Mech-X4 (2016) s01e01 Episode Script

Let's Call It MECH-X4!

1 (narrating) Hi.
I'm Ryan Walker.
And you may not be able to tell right now, but I have a gift.
Not like my older brother Mark, who has a gift for basketball, baseball, football, martial arts-- pretty much every sport.
He's the most awesome kid in the universe.
Just ask him.
I am awesome.
-My gift was different.
-(alarm blaring) And at first, I thought it was bad luck.
Like everything electronic was out to get me.
(alarm blares) Alarm clocks buzzing at me Toasters attacking me Ugh! Are you sure we're related? Even cars were throwing shade at me.
(car alarms blaring) Then something amazing happened.
(beeping stops) I figured it out.
My gift was a power.
(alarm resumes) (chuckles) I learned if I concentrate Blocked? Guess again.
I can control technology with my mind.
-(grunting) -Whoa! Also cool.
Harris, Spyder, you guys are my best friends, what do you think? I don't know, Ryan, those all could have been coincidences.
I'm gonna need more proof.
Okay, you want proof? I'll give you proof.
(laughing) Reconsidering all the data-- dang, son! You're like a human remote control! What do we do with this? What do we do with this? Anything we want.
(theme music plays) Did you swim in that lake -by the chemical plant? -No.
Were you struck by lightning? I think I'd remember that.
Bitten by a spider? I don't do that anymore! Then what? I'm sorry, Harris, there's no elaborate origin story.
-I'm sorry.
system beeps) Attention, students, this is Principal Grey, welcoming you to another exciting year at Bay City High.
Go Fighting Llamas! -Mark! Mark! Mark -Grey: And go, Mark Walker.
He is awesome.
And to our new students, I know starting high school can be stressful.
My door is always open.
And here's a fair warning: I'm a hugger! And older students, go easy on the freshmen.
We can't afford another wedgie-based lawsuit.
That kid is still walking funny.
Hey, guys, maybe you shouldn't-- Ugh! All: Hurt locker! (laughing) Oh, man, we really stuck it to the newbies this year.
Man, good work on those trash flingers.
I am the king of fling.
I really hope this is peanut butter in here.
Heh, peanut butter cup.
-Get it? -Okay.
So Mark wants to play pranks? I can play pranks.
(bell rings) (whistle blowing) Okay, you guys.
Keep your eye on the waste truck and keep your eye on varsity.
Let's see how funny they think it is when they're coated in gunk.
I don't know, Ryan.
There could be unintended consequences.
You know what? My friend Harris here, he makes a good point.
But just hear me out.
Do it.
I'm gonna have to go with Spyder.
Aah! Oh! Ah! Something's wrong with my power.
Turn it down! I'm trying! All: Oh, no Hi.
Cassie Park.
That's CassieP on Gramogram, SparkNet and EveryVid, streaming live.
Now, tell me, how does it feel to be the only freshmen ever to be double-dumped on the first day of school? Annoyed.
Now that it's on the Internet.
(chuckling) Looks like lunch is on him.
Looks like lunch is on him.
(laughing) Mark.
Dude, you're gonna be famous for more than just being my little brother.
I don't want to be all, "I told you so," so I'm gonna say it in Spanish.
Te lo dije.
Okay, everything was working fine.
It's just I got distracted by, like, a vision.
Of abandoned cars.
When I have visions, it's usually of Ariana Grande then cake.
Yeah, mine was a junkyard by a river.
Yeah, my visions are better.
Cars, river, junkyard.
Anything else? Yeah, a ferry.
A huge abandoned ferry.
-Like this? -Yeah, that.
What are you doing to that lamp? I'm not doing anything.
I think the lamp is scanning me.
If that is a lice test, I am totally gonna fail.
(rumbling) You guys seeing this? Whoa.
(screaming) (screaming) (screaming continues) Aah! Whoa.
(machine whirring) Don't touch anything! But I want to touch everything.
Ryan, we don't know if-- No, this feels right.
Trust me.
-Hi there! -All: Aah! Welcome to Mech-X4.
