Mech-X4 (2016) s01e03 Episode Script

Let's Open the Monster Heart!

1 Announcer: Previously on Mech-X4 I'm moving the robot.
Uh, uh, uh.
Man: The monsters are sent by people terrible people.
That's why I built Mech-X4 So you could stop them, Ryan.
Principal Grey: I learned something valuable.
- The robot has pilots human pilots.
- Who are they? Somebody's planning something big.
We have to fight smarter.
The whole monster turned to ooze except for that object.
It kind of looks like the monster's heart.
Mech-X4 has cost me two monsters and a whole reservoir of Primorphorous gel.
The leader can't be happy about that.
Could've lost our place in his new world.
Now that I know that Mech-X4 has pilots, we can hurt them.
I'm designing a monster to target them.
Something with incredible strength to immobilize the robot, claws to tear through its armored plating and a little extra surprise.
The only loose end is Jaguasaur's Primorphorous core.
We must have it.
Let's hope they're foolish enough to try and open it.
- Come on! - No, no, no! Stop! Guys, guys! Come on.
I've been looking for that.
I mean, you said we had to crack open the monster heart.
And it kind of evolved from there, so I know you like to have fun, and I do too.
But you don't understand how important this is.
This is our only clue to finding out who's behind the monsters.
Sorry, okay? We'll be more cautious.
- Tie game, dude.
- After this point.
- Next to hit - No, no, guys, guys! Stop! No! (rumbling) What? Weird.
The heart just lit up.
- (computer pinging) - A signal! (theme music playing) How's Mech-X4 doing? Well self-repair cycle is just about done.
- But - Boys.
You look nice.
Try not to say that like you're shocked, son.
Okay, I've got a busy day.
So, uh, homework, curfew, kisses.
Not in that order.
Who works at a food truck all dressed up like that? Mom, you forgot your She's got, like, a million emails from someone named JJ - at Harper Futuristics.
- Here it comes.
Quick, do your weirdo power thing and read her phone emails.
I will not.
That's Mom's and that's obnoxious.
You do this every time.
You think Mom's dating.
- So you do think that - That's not what I said.
Dude, Dad remarried years ago.
So what if Mom's dating? Is that my phone? Oh, are we doing this now? Okay, let's have a peek at yours.
Ah, mmm.
House party at Dane's on Saturday.
Won't be doing that.
- Oh, wow! - Okay, you two.
- Love you.
- Love you too.
So it sounds like your weekend's free.
Wanna go test out the robot.
Shove it.
If the Spanish teacher is just parking in your spot, just tell him that you don't want him to in Spanish.
(door bangs open) (growls) He's here to apply for the janitor job.
You can go.
(door slams) How can you stand these people? It's our job to fit in.
You should try it if you want to survive what's coming.
The core signal is steady.
Now to bring Clawboon to life and destroy Mech-X4.
Bring out the new monster core, program it with the DNA crystals, but just the right DNA to do the job take the core and get it to the checkpoint.
Make sure you aren't followed.
Find the drill site, drop the new monster core into the Primorphorous gel and get moving before Clawboon is born.
X-rays don't penetrate it, saws can't cut it.
It's like the meatloaf at school.
I wonder what's inside.
I assume horse.
It tastes like horse Not the meatloaf.
This! We have to figure out how to get it open.
You know what? I can borrow my mom's laser-hair-removal kit.
That is the dumbest idea Wait, did you say "laser"? Hair-removal kit.
The Harper Quanta-Burst nano-laser.
It can cut through anything.
Have you seen my mom's unibrow? (ship rumbling) We're being attacked.
Let's move.
- Monster? - No, we're testing out the repair work.
- How we doin', Mark? - What do you think Mom and JJ are doing? - Should I call? - Do you need to be tucked in? You need a bedtime story? Come on, focus.
Yeah, yeah.
We're good.
You can stop now.
Mom says she's working late, but she loves us.
That's code for "on a date.
" Yeah, one that's going well, apparently.
- Hey! - All I'm saying is you cannot stop what comes natural.
I mean, your mother is a very attractive woman.
- Oh, that is so gross! - Shut it.
- That's my mother! - I don't even want to think about that.
- Guys? - I can't have my team get distracted, okay? - I'm not getting distracted.
- Guys? - Give me that! - No! - Guys! - Did she say hi to me? - Let go, Mark.
- You're not helping! - Guys! Guys! - Mark: Back, Spyder! - (all arguing) - Give me the phone! - It's mine! It's communal! - Not the time, not the time! (growling) (grunting) Guys, we have to get back to our stations.
Spyder, give me some heat! Spyder: You got it.
Are they getting better at fighting us? (metal crunching) Ah! Ryan? (alarm sounding) We're getting killed here.
We gotta bounce.
I can handle it.
Dude, do not make me come down there and disconnect you myself.
Okay, fine! It's out of range.
It got away.
But it ran.
Did you see that? Whoever is in there, we scared them.
And when we find them, we will do much worse.
So any news about the monster? Disappeared after we left.
Your pulse is a bit high, but the rest of your vitals check out.
That thing did some serious damage to Mech-X4.
One more punch and we would have been toast.
It's like every game of dodgeball I ever played all rolled into one.
How you doin'? I feel like my brain got stabbed by a fork.
It's like somebody specifically designed that monster to target you inside.
Yeah, that spike came right at me.
We need to find out who is making these monsters so we can bring the pain to them.
We do have one lead.
It stopped blinking, but this monster heart Ah! Not too loud.
We go to Harper Futuristics and use the nano-laser to crack open all the answers we need.
Harris: Harper Futuristics.
