Mech-X4 (2016) s01e11 Episode Script

Let's Get Leo!

1 Ryan: Previously on Mech-X4 I'm in hiding or probably dead.
Dead would be a bummer.
Bam, y'all! We got a match.
Leo Mendel, finally a name! The Harper Grant for Young Futurists.
- Got a nice ring to it, right? - Hm.
Once I get to Harper's, I know I can get us everything we need to find Leo.
You have to keep your identity a secret.
If they know you're in there, these people will strike directly at you and everyone you know.
Mastermind Waveform: You're the only one now who can tell me who the pilots are.
I will figure out a way to make you talk.
Ryan: I want to believe that Leo is still out there.
Harris: I mapped the coordinates based on the data we got from Leo OS.
So that could be a problem.
Mastermind Waveform: New manacles too tight? That's what happens when you try to escape.
What did you expect? Room service here stinks.
I ordered a grilled cheese like, three years ago.
Just tell me who the technopath is.
Once Mech-X4 is destroyed and I have the gel I need, I'll let you go.
Okay, so you want me to let you know the name of the only person who stands between you and total, utter oblivion for the entire world? I Hard pass.
You know you're on the ocean floor now.
No one is coming to save you.
No one even knows you're here.
Think it over, Leo.
(beeping) Since I won the Harper Grant (groans) -I've been using their satellites to do a little recon on Leo's location.
An underwater base? That's where Leo has to be.
Harris: And with a few mods, we can take Mech-X4 underwater.
So, the tech from Mech-X3 can give the 'bot a submarine mode? Yeah, but Tell him, Harris.
(sighs) It won't protect the robot from the intense pressure there.
It can't go below crush depth.
"Crush Depth!" Awesome band name.
Calling it.
If you go below it, you'll get squished and die.
"Squished and Die!" First song we drop, calling it! Yes! Which is why I perfected and miniaturized these Mech-Links.
Think of it like a little bit of Mech-X4, on your wrist.
They're fashionable and technological.
(wristbands chime) The Mech-Link has a few key functions already built in.
Whoa! Force field, very cool.
To swim from Mech-X4 to the prison, it'll provide limited air, protection, and propel us through the water, like a private underwater hamster ball.
- (beeps) - Whoa.
And we can call each other on a secure channel.
Just wondering How would I block three freshman from calling me on this? Best of all, I never would have perfected it if I didn't win the Harper Grant.
(groans) Ever since you got that Harper Grant, you never hang out with us anymore.
- That's not true.
- It's kind of true.
I like it when you're not around.
Ryan: Guys, can we focus? Okay? Leo knows everything about me.
He knows about the adoption, how I became a technopath, I want answers.
Slow down, Ryan.
We could be facing a number of underwater threats.
I'll commandeer a satellite and scan the area.
It may take a few days.
Leo might not have a few days.
Mark: You don't know that.
Let nerdo do his nerdstuff, and then we'll go.
Leo might be hurt, or much worse.
We have this cool new tech and this cool new robot mod.
We're going.
Let's get Leo.
(theme music playing) (indistinct chattering) Whoa.
Harris, you work in a fun house.
Um I mean, it's no big robot where you can hang out with friends.
So what's the emergency? I've been using the Harper satellites to scan the route to Leo's location, and I got this.
You'll have to navigate through some pretty dangerous underwater terrain to get to the base.
Since Ryan wants to leave right away, I have no time to upgrade Mech-X4 with deep-water scanning.
You'll be blind down there, so I'll have to stay up here and guide you remotely.
Which means you'll be staying at Harper's.
Shocking! Just admit it, you like it here better.
Okay, that's not true.
- Salutations.
- Whoa! Spyder: What'd he call me? Spyder, this is my lab partner, Augie.
"Lab partner"? I prefer the term "R&DBs.
" Research and development buds.
- "Buds"? - Mm-hmm, yeah.
- As in buddies? - That's right.
We've already applied for three patents together.
And invented a video game even moms like.
What's the point of that? Aug, can you give us a minute? My friend has an embarrassing mole he needs me to see.
Oh, I know how that is.
Okay, ees ouy retal.
I said "See you later.
" Sometimes we speak in backwards phonetics.
