Mech-X4 (2016) s01e07 Episode Script

Let's Get the Big Bad!

1 Previously on Mech X4 I thought you were working on the X-weapon.
I am.
Plus, I designed an app that scans newsfeeds for monsters.
Principal Grey: The robot has pilots.
Human pilots! Get the primorphus core back.
And something even better.
Ryan Walker.
I found Mech X4.
Mastermind waveform: Bring the robot to me.
Principal Grey: How is Ryan dangerous? Ryan: You'll find out.
Ryan: The bad guy is Principal Grey? Ryan.
We were just talking about you.
The Leader plans to devastate this entire planet.
Now that he's turned on me, I need you to help me stop him.
Harris! Your stupid X-weapon almost burned my eyebrows off.
You think I wanna look permanently surprised for the rest of my life? I didn't know it would overload your console.
But now I do! So yay? Pfft.
Everyone stay calm.
(theme music playing) Everyone stay calm.
Ryan: No, Mark, wait! Hm.
Hah! Dang.
Harris, you're all ideas, why aren't you doing something? Was I the only one who heard Ryan say "Stay calm"? All right, Dingus.
Wanna explain why you brought our enemy here? Because we have a much bigger problem.
The mastermind behind the monsters.
She's gonna help us stop 'em.
You don't expect us to trust her.
We have to.
The leader isn't what you think.
He's actually trying to save the planet from Earth's greatest threat.
No, rats.
No! Owls! Human beings? Exactly.
We pollute.
We build bombs.
We stampede each other over Christmas sales.
Humanity has peaked.
So when the Leader clears away the unworthy, this place will be paradise for those he believes deserve to survive.
That's why he keeps sending monsters.
That's why we have to stop him.
Doesn't mean we're gonna team up with you.
You tried to kill us.
For once, we have the upper hand.
He has no clue that we're working together.
Just imagine if we could take down her boss? No more monsters.
I don't know, Ry.
I'll erase all your detentions.
Welcome to the team.
Okay then, how do we find your boss? There's the wrinkle.
I actually don't know who he is.
(snorts) You know I have an idea of how to flush him out.
(laughs) Yeah.
This is the team that's beating you.
(laughing) How do you live with yourself? Sir, I can still be useful.
You can meet me here after school.
I will not fail you again, sir.
Nice performance.
Yeah, how does it feel to be the bait? You're enjoying this, aren't you? How do I say this politely? Yes.
So now what? Now we wait.
And hope he wants you gone as bad as I do.
Aah! Could you watch it? Morris? I-- I'm sorry, ma'am.
Student: Check out Principal Grey.
(exhales, clears throat) No, it's my fault.
Mm mm.
Commander Fly-Ry to Junior Einstein, do you read me? I am not answering to that code name.
Use the one that I chose.
All right.
Well, there's still no sign of the big bad.
(sighs) Swag Mc-Lady-Killer.
Ahhh, that's right.
Okay, nothing on this end, either.
Hey! So you did that crazy stunt at the skate off, right? Yeah, that was my-- I mea-- mean heh! Ryan Walker, half pipe hero.
So you've seen my work? Just saw it online.
-Ah, Ryan.
-Hm? Uh, the school nurse wanted me to tell you the amount of bacne you're experiencing is abnormal.
It's highly contagious.
See a doctor and avoid netted shirts.
I liked it better when you sent monsters.
Don't get distracted.
This is my life on the line! (sighs) (inhaling loudly) (banging into locker) Where the heck have you been? Being the responsible one for once.
(laughing) Tell it again, please.
My school principal is part of a conspiracy to kill every human on Earth.
(laughing) Aren't you the kid that filled his math teacher's minivan with egg salad, and then blamed it on aliens? It did not go well.
(machine whirring) Morris? What are you doing here so late? (machine turns off) I just figured it would be better to take you down without a bunch of kids around.
What did you just say? (rising tone) (gasps) Did you really think you were the only agent the Leader had stationed here? (buzzing) (shouts) -Ooh! -(grunts) Get after her! (breathing heavily) Oh, no.
I'm cornered and I'm helpless is what you expected me to say.
Let's take 'em down.
(shouts) See ya! (grunting) Huh? Bounce belt, losers.
All right.
Come play me, bro.
(groans) (groans) You all saw that, right? Totally makes up for getting beaten up by the principal? Ahh! (indistinct shouts) (beam buzzing) Ahh ahh! Goodbye, kid.
(groans) (growling) (gasps, groans) (growls) Ow! What the? Ooh! Ugh! -Where is he, Morris? Where is the Leader? -Hey, no killing.
-Stop trying to be a hero.
-I said no! (grunts) (groans) Um, thanks for saving me.
(soldiers chattering) Yeah.
Yeah, you better run! Soldier: Hurry up! Come on, move it! Yeah, don't mess with Harris! Maybe you're not so bad.
Maybe not.
(sirens) Ballin'! Oh, I'm keepin' this.
The others just bounced.
Ryan we gotta go, too.
The cops are coming.
It's cool.
I got what I needed.
Whoa-whoa! Oh, now you're moving in.
'Kay, fair warning, when no ones' on the X-Deck, I tend to go commando.
