Mech-X4 (2016) s02e02 Episode Script

Versus the Deep

1 Ryan: Previously, on Mech-X4 Harris: One of the trucks isn't following the others.
See? Someone does want to make monsters.
This is just the beginning.
Your parents went into hiding.
They had me put you up for adoption because they wanted you to have a normal life.
Stay safe, okay? Sub Mode, engage! Godfrey: Seth Harper, who we now know was behind the monster attacks, is now believed to have perished in his battle with Mech-X4.
(laughing) So, we're almost done building our new hospital in Tanzania, and then, out of nowhere, sandstorm! - Dad, that sounds horrible.
- But you're okay, right? Ah, you know me.
Just trying to keep the sand out of my hair.
- Joke will never get old.
- So, when's your next visit? Well, we have one more hospital to build in Egypt (sneezes) The good thing about being adopted is I didn't inherit your weirdo sneeze.
It's not weird (sneezes) - Weird.
- Weird.
All right, it's 3:00 AM here.
I better hit it.
I know you guys have school.
I love you guys.
Say hi to your mom for me, all right? - All right, Dad, love you.
- Love you.
Okay Hey.
How's Davis? Oh, he's good.
He's still making the same bald jokes, so.
Oh, okay.
- Are you excited for ClamJam? - Yeah, I am! It's strange, though.
I keep getting these surprise e-mails, saying I got accepted to food festivals I didn't even apply for.
- Really? - Yeah.
You know, it's like I'm barely in Bay City anymore.
It's kind of the point with Grey back.
Okay, you guys.
Love you.
Please be good this weekend.
Have fun.
And, uh, curfew, homework, kisses.
- Both: Not in that order.
- Exactly.
Okay, you guys, love you.
- Bye, Mom.
Love you.
- Love you.
(sighs) Hey, you all right? Yeah.
I think it's really cool that you have so much stuff in common with Dad.
I mean, you do, too.
Your shared love for canned meat.
- Oh, so good.
- Skating.
Yeah, but that's stuff he taught me, not stuff I inherited.
It just makes me wonder if I'm anything like my birth parents.
(screams) - (growls) - Ryan! Ryan! Ryan! (theme music playing) Walk me through exactly what happened.
Okay, I had a vision, just like the first time Mech-X4 tried to reach out to me, just way more intense.
I saw Grey, I saw some sort of shark monster.
I also saw Harper's giant monster heart somewhere underwater.
But we destroyed it.
It's possible pieces of the heart landed somewhere out in the bay.
Hang on.
We don't even know if the visions are real or where they came from.
But the last time I got a vision, it led us straight to the robot.
Guys, we're getting a new robot.
- I call technopath! - No.
Okay, so, if the visions are real, that means that Grey is making another monster.
But she only did that for Harper, and he's dead.
I don't know what she's up to, but we'll ask her after we take her down.
(scoffs) We are no equipped to fight underwater.
Then we'll have to upgrade Sub Mode with everything we need to fight Grey.
Texting Leo.
But wait.
How are we gonna find the monster heart? We don't even know where in the bay it landed.
Harper was working with some unique metals.
I could track it if I knew exactly what it was made of.
And how do we find that out? It would be in the designs for the heart, and those are somewhere at Harper Futuristics.
Okay, we'll go there.
Harris, you help Leo with the Sub Mode.
Okay, but for the record, um, if we get a new robot, I get to drive.
Leo? - Hey! - Aah! Welcome to the ferry hangar.
Why do you always do that? It's a curse.
I think it's why I'm not allowed around old people.
Yeah, okay.
How's the underwater upgrade going? I always figured the robot would have to fight underwater.
And here are the blueprints.
Flight Mode.
Tank Mode.
- Disco Mode.
- Oh, they actually have that.
- The little mirror ball coming down? - Mm-hmm.
Yeah, that's all.
It's just, uh Aha! Sub Mode.
Take a look.
This will give Mech-X4 underwater propulsion, weapons, navigation, everything you need - for an aquatic smackdown.
- Haha.
Huh? Yeah? Both: Science! Yeah, yeah.
I built most of it a long time ago.
I just need the couple things I texted you to bring, and then Sub Mode 2.
0 will be good to go! Uh what was I supposed to bring? Sorry.
You know what? I think I have it on me.
Yup, there it is.
Bada-bing, bada-boom.
- Okay.
