Mech-X4 (2016) s01e10 Episode Script

Let's Go Clubbing!

1 Ryan: Previously on Mech-X4 Cassie Park, streaming live on Gramogram.
And are you seeing this? Why not have Bay City's best digital reporter announce my scholarship? The Harper Grant for Young Futurists.
You're the smartest guy I know.
Ryan: You did all of this in two days? Harris: Plus, I designed an app that scans news feeds for monsters.
Leo implanted a receiver chip in his brain.
I can send a pulse out that will tell me where he is.
Mastermind: And now you know there's no possibility of escape.
And no one can find you here.
Ah! All: Hurt locker! Man, we really stuck it to the newbies this year! So instead of figuring out how to get to Leo, you've been working on a science fair project? First, it's the final selection for the Harper Grant.
Not a science fair.
Respect the game.
And, I'm doing both at the same time.
Check this out, the power amplifier I created.
It can manipulate any kind of power source from any distance.
(power humming) Decrease.
Whatever you want.
So, I win the grant using this bad boy.
Use Harper's tech to miniaturize all this into a wristband.
- Patent.
Make it rain.
- (cash register dings) - I marry Selena Gomez.
- (wedding bells chime) And when do we find Leo? Using everything I'd have at my disposal at Harper Futuristics? Five minutes after I walk in there.
Yeah, but first I gotta find tech to give Mech-X4 a submarine mode.
Oh, yeah, I also designed a submode.
All these parts will be at Mech-X3.
Which is where I'll be if you need me.
And, uh, good luck at your nerd-off.
It's not a competition, even if it was all I need to do is be the biggest brain in the room.
Man: You are the biggest brain in the room.
And this is a "Micronized Time/Space Nullpoint?" Yeah, for the live studio audience: A black hole in a box.
Well, how is the second smartest kid in Bay City doing? Totally a competition.
Second smartest? I'd say last year's chess championship says otherwise, Veracity.
Yeah, but I won the year before, so technically we're tied, hair-bear.
Well, Mark was right.
It's a nerd-off, run.
Spyder: Run! Run! (theme music playing) Ugh! I'm so tired of this waiting.
We're so close to getting that Leo guy and finally getting some answers.
Dude, be patient.
Huh? Weird.
Yeah, me telling someone to be patient is like a shark telling somebody not to go swimming.
No, I mean that.
Is that supposed to be Mech-X4? Weird.
Hey, bud Hey, buddy, buddy.
There you go.
There you go, buddy.
Whoa, a Mech-X4 fan club? Let's check it out.
Fans? Hey, do you think we'd get groupies if they know who the pilots were.
Hey, nobody said anything about pilots.
Uh psh, you know, anything.
Just be cool.
I'm cool.
Where are my Mech-heads at? Whoo! - Guy: Yeah! - Girl: Yeah! Hm.
Look at all these people.
We got freshmen, seniors, that guy.
How great is this? Weird, what is this? Why would someone draw Mech-X4 as a bunch of mechanical cats linked together? "Sentient cars from outer space?" What is this? It's the theory wall.
We all have our own idea about what Mech-X4 is.
Me? I think he's a 150-foot tall alien in a battlesuit.
Shunned by his people, here to protect us.
I think there's magic involved.
This is awesome.
Uh, Ryan? Did you say "pilot" outside? What up, girl? You in this club? Oh, my I'm a digital journalist.
This is a club for kids who wear boxes on their heads.
Now, I could have sworn you said something about a pilot.
What? No! You heard wrong.
Did I? Because the idea Mech-X4 has a pilot makes a pretty solid angle for a story.
Well, we got to go.
Hey, hey, hey.
But do we? Because (whispers) I almost started shaving.
My back.
Did I hear something about pilots? Nobody's ever thought about there being pilots.
Yes, we gotta go before someone else mentions Langley: Attention! I call this meeting to order.
Our newest member has a theory.
(students chattering) Mm.
Man (over PA): Day one at the Harper Grant Regionals concludes at five o'clock.
Semi-finalists will be notified via text if they move on to tomorrow's finals.
Also, tomorrow's lunch is fish sticks.
That's that's pretty amazing.
Don't what? How long have we been doing this? Since preschool? My brain is fast and furious and you know that I can deal with the outcome of any situation.
