Mech-X4 (2016) s01e04 Episode Script

Let‘s Be Idiots!

1 iously on Mech-X4 Woman: Mech-X4 has cost me two monsters.
The only loose end was Jaguasaur's primorphous core.
Let's hope they're foolish enough to try and open it.
Hey! You are Seth Harper.
Why did it hurt? You are bonded to this robot.
Get the primorphous core back? Something even better.
Ryan Walker.
Harris: Oh, hey, Ryan! Check this out! I'm trying to create a weapon in the chest.
I thought we could use something more powerful after we got our butts kicked by Clawboon.
(hammering) I shocked myself.
Pretty cool.
(indistinct chatter echoing) Everyone shut it for like three seconds! You okay? Yeah.
No, yeah, I don't I don't know.
I'm sorry.
I have all these people depending on me.
And I've been having all these flashbacks.
I have to go from zero to, like, kicking monster butt in six seconds Wow, feeling the pressure? You know what I do when that happens to me? I do something just for me.
Like this weekend, DJ Live-Rat$z is spinning.
No way.
You got tickets for that? I thought it sold out.
Dude, I'm Mark Walker.
Dane! Hey, you get extra tickets to DJ Live-Rat$z? Dane: (laughing) Dude, why are you laughing? Hey, Mark might be right about the pressure.
You should do something fun.
Weren't you gonna sign up for this skate competition? Yeah, but after all the monsters and the conspiracy, it's kind of hard.
Well, we all do things to relax.
Mark hangs out.
I invent.
And I plan weddings.
Terrible, terrible weddings.
You skate.
So skate, son! Yeah.
I just got a hit on the Walker kid.
He entered something called the "Bay City Skate-Off.
" So, waste him before he gets there? No.
We just watch him.
Three pilots.
He must have partners.
I want to know exactly who they are.
And where that robot is.
And after that? Then we get rid of all of them.
(theme music playing) Okay.
Show it to me again.
That the trick you wanna do? It's the trick I got to beat, okay? That's Jimmy Wilson, he's the winner of the Bay City Skate-off three years running.
-He's good.
-I know.
-I mean, like, really good -I know! Okay, look, try the trick again.
But when you do, you've got to crouch low when you what's the word? Grind the rail? Wait, I thought you were working on the "X" weapon.
I am.
Plus, I designed an app that scans news feeds for monsters and can send us an alert.
I have to do multiple things at the same time.
My brain is a curse.
-You ready to do this? -Yeah.
-You're gonna hit that rail? -Uh-huh.
Okay, let's do this.
Ready, Ry-guy? -Yeah, I got it.
-Go, man.
Ryan: Whoa, what is that? What? Harris: Gravity pucks? And a bounce belt? And whatever this is! What do you think it does? It's a wrench.
That you can hit things with! This robot's got everything! You know what? I could definitely use this stuff to, you know, -build the X weapon.
And I've got a belt, which is awesome, 'cause I lost the last one when I mooned a bus of kids.
Why would you? That's styling.
-Spyder! -Spyder! Spyder: I'm fine.
-Spyder: This is -Oh.
a force-field belt! (Spyder laughing) I'm gonna go back to skateboarding.
Okay, and I'm gonna go put a door over that.
(Spyder moaning) Oh, wow, this robot is big! 'Sup? It's Mark Walker.
Hey, you got tickets to the DJ Live-Rat$z? (person laughing) All right, leftovers.
Heal my pain.
I'm starving.
-(indistinct) on TV, which I didn't think was possible.
-Really? Hey.
You're here.
Hey, we ordered way too much sushi.
You want some? Nope.
Not hungry.
Be nice.
I like him.
Live-Rat$z, huh? You going to that? Everybody's going to that.
Except for me.
I couldn't get tickets because I was doing wait, why am I telling you anything? You know, I could get you into that show.
By throwing your wallet at it? I can't just throw my wallet around.
It's really heavy.
Okay, your money might impress other people, but not me.
Or my mom.
Protective! Okay, I get it.
I tell you what.
I'll make you a deal: How about I get you into that show, no money, no connections and you cut me a little slack with your mom.
Like a tryout! Sports term, right? What's in it for me if you lose? Well, you get to tell your mom how lame I am.
