Meadowlands s01e07 Episode Script

Episode 7

I love you.
Please don't tell him.
- What? - For his sake and the children's.
Was it Freddie? Did he do something to you? I'm kind of fly that way.
You know, wide, sharp, street.
I lied - for you.
- I know it was a lot to ask but you did it for the right reasons.
I'm not sure you know why I did it.
Call me Evelyn.
I'm Evelyn.
You're supposed to do law and order around here, not spend your time protecting the likes of Freddie.
It's not Freddie I'm trying to protect.
If I have caused you and Abigail any offense then I apologize, - I really do but perhaps - You fucking bitch.
You have a family here.
people who love you.
And you haven't brought them to hell, you've brought them to heaven.
Hello, this is Dr.
David York.
Surgery is closed at the moment but if you'd like to leave a message, I'll get back to you.
David, I uh Hey, baby.
Did you work all night? Don't kill yourself.
What's the hurry? Well you know, I want to get it done, I'm on a roll.
No one expects it, it's not as if you've even set - an opening date yet.
- Saturday.
What? That's two days.
I could murder a fry up.
Sure, but go shower.
You stink.
Is there a problem, Timothy? You're talking about launching an HIV stabilizer onto the african market.
Now my results prove beyond any reasonable doubt there are serious carcinogenic side effects involved.
And the increase in patients' life expectancy for future-chem outweighs the risk.
This is wrong, this is just about profit for you people.
I'm not gonna lie for future-chem.
If you don't withdraw the product, then I will have no alternative but to go public with this.
Then you'll suffer the consequences.
Your problem, David You see everything in royal abstinence.
You're running late this morning.
You should be on your way by now.
Do you think the future-chem shareholders ever care about what they should do? Looks like another unusually mild day.
Strange not to have a frost at this time- Don't they give it a second thought? - No, that burden falls to me.
- Tea? Always caring about what I should do.
And is this my reward? Getting up here every day.
Always the same routine, always the same clothes, the same view, same food.
You should eat it up before it gets cold.
It's scrambled.
Your favorite.
As a hush descends around this 18th green, this pot to totally hump Tiger Woods and the rest of the garishly dressed american team.
He sends it on its way.
Oh, and it's there! And the crowd are shouting his name.
What a joker he is when they get the medication right.
Hey, it's good, this, where'd you get it? Tom.
See, that's the beauty of golf You don't have to be on the green to be constantly improving.
Is that you talking or tom? Both and neither.
You must be getting quiet good now? I'd love to come and see you.
I'll bring your mum.
She'll enjoy it.
- Later on today? - Yeah.
What are you doing? Decluttering.
Yeah, 'cause, some of that stuff it's at least two weeks old, isn't it? Dad, why are you here? No reason.
I'll put that outside for you, eh? I just want a straight answer.
Why Why did you call me a fucking bitch yesterday? You know exactly what you did and why you did it.
No, I don't, I don't know what it is that you're talking about.
You lent Abigail your dress, which is a lovely thought, and then you told her to get me To call her Evelyn.
When we were having sex.
- What? - Which is not so lovely.
Is that what she told you? She's lying.
Look, maybe we should all just stay away from each other from now on.
See, this is it, this is what happens.
I tell the truth and I get punished.
I'm not punishing you, I just think that it would be for the best.
I thought you were my friend.
I thought you were gonna make this place bearable for me but I was happy, Evelyn, I was really happy.
I took the job at future-chem because I wanted to make a difference.
To relieve suffering, save lives.
I know that probably makes me seem like a naive fool in your eyes, some kind of stupid sap.
I don't know what it is that you are talking about.
I'm talking aboutthe consequences of doing the right thing.
The boring, joyless, shitty consequences.
My life reduced to well, this.
- I should go.
- Yeah, you really should go.
But do you know what I should do? I should stop caring about what's right.
Because maybe, Evelyn, right is wrong.
And wrong is right.
I want what I'm owed, Evelyn.
What's your name then? - Good morning, Evelyn.
- Good morning, Abigail.
I was just passing and thought that I would pop in to find out exactly what you think you're playing at.
- I'm sorry? - It's probably nothing.
I mean, I'm sure you didn't mean to tell your husband to call you Evelyn during sex, or that I put you up to it.
I mean, why would you do something like that, Abigail? God.
What goes on in your mind? You're sick and you need help.
It's you.
- Of course it is.
- What? You're that patient, the one he's protecting, the one he's lying for.
