Meadowlands s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

You fucking bastard! You fucking Where is it now? That's not what I put in there, dad! That's not what I put in there! Jack Donnelly was strangled to death.
Someone's trying to make it look like a revenge killing.
You hear that Wintersgill arrested someone for Donnelly's murder? - Who? - Ormond.
I'm your guardian angel, Eddie.
Protecting them, like I've always done.
I had a stupid fling.
It didn't mean anything.
I had no idea Danny wasn't the father.
With the right mix of charm and persuasion and appropriate encouragement Trust me.
It's what I do best.
What's the truth about you? Who are you really? I mean, what exactly is it that you do, Samantha? What's Meadowlands for? Ask that bitch about Cape Wrath.
Hello, mate.
We're here to see Samantha.
She's, uh We're in the same situation as you, vis-à-vis Samantha.
So where is she? Away.
Something wrong, mate? Cape Wrath.
Sorry, mate, you got me there.
Consider this analogy.
Mind is to brain, as walking is to legs.
Thus, if I embark on an intense program of running and weight training, if I alter the muscular construction of my legs, it will certainly change the way I walk.
And so, our understanding of neurological function will, and I'm certain of this, allow us to similarly intervene in brain function.
Now, can this will this alter our minds? Alter our sense of being? Tune in next week for the answer.
Evelyn, hi.
How are you today? Yeah, I'm good, thanks.
Good, good, good.
This arrived yesterday.
You can borrow if you'd like.
It's absolutely amazing.
Sinatra, Live at the Sands, 1966.
His 50th birthday.
I just thought it might cheer you up.
Cheer me up? Yes, well, I I know you've probably had a bit of a sleepless night, and, uh Well, I I just wanted to reassure you.
Our secret is absolutely and unconditionally safe.
Thank you, David.
- I think I'd better get on.
- Of course.
- Oh, er, Evelyn? - Yeah? Oh, I've seen it.
Thanks, though.
I wanted to to discover the soul.
You know, consciousness, our sense of self, the strange deep thoughts we have.
What is it in here? In amongst all the neurons and synapses and biochemical events that produces something like John Coltrane's Love Supreme, Guernica, Buster Keaton Dad, I've come a long way.
Excuse me.
How? How does he know? Hang on.
We need to fully assess.
Set it in motion.
I'm on my way back.
We're on.
The size of an orange.
I'm going to die, Samantha.
How did you get in? Picked the lock, mate.
I'm kind of, er, fly that way.
You know, wide, sharp, street fly.
Is that right, Fred? - I'd prefer you not to call me that.
- Sorry, Freddie.
- You don't like me, do you? - I don't know you.
Maybe you should loosen up and get to know me.
I'd love that, yeah.
Get to know all about you.
What's to know? I'm an open book.
I'm not the fly-by-night guy you take me for.
Do you want to stop doing that? Sorry.
I didn't know you feared intimacy.
When's Samantha back? I don't know.
You know, you'll find that door unlocks from the inside.
In every way Dan.
Look, I have contacts through my work.
I can get access to specialists.
This isn't a death sentence.
Samantha, aside from a miracle There are only two options.
As in having my ass wiped several times a day by strangers due to clinical incontinence, I'll be in pain, the kind of relentless 24-hour pain that will suck the will to live from me.
It will sap the life out of you as you watch me die.
It will.
And this is why brought you here.
To say good-bye.
Far as this goes, I'm going to jump before I'm pushed.
Spikes only on the practice green, please.
Golf, not life, eh? What happened, Tom? Well, I 3-putted - on 7 greens this morning.
- No, no.
I mean yesterday.
Was it Freddie? Did he do something to you? The past is not another country.
It's another planet.
- What? - You have something I want.
Youth? Intelligence? Breasts? The files.
I binned them.
Well, unbin them and get them back to me by the end of play today, please.
Yes, sir.
Where? - When? - I don't know.
