the fuck's alison? Alison, I have principles, this is my life! I think you'd better go.
- What? - I shouldn't be getting involved, I've made a mistake.
- I'll do it myself.
- Do what yourself? What? What are you gonna do? I'm gonna go after Wintersgill.
What? Just wanted to see how you were, you know, after this morning, finding that body.
I'll work it out.
Need a hug? I could do with one.
Come here.
Have you been drinking? Kettles and pots, mum.
You're so like your dad.
There's something that I've got to tell you.
What's the matter? When I came here, I thought I could change.
I thought I could be someone else, you know.
Danny Brogan.
I just wanted to wake up with you and the kids downstairs, watching Telly and But I'm the same person.
If I didn't have you and Mark and Zoe I'd- Inside I'd just be full of badness.
I'm sorry.
It's just all this shit with Wintersgill, you know.
That's all.
What d'you wanna tell me? I need you.
I'm here for the test results.
Zoe? I'm going into Wintersgill's office now.
What? No, wait.
I've gotta go.
Where? Okay, be right there.
I'm right outside Wintersgill's office.
I've got a steel ruler, a needle file, a bump key - and a shim.
- Oh, shit! So you're gonna talk me through it? No, Zoe, I'm not.
You have no idea how long he's gonna be.
Either you talk me through the door, or Wintersgill's gonna find me here with half his locks broken.
- Zoe! - First up I've got a key lock with a hinged shackle.
Garrison? Chubb.
You missed golf this morning.
What's going on? Don't let history repeat itself, Tom.
Well done, Bernard, they've got him.
- Hi.
- Zoe, get out of there.
- In a minute! - No, Zoe, now! Go to the end.
What's gonna happen now? It's not up to me.
What? - What did he say? - Oh, it's fine, above average.
That's great! This is Grace Diamond, The woman Jack murdered.
And the guy they just hauled in is? Is her brother, so he would have wanted revenge.
But if Wintersgill's fitted him up, then- Then who's he covering for? See, now you're getting it.
Why is my dad still up there? He didn't do it.
He's got a motive.
He's already been arrested for it and released, he didn't do it.
Well, you take that home and you see if you can find anything interesting.
A tiny detail that just doesn't add up.
Put your stuff away, darling, I wanna do your dad's favorite.
What? Take out and a shag? Oh, you're funny.
- I recognize that face.
- You know him? He said he was a neighbor, said he lived at number 43.
- What's this all about? - It's nothing.
Just a bet with Tom Tyrell.
His name was Gordon Ormond.
Thanks, mum.
- Where are the kids? - Mark's upstairs, Zoe's got something going on with tom tyrell.
Hope I'm not intruding.
I was hoping to talk to your daughter.
I believe she has something of mine.
But she's not here.
I should keep a tighter reign on that girl.
She's very willful.
Listen, whatever's going on between you and me, leave her out of it.
You do know she's in possession of the Jack Donnelly case file? She and tom tyrell have got their teeth into the naughty problem of Who killed Jack Donnelly.
He barely moved from here.
You can see right into our house.
It seems ormond is a professional.
So he did kill Jack? Professional killers don't beat people to death with their fists.
Then it's all a fake- The photo, Ormond's arrest? We're way out our depth here, Zoe.
This is too big a cover-up.
We stop this now.
Are you scared? Yes, I am.
But fear is the perfect survival mechanism.
It's very wise to take heed of your fear.
We have to get to ormond, he could be gone tomorrow.
No, we have to think this through.
He could be gone in half an hour if we- Look, if we think it through, we'll miss our chance.
- Give me your car keys.
- No! - We're not going.
- So I'll go alone.
No! You're not listening to me.
This is dangerous.
You're looking too hard in the other direction again.
Actually, no, I'm looking at you.
I'll see you tomorrow, huh? Fine.
I want a word.
What's going on? I don't know what you mean.
I mean she's 17 and you are 30, 35.
- That's not right, is it? - Is this how you reacted when Jack showed an interest in your daughter Danny? I like Zoe.
I respect her.
She has integrity.
Genuine integrity.
Listen, whatever you're doing, it stops now, all right? Or what? You'll pound my head in? Pound and pound until what? Danny? Until your vision clears and you're looking at another dead man? Listen, I don't know what you think you know- - Is that your phone? - No.
Listen, she's my daughter.
- Hello? - Don't let history repeat itself.
I feel like I don't know you.
When you start these investigations, you change and it scares me.
Ali, I have to do this, this is not a game.
I know it's not a game.
And I have had it.
The threats, the phone calls, hiding out in hotels.
Just because you won't let go of a story.
Alison, I am a journalist, okay? I have principles, this is my life.
Your principles and your life.
Not mine.
- Hello.
- Hey, Mark.
Looks like we found you Dead man.
Jesus christ.
- There's a bomb in the car.
- What car? It's meant for me.
Fuck! Tom! It's all right.
Just let him go, okay? Thank you.
I lied for you.
I lied for you.
I know it was a lot to ask.
But you did it for the right reasons.
I'm not sure you know why I did it.
I think you did it because you care about me, and I will never forget that.
I should have known you were too noble be a copper.
I'm sorry about Alison.
So, uh, do you need a partner? I have one, thank you.
So that's it, is it? Just forget everything? I don't believe you can.
Bit of a northeasterly today.
Should suit your fade nicely.
To get to the truth, you need to scratch the surface and look beneath.
Are you all right? I need you to tell me the truth, dad.
About what? Jack Donnelly.
Did you kill him? I can't believe you'd think I was capable of that.
Dad, I just want you to tell me the truth.
Did you kill him? No, I didn't.
What is it, Jez? Jezebel went out.
Mark, we can't.
Yes, we can.
I hope Zoe's all right.
Teenage heartbreak.
Your world collapses around you but you're back again by Tuesday? I wouldn't know.
You never broke mine, did you? Did you hear that Wintersgill arrested someone for Donnelly's murder? - Who? - Ormond.
Turns out he was Grace Diamond's brother.
Where is he? I assume you mean the suspect? If that's what you wanna call him.
It's Ormond, isn't it? Well, it seems he has a number of names.
But then again, don't we all.
Can I talk to him? - Why? - Because I don't wanna live with lies.
And there's something going on here.
Something ugly, we both know it.
Come on, just two minutes, please.
Hello? You've got visitors.
Hello, Eddie.
My kids were in that house when you set it on fire.
No, no.
I didn't torch your house, I called the fire brigade.
I saved your kids.
So what were you doing there? Protecting them.
Like I'm doing now, like I've always done.
I'm your guardian angel, Eddie.
Why? Why would they wanna protect me? You think this is just about you? Come on, Eddie, think, think.
You really believe they'd go to all this trouble just to look after a bunch of criminals, eh? Grasses like yourself? What do you mean? I'd like to tell you.
But if I did, I'd have to come back and kill you.
What do you mean? What are they doing here? What's Meadowlands for, eh? Looks like I'm going somewhere, eh? Can't do the time, don't do the crime.
Please, just tell me the truth.
What did you mean? Ask her.
You ask that bitch about cape wrath.
- Is there someting wrong, mate? - Cape wrath.
- You and your cronies.
- Cape wrath is not a weapon.
I am allowed a little bit of space in here that's my own.
You have something I want.
Youth? Intelligence? - Breasts? - The files.
- What are you lacking? - Hands.
They're climbing about inside my head.
I should kill you.
Didn't you try that already?