Mech-X4 (2016) s01e14 Episode Script

Let's End This! Part One

1 Ryan: Previously, on Mech-X4 There's a giant pocket of primorphous gel.
It's the key to Harper's master plan to destroy the world.
I know where the ooze is.
It's under the school! Harper: What would happen if I could control the monsters with my mind? Fighter jets? We're fighting the military? They didn't even need to be convinced you were an enemy of the state after you destroyed the school.
Ryan: They made it look like we're the villains.
Harper: But hey, don't worry.
I will keep your mom safe.
I'm gonna Harper sorry he ever messed with my family.
(birds chirping) (whooshing) Dang.
- (grunts) - Bro, are you all right? Aah.
I can't shake these guys.
I believe the "let's run away" plan isn't working! - We need a new tactic.
- Oh, okay! How about this, how about this plan? I get in an escape pod and eject.
And? - And And what? - (missile whooshes) (grunting) There goes the last of our shields.
Harris, I think it's time to try out our special project.
It isn't ready yet.
I haven't tested it! Do it! (jet engine roaring) Man (over radio): Fox Four to Bay Command.
The robot has disappeared.
I repeat, the robot has disappeared.
(theme music playing) (jet engines roaring) Harris: What's up now? Didn't expect the robot to hologram up, did you? So you best ghost.
Since when could we do that? I asked Harris to install a hologram generator like the one hiding Mech-X3.
Consider this our first field test.
I'd say it passed.
Always wondered what passing a test felt like.
Leo deserves most of the credit.
He invented it.
- Uh, speaking of Leo - I sent him our GPS coordinates.
He's on his way from Mech-X3 to help with repairs.
Good, okay.
I'm out of here.
I'm heading to Harper's to save Mom.
Harris: Right now? Because that worked out so well the last time.
We almost lost the robot.
I don't need the robot to save Mom! Okay? I have a power.
Out of my way.
Dude, move or I will move you.
You're not going.
You're the only one that can pilot this robot.
Ry, Mark is right.
If the military finds us, the robot will have to make another run for it.
You can't leave! I'll take the tech and get Mom.
And I'm going, too.
I know that place like the back of my perfectly moisturized hand.
You? I kind of saw this as a solo Mark Walker thing.
- Uh, no offense.
- Some taken.
Dude, just You need him.
He's been working there every day after school since he won the Harper grant.
He knows the layout.
Hey, Mark? Bring her home.
Come on.
Let's go check the damage report.
- Uh-oh.
- (alarm beeping) Yeah, that's not good.
Go, go, go.
Hey-hey, what are you doin', Grace-Face? Sorry, I'm experimenting with new pet names.
I I'm going to find my boys.
- No, no, no, wait! - Seth, if there's a point, can you please get there a little faster? I'll make it quick.
I'm behind the monsters.
And I'm about to make a new one from the gel under the school.
It's gonna be the biggest, most destructive beast I've ever created.
(whispering) Wow! You are insane.
I am getting out of here and away from you.
(grunts) - What? No, no, no! - Okay, Morris, Morris, Morris! Gently, Morris, please.
Listen, Grace, I am sorry about all this, but we can talk about everything once I, you know reboot the world.
No, no, no (groans) What was that? Insurance.
Just finished it.
I can't enjoy the apocalypse without my best gal there.
Get her down to the bunker level.
So, um, one of the military's missiles hit, pierced the hole heh, but didn't explode.
Aw, that's so sad.
Didn't fulfill its destiny.
Hey! Let's keep it that way.
Woo! Oh! Wow.
Why would I design an elevator that gives me the dizzies? (chuckles) Okay.
So what's the emergency? Wow! Man, did I come to the wrong party.
Okay, maybe I can defuse it.
Stop! I mean, indoor voice.
It looks too damaged.
You might just set it off.
It could detonate and destroy the robot at any second.
So, what do we do? Hmm.
The hologram was gettin' real glitchy when I flew in.
I need to stabilize it or - Before we're sitting ducks for the military.
- Yes.
You guys need to get it out of the wall and get it outside.
And then I can use my power and detonate it from a distance.
Yes, yes.
Good luck with that.
Hear that, buddy? You get to be you after all! It's a missile! (detector beeps) (detector beeps) (detector beeps) - (Harris sneezes) - Watch it, dude.