If you're seeing this, it means two things.
One, you are a technopath, who can control machines with your mind.
Guys, you hear that? I'm a technopath.
And two, I'm in hiding.
Or probably dead.
Dead would be a bummer.
Mech-X4 is a complex weapon that can only be piloted by you.
Reach out to it with your power.
(powering up) And you're linked.
Guys, I'm bonded to this robot.
I'm moving the robot.
Mech-X4 will now mimic your actions.
So, I bet if I jumped Pretty cool, right? I-- I hope it's cool.
I assume it's cool.
I don't know.
This is a recording.
Hopefully, you're a strong enough technopath to operate Mech-X4, because you cannot imagine the horrors coming your way.
Monsters as big as the robot, if not bigger.
You're gonna need a team if you're gonna save Bay City.
Weapons and defense.
Now, the most important thing is-- the most important thing-- important thing-- the most-- Is what? That could be important? I call weapons.
That's important.
He just said monsters.
And maybe he's right.
Or maybe he filmed this years ago and no monsters have shown up? So we can do whatever we want with this thing.
Don't you want to know why that guy built a robot specifically for someone with your powers? Or we can have fun with this thing and do all that stuff later? What do you say? Okay, I'm with Ryan.
This is a giant battle bot.
We need to understand it.
-When you get a new toy, you read the manual.
-I don't.
And that's why all your Christmas presents last until December 26th.
Dude, I'm Jewish.
Okay, you're right, you're right.
Until we can figure this out, we have to be responsible with it.
There we go.
You know, see what it does.
Test it out.
So, we're in agreement.
What did I just agree to? (impact wrench whirring) That should do it.
Gun it.
(motor revs) How'd you get this beauty to start? You give me a set of tools, I can fix anything.
(chuckles) "Mark Walker, least awesome.
" Okay, who's spreading lies? And this is responsible how? I'm training, see? I'm learning how to pick up dumpsters -Okay.
-Ryan: And now, I'm learning how to empty them.
Aah! -Haha.
-(groaning) (laughing) Okay.
Now I'm learning how to take the video Spyder just sent me and anonymously post it to the Internet.
See? Training.
Not what I meant.
Well, you should have been more specific.
I cannot wait to see the look on Mark's face.
(screaming) (laughing) Oh, hey, Mark.
This is only a seven-second video, but every time I watch it, I find something different to laugh at.
Not cool, man.
Oh, but it was when you did it to me? That was different.
It was a prank, that was funny.
What, you didn't think it was a little funny? Everybody laughed.
I mean, they did.
At me.
(screaming) -So, I'm a-- -Yup.
And me laughing at you makes me a -Huge-- -Wow.
I know it's always been varsity vs.
freshmen, but I should have had your back.
I mean, you'd never do something like that to me.
What? No.
No, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Of course not.
I guess I'm sorry.
We cool? Yeah, frosty.
(people chatting) Girl: Hey, look, there he is! Hey, saw your video.
Well, you did it, Ryan.
You used your giant fighting robot to break your brother's spirit.
Yeah, I-- I thought it'd be fun to take Mark down a peg, but now, I-- I feel like a Monster.
I kinda do.
I feel like a-- No, actual monster! (roaring) Disn (screaming) What is that thing? You know, I could probably get a good picture of-- Not the time! Not the time! We need to get to Mech-X4.
(rumbling) (roaring) Single-file, everyone! Single-file! Monster! Run! Run! You're all gonna die! Really could have handled that better.
(growling) Cassie Park streaming live on Gramogram, and are you seeing this? (roars) Ready? -Ready! -Ready! Mech-execute! We're doing catchphrases now, or A monster! Run! Robot! Run! Spyder, when I say-- Whoa! You fired too soon.
Little new at this.
Maybe if you'd practiced a little Aargh! Hey, how do the shields work? Trying to figure it out.
Okay, Spyder, let's try this one more time.
Aah! Aargh! Oww! Why'd that hurt? Probably your technopathy.
You are bonded to this robot.
If the robot gets hurt, you get hurt.