(scoffs) So how does this all play out? Simple.
We compete, I win.
- And? - And the end.
The credits are rolling and there is no bonus scene for the next movie.
So, finish your nut clusters and go home.
Well, I'm gonna bust some predictions on you.
What are you geeks doing in here? This is varsity territory.
Not today and tomorrow.
Thanks to a generous donation from the Harper Futuristics Foundation.
Nobody warned us there was gonna be nerd prom in our gym.
- Oh! - Oh! All right.
Look, jockstrap.
Let me tell you how this is all gonna work out.
You leave.
Time passes.
And in ten years, when I order a chai soy latte, and you bring me a half-caf flat white You get the order wrong.
I report you to the manager.
- Probably this guy.
- Unnecessary.
And he fires you.
Oh! No Christmas presents under the tree for Jockstrap, Junior.
But - I - Uh.
- Mm-hmm.
- I will so provide for my family.
Come on.
Let's find some other kids to pick on.
Man, we destroyed him.
We in a frat now? No.
Ryan: Hm.
The theory behind Mech-X4.
So what could Mech-X4 be? Um Uh - Well - Hi.
Um You said "pilot.
" Did I? I think I said pirates.
Yeah, why not a pirate? So, like, what if this cannon arm has a hook instead of a plasma fist? Plasma fist? That is a great name for that weapon.
It beats the pants off of sparkle fist.
I like sparkle fist.
You guys gotta bounce.
Since you took my gym for science, I'm taking this room for, well, not science.
And what if I said no? Students: Ooh.
Standing up to varsity.
I Respect it? No.
I have to make an example.
So this club is done.
- Pack it, geeks.
- (students groan) Not cool, Dane.
But I like your pilot theory, kid.
I'll be sure to follow up on that.
- Bye.
- Guess it's back to the tuba for me.
So gross.
Bummer, dude.
Those kids were our fans.
Even if they didn't know it.
No, there's no way that we let Dane tell them that they can't have their club.
What are we gonna do about it? Us? Not much.
But Mech-X4, a lot.
Mark: Hold on, dingus.
(tool whirring) Well, of course Dane was a jerk, that's sort of his thing.
He's your friend.
I'm just trying to give you a heads up.
Mark: Look, I am still at Mech-X3 looking for subparts.
I started tinkering with the Markmobile.
Markmobile? He calls it the Markmobile.
And now I'm neck-deep in car parts and robot parts.
Whatever your beef is with Dane, handle it.
"Handle it.
" Did you hear what I heard? We are good to go for vengeance.
Are you sure you're not just frustrated we can't get to Leo yet and you're transferring all that frustration onto a small but harmless problem we can solve? What? Yeah, I don't know where that came from.
Vengeance! Whoo! Good night, second place to Mark football trophy.
Good night, second place to Mark baseball trophy.
Good night, girl across the street who wants nothing to do with me.
(alarm blares) (thud) Dane.
Ah! Ah! Look outside, Dane.
(screams) Don't hurt me! (screaming) Hey, hey! Don't squish him.
If I wanted to squish him, I would squish him.
- Nah.
- Nah.
Yeah, I will put him down now.
Ah! Ah! What do you want? (distorted voice) You know why I'm here.
Dane: For putting cellophane on all the toilets? No, not that.
Filling that Spyder kid's stupid hat with macaroni? That was delicious.
Not that.
Those nerds I kicked out of the student lounge? No.
Yes! Yes! There are forces at work beyond your comprehension, Dane.
That club is a part of it.
That lame club? It doesn't even have the good Walker brother in it.
Ryan's cool.
Ryan's cool.
No, man! Ugh, okay.
I need you to give them their room back and leave them alone.
But they're so just (screams) (car alarms blaring) Sorry, I got bored.
(mechanical whooshing) (screaming) Okay.
All you jocks, you're out.
All my awesome new friends, you're in.
(confused chatter) (excited chatter) Um, don't you have a meeting to start? I believe this meeting's now called to order.
(cheering) Hey, made it past the first round.
Bribe someone? Huh shouldn't be throwing off energy like that.
Hey, hey, hey, sweater-vest.
Your garage sale of an experiment is doing something to mine.
Really? Because my energy was amplifying fine until you brought in your participation trophy.
Oh, nothing to see here.
No, just science.
