Mech-X4 (2016) s02e01 Episode Script

Versus the New Evil

1 - Ryan: Previously, on Mech-X4 - No! Principal Grey had a box.
All of her surveillance on me.
I'm adopted.
Now we don't have any more secrets.
Ryan: It was Harper.
It was Harper behind the monsters the whole time! (roaring) - That robot always defeats my monsters, so this time, I've planned accordingly.
Oh, no - (explosion) - Ryan: We were set up.
He made it look like we're the villains.
Harper: Once my monster heart hits that ooze, it's game over.
Ryan: All right, you heartless monster! I believe that belongs to you.
Mark: We did it! Harris: The ooze is still out there.
What if someone starts using the ooze to make monster? Then we'll do what we always do.
We'll kick butt, as a team.
(whirring) (Mech-X4 thuds) (wasp screeches) - (screeching) - (thudding) Oh, no, son.
You're not goin' anywhere.
We gotta finish him off! Boss level missiles comin' up! (wasp buzzing) Moving too fast! It dodged all our missiles! Right! That's how Ryan blew up the school.
- Me? Really? - Mm-hmm.
(buzzing) It's ghosting! We need our new weapon that can blanket the area.
Aah! Mark, whatever you're doing Is done! I remain awesome.
- (alarm blaring) - Bringing the new tech online.
- Harris: Rerouting power.
- Sweet.
Arming cold cannon.
I did not agree to call it that.
Set the cold cannon to a wide spectrum beam.
I never get to name the weapons.
Let's see you dodge this.
(wasp screeching) (screeches) (thudding) Okay! He's frozen! Finish it, bro! - Whoo! - All right! Yes! (theme music playing) All right! After weeks of hunting, we finally crushed that thing.
The last loose end from Harper's plan.
- (TV playing indistinctly) - Uh, hey, guys.
Godfrey's talking about Harper again.
Now believes billionaire Seth Harper, who we now know was behind the monster attacks, Seth Harper, dead at 29.
Even in death he's a lair.
Man, Godfrey's the worst.
But it's over.
It's finally over.
The guy who tried to destroy the city and waste us is gone.
And best of all, tomorrow's our first day at a new school! (clears throat) (sighs) I mean, uh, party bot, y'all! (electronic music playing) Why is that there? What's the point of blowing up your school if they're just gonna send you to a different one? Harris: "Welcome Bay City High Rodents"? Well, that's an auspicious beginning.
Guys, pfft.
We saved the city.
We can handle a new school.
And it's different this time.
Sure, you guys are freshmen, having another first day at a new school, where you're probably not gonna have any new friends Is this going anywhere? Yeah.
But this time, you know, we go in together.
You guys have Mark Walker with you.
Which means we are Mark Walker by association.
I feel taller already.
Okay, we appreciate it, Mark, but I think I got this.
- Really? - Yeah.
(school bell rings) Come on, man.
I lost my report.
It's due today! (music playing) Oh, no.
It's broken.
Stupid thing ate my money! I'm gonna eat its face! Oh, this is perfect.
Um, do you mind if I? I'm kinda good with this stuff.
- Thanks.
- Ryan.
Ryan Walker.
(rattles) - (music playing) - Here you go.
Wow! You're awesome.
I am awesome! Uh, do you need help? From a Bay City High Rodent? Yeah, how about I shove you up the slot, and you reach my snack for me? Ha! Or, um What's you name, Bay City? - Ryan.
- That was cool, Ryan.
Do it again.
For everybody I know.
Uh, okay.
Have fun.
Hey, that's our thing.
Excuse me, uh, you gonna eat all that? Dang.
Ryan's got it handled.
As long as the principal isn't a super-villain, piece of cake.
(spits) (sighs) You know, I didn't want you Bay City kids here, but now that you are you will follow the rules.
He is a villain.
I'll save you, gum.
Spyder, not every school has a villain.
Veracity: What up, Dweeb Jobs? - Spoke too soon.