- Leo, there's like a million things on here! Where am I supposed to find all of this? Actually, you know what? Most of that is groceries, so, we'll actually only need that.
So, we'll need that and eggs! Should probably get eggs, eggs are important.
I miss the smaller Mech-Links.
Oh, do you miss that they were packed with Harper technology and that he was probably monitoring everything we did? Yeah.
But I could stream my Peruvian soap operas.
Keep your voices down! Now, where do we find those designs? - Mark: I guess we just start at the secret level.
- Ryan: Okay.
That's where Harper built his giant monster heart.
I saw it when I rescued Mom.
Wasn't Harris with you? Not when I tell it.
It's this way.
Mark: Okay, there should be a hidden elevator here somewhere.
I got this.
(panting) What is this place? This is where they store submarines after they've been decommissioned.
(chuckles) Definitely gonna need one of these! Yeah, and we'll need one of those, and that thing over there, we're gonna need that as well.
You'd be surprised what people throw away.
You know, just last week, I found a blender in an alley? - You know what I could make with that? - A new weapon! No.
Juice! - Juice.
- Hmm.
So, this is how you built all your giant robots? - Out of scrap? - Exactly.
Everything in Mech-X4 was "borrowed.
" Uh, you mean stolen? Yeah.
That's why I put these quotation marks around the word "borrowed.
" Yeah.
Aha! Now this is the baby we really want, right here.
It has the first prototype of a stealth engine.
It will make our Sub Mode silent, but deadly.
Ooh, do not say that around Spyder.
I promise, I promise.
I can't believe they just tear all this stuff up and turn it into scrap.
Okay, let's get what we need and get out of here, back to the hangar before someone sees us.
- Hey! - (both scream) You know, that is really rude, just surprising someone like that.
- You believe this guy? - Really? What? What are you two doing here? Hm? This is a military facility.
It's off-limits.
- Um - We're taking selfies.
- Yeah, selfie time! - Hey, yeah! It's a fun way to engage in social media.
Come on! - Hey! - Yeah! Come on, join in.
It's fun.
Get in the next one.
Bartholomew! Logan! Yeah, well Jeremiah! Elwood! We don't have backup.
Um, I do not know this man.
That's a lot of computers.
This must be Harper's hidden data vault.
That's probably where he hid all his secret files.
(electricity crackling) Careful! That power source is throwing off a lot of energy.
Ryan: Don't worry, I can control it.
Here it is! All right, I'm gonna download it to my phone.
And done.
All right, let's get out of here.
Shut everything down.
Wait, there's a bunch of data cores here.
Monster designs, hidden bank accounts Wait.
Technopath test subjects? You mean, like your birth parents? It's got to be.
Harper was hunting them down.
Okay, well, what does it say? Who are they? Where are they? Let's find out.
It's protected against my powers.
I can't get through.
Mark: Then we'll have to take the data core to the robot.
(door opens) Guys, we're not alone.
You! You're the one who destroyed Harper.
You ruined everything! Well, now you're gonna pay.
Morris, what are you doing here? We're on the run.
The cops never found this level.
But you did.
And that means that we can't let you leave.
- Okay, we got to go! - No, there's information about your birth parents.
- Spyder, can you get it out? - Rip something expensive out of something more expensive? - One of my special skills.
- I'll open it up for you.
It's in Core 12.
(grunting) My arm! My arm! Huh? (laughs) Okay, I may or may not be stuck! (electricity crackling) Whoa! Morris: The fan's speeding up! (grunts) - Say good night, kid! - No! (groaning) I got it! Ryan: The core! It's getting sucked into the fan! No! Whoa! (sighs) Oh - (punch smacks) - (man grunts) - Hey, are you okay? - I'm fine.
- How's the data core? - It's busted, but you could have been killed, dingus.
- Dingus is my word.
- It's not worth risking your life over.
It was important to you, so yeah, it was worth it.
What about these guys? I just texted the police.
Let's go.
Wait, wait, wait! Oh, man, these are cool.
I can see how much butt we kicked! What is this thing? - A bionic ball.
- Donut.
Both: A bionic donut ball? You two better start telling me the truth, or I'm calling the police.
Go ahead.
I was just about to do the same thing myself.
We're from the National Submarine Administration.
Ever heard of us? And this whole setup is completely unacceptable.
Isn't that right Bradley? Exactly, Leo na.
Nice improv.
Really strong.
You've got a positively ionized rotor sitting right next to a negatively ionized metal apparatus thing.