Both: Za-za-zooey! Isn't he great? Now I know why you haven't been hanging out with us anymore.
You've been friend-cheating with fa-fa-freaky.
Okay, that's ridiculous.
Are Augie's quirky habits amusing? Yes.
Is he like the brain brother I never had? Maybe.
Is this you trying to be reassuring? 'Cause you stink at it! You like Augie better than me.
He's your best friend What the? Harris: The Mech-Link also has a limited stealth mode in case you run into trouble.
Nope, not even close.
I will not be cheated on! - (slap) - Ah! Harris: Get ahold of yourself, son! Ow.
Mark: Wait a minute, let me get this straight.
It's so dark and dangerous where we're going that we need Harris to be our GPS? - Yes.
- Because you're in so much of a hurry that you won't let him install an actual GPS? Technically, since we're under the sea, it would be a Sea-PS.
Shut it.
Okay? It's too dangerous.
We can't do this.
Mark, I I've waited long enough for answers.
It's time I got them.
But if anything goes wrong We bounce.
I got it.
All right.
This is awesome! Sub mode, engage! Don't Don't do catchphrases.
Catchphrases aren't my thing.
Yeah, mm-mm.
(whale bellowing) Aw! So noble.
- (whale squeals) - Ah! My ears, that hurts! So loud.
Oh, it's talking.
(sighs) So majestic.
And we dive.
Okay, we're at 5,000 feet.
The pressure is building.
All right, have you got us on your monitors? I can't see anything.
Harris, you're gonna have to guide us through this mess.
Spyder: Oh, hi, Harris.
So glad you could rip yourself away from Augie and help us not die.
(sighs) Ignoring that.
Ryan, lower Mech-X4 about five feet and shift left 50 degrees.
Careful, Ryan, we're almost at crush depth.
Harris: This next part is tricky.
Just keep going straight until Wait.
- Hey, Ryan! Watch out! - Whoa! No, stop! That's a mine.
That is totally a mine.
Actually, that's a lot of mines.
Mines? We're surrounded by explosives.
What do we do now? How about we go back in time so I can upgrade the scanners and then we can go on this cray underwater mission.
Wait, um, can we actually do that? What? This is the part where we go home.
Don't you get it? If they're using mines to keep us out, that means Leo's in there and we have to get in.
(sighs) Harris, can we do anything? Maybe try sending a few sonar pings.
I can probably make the map of where the mines are.
Probably? (pinging) Go about 100 feet to your left.
(pinging) See? We can totally do this.
Now, just keep moving forward (static crackles) (power whirs) - What the - Salutations.
(shrieks) What? Everything just shut down.
Why did everything just shut down? It's "Tech-free Tuesday.
" Every Tuesday, Harper turns off all of our tech so that we can compute with our minds.
Now, come on.
Harper's calling for one of his big Brain-a-rangs.
But I was working on something important.
Well, if it's really important, I could turn the power back on to help you.
We all can, we'll make it like a team-building exercise.
Uh, no, no.
It's okay.
Let's go.
(sighs) Guys, I'll be right back.
Don't do anything stupid.
(static crackles) Harris? Harris? (sighs) I'm going through.
What? That's stupid! You could hit a mine, drown us all.
Harris is MIA.
You said if anything goes wrong, we go home.
Let's go home.
But I'm already halfway through the minefield.
What? Well, I have been moving forward since you said, "Dude, you could hit a mine!" And have we hit a mine? Yet? Harper: All right, people, let's work those brains! Don't think, just jump! Just jump, just jump.
Guys! I need you to bounce those ideas free.
Okay, uh cold fusion.
- Yes! - Nano-bot hot tubs! - Love it! - Quantum ear cleaners! - Keep it coming.
- (gasps) This really works.
Harris! I need you to commit, son.
Come on! Not the time, not the time.
Friends in trouble.
I have an idea.
Whoa! Ooh! - Harris: Ah! - Whoa! Um ow! You okay? No.
I just fell on it funny.
I'm fine.
But I'm gonna go get it checked out by the nurse.
All right, you do that.
Everybody else, off the tramps.
Those things are a liability.
Guys, hold tight.
I'm headed to my computer.