This secret you and David are holding, it must be something really terrible, I can see it's worrying you, but please, you have to consider David.
This secret of yours is torturing him, it's eating him up inside, and no offense, but I really wish you hadn't come into our lives.
I feel exactly the same way, Abigail, so let's make a deal.
I'll stay away from you and your husband and you two stay the fuck away from me.
No stamp required.
Mark, you know why I can't do this.
It's not because I don't like you.
It It's just I'm sorry.
- It's impressive, right? - Yeah.
I can see why Zoe would get seduced by this.
A nice challenging dogleg.
No, it's good for her.
To have something to get involved in, help her settle in.
It's important, Danny, - staying level par.
- Exactly.
You know, I think we're finally all starting to feel at home here.
You were the first resident in Meadowlands weren't you, Tom? Happy days.
You must have seen a lot of people come and go.
I mean come, 'cause they don't go, do they? Has anyone ever failed to settle in? Just the Woods.
What, did they Did they actually leave or? You know, these are my favorite days.
Clear sky, a freshly mown fairway, and the sweet anticipation of a robust 18 holes.
Tom, who left? What happened? Come on.
I'll show you the putting greens.
It's not the fact he plays off scratch, it's not the sensitivity of his short game it's his swing.
balance, equilibrium and the effortless power he generates through the club head.
- But he's putting.
- You know what they say Drive for show, putt for dough.
You taking the piss, Zo? Is she taking the piss? Don't knock it till you've tried it, mum.
Come on! Hey, isn't this brilliant? I had no idea whacking a ball with a stick for no apparent reason could be so much fun.
what are you doing here? Oh, I'm just playing some golf.
Are you trying to scare me in front of my family? Evelyn Oh, yeah, that thing based on deceit and lies.
What is it that you want? I want what I deserve.
I want you.
Because right is wrong and wrong is right.
Have sex with me, Evelyn, or I tell Danny the truth.
Stay away from me, you're out of your mind.
- Gonna happen, I shouldn't fight it.
- Deluded if you think for - God, if it came to it - What? Tell Danny everything? Okay, come on, let's go.
You may be lucky, he might see beyond it Your kids won't, though, will they? Think how much they'll hate you.
Oh! So close! No, I didn't think so.
It's your notion of family, it's damaged but it is the one thing that keeps you from defeat.
See that? So, Evelyn, do we have a deal? You lend me the cd and I'll burn a copy.
Come on, I'll show you how it's done? The woman in the shop? Don't know her.
Shag? No, we can't go on holiday anyway.
Well, that leaves marriage then? You two are so boring.
The game is over, there's nobody left.
There is.
Shag, go on holiday or marry.
Slit my own throat.
What about Jezebel? Exempt.
No, go on, Marky.
All three.
Oh, bless.
Hello, my sweet.
You left morning surgery today.
Ah, your satellite tracking system back online, is it? She was here.
Your friend Evelyn.
There's something really manipulative about that woman.
She Stop this.
She says this, you say that.
Well, someone's lying.
One of you's lying.
I don't know who.
Maybe you're both lying.
I don't care.
I just want it to stop.
It is going to stop.
We will have no contact with her and she will have no contact with us.
We agreed that, Evelyn and I.
And I really think it's best for everyone.
I don't give a shit.
I've wasted my whole life worrying about what's best for everyone.
It's not about what's best for everyone anymore, it's about what's best for me.
- What can I do for you, David? - call me Dave.
Okay Dave.
You fancy a brew? In a bar? Bar? Yeah, okay, we'll christen it, shall we? Everyone should be naughty once in a while.
In fact, I prescribe it.
I'm even playing truant myself right now.
Well, what happens if someone gets ill? In Meadowlands? No, but What would you do, though? - I'd treat them.
- No, but, I mean Seriously, you know like an operation or something.
It's never happened.
If it did, I'd What? What would you do? Go on, you can tell me.
Ah, my fault.
I've made him christen the place.
Sorry, it was Doctor's orders.
- All right? - Yeah.
Are you all right? - Do you want a drink? - No, let's go.
Pardon me.
Don't tell the wife.
Oh, I say, Evelyn I know I can trust you to keep mum.
What did he want? I have no idea.
Carefully monitored studies show as demonstrated by this series of modular flow charts that part of her is yours for the taking.
The evidence is clear, speaks for itself.
Dinner parties, lakeside banter, stolen glances.
Rarely has a subject appeared so receptive to outside interest.