This doing anything? -Feeling any better? -No.
Harris, you were right.
We should have trained.
How do we beat this thing? Start pressing buttons and learn as we go! Aah! Bam! Shields.
Spyder, find me the biggest weapon this thing has.
Uh, shoulder missiles, lasers, and something called a plasma punch.
Looks like a boss-level weapon.
It comes out of the cannon arm.
It's busted, I can feel it.
A fourth team member? That's what the four in Mech-X4 is.
The fourth person is a mechanic.
Someone who can fix the robot.
I hate to say this, but how 'bout your brother? No.
Anybody else.
Let's take a break and flip through the yearbook.
Maybe the monster will wait.
Ryan? Ryan! Aah! Yeah, we had the same reaction.
We're in a giant robot? What is going on? Short version: fighting a monster, and I think I can beat it, I just need you to fix the cannon arm.
Is there a longer version? -(growling) -(pop music playing) It's going to eat that girl! Hit him with the dumpster! Dumpster? Hey you, you big, dumb cat lizard! Yeah, I'm talking to you! I saw this really cute boy yesterday.
You should have seen him.
He was so hot.
(music continues) It was you! You dropped all that garbage on me.
I'm gonna kill you! Not the time! Not the time! -Oh, no.
-Oh, no.
Aah! Oh (laughs) Ugh.
Wait, you're really hurt? I can't explain it, and I know you want to kill me, but this robot's busted, and you can fix anything.
Ryan, Ryan, calm down.
I'll kill you later.
What do you need me to do? (alarms blaring) (static crackling) (roars) Mark, whatever you're doing I'm still doing! Nice.
(gasps) -Aah! -Ugh! Oh Spyder! Okay, got it.
(powering up) Whoo! Thank you, shop class! Okay.
Feels better.
(roars) He's coming in for the kill! You got this? We got this.
Spyder, plasma punch! Yes! Um, hey guys.
Wait! Hi, Cassie! She can't see you.
Cassie: You saved the school! You saved us all.
What's your name? "Mech-X4.
" Spyder: Look at all this.
Mark: Man (all laughing) Harris: Dang, y'all.
Whoa, there's a place to chill in this robot? Yeah, it's 150 feet tall, dude.
It's a lot to explore.
I can't wait to trick this place out.
Everything in there looks really dangerous.
Everything explodey is mine.
Harris, this lab is gonna be awesome for you.
Check it.
CassieP here on the giant robot beat from Bay City High.
CassTag: Grateful.
CassTag: Mech-X4.
CassTag: CallMe! Do not call her! So, texting? No.
Can you believe this? We beat an actual monster today.
A giant monster.
-This is -Insane? Yeah, that's one way to put it.
Over the summer you learned you had a-- a superpower? And found a giant robot.
I don't know what we're up against, but I know somebody built this robot for me, for someone with my power.
Harris, Spyder, they volunteered, but I never asked you.
Well, are you now? Instead of stepping on you with a giant robot boot and sucking you into it, yeah.
Well, we did kick butt out there.
So, teammates? Brothers.
And teammates.
But do not prank me with this thing again.
Don't give me a reason to.
So, what do you guys want to do next? Let's see what this baby can do! Okay, so We need to start coming up with monster drills.
If another one of these things attack, we need our students to be safe.
So the city has a robot defender.
(beeping) Didn't expect that.
Well, the next monster I make will tear that robot apart! (school bell rings)-X4 Hey, guys, okay, I can't believe, we saved this place from total destruction and we can't tell anybody! Right? I wanted to meet Neil deGrasse Tyson! And Selena Gomez.
Not in that order.
You know, were we supposed to keep the whole Mech-X4 thing a secret? Spyder, what did you do? Cassie Park, here with the brave crew of Mech-X4-- Ryan Walker, Harris Harris Jr.
, and, eh, some other kid.
-She sort of knows who I am! -No.
