Mech-X4 (2016) s01e06 Episode Script

Let's Get Our Robot Back!

1 eviously on MECH-X4: Leo: The monsters are sent by people.
Terrible people! That's why I built MECH-X4.
But you have to keep your identity a secret.
Principal Grey: I want to know exactly who they are and where that robot is.
-And after that? -Then we get rid of all of them.
Ryan: Someone targeted us! Someone knows that we're MECH-X4.
Come on! Go, go, go, go! Davage: You have no idea what you're up against.
You and the robot are coming with me! Mark! Mark, I gotta warn him! We have to get back! (roaring) No, no, no! Where's Mark? Is he inside the robot? Hold on! What are you doing? I'm trying to connect with MECH-X4 through the robot's cameras.
(grunting) I see Mark and-- and someone else! (screams) Mark! I can't lose my focus again.
I have to take control of MECH-X4 and bring Mark back! But you've never tried to control the robot from the outside! You don't know what could happen! I have to try! I've almost got it! Almost! What's happening? (screams) It's gone.
-You okay? -(coughing) Yeah.
What are we gonna do? They have the robot and they have my brother.
I have to get them back.
(theme music playing) -(sighs) -Hey, are you okay? Yeah.
I told you, I'm fine.
I just-- I feel a little drained.
Can we just hurry up and look around? Maybe Leo has some way to track MECH-X4, okay? Guys what about this button? -(beep) -(hisses) (screaming) Don't make it stink! Oh, dang, son! Out! Out, out, out, out, out! Go! Go to the light! Go to the light! Both: Close the door! (sighing) Spyder: That was close.
Harris: Okay, back to the task at hand.
Harris: I got something.
Hey, check this out.
Looks like Leo's set up some kind of transponder system.
The robot's constantly sending out a tracking signal on a secret frequency, and the satellite dish on Leo's roof is set up to connect to it.
Let me see if I can get the GPS coordinates.
Well, good work, Harris! Oh, bad work, Harris! -What did you do? -The robot must have gone out of range.
The satellite's not strong enough to reach that far.
How are we gonna get MECH-X4 and find Mark? Yeah, they can be anywhere in the world.
Anywhere on planet Earth.
I just said that.
Wait, this is planet Earth, right? This is Earth.
I know that now.
And these are satellites directly above the base of the area.
They're strong enough to pick up signals anywhere on the planet.
Which means they can pick up MECH-X4's signal and track it from anywhere! All I have to do is take the satellite, point it at Bay City.
-Let's do it! -Spyder: Yeah, let's go save Mark! -Aah! -(squeaks) Okay Ryan and Harris: Okay, okay -It's all yours.
-(shrieks) Just turn out the lights when you're done! (shuffling) Stop! Struggling! Stop breathing on me.
You smell like milk and protein drink.
That's it! Did I give you a termination order? -No.
Then back off, Davage.
" It has a name.
Have you hacked into the robot's operating system yet? -Uh -Weak! Worthless! Find me someone better.
Principal Grey? Surprise.
Wow, that's a lot of security.
-What is this place? -Ah, it's some government building.
No, I told you guys, it's the headquarters for Project Starry Night.
They've got satellites searching the universe for signs of intelligent life.
Like-- like aliens? Well, are they the friendly kind or the proby kind? 'Cause there's a difference.
Let's add "proby" to the list of words we never want to hear again.
Harris, do your magic.
Okay, the best entrance is a side door.
-Harris: How do we get in? -That guard won't cycle back for another 32 seconds.
That's how long you'll have to hack the lock.
Oh, this is harder than it looks! -So is jail! -It's not that bad.
Or, uh, so I've been told.
You gotta hurry, dude! They're coming around the corner.
Ugh, I need more time! -You don't have it! -I have this.
Uh Got it! I thought there were only three kids in MECH-X, but I guess there were four.
How did you find us? We're asking the questions! -(growls) -I'm so glad you're here, Mark.
I'm having trouble activating the robot, so we're gonna need you to tell us.
-Or? -Or you're done.
Just like your brother.
And that would be a real shame because I was really hoping you'd take us to State this year! Okay, wait, wait.
What do you mean by "done"? As in gone.
I hired someone to take out your brother and his little friends on the camping trip.
-You're saying Ryan's gone? -Mm-hmm.
(laughs) Have you heard from your flunky since the campout? Thought so.
My bro is way more dangerous than you know.
How is Ryan dangerous? Oh, don't worry, you'll find out.
For a minute there, I didn't think we were gonna make it.
See, you know what? That's your problem, Harris.
-Both: No! Spyder! -Okay? No faith in your friends-- -There's a pressure plate! -(beeping) -(alarm wailing) -Officer: Move, move, move! (alarm wailing) All right, guys, the rented goons are gone.
Come out.
We need to get to the satellite control center.
Harris? I got this.
My sister spoke here at a panel once.
-It's this way.
Hey, guys, watch out for pressure plates.
They come out of nowhere.
Security camera! Fry it! Principal Grey: Hey, Mark.
Hungry? Mm-mm-mm-mm.
Here, eat.
Is that cafeteria food? It smells like yesterday's mystery meat.
How do I know it's not poisoned? (scoffs) You're being paranoid.
You wanna take the first bite? No, you're right, it's school food.
(sighs) You know, I have always liked you, Walker.
You are good at almost everything you do.
Almost? Italian.
A C is still a passing grade.
Which you achieved while being on every sports team and being in that robot.
There's value in that.
Tell me how to operate MECH-X, and I'll see if I can find a place for you in our community.
