Mech-X4 (2016) s01e02 Episode Script

Let‘s Get Some Air!

1 eyCh Mech-X4 This guy built a robot specifically for a technopath.
-Why? -To protect Bay City.
Man: You cannot imagine the horrors coming your way.
Monsters as big as a robot, if not bigger.
-(screaming) -You fascinate me! I just want to know more about you.
You have to keep your identity a secret.
If they know you're in there, these people will strike directly at you and everyone you know.
I can destroy Mech-X4 and tear that robot apart! Oh! So, so gross! Ow.
(grunting) Mark: Come on, Ryan.
Keep your hands up.
-You're getting killed here.
-I'm trying! Keep moving.
Come on! Where are your hands? Where are your hands? Cover it.
-Up! -It's over.
-Say your prayers.
-(grunts) Boom! Hey, can you make my robot do a victory dance? You know, something like this? Do you know what a sore winner is? Yeah.
It means I'm a winner.
Hoo! You know, you could have won if you'd tried a rope-a-dope.
Okay, you put yourself out there, make me think you're defenseless, draw me in and boom! Drop a hammer on me.
Dude, you were exercising my power.
I gotta train you how to fight.
You're the one throwing the punches out there.
Uh, Harris, I really think you forgot something.
I walked here from home.
That would explain the pointing and this cutie's digits! "Bethany"! Nice.
What's up with the strappy socks? They're called sock garters.
(demonic echoing) They're the footwear of gentlemen, nimwit.
What did you just call me, freshman? (grunting) That's my arm! What the heck! Stop! -(demonic grunting) -Mark! (grunts) -Ah! -Harris! Hey! Please (demonic echoing) help me.
(theme music playing) (seagulls squawking) (machine scanning) Hey, how you feeling? A little bit better.
So can you tell me exactly what happened-- -(crashing) -(Spyder screaming) What was that? What? Your text said "get here ASAP," which I did, after I looked up "ASAP.
" Come on.
This better not be the microthruster I just fixed.
I was testing it.
And guess what? It thrusted! And now it's busted.
Um, hey, congrats! So you guys thought twice about bringing me on the team, but you chose this trainwreck right away.
-I am standing right here.
-Yeah, don't remind us.
I can fix it, okay? Just like I fixed my broken leg.
Didn't I? -You remember that? -I remember you trying to fix your leg in shop class and you fainted and you had to be rushed to the hospital.
Yeah, your surgery was crowd-funded.
I still have the T-shirt.
-(grunting) -You okay? No.
I accidentally ate some of that stuff the monster was made of.
Did it taste disgusting like cat food or awesome like dog food? But the monster ooze-- it's turning me into something not human.
It does look like if I had a sample of that substance, I could reverse engineer an antidote.
Mark: Great! So we can cure you.
We can get you some more ooze.
-We just-- -(gurgling) Um, we'll draw a new monster out by using Mech-X4 as bait.
You know, or we could just find that glowy orby thing -from the first fight.
-Yeah, we can-- Wait, what? And then at the end, the robot just liquefied that thing.
And I saw it first.
If you share this, you must credit Cassie Park.
Okay, so the whole monster turned to ooze, except for that object? It kind of looks like the monster's heart.
I watched this video and didn't notice that orb.
How did you? Well, I mean, after the hundredth viewing, you start to spot stuff.
Like she has 18 tiny wrinkles when she smiles.
-What? -One for every month of the year.
So you saw this weird thing and you didn't think to mention it? Well, no, I did mention it just now.
That counts, right? All: No! Not at all.
Why would it? Hold on, guys.
So from the direction and apparent speed, I'd say it landed somewhere in the woods near Colton Ridge.
Ryan: There still might be some ooze on it we can use to cure Harris.
(hawk squawking) (monitor beeping quickly) (beeping speed increases) (beeping stops) Mud, dirt, twigs.
But the residual goop is all dried out.
Useless! Hey, don't worry about it.