Got perfectly working science.
Okay, so clearly, your power amplifier is Drawing energy to your black hole in a box, making it malfunction.
We need to figure out how to stop it.
Oh, this is bad.
This is like This is like blow-up-the-city bad.
I have an idea.
We need to get these outside.
How's that gonna help? Oh, I guess you don't know everything, do ya? I am psyched we got our club space back.
I really hate this tuba.
Yeah, me too.
Oh, uh, about the club space, not your tuba.
(phone chiming) "Emergency.
Get our friend and meet outside"? Hey, we need to get to Mech-X4 What's wrong? What was that text? Is it Mech-X4? Uh, why would Mech-X4 be texting me? Well, 'cause he knew your name.
He said you were cool.
So I'm sticking with you.
Dane and Brandon forever.
Best buds.
Yeah, I don't think the robot would want that.
Trust me.
So you do know him? Look, just let me help.
If I help, he'll like me.
And not try to blow me up, right? I'm not trying to say I know what the robot wants.
But I have an idea on how you can help.
Come on.
Okay, cool, so what's the plan? You stay here.
Hey! Stay here? It's a room full of drama stuff.
Am I allowed to sit? (vacuum cleaner whirring) I'm at Mech-X3.
Okay, is your car working yet? I need to get to Mech-X4 and I don't think bikes are gonna cut it.
It works.
Where are you off to, Ryan? Now's not really a good time.
Oh, this won't take long.
Just tell me how long have you been the pilot of Mech-X4? (both laughing) - You think I'm the pilot of Mech-X4? - Yeah.
- Why would you think that? - Right? I overhear you say Mech-X4 has pilots.
Hey, nobody said anything about a pilot.
You get nervous.
Dane picks on Mech-X4's fan club Pack it, geeks.
Then gets a visit from Mech-X4.
Then suddenly, you and Dane are best buds.
Dane and Brandon forever.
Best buds.
You know what they say, when there's smoke, there's - Man: Fire! - (alarm ringing) Not fire! But run! Run! Everybody run! But in an orderly fashion.
But run! - Yeah, so I'm gonna - We gotta go.
Not over Ryan.
- She knows your name.
- That's not a good thing.
Of course it is.
This is Cassie Park streaming live from Bay City High.
How could Mark possibly get from Mech-X3 to here in Ryan: We're never gonna make it.
Why are you stopping? Mark: Relax, dingus.
Nobody can see us.
This is what I did today.
Let's do it.
Ryan: Gonna hurl! (panicked shouts) Veracity: Okay, not a lot of time, Benedict Cumbersome.
Whatever you are planning, you should probably do it now.
- How did you know? - The robot saved the school before.
I had a hunch he'd be here.
- Wow.
- I hope he uses sparkle fist.
Grappling grip! Ready when you are.
Kid: Whoa! Hit it.
Say goodbye, science.
- Nice! - Yeah! Okay, I still gotta deal with the Cassie part about this.
Heh, the Cassie part? We do stuff.
(chuckles) - Oh okay.
- (Veracity clears throat) Man, that robot is great, right? Uh you're here? And not in the robot? Do I look like a pirate? Girl: Come on, come on, we gotta get a selfie.
- It's too big.
- Just snap it before it takes off.
(camera shutter clicks) Cassie: No, wait, wait! I just want to know the truth.
About monsters, about why you're here.
About He's getting pretty good You should have seen how good fromhe's gotten at scaring the pajamas off your varsity friend, Dane.
What? Oh, no, no, I mean (stammers) Yeah.
Ugh, square one.
I will figure out what's going on here.
Good luck.
(school bell rings) (chattering) (groans) Stay a member of the club? Pfft, I'm already in a club.
They're about to announce the winner of the Harper Grant.
I can't open it.
You open it.
Oh, man, I'm sorry.
I lost? No, you won, but so did I.
Seriously? Yup, we both won.
For helping to save Bay City High from your garbage science.
Catch you around the lab, Sparky.
(groans) Just kiss already.
- Inappropriate.
- Weak.
(sarcastically) Sorry.
Good news is, once I get to Harper's, I know I can get us everything we need to find Leo.
Why do I keep on thinking that we forgot something? Hello? Guys, can I come out yet? Dane: Guys? Guys? (students chattering) (theme music playing) (barks)