And just now, using the seedless husband to make you jealous Textbook.
In my role as traffic cop, I know a green light when I see one.
It's time for you to stake your claim.
And after all, what else is gonna really set you free? And the seychelles, all those beaches, and the houses on the little sticks right by the sea where you can drink cocktails.
I don't like sand.
Marky It's a fantasy.
And what would our wedding be like? It You'd be You'd be The most beautiful bride you've ever seen? Yes.
Well, that's the marriage and the holiday bit sorted, there's only one thing left.
Hiya, kids.
I hope mum's just a holiday.
That would be a weekend in blackpool.
Yeah, come in.
Take a seat.
I'm all ears.
I just need a repeat prescription.
No problem.
That all? Well, I was wondering If you could do me one for some type of contraception? Brenda.
It's not what you think.
I have flare-ups of adult acne and I've read it's good for the skin.
But you have the complexion of a peach.
Is it any wonder that a man should find you desirable? I told you, it's for me skin.
There's no need to be embarrassed.
There is.
He's I mean It's tricky.
Matters of the heart, Brenda, always are.
I'm not sure how I feel.
One minute I think why not.
The next I'm like no.
Don't laugh at me.
Oh, I'm not.
It's Look, brenda, if this sexual adventure is such an exciting one, why not just You know.
Whatever, Doctor York, just give me me pills.
And don't worry.
You're protected by the sanctity of my position as secret keeper of Meadowlands.
Turned graffiti artist? Oh, yeah, some joker keyed me car.
Want me to fill out a crime report? Yeah, if it gives you something to do.
Wrong color, though? Yeah Black's the new red, apparently.
- Get away from my house.
- Oh, hi.
Listen I'm really looking forward to this evening but I realized that after all the fun and games at the golf club that we never actually confirmed plans.
Obviously, you can't come to my place and I thought me coming here, well, that's not ideal, so David, I really want you to know that this is I want.
I want to have sex with you.
I want a part of something I've worked so very hard to protect.
Just once.
That's all.
Does she make you dress up like him? Probably not, because the difference is Abigail actually fucked Jack Donnelly and it wasn't just the once.
- More lies.
- Well, why don't you ask her? And how does that change things? Tonight, the surgery, 7:30.
Please try to be punctual.
will there ever be a day when I turn around and you're not there? Doesn't bother most people.
Unless they've got something to hide.
Everybody has, haven't they? Isn't that the point? Even you.
I've got a job to do.
Have more work cut out today, mind.
Your car vandalized? Apparently.
money missing from the shop.
No doubt you had anything to do with that.
No need, what with all the cash you took out today.
Yeah, give me your life for 5 minutes where all I do is doss around watching people.
Yeah, what you consistently fail to recognize, Danny, is that there's me and then there's you.
But the family brogan think they're above all that, don't they? You'll learn eventually.
Not like you're going anywhere, is it? Of course, some residents never do learn.
Take your bar, for instance.
It was gonna be a restaurant.
- Really? - Yeah.
Family man not dissimilar to yourself.
Was he the guy who left? We We clashed badly over his choice of menu.
Do you think I look nice? I need to take a bath, I need to get clean.
But that tap I'd have a look at it myself but you know me Useless.
You're so organized when it comes to house maintenance.
But for a relatively new property it's amazing how many gremlins we've had.
I don't know how we'll manage without Jack Donnelly - I've bought a bottle of Rioca - Come round at a moment's notice.
Such dedication.
Of course the fact that you were fucking him must have helped enormously.
Oh, sorry.
David phoned earlier.
He said could you bring that cd round? Oh, right, thanks.
I don't know why I did it.
I would've thought that was obvious.
It's not what you think.
I didn't actually enjoy it.
I just - You wouldn't understand.
- Try me.
As your husband of 15 years, I do have a passing interest.
I just wanted to be fucked.
Okay? Because day in day out, the way you look through me, David, the way you nod your head when I'm talking, I can see in your eyes how bored and disgusted you are by me.
Very good, Abigail, very good.
- You commit adultery but it's my fault.
- No, you're twisting things.
You twist things all the time, you manipulate me If you hate me so much why didn't you get rid of me years ago? Well, I'll tell you why.
You're just like me you're terrified of being alone.
You know, at least I admit my weakness, my lack of moral courage.
Don't you dare talk to me about moral courage! I am sick of your sanctimonious, holier than thou attitude.
As if you've got a monopoly on all that.