We'll find more.
We wouldn't have to if we had gotten to it when you saw it.
(demonic echoing) You know, could you not be you and try helping just once? I can help.
I am gonna go fix this rocket.
And if you need me, I'll-- (demonic echoing) We won't! Go! What did I just say? Exactly what we were all thinking.
I didn't mean that.
That wasn't me talking.
The ooze is causing all these outbursts.
I can't control them.
Which is why we need to cure you.
This thing can't help us at all? It looks like there's black dust here.
-(beeping) -Volcanic rock? But the only volcano around here is Mount Hartley.
Let's go check it out.
But Spyder-- Let's get you better.
Seriously, he probably already forgot about it.
Spyder: Stupid friends don't think I can help.
I fixed this thing with duct tape, just like I fixed my leg.
Hey, kid, what are you doing here so late? And what's in the cart? Oh! Cassie, what up, girl? How you livin'? I'm living way out of your league.
That looks like it fell off Mech-X4.
Wait! No! It is a rocket.
I built it to, uh, rocket this shopping cart across the lake and break Danny Rotzoll's cart record.
Never heard of him.
Of course not.
I mean, the man doesn't even want you to know who he is.
He tried to get across the lake, but he didn't make it.
But I will! Does anyone else know you're doing this? Just you.
An exclusive.
Haven't had one of those since the first Mech-X4 fight.
I'll stream your stunt.
Let's go.
Oh, like right now? -Mm-hmm.
No, I gotta get back to my friends.
Gotta hang out, guys' night Or you could do that stupid and dangerous thing you were planning on and hang out with me.
(echoing) Hang out with me, hang out with me, hang out with me.
Yeah, that second one.
(robotic whirring) Is that the stuff that we can make an antidote with? Yeah.
(alert beeping on phone) It's Davage at site alpha.
We've been compromised.
Check your feed, boss.
The volcano? That robot again! They found the Primorphorous gel.
Do we have a monster ready? We do not! Ryan: All right, then how do I get it out? Do I just-- do I scoop it out? -(sighs) -Wait, Mark, get a shovel.
Why do I have to get the shovel? How we gonna get it out? (demonic echoing) This is taking too long! -(grunting) -Whoa! Hey! Ah! Stay down, Dingus! Hey, hey, Harris, calm down! (scanning) -Initiate the fail-safe.
-You're destroying the site? And burying that robot in the volcano.
But we need that gel to build more monsters.
Well, I need that robot gone more.
Now do it! Unless you want scars on the other eye.
(explosions detonating) -Earthquake? -No, no, no, no, no! That's an explosion! Get us out of here! (grunting) Mark (echoing): Ry? Ry? You okay? Talk to me.
(Ryan grunting) Why do you have that "I just went on a date with two girls and both of them found out" look? Mark: We're stuck inside a huge pit of ooze.
It's clogging all our vents.
We're running out of air.
We have about 17 minutes of oxygen left.
We gotta get out of this ooze.
Ooze? Harris, we can cure you with-- Wait, where's Harris? (demonic growling) He did that? He's getting worse? We have to find him.
After we free ourselves.
Can you rocket-boost us out of here? (beeping) All right, the thrusters are working, but we just can't smash through the rubble.
So we blast it with the arm cannon.
Ryan: Oh no, the arm cannon is busted.
Power cable snapped.
Mark: The only way to reattach it is from the outside.
So we're trapped in here with 17 minutes-- 16 minutes to figure out how to get back online.
And find Harris.
Ryan, he's not the priority.
If we run out of air, we all die, even Harris.
We have to get out of here first.
No, we can do both! You know what? I'm gonna find a signal and I'm gonna text Spyder.
He can fix the arm cannon from the outside.
That guy to the rescue? My thought is stop signs are merely suggestions.
And maybe your gums were meant to bleed when you sneeze.
The question was how old are you? We're doomed.
No, he'll come through for us I hope.