-(gasps) -Mm-hmm.
-You have a little club.
Do you have nicknames too? Davage make him talk.
Everybody out! Here we go.
So, it's, uh it's just us, huh? (grunts) Okay.
How much are they paying you to do this? Pay? I'm here because I believe.
-Unlike you! -Okay.
Um you wanna learn how to pilot the robot? Listen close.
This is important.
(growls) That.
Grab it.
Put it in front of the door.
Guys, this is it-- the control center for the satellites.
Let's go to work.
Okay, I'm getting the machines to position the satellites faced towards Earth.
(beeping) Ryan: Yes! Okay, I'm programming the satellite to find the robot's secret frequency.
And I'm typing random letters so I feel involved.
Where are you, Mark? Spread out.
That kid's gotta be around here somewhere.
(guards yelling) Guard: Go, go, go! Power generator.
Okay, uh these look important.
(overlapping chatter) Man: Check all systems, check all systems.
(guards yelling) Whoops.
It's MECH-X4! Wait, so so where is it? Triangulating now.
Harris: Uh it's the middle of nowhere.
Wait, so how are we gonna get all the way out there? I mean, we can't take the bus.
I'm banned for life.
Oh, right.
Gas station sushi.
-(door rattles) -Guard: They're in the command center! -Uh-oh.
-Open the door! -Let's go.
-Open up! Push it down! (officer continues shouting) Okay, you heard the man.
Now! -Whoa! -(guards grunting) Lights out! Let's go! Get these machines back online, or-- (phone chirps) Oh.
Uh, sir! -Leader: We clear? -Yes! -Status? -Oh, everything's fine.
-I'll be there soon.
See you then.
Everything isn't fine.
Oh, really? I hadn't noticed everything is going pear-shaped.
The leader is gonna be here any minute! So there's a leader.
Walker is becoming more trouble than he's worth.
Get rid of him.
Ryan: Thanks for the ride, Mom! Guys, it's MECH-X4! Where? Seriously? I crack jokes in the face of fear.
You know that.
Tents, guards, mobile labs? Who are these people? You know, let's just get inside the robot, find Mark, and get the heck out of here! You know what? That reminds me.
Knock, knock.
Knock it off.
He's near.
Come on.
Come on.
-Spyder: Whoa! Down! (powers up, stalls) We got this.
Mark's not there.
-Guard: Hey! Gotcha! -Spyder: Busted! (guard laughs) Seems like you boys are lost.
I found 'em-- (groans) -What took you guys so long? -Mark! Oh, uh -(both chuckle) -It's okay to have feelings, guys.
Let's get out of here! Guard: Hey, there they are! -Oh, that's not good.
-(guards yelling) Aw, that's worse.
Ryan: No, that's the worst! Guard: Move out of the way! Move! Clear! (guards yelling) Ryan! I didn't know you could control the robot from outside.
Yeah, neither did I.
Spyder, give me a little chaos.
Oh, you know I love some chaos! (sighs) (gasps) (chuckles) Sir, come back! I can handle this.
I have got this under control-- (screams) The bad guy is Principal Grey? I knew it! I person who allows that many pop quizzes must be a villain.
(beeps) (roars) What was that? (gagging) -Oh, gross! -What is that? I think I'm going blind! -Oh! Flaming hairballs! -Look out! (grunting) Ryan: Okay, guys, it's too hard to fight that thing in the air! We have to bring it down or else we're gonna get our butts kicked! What about that grippy-thing-thing that pulls it in? Oh, yeah, the grippy thingy! I did not agree to call it "the grippy thing.
" Mark! Hey, grappling grip! I can live with that.
Reeling it in! -Huh? -(Jaguarsaur growls) (screams) All: Oh! (screaming) (grappling grip clicks) -We're not out the woods yet.
-You know what time it is.
Plasma punch! -Whoo! That's right! -Who's bad? This is our house! Aw, man, Principal Grey got away.
Yeah, well, on the bright side, she's the only one who knows I have 22 detentions racked up.
Hey, wait, she knows who we are.
-She's still a threat.
-No, doubt it.
Capturing us and the robot was her last chance with this leader she reports to.
We took 'em down and you figured out a new way to use your power, dude.
Come on, take a win.
Yeah, let's go home.
-(door closing) -GRyan? Oh, no, just Ryan.
Mark's out with friends.
We were just talking about you.
Sit down, Ryan.
I thought it was time for a little parent-teacher conference.
Your principal tells me your grades have been slipping and you've been cutting class.
That doesn't sound like you.
I thought your mom should know.
Thanks for stopping by.
You need help finding the door? Ryan! It's okay, Grace.
I remember what it's like to be young.
Just wanting to rebel against anything, act tough, be cool.
-(chuckles) -(phone chirps) -(loud scrape) -Oh Uh, sorry, it's a-- a work thing.
My food truck is catering a cowboy-themed bar mitzvah.
-Oh, please, take it.
-So not done talking about this, okay? -It is so nice to see you here.
Saves me the trouble of hunting you down and kicking your butt again.
Now that you've ruined everything, my employer wants to eliminate me.
Oh, I'm real sorry about that.
You know, I hear Antarctica is really nice this time of year.
Bring a coat.
There is nowhere I can hide.
The leader plans to devastate this entire planet.
Now that he's turned on me, I need you to help me stop him.
(scoffs) Wait, me? I'm not doing anything with you.
Did you not hear what I just said? He is going to destroy everyone and everything.
Your mom, your brother, your stupid little friends.
Do you really want that? (theme music playing) (barking)