Mech-X4 (2016) s01e13 Episode Script

Let's Destroy Some Ooze!

1 Ryan: Previously, on Mech X-4 We have to stop Harper.
He keeps all the important stuff locked up here.
Ryan: He doesn't know that we're on to him.
Ryan: I know where the ooze is! It's under the school! (gasps) (device scanning) I'm scanning for ooze.
And Operation Tiger Shark is in progress.
I'm done with the North Campus, but I still haven't reached the perimeter of the school's ooze pocket.
Keep measuring and move to the science building.
I'll do the same.
Why tiger shark? Harris: And why are you lying on the ground? Spyder: Because tigers are cool and sharks are cool, and I got bored scanning and took a nap.
Why do we have to measure the ooze, can't we just zap it or something? But that would cave in the school.
Wait so you're saying it's a win-win? We need accurate measurements, because so far, it looks like the worst case scenario.
There's so much ooze, even if we poured all our weapons into it, it wouldn't be enough to get it out.
So, it's like when I take a whiz in a school pool, I'm not doin' any real damage? Gross but accurate.
You know, I'm the reason they use twice the chlorine now? Harris: Again, gross.
(sighs) We can neutralize it with the antidote that cured me when I was ooze-infected.
I just need to know how much to produce.
Dude this ooze pocket is gigantic.
Hold on Aah! - (whistle blowing) - Eat it, jocko! Spyder! We're in the middle of practice.
You do you.
I do me.
- Aah! - Aah! I've never seen a kid take a hit like that.
You gotta join the team.
What kinda grades do I need? Passing.
I'm out.
Ooze pocket is over a mile deep and almost three miles wide.
This is Clawboon.
Right, and we kicked its butt.
Yeah, but based on the amount of ooze it decomposed into when we beat it, this is how big Clawboon would be if it was made of all the ooze under the school.
Whoa that thing is huge! It could destroy the city! Harris: It's almost the size of Bay City itself.
Something that size can destroy the world.
That's not gonna happen.
We gotta get to it before Harper does.
Tonight, when the school's completely empty we're gonna destroy every last drop of that ooze.
(theme music playing) (Spyder rummaging) Aha! Found it! - Ryan? - Huh? Ry Oh! Wow.
Okay, yeah.
This will interface Mech X-3's giant drill with Mech X-4's systems.
Oh, great.
And then we can drill a hole down to the ooze pocket, and Harris can drop the antidote he's been working on, and then, boom! Bye bye, monsters.
Sorry, Seth.
Now is not the time to get cocky, Ryan.
Okay? What? Well, Harper doesn't even know that we jacked his mind for the location of the ooze.
Ha-ha! Yeah! Yeah.
Doesn't matter.
Okay? Harper is very, very dangerous, do not underestimate him.
Okay okay.
Hey, why did you build a giant drill arm for Mech X-3 anyway? Ha-ha! Yeah! Uh I don't know, I like to be prepared.
But, without a technopath (grunts) none of that's worked.
- Yeah - So that's when you started trying to create a technopath, right? Ah! Exactly! I started doing those experimental trials all those years ago.
Yeah Wait, wait what? You experimented on me as a baby? No, no, of course not! No I experimented on your birth parents.
I That doesn't sound much better, does it? No, not really.
No look, um everyone involved was a volunteer, okay? No one developed any powers, but somehow your parents passed them on to you - wherever they are.
- (objects clattering) So you don't know where they are.
(objects clattering) Look, I've been a little bit out of the loop okay, kid? I mean I was being held prisoner.
When I went in, Tay Tay was reintroducing the crop top.
Yeah I don't know what that is.
Really? Wow.
That's really not that old a reference.
Wow, that makes me feel ancient.
Look, Ryan (clears throat) Your parents didn't abandon you, if that's what you were wondering.
Well, yeah, it was a little.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no they were They were convinced someone was after them.
And you.
Because of your power.
Was it was it Harper? Probably.
Yeah, I mean he knew I was working on a way to stop him.
Your parents went into hiding.
But they were afraid you'd get hurt if Harper found them, so they had me put you up for adoption, because they wanted you to be safe and have a normal life.
Harper! (clattering) I kinda liked Seth you know? He even made it seem like he wanted to be a part of our family.
But in one way or another he was just trying to destroy it.
I wish I knew what it all means.
Look I know two things.
Okay, one, your birth parents loved you very much.
Two they'd be very proud of you.