And you have to post it on the Internet.
Stakes! I love it.
The helicopter will be here Saturday at 3:00 to pick you up.
I mean, I'll get here early and we'll take public transportation like normal people.
-This was fun.
Let's do it again.
-You ready? -Yeah.
But you're kind of in the way of everything.
That's kind of the point.
Walk it off.
Okay, you ready to try one? Yeah, whoo! All right, then here it comes.
Really good.
-Relax, that was a good one.
-That was nice.
Yeah, but not "Jimmy Wilson" nice.
Yeah, well, don't tell Jimmy Wilson.
That guy is a dingus.
Hey, hey.
That is Jimmy Wilson.
That one? Hi, Jimmy.
I'm Ryan.
Why should Jimmy Wilson know your name when nobody else will? Okay, just because we're competing doesn't mean you get to be a jerk.
Jimmy Wilson is the king of this.
That makes it Jimmy Wilson territory.
Well, does Jimmy Wilson know how to use a pronoun? I don't know how to use a pronoun.
Honestly, you think you can win with a trick Jimmy Wilson mastered? Can you do it backwards? Okay, I gotta wreck this guy.
Jimmy: Forwards? Dude, you're just here to relax.
Jimmy: On one foot? Okay, I'm relaxed, Okay? I'm very relaxed! Jimmy: Backwards and blindfolded? How did I even put this thing on? Skaters: Jimmy! Jimmy! Jimmy! Jimmy! Jimmy! Jimmy! You're gonna beat all that on this hand-me-down piece of trash? Skaters: Oh! Jimmy Wilson is gonna smoke you.
Relax-time is over.
Davage: Walker hangs with that little desert rat Spyder.
Can I at least go after him? We can't just eliminate every kid in Bay City.
Why not? This planet will be a wasteland soon.
Mastermind: Grey! Sir.
I'm very close to finding the people behind Mech-X4 and bringing them to you in a box.
Davage: We know one of the pilots-- Their identities are leverage.
Mastermind: Grey.
Some child came into my office wanting something.
Mastermind: My patience has limits.
I expect to see results.
And you know the punishment for failure.
He's getting impatient.
We can't just wait for Walker to lead us to the pilots or the robot any more.
We need to do something to force him into action.
We need to put people in danger.
You've been busy.
And nice with the gravity pucks.
Like it? -Little area for you to train.
Harris: Also, I put in some video games -and Internet for Spyder.
And that thing Mark likes.
Yeah, that's got to go.
So, wait, you did all of this in two days? Yep! And we can now 3-D print food.
Would you like a tuna sandwich built by science to be the best tasting tuna sandwich you've ever had? Mm! Mm! This is really good.
-Right? -Mm-hmm.
Can you believe this machine takes garbage and recycle it back into food? You're eating an old shoe right now.
This is awesome.
What? Now you have a place to relax! What do you want to do first? Well, I'm gonna use these.
And I'm gonna crush that Jimmy Wilson kid.
Um, isn't that cheating? Is it? Um-- Yes.
But is it really? -Yes, I'm sure.
-Are you sure it's cheating? Every time you ask me if it's cheating, it's cheating.
But are you positive-- That you're using gravity pucks to be a better skater to win a competition? I'm pretty sure it's cheating.
Whoo! Okay, this will do.
And I say it's justice.
That Jimmy Wilson kid is a jerk.
Ho! Hoo! You're turning this skate competition into a battle.
You're supposed to be having fun.
Oh, believe me, this will be fun.
Oh! Good evening.
Ticket line's over there.
General admission is over there.
We've got neither.
Then you are in the way.
Let's see the magic.
My friend Sold out.
You sure? 'Cause you and I both know that you've got a side ticket or two for your friends? Maybe the ladies? No.
And that's incredibly sexist.
Right? I-- I didn't mean it like What? Oh.
Oh, hey, guys.
Thank you.
What about that? They work with the crew.
-They work with the -With the crew.
You think just because they're cute they don't have jobs? Ah.
Dude, you're on fire.
I mean, at least if you tried to bribe me, I'd respect that.
Copy that.
He's good.
Plan B.
Well, that's good.
Really? You showed up? Get your beater of a board fixed in time? Yeah.
You could say that.