Can you just find Harris? What? What is it? Is it-- is it-- is it Mark Walker? Is he scared? Of Harris? Pfft! What? Me? No way.
No chance.
(deep growling) But I'm rigging some sort of protection, -just in case.
Come on, Spyder.
(grunting) -(beeping) -Come on, Spyder.
(deep growling) Are you going to talk about your stunt, or-- Enough small talk.
Here, come sit down with me right here.
Come on.
Do you think this is a date? No! No, no, no.
Now it is.
No, it is not! The lake! Now! (pinging) I just did a thermographic scan.
I'm uploading it to your feed.
You'll want to see this.
There are people in it? It's not automated? It has pilots? Who are you? Ah! Here, mathlete, mathlete.
(watch whirs) Only eight minutes of air left.
(deep growling) (rattling) (deep rumbling) (growling) Ooh! (coughs) No signal.
Come on! (growling) -(pinging) -Yes, finally! Okay, come on, Spyder.
-(growling) -Harris! ME We have the ooze.
Let me up.
-(gun charging up) -Ahh! Found him! Now run! (growling) Mark (voice echoing): You know, you could have won if you'd tried a rope-a-dope.
-Rope-a-dope, rope-a-dope -Rope-a-dope.
Hey! Hey, over here.
-Okay, um -(growling) Draw him in, make him think you're defenseless drop a hammer on him.
Sorry, dude, but it was for your own good.
-Good move.
-Good advice! Man, I really hope my text got through.
All right, the light is perfect.
The wind is perfect.
-Let's do this.
-(phone beeping) (sighs) Flag on the play.
I gotta go! What? Oh, no, you're not going anywhere.
I've been listening to you ramble for hours.
It's been, like, 15 minutes.
Well, it's felt like hours.
Now are you going to jump the lake or not? He's so heavy! How could someone this small be that heavy? He's like a calzone full of bricks.
All right, it's time for you to get us out of here.
Come on.
And in case this doesn't work, I just want you to know that-- -I know, I know.
-I'm too popular to die.
Don't mess this up because people will miss me.
-More than they would you.
Really? You're using up oxygen for this? Friends come first.
So hasta la later! -(grunting) -Ahh! Eh, Spyder! Spyder! I do not get ditched by freshmen! She knows my name! One minute, buddy.
Get us out of here.
Wait, I can feel the cannon arm.
It's coming back online.
(motor sputtering) Broke my dream girl's heart for this.
You better appreciate it! Okay, Spyder's clear.
Mark, are you ready? Mark? Hey, Mark? I'm so tired.
No, no, no! Mark Walker doesn't get tired.
We need a comeback victory! Come on! This is where you live! I'm on it, Mom! Close enough.
Now! (panting) I'm gonna get everybody out of here.
(air hissing) I did it! I'm gonna live! Hey.
(muttering) Not the time.
Not the time.
(laughs) Mark: Uh, antidote? Now? Antidote now.
That is the weirdest antidote ever.
There's turkey grease, broccoli and monster ooze.
Oh, gross, man-- broccoli.
Listen, Spyder, what I said back there-- Man, it's already forgotten.
Thanks, dude.
That's really cool of you.
We shouldn't have come down on you as hard as we did.
Yeah, me too.
You deserve to be on the team.
You really came through for us, Spicer-- uh, Spyner-- something with an S? I'll take it.
Help me.
What the-- No.
Do you really not know his name? -That's gross.
-Ugh! -Tastes good, though.
-(all gagging) Mastermind: You lost a huge amount of my Primorphorous gel-X4 and the robot survived.
Give me a reason why I shouldn't just have you eliminated.
Because I learned something valuable.
The robot has pilots-- human pilots.
And humans will be a lot easier to destroy.
You're human.
Keep that in mind before you fail me again.
Thank you, sir.
Thank you.
So your little robot has people inside it.
Who are they? No clue.
All I know is they're crushing your monsters.
Aren't they? Tell me! (growling)