How does it feel to be the hero of Bay City? Students: Ryan! Ryan! Ryan! Ryan! Ryan! Ryan! Ryan! Ryan! Ryan! Ryan! Ryan! Ryan! Ryan! For saving our lives, for being a hero here's a street performer doing the robot (whistles) I get it! He's a robot, I have a robot.
a veggie burger that actually tastes good That's impossible.
and a check for one million dollars! -Principal Grey: Whoo! -That's awesome! Ryan! Ryan! All: Ryan! Ryan! Ryan! Ryan! Ryan! Ryan! Ryan! Woman: Ryan.
Ryan! Ryan, wake up! What? It was just a dream? Does it end with you being late for school? 'Cause that's where it gets real, kiddo.
-Come on.
Let's go, Ry-Guy.
-(sighs) Students (echoing): Ryan! Ryan! Ryan! Ryan! Ryan! Grace: Here you go, boys.
Uh, breakfast on a stick? No, the Break-Fa-Kabob.
It's a new breakfast food I'm selling on my food truck.
Try it.
This is good.
Plus, one hand free -for texting at the table.
-No texting at the table.
No texting at the table.
Got it.
Wait, dude.
Check the TV.
Mech-X4 almost destroys a school, risking the lives of all inside.
Now, half of you think that robot is a hero, but the other half Imagine for a second a robot foot comes flying out of the sky.
You think drivers are bad? Oh, watch out.
It stepped on my baby! Is what I'm afraid could happen.
(sighs) It was pretty scary.
Those are my kids, you know? Parents trust me with them.
I'm just glad no one was hurt.
Until we get answers, I don't want to say that Bay City needs to live in fear, but Bay City needs to live in fear.
(scoffs) What is he talking about? I saved the school.
I saved everybody.
Well, I fixed the robot so you could beat the monster, so technically that means I saved everyone.
This is not cool.
We need to get out there and make sure that people know Mech-X is a hero.
The most important thing-- The most important thing-- The most important thing-- Still no matches on the face recognition app.
How is this possible? Who is this guy? What else did he want to say? I mean, it could be anything like, "Press the red button and the robot explodes.
" -(beeping) -Wha-- No, that's a seat warmer.
Oh yeah, that's nice.
Sorry I'm late.
I was doing cooler, Mark Walker stuff.
We doing this? Harris, the video can wait.
Really? This guy built a robot specifically for a technopath.
Why? To protect Bay City.
And how are we gonna do that if people think we're the threat? We need people to like us.
We should teach the robot how to wink because people love it when I wink.
That was the scariest thing I've ever seen.
-Don't do that again.
Ryan, this is me you're talking to.
When you say "us," you mean "you," right? No.
No, I mean Mech-X4.
Harris, are you really okay with people being afraid of us? Fine.
But only while facial recog' is running.
As soon as it gets a match-- Let's gooooo.
Yeah, let's do this.
Let's be heroes.
-Give me the purse, old lady! -What are you doing? -Give me the purse! -Let go of my purse, -you rude young man! -(clang) Ah, ah, ah.
(tree rustles) (children scream) -(chuckles) -Woman: Run! Ah, there it is.
Drone: Here's your coffee, Mr.
Jessica, what have we got? -Mr.
Harper, if you could thumbprint sign here.
-And here.
-And here.
-Running out of thumbs, Jessica.
Hold up.
What did I just buy? A company that recycles hot dog water.
Well people like hot dogs, they need water -It'll catch on.
-(man wailing) -Aah! -Harper: Whoa! (gasps) He's a beautiful man.
-Put him down easy.
-I know.
Hold on.
-(small thump) -People: Wow! Oh, my gosh! -That was incredible! -Did you see? Jessica, did that robot just save Marty? Yes and now it's doing some sort of victory dance.
I did it, I did it Look at him go! People shouldn't be afraid of this.
You-- you know that Godfrey person who keeps saying that the robot is evil? Tell him I have an announcement to make.
He's doing it! You see that, Harris? Your hero, Seth Harper, is giving us the thumbs up.
I know.
I just want to grab that thumb and shake that hand.
No! Stop that! You're doing that thing where you suck me into your crazy plans because they're fun.
It was fun.
But irresponsible.
Which is why it was fun.