When the pain becomes too much to bear.
Maybe you should talk to someone, a professional.
For god sakes, Samantha.
I've spent the last 30 years proving beyond doubt, I'd say, that psychology is bollocks.
Anyway, I have you to talk to.
But I'm not I'm not equipped.
I'm no good at emotional things.
Problems at work? Can't talk about that.
It's classified.
So I formulate a theory and you and your crony Cape Wrath is not a weapon.
So why did I get cut out? Just because I happen to think Dad, we have other issues here! My death is not the issue.
It's my life that's the issue, - and my life's wo - And your life's work.
Is that why you brought me here? To insure the safety of your legacy? No.
I mean I'm in the waiting room here.
Classified is not applicable.
So, come on, talk to me about it.
That was sextastic.
You are sextastic.
Do you mind? Sorry, babes.
"Babes"? God, I've created a monster.
Kids, eh? What do you do? I mean, it's like he's grown up overnight.
The gloves are gone.
It's amazing.
He just needs to get rid of that stupid haircut and we're on Family Fortunes.
What does he want to spend so much time at Jezebel's for, anyway? Wouldn't you if you were him? She is the most beautiful creature in Meadowlands.
Oh, yeah, I forgot.
Hello? Who is it? Frank Sinatra.
Live at the sands.
I've got to go.
You know Dr.
York prescribed three shags a day after meals? Better complete the course, hadn't we? There's a fly in here.
- We got any fly spray? - No, I'll pick some up.
I'll see you later.
Yeah? Fuck.
What the hell do you think you're playing at? - Excuse me? - That phone call to my house.
Frank sinatra.
Look, David, I know that you did me a favor, and I really appreciate it, but that doesn't give you the right to start interfering in my marriage.
Yeah, I see what's happening here.
What do you mean? - You're trying to demonize me.
- What? Displace your own past mistakes onto me.
I did not call you at home.
Alright? I happen to like your husband.
He seems like a decent man.
And you know what? I respect the sanctity of your marriage, and I could never violate that.
- Well, who was it then? - Hello.
Er It's Abigail.
Do you mind? We'd like some privacy.
Uh, nothing.
We've called the community Meadowlands.
After the old holiday home.
Well, how do you keep the I almost said subjects, the residents How do keep the residents in situ? Ditches? Electrified fences? Armed guards? Fear.
Every resident is on a witness relocation program.
Very good.
Very good.
But difficult to prosecute your theories of mind with one hand tied behind my back.
Never off duty, eh? We can't talk about Cape Wrath without talking about Una.
She's the experimental proof your theories of mind work.
If you hadn't found Una, assigned her I know what I did.
Well, if you hadn't been successful in what you did, Cape Wrath couldn't exist.
Where are you going with this, Samantha? It's taking longer than I thought.
The whole process.
If Cape Wrath is going to work, I need more on Una.
Files, data, medical records, your diaries of the process.
It's not relevant.
Why do you always shut me out of this? Because this Meadowlands place is not like Una.
You're dealing with fully mature adults.
With lives, with file upon file of episodic memories.
Una was four years old.
Her parents were psychologically deranged.
The child was kept in a box in total darkness from birth.
When they brought her to me, she was without sentience.
No concept of her self, no concept of time.
No feelings.
No empathy.
She had a brain but no mind.
- And you created a mind.
- Samantha, I have to protect Una.
From what? From me.
What I did with her did to her I'm not sure it was ethical.
Fuck! Fly me to the moon, Let me fly Freddie.
Nice ones, huh? These'll put 10 yards on your drive.
Zoe I need you to help me with her personal development program.
Who's that? I know him from somewhere.
No one.
It's nothing.
What are you up to, Zoe Brogan? You're just one big walking question Mark, aren't you? Hi, girls.
What have you been up to, Markie? You're never in the house anymore.
Got a girlfriend or something? - A girlfriend? - No.
You have, haven't you? I haven't.