- Oh, do you go here now? Man, that is perfect timing.
I needed a new assistant.
Cute, Veracity.
The joke, not the wardrobe.
- Do not go there.
- Fair.
Too far.
Why do you have a window with government feed on it? Uh, I'm what they call an "ethical hacker.
" Huh.
That's not what I call you.
Yeah, I get paid to test people's security.
Just a little something I do between classes.
Is that? Is that the government feed from Bay City High? - Yep.
- They're moving the ooze.
Yeah, they're, uh, takin' it to be destroyed by five.
Just like me destroying you in our kindergarten science fair.
- Huh.
Still bringin' that up.
- (bell rings) All right, well, it's been fun.
Catch you on the shady side of the bell curve, Ferris.
It's Harris! You know it's Harris! (exhales) Gotta find Ryan.
- So, this is all of it? - Yes, sir.
All the tankers are full.
The gel is ready to be processed and neutralized.
Make sure everybody is in position and be ready to roll.
Yes, sir.
Aah! (grunts, groans) (gasps) Aah! - So you're saying the military's moving the ooze? - Today.
All at once.
- Ry-Guy! - Uh, dude whose name I don't know! - Sorry, you were saying? - They're taking the ooze to be destroyed at five.
- That's good, right? - Yeah, but if Harper's people are there, - they might try to steal it.
- That's bad, right? Yes.
So Mech-X4 should sit shotgun just to play it safe.
- (Mark clears throat) - Walker? Wade? - Lose the coat, newbie.
- That's one.
You're wearing a varsity jacket and you're not varsity here.
I mean, I'm sure he'll try out and stuff.
You're wearing the jacket of a school so lame, a robot put it out of its misery.
- That's two.
- Let's just, um, calm down, okay? Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.
You gonna do your little, uh, zzt-zzt thing on this jerk? (laughs) - (stamps foot) - (whimpers) No, dude, lose the jacket.
What? You're taking their side? It's just a jacket, dude.
You can still wear it to sleep.
That was just for state finals, okay? - I'm not discussing this with you - Hey, we're not done here.
- Okay, that is three! - Guys, let's just, um, calm down, okay? Don't you remember the time with the free snacks? Come on, guys.
This doesn't have to turn into a fight.
- Spyder: Fight! - Come on.
(grunting) I'm sorry.
I heard fight.
Are we not fighting? We are now! Ryan: Hey, guys! Guys, guys! (grunting) Please don't hurt my brain! Principal: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Hey, hey, hey, hey! That's enough.
That is enough! That is enough! Who started this? - Him! - That's not true! You're dead, little Walker.
Oh, great, now I'm back to being "little Walker.
" Okay, well, you can cancel all your after-school plans.
Well, we got practice.
No, no, no.
Not you guys.
No, no, no.
Just these new kids.
- Get back over here.
- Oh.
There you go.
On your way.
Hey, Big Jay.
I love the new kicks.
What are those? So this is what detention is like.
Does this make me a bad boy? - I don't know, are you doing math in your head right now? - Just some light calculus.
You're not a bad boy.
Shh! I can't believe you took their side.
We're supposed to be a team.
I was winning them over, and you blew it because of some stupid jacket.
It's not about the jacket.
It's about what the jacket means.
It means a bunch of varsity jerks on my case at this school, too, so thank you.
Shh! Hey, guys, you can vision board your feelings later.
It's 4:30.
The ooze is leaving soon.
Shh! (helicopter whirring) (voices chattering) All right, listen up.
It's a two-hour drive from here to Fort Matthews.
No stops.
No bathroom breaks.
We start the engines, we drive, we hand the stuff over, and we never see it again.
You got it? All right, then.
Let's roll out! All right, detention's over.
- (crackles, pops) - (shrieks) Oh, my goodness.
Did that explode? I read about this, and you should really see a nurse.
I'll be back.
Nobody leaves until five.
I'm serious.
Let's bolt.
