Mech-X4 (2016) s01e09 Episode Script

Let's Get Some Answers!

1 Ryan: Previously, on Mech-X4 You are a technopath, who can control machines with your mind.
The monsters are sent by people, terrible people.
That's why I built Mech-X4.
So you could stop them, Ryan.
- Spyder: Perfect fit.
- Harris: Exact handwriting.
Ryan: This Leo guy, he knew I had powers when I was a baby, and built this robot for me.
- Rude young man! - (thuds) Ah-ah-ah.
We need answers.
We need to figure out who this guy is, and how and why I got my powers.
- What did you do? - It wasn't me.
- Well it wasn't me and it's usually me.
- (alarm blaring) Oh, boy.
Oh! Ah! Guys? We're pinned down by drones.
We could use a little help over here.
We're a little busy ourselves, dude.
Hang on! Here they come.
Batter up! - That thing isn't going anywhere.
- Mark: Yeah, it is.
(grunts) You've left me no choice.
The robot is going to self-destruct! (theme music playing) - (seagulls crying) - (buoy bell clanging) Awesome, bro.
You're getting really good at that.
At flipping? Yeah.
You nailed it.
World class, Ry-Guy.
Uh, thanks.
(Laughs) Do you need anything? Uh frozen yogurt? Nah.
Fruit smoothie? Nope.
Can I get you anything? Some space? (Laughs) Yeah.
Okay, I'm gonna go down and see if Harris has anything with that note that Mom gave me.
Got you.
Watch your step.
- Sure.
- Got you.
- I got this.
- I know.
Then let go of my hand, weirdo.
There you go.
Just watch your step.
- You good? - Yeah.
Explain to me again why you tried to do a double somersault off my lab bench? Because I was dared to.
By me.
I don't take that from anybody.
I don't have time for this, Spyder.
I'm analyzing the fingerprint on Ryan's note.
And I need to come up with a project for the first round of the Harper Grant.
(Sighs) Hey, look, I keep telling you: Invent self-repairing underwear.
I'm already doing a study on arthropod and mollusk hemocyanin.
(snores, gasps) Seth Harper's gonna hate that.
I once saw him wrestle a feral pig on some wildlife show.
That doesn't sound remotely true.
The point is he's a maverick, an adventurer.
- Like me.
- Like you? Yes, okay? If you want to impress Seth Harper, you have to do something daring.
Get in touch with your inner Spyder.
Ignore that nerdy voice in your hand telling you to follow the rules.
I love that voice.
It sounds like Morgan Freeman.
Dude, trust me.
The effects of an illogical thought process on a logical mind.
Have any of you been noticing that Mark's been acting strange? Well, he didn't know my name this morning, so no.
And, Harris, I really hope you analyzed the note before you started playing doctor with Spyder.
I'm already searching all police and government databases for the print we found.
(whirring, beeping) (gasps) Bam, y'all, we got a match! And the lucky winner is (grunts) Mastermind (through computer): I had them.
Your robot and your pilots, I had them in my grasp.
Let me guess, you lost them both.
How's that make you feel? Hm.
Feels like lunch is over.
The only reason you're alive is you have information I need, and out of respect for our past.
(laughs) You really are a softy, anyone ever tell you that? Due to recent losses, I've had to take a more hands-on role in my mission.
You're the only one now who can tell me who the pilots are.
I will break you, Leo.
I will figure out a way to make you talk.
(panting) (grunts) See you at dinner! Harris: That's our guy.
Leo Mendel.
Finally a name.
Harris: Looks like the police have a pretty thick file on him.
He's suspected of stealing large pieces of technology from several companies.
And he probably took 'em here.
Look! His last known address.
Harris: Ry, remember the chances of Leo being there are pretty slim.
- He said he could be dead.
- I know.
I know! But if we follow the clues, who knows what we'll find.
Spyder: Oh, sweet! An empty lot.
Okay, dibs on anything pointy or rusty.