- I've got a class.
- Zoe.
You have something of mine.
Yeah, I do.
I've got it here.
The past is not another planet.
It's a file.
the real you.
The man I kissed.
I know what you think you are, Zoe.
You think you're cool and gorgeous and funny and caring and strong, but what you are is tormented.
Meadowlands is the kind of place that can make that torment stop.
Now, I just came to tell you that you should return that to Mr.
If it's David you're after, he's gone for a coffee.
Do you think David's a homosexual? I mean, I don't know.
Oh, look, Abigail.
No, I know you don't want to get involved in someone else's marriage.
But you are involved.
Aren't you? You know about me and Jack Donnelly.
Jack Donnelly was an aberration and What am I supposed to do, Evelyn? David finds me repellent.
God, Abigail, look, will it Would it help if we went Went shopping together? That would be lovely, Evelyn.
- Stay away from Freddie.
- What's this, Bernard? You're supposed to do law and order around here and not spend your time protecting the likes of Freddie.
It's not Freddie I'm trying to protect.
Open the door! What's up Danny? I'm busy.
Nimble, quick and over the candlestick? Twice today, some joker has phoned me up and played Frank Sinatra down the phone.
It was you, wasn't it? This irrational obsession with me you seem to have developed, it's a symptom of some deeper malaise.
Now, come on.
What exactly is your problem? Cape Wrath.
Well, to be Frank, it's bothering all of us that Jack's dead.
What are you talking about, eh? Who said anything about Jack being dead? You.
I just asked you what was bothering you, and you said, "Jack's dead".
I said Cape Wrath was bothering me.
Danny, Danny.
Look, mate, we're all upset that Jack's dead.
But we've got to put it behind us as a community.
I mean, I know I'm good, but I can't coax the deceased back to life.
Tell me, Fred, why are you such a sniveling, little pain in the ass, eh? Never off-duty, are you? Or out with your mates.
What are you lacking? Eh, Fred? Hands.
So Let's get inside your head.
Delete a few files.
Let jack out of the box.
Thank you very much.
So You think that will float Danny's boat? Well, how could it not? That'll look gorgeous on you.
You're really good at this, aren't you? Clothes and shopping.
Used to run a part-time business, me and a mate.
Restylists, we called ourselves.
All these rich women with no taste.
"What not to wear? You know what to fleece, more like.
" Sorry.
The past.
Well, here and now.
If you want to reinvent yourself, Meadowlands is the place.
This is lovely, isn't it? I think David might actually notice me in this.
Didn't I buy that? Sorry.
You keep it.
I'll get another one.
We'll sort it out.
You sure? It'll look lovely on you.
Thank you, Evelyn.
You know, I don't care what people say.
You are a nice person.
Excuse me.
Waiter? - Another bottle of wine, please.
- Not for me, dad.
Oh, relax, Samantha.
It's not every day I get drunk with my daughter.
Do you have someone? A boyfriend? A lover? Not really.
I'm Do you know what I've missed about you? The school walks.
You were always there to walk me to and from school.
No one else's dad did that.
When you were small it was so funny.
Venetian blinds.
You used to call them "vanishing blinds".
Can I tell you something? Even when I learned the right word, I used to use the wrong one just to make you laugh.
I've never seen you smile like that.
It's like you really feel it.
In here.
Excuse me.
You ok, Danny? Yeah, I'm fine.
Listen, Brenda.
You ever heard of a something called Jack Wrath? Jack what? Don't worry.
What's going on in this place, Brenda? Come on.
You've been here a while, you must have some idea.
Look, Danny, Meadowlands is a brilliant place.
I'm happy here.
Jezebel is happy here.
I know.
You're happy.
You know how I know you're happy? 'Cause you keep telling me you're happy.
Is that what's going on with Mark? Why he's always in your house? Jezebel's trying to convince him to be happy? I'm going to have a word with him about that.
