Mech-X4 (2016) s01e08 Episode Script

Let's Deal with Our Stuff!

1 Previously on Mech-X4.
Hurt locker! Ryan: So Mark wants to play pranks.
I can play pranks.
Ryan: Something's wrong with my powers! Harris: The fourth person is a mechanic.
- How about your brother? - No, anybody else.
(screams) (growls) Cassie Park, streaming live on Gramogram.
Are you seeing this? Brothers and teammates.
I'm adopted? Where did you find this? Principal Grey had a box, all of her surveillance on me.
I'm adopted.
That's pretty cool.
It is? Yeah.
That means I don't have to hang out with you anymore.
I don't have to be in the robot with you anymore.
This changes everything.
What are you saying? We're not brothers anymore? Were we ever? No! No, no! No! (chuckles) You wanted to tell me something, dingus? Uh, yeah.
Mom said I get to pick the movie for tonight.
Seriously? That's the "something important" you needed to tell me? Weirdo.
All right.
(theme music playing) Harris: So, you and Mark aren't blood relatives? Maybe that's why you have powers and he doesn't.
Maybe you have powers 'cause you're from another planet.
- Dude! - Hey, are you gonna talk to your mom about this? Oh, are you gonna tell Mark? Dudes, chill! Uh, you can't really scream "chill" and expect people to chill.
See, it doesn't really work like that.
I'm not gonna tell Mark.
And my mom's away for the weekend, and Mark has this big game coming up.
I'll just wait till the time is right, okay? But just for now, you two.
(scoffs) "Oh, no, I'm adopted.
" I'm fine.
Ryan, if you need a friend to talk to, talk to Harris.
I'm sort of an idiot, and I will say the wrong thing.
Okay, bud.
Man, adopted! Who'd have guessed? (knocks) Oh, Mr.
Harper, hi.
Cassie P at Gramogram.
EveryVid, yeah.
Love your work.
Then why did you ignore every interview request for the last three years? Uh (chuckles) Well, teenager.
But hey, that was before you broke the Mech-X4 story, so I figured why not have Bay city's best digital reporter announce my scholarship: The Harper Grant for Young Futurists.
Got a nice ring to it, right? Anybody can have an idea that changes the world.
Is this, uh Is this where you guys are doing the interviews? Almost anybody.
Cassie: Probably not that kid.
Right? All of your words are hurtful.
Well Cassie: So, the Harper Grant is being announced after the big game.
Nervous? Nah, I don't do nervous.
All my focus is on the game and the team.
Cassie: That's it? No interests outside of sports? No outside activities? Nope, no outside activities.
And honestly, it's been nice just being Mark Walker, most awesome again.
Cassie: Wow.
I hear that a lot.
Harris: To be safe, we should put the robot through a few tests today.
Why isn't Mark here? Well, he's doing Mark stuff.
We need to make sure when the X-weapon drained your power, it didn't short anything else.
But do we have to do that now? It's been like a week since we kicked that fake principal's butt.
I'm way behind on my doing nothing.
Ah, man, I missed this.
Oh, guys, just because we beat the principal doesn't mean that the threat is over.
We're Mech-X4, okay? We need to be ready.
Then Mark should be here.
You haven't said anything yet.
Have you? Harris: What was that? Uh, Mech Execute! Plasma cannon? Plasma cannon awesome.
Whoo! Shields? Good to go, son.
Rocket jump.
- (cheering) - All right! Spyder: Nice! We can totally pilot this robot with three people.
Whoa! (all grunting) - (grunts) - Spyder, you okay? Yeah, I'm good.
Mark will always be apart of this team.
We need four pilots to pilot Mech-X4.
Why would you say we only need three? Three, four you know I'm bad at math.
(machine beeping) - Hey, uh, what's up with the left thruster? Something is wrong.
- With the robot.
- With your powers.
With my chair.
The recliner's broken.
How am I going to do my nothing now? Harris, my powers are fine.
And I get the X-weapon drains my powers, but if it keeps on messing up the robot everytime we use it, it has to go.
(sighs) Cassie: So I'm told you already applied for the Harper Grant.
Ha, you bet.
The chance to walk alongside Seth Harper, learn from him, maybe take a peak inside of his sock drawer.
Oh, I bet he has amazing socks.
Where was I? Cassie: Harper Grant.
Right, right.
But seriously, do you think he's an argyle guy? Or does he go sockless with a horsebit loafer? (chattering) Do a little bit of this.
I'll do some of this.
And with two seconds left, close down with this.