I need to get back to that video and unlock its secrets.
As soon as we hit the X deck, turn on the TV, and soak in some of that hometown love.
Fear is what Bay City should be feeling right now.
They're more scared than ever! More scared than ever.
And yet, Bay City's favorite son, Seth Harper from Harper Futuristics, has his usual, delusional take on it.
I saw you, Mech-X4.
I saw you save Marty.
-Did we save a Marty? -(grunts "I don't know") You fascinate me! And like everyone else in Bay City, I just want to know more about you.
So, mm, five-ish, I'm inviting you to my estate to learn.
But mostly, I want to say thank you.
And I will say, "You're welcome.
" What are you talking about? We're going to let him know that we're the heroes inside Mech-X4.
I'm inviting you to my estate Now that I know where that robot will be, I can destroy Mech-X4 in front of its biggest fan.
Are you kidding me? You want to reveal our secret identities! For what? So you can become famous? Trust me, it's pretty awesome.
No, people are scared of Mech-X4.
They think it could be an alien or evil.
Or an unstoppable killing machine from the future.
I have been reading the message boards.
But if they see the human face of Mech-X4, they'll be less scared.
Yeah, especially if it's this face.
It'll be all of our faces.
You're not doing this to make people less scared.
You want a victory lap.
What, not enough trophies at home? So why not make Mech-X4 one? -Zing! -Shoots and scores.
Okay, let's take a vote.
All in favor of proving we're not evil.
At Harper's estate? (sighs) I'm not some vending machine you technopathically push around.
Weirdly stated, but okay.
If you need me, I'll be trying to figure out why that guy in the video built Mech-X4, because I'll tell you one thing: it's not for fame.
(clang) Come on, Harris.
You're not always right.
If that's the case, why do you always cheat off me? 'Cause you're always more right than me! What are you doing? That video was filmed somewhere here.
The clues are in this image.
(sighs) Hey.
Spyder: Come on, man! You're gonna miss all the fun.
-This is important.
-Well, what are we doing here? Triangulating distances.
-It's called algebra.
-(chuckles) "'Bra.
" -You can leave.
Bye, Harris! (sighs) Oh! (gasps, squeals) All right, the video file's gotta be on one of these drives.
Harris let's do the work.
Hello, Mr.
Harper, everyone.
I'm Ryan Walker and it-- Ugh, it sounds like I'm at a funeral.
Bay City, are you ready-- (voice cracks) to rock? And the crowd goes into a coma! Look, I get it.
You're excited.
I mean, I'm used to being the center of attention, but it's new for you.
Is this your first pep talk? 'Cause you're terrible at it.
When I was nervous before a game, you know what Dad used to tell me? -What? -No matter what, stand tall, be confident, and see your victory.
Now, imagine yourself in the palm of that robot.
Okay, okay, yeah.
And it lowers us down to the ground, it opens its hands in front of all those people.
Cool, right? Very.
Okay, then? Then they go, "Oh, man! Is that Mark Walker? "He's so cool! He must be the pilot of Mech-X4! Mark! Mark! Mark! Mark! Mark! Mark! Mark!" Good talk, bro! "Mark! Mark! Mark! Mark! Mark!" That was a terrible talk.
(sighs) Nothing.
And this was the last one.
What? Oh, man.
Hey, any chance to get Harris to come? (beep, chime) (whoosh) Whoa.
(gasps) "Leo"? His name was Leo.
(gasps) (gasps) (gasps) Yes! Just doesn't feel right.
You guys can make up after we're back.
Let's get famous.
Well, you guys get famous.
I'm a legend.
All right.
Show time.
(beeping) Mech-execute! The most important thing is the monsters are sent by people, terrible people.
That's why I built Mech-X4 so you could stop them, Ryan.
Wait, did he just say Ryan's name? So you could stop them, Ryan.
But you have to keep your identity a secret.
If they know you're in there, these people will strike directly at you and everyone you know.
Oh no.
(whoosh) (loud thumping) Ha! -(loud thumping) -(phone vibrates) (phone chimes) Do not reveal yourselves.