Erm, no, listen, I'll talk to Jezebel.
I'll put a stop to it, ok? Danny, leave it with me.
At least let me open the bar before you start spending the profits.
Sorry, darling.
Got a bit carried away.
- You know how I am.
- Yeah.
I do.
What's that supposed to mean? Every time I've gotten in front, got some money in the bank, you're always upping the lifestyle.
Aren't you? Off with the credit card and your secret spending.
Oh, piss off! I thought we got past all of this.
Anyway, it's not as if you don't keep secrets from me.
What, and you tell me everything? Christ, I am allowed a little bit of space in here that's my own, you know? I walk about out there, it's like You're cornered? I'm sorry.
It's just this place.
These people, they are climbing about inside my head.
I'm out of here.
Every life is a tale.
A necessary fiction, with a beginning, a middle, and an end.
And my story ended with that diagnosis.
But it doesn't matter, Samantha.
Steady, professor.
Ah, you're drunk.
Really drunk.
Don't move.
Excuse me No way.
No way.
Come on! Underneath the moonlight.
You know what this is? This is the closest thing to my last wish.
Your last wish being? To dance with you at your wedding.
What are you doing to me? What is all this about? I don't know what you mean.
Trying to get inside my head.
Like you're trying to convert me.
I thought you cared about me.
I did.
I do.
But only on my terms.
You mean on Meadowlands' terms? Thank you.
Dad, you ok? - I'm fine.
- Er, where are your painkillers? Jacket pocket.
- I'm fine.
- It's all right.
I've got them.
Dad? - No.
- I did it in the restaurant.
- No.
- We should get a taxi.
I needan ambulance.
Now! Yeah, I'm on the Dad! This is what I want.
- I've made my decision.
- You've made your decision? What? You're just gonna go like that? Just now, - without even - It is the right time.
Why? Why is it the right time? Because your legacy is safe? Is that it? Because Cape Wrath is up and running, what? - It is my child.
- No, Dad! I'm your child.
Oh, Christ.
- What? - Look It's the right time because when you smiled in the restaurant, you felt it.
Didn't you? - Didn't you? - It's the right time.
I feel something like other people do and you say now is the right time to Because it's done.
It's over with.
Ok? Come.
Give me your hand.
you'll be ok now.
Could you all move back, please? there is nothing to see here.
- Don't worry, you'll be ok.
- Come on.
Move away, please.
My work is done.
You don't need to be protected.
You're a complete human being.
Abigail? Leave it.
It's a fire hazard.
I'm the fire hazard.
So either call the emergency services or dowse me yourself.
What What are you I really don't have time for this and I Call me Evelyn.
I'm Evelyn.
Don't be scared, David.
No, no, I told you.
Get back! I just need to see her face You're going to be safe with us.
We're going to look after you.
I'm not your child.
I wanted to tell you.
I'm Una.
I'm your experiment.
All these years I wanted to tell you.
oh, god, I'm disgusting.
Abigail, I'm sorry.
She said it would make you happy.
Who? Who? Evelyn.
Every life's a story, eh? Especially mine.
A rigorously executed fiction authored by you.
Your face is my first memory.
I've got nothing before that.
Well, I get a little uncomfortable in lifts, that's it.
All that time together.
Or were you just reconfiguring me? Then what did you have planned? Scoop out my brain, slice it into sections, and see if there was anything of una in there? Or see if I was totally and utterly your creation? The fucking bride of Frankenstein.
Did you ever love me? - Yes? - I believe he's ready.
Shall I proceed? What do you think, professor? Episodic memory deletion? Proceed? Or abort? - Proceed.
- You got it.
Good-bye Dad.
Freddie?! You know what, Fred? I should kill you.
Didn't you try that already? You're not here! No way! - You're - I'm dead, obviously.
Fuck! I fucking No, you didn't kill me.
I'm not dead.
