Mech-X4 (2016) s01e05 Episode Script

Let's Survive in the Woods!

1 Previously on MECH-X4: Grey! I'm very close to finding the people behind MECH-X4.
Mark: It's like somebody specifically designed that monster to target you.
We need to find out who is making these monsters, so we can bring the pain to them.
Grey: We can't just wait for Walker to lead us to the robot anymore.
Davage: Finally.
Gravity pucks? A bounce belt? I found MECH-X4.
Mastermind: Destroy the pilots.
Bring the robot to me.
It's done.
They just don't know it yet.
Harris: I hate this.
Dude, it's camping! We loved camping as kids.
You loved camping.
You convinced us we might find a treasure map.
Yeah, or a mythical creature.
And all we found was pneumonia.
Guys, come on.
The outdoors are great.
That's why they call them the great outdoors.
Oh, well, that was before we heard about the Bay City Butcher.
The bloody-handed stalker of Rodgers Forest.
It's a ghost story.
You really believe that the Butcher was a cafeteria worker tortured by freshmen and now he stalks the forest waiting for revenge? Gosh, when you put it like that, yes! And I'm more terrified than ever.
What? You are smarter than that.
I'm smart enough to know, he was never caught and was in the woods for years.
Oh, come on.
Do you hear yourself? Yes.
It's irrational.
But irrational fear is the only fear I fear, Ryan.
Well, I think he's real.
And I'm gonna get a photo of him, post it on the Internet, and boom, instant fame.
For once Smelly's right.
Because the Bay City Butcher is real.
-(whimpers) -Haven't you heard the warning? Zip your tent and post a guard Or end up in the funeral yard Every campout pays the price Both: When the Butcher comes to chop and slice.
And butcher kids up.
Went a bit long there.
Well, now I'm more scared than ever.
I'd love to join you, but it's Freshman Campout, which means varsity chilling in the robot.
Oh, but don't worry, I'm sure Ryan's technopathy will protect you-- Oh, right.
Not much good in the woods.
Don't worry, you had a good life.
No I didn't.
Let's go! Whoo! Got to make sure we don't leave behind the three best friends.
"The bros.
" I guarantee, you'll have the time of your lives.
Come on, it'll be fun.
-Or we don't make it alive.
-Not helping! Here you go.
Have fun.
Get in there.
(bus engine starts) (theme song playing) Yes! The Bay City Butcher was real.
Ooh! (laughs) But his victims were all high school freshmen.
So you sophomores have nothing to worry about.
But, uh, we're freshmen.
Well, I'm sure you'll be fine.
-Okay! Time to turn in your phones, tablets, gadgets.
Anything electronic, into the bucket.
What? Guys, without our phones, we're completely cut off from the outside world.
What if the monster attacks? What would Mark do without us? (pop music playing) - Right here - Right here - Right now - Right now Right here I'm going for the way in For the way in - Right here - Right here - Right now - Right now Right here, I said I'm going for the way in (phone rings) Hey, Mom.
Uh studying? You know, every year, there's at least one freshman who whines about their device.
Park Ranger Jeff's rule number eight: It's not camping if you're not roughing it, and cell phones are not roughing it.
(whimpers) Weird.
What? Well, you probably get this all the time, but you look exactly like one of the Butcher's victims.
Except for the hood, of course.
It's uncanny.
It's like I'm looking at a ghost.
Okay! Guys, it's going to be great.
Yeah! Okay, guys, we're completely cut off from the outside world, -so I'm going to get the phones.
Okay? -Okay.
Keep a lookout.
Yes! -Oh! Hey! Lookout -Yeah.
What do you think you're doing? Kids need their phones.
Okay? And they need them because because of emergencies.
Yeah, and we need to take photos of horticulture.
-Yeah! -Yeah! You know.
You know, play games when we're bored, text our friends.
Not helping.
Well, I'm not supposed to do this, but if it means that much to you, -you can have your phones -Thank you! When we leave tomorrow.
Now you guys, you get out there, you start gathering firewood for camp.
-Go! -Okay.
All right, guys, let's stick together.
Or we could split up, that'll be a lot faster.
Don't split up.
Come on! Have any of you seen a horror movie? (phone chirps) Mastermind: Do you have the pilots? Zeroing in on them.
And the robot? In progress.
Because you've been disappointing me.
Get it done.
Do it right.
(phone chirps) (twig snaps) Hello? Is anyone there? (branch snaps, clatters) Is anyone there? (screams) Why would you grab me? Why couldn't you just say, "Ryan"? Because I want you to understand how I feel.
-Which is? -Terrified.
And, honestly, a bit warm.
Every time I hear a leaf crunch or a twig snap, I pee a little.
-That's super gross.
-(branch cracks) Aah! It's the Butcher! (screaming) -(laughing) -Dane? I'm not the Bay City Butcher! I tricked you guys! Varsity rules! It's me.
It's Dane, man.
Yeah, we get it, Dane.