Whoo! (chanting) Mark, Mark, Mark! Mark, Mark, Mark, Mark! Mark, Mark! Mark, Mark, Mark, Mark! You'll notice teach, I hit the recycling bin because tomorrow against Bay City East, - varsity will be - Both: Taking out the trash.
Bro! (laughing) Yeah.
Then, the fireworks will go off.
Scoreboard blasts "Bay City rocks!" Music blares and then we all do a victory dance.
(cheering) Whoo-hoo-hoo! Too bad we don't have two of you.
Even if we did, I'd be better than the other one.
Nothing but net! - (bell rings) - Whoa.
(high-pitched ringing) He meant to do that, by the way.
Varsity! I hope you're better than that at the big game.
Mark: I'm sorry.
- What was that? - What was what? Your techno-mindy stuff.
The lights, bells.
Are you trying to embarrass me in front of everyone? Hey! No, Ryan wouldn't do that.
Ryan's a great brother.
You're lucky he's even part of your family.
What are you talking about? He's not talking about anything.
Okay? (clears throat) I gotta go.
Seriously, just let me concentrate on the game.
The monsters are probably gone.
Let's just do our own stuff.
(gasps) Still think you're okay? I'm telling you, the X-weapon did something to me.
Everything seems fine.
Oh, fine is it? Yeah.
Well, maybe you can tell that to my phone, Harris.
I still had data.
I just I can't believe Mark, man.
The minute it seems like we don't need to fight as a team anymore, poof, back to his jerk friends.
(gasps) Oh.
What? Well, when you were talking about Mark, your powers spiked just a bit.
(scoffs) No, no that had to be something else.
I mean, why would Mark want to hang out with a bunch of freshmen? He already has a team.
Yeah, us! Aha! See, a spike.
Whatever's bugging you about Mark is making your powers go wonky.
You're wrong, Harris.
Oh, no, you did not.
Ryan, don't say it.
Do not say it.
Y'all heard me.
You are wrong.
(gasps) Well, then, good day.
That is the harshest thing you've ever said to him.
Harris, he didn't mean it! Come back! (door opens) Dude, I promised Mom we'd both be home by dinner.
You were supposed to be here hours ago.
And you were supposed to be at the robot.
But I guess we're doing our own thing now, right? Did you actually know Spyder got a tattoo on his face of a dragon riding a unicorn? - Really? - No.
But the fact you don't know shows you don't care.
What? I care.
Come on, Ry.
- (knocking) - Room service.
Okay, it's not really room service, but your mom sort of wanted me to check in on you guys until she gets back tomorrow.
So, she doesn't trust us.
(sighs) You know, I think it's more of a "How much do I trust Harper?" thing.
- Hm.
- (phone rings) Ah, you gonna take that? Dane! My man, what's up? (chuckles) Cool.
All right.
Gonna So you And that is how you clear a room.
Hey, you mind if I (video game beeping) So, player two's got other things on his mind, huh? You know, if you, um, if you had read my biography - Dude! - Listen to my podcast? - No.
- No? Ugh! I need better media impact.
Look, all I'm saying is I don't have a brother, but my college roommate was like a brother to me.
Was? Yeah, we had a disagreement awhile back.
Adult stuff.
- Snooze! Snooze.
- Right.
Right, right.
Anyway, all I'm saying is You know, maybe you and your brother are like this.
But just now, you're more like this.
But this, it's just now, it's not always gonna be like that.
Yeah, but what if now stinks? Well, do your best to make a better tomorrow.
And buckle up because I invented this game and I am going to crush you.
- Whoa.
- Oh! You're toast already.
That was like That was a record, I think.
Okay, what about eyes closed? Between the Bay City Llamas and the Bay City East Badgers.
I don't want to say these two teams hate each othe, but wow, they hate each other.
And there's the ball.
And Walker has it.
(cheering) Whoo! Go Mark! Weird.
What's that? Ryan cheering Mark like that.
You know, it's nice he's being so supportive.
Oh! Euro-step! I see you.
Okay, Let's go.
Well, you know, I don't want to brag, but I might have said something to him.
If you break her heart, I will end you.
(cheering) Yeah! Hey, hey! (cheering) Cheerleaders: Double-L-A-M-A-S! Go Llamas! Go Llamas! Go Llamas! Go Llamas! Whoo! Cassie: Look, if you're going to keep staring at me, this interview's over.
Get out.
Announcer: It's 88 to 86, and here come the East Badgers.
Johnson shoots, misses.
(cheering) Ball retrieved by the Llamas, and here comes Mark Walker.