- I exist! - I'm fucking How many more of your fucking sentences do I have to finish? Hey, get with it, Danny.
this is Meadowlands, where your dreams come true and nightmares go away.
Shut up! you're not here! And what you think happened did not happen.
Fuck it! There is no Cape Wrath! Let it go.
Bury it, Danny.
Hey, get in here! Danny! Hey, Danny! Calm down! So who are you shagging, then? No one.
Yeah, whatever.
You've changed.
Everybody changes.
No, you're different.
Why do you want to know? Why do you question everything? Question things? You do, you question everything.
Meadowlands is a nice, warm pool.
You should jump in.
- Morning.
- Hey.
- Nice buggy.
- Carts, not cars.
Very you.
Thank you.
- It's over, you and me.
We're done.
- What do you mean? Why? - What have I done wrong? Why? - Listen somebody might find out, Mark.
- Who cares if somebody finds out? - I care! Ok.
- It makes me look pathetic.
- You're not pathetic.
I did not come to Meadowlands And I did not go through what I have gone through to look pathetic again.
I'm sorry.
I am what I am, Mark.
I'm my own special creation.
I'm my own special creation, too.
I am.
This really is the best way to see Meadowlands, isn't it? The reassuring whir of the electric engine.
Why are you doing this to me? The old me is gone.
Ok? Yeah, I know.
Which is why I'm taking it back to Mr.
Well, I'll see you.
Drive slow, homey.
Yours, I believe.
Straight and true.
Thought you had more fight in you than that.
Disappointed you've returned those.
Don't be, Bernard.
You broke into my office.
There will be a price to pay for that.
No choice.
It went wrong.
We had to abort.
My call.
My problem.
I'll clean up.
Business as usual.
Jack's dead Because you killed him.
Freddie? He works for me.
His remit is to help residents settle.
Freddie misused his skills.
- What did he do to me? - An auto-suggestion technique.
Associate something that you know to be true Jack's dead with something he wanted you to forget.
Cape Wrath.
I went along with everything you told me.
I trusted you and you lied to me.
And I want to know why the hell I have brought my family too.
You owe me that.
Excuse me.
How stupid do you think I am? I'm sorry? Accusing me of interfering in your marriage when you have the arrogance to interfere in my marriage? - Influencing abigail into some- - What are you talking about? Insidious, twisted I'm talking about you, Who do you think you are? Trying to manipulate people like this? David, look, I don't understand.
No, no, you don't, do you? You don't understand that here in Meadowlands we try to protect one another.
Like, I tried to protect you and your marriage by compromising everything I believed in and lying for you.
David, listen to me.
If I have caused you and Abigail any offense, then I apologize.
- I really do - You fucking bitch.
Meadowlands is part of a program.
The code name is Cape Wrath.
Nature verses nurture.
We're trying to assess the benefits of a benign environment upon the human behavior.
Rehabilitation for criminals.
Think of it like this, Danny.
Witness protection with aftercare.
What, and you covered up something like Jack's death to protect your program? Yes.
That's it.
That's the truth behind Meadowlands.
- I don't believe it.
- I don't care.
You know too much.
I'm going to have to remove you from the program.
You and Evelyn and the kids.
- Unless - I go back there and forget everything you've told me? Stop digging.
Stop asking questions.
You see, Danny, out there people betray you.
You have a family here.
People who love you.
And you haven't brought them to hell, you've brought them to heaven.
Accept it.
Your accelerated process seemed to be an unequivocal failure, which raises the question Is Cape Wrath, a white elephant? Do your father's theories work in practice? Yes.
His theories work.
Believe me.
They work.
All of our clients get itchy feet after a couple of weeks.
Has anyone ever failed to settle in? - What is it that you want? - I want what I deserve.
Found what you were looking for? Yes, I have.
It's not like you're going anywhere, is it? He's trying to throw us off the scent.
- He's pretty determined.
- Makes two of us.
Have sex with me, Evelyn, or I tell Danny the truth.