Mech-X4 (2016) s01e12 Episode Script

Let's Dig Deep!

1 Ryan: Previously, on Mech-X4 Mastermind: You know you're on the ocean floor now.
No one is coming to save you.
- An underwater base? - That's where Leo has to be.
Ryan: We have this cool new tech, and this cool new robot mod.
Let's get Leo.
Harris: I made these MECH-Links.
Think of it like a little bit of Mech-X4, on your wrist.
Ryan: While I was in Leo's cell, I I figured something out.
I know who the guy behind all of this is! It's Seth Harper! It was Harper.
It was Harper behind the monsters the whole time! (coughs) Ryan (groans) Take it easy, Leo, you're not 100 percent yet.
(coughs) - Leo, I have so many questions about my powers.
And I promise, I'll answer all of them, but right now, we have to stop Harper.
- But I - Ryan! There is a giant pocket of Primorphorous Gel.
It's the key to Harper's you know, master plan to destroy the world.
And if he thinks you've drowned in that underwater base, he's gonna move fast to get that gel.
Define fast.
It could be days.
It could be minutes.
Whoo! Minutes would be a bummer.
Got it.
My questions can wait.
We got work to do.
Let's get down to Harper Futuristics and put an end to that guy.
We can't.
Even if we take out Harper, his people will still carry out his plan.
Then we have to get to the gel first and destroy it.
And get Harper to stop dating your mom.
Really? I'm the only one who thought of that? So, Leo where's this ooze pocket? Ugh I don't know.
He keeps all the important stuff locked up here.
Oh yeah, too bad you can't use your powers to hack into his brain.
- Ha! - Huh? Hack into his brain.
Yeah, I Let me see in here.
Okay, that's Okay.
Uh, um (Leo muttering) - I see what you're doing.
- Uh-huh.
That's the part of the robot that boosts Ryan's powers to connect with Mech-X4.
- Exactly.
- But what are these modifications? Oh, these are theta-band transceivers, so you can sync up to Harper's brain.
And create a three-dimensional memory-scape Yeah.
-Accessible to the technopathic plane! - Ba-bam! - Yeah! - Ooh, yeah, science! - Science! (growling) Wait.
So, we put that Oh, it's a neurosplicer.
- On Harper's head.
- Yeah.
We connect to his brain and then I use my power to jump into his mind and figure out where the ooze pocket is.
- Yes! - Only one tiny problem.
Harper's never gonna put that thing on.
Well, he doesn't know that we're onto him.
And he has a huge product launch tomorrow.
Harper thinks he's our buddy.
I bet we could get tickets.
Who's up for mind-jacking an evil billionaire genius? (laughs) Okay.
Can you guys bring me back a juice? (theme music playing) Hi, I'm Seth Harper.
Bold! Impressive! Fantastic! Amazing! And, yes, I have a dark secret, But Harris, Harris Jr.
, is no less of a genius 'cause he didn't know.
Boom! How was that? Yeah.
Uh, you need to be more animated.
Have you seen that guy's hands? They flop around like a goldfish out of its bowl.
(Leo laughs) Okay, now me.
This hologram isn't for goofing around.
I gotta make sure no one knows Harper's missing before the big product release launch.
I know.
All I'm saying is, I'd be a better Harper than you.
That's impressive work on the hologram, Harris.
I based it out of your hologram tech you used to hide Mech-X3.
- Hmm.
- I just hope it's good enough to fool people.
Well, here is the neurosplicer.
And one more thing.
Ryan will also need this.
What is that? Well, the neurosplicer will get Ryan into Harper's brain, and this, will get him out.
(bass guitar playing riff) Hey, amigos! You made it! Couldn't stay away.
Thank you so much for VIP passes.
Oh, look, it means so much to me that you guys came.
I mean, these things are always a little bit of a snoozefest, but havin' people that I actually wanna share my world with man, that just makes it all worthwhile.
Um, did you hear? DJ Live-Rat$z just got here.
- Really? Cool.
- Come on, come on, come on.
Where is she? I don't see her.
Keep lookin', she's there.
(electronic beeping) - Jessica: Mr.
Harper? - Go, go, go.
Have you seen Mr.
Harper? No.
Harper? Mister Mr.