I mean you're a hero.
Things you've done people you've saved.
I'm proud of you, too.
So, after I install this giant drill Ahh! Yeah! I'm okay! I'm okay! What's next? Well I'm a hero, Leo.
And I'm gonna do what any hero does with a secret identity I'm gonna lie to my mom.
I can't believe I go to the Northwest Food Fest this weekend.
You know I don't even remember signing up, I just magically got this email saying I was in.
Yep! Ha magic! Oh, I I should call and let Seth know.
- Oh, no need - N N No, 'cause we already, uh, talked to him.
Yeah, and w we will see him later, so Okay, well, uh, have fun at the movie.
Um curfew, homework, kisses.
Ryan: Homework, kisses.
- Exactly.
- Got it.
Hey, Mom Stay safe, okay? Okay.
It's okay, Ry-Guy, it's just a couple of days.
Jeez, try and toughen him up a little bit while I'm gone, okay? Yeah.
(laughs) Okay.
(engine turns on) Mark: Way to use your power to get her into that festival.
Ryan: And out of town.
You ready to destroy some ooze? You know it.
- Sir? - You know, it's funny.
Crisis really is the mother of invention.
I'm not sure I understand.
I sent mindless monsters against a robot with a mind.
And we lost.
Makes me wonder what would happen if I could control the monsters with my mind? Our surveillance teams did tell us that the kids are going after the gel under the school tonight.
One more thing.
(computer whirring) (mutters under breath) Ah.
This is for you.
Chameleon DNA? With a little twist.
Ryan: Are you sure nobody's at the school? At four in the morning? The only person that'd still be there is Harris and he's here.
All right.
Activating drill! (drill whirring) It sounds like we're at the dentist.
I would not know.
All still baby teeth.
(grunts) - (groans) - (groans) Spyder: The antidote! (groans) (gasps) (alarm sounding) We lost the antidote! It's gone! Something just hit us! I don't see anything! (buzzing) (buzzing continues) Wasp.
Wasp! Invisible wasp! Worse.
Worse! - (grunts) - (groans) - (grunts) - (groans) Ah! Ooh, that was cooler than I thought it would be.
How do we fight something that's invisible? I can recalibrate the sensors to work like sonar.
We won't be able to see the monster, but we'll know where it is.
- (grunts) - (groans) Ha, oh! Did you see that? (groans) We just took a major hit.
- Ryan! - Oh, man, that hurt.
Anytime now, Harris.
- (beeps) - Got it.
It's coming right at us! Harris: Punch, now! (groans) (buzzing noise) How do you like getting stung? Yes! Hooo! Yeah! - (groans) - Oh, no, we took a hit! (grunts) Of course we did.
That robot always defeats my monsters, so this time I planned accordingly.
Oh, look! Is that the press? Come on! Godfrey Chambers, reporting live from Bay City High.
Cassie Park, streaming on GramOGram and Everyvide.
You're part of a dying industry.
Harris: It's invisible, but it looks like it's wounded.
It's just hovering in one place.
That means we can finish it off.
Spyder? Ten boss-level missiles comin' right up.
I don't know what Mech X-4 is doing, but I've told you many times, Bay City.
The Mech X-4 is dangerous.
And now he seems to be proving it.
Something is clearly not right.
Oh, no I I'm an injured, sitting duck just waiting to be blasted.
Missiles away! Perfect.
Harris: Guys the wasp is starting to move! Oh, no Ohh! Ho-ho! That was good! The monster tricked us into hitting the school.
Accident! Guys, that was an accident, I swear.
It's gone! Our school is gone! And that is how you turn a hero robot into public enemy number one.
This is Cassie Park, streaming live from Bay City.
Cassie: Our school's been d destroye.
No, Cassie, that was an invisible monster.
She can't hear you, nimwit.
We were set up.
He made it look like we're the villains.
(sighs) Godfrey: And in an act of cowardice, Mech X-4 fled the scene.
I always said that thing was evil.
So the lesson is I'm always right.
We are live here at a press conference at Harper Futuristics I was one of Mech X-4's biggest supporters and I was wrong.
And for that, I'm sorry.
(scoffs) Now, I don't know what the substance under the school is, but I have met with the mayor, and I promise you, I will remove it, and I will rebuild Bay City High.
- (applause) - Go Llamas! Okay, so he makes us look like the villains? And then the city just hands him the ooze? He played us.