But you smell like body spray and low test scores.
(sniffing) Hey, you're the one that said we had to do this so close.
So can you be more careful? We can do it in separate stealth fields, but we won't be able to see each other.
Won't be much of a covert op if I have to yell "Mark!" See, this is why I Never mind.
What? This is why you didn't want me to come along? Look, you're great, right, in the lab, but out in the field, not so much.
And I can't protect you and save my mom at the sam Wait.
So I'm some kind of professional damsel in distress? Yeah, but a dude version.
That doesn't make it any better.
Come on.
(truck horn blowing) And voila! The ultimate in anti-robot tech.
Appreciate the help, Mr.
Harper, but we have weapons.
So why do we need yours? Well, you kind of blew your chance to destroy the robot when it attacked my building, and now you kind of lost the robot.
So, let's be honest.
You need all the help you can get.
What are these parts from, the 1950s? What is that casing, plastic? Really gives it that vintage vibe, right? I mean, who says a weapon of mass destruction can't be a little stylish.
But, yeah, it's almost totally analog, barely any electronics.
Trust me, you wanna go low-tech with this robot.
Thanks, civilian, but my "HarpPhone" only works half the time, so I'll stick with the weapons that I know work.
- Soldier? - Zing, sir.
Okay, good talk.
You know what? I'm gonna leave it here, just in case.
(mutters) I'm sure you dimwits will need it later.
Careful! Easy.
Easy! Oh, man, Tuesday confession: I cheated on my bar mitzvah, I'm not a real man yet.
- Okay.
- We're good.
Yeah, we're good.
We are so not good! Okay, hey, take it easy.
You know, you, kind of, have been, um, barking orders at everyone.
My therapist would call that acting out.
I'm scared, Spyder.
Harper has outmaneuvered us at every turn.
The ooze, my mom, the military, and we could fail, you know? That doesn't even freak you out? No.
Not even a little? No, 'cause I know my best friend has these powers, so I'm totally not scared of some rich old dude.
But that's the point.
What if my powers and the robot aren't enough to save Mom and the city? I know you, Ryan.
How many bones did you almost break trying to master the McCallister 720 backwards? (chuckles) All of 'em.
That's what I'm saying.
That attitude with these powers equals victory! - (grunts) - Oh, boy.
(alarm beeping) It's gonna explode! Door! Come on! (grunting) Leo: Ryan, Spyder, you guys okay? - Yeah, we're good.
- I peed.
The explosion took out the power.
No power means no hologram cover.
Major! What've we got? Fox Three has reacquired the target.
Tell him to clear the airspace.
We're gonna hit him with everything we've got.
Mark: Okay, dude, we need to find my mom quickly.
You're sure Harper's penthouse elevator is this way? Yes.
Look, about this whole "needing to be rescued" thing.
- Will you let it go? - No.
I'm a scientist.
Scientists need evidence to make a conclusion.
You don't have any to back up the idea that I need to be rescued.
Or that I'm not good in the field.
I pulled you out of a shack during the Octoconda attack.
I helped cure you when you were turning into an ooze monster.
- Isolated incidents.
- Okay, true or false? You once zapped yourself unconscious in the middle of a fight? I have no recollection of that.
I'm just saying, all right? You're a brain.
Leave the physical stuff to me, stick with what you know.
Not cool! Oh! You little Uh Uh Nothing.
Power's out all over the 'bot.
The core must be damaged.
This could take me a while to fix.
The military could attack any second.
Well, you're the technopath, Ryan.
So I'm gonna need you to hold 'em off until I get the power back on.
Whoa, whoa.
Are you serious? You just want me to hold off the entire military? But you fight monsters.
Yeah, in a robot! But now it's just me.
And your power.
Uh It's gonna have to be enough for now, I'm afraid.
Leo, come on, you're dreaming, okay? I couldn't destroy the ooze, I couldn't rescue my mom, and now this? Just face it, okay? The wrong person got the power.
It should've been someone else, someone better.
I wish I had something more inspirational to say right now, Ryan, but you're the technopath, so, it has to be you.
If it makes any difference, I believe in you.
Hey, that's what I said! Although he said it better.
We both know you can do it, Ry.
All right, fine.
But just please hurry and get the power back on.