You are in danger.
Uh (sighs) Desperate times.
(ding ding) I did say 5:00, right? -Yes.
So how does it feel to get stood up at your own party? No need to be smug, Godfrey.
Could just be fashionably late.
-(scoffs) -(mocks scoff) What are we waiting for? To be fashionably late.
Is this your first time being invited to a party? Yeah.
(ding ding) Well, what do you mean no entrance? I'm Cassie Park.
I broke the story on Mech-X4.
Good for you.
Private meeting.
-(ding ding) -Well, what about that girl? I'm a boy on a girl's bike! -(ding ding) -And that was sexist! Shoot.
Well, I guess we may as well wrap this up.
Ooh-hoo! Magnificent! Look at that technology! I wonder what it is.
That's what! You better get this.
Get all of this! You made it! Fantastic! First off, thank you for coming, Mech-X4! I-- I know that some people are afraid of you! What is your secret agenda? But I want to change all that! Maybe if we got to know you more! Where are you from? Are you alive? Are-- are you remote controlled? Are you here to enslave us? Mark: Well, what are you waiting for? Fame awaits! Yeah, let's do this! I just-- I wish Harris was here.
(ding) Hey! Look at your phone! -I think he is.
- Look at your phone! "Look at your phone.
" "You're in danger.
Do not reveal yourselves.
" Dude, this again? Lighten up! (loud thump) -No! -Harris! DieyCh He's dead.
No, no, no, no.
He told us not to do this.
(growls) -Whoa! -Aah! Ryan: He told us and I didn't listen, and now he's -Ryan! -He's dead.
We're under attack.
We need you.
People are in danger.
Ryan! (growls) This thing killed Harris! Wait, wait.
-What? -Zoom in! (coughs) See? He's still moving! Well, let's keep him that way! Ryan! Ryan, help! He's gonna get crushed down there! Okay, I'll get him.
Just give me cover.
-You got it.
-Mark, please! He's our best friend.
And this is my fault.
-That thing is dangerous.
-Get him! -(ding ding) -Down! (ding ding) -(window shatters) -That robot is trying to kill us! No, look! It's trying to save us! Sir, we need to get you to safety! -And me? -I suppose.
Go! Oh! Ugh! It's so (spits) so, so gross! I'm trying to keep him away, but without Harris, we don't have anyone manning shields.
Well, someone has to protect them! -(loud thump) -Aah! This is worse than my mom's cooking! Whoo! Go for it, Mark! He's out! Harris! -Harris! -Mark! Ow! (monster growls) -Aah! -Whoa! Harris! You're okay! Uh, awkward.
I'm fine too, everybody.
N-- not the time! Not the time! All right, let's focus! Any advice, dude? Let's be heroes.
(exhales) Let's end this! Have I shown you guys what I call the Plasma Ax? When did you have time to figure out we had a Plasma Ax? I do stuff.
(beep) Mech-execute! -Yes! -Yes! (screams) (grumbles) Everyone safe? Yeah, dude.
How about you? A little beaten up.
But if everyone's okay I'm great.
(gasps) How amazing.
Well, fixing this is gonna take a while.
Hey, thanks for the save.
Yeah, man.
We're teammates.
So, um, people are making these monsters? And that guy in the video knew you would be the technopath that piloted Mech-X4.
He knew your name.
Yep, creepy.
Borderline illegal.
-Somebody is planning something big.
We have to fight smarter.
You're the smartest guy I know and you were awesome out there.
-Godfrey: Standing -Hey, guys, they're talking about us.
and a girl's bike goes flying past my head.
I didn't panic.
Instead, I saved Seth Harper and his assistant.
But that Mech-X4 is dangerous.
I don't care about what they say.
We know who we are.
And we need to keep that a secret.
You know, sorry you didn't get to meet Harper, dude.
Yeah, or his assistant Jessica.
I mean, seriously, am I the only one noticing the ladies? (sighs) Best friends? -Best friends.
Three equally good friends.
Uh, probably impossible to rank us.
Right? Ow! Ugh.