-(shutter clicks) -Hey, what are you doing? Oh, just checking the box on another varsity prank: "The Butcher stalks freshmen campout.
" There is absolutely no reason to put finger quotes around "campout.
" Look, get rid of the pic.
Fry the phone.
Uh No, wait.
You totally got us, Dane! -I totally did, right? -Yeah, man.
Man, I got to go scare more freshmen.
Varsity rules! -What was? -I don't know.
The Butcher was here! I missed him? Wait.
You're the Butcher! You're sick, Harris! You're sick! Oh my Yep.
Harris: And that's why we don't split up.
I mean, what if that was the real Butcher? There is no Butcher! And why didn't you fry Dane's phone? Oh, we can snatch his phone.
Right? And then we can keep an eye on Bay City and keep it safe.
Actually, you know what? While we're at it, we can get a little revenge.
You know who should really be afraid right now? Dane.
-(crowd chanting) -(whistle trills) Go, Mark! You got this! -(whistle trills) -Yeah! Man, I'm good.
(alert beeping) That sounds not awesome.
(metallic clanking) Wasn't expecting anyone here.
(grunts) And when I'm done, there won't be.
(roaring) Okay, so, if we stick to the plan everything will go great, all right? You lure out Dane and you, my lovely little friend, you will scare Dane with his mask.
-All right, ready? -Yeah.
-Dane will trip over the wire.
Then, the tent falls, Dane cries, we steal Dane's phone and then we leave Dane in the woods.
What could possibly go wrong, huh? -Literally everything.
All right, are you ready? -I am ready.
Are you ready? -All right, Harris? -Harris? -Harris? -Hey, Harris? Where did you go, man? -Harris? Hey, Harris? Harris? Where are you? Harris? Where did you go, man? Harris? -Harris! -Hey, come on, Dane! Let him go! Come on, Spyder, do you see anything? Hey, Spyder, stop clowning around.
Spyder? Come on, Spyder, stop playing around.
(growling) Was that supposed to hurt? Yeah.
I'm guessing it didn't.
(grunts) This won't keep me here forever.
Doesn't have to.
Just need time to figure out what to do with you.
Whoo! I'm so awesome.
Spyder? Harris? Dane: Help! Help me! (groans) Help! I need help! Dane! What happened to you? -Wait.
Are you crying? -No! I got lost and I sprained my ankle.
I fell down a hill into a poison ivy bush.
I lost my phone, I sprained my other ankle.
Dane? Where are Spyder and Harris? I don't know.
I have no clue! Wait! Hold on! If I don't make it back, tell Mark he's awesome.
What are you doing out this far? Hey, Park Ranger Jeff! Or just Jeff.
My first name's not Park Ranger.
(laughs) I'm really glad to see you.
Come on, come on I told you it wouldn't hold me for long.
A few minutes would have been nice.
Round two.
Everybody keeps on talking about the Bay City Butcher and everything.
I don't think he's real, but my friends started disappearing, and I know it's a ghost story, but I can't believe I'm saying this, but I think someone, or some thing, took my friends.
I know.
And then he came back to finish the job.
What? So, you're behind the monster attacks.
Not exactly.
I was just hired to deal with three kids.
(whispering) Is there anything you can do? Phones.
Dang, he turned them off.
The electricity's been shut off too.
I can't believe this is how I go.
Because of some stupid ghost story about a butcher that isn't even real.
Hey, little buddy.
Well, if it makes you feel any better, after this weekend, the story will be real.
It doesn't.
(Davage yells) -(growls) -Oh! Oh, man.
Jeff: Every campout pays the price when the Butcher comes to chop and slice.
The legend of the Bay City Butcher.
The perfect cover story for your disappearance.
(radio crackles, music plays) (whispers) Guys.
Guys, get to the breaker.
And everyone plug your ears.
-(high-pitched whining) -(groaning) -Okay! Free! -What? I've been tied up so many times-- (screams) Spyder! That's your plan? It's part of it.
Come on! -Go! -Almost got it! Almost got it! Grab the phones and go! Come on! Go! Go! Go! How do I start this thing? Tell me! Turn it on? Are you trying to steal this thing? You think this is funny? I can't help it.
I can't turn it on, and I'm awesome.
You got a backup plan? -Send it.
-"It"? Harris: Hello? Police! Hello? Ryan: Come on! We're being hunted! Come on! Can you hear me? Good luck with reception out here.
-Good luck with that.
-Huh? (screams) Throw the phones! (screams) Dang! Guys, do you realize what just happened? Someone targeted us.
Someone knows that we're MECH-X4.
Oh, man.
We have to call Mark.
Okay, he's alone in the robot.
He could be in danger.
-(chiming) -Hey, guys! I got bars.
We have to get back.
How are you doing that? You have no idea what you're up against, do you? Why is it out of its silo? -Are you doing that? -No! What's happening? You and the robot are coming with me.
(roaring) (theme music playing) (barks)