Ah, there you go, buddy! - (Ryan laughs) - Careful, now.
Ryan: Geez.
(sighs) Spyder: Something's not right about this place.
That squirrel has run back and forth four times now.
Yeah, he's right.
There's something off about his place, I can feel it.
It's a hologram.
Harris: Whoa.
What is this place? Whoa.
This looks an earlier model of Mech-X4.
Only one way to find out.
- Actually, there's many ways to find out - Dude, wait.
You don't know what's in there.
Mark's right.
This could be dangerous.
But your inner Spyder says? Go big or go home! Whoo! What? Inner Spyder? We do stuff.
(beeps) Okay, it's safe.
What is wrong with you? Nothing.
I'm your big brother.
This is what big brothers do.
Since when? Weird.
There's no path for a technopath.
Ryan: I wonder how you control it? - Nice.
- There we go.
All right.
- Hi, there! - (screams) Welcome to Mech-X3! Leo? -Please hold still while I elim eliminate you! (drones buzzing) - Hold on.
- (gasps) (drones buzzing) Wait, wait, wait! We can explain.
We came here to find you.
You're not authorized to be be here.
I'm Ryan Walker.
You're not authorized to be be here! Wait, Leo, it's me! The technopath.
(drone buzzing) My drone indicates you're telling the truth.
Plus, you know the word technopath.
That's totally a word Leo invented.
You're not Leo, are you? I'm Leo-OS, the artificial intelligence operating system for Mech-X3.
- And? - Oh, right, sorry.
Technopathy was very important to my creator, so I will not terminate you.
Yay! For now.
Yay? Come on.
Go, shoo, scat.
When is the last time you saw Leo? It's been two years, four days and 17 minutes.
Wait! (ticking) Eighteen, just now, just turned 18.
That's way after Leo made the video.
He He could be alive.
(panting) (groans softly) Spork.
(whirring) (screams) Spork.
Spork makes spark.
(grunts) (beeps) (hydraulic whir) Leo-OS: I t's just so strange to have visitors in my head.
It's also strange to say that out loud.
So you have no records for a Ryan Walker.
I have one reference for a Bryan McWalker.
Champion bagpipe player? Correct.
(bagpipe music playing) - Oh, dude, whoa! - Please stop.
Oh, yes, Bryan McWalker.
He was never fully respected for his talents.
True dat.
So what happened to you? I'm a failed experiment.
This is what what happens I g guess when a robot doesn't have a technopath.
Well, tell me everything.
Where to technopaths come from? Am I the only one? What else don't I know All files are classified as per Leo's orders.
But it would really help me out if you could just tell me All files are are class classified as per Leo's orders! Shutting down.
Oh! Hey, not cool, fake Leo.
What? Hey, you know, if this robot's like ours, it was a data core.
You know, if we override the shutdown, I can technopathically shuffle the data onto our phones.
Harris, do you think you can turn on the power and then re-route it so the AI can't turn it off? Sure, I can do that.
And I got your back.
We should head to the data core while these two turn on the power.
Sneaking around a crumbling robot that was just trying to kill us? Inner Spyder says? - Let's do it! - I'm so proud! - Watch it.
- Come on, let's go! Ah! Piece of cake.
Oh, no.
Okay, not a piece of cake.
You almost killed yourself when you jumped over that piece of scrap.
(snores) Oh my gosh.
I'm becoming you? - Huh.
- I'm embracing my inner Harris.
Possibly side effect of me having an inner Spyder.
Embracing my inner Spyder makes me feel alive! Embracing my inner Harris makes me feel 40? (beeps) - Aw.
- Nice.
(buzzing and whirring) Whoa.
This place looks like it has a million records here.
Just download it all and let's get you out of here.
(beeping) It's working.
(alarm blaring) Not fast enough.
Come on, dude.
You're attempting to steal classified data.
Dang it.
Now I don't have anyone to talk to anymore.
Why? Well, I kind of sort of have to make you dead.
Dead's gonna be a bummer.