(metal screeching) Ah! Haha! See? Told you, nothing to worry Are you nuts? Head for the surface, now.
No, but the station is right there.
A few more mines, and we're there.
I'm not playing, turn the robot around and let's go home.
And calibrate the backup generator I just made.
(generator whirring) Yes! That's good, the power's back on.
(beeping) That's not good.
Harris: What's going on down there? You guys are drifting into the mines.
Both: Your fault! (screaming) (power whirring) Ugh! Is everyone okay? Well, uh, some water may have gotten inside and gotten into my pants.
I'll get the emergency power back on.
(power whirs) Harris: That blast took out most of your power and your right propeller.
What's the good news? Who said there was good news? You're below crush depth.
You have ten minutes to get out of there.
Or we get squished into meat paste.
(metallic creaking) Okay, I'm gonna use the Mech-Link and go get Leo.
It's now or never.
Still with this? This is what we came here to do.
You just get Mech-X4 working again before the pressure destroys it.
Mark, please? Hey, good luck.
Spyder, give me your Mech-Link.
My Mech-Link? Why? Because Leo's gonna need a force field to get back.
And also, if if I don't make it back, can you just (sighs) can you tell Mark that this was important to me? And, um - You're sorry for being a jerk.
- Yeah.
I was a jerk? Dude, we're sinking.
You brought us to our watery grave.
Hey, at least I'm doing it with friends.
Cameras? I don't think so.
Lights out.
Harris: The robot can't move until you restore full power.
Ooh, not there! - (electricity buzzes) - Not there! Come on, the outer armor's getting crushed.
Focus! I am focused on keeping Ryan safe, on keeping us from drowning.
Why doesn't he understand that? - Here? - Yes.
Now he's out there all by himself.
Wait! To your left.
(alarm blaring) (groans) What did you do that for? (groans) (groans) - Sir, we are under attack.
- (beeps) (buzzing) (grunting) (groans) Ah! (screams) Oh, hurry up, Ryan.
- I'm too young to lose my best friend.
- (metallic creaking) Hurry up, Mark! Ryan's too young to lose his best friend! (sighs) Look, I get what you're going through.
I mean, Spyder's been kind of a jerk to me all day for no reason.
Well, he sort of has a reason.
Go on.
I mean, dude, it's been Harper, Harper, Harper since you got that grant.
Oh, I guess that's true.
It's been Leo, Leo, Leo for you, and he hasn't even met this Leo guy.
Right? But Ryan, he has all these questions about his powers the adoption, himself.
Things that Leo knows and I never really had to think about.
(scoffs) Did you just trick me into seeing Ryan's point of view? Did I? - (power whirs) - All right! We got full power.
And thank you, for helping me clear my head.
Hey, that's what friends are for.
- Ah, don't push it.
- Right.
Hey, Leo.
(groans) Mastermind Waveform: You knocked out my cameras, but I can tell someone's there.
Who are you? (alarm blaring) The boss is flooding the station.
Evac! Now! Let's go! No! Leo! We got to go! (explosions) Mark: No! (groans) Mark: Ryan! Get Leo to Med Bay and let's get Harris on the line.
I got this.
You just take it easy.
Are you okay? Yeah, I'm I'm good.
Mark, I'm really sorry about about dragging us into this mess.
Mark: Nah, bro, it I get it.
This is important to you.
You need answers.
And I got one.
I know who the Mastermind is.
Just got Leo settled in the Medical Bay.
That dude is seriously messed up.
And he keeps asking for a grilled cheese.
So, are you gonna tell us? Spill, man.
Come on! Who is the Mastermind? Okay.
While I was in Leo's cell, I figured something out.
Mastermind Waveform: Who are you? Ryan: I took out his camera, but I could still tap into the feed.
Mastermind Waveform: You must be a technopath.
Ryan: And I used my power and I followed it back to the source.
(sighs) I can't believe what I'm saying.
I can't believe that it's true.
Mastermind Waveform: I guess I'll never know who you are.
But it doesn't matter.
'Cause you'll never get out of here alive.
Ryan: I know who the guy behind all of this is.
It's Seth Harper.
(beeping) Hey, guys.
Just finished up at Harper's.
Geez, what's with the faces? What? Did something happen? (theme music playing) (barking)