Harris: And that sonar drone you're holding, picked up a major leak of free radicals coming from the power core.
- This whole thing could go omega.
- Omega.
- (mimics explosion) - Stop it! Stop it, stop it! National Submarine Administration There is no such thing.
And one of you is a child! - Yeah.
I guess it's Plan B, then.
- Mm-hmm.
Drone! (mechanical whirring) Huh? (guard shrieks) Run! (sighs) What are you doing? Now you're adding assault to theft.
Don't forget the treason.
(chuckles) Relax.
It's for the greater good.
- The greater good? - (guard screaming) - All right, let's steal stuff.
- Surprisingly easy to convince you.
Let's steal some stuff! Harris says he's on his way to the ferry to finish the Sub Mode upgrade (screams) I'm getting another vision.
The monster's in the bay.
Harris, you ready? Harris (on intercom): Yup! Just in the nick of time, son.
Full steam ahead.
Harris: Closing in on your position now.
All right! Let's do this.
He's always saying, "Let's do this.
" Have you noticed that? - Yeah, it pumps up the team.
- Mm-hmm.
Plus, Spyder has the attention span of a squirrel, so you got to let him know when it's time to "do this," - otherwise - Guys, we can hear you.
Oh, um Let's do this! Leo, ready to dock with Sub Mode.
Okay, easy easy.
- Oh! - Ah, yes! - Yeah.
- Science.
Submarine locked in.
Mech-Execute! Torpedoes! - We got torpedoes.
- Spyder, wait until we get to the monster.
Oh, but, Ryan, we have more than one torpedo.
Leo's monitoring the sub's systems.
Everything linked up? Everything's fully integrated with Mech-X4.
Bringing up our new sonar tracking system.
I just need the designs for the giant monster heart.
Here you go.
The heart's made of steel infused with ooze.
- Harper was a beautiful man.
- What? - Excuse me? - Seriously? Scanning.
(pinging) We got a ping, y'all! (roaring) - It's dead ahead.
- I see it.
What is that thing? It looks like an insect and a shark had a gigantic baby.
Insect-a-shark! Ah, trademark, copyright, Spyder Incorporated.
Let's light this fish-bug up! Insect-a-shark! Ryan: It's dodging our torpedoes! Here it comes.
Everyone hang on! Mark: What's it doing? It's just staring at us.
You know what? Maybe it's friendly.
I'm sorry I shot at you.
(roaring) Not sorry! Not sorry at all! Where's the monster? (pinging) (scoffs) It's back to stealing the heart.
It can dodge our torpedoes.
It's faster than anything we've ever gone up against.
Then we'll have to get close to it.
Leo, does this have any type of stealth mode? The best.
It's silent but deadly.
I told you! I told you! You have no idea how long I've been waiting to say that.
What about the monster's sonic blast? It goes right through our shields.
It needs to pause to charge up its attack.
We only have a few seconds to take it down.
Our best chance is to sneak up on it.
All right, let's drill this beast.
Ryan: It's getting ready to attack! - Yes! - Woo! Let's go! All right, we're not finished yet.
We still have to deal with the heart.
- Spyder? - Well, if you're gonna make me Hey, look at that.
Turns out we are out of torpedoes.
- Seriously? - Psych! (distant explosion) All right, let's get back to dry land.
Spyder! Why are you guys still working on that busted drive? Dude, this thing has information about your birth parents on it.
Bam! Woo! Which is why we fixed it.
You're welcome.
The data's still encrypted, but there's a way to crack it.
I wonder what they're like, and who they are.
Well, I can tell you one thing, Ryan, if they're your birth parents they're probably, like, short.
What? (Laughs) And probably bad at math.
(laughs) - Spyder: Scared of the dark.
- Ryan: Very funny, guys.
Mark: You know, we can do this all day.
I got no shortage of little brother jokes.
Guys, I've been thinking about the visions.
If it weren't for them, we would have never known about the monster.
Or what it was up to.
Leo was the guy who programmed Mech-X4 to send me those messages the first time the robot linked up to me.
Which means someone must have created these messages, but if it wasn't Leo, who was it? Ryan: I don't know, but whoever it was was helping.
Just think about it.
Someone out there is our ally.
We have someone on our side.
This better work.
Stupid robot showed up.
They might have blown up the heart, but this component is all I need.
Come on, Ryan.
I guess I'll have to give you my next message in person.
(theme music playing) (barking)