Sir, all the missiles are locked onto the robot.
Major: Fire at will! All right.
I got this.
Who's got this? I got this.
(missiles roaring) Uh-oh.
(grunting) (grunts) (grunts) Okay, yeah.
See? There.
Those globes are supposed to be connected.
We gotta get the broken ends realigned.
Okay, well, have you met my friend duct tape? Okay, yes.
I love your enthusiasm.
Thank you very much.
But I have no idea what that energy discharge is gon (grunting) (shouts) - Ryan's in danger.
We gotta fix it.
- Yeah.
He could be getting killed out there.
I know.
Um, here, I can.
Yeah, just, uh go get my radiation suit.
Hurry! Don't look back.
Keep running! I've got to realign them myself.
- Hey, what are you doing? - There's no time.
- Hey! - Sorry.
Leo! (screams) Every single missile destroyed before they hit the target! Yes, sir, all negative impacts.
Find someone who can fire that missile.
- Let's destroy that robot.
- Yes, sir! (beeping) Ooh, looks like someone finally decided to use my missile.
Leo, this one's different! My powers aren't working on it! (chuckling) I can't stop this one! Goodbye, Ryan.
Leo, this one's different! I can't stop it! (alarm sounding) (growls) Yeah! (laughs) Wooo! Yeah! Okay.
I'll just sit down.
(chuckles) Ryan, you better get down here.
- Leo! - (coughs) What were you thinking? I had to.
Because the world needs you, Ryan.
You're the only one who can stop Harper.
Look, I know sometimes you wish someone else got the power so you could just be a normal kid, but I'm glad it was you.
You're a good kid.
With a good heart.
The right person got the power.
(coughing) Let him sleep.
It took guts, what he did.
He almost died.
I'm not gonna let that be for nothing.
We have to finish what he started.
So we're gonna win this thing? Without a doubt.
But I need my team.
I cannot believe this.
Now we have to be rescued from our rescue.
This place is huge.
Check it.
Is that a missile? What's that thing on it? It looks just like a monster heart, but a thousand times bigger.
Does that mean he can make a monster a thousand times bigger? If it gets to the ooze under the school, yeah.
Hey, Dingus.
Where's my mom? If you've hurt her, I sw Shut it! Your mom's not goin' anywhere.
And neither are you.
(whispering) I need a distraction.
What? Why? It just needs to be for a sec.
I said shut it.
- (guards grunting) - Duck! What? Ow! (grunting) Get 'em! Now! (grunting) Harris, we're totally outnumbered! I know.
I have an idea! Wait, wait, wait, no! It's time for brains to meet brawn.
Man, forget what I said! You got nothin' to prove! Don't drink that stuff! This is the only way to save your mom.
No! You're right about one thing.
I am gonna need to be rescued.
If we get out of here, I'm gonna need you to get me some of that antidote, ASAP! Morris: Come on, get this open! (groans) (voice distorted) Wait for it.
(screaming) Huh? - (growling) - (groans) Got the gear! (grunts) (zapping) (screams) (groans) Harris? You all right? (growling) Whoa! (groans) Brains and brawn.
Not bad, buddy.
Let's get out of here.
Lieutenant! What is the status on that robot? Uh, sir The robot may be the least of our problems now.
There's a new monster coming from Harper Futuristics.
- (screaming) - (alarm sounding) (roaring) Mom safe? Yeah.
In the med bay.
But you can kiss our secret identities goodbye when she wakes up.
Is that ooze antidote? Leftover from the capsule for the school.
- Long story.
- Not, it's not.
He's crazy.
But maybe not the worst guy to go into a fight with.
Guys Harper built a giant monster heart.
We have to destroy it before he gets it to the school.
We will, but right after we end this new monster.
It's threatening innocent people right now.
Then we'll kick Harper's butt from here to the Moon.
- Sound good? - Yeah! Mech-execute! (alarm sounding) - (roaring) - (screaming) Fire! (growling) You okay? Oh! (howling) I may have been wrong about that robot.
Let's take this thing apart! (grunts) (grunting) Ow! (groans) It just stopped? Harper: You're only gonna take me by surprise once, Ryan.
- Did that monster just talk? - Can't be.
Hello, guys! And goodbye.
(theme music playing) (barks)