Jessica! You look fantastico! Not that I would judge you on your looks.
You're also very intelligent, okay! Are you having some kind of attack? - No No? - Hmm? It's time for the presentation.
Oh! Uh, I thought that wasn't for, like, an hour.
Are you sure you're okay? Uh, should we get you checked out? No, no, no.
No, nobody needs to check anything.
I I am perfectly believable.
I'm perfectly legal.
I mean, uh I'm I'm, uh, I'm stupend-errifico! I'm, uh, amaze-balls! Ah! Awesome sauce.
I'm awesome sau Later, JJ! - How was that? - Terrible! All right, so we've got the neurosplicer on him.
Are you sure this is gonna work? Ah! Yeah, he won't even know you're in there.
Just, uh don't get brain damage.
How would I get brain damage? Oh, by staying in Harper's brain for too long.
Did I for forget to mention that? I think I would've remembered that.
- Yeah.
- Okay, well, how do I know I've been in Harper's brain too long? Oh, it's easy.
Easy as pie, you just, uh, gotta look at the remote.
It's like a traffic light.
If it's green, you're okay.
If it's, uh, yellow, or amber, heh, you're, uh, you're running out of time, and if it's red, got to get out of there.
Okay, uh, passing out now, for a few hours.
Just still wiped from years of prison.
Good night.
This is a bad idea, dude.
It's the only way to stop Harper.
I'll get in, he won't even notice me, and then I'll get out.
He won't remember a thing.
(electronic beeps) - the power to hack into his brain.
- Leo: Hack into his brain.
(voices calling Ryan) - Don't get brain damage.
Don't get brain damage.
Don't get brain damage.
(sound distorts, slows) Whoa.
What are you doing here? What am I doing here? Uh I, uh Well, I wasn't gonna stay at the symposium after I heard they expelled you.
(echoing) Expelled you.
Hey, man, all I did was interrupt a speech by that dude from the company that polluted the Bay.
Yeah, and also genetically modified the dean's ficus plant to eat him.
(Echoing) Eat him.
Oh, yeah, that.
I call it the Venus Jerk-Trap.
'Cause he's a jerk, and I It's funny, but you can't convince people to be better by bullying them.
Your heart was in the right place, so Yeah.
And I was right.
(echoing) I was right.
Let me tell you, one day when I have the power to change things it's gonna be different.
All right, Leo.
I guess this is it.
Good luck.
(Echoing) Good luck.
Yeah, you too, Seth.
Both (echoing): Science.
I think I might've gone too far back into his memories.
He's still a good guy here.
What is that? - What is that? - Huh? Okay, I'm comin' out! (gasps) How's your brain? How many fingers am I holding up? Five, four, five, three, two, one.
Five, two, one, f Knock it off, Dingus! I'm I'm I'm fine.
But some weird fuzzy thing came right at me.
Maybe there's something wrong with the neurosplicer.
- I'm getting Harris.
- Harris is busy being Harper out there, so we can have the real Harper in here.
I'm goin' back in.
(cheers and applause) I can do this.
I can do this.
Thank you, everyone.
Today, we're streaming live to more than a billion people around the planet.
- And we're broadcasting into space - Oh, no, it's Mark.
There must be a problem with the neurosplicer.
I gotta go.
Oh, don't worry, I got the hand flops nailed.
And now, I'd like to welcome to the stage Harper Futuristics' fearless leader, Seth Harper! (applause and cheers) Seth Harper! (cheers, applause) - Woman: We're waiting for him.
- Man: Where is he? Seth Harper? Yeah-yeah-yeah! Yeah-yeah-yeah! Whoo! What is up, party poopers? (cheers, applause) Heh! Wow! There is like a lot of you guys! (phone beeps) Come on, Harris.
(gasps) Ryan: Oh Whoa.
It's the ooze.
Oh, I cannot wait to get this into my lab.
But there's not enough here to make a monster.
Where did he go? (voices chattering) Harper Futuristics? All right, everyone! Gather around! Gather around.
After all these years, and all your hard work Yeah, I'm lookin' at you, Big Dave.
This is it, guys.
Here we go.
Now, nobody get too close.
This thing is like amazingly dangerous.
(growling) Whoa! We should've built a bigger lab.