It's even more beautiful than I dreamt.
It's a complete rejection of classical ornamentation.
Like, a prime example of neo-modernist architecture.
My mom keeps a copy of Architecture Today in the can.
Okay, guys, we need to focus.
We need to get in, open the monster heart, and get out.
- No distractions.
- I don't see Mom.
- What did I just say? - "Something-something distractions.
" I'm here for Seth Harper.
I am, uh I'm Colin St.
You're Colin St.
Bernard? - The pro skater? - The one and only.
I'm here to sign the endorsement deal for the Harper Oxygen drink.
Really? 'Cause Colin St.
Bernard's in his 30s and you look like you're in high school.
Well, check your computer.
(humming) Hmm? I am so sorry, Mr.
Here are your all-access passes for you and your staff Yeah, you must feel really bad.
Please accept my sincerest apologies.
Seth's not going to be too happy when he hears about this.
- Don't tell Seth, please.
- Yeah.
Nice job, Mr.
- Why, thank you, Oprah.
- Oh, sweet! She's a role model to us all.
I'll be right there, JJ.
Did I just hear "JJ"? - I'll catch up.
- Wait, no Hey, distractions! Harris: This is so cool.
Spyder: Let's just crack open the heart and bounce.
What an amazing piece of tech.
I barely feel guilty breaking into this place to use it.
- Harris, uh - Shh.
Look at that beam! It's perfect.
(gasps) It's lighting up again.
Have you guys seen this? Oprah, using my billion dollar laser? Yeah, I'm seeing that.
Hey, I Oh.
You're Seth Harper.
And you're trespassing.
You're all going to jail.
What? -(Laughs) Come on, I'm kidding! - (all laughing) - Your face was like, "Ahh!" But seriously, you kids are in a lot of trouble.
- All: Oh, what? - Yeah.
Spyder: Just easy on the shoulders.
Harris: Okay.
Got 'em.
So give me a good reason why I should not call your parents.
- Seriously.
- Well, yeah, we found that thing in the forest and we thought it might have something to do with the monsters.
And you didn't think to, I don't know, take it to the authorities? Well, I thought I could figure it out myself.
Really? I like that gumption.
You know, that reminds me When I was your age, I broke into the first Space-X rocket and I hid there just to meet Elon Musk.
- Really? - Whoa, that's so cool! No, that's illegal.
I wouldn't do that.
Or would I? Right? Interesting.
I just found out that there was four of you.
So that means one's missing.
(indistinct chatter) - Stay cool, J.
- Thanks.
You're a good man.
Enjoying your meal, JJ? Where is my mom - JJ? - Hey there, little guy.
You lost your mommy? Stay calm.
- We'll find your mommy.
- I'm 16, dude.
A little boy has lost his mommy.
I'm not a little boy.
I'm almost a man.
- Whatever.
- Don't run away, little guy.
Here's a lolly! Mr.
Harper? What are you doing? I'm deciding.
And I've decided.
I like you guys! - Awesome! - Not you.
- Okay.
- But definitely you.
- Yes! - Intelligence, initiative, daring! - (alarm sounding) - Oh, fire alarm? Okay, we will continue this outside.
- But the monster heart - People first, science later.
Let's save some people! (alarm continues wailing) Okay, everybody! Nobody use the elevators.
Nobody use your hoverboards or skates.
Stairs only, guys! Wait, guys.
Okay, guys, it's a false alarm.
I just scanned the systems.
Why would someone do that.
Well, we bring the heart here and suddenly there's a fake fire.
- Somebody's after the heart.
- We should tell Harper.
No, no, no.
Keep going and I will meet you guys outside and I'll get the heart, okay? Make sure he doesn't come back just in case I use my power.
Safety first.
All of your work can wait.
(gas escaping) (coughing) Gotta hide my face.
(whirring) Female voice: You're not leaving with the Primorphorous core.
You mean the monster heart? Monster heart? Ah! You brought that here, didn't you? You're one of the robot's pilots.
Were you afraid when the monster pierced your robot's skull? All you need to know is you're toast.
Hey, Dingus, you in here? No, get out of here! Female: Give me the core now! Okay.
Don't hurt him.
Just take it.
Let's get out of here! - (sirens wailing) - (both coughing) Are you okay? Yeah.
You? - Sorry, man.
- Wait, for what? I should have been there to help you, but I got distracted and we lost the monster heart.
Yeah! You really messed this up.
- Totally Ryan Walkered it.
- Is that how you apologize? Great.
I Ryan Walkered the apology too? You're hilarious.
What are you two doing here? I was wondering the same thing.
I was here signing a contract to cater an event.
Wait, so Mom's here for a job? So these are your kids, huh? Mm-hmm.
Oh, thank you, Miss Janson.
Please, it's Jessica.
But everyone calls me JJ.
You're JJ.
- She's JJ.
- So Mom's not dating anyone.
No, but she is getting tired of your snooping, especially when you follow me to a burning building.
For the record, no one was hurt.
Only a lab got destroyed.
Phone, now.
Let's take a look at your calendar.
Ahem, grounded for a month.
Not now, little man.
Did I hear you say that you're not dating anyone? Are you asking me out? Maybe.
- Would that annoy you? - Definitely.
8:00 PM.
Persian food.
I like it.
JJ, clear my schedule.
Let's talk restaurants.
- Do you have a favorite? - I do, actually So he's great-looking and he's loaded.
- Great going, Cupid.
- Hey! - You better treat her right now! - Dude, that is my mom! You got the Primorphorous core back.
And something even better.
- Name's fake.
- Face is real.
Ryan Walker.
(theme music playing)