(music plays inside) Mark: This plan is stupid.
Listen, that's the crew entrance.
Okay? All we have to do is hide out inside here until somebody opens that door.
Now! Go, go, go! Go, go, go, go! -Come on.
Whoa! -Whoa! (slushing) Great idea, man.
We're not in and you fried my phone.
That's because you've got the wrong phone.
The HarpPhone4 is waterproof.
(cellphone buzzing) Oh, it still works.
Hey, Grace.
No, we're having a great time.
Right, Mark? -Oh.
-Hello, Ryan.
-Principal Grey.
What are you doing here? You-- You skate? I've been known to shred a few things.
-But no.
-I was just passing by and saw that you were in the competition.
Good for you.
-It's great that you have a passion.
Thank you.
All right.
Good luck.
(phone buzzing) Ha! The monster alert works! Oh, wait.
That's bad.
(cellphone ringing) Oh, hey, Harris.
What's up? A monster? A monster! Perfect.
Okay, we have to go.
But you're next.
Ryan: There now I'm last.
That ought to buy us some time.
Let's go.
Ready? Three, two, one! Yes.
The tracking nest is working perfectly.
There's nowhere you can go now that I can't follow.
(people screaming) (roaring) (roaring) (all screaming) (car alarm blares) It's alive? -Yeah, and it has wings.
-This thing has upgrades? That's cool and terrifying.
We got to get him away from those people.
Let's move! Guys, we can't reach it! Whoa! Harris, shields up.
Spyder? (cheering) That was a close one.
-(people cheering) -Thank you, thank you.
I cannot believe that Mark missed this.
Maybe he got into that show.
He is Mark Walker.
Okay, I've got a new plan.
It involves three toddlers dressed as an adult and a small chihuahua.
Are you allergic? Dude.
Show's over.
Turn on your HarpPhone and start telling the world that you're lame.
(groans) All right, all right.
I am a man of my word.
So, should I humiliate myself selfie-style or do you wanna film me telling the world what a loser I am? What was your angle in all this? Why was this so important to you? Look, I know I'm a What's the word you guys use? Nimwit? Dingus? Oh, no, no.
We agreed on lame.
That's the one.
Look, you and Ryan are always gonna be the most important thing in the world to your mom.
I guess I just wanted to show her that we could be buds.
Okay, time to do this.
I a lame man.
-So lame-- Deals can change.
Maybe you don't need to do this.
Maybe I believe you.
But Probation.
It's edgy.
I'll take it! But still I'm really sorry I couldn't get you into that show.
Well if it means that much to you, you could throw your wallet around.
Finally, thank you.
I'll tell you what.
You do the honors.
(techno music playing) Whoo! What? Hey, you said you wanted us to bond.
Actually it's not bad.
Crowd: Jimmy! Jimmy! Jimmy! Jimmy! Jimmy! Jimmy! Jimmy! Jimmy! Jimmy! Jimmy! Jimmy! Jimmy! Okay, you know what? One good run and that guy goes down.
But just remember, this is cheating.
Is this really gonna make you feel like a winner? Oh, yes! -Yes! -Yes! Mech-X4! Mech-X4! You know what? This isn't a battle.
We've got plenty of wins in Mech-X4.
I'm supposed to have fun.
Hey, but watch out, okay? Because this trick is gonna be so impossible, so amazing, so crazy, it's gonna blow your minds.
Ready? -(crashes) -(crowd groans) Medic! Crowd: Jimmy! Jimmy! Jimmy! Thank you! Thank you, thank you! And a shout out to Ryan Walker! You did your best.
Still proud of you.
Yeah, but you should have used the bounce belt.
But you still ate it like a chump! Crowd: (laughing) -You know what? Forget about it.
Planning on it.
And your little friends are dorks.
End him.
He must be destroyed.
Jimmy Wilson's got that that gift, you know? That special -you know, something.
-Whoo-hoo! And I think Ryan: I am flying.
Whoo! (crowd cheering) The chemical trail worked perfectly.
I found Mech-X4.
Mastermind: You found the robot? Where is it? I think it's time we finally meet, don't you? Mastermind: Very well.
Destroy the pilots.
Bring the robot to me.
And then, yes, we can meet.
It's done.
They just don't know it yet.