It is your martyr complex that has made my life a misery and your own life a misery! Easy, son, that'll still be there in 5 minutes.
I've got plans, I've got to strengthen up.
Let's feel.
- Come on, tense.
- I am.
- That's not bad.
- It's the size of a grape.
Thought girls were supposed to go for the lean types these days.
Why do girls always like boys who look like little ravers? I'm so glad you came.
You haven't made much of an effort.
It'll make tonight a whole lot more special If you just go along with what I want.
I'll turn my back.
I've seen you undress before Many times in my head.
And here at the surgery you were so sh shy.
Which always indicates attraction, I think.
This isn't a seduction.
- It's rape.
- Don't say that, that's not even close.
What else is it? when you're When you're forcing me - All the time we spent together - Forcing me to have sex - against my will.
- Who have found each other.
"You got me in your clutches and I can't break free.
"You're getting to be a habit with me.
" David, I know what you think this is.
But it isn't and it's not too late to stop Deep down I know that you're a good man but if you go through this I don't think you'll You'll recover and you must know that I I haven't given you the slightest indication - that - Bullshit.
You invited me in.
"Oh, David, you're so kind.
"Oh, David, I'm so mixed up.
Oh, David, David, David.
"You think me clever.
"See things Danny doesn't see.
"Need me, want me, "define me.
- "Love me.
" - Love? You don't know what that is.
How could you? Or am I just getting in line behind zoe and mark's father.
- That's none of your business.
- You have made everything my business.
Every detail of your life in an effort to make me want you.
Or else why? - Why be so nice to me? - Because I felt sorry for you.
No, there was chemistry, there was attraction.
Why else would you come round so often? You seemed lonely, without a friend.
Slightly pathetic.
Isolated in your marriage, a wife who did little to cover the fact that she was fucking another man.
It was pity that really drew me.
We should loosen up.
This is supposed to be fun.
Found what you were looking for? Yes, I have.
You'll enjoy tonight, Evelyn, I promise.
Let me show you how wonderful we could be.
Just the two of us.
Away from this place.
I love my husband.
It's a strange kind of love.
But that's what it is.
Why else do you think I'm here? You're here because you want to be.
- No, I'm here - Because you find me To save my marriage.
Danny and I together despite our mistakes never reduced to hating because of them Not like you.
Blaming everyone around you for your own failings, married to a woman you don't love but to you it's her fault and you still don't have the balls to get out.
And the rest of your life wasn't me, I didn't bring it upon myself.
Angry at this shitty sense of fair play.
So what? Get even, settle the score? Doesn't matter that it's not against the people that you put here, as long as you feel better about yourself, right? Okay, then.
Right, let's go.
I will have sex with you, Doctor York.
I can do this because it's, what, ten minutes Ten minutes of bad, uncomfortable sex and then I'll forget all about it.
So where do you want me? On the floor? Up against the wall? On your desk? Come on then, fuck me.
Cause I don't wanna have to spend a minute longer with you than is necessary.
I knew it.
I knew it.
David, don't, don't.
David, no, David, no! David! Don Don't, David! No, David, don't! All of our clients get itchy feet after a couple of weeks.
It's a classic pattern big atm withdrawals.
No, he's more desperate than that.
Nicking money from shop tills.
And he's been in the library, online.
So he's taking my advice, going to try for a baby.
There's nothing suspicious there.
But why come to the library to do it? He could have visited these sites at home unless he's trying to throw usoff the scent.
He knows both of you are a bit more than residents so keep your distance.
We'll sit tight, let him talk himself out of it.
He's pretty determined.
Makes two of us.
Hey, did you see someone? A little girl? No.
Let's get inside.
Thank you, Abigail.
Place of our dreams, remember? When the kids left home, we were gonna sell up, buy a bar out there, easy life in the sun.
We had a great time there, remember? That was then.
- Why bring it up now, Danny? - Eddie.
He's back.
Back to get us the fuck out of here.
This place, you know it's wrong.
We're happy here in Meadowlands and we wanna stay.
Danny Brogan isn't going anywhere without his family.
- We're leaving.
- No.
- We're staying.
- Listen It's not negotiable.
All right? I don't know who's real, I don't know who's trying to get inside my head.
Party invitation.
You are gonna be there? Don't let your dad do anything foolish.
I'd rather risk my life out there than my mind in here.
I am not gonna leave without the kids.
You think I would? What are you up to, Danny? Having a party.
What kind of party? Welcoming or leaving?