Crowd: Llamas! Llamas! Walker, with the pass.
And back to Walker.
Crowd: Llamas! Llamas! Take the shot, bro! He's not your bro, stop calling him your bro.
10 seconds left on the clock.
Walker dishes it off.
Back to Walker.
Go, bro, go! He's not your bro! - (high-pitched ringing) - Mark Walker shoots (high-pitched ringing) And misses.
Bay City High loses.
One thing is for sure, that was not awesome.
Good game, guys.
Good game.
Whoo! Ryan! Ryan.
Dude, that techno-surge was huge.
We got to get a handle on this.
- I know.
- What is wrong with you? I'm just angry about all these freak blackouts we're having.
We lost.
You made me lose.
I'm a Walker.
Walkers do not lose.
Well, you're losing your temper right now.
You're not gonna joke your way out of this.
(beeping) Monster alert.
It's the other half of Octaconda.
I always wondered where it went.
Guys, it's headed for the school.
Let's go! Just get this over with.
- (door opens) - (sighs) Dude, it's the other half of that worm.
Piece of cake.
That thing almost squished me.
Didn't say it was good cake.
Mech Execute! (alarm blaring) Mech Execute! - Mech - Ryan.
Look, I'm not gonna spill your secrets, but people are in danger.
You know why this is happening.
It's bad enough we lost the game.
Now we're gonna lose the school? Dude, lay off.
You don't know.
Okay, what's goin' on? What's this? It's proof.
It makes sense, why you're you and I'm me.
What are you talking about? I'm adopted.
I'm not your brother.
Wait, what? When we beat the principal, I found a bunch of stuff.
I found documents, papers, and proof that I'm adopted.
I didn't know.
Mom didn't tell me.
(laughs) Oh, man, is that what this was all about? What are you What are you doing? Hugging you, you idiot.
I thought you were turning into the Ryan who dumpster dumped me with his powers.
That jerk.
Well, I couldn't control my powers.
Because Because if we weren't really brothers, I thought you wouldn't want to be on a team with us.
Because I liked being on a team with you and every time I thought about that, my powers, they got all weird.
And if we're not even brothers Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Dude, stop.
First of all, we're brothers.
We're family.
We're not just Team Mech-X4.
We're Team Walker.
So if that's what's going on in that weirdo head of yours, knock it off.
And get in the game.
You're a Walker.
And Walkers do not lose.
Well, you gonna say it, bro? (sighs) Mech Execute! Yeah, weird, right? The robot just showed up and kicked that thing's butt.
Pretty cool.
Cassie: Wish I got a video of that.
Ah, you were busy.
But I'll tell you what, when your video about the grant is done, send it to me and I will link it to every Harp Phone in the world.
It's the least I could do.
Cassie: Please go.
Yeah, we lost the game, but who cares? That robot saved everybody.
Yes! Yes! Ah! And personally, I like to think I'm an MVP when it comes to a lot of things.
Basketball, baseball, football, and being a brother.
Cassie: What does this have to do with the Harper Grant? Were we talking about the Harper Grant? And seriously, MVP at "being a brother"? Kinda cheesy? Can we get rid of that? No.
Cassie: Hey! (Ryan chuckles) So how did you find out? Well, Harris, he was doing this science fair experiment about DNA and figured out Mark and I weren't biologically related.
Why didn't you say anything? I didn't know what to say or how to explain it, I I guess I didn't want you to feel different.
No, I did.
For, like, a minute.
But now I don't.
I'm sorry, honey.
For what? Being my mom? I mean, I like the bigger room now, but (chuckles) Okay, well this is, um, everything I have from the adoption.
Hm? Uh Oh! Oh.
I don't know who wrote this note, but I always liked the named Ryan.
We can talk about this anytime you want.
Okay? Cool.
And you know what the best part is? Is now we don't have any more secrets.
Okay? Come here.
Okay, so why don't I make some dinner.
What do you feel like? - Ice cream.
- Oh, salad it is.
Ryan: See? Whoa, perfect fit.
Exact handwriting.
So this guy knew I'd be a technopath and built this robot for me but he was also the same guy that anonymously delivered me to the adoption agency.
And then Mom adopted you? Yeah, but she had zero idea about any of this stuff.
What does it all mean? Well, this Leo guy knew I had powers when I was a baby.
He probably knew my birth parents.
You know what, we need answers.
We need to figure out who this guy is and how and why I got my powers.
So we're playing offense.
Well, I'm a Walker, aren't I? Let's go to work.
(theme music playing)