- Things couldn't get any - Don't.
What? You're about to say "things can't get any worse.
" And every time someone says that it gets worse.
(phone ringing) Tch.
It's Mom.
Grace: Honey, are you with Ryan? Y Yes.
Uh, hi, Mom.
I've been trying to reach you for hours.
Are you okay? Uhh yeah, we're fine.
How's Northwest Fest? You think I'd stay there with a crazy robot on the loose? No.
Thankfully, Seth sent a helicopter to bring me back.
Mom? Where are you? (sighs) Harper Futuristics.
Seth said it's the safest place in the city.
Uh, where are you now? He'll send a car.
Mom, no! Harper is Happy to help! Where are you guys? Look You know what? I'll grab a pen and write it down.
Okay? Um did you really think that you could just walk around inside my head without me learning your secrets? What? You know? Everything.
You your friends the robot.
You want your mommy? Come get her.
Leo: You wanna do what? You wanna do what? Attack Harper Futuristics.
I wanna go to his office, punch a hole in his building, and get my mom back! (chuckles lightly) Leo: No no no, no no no no What? Are you scared it's gonna ruin your rep? The whole city already hates us.
It's still cray.
Squared! You got a better idea? Yeah, well, most of mine are terrible, and that's exactly what I'd suggest.
Just Listen to your friend, okay? Don't Don't go Don't go, Harper's gonna be ready for you, you can't just waltz in there, like you own the place, willy-nilly, and just expect everything to be fine What's the worst Harper can do? Throw a monster at us? We can take it! I'm saying we take one step back and think this through.
Guys from what Leo told me, I think Harper drove my birth parents into hiding.
Wait, what? My birth parents were afraid that somebody was after them.
Which means he's been messing with my life since I was born.
He's pretended to care about us.
He's turned the city against us.
And now, he has Mom! I'm just trying to say enough is enough.
I'm doing this.
We are doing this.
Not alone, you don't.
We'll have to be careful.
Our shields are down 50 percent.
Well, we'll just have to make sure that we don't get hit.
Thank you, guys.
Yeah, quick question does, uh, your mom like bad boys? - Ey - Harris: Inappropriate.
Come on, dude Terrible timing.
Terrible timing.
Harris: My sare alonearper Futuristics in his penthouse office.
We're gonna smash through his window and grab Mom.
- Gently grab Mom.
- You realize she's gonna figure out you guys are in the robot.
She can ground us after she's safe.
She's not gonna tell my mom, is she? This whole time I've told her I've been on the wrestling team.
Oh, then she already knows you're lying.
Harper: Guys! Hey! You made it! Give me my mom back, or else I'm gonna punch a hole in your penthouse.
Which would be terrifying if my new friends weren't here to protect me.
Bay Command.
Circling around for a pass.
Pilot: Fox Four to Bay Command.
We've hit the target.
Circling around for another pass.
Fighter jets? We're fighting the military? Yeah, and you know what? They didn't even need to be convinced you were an enemy of the state after you you know destroyed the school.
Bad move, guys.
But hey don't worry.
I will keep your mom safe.
They're gonna be back in firing range soon.
- Targeting! - Wait, don't fire! We can't hurt them.
They're just doin' their jobs! Critical hit! We've got multiple system failures here! Nice shot! Major: Mech X-4! Surrender or be destroyed! We need to leave now! We can't attack them, and they're not gonna stop attacking us! Mom's still in there! Guys, those fighter jets are circling back around.
Ryan? Mark? Your mom.
Your call.
(missile hits) Leo was right.
We shouldn't have come here.
- We have to leave.
- What? No way! If we get killed, who saves Mom? If the robot gets destroyed who stops Harper? You're right.
I hate it, but you're right.
Let's get some rest.
We'll come back for Mom.
And we're gonna make Harper sorry he ever messed with my family.
Listen, Grace, I'm sure that Mark and Ryan are fine.
Okay? I will find them, honey.
I promise.
Any idea why the robot wanted this stuff? No clue.
Sir the robot was just spotted near Mount Hartley.
Hartley, huh? Scramble the jets.
Let's move out! All right, let's move! - Sir.
- Morris.
There's more gel than we expected.
The uh device is gonna need some calibration.
That's fine.
The military will end the robot.
I have my gel and Grace has my shoulder to cry on when she hears the bad news about her kids.
Here's to the birth of a new world.
And to the end of this one.
(theme music playing) (barks)