(roaring) (screaming) (electronic buzzing) - What is that thing? - I don't know.
Okay! Okay, good good first test, everyone.
Super good.
Uh, let's let's revert that back to gel form, and see if we can figure out a way to make it, oh, I don't know, uh, not try and eat me! Dave? I'm gonna need more of that gel.
Somebody get me Grey on the line.
(echoing) On the line.
Principal Grey? (school bell ringing) Mastermind: So, you understand your orders? But I hate children.
Why am I here? Because there's something of great value under the schoo.
I need you to protect it.
When the time is right, I will destroy the school and harvest it.
The giant pocket of ooze is under the school? Ooze.
Why'd you call me? Mark: Something in Harper's brain came after Ryan.
Dude, your remote just turned yellow.
You got to get out of there! Harris: He can't hear us.
- (grunting) - Ryan! Looking for this? Did you really think that I wouldn't be aware of a stranger in my head? My mind, Ryan.
My rules.
Harper: My mind, Ryan.
My rules.
What the? Beautiful, isn't it? My remote.
Smell that air.
Not a hint of pollution, you know why? Because I had to wipe the world clean, so that, years later it'll look like this.
Free of damage caused by humans.
I love it here! I am making a paradise for the worthy.
The only question is, will you be a part of it? Hey, now, that was, like, a trick question, 'cause skateboarding and snowboarding are, like, both, like, the same amount of cool, and you can't judge one over the other.
Woman: Yeah, show us the product! Right! Yes, yes, you wanna know what's under there.
I, Seth Harper, not a kid, pretending to be Seth Harper, 'cause that that'd be weird uh, present to you, the brand-new letter H? (scattered applause) It's an H.
Heh So what is it? What is it? What is it? Uh a Wi-Fi-enabled gaming system.
Monitor your pets.
Dispensify snacks.
- Does magic! - (murmuring) None of this is in the script! The Harp Quad HD.
Uh, everyone in the audience gets a thousand dollars! - (applauding) - And a puppy.
(cheers, applause) Peace y'all! Harper: So! What's it gonna be? Will you be a part of my utopia? By letting you wipe out everyone on Earth? If our minds really are connected, then you already know my answer! (grunts) Okay, that's not cool.
Hey, you can't make an omelet without breakin' a few necks.
I don't think that's the expression.
Oh, isn't it? Ah, well.
Get him out.
Ryan? Ryan! Harris: It's not working! His brain's gonna get fried.
I'm gettin' that thing off.
While Ryan's still connected? That could kill him! You guys ever give anybody the full details of anything before you do it? - Hey, Ry Guy.
- Don't call me that! Only my friends and my mom call me that.
Ooh, snap.
I see, so, if I'm not your friend, then well, you know what I do to my enemies.
You messed with the wrong mind.
That is made from recycled paper, by the way.
How are you doing this? In the mind, I can do anything, Ryan.
Maybe I can, too.
I'm done playing.
It's red.
You gotta cut the link.
I really don't wanna do this.
You actually thought that you could beat me? In my mind? (shouting) Ryan? You okay? Yeah.
Harper got control a little bit there, but I got everything I needed.
- Man: Hey, is someone in there? - Out the back, out the back! Man: This area is off-limits! (groans) Sir? Whoa, what the? Where am I? I'm not surprised you're exhausted.
You were fantastic out there.
Really? Well, yeah, of course, you know me.
I just sort of like, get in the zone out there.
I kind of lose track of things.
So, what happened? - What exactly happened in his mind? - I'll explain later.
The important thing is, I know where the ooze is.
It's under the school.
And we gotta get to it before Harper does.
(shrieks) Before Harper does what? (laughs) Aah! Just kidding, guys.
What'd I miss? Nothing.
Just the end of the world.
- (clamoring) - Man: Hey, they he is! Harper! Hey, hey, guys, guys.
Thank you so much for coming.
Yeah, it was, uh, it was amazing.
You know, it's weird, I almost don't even remember doing the presentation.
- Must've been the adrenaline.
- The body is a mystery.
- Isn't it? - Yeah.
See you around.
I'll see you guys.
I'll see you real soon.
I know who the pilots are.
And I know what they're gonna do next.
(theme music playing) (barking)