Drones! What? (drones buzzing) Oh, my gosh.
Go, go, go! - What did you do? - It wasn't me.
Well, it wasn't me and it's usually me.
Oh, boy.
Go! (groans) Guys? We're pinned down by drones.
We could use a little help over here.
We're a little busy ourselves, dude.
Hang on.
Here they come.
(buzzing) Batter up! Ryan: That thing isn't going anywhere.
Mark: Yeah, it is.
(laughs) Whoo! He got all of that one! Okay, Mark, I need you to go down to the equipment room and help out Harris and Spyder.
No way, dude.
I'm not leaving you.
(buzzing) I'm not leaving until I have what I need! H Hey! Those files are for Leo's eyes only! But I'm on Leo's side! (buzzing) We should've never come down here.
I hate my inner Spyder.
I'm going back to my inner Harris.
I'm a beautiful boy, who thinks, likes to make plans.
Spyder and Harris are pinned down right now.
I need you to go down there and clear a path for them.
Trust me, I'll be right behind you.
No way, man, I'm not leaving you.
Brothers don't do that.
You did that all the time before.
That was before.
Before before you learned I was adopted.
Ow! You little dingus! Ow! Finally! - Uh, I'm so sorry, dude.
- No, don't be.
Be the swaggering buttknuckle I grew up with.
I need him to help us right now.
Nothing's changed.
I'm me and you're you.
Get out of my body! Hey.
Let's go save your loser friends.
(whirring) - Whoo! - Whoa, Mark, that was awesome! Come on, dingus uh, dinguses.
Harris, which one is it, is it dingusi? Dingi! - Okay, come on.
- Let's just go! (alarm blaring) - Leo-OS: Lockdown activated! Oh, man, now what? Oh! Whoa! Whoa! Really? (alarm continuing) The probability of you defeating my drones continues to increase.
The robot is going to self-destruct! You've left me no choice.
I can think of a lot of choices.
Let us go! Don't blow us up.
Open the doors! - (grunting) - Come on! - Let's go.
- Guys! - (buzzing) - Guys, guys! (grunts) Go, go, go! Leo would not want you to blow me up.
What do you know about what Leo wants? I know that Leo needs me.
He built a robot specifically for me to fight monsters.
Same reason he built you, right? That means we're in this together.
We have the same purpose.
We're kind of like brothers.
(grunts) (beeping) Drones.
Mark: It's okay, it's okay.
Come on.
You can think for yourself.
If you blow us up, the bad guys win.
You fail your mission.
You fail Leo.
Is that what you want? It's not what he would want.
Push it, push it.
Come on! (power hums, stops) (beeping, whirring) Go, go, go! I miss him.
I want to believe that Leo is still out there.
Is there anything in these files that'll help me find him? No.
But Leo implanted a receiver chip in his brain to download his psychological profile into me.
I can send a pulse out that will tell me where he is.
So long as he's not dead or out of range.
That's great! Never tried it before because, well to send out this pulse I'll have to exhaust all my power and resources.
(sighs) What'll happen to you? I heard you and your brother talk before.
This is the kind of thing brothers do for each other, right? Knuttbuckle.
It's actually buttnuckle, but Buttnuckle, is it? Wait, just give me another chance to find Please.
Just tell Leo I said Hey.
(power hums, stops) (beeps) Come on, Leo.
Don't be dead.
Don't Please don't be dead.
Come on, Leo.
Oh, no.
(beeping) I'll find him.
I promise.
Mastermind: And now you know there's no possibility of escape, and no one can find you here.
You can tell me who the pilots are, or you can rot here.
(screams) Check it.
"Finding Your Inner Spyder: A first-person account of trying to figure out why people make such terrible decisions.
" You're way more interesting than a mollusk.
That's not really a compliment.
Phone, please.
Okay, I mapped the coordinates based on the data we got from Leo-OS, and He's at the bottom of the ocean.
So that could be a problem.
(theme music playing) (barking)