New rule.
No, you don't.
These are just a few things from my office.
My principal cover is useless now.
Is this me? Yeah.
I was surveilling you back when I was trying to-- you know Oh.
(gasps) Mr.
Wooby! Oh, I also broke into your house to look around.
Whoa, whoa, you were in our house? Yeah, no one could hear me above your snoring.
Mark Walker doesn't snore.
Mmm How is stealing a cherished toy gathering intel? -It's not.
You're too old for a Wooby.
Even if that thing has the boss' location, it will be encrypted.
I'm pretty handy at crackin' this stuff.
Thank you.
You're just entering random codes? -This could take forev-- -Got it! er.
All right, so there's nothing in the GPS.
But he only used it to call one number.
This could be the boss.
Call him.
I have an app that can trace the call if you can keep him on the line long enough.
(phone ringing) Mastermind voice: Report.
(deep voice) Uhh hey.
It's Morris.
Mastermind voice: Is Grey gone? Uh yeah.
And, um, we also ran into the pilot, and we took him out, too.
But it was really hard, though.
Mastermind voice: Why? What was the problem? Because he's like really strong, stronger than I thought.
And he's really cool.
Cooler than his lame brother.
Uh, if he has a brother.
Mastermind voice: That's irrelevant.
But very thorough.
Um I love you, bye.
I love you, bye? Dang it, I always say that when I'm nervous.
Amazingly, that worked.
We got his location.
What are we waiting for? (stomping footsteps) Harris: There's someone in there.
With some pretty impressive tech for an abandoned building.
Yeah, jackpot! Mastermind waveform: You've made a terrible mistake.
(roaring) What? (power turning off) The main power core's down! -Ryan! -Ah! (growling) He's making a better world.
And, once I provide him with the kid who can control machines with his mind, I will get my place back in it.
(roaring) Aah! (grunts) I've crippled the robot for you and brought you the crew.
Principal Grey: But there is more.
The pilot has a power.
He can control machines with his mind.
That's how he's been controlling the robot.
Mastermind waveform: I'm intrigued.
-How did you know I had powers? -Please.
The exploding glove? You cracking that phone? Wasn't hard for me to figure ot that's how you defeated me at the lab.
I thought the machines were just going haywire, but it was you.
Wait wait, that was you at Harpers! You said it was a dude.
-Well -And he was six feet tall.
-(sheepish noise) -And had legs like tree trunks.
-He wasn't wrong about that, I mean-- -Quiet! Can you honestly tell me you don't want to know how his power works? Mastermind waveform: Bring him to me and all is forgiven.
I knew his curiosity about your power would buy me back in.
Now! Let's go.
Yeah, I don't think so.
Hah! (laughs) (groaning) I always wondered what a burning principal smelled like.
Harris, can we please get the power back? Bam! Principal Grey: What? I sabotaged the main battery! -You mean with this? -You really think I'd let you smuggle a piece of tech onto my robot? I scanned you with my power every five minutes.
Why would you pretend that it worked? Because we totally wanted to see your face when we double-crossed your double-cross.
And texting photo -Got it.
-Got it.
-(phone chimes) -And making it my wallpaper.
Really, though, I hoped you wouldn't go through with it.
That maybe there was more to you than just some villain.
Nope! (breathing heavily) That monster will crush all of us! (growling) Harris, where are you with the X-weapon? Good to go, son.
-Ready! -Ready.
Ready! Mech Execute! (roaring) (roaring) Aagh! Ryan? Shut it down! No, it's working! I can do this! Ryan! (shouting) (roaring) -Ryan! -Hey, Ryan! Ugh! Everything hurts.
Grey's gone.
Come on.
We have to split up and find her.
Let us find her.
You rest.
No, she threatened Mom.
She threatened my friends.
I'm gonna help bring her down.
Ryan: You're not going anywhere.
You really wanna go head-to-head again? You can barely stand.
Principal Grey: Surprise.
(buzzing) (gasps) Ryan! Ooh! Yah! Hah! Ohh! Not the tie, not the tie! -Whoa! -(grunting) God, I should've done the Pilates! -Whoa! -(grunting) Ah! (grunting) Ugh! (groans) Ryan! You okay? (gasps) Okay.
(breathing deeply) I can't control it! Ooh! -Oh! -Oh, go, go, go! I got you.
Nobody dies.
Not even you.
It doesn't matter.
We're all dead anyway.
He'll make sure of that.
Can't hold on-- No! (screaming) (splash, bubbling) I thought she could change.
I thought I could save her.
You tried, Ryan.
But who was she? Who was her boss? I mean did we even really win? We stopped her.
We're alive.
So, yeah.
I think we won.
Then why doesn't it feel that way? We earned some downtime.
We took down the principal and the big bad.
Hey, we don't know that for sure.
We couldn't find any trace of them after the big battle.
Well, I do that Donut King is about to premiere a brand new flavor.
A donut made up completely of frosting.
I'll get the milk.
Okay, I'm really tired from using the X-weapon, so, I think I'm just gonna chill Okay.
for a bit.
(exhales) I'm adopted? (theme music playing)