- You are a bad boy.
- And I like it! All right, we gotta move.
Oh, "we.
" What, we're a team now? Oh! Incoming! Oh! Oh, no.
Are you okay? Yeah, I'm all right.
I I am so sorry.
- It's okay.
- Really? Yeah, I got another pair in my office.
Oh, well, it's here.
It's just right - Right over, right up there.
- Oh - There we go.
- Okay.
- Good.
- Everything's just a little blurry.
Veracity: You're good.
You're good.
All right.
You're helping us? That Wade kid, like, lied, and you getting detention just wasn't fair, and I don't do unfair, and besides now you owe me one.
- Mm.
- Bites for you, doesn't it, huh, Sparky? - (sneering) - (Veracity giggling) Ooh, you guys gonna go to prom, get a limo? - Inappropriate.
- Let's go.
How we lookin', Lieutenant? No one following.
Nothin' on radar, sir.
Stealth mode rocks.
Yeah, you're welcome.
Uh, guys? One of the trucks isn't following the others.
- It's peeling away.
- It's being hijacked.
See? Someone does wanna make monsters.
- Can I shoot it? - No.
Someone's inside there.
We have to figure out what they're up to.
Well, whoever it is, I'm in the mood to kick some butt.
Me too.
Oh! (sighs) Almost.
Somebody drove that truck in there, but I'm not picking up anyone on my scanners.
Then we're gonna have go down there and find him.
Hang on.
Okay, Nerdo just said, he didn't see anyone on the scanners.
Something weird is going on.
We need to come up with a plan.
You know, like a team? I beat monsters.
I'm not afraid of some guy.
If you wanna stay, that's fine.
Ryan: I'm gonna go see what's goin' on in that barn.
This is a bad idea.
(whispering) Psst! Where's your weapon? I am a weapon.
Ryan: Come on out! (engine idling) Okay, dude.
Let's not make this harder than it has to be.
Just give up.
Grey? That's right.
Back from the dead! I don't know how you survived, but you're outmatched.
So just be a nice little villain and surrender.
(growling) (growling) (groans) (roaring) How are you doing that? Hmm, just a happy little accident after you let me fall in Clawboon's ooze.
- I tried to save you! - You failed! But you're not the only one with powers now.
I could snap you in half with my claws.
But, Ryan, I'm going to take my time with you.
Your mistake.
This fight ends differently, Ryan.
(grunting) You've had this beat-down coming for a long time.
Get off of him! (electrical crackling) (grunts) (grunts) Fine.
You first.
- No.
Don't! - (grunts) Nobody move! We know that you have the ooze! This is just the beginning.
(growling) (pounding footsteps) We gotta get outta here before they see us.
- Mark: She's gone? - Harris: So is the ooze! Mark: Where'd she go? Aw, sweet! Ice packs.
What flavor's mine? You haven't been eatin' those, have you? No, of course of course not.
From now on.
I can't believe it.
Grey's back.
- With powers.
- Yeah, how did that happen? You got dunked into the ooze, too.
It just made you into an uncontrollable, like, slobbering, gross, really murdery Okay, we get it, we get it, we get it.
You know, she did fall into the ooze that was electrified by our X-weapon.
That could've changed the monster-making properties.
Which would explain why the robot couldn't find her.
I was scanning for a human.
- I'll bet at the molecular - Hey, all this science is really interesting No, it's not.
But what is she up to? What does she want? And And how do we beat her? The same way we did last time.
By dropping her to her death? - No.
- Oh By having each other's backs.
Like I should've had yours today.
I'm sorry, man.
Are we cool? Frosty.
'Cause when we're a team, there's nothing that we can't handle.
Welcome to Mech-X4.
No way.
(growling) All right! Let's do this! He's always saying "Let's do this.
" You notice that? Yeah, it pumps up the team.
Guys? We can hear you.
Um Let's do this! Do they seriously just chat during battles? How are you still alive? You'